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Shiny Trading Thread


Breeding Enthustiast
I am looking for some shiny legendaries:

Timid/Modest Kyogre, 5/6 IV (missing attack), pref. in Master Ball
Adamant/Naughty Groudon 5/6 IV (missing sp.attack)
Jolly/Hasty/Naive Rayqyaza 5/6 IV (missing sp.attack), pref. in Luxury Ball

Also looking for shiny Tanabata Jirachi with good IVs and nature. Clones/RNG are fine but they do need to be legit.

I can offer in return


Moltres *, Modest, Premier Ball
31/31/30/30/31/31 (HP Grass)
lv 50 UT
*not caught by me, 2 clones available*


Latias *, Timid, Luxury Ball
31/30/31/30/31/30 (HP Fire)
lv 68 UT
Tutor moves: Icy Wind, Trick, Tailwind
*2 clones available*


Rayquaza *, Timid, Master Ball
lv 50 UT
*not caught by me, 2 clones available*


Azelf *, Jolly, Luxury Ball
lv 65 UT
Tutor moves: Zen Headbutt, Ice Punch, Knock Off, Trick
*2 clones available*


Heatran *, Timid, Luxury Ball
31/x/30/31/31/31 (HP Ice)
lv 68 UT
Tutor moves: Stealth Rock
*2 clones available*


Cresselia *, Bold, Luxury Ball
lv 68 UT
Tutor moves: Icy Wind, Helping Hand
*2 clones available*


Reshiram, Naive, Premier Ball
lv 70 UT
Tutor moves: Earth Power, Heat Wave, Tailwind, Zen Headbutt
*1 clone available*

All of them are shiny except the Reshiram obviously, since none of them are from 6th gen games.

I'm also looking for some KB competitive shinies, namely
- Timid/Hasty/Naive Protean Froakie
- Jolly/Adamant male Ralts with eggmove Shadow Sneak
and any other cool ones you've got. They need to be competitive though (5/6 IV) and nicknameable/nice ball are preferred. PM me if you have what I'm looking for or if you have any other interesting shinies for trade.


ra ra ra IERUKANA?!
Fish shinies UFT are: Basculin (red stripe Kalos bred), poliwhirl, magikarp (don't really want to trade it, but might), cloyster (x2 Kalos bred)

Non fish shinies UFT are:Gigalith, braviary, gliscor, growlithe(x2 one female, one male. Both are Kalos bred) , nidoqueen, nidoking, liepard, rotom, golurk, toxicroak, unfeazant (female), breloom, swellow, staraptor, sneasel, samurott, mandibuzz, magnezone, Fraxure (x2 all are HA one male, one female. All Kalos bred), spearow (Kalos bred), Raichu (Kalos bred), electabuzz (x4 Kalos Bred), Sliggoo (x3 Kalos bred x2 HA), audino (x5 all Kalos bred HA) , lillipup (Kalos bred), dedenne (x2 one male one female, please specify both Kalos bred), bergmite (Kalos bred), hoothoot (Kalos bred), gabite (x4 female) (Kalos bred), loudred (HA Kalos bred 0 speed), ponyta (x2 both Kalos Bred), Wobbuffet (x2 Kalos bred), cacturne (x5 all Kalos Bred), munna (x3 Kalos bred x2 HA), dugtrio (HA Kalos bred 3IV), Pawniard (x3 Kalos bred x1 HA), pansear (Kalos bred), mighteyena (x3 Kalos bred x2 HA), Golurk (Kalos bred), pancham (Kalos bred), Diggersby (Kalos bred), Luxio (Kalos bred 3IV), floatzel (x2 Kalos bred), Klefki (x3 Kalos bred x2 HA), Illumise (x3 x1 HA all Kalos bred), combee (x3 all male and Kalos bred), Pachirisu (x2 Kalos bred), shuckle (x2 Kalos bred), sawsbuck (Kalos bred)

They DO NOT have their hidden abilities unless specified as HA, but I value them because they're still shiny. MOST ARE KALOS BRED!!! ROTOM, AND BRELOOM ARE 6IV FLAWLESS, so I expect flawless competitive shinies in return. I don't trade down.

