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Shiny Trading Thread


Blue Goo.
have a shiny horsea with pokerus

pm offers.

Mania Gow

Charizard X user
i accept any shiny pokemon for 2-3 hidden ability pokemon, be sure to pm me offers as i wont be on this thread, hope we can trade


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Shiny dedenne, Sassy nature.
Shiny Wingull, Bold nature
Shiny Weepinbell, Lonely nature
Shiny Octillery, Naive nature

Shinies up for grabs, pm me offers.


Lover of underrated characters
Any shiny Fennekins?


Master Exploder
Have a shiny nosepass on x/y pm offers


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EDIT: No longer offer shiny Skiddo after I found someone who is willing to let me add his FC for the Ditto safari without any payment (though I promised him that I'll help him find something he wants anyway...) Will still trade out Japanese Ditto for any non-Japanese Ditto though, so if anyone's interested.
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Offering a shiny Impish Chesnaught with Bulletproof. 252 HP, 252 Atk, 4 Def and 31 IV's in Atk and Speed. I can reset EV's if wanted.

I'm looking for a shiny Gastly/Haunter/Gengar, that would be an instant trade for me, but I'll be willing to listen to any other offers.


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Ok I am looking for a shiny charmander-charzard I have a shiny vulpix and I'll even throw in a second shiny for it I don't care what nature or whatever it is

Howl Pendragon

Ghost Trainer

I have a shiny Chimecho for trade, and a shiny Gigalith. Both untrained. I don't know the Gigalith's Nature, but the Chimecho is Bold and approximately level 40-50.
A shiny Timid Gastly or a shiny Timid Litwick are an auto trade for me, especially if I can name them (Because I have specific names in mind). I'd also consider other shinies.

Please message me. I can even throw Togepis, Chanseys, Larvestas, and some other friend safari pokemon into the mix; If I don't have the one you want, I'm sure I can hunt it down. I even have Pokerus! The Chimecho was previously infected, but I can trade you another pokemon with Pokerus if you'd like.

Help a girl out, guys. >:


Bulbasaur line ftw
Offering a Shiny Yanmega for other shinys, PM me :)


Active Member

Shiny Ivysaur Lvl: 30 Calm Nature Male Overgrow
Non-shiny Spiritomb with Hidden Ability
Non-shiny Happiny
Non-Shiny Ninetales with Drought
Non-Shiny Ditto with Imposter
Oh and a little pokemon called Joltik! Thats right Joltik!

Shiny Mawile
Shiny Tyrunt/Tyrantrum
Shiny Shuppet
Other Shinies Maybe.

Pm me your offer please
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I'm offering a Shiny Poliwhirl for trade! Lvl. 35 Female, Ability: Damp, caught with a Quick Ball. Make me an offer via PM!

I am looking for a male Shiny Ghastly. Nature doesn't matter. Caught with a Dusk Ball is definitely a plus, but obviously I'm not that picky - any ball is fine. I have a lot to trade, plus a lvl. 35 Shiny Poliwhirl, and a lvl. 15 Shiny Magikarp that I am also willing to trade. I also have some Pokemon with Pokerus. If interested, PM me!

Howl Pendragon

Ghost Trainer
Shiny dedenne, Sassy nature.
Shiny Wingull, Bold nature
Shiny Weepinbell, Lonely nature
Shiny Octillery, Naive nature

Shinies up for grabs, pm me offers.

Check your PMs for offers >: