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Shiny Trading Thread


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Hey guys

After the shiney mewtwo from the recent event.
I have spare codes for the anniversary arceus and a spare xerneas fro trade have other shineys to if there's anything to want from them



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Howdy folks, I am looking for a shiny Zigzagoon (specifically Zigzagoon, not Linoone).

I would prefer Modest Nature, but hardy, adamant, bold, docile, impish, timid, serious, bashful, or quirky works as a second pick.

I'll take any shiny zigzagoon, the above list just contains my preferences.

I can offer a shiny Grimer in exchange. Otherwise, I can trade HA Froakie, HA Torchic, HA Snivy, HA Eevee.



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Looking for shiny cyndaquil.
Can trade a shiny 6IV Turtwig in exchange

Frost Valley

Frost Valley
Looking for shiny pokemon shiny events are welcome also :) my pokemon are cloned, I accept cloned pokemon. I'm open to offers if interested

Poke Ball Serperior ★ Contrary Timid 31 30 31 30 31 30 3 Leaf Storm Substitute Hidden Power Glare 4 ♀ FIRE May 43634 Overgrow - Contrary
Poke Ball Florges ★ Flower Veil Bold 31 x 31 31 31 31 5 Calm Mind Synthesis Moonblast Aromatherapy 4 ♀ Ian 38788
Nest Ball Beedrill ★ Swarm Jolly 31 31 31 31 x 31 5 U-turn Poison Jab Protect Drill Run 4 ♀ Dirdynapkin 47353
Poke Ball Ferrothorn ★ Iron Barbs Relaxed 31 31 31 31 31 0 5 Stealth Rock Leech Seed Gyro Ball Power Whip 4 ♀ ICE Cody 60014 Idr evs Iron Barbs - Anticipation
Poke Ball Bidoof ★ Moody Modest 31 x 31 31 31 31 5 Tackle Shadow Ball Thunderbolt Ice Beam 4 ♂ Burger King 12345
Heal Ball Abra ★ Magic Guard Timid 31 x 31 31 31 31 5 Teleport 1 ♂ Max 19000 Synchronize
Dream Ball Clefable ★ Magic Guard Modest 31 x 31 31 31 31 5 Calm Mind Moonlight Moonblast Flamethrower 4 ♀ Anne 29249 252 Hp/252 Spa Cute Charm
Dream Ball Scraggy ★ Intimidate Careful 31 31 31 x 31 31 5 Quick Guard Fake Out Ice Punch Drain Punch 4 ♀ Max 19000
Level Ball Arcanine ★ Intimidate Jolly 31 31 31 x 31 31 5 Flare Blitz Extreme Speed Morning Sun Close Combat 4 ♀ Rin-chan 9429 252 Att/252 Spe
Dream Ball Espeon ★ Magic Bounce Timid 31 x 31 31 31 31 5 Grass Knot Wish Psyshock Dazzling Gleam 4 ♀ Dani 51502 252 Spa/252 Spe
Poke Ball Gardevoir ★ Trace Timid 31 x 31 31 31 31 5 Psyshock Calm Mind Focus Blast Hyper Voice 4 ♂ Alex 2551 252 Spa/252 Spe
Poke Ball Garchomp ★ Rough Skin Jolly 31 31 31 x 31 31 5 Sword Dance Dragon Claw Earthquake Stone Edge 4 ♀ Meechy 27765 252 Att/252 Spe
Poke Ball Hawlucha ★ Unburden Adamant 31 31 31 31 31 31 6 High Jump Kick Acrobatics Hone Claws Roost 4 ♂ DARK Ruby 43750 252 HP/252 Att
Poke Ball Honedge ★ No Guard Adamant 31 31 31 x 31 31 5 Aerial Ace Sword Dance Shadow Sneak ♀ Jeff 52269
Poke Ball Weavile ★ Pickpocket Jolly 31 31 31 20 31 31 5 Knock Off Icicle Crash Ice Shard Low Kick 4 ♂ ELECTRIC Shido 19259 252 Att/252 Spe Lng:SPA
Luxury Ball Umbreon ★ Synchronize Careful 31 31 31 31 31 x 5 Toxic Payback Curse Moonlight 4 ♂ Musty 47683 252 Hp/252 SpD Nicknamed:Blacky
Dusk Ball Noivern ★ Infiltrator Timid 31 21 31 31 31 31 5 Dragon Pulse U-turn Air Slash Flamethrower 4 ♂ DARK Austin 46550 252 SpA/252 Spe
Poke Ball Gliscor ★ Poison Heal Impish 31 31 31 22 31 31 5 Knock Off Toxic Ice Punch Earthquake 4 ♂ ELECTRIC KG 20185 252 Hp/252 Def
Dusk Ball Gardevoir ★ Trace Modest Psyshock Focus Blast Hyper Voice Calm Mind ♀ Dianthra 46828
Poke Ball Charmander ★ Solar Power Timid ♂ Onyx 23182 5iv - SpA Solar Power
Poke Ball Nidoking ★ Sheer Force Timid
Friend Ball Kingdra ★ Swift Swim Icy Wind Outrage Muddy Water Dragon Pulse Hinaru 26513
Fast Ball Ponyta ★ flash fire 31 31 31 31 31 22 Double-Edge Hypnosis Low kick Morning Sun Salem 13821
Eelektross ★ Levitate Quiet Thunderbolt Flamethrower Aqua Tail Drain Punch Stig Quinn 61891
Empoleon ★ Torrent Calm Stealth Rock Scald Ice Beam Defog Dylan 1337
Dream Ball Weezing ★ Levitate Bold "Will-O-Wisp Sludge Bomb Stockpile Pain Split Alex 48664
Net Ball Drapion ★ Sniper Adamant Cross Poison Toxic Spikes Night Slash Earthquake Jaiden 46343
Poke Ball Heliolisk ★ Solar Power Timid 31 31 31 31 31 31 6 Hyper Voice Grass Knot Thunder Bolt Dark Pulse
Dream Ball Gliscor ★ Poison Heal Impish 31 31 31 x 31 31 5 Earthquake Knock Off Toxic J.C 15627 Hyper Cutter Sand Veil Poison Heal