ONLY FOR GOOD OFFERS: shiny pupitar (Kalos bred), shiny aron, shiny Pinsir (x4 all Klalos bred), shiny Absol (x6 all Kalos bred), shiny charmeleon (x3 all Kalos bred x1 HA), shiny torchic (HA), shiny Manectric (Kaols bred), and shiny riolu (x3 Kalos Bred all 3IV)- all without stone, shiny vivillon (modern)(Kalos bred)- these will be incredibly hard to get from me!!! I've seen vivillon patterns go for a lot, so will most likely require a 2:1, OR a different shiny pattern UT at level 30 safari caught female

Looking for a level 1 shiny Kalos bred male Mudkip
Also in the market for shiny Legendaries: Regirock, Raikou and Suicune (non event please),ALL MUST BE LEVEL 100

Have non version-exclusive mega stones for trade.


PM me offers! I prefer Kalos bred *hint hint* I might seem a little picky, but I do have 135+ shinies and I don't really do duplicates unless gender differences or evolution families. Don't worry, tho. I love to haggle. :)


Tamer of Pokemon
I really need a shiny gallade with justified and preferably good iv! Msg me for offers!


Well-Known Member
Looking for a shiny UT chespin. I have shinies from my B/W game so they arent kalos borm. Can offer items or diancie code. Pm for shiny list if interested


Trade with me
Looking for shiny spoink, frillish, and torkoal

Or their evolved forms. They have to be nicknamed or nicknameable, or their last evolutions name has to be in korean.

You can pick any three things you want below.

Shiny jumpluff
Shiny jolteon
Shiny metang
Shiny carracosta
Shiny hawlucha
Shiny stoutland
Shiny swellow
Shiny rotom
Shiny azelf
Shiny treecko
Shiny sandslash
Shiny steelix
Shiny spiritomb
Event shiny gengar ut 2014
Event shiny beldum ut 2014
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Nightshade Aran

Hydreigon Summoner
~Competitive for competitive shiny trades~
~~Only interested in Kalos/ORAS born or bred pokemon~~


{~}Ralts ♂ - Adamant/Jolly
{~}Litwick ♂ - Timid - Flash Fire - Heat Wave Egg Move
{~}Cottonee ♂ - Impish - Prankster - Encore Egg Move
{~}Growlithe ♂ - Jolly - Close Combat / Morning Sun Egg Move

{~}Ralts ♂
{~}Axew ♂
{~}Houndour ♂
{~}Roggenrola ♂
{~}Magikarp ♂ - Impish / Jolly
{~}Gligar ♂ - Impish / Jolly - Immunity
{~}Marill ♂ - Adamant - Huge Power - Belly Drum / Aqua Jet Egg Move

{~}Shiny Deino ♂ (Timid/Hustle) 31/xx/31/31/31/31
{~}Shiny Froakie ♂ (Timid/Protean) 31/xx/31/31/31/31 W/ Toxic Spikes
{~}Shiny Froakie ♂ (Timid/Protean) 31/31/31/31/31/31 W/ Toxic Spikes

