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Shiny Trading Thread


MH4U <3
Smobble's Shiny Traveling Shop
Gligar <6 ivs> Nature <Adamant> Ability <Immunity>
Walrein (JPN) <6 ivs> Nature <Impish> Ability <Thick Fat>
Ledian <6 ivs> Nature <Sassy> Ability <Swarm>
Drifloon <6 ivs> Nature <Mild> Ability <Unburden>
Shedinja <5 ivs> Nature <Impish> Ability <Wonder Guard>
Sliggoo <3 ivs> Nature <Timid> Ability <Gooey>
Dedenne <2 ivs> Nature <Serious> Ability <Cheek Pouch>
Meganium <2 Ivs> Nature <Bashful> Ability <Overgrow>
Serperior <2 ivs> Nature <Serious> Ability <Overgrow>
Whismur (Hoenn caught) <1 iv> Nature <Naughty> Ability <Soundproof>
Cottonee (JPN) <1 iv> Nature <Brave> Ability <Prankster>
Sandslash <1 iv> Nature <Bashful> Ability <Sand Veil>
Lanturn <1 iv> Nature <Brave> Ability <Volt Absorb>
Mienfoo <1 iv> Nature <Gentle> Ability <Regenerator>
Rapidash (JPN) <1 iv> Nature <Careful> Ability <Run Away>
Shieldon <1 iv> Nature <Naughty> Ability <Sturdy>
Ninetales <1iv> Nature <Serious> Ability <Flash Fire>
Ekans <1 iv> Nature <Docile> Ability <Intimidate>
Lucario <1 iv> Nature <Hasty> Ability <Steadfast>
Venusaur <1 iv> Nature <Naive> Ability <Overgrow>
Larvitar <1 iv> Nature <Rash> Ability <Guts>
Gyarados <1 iv> Nature <Lax> Ability <Intimidate>
Vanilluxe <1 iv> Nature <Hasty> Ability <Ice Body>
Munchlax <1 iv> Nature <Sassy> Ability <Pickup>
Sceptile <1 iv> Nature <Quriky> Ability <Overgrow>
Chesnaught (Nickname: Gizmo) <1iv> Nature <Impish> Ability <Overgrow>
Torterra <1 iv> Nature <Mild> Ability <Overgrow>
Gardevoir <1 iv> Nature <Gentle> Ability <Synchronize>

Looking for pretty much any shiny! Pm me for trades!
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Well-Known Member
Shiny Tanabata Jirachi (modest-timid)
Diancie (modest-timid-adamant-jolly), willing to offer multiple shinies for this (even more if its mega stone is included)
Shiny Legendaries I don't have
Other Shinies I don't already have

Shiny Dialga (Modest - Timid)
Shiny Haxorus (Adamant)
Darkrai (Modest)
Celebi (Serious)
KB Shiny Stunky (timid)
KB Shiny Gulpin (Adamant - Gentle - Docile)
KB Shiny Wingull (Docile)
KB Shiny Geodude (Impish)

Shinies gotten over GTS:
Shiny Eevee's (HA Timid, Naive, Careful)
Shiny Swellow (Relaxed)
Shiny Torkoal (Jolly)
Shiny Torterra (Relaxed)
Shiny JAP Greninja (Lonely)
Shiny Lucario (Hasty)
Shiny Pikachu (Hasty)

Non Shiny
I can breed a 5iv version of any breedable Pokemon (and any eggmove available in Gen4-6).
Offering 3 for any shiny and 5 for any competitive shiny on my list

Mega Stones:
Charizardite X, Mewtwonite X & Manectite


New Member
Still looking for a shiny Sableye with Prankster ability and a shiny Treecko. Preferably with good natures but at this point any natures go. More importantly they need to be nicknameable! Egg moves are a great plus, but not necessary.

I can offer from a variety of shiny pokemon or nonevent and nonshiny legendaries. If you're interested msg me!


An Infinite Paradox
LF a Shiny Reshiram or Shiny Zekrom to complete my Shiny Legendary collection (for now). (and of course from Hoenn)

FT: Any other shiny legendary that isn't shiny locked, shiny Zen Mode Darmanitan, events listed in my sig.
LF: Master Balls. Sandstorm Pattern Vivillon. Jungle Pattern Vivillon. Shinies.