Cherish Ball Jirachi Serene Grace Jolly 31 31 31 31 31 31 6 0 DARK OT GF 04016
Cherish Ball Xerneas ★ Fairy Aura Modest 31 5 31 30 31 31 4 0 ELECTRIC Fairy Aura - -
Cherish Ball Yveltal ★ Dark Aura Timid 31 21 31 29 31 31 4 0 DARK Dark Aura - -
Cherish Ball Yveltal ★ Dark Aura Rash 31 31 29 31 31 31 5 0 DARK 29-30 def
Cherish Ball Entei ★ Pressure Adamant 0 0


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FT: F shiny wobbufet lvl 50 Jpn, F shiny shroomish lvl 100, M shiny Manectric lvl 30, F shiny Girafarig lvl 39, M shiny Jumpluff lvl 61 Ger, M shiny Pichu lvl 1, M shiny Oddish lvl 11 Jpn, or M shiny Seel lvl 100.

LF: Victini. Message me if interested

Got Victini
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lvl 1 UT
Shiny Gastly
Nature: Timid

lvl 1 UT
Shiny Honedge
Nature: Sassy or Quiet ( if quiet It needs to have wide guard too)

If I recall right the Gastly was hatched using the shiny ID that everyone used back a few years ago. No idea if that's still a thing ( just started playing again ).
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Looking to trade shiny for shiny I have what is listed on my signature pls let me know what u have


Ft arceus or darkrai code only 1 darkrai code
6iv male eevee or 5iv female eevee both Timid in dream balls
5iv shiny bold solosis-atk magic guard 1 code per
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Pokemon Breeder
Hello! I have an extra Arceus code from the August giveaway! I am looking for a shiny 5ived bulbasaur that is IVed in its respective stats and that has a good competitive nature! Message me for a trade!