{~}Shiny Mareep ♀(Jolly / Static) xx/31/xx/xx/xx/xx (Caught) (In Luxury ball)
{~}Shiny Mareep ♀ (Sassy / Static) xx/31/xx/xx/xx/xx (Caught) (In Luxury ball)
{~}Shiny Cubchoo ♂ (Lax/Snow Cloak) xx/xx/xx/xx/31/xx (Caught) (In Luxury ball)
{~}Shiny Floatzel ♀ (Hardy /Swift Swim) 31/xx/xx/xx/xx/xx (Caught) (In Repeat ball)
{~}Shiny Corsola ♂ (Relaxed/Natural Cure) 0/31/xx/xx/xx/xx (Traded for) (In Net ball)
{~}Shiny Weepinbell ♀ (Hardy / Chlorophyll) 31/31/xx/xx/xx/xx (Caught) (In Ultra ball)
{~}Shiny Weepinbell ♂ (Rash / Chlorophyll) xx/xx/xx/xx/31/xx (Caught) (In Luxury ball)
{~}Shiny Weepinbell ♂ (Careful / Chlorophyll) xx/xx/31/xx/xx/xx (Caught) (In Luxury ball)
{~}Shiny Clauncher ♂ (Brave / Mega Launcher) xx/xx/31/xx/xx/xx (Traded for) (In Dive ball)

{~}Mew (OT: MYSTRY)
{~}Deoxys (OT: Plasma)
{~}Keldeo (OT: SMR2012)
{~}Meloetta (OT: えいがかん)
{~}Shiny Palkia (OT: Sum2013)
{~}Shiny Dialga (OT: Sum2013)
{~}Shiny Giratina (OT: Sum2013)


Items for trade:
{~}Light Ball
{~}Kings Rock
{~}Master Ball
{~}Razor Claw
{~}Dawn Stone
{~}Dragon Scale
{~}Sun Stone x2
{~}Ability Capsule
{~}Deep Sea Scale
{~}Whipped Dream
{~}Any BP item. (1,000 BP to spend)
{~}All berries (Including Lansat, Starf & Enigma)