Wigull Lv. 7 -- infected with Pokerus
Absol Lv. 80
Rayquaza Lv. 100 -- infected with Pokerus
Luxray Lv. 37 (French)
Vanillite Lv. 20
Litwick Lv. 29
Ponyta Lv. 1
Pawniard Lv. 1
Mewtwo Lv. 70

Darkrai Lv. 50 (ALAMOS)
Deoxys Lv. 70 (SPACE C)
Deoxys Lv. 100 (Plasma)
Deoxys Lv. 50 (Gen 4 Japanese Event)
Genesect Lv. 15 (Plasma)
Shiny Pichu Lv. 30 (SPR2010)
Shiny Pichu Lv. 30 (GAMESTP)
Shiny Charizard Lv. 70 (10 ANIV)
Celebi Lv. 50 (GAMESTP)
Celebi Lv. 10 (Gen 3 Japanese Event)
Mew Lv. 30 (Gen 3 Event)
Reshiram Lv. 100 (Gen 5 Japanese Event)
Magmortar Lv. 50 (PKTOPIA -- Spanish) -- infected with Pokerus
Jirachi Lv. 50 [touched] (WISHKR)
Diancie Lv. 50 (Japanese Pokemon Movie 14 event)

Mewtwo Lv. 70 (Fire Red)
Articuno Lv. 50 (Fire Red)
Moltres Lv. 50 (Fire Red)
Moltres Lv. 50 (Soul Silver)
Lugia Lv. 70 (Emerald)
Ho-Oh Lv. 70 (Emerald)
Ho-Oh Lv. 70 (Emerald)
Groudon Lv. 50 (Soul Silver)
Kyogre Lv. 50 (Shappire)
Giratina Lv. 70 (Diamond)
Zekrom Lv. 50 (Japanese White)

Spanish Savanna Pattern Vivillon
an egg of any breed-able Pokemon
XY Mega Stones.
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Sheer Force Ruby
Looking for nicknamable competitive shiny pokemons, What I have to offer are the following pokemons, all nicknamable and shiny (KB). bred by myself:

Modest Magnet Pull Magnemite with HP Fire

Adamant Swift Swim Kabutops 5IV (-Sp.Atk)

Careful Thick Fat Piloswine (Has Icicle Crash)

Calm Prankster Sableye 5IV (-Sp.Atk) with 3 eggmoves (Trick, Sucker Punch and Recover)

Modest Swift Swim Gorebyss 5IV (-Atk) (Muddy Water as Eggmove)

Timid Technician Roserade with HP Fire

Brave Sheer Force Cranidos 4IV (-Sp.Atk 0 in Speed) with 4 eggmoves (Iron Head, Iron Tail, Crunch and Hammer Arm)

Bold Unburden Drifblim 5IV (0 IV in Atk)

Quiet Magic Guard Solosis with 4 eggmoves (Acid armor,Helping Hand, Confuse Ray and Trick)

Calm Prankster Cottonee 5IV (-Atk) with 4 eggmoves (Fake Tears, Memento, Switcheroo and Encore)

Jolly Krookodile 4IV (-Sp. Atk, and Sp.Def)

Bold Prankster Meowstic 5IV (-AtK) (Trick as eggmove)

Bold Klefki 5IV (-Atk) with 2 eggmoves (Iron Defense and Switcheroo)

Impish Skarmory 5IV (-Sp.Atk) with 4 eggmoves (Brave Bird,Whirlwind,Drill Peck and Stealth Rock)

More details about those pokemons can be found in the link in my signature.


Looking for:

1) PAL/EU unused Diancie code
2) PAL/EU unused shiny Gengar code
3) Mega Steelix from the ORAS demo WITH the mega stone
4) Shiny Bunnelby/Diggersby (Adamant with Huge Power)

I can offer manyy different things (shiny event Genesect, Meloetta, V-Create Victini, Arceus, shiny Timid Gengar KB with 6 max IV's, shiny Timid Vulpix with 5 max IV's and HA, KB). Willing to trade multiple things.

Or request a particular shiny or event, I still have a lot on gen 5 from my time as PokéHoarder x)

Mega Gobli

The Best
LF shiny competitive HA Buneary/Lopunny. I have 6IV Ditto for trade, as well as Arceus, shiny Palkia, and a bunch of regular shinies, items, mega stones, etc. Pm me if you want to make a deal.


New Member
I have plenty of Shiny Gengar and Diancie Codes to trade for LEGIT shinies! I don't want any action replay or other hacks. PM me if interested Thanks!