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First of all i will say it now, i cannot speak for the legitimacy of whatever is offered for trade as it was on the cart when i bought it. if you have doubts then do not request a trade as i do not offer trade backs.

ok here is what i have.

Machamp Lv 77 nicknamed jo
Miltank Lv 50 nicknamed Daisy bee
Ninetails Lv 75 Nicknamed kira
Volcarona Lv 75 nicknamed rona
Lopunny Lv 44 no nickname
Mandibuzz Lv 76 nicknamed Mandy
Bisharp Lv75 nicknamed Mr Stabby
Parasect Lv 76 Nicknamed paras hilton
Barboach Lv 35 Nicknamed Whisky
Yveltal Lv 61 Nicknamed Bacon
Xerneas Lv 100 Japanese name OT XY&Z if that makes a difference.
Psyduck Lv 24 Nicknamed Quackers
Nidoqueen Lv 77 Nicknamed Milla
Starmie Lv 77 Nicknamed Celeste
Exeggutor Lv 75 nicknamed colada
Gyrados Lv 31 no nickname

Offer Away Pm me.


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I have two Shiny Male and Female Druddigons. Only willing to trade one of them tho. :p Not really looking for anything in specific, just want it to be shiny. If you are interested in one of my shiny Druddigons, please feel free to PM me. :)

Edit: Sorry! Already traded to someone else. The other Druddigon sadly isn't up for grabs. I apologize for the inconvenience.
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I'm mainly looking for fossil and johto starters in diff pokeballs, I can offer my Kalos born shinies which I'll list here I also have plenty of bank mons if u wanna know list feel free to ask, I prefer the mons to have their HA :)