~Infected with Pokerus if desired~
~~Can be EV trained if desired as well~~
~~~Can also try to breed pretty much any 5IV pokemon you'd want~~~
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Well-Known Member
ft: A 5iv, timid nature, premier ball, kalos born swablu with hyper voice bred by me.
a shiny 2iv genesect (Had pokegen moves, but I changed that -I do not know for sure if it was hacked.)
lf: a legit kb nicknamable shiny gallade or male ralts or kirlia.


Sheer Force Ruby
Looking for nicknamable competitive shiny pokemons, What I have to offer are the following pokemons, all nicknamable and shiny (KB). bred by myself:

Modest Magnet Pull Magnemite with HP Fire

Adamant Swift Swim Kabutops 5IV (-Sp.Atk)

Careful Thick Fat Piloswine (Has Icicle Crash)

Calm Prankster Sableye 5IV (-Sp.Atk) with 3 eggmoves (Trick, Sucker Punch and Recover)

Modest Swift Swim Gorebyss 5IV (-Atk) (Muddy Water as Eggmove)

Timid Technician Roserade with HP Fire

Brave Sheer Force Cranidos 4IV (-Sp.Atk 0 in Speed) with 4 eggmoves (Iron Head, Iron Tail, Crunch and Hammer Arm)

Bold Unburden Drifblim 5IV (0 IV in Atk)

Quiet Magic Guard Solosis with 4 eggmoves (Acid armor,Helping Hand, Confuse Ray and Trick)

Calm Prankster Cottonee 5IV (-Atk) with 4 eggmoves (Fake Tears, Memento, Switcheroo and Encore)

Jolly Krookodile 4IV (-Sp. Atk, and Sp.Def)

Bold Prankster Meowstic 5IV (-AtK) (Trick as eggmove)

Bold Klefki 5IV (-Atk) with 2 eggmoves (Iron Defense and Switcheroo)

Impish Skarmory 5IV (-Sp.Atk) with 4 eggmoves (Brave Bird,Whirlwind,Drill Peck and Stealth Rock)

More details about those pokemons can be found in the link in my signature.


New Member
I am looking for any competitive shiny that I do not already have. The list below is everything I have for trade. If you see anything you want just let me know and maybe we work something out.
BTW I have a 6iv Italian and 6iv American Ditto to offer along with ability capsules. I am also looking for a 6iv Kyogre.

Competitive Shiny Kalos bred:

Eevee- 6iv modest/run away
Honedge-6iv adamant/no guard
Gengar- 5iv timid/levitate (31/31/xx/31/31/31)
Shellder- 5iv adamant/skill link (31/31/31/xx/31/31)-Nicknameable
Greninja- 5iv timid/protean (31/xx/31/31/31/31)
Electivire- 6iv adamant/Motor Drive
Elekid- 6iv adamant/static
Cloyster- 5iv adamant/skill link (31/31/31/xx/31/31)-Nicknameable
Goodra- 6iv modest/gooey
Poochyena- 5iv adamant/rattled (31/31/31/xx/31/31)
Gliscor- 5iv impish/poison heal (31/31/31/xx/31/31)

Shiny Kalos Bred:

Gengar- 5iv timid/levitate (31/31/xx/31/31/31)

Legendaries (Shiny):

Landorus- 5iv jolly/sheer force (31/31/31/xx/31/31)
Thundurus- 6iv timid/prankster
Thundurus- 4iv timid/volt absorb (31/xx/xx/31/31/31) (HP ICE)
Heatran- 6iv naive/flash fire

Non-kalos bred competitive shiny:

Venusaur- 6iv calm/chlorophyll
Volcarona- 5iv timid/flame body (31/xx/31/31/31/31)
Dragonite- 5iv adamant/multiscale (31/31/31/xx/31/31)
Kingdra- 5iv adamant/swift swim (31/31/31/xx/31/31)
Abomasnow- 6iv modest/snow warning
Gengar- 6iv timid/levitate
Croagunk 6iv jolly/dry skin
Duskull 6iv sassy/levitate
Ralts 6iv timid/trade (Female)
Trapinch 6iv jolly/hypercutter


Champ of the World

I have a shiny Ninetales with drought.

I'm looking for a nicknameable Shiny Vulpix or Nintales with drought.
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Dragon Tamer