Someone has to win..
Was looking through my old x version and happened to find a bunch of shinies I don't want anymore, the list including honchkrow nidoking nidoqueen slowking jolteon weavile delcatty mime jr and chimecho, in addition to a shiny eevee I nabbed off a few wonder trades. Not sure of the IVs on any of them, and many of the natures on them are horrible competitively. As for what I want for them, I would love to get my hands on a H/A carvanha, Diancie, and a 5IV modest H/A wailmer.


Magus lover
Yesterday I was in my safari hunting shiny riolu, and instead I got two shiny machoke within an hour of each other lol one has it's HA the other does not. Both nicknameable, ask for details. I also have a shiny loudred (no HA sorry) I caught while hunting for eevee c.c I seem to be getting shinies I don't want lately. So here are some wants -

Riolu shiny with prankster *must* be nicknameable and Kalos native
Sandshrew shiny *must* be nicknameable and Kalos native

Nature doesn't matter on these or gender. And for sandshrew impartial to whether he has a HA, though HA would of course be a nice bonus.


interested trader
Looking for shiny flawless untouched mons I'm still missing! Especially new mega base pokemon, with the proper natures and eggmoves.

I can offer over 100kb shiny flawless, and more than 150 non-kb shiny flawless or event mons.

Pm for details!


New Member
LF: Shaymin, Darkrai, Manaphy, Genesect, Diance, victini
Ivs or natures don't matter in the slightest to me

Offering: Any 5IV poke you can think
I have about 50 boxes in my pokebank of 5IV pokes
Deoxys (cherish ball)
Several Mewtwos
Shiny tranquil, gligar, quilfish, zubat, nidoqueen (perfect IVs)


Someone has to win..
Was looking through my old x version and happened to find a bunch of shinies I don't want anymore, the list including honchkrow nidoking nidoqueen slowking jolteon weavile delcatty mime jr and chimecho, in addition to a shiny eevee I nabbed off a few wonder trades. Not sure of the IVs on any of them, and many of the natures on them are horrible competitively. As for what I want for them, I would love to get my hands on a H/A carvanha, Diancie, and a 5IV modest H/A wailmer.

Mime jr is off the table, and I now own a h/a carvanha. Will do 2 for 1 deals for those final two pokemon, as I don't really need the shinies.

Uncle Beelzebub

Japanese Garbage
  • Spearow (Waffles) ♀: Calm | Keen Eye
  • Charizard (HellBlazer) ♂: Adamant | Blaze | Dragon Dance [6IV]
  • Charizard (Dracaufeu): Adamant | Blaze | Female | Fire Punch, Dragon Dance, Iron Tail [6IV]
  • Pyroar (nicknameable) ♂: Hasty | Unnerve [1IV]
  • Pyroar (nicknameable) ♀: Rash | Unnerve [2IV]
  • Pineco (Fort Knox) ♀: Careful | Sturdy [4IV]
  • Druddigon ♀: Adamant | Rough Skin [5-6IV]
  • Leafeon (Mulch): Adamant | Chlorophyll
  • Eevee (Skoq) ♂: Jolly | Anticipation [5IV]
  • Golett (skybot): Brave | Iron Fist [2-3IV]
  • Golurk: Adamant | Iron Fist [6IV]
  • Skitty ♂: Impish | Cute Charm [1IV]
  • Druddigon (크리만) ♂: Gentle | Rough Skin [1IV]
  • Whirlipede (Pendra) ♀: Jolly | Swarm [1IV]
  • Zoroark (Behemoth) ♂: Mild | Illusion
  • Pelipper ♂: Brave | Keen Eye
  • Beheeyem (Roswell) ♂: Relaxed | Telepathy [2IV]
  • Seviper (Jester) ♂: Naughty | Shed Skin [6IV]
  • Flaaffy (nicknameable) ♀: Careful | Static [---]
  • Flygon (Nathan) ♂: Rash | Levitate [6IV]
  • Bisharp (Cranston)♂: Adamant | Defiant [4IV]
  • Heatmor ♂: Brave | White Smoke [5IV]
  • Cherubi ♀: Brave | Chlorophyll
  • Emolga (Milkshake) ♀: Timid | Motor Drive [5IV]
  • Virizion (Bubblegum): Timid | Justified
  • Kecleon (nicknameable): Quiet | Color Change
  • Gyarados (Kohryu): Jolly | Intimidate [6IV]
  • Metagross (メタグロス): Brave | Clear Body [1IV]
  • Serperior: Timid | Contrary | Dragon Pulse [6IV]

    Want to know IVs or have questions about them? Shoot me a PM.