Charmander-Male-Timid-Solar Power-belly drum outrage d.pulse DD-6IV
Eevee-Male-Modest-Adaptability-Lv.29-covet take down yawn wish-6IV
Pinsir-Male-Jolly-Moxie-Lv.50-return quick attack CC SD-6IV
Gengar-Female-Timid-Levitate-Lv.79-dazzling gleam sludge bomb shadow ball focus blast-6IV
Chansey-Female-Calm-Natural Cure-pound growl seismic toss aromatherapy-6IV
Poliwag-Male-Modest-Swift Swim-water sport bubble beam mud shot-6IV
Eevee-Male-Modest-Anticipation-covet curse wish yawn-6IV
Gengar-Male-Timid-Levitate-Lv.52-shadow ball sludge bomb destiny bond thunderbolt-6IV
Eevee-Male-Timid-Anticipation-Lv.3-tail whip covet wish charm-6IV
Vulpix-Male-Timid-Drought-ember will-o-wisp hex power swap-6IV
Nidoking-Male-Jolly-Sheer Force-Lv.70-EQ megahorn poison jab rock slide-6IV
Abra-Male-Modest-Magic Guard-has Spanish tag-teleport-6IV
Horsea-Male-Modest-Sniper-water gun muddy water-6IV
Onix-Male-Impish-Weak Armor-bind block heavy slam-6IV
Zubat-Male-Jolly-Infiltrator-hypnosis pursuit defog brave bird
Eevee-Female-Timid-Anticipation-charm wish yawn curse
Bulbasaur-Male-Modest-Chlorophyll-has spread for hp fire-hidden power giga drain petal dance leaf storm
Charizard-Male-Adamant-Blaze-Lv.51-has Italian tag-flare blitz roost DD outrage
Ratttata-Female-Modest-Guts-tackle tail whip flame wheel bite
Eevee-Male-Bold-Anticipation-tail whip baton pass charm wish
Aerodactyl-Male-Adamant-Rock Head-wing attack supersonic bite scary face
Charmander-Male-Adamant-Blaze-scratch growl DD outrage
Ghastly-Male-Timid-Levitate-hypnosis lick shadow ball disable
Lapras-Male-Modest-Water Absorb-sleep talk whirlpool ancient power freeze-dry
Abra-Male-Timid-Magic Guard-teleport ally switch
Porygon-Modest-Download-conversion 2 tackle conversion sharpen
Voltorb-Timid-static-charge hidden power
Bulbasaur-Male-Modest-Chlorophyll-tackle giga drain pedal dance
Squirtle-Male-Modest-Rain Dish-tackle aura sphere d.pulse
Slowpoke-Male-Bold-Regenerator-Lv.30-curse yawn dable zen headbutt
Nidoran-Male-Timid-Hustle-peck leer
Nidoran-Female-Timid-Hustle-scratch growl
Growlithe-Male-Jolly-Intimidate-roar CC flare blitz
Bellsprout-Male-Timid-Chlorophyll-power whip synthesis giga drain weather ball
Shellder-Male-Jolly-Skill Link-icicle spear protect clamp rock blast
Kangaskhan-Female-Adamant-Scrappy-comet punch leer earthquake
Charmander-Male-Jolly-Blaze-flare blitz DD protect outrage
Staryu-Timid-Natural Cure-tackle harden
Slowpoke-Male-Calm-Regenerator-curse yawn tackle future sight
Omanyte-Male-Timid-Shell Armor-rock slide withdraw scald ice beam
Dratini-Male-Adamant-Marvel Scale-ice beam dragon rush iron tail DD
Magnemite-Modest-Magnet Pull-Has spread for HP FIRE-tackle
Snorlax-Male-Careful-Thick Fat-Lv.2-tackle curse pursuit EQ
Ekans-Male-Jolly-Intimidate-sucker punch pursuit iron tail disable
Diglett-Male-Jolly-Arena Trap-sand attack mud bomb reversal pursuit
Growlithe-Female-Adamant-Intimidate-flare blitz heat wave CC morning sun
Sandshrew-Male-Adamant-Sand Rush-crush claw metal claw night slash counter
Kabuto-Male-Adamant-Swift Swim-mud shot knock off confuse ray rapid spin
Rhyhorn-Male-Adamant-Rock Head-horn attack stone edge thunder fang EQ
Tauros-Male-Jolly-Sheer Force-Lv.50-zen headbutt rock slide EQ pursuit
Mankey-Male-Jolly-Vital Spirit-scratch low kick leer focus energy
Venonat-Male-Timid-Run Away-giga drain baton pass toxic spikes rage powder
Cubone-Male-Brave-Rock Head-(has 0 in speed)-Growl Iron Head
Magikarp-Male-Adamant-Rattled-Splash Tackle
Squirtle-Male-Modest-Rain Dish-protect dragon pulse aura sphere aqua ring
Koffing-Female-Bold-Levitate-swallow stockpile pain split toxic spikes-6IV
Dratini-Male-Adamant-Marvel Scale-dragon rush DD aqua jet espeed-6IV
Kangaskhan-Female-Jolly-Scrappy-Lv.17-leer hammer arm stomp trump card-6IV