Looking for all of the following legit shiny pokemon, please pm me if you have any of them for trade. I do not want nicknamed Pokemon and they Must Be English. I can offer many shiny pokemon and some events however all of the shiny and event Pokemon I have for trade are from previous Gens and some have transfer only moves, PM me for more details. IVs and nature's don't matter. If you are interested in HA pokemon then I’ll accept nearly any legit shiny even if it’s not in my Wants list.

Unknown A ;201-a;
Unknown B ;201-b;
Unknown C ;201-c;
Unknown D ;201-d;
Unknown E ;201-e;
Unknown F ;201-f;
Unknown G ;201-g;
Unknown I ;201-i;
Unknown J ;201-j;
Unknown K ;201-k;
Unknown L ;201-l;
Unknown M ;201-m;
Unknown N ;201-n;
Unknown O ;201-o;
Unknown P ;201-p;
Unknown Q ;201-q;
Unknown R ;201-r;
Unknown S ;201-s;
Unknown T ;201-t;
Unknown U ;201-u;
Unknown V ;201-v;
Unknown W ;201-w;
Unknown X ;201-x;
Unknown Y ;201-y;
Unknown Z ;201-z;
Unknown ! ;201-!;

Have all the following for trade, please PM me for more details:



Breedable HA Pokemon:

Enigma Berry
Starf Berry
Lansat Berry

I also consider myself to be an extremely good breeder and can breed any Pokemon with the Nature, Ability, Egg moves, Gender and IVs that you desire within a fairly shot amount of time. However, I do not breed for HP types as it they take forever sometimes.

I love turtwig!!!

Shiny collector
Looking for:
Horde Shinys LEGIT UT and Uncloned including:

Please PM me if interested in trading if you have an offer i would like to make sure i get it so you don't think i'm ignoring your offer.

Also looking for LEGIT uncloned: shiny gyarados with moxie ability preferably from friend safari really want this one, shiny tynamo (would love if wild encountered non kalos), shiny joltik (would love if wild encountered non kalos) shiny nincada with run away ability, MALE shiny frillish, shiny lonely or careful natured slowpoke, shiny furfrou

I will also accept these if they are transferred from other regions just please tell me first. Genders, natures, abilites, IVs do not matter to me. I ask that they please not be nicknamed.



(Not Kalos Born)
gyarados male lv.53 impish nature, intimidate ability (T) nicknamed DRAGONRAGE (cannot be changed)
gyarados male lv. 50 mild nature, intimidate ability (T) nicknamed DRAGONRAGE (cannot be changed)
Japanese galvantula lv.100 male adamant nature, unnerve ability (T) I am asking two for this one and it does have 2 IVs
swampert male EV trained (only for good offers)
French steelix female lv.70 careful nature, sturdy ability (T) nicknamed GoldGolem (cannot be changed) EV trained (only for good offers)
ponyta male lv.23 docile nature, flash fire ability (name was changed back in 4th generation so when evolved name will stay Ponyta, have tested this without saving after evolving) (UT)
Japanese poliwhirl female lv.48 quirky nature, damp ability (only for good offers) (barely T)
druddigon male lv.30 rash nature, sheer force ability (UT)
French altaria female lv.64 mild nature, natural cure ability (T)
ralts female lv.1 lonely nature, synchronize ability (UT)
bonsly male lv.20 modest nature, rock head ability (UT)
magnemite lv.10 quiet nature, sturdy ability (slightly T)

(Kalos Born)
exploud male lv.48 relaxed nature, soundproof ability (T) (horde shiny)
frogadier male lv.30 quirky nature, torrent ability (UT, from Friend Safari)
zangoose male lv.9 relaxed nature, immunity ability
espeon male lv.13 bold nature, synchronize ability (slightly T) (in dream ball, has 5 IVs, has 3 egg moves) I am asking for two for this one
foongus female lv.18 naive nature, effect spore ability (slightly T)