  • Kyogre: Hardy | Drizzle
  • Rayquaza: Quirky | Air Lock | From old Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald
  • Jirachi: Bashful | Serene Grace | Draco Meteor event
  • Jirachi: Modest | Serene Grace | Draco Meteor event
  • Shaymin (Aster): Quiet | Natural Cure
  • Keldeo: Modest | Justified

  • Reshiram: NICKNAMEABLE. I don't really mind what nature it has, or its IVs. Would definitely still appreciate one with decent IVs and beneficial nature, though.
  • Hawlucha: NICKNAMEABLE. Male. Decent nature, decent IVs preferred.
  • Joltik/Galvantula: NICKNAMEABLE. Male. Decent nature, decent IVs preferred.
  • Espurr/Meowstic: NICKNAMEABLE. Male. Decent nature, decent IVs preferred.

    I don't care which game they're from or if they're cloned, as long as they're nicknameable, legit (I consider RNG abusing legit), and you can give them to me in X/Y or ORAS.

    Feel free to PM me if you have any questions. If it wasn't clear already, I want them to be nicknameable.
    I AM WILLING TO GIVE MULTIPLE SHINIES FOR THE ONE I WANT. Feel free to ask and we can work something (reasonable) out. Seriously. I don't bite.

    If I don't respond immediately, I apologize. Not in good health, but I will try to get back to you ASAP. Thanks!


Rare collector
If anyone has obtained a shiny Reshiram, I've been looking for one.

PM for offers.


ra ra ra IERUKANA?!
Fish shinies UFT are: Basculin (red stripe Kalos bred), poliwhirl, magikarp (don't really want to trade it, but might), cloyster (x2 Kalos bred)

Non fish shinies UFT are:Gigalith, braviary, gliscor, growlithe(x2 one female, one male. Both are Kalos bred) , nidoqueen, nidoking, liepard, rotom, golurk, toxicroak, unfeazant (female), breloom, swellow, staraptor, sneasel, samurott, mandibuzz, magnezone, Fraxure (x2 all are HA one male, one female. All Kalos bred), spearow (Kalos bred), Raichu (Kalos bred), electabuzz (x4 Kalos Bred), Sliggoo (x3 Kalos bred x2 HA), audino (x5 all Kalos bred HA) , lillipup (Kalos bred), dedenne (x2 one male one female, please specify both Kalos bred), bergmite (Kalos bred), hoothoot (Kalos bred), gabite (x4 female) (Kalos bred), loudred (HA Kalos bred 0 speed), ponyta (x2 both Kalos Bred), Wobbuffet (x2 Kalos bred), cacturne (x5 all Kalos Bred), munna (x3 Kalos bred x2 HA), dugtrio (HA Kalos bred 3IV), Pawniard (x3 Kalos bred x1 HA), pansear (Kalos bred), mighteyena (x3 Kalos bred x2 HA), Golurk (Kalos bred), pancham (Kalos bred), Diggersby (Kalos bred), Luxio (Kalos bred 3IV), floatzel (x2 Kalos bred), Klefki (x3 Kalos bred x2 HA), Illumise (x3 x1 HA all Kalos bred), combee (x3 all male and Kalos bred), Pachirisu (x2 Kalos bred), shuckle (x2 Kalos bred), sawsbuck (Kalos bred)

They DO NOT have their hidden abilities unless specified as HA, but I value them because they're still shiny. MOST ARE KALOS BRED!!! ROTOM, AND BRELOOM ARE 6IV FLAWLESS, so I expect flawless competitive shinies in return. I don't trade down.

ONLY FOR GOOD OFFERS: shiny pupitar (Kalos bred), shiny aron, shiny Pinsir (x4 all Klalos bred), shiny Absol (x6 all Kalos bred), shiny charmeleon (x3 all Kalos bred x1 HA), shiny torchic (HA), shiny Manectric (Kaols bred), and shiny riolu (x3 Kalos Bred all 3IV)- all without stone, shiny vivillon (modern)(Kalos bred)- these will be incredibly hard to get from me!!! I've seen vivillon patterns go for a lot, so will most likely require a 2:1, OR a different shiny pattern UT at level 30 safari caught female

Looking for a level 1 shiny Kalos bred male Mudkip
Also in the market for shiny Legendaries: Regirock and Suicune (non event please),ALL MUST BE LEVEL 100



PM me offers! I prefer Kalos bred *hint hint* I might seem a little picky, but I do have 135+ shinies and I don't really do duplicates unless gender differences or evolution families. Don't worry, tho. I love to haggle. :)