Aerodactyl-Male-Jolly-Unnerve-tailwind wide guard whirlwind pursuit-6IV
Snorlax-Male-Careful-Thick Fat-Lv.100-rock slide body slam EQ pursuit
Horsea-Male-Modest-Swift Swim-spread for hp fire-water gun outrage
Spearow-Male-Jolly-Sniper-pursuit drill peck quick attack
Ponyta-Male-Jolly-Flash Fire-low kick ally switch hypnosis morning sun
Kangaskhan-Female-Jolly-Scrappy-Lv.4-comet punch leer
Beedrill-Male-Jolly-Swarm-Lv.50-toxic spikes endeavor uturn poison jab
Lickitung-Male-Adamant-Cloud Nine-has kor tag-lick hammer arm
Weedle-Male-Adamant-Shield Dust-poison sting string shot
Staryu-Timid-Natural Cure-has jpn tag-tackle harden
Exeggcute-Male-Modest-Chlorophyll-barrage uproar hypnosis giga drain
Venusaur-Male-Calm-Chlorophyll-Lv.58-EQ sludge bomb giga drain growth-6IV
Bulbasaur-Male-Calm-Chlorophyll-ingrain grassy terrain giga drain amnesia-6IV
Magikarp-Male-Jolly-Swift Swim-splash-6IV
Grimer-Male-Careful-Stench-pound poison gas shadow sneak curse-6IV
Seel-Male-Calm-Thick Fat-perish song stockpile swallow encore-6IV
Squirtle-Male-Modest-Rain Dish-tackle aqua ring d.pulse aura sphere-6IV
Oddish-Male-Modest-Chlorophyll-charm synthesis nature power teeter dance=6IV
Poliwag-Male-Calm-Swift Swim-has GER tag and name-bubble beam haze water sport encore-6IV
Gastly-Male-Timid-Levitate-shadow ball sludge bomb dark pulse dazzling gleam-6IV
Eevee-Male-Calm-Anticipation-hyper voice heal bell wish yawn-6IV
Pidgey-Male-Jolly-Tangled Feet-tackle brave bird defog
Eevee-Male-Calm-Run Away-has Ger tag and name-tail whip synchronoise wish yawn
Krabby-Male-Adamant-Sheer Force-ancient power knock off amnesia tickle
Geodude-Male-Adamant-Sturdy-tackle defense curl
Cubone-Male-Adamant-Rock Head-growl iron head belly drum EQ
Pidgey-Male-Timid-Big Pecks-has spread for HP Ground and has FRE tag and name-uproar defog hidden power air slash
Seel-Male-Modest-Thick Fat-has JPN tag-headbutt water pulse encore perish song
Horsea-Male-Jolly-Sniper-has FRE tag and name-dragon breath aurora beam outrage dragon rage
Muk-Male-Adamant-Stench-Lv.50-shadow sneak poison jab curse haze
Onix-Male-Brave-Rock Head-has FRE tag and missing spatk and speed-tackle harden bind stealth rock
Scyther-Male-Adamant-Technician-night slash counter baton pass defog
Magikarp-Male-Adamant-Swift Swim-splash
Jolteon-Male-Timid-Volt Absorb-Lv.50 has spread for HP Ice-volt switch thunderbolt shadow ball hidden power
Charmander-Male-Timid-Solar Power-dragon rush DD d.pulse outrage
Shellder-Male-Adamant-Skill Link-rock blast rapid spin water pulse icicle spear
Drowzee-Male-Modest-Forewarn-pound hypnosis assist
Exeggcute-Male-Modest-Harvest-ingrain moonlight giga drain leaf storm
Paras-Male-Careful-Damp-cross poison fell stinger psybeam leech seed
Krabby-Male-Adamant-Shell Armor-has SPA tag-bubble slam agility knock off
Eevee-Male-Adamant-Anticipation-charm yawn wish curse
Magnemite-Modest-Magnet Pull-tackle
Grimer-Female-Adamant-Sticky Hold-pound poison gas shadow punch lick
Koffing-Male-Bold-Levitate-has ITA tag-poison gas tackle pain split
Paras-Male-Adamant-Dry Skin-scratch cross poison fell stinger
Golduck-Male-Modest-Cloud Nine-Lv.33-water pulse zen headbutt future sight hypnosis
Farfetch'd-Male-Adamant-Defiant-leaf blade steel wing night slash quick attack
Eevee-Male-Impish-Run Away-yawn captivate wish curse
Porygon-Timid-Trace-conversion2 tackle conversion sharpen
Omanyte-Male-Modest-Swift Swim-withdraw spikes toxic spikes water pulse
Rattata-Male-Jolly-Guts-tackle tail whip reversal
Growlithe-Male-Adamant-Flash Fire-has FRE tag-crunch double edge CC morning sun
Ditto-Quiet-Imposter-has HP and Speed 31 IV's-transform
Caterpie-Male-Timid-Shield Dust-has spread for hp ground-tackle string shot
Bulbasaur-Male-Modest-Overgrow-has spread for hp water-tackle giga drain leaf storm ingrain