Spanish skiddo male lv.8 bold nature, sap sipper ability (UT)


(all NON shiny)
articuno x2 (one nicknamed Freeze [cannot be changed], one unnicknamed)
zapdos x1(nicknamed Thunder) (cannot be changed)
moltres x1
suicune x1 (nicknamed Aurora) (cannot be changed)
regice x2
regirock x2
registeel x1
phione (i will breed for any nature)
cresselia x1
azelf x2
mesprit x2
uxie x2
cobalion x2
virizion x2
terrikion x1
tornadus x2
Japanese reshiram x1 lv. 100
Japanese zekrom x1 lv. 100
kyurem x2
Japanese victini x1 may ask for two, it depends on the offer

Can also offer hidden ability pokemon just pm me what pokemon you are looking and i'll see if i can help.

Can do some egg moves just depends on the pokemon and egg moves.

Void Ventus

Sic Parvis Magna
None of these have even decent IVs
•US Haxorus, Masuda Method born from Unova. Brave Nature, Mold Breaker, and nicknamed Kuroikusu
•JPN Horsea, Kalos Born (fish chained), Docile Nature, Swift Swim, nicknamed じょうだん
•US Horsea, Kalos Born (also fish chained), Serious Nature, Sniper, no nickname
•US Pancham, Kalos Born (grass chained), Bold Nature, Iron Fist, nicknamed CharlieBrown

I don't care if they have a nickname, bad ability/IV, etc
Looking for legitimate shiny groudon caught in 4th gen and above, I have kalos shinies for trade, shiny horsea, shiny chespin, shiny 6th gen fossil pokemon shiny genesect, normal genesect, event darkrai, and arceus all Untouched and uncloned. Will trade 2 shinies or 1 event and 1 shiny for it


the shinyclauncher12

LF:Someone who will clone it 15-20 times for me,nay have their own copy.

DISCLAIMER-This cobalion is caught by me,and UT.

Shining Aruseus

Well-Known Member
Currently, I'm really, REALLY wanting a shiny Protean Froakie. Before ORAS was launched, I was hatching Froakie nonstop for a while, but I ended up getting two shiny Froakies with Torrent, instead of Protean. -.- Though I'm proud of them, I'm really looking for a Timid Protean Froakie.

I am offering:

A whole slew of multi-IV Eevee, Bagon, Dratini, Togepi, Deino, Heracross, Venonat, Snorlax, Gible, Horsea, and Aron, almost all of which have their hidden abilities.
My shinies include:
Azumarill (Adamant, 31HP/Atk/SpAtk)
Japanese Furfrou
Two Shiny TORRENT Froakie (Timid nature, I don't remember which IVs are perfect on them)
Nidoqueen (Careful)

I'm about to leave, but I'm sure I have more, so PM me if anyone's interested.


Well-Known Member
UT Kalos Born competitive shinies:

5IV Modest HA Bulbasaur (has spread for HP Fire)(M), 6IV Adamant Weedle (F), 4IV Modest HA Male Nidoran, 5IV Timid Venonat (M), 5IV Jolly Diglett (M), 6IV Modest HA Poliwag (M), 6IV Adamant Machop (M), 5IV Timid Bellsprout (M), 5IV Jolly Ponyta (M), 4IV Brave Onix (with 0spd IV)(M), 5IV Jolly Shellder (M), 5IV Adamant Rhyhorn (M), 5IV Jolly Kangaskhan (F), 6IV Modest Horsea (M), 5IV Timid Staryu, 5IV Adamant Scyther (M), 5IV Modest Lapras (F), 6IV HA Timid Eevee (M), 5IV Impish Eevee (M), 4IV Modest Porygon, 5IV Timid Omanyte (M), 5IV Adamant Kabuto (M), 5IV Adamant Aerodactyl (M), 5IV Calm Chikorita, 5IV Modest Cyndaquil (M), 5IV Adamant Totodile (M), 5IV Calm Togepi (F), 5IV Modest Mareep (M), 5IV Adamant Marill (F), 4IV Timid Misdreavus (F), 5IV HA Impish Gligar (M), 5IV HA Adamant Heracross (M), 5IV Jolly Sneasel (M), 5IV Jolly Teddiursa (M), 5IV Adamant HA Swinub (M), 5IV Bold Mantine (F), 5IV Impish Skarmory (F), 6IV Timid Houndour (M), 5IV Adamant Tyrogue (M), 6IV Adamant Elekid (M), 6IV Adamant Larvitar (M), 5IV HA Adamant Torchic (M), 5IV Relaxed Mudkip (M), 