Azumarill-Male-Adamant-Huge Power-Lv.65-super power belly drum aqua jet play rough-6IV
Larvitar-Male-Adamant-Guts-DD pursuit stealth rock outrage-6IV
Togepi-Male-Timid-Serene Grace-growl charm safeguard nasty plot-6IV
Smeargle-Male-Jolly-Technician-Lv.40-spore stealth rock sticky web taunt-6IV
Skarmory-Male-Impish-Sturdy-Lv.21-spikes brave bird whirlwind roost-6IV
Steelix-Male-Impish-Sheer Force-Lv.50-curse gyro ball EQ thunder fang-6IV
Scizor-Male-Adamant-Technician-Lv.100-bullet punch x-scissor roost SD
Togepi-Female-Calm-Serene Grace-growl charm baton pass nasty plot
Totodile-Male-Jolly-Torrent-missing spdef-scratch leer crunch DD
Mareep-Male-Modest-Static-Tackle growl
Cleffa-Male-Calm-Magic Guard-metronome stored power aromatherapy wish
Totodile-Male-Adamant-Torrent-has German tag-aqua jet crunch DD ice punch
Aipom-Male-Adamant-Run Away-acrobatics fake out quick guard power-up punch
Swinub-Male-Adamant-Thick Fat-icy wind ice shard-icicle crash stealth rock
Cyndaquil-Male-Timid-Blaze-tackle leer quick attack
Heracross-Male-Adamant-Moxie-Lv.57-CC aerial ace rock blast pin missile
Sneasel-Male-Jolly-Pickpocket-hone claws ice beam shadow ball icicle crash
Phanpy-Male-Impish-Pickup-German Tag-natural gift slam ice shard play rough
Yanma-Male-Timid-Speed Boost-tackle whirlwind
Murkrow-Male-Adamant-Prankster-assurance wing attack roost brave bird
Tyrogue-Male-Careful-Guts-endure rapid spin HJK helping hand
Elekid-Male-Adamant-Static-thunder dynamic ice fire punches
Miltank-Female-Impish-Scrappy-tackle sleep talk curse
Togepi-Male-Calm-Serene Grace-growl charm nasty plot
Teddiursa-Male-Adamant-Quick Feet-CC play rough crunch EQ
Tyrogue-Male-Adamant-Steadfast-helping hand EQ foresight mach punch
Houndour-Male-Timid-Flash Fire-ember pursuit sucker punch feint
Igglybuff-Male-Calm-Cute Charm-has japan name and tag will evolve English-sing charm wish
Magby-Male-Modest-Flame Body-smog leer
Pineco-Male-Relaxed-Sturdy-missing speed stat-self destruct bug bite take down stealth rock
Heracross-Male-Adamant-Guts-Lv.95-pin missile rock blast EQ brick break
Elekid-Male-Adamant-Static-fire ice thunder punches cross chop-6IV
Sneasel-Male-Jolly-Inner Focus-ice shard pursuit ice punch icicle crash
Marill-Male-Adamant-Huge Power-aqua jet superpower belly drum amnesia
Shuckle-Male-Impish-Sturdy-withdraw constrict bide rollout
Sneasel-Male-Jolly-Inner Focus-icicle crash ice punch pursuit fake out
Cyndaquil-Male-Timid-Blaze-leer tackle
Teddiursa-Male-Jolly-Quick Feet-fake tears play rough crunch CC
Totodile-Male-Adamant-Torrent-leer crunch aqua jet DD-6IV
Yanma-Male-Modest-Speed Boost-pursuit whirlwind signal beam feint-6IV
Sentret-Male-Adamant-Keen Eye-has FRE Tag and name-trick iron tail scratch foresight-6IV
Chinchou-Male-Volt Absorb-has JPN Tag-water gun supersonic flail-6IV
Remoraid-Male-Modest-Sniper-water spout mud shot acid spray water pulse-6IV
Houndour-Male-Timid-Flash Fire-pursuit counter sucker punch destiny bond-6IV
Remoraid-Female-Modest-Hustle-water gun water spout mud shot haze-6IV
Larvitar-Female-Sassy-Guts-leer stealth rock pursuit stomp-6IV
Natu-Male-Bold-Magic Bounce-peck leer roost haze
Togepi-Male-Modest-Serene Grace-growl charm nasty plot
Wooper-Male-Impish-Damp-water gun tail whip recover curse
Slugma-Male-Bold-Flame Body-heat wave memento rollout stockpile
Corsola-Male-Bold-Regenerator-confuse ray ingrain amnesia mist
Cyndaquil-Male-Modest-Blaze-extrasensory dig flamethrower overheat
Spinarak-Male-Jolly-Sniper-night slash baton pass pursuit toxic spikes
Steelix-Male-Relaxed-Sturdy-Lv.52 missing speed-gyro ball EQ dragon tail stealth rock
Shuckle-Male-Relaxed-Contrary-withdraw constrict bide rollout
Stantler-Male-Jolly-Sap Sipper-zen headbutt disable extrasensory double kick
Magby-Male-Timid-Vital Spirit-smog leer cross chop focus energy
Miltank-Female-Impish-Thick Fat-seismic toss hammer arm curse present
Hoppip-Male-Jolly-Chlorophyll-seed bomb amnesia cotton guard aromatherapy
Wooper-Male-Relaxed-Unaware-missing speed-recover curse stockpile spit up
Wooper-Male-Impish-Water Absorb-stockpile recover body slam curse
Qwilfish-Female-Impish-Intimidate-missing speed-tackle poison sting acid spray aqua jet
Yanma-Male-Modest-Speed Boost-has spread for HP Ground-tackle foresight hidden power
Snubbull-Male-Adamant-Intimidate-CC focus punch double edge heal bell
Porygon2-Bold-Trace-Lv.52-triattack discharge recover toxic
Remoraid-Male-Modest-Hustle-water gun water pulse octazooka
Girafarig-Male-Timid-Sap Sipper-Lv.100-psychic calm mind baton pass substitute
Miltank-Female-Careful-Thick Fat-seismic toss punishment curse double edge
Cleffa-Male-Bold-Friend Guard-pound charm aromatherapy
Chikorita-Female-Calm-Overgrow-leaf storm ancient power ingrain leech seed
Igglybuff-Male-Bold-Competitive-wish captivate fake tears misty terrain
Pineco-Male-Careful-Sturdy-tackle protect toxic spikes
Dunsparce-Male-Sassy-Serene Grace-rage twave ancient power roost
Hoothoot-Male-Calm-Keen Eye-tackle growl foresight night shade