5IV Bold HA Sableye (F), 5IV Adamant Mawile (M), 4IV Relaxed Aron (M), 5IV Jolly Meditite (M), 4IV Timid Electrike (HP Ice)(F), 5IV Adamant HA Carvanha (M), 6IV Bold Numel (F), 6IV Adamant Torkoal (M), 6IV Modest Swablu (F), 5IV Bold Feebas, 6IV Jolly HA Bagon (M), 4IV Brave HA Cranidos (with 0spd IV)(M), 5IV Jolly Buneary (M), 5IV Jolly HA Gible (M), 6IV Jolly HA Riolu (M), 6IV Jolly Snivy (M), 5IV Calm Audino (F), 5IV Adamant Timburr (M), 5IV Jolly Scraggy (M), 4IV Quiet Yamask (with 0atk and spd IVs)(F), 6IV Naive Zorua (M), 6IV Timid Joltik (M), 4IV Relaxed Ferroseed (with 0spd IV)(M), 5IV Adamant Axew (F), 5IV Adamant Cubchoo (F), 5IV Adamant Pawniard (F), 5IV Adamant Bouffalant (F), 5IV Timid Deino (M), 6IV Modest Larvesta (F), 6IV HA Impish Chespin (M), 6IV Adamant Fletchling (F), 6IV Jolly HA Fletchling (M), 5IV Timid Ocean Scatterbug (M), 5IV Timid Monsoon Scatterbug (F), 6IV Jolly Binacle (F), 4IV Timid HA Helioptile (HP Ice)(M), 6IV Adamant Tyrunt, 6IV Bold Klefki (lvl 34 but no EVs) (M), 6IV Brave Gourgeist (F), 6IV Timid Noibat

(These 7 are nicknameable) 5IV Modest HA Squirtle (M), 5IV Adamant HA Zubat (F), 5IV Jolly HA Male Ralts, 5IV Jolly Trapinch (F), 5IV Adamant Beldum, 4IV Timid Polar Scatterbug (M), 5IV Adamant Skiddo (M)

Icy Snow (M), Archipelago (F), Sandstorm (M) pattern Vivillons (all 5IV and Timid)

Battle-ready Kalos Born competitive shinies:
5IV Timid HA Alakazam (M), 4IV Timid Gengar (F), 6IV Jolly HA Pinsir (M), 5IV HA Jolly Dragonite (F), 5IV Modest Gardevoir (F), 6IV Adamant Absol (M), 6IV Bold Rotom, 5IV Adamant Emboar (M), 5IV Modest Chandelure (M), 5IV Timid HA Delphox (M), 6IV Calm Floette (white flower) (F), 6IV Calm Florges (white flower) (F), 5IV Adamant Hawlucha (F), 6IV Modest HA Goodra (M)

Competitive Shiny Legendaries:
5IV Modest Articuno, 5IV Modest Zapdos, 5IV Modest Moltres, 5IV Adamant Mewtwo, 5IV Modest Mewtwo, 5IV Modest Mew, 5IV Calm Lugia, 5IV Naughty Ho-Oh, 5IV Impish Regirock, 5IV Calm Regice, 5IV Impish Registeel, 5IV Modest Latias, 5IV Modest Latios, 5IV Modest Kyogre, 5IV Lonely Groudon, 5IV Lonely Rayquaza, 5IV Modest Deoxys, 5IV Bold Uxie, 5IV Modest Mespirit, 5IV Modest Azelf, 5IV Modest Heatran, 5IV Adamant Regigigas, 6IV Impish Giratina, 5IV Modest Cresselia, 5IV Modest Phione, 5IV Modest Darkrai, 5IV Modest Shaymin, 5IV Hasty Cobalion, 5IV Jolly Terrakion, 5IV Jolly Virizion, 6IV Calm Tornadus, 4IV Timid Thundurus, 6IV Mild Thundurus, 6IV Hasty Landorus

Shiny Manaphy, Shiny Kyurem, 6IV Hasty Shiny Nobunaga's Rayquaza

6th Gen events: 6IV Relaxed Diancie, 3IV Adamant Diancie, GameStop Hasty Diancie, 3IV Timid Shiny Jirachi, Timid Shiny Gengar, 3IV Timid Movie Darkrai, Adamant Movie Darkrai, Gamestop Heracross (w/ megastone), Gamestop Pinsir (w/ megastone), surfing Pikachu, Timid Pokeball Vivillon, Timid Fancy Vivillon, Adamant event HA Torchic

LF: ANY Shiny KB 5-6IV competitive Pokemon I don't have (preferably UT at lvl 1), especially Modest or Timid Pidgey, Modest HA Slowpoke, Bold HA Cleffa, Jolly Snorunt, Timid Riolu, Quiet Snover (preferably with 0spd IV), Adamant or Jolly Drilbur, Calm HA Eevee, HA Shuckle (with a nature that raises def or sp def), Adamant and Quiet Honedge (both preferably with 0spd IV), other Modest or Timid Scatterbug/Vivillon forms, and especially (I will trade 3 things from my list for either of these two if legit (meaning caught in ORAS)) shiny Reshiram and Zekrom, but OPEN TO ALL OFFERS! PM me if interested!
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