Beldum-Adamant-Clear Body-Take Down-6IV
Shuppet-Male-Adamant-Frisk-knock off destiny bond disable confuse ray-6IV
Clamperl-Male-Timid-Shell Armor-whirlpool iron defense water pulse muddy water-6IV
Mawile-Male-Adamant-Intimidate-Lv.11-fire poison thunder ice fangs-6IV
Bagon-Male-Adamant-Sheer Force-dragon rage hydro pump fire fang DD-6IV
Lotad-Male-Calm-Rain Dish-astonish leech seed giga drain scald-6IV
Absol-Male-Naïve-Super Luck-Lv.31-feint sucker punch baton pass play rough-6IV
Breloom-Male-Adamant-Technician-Lv.52-spore force palm bullet seed mach punch-6IV
Trapinch-Male-Jolly-Arena Trap-mud slap dig bulldoze rock slide-6IV
Altaria-Male-Modest-Natural Cure-Lv.100-fire blast hyper voice dragon pulse roost-6IV
Torchic-Male-Adamant-Speed Boost-scratch growl baton pass
Aron-Male-Adamant-Rock Head-iron head superpower head smash stealth rock
Absol-Male-Adamant-Super Luck-Lv.41-SD night slash sucker punch play rough
Mudkip-Male-Adamant-Torrent-has Spanish tag-growl avalanche ice ball curse
Mawile-Male-Adamant-Intimidate-Lv.60-play rough protect SD sucker punch
Anorith-Male-Adamant-Battle Armor-Scratch harden rapid spin
Meditite-Male-Adamant-Pure Power-drain punch fake out bullet punch psycho cut
Bagon-Male-Jolly-Sheer Force-rage DD hydro pump d.pulse
Sableye-Male-Bold-Prankster-Lv.55-taunt will-o-wisp foul play recover
Ralts-Male-Modest-Synchronize-growl destiny bond
Snorunt-Female-Timid-Moody-Lv.32-headbutt spikes crunch protect
Sableye-Male-Bold-Prankster-(same as other one I have except on lv.1)-knock off taunt will-o-wisp recover
Numel-Male-Modest-Simple-heat wave stockpile swallow spit up
Trapinch-Male-Adamant-Arena Trap-sand tomb mud-slap bide bulldoze
Meditite-Male-Jolly-Pure Power-drain punch bullet punch fake out psycho cut
Swablu-Male-Modest-Natural Cure-peck growl agility roost
Zangoose-Male-Jolly-Toxic Boost-Lv.100-protect facade night slash CC
Nincada-Male-Jolly-Compound Eyes-scratch harden
Poochyena-Male-Adamant-rattled-tackle bite odor sleuth fire fang
Electrike-Male-Timid-Lighting Rod-has spread for hp ice-tackle hidden power
Ralts-Male-Adamant-Trace-shadow sneak destiny bond disable confuse ray
Sharpedo-Male-Adamant-Speed Boost-Lv.32-crunch aqua jet ice fang brine
Breloom-Male-Adamant-Poison Heal-Lv.68 has Spa tag-sky uppercut seed bomb spore substitute
Swampert-Male-Adamant-Torrent-Lv.42-stone edge avalanche waterfall EQ
Treecko-Male-Timid-Overgrow-leech seed dragon breath synthesis leaf storm
Feebas-Male-Bold-Adaptability-hypnosis confuse ray haze dragon pulse-6IV
Torkoal-Male-Adamant-White Smoke-protect flail shell smash ember-6IV
Makuhita-Male-Adamant-Guts-tackle focus energy bullet punch focus punch-6IV
Cacnea-Male-Adamant-Sand Veil-seed bomb counter dynamic punch block
Sceptile-Male-Timid-Unburden-Lv.51-leaf storm giga drain focus blast protect
Spoink-Male-Modest-Own Tempo-psywave odor sleuth extrasensory mirror coat
Relicanth-Male-Adamant-Sturdy-sleep talk aqua tail amnesia zen headbutt
Cradily-Male-Bold-Storm Drain-Lv.50-energy ball stealth rock toxic recover
Taillow-Male-Jolly-Guts-roost boomburst brave bird sky attack
Absol-Female-Adamant-Super Luck-sucker punch play rough baton pass megahorn
Spheal-Male-Calm-Ice Body-defense curl powder snow growl water gun
Camerupt-Female-Quiet-Magma Armor-Lv.50-spread for hp grass-eruption earth power hidden power protect
Lileep-Male-Sassy-Storm Drain-missing speed-mirror coat stealth rock recover barrier
Makuhita-Male-Brave-Guts-has 0 speed-feint wide guard bullet punch helping hand
Seviper-Male-Timid-Infiltrator-dark pulse sludge bomb flamethrower stockpile
Mudkip-Male-Impish-Damp-Missing def-curse avalanche mirror coat ancient power
Feebas-Male-Bold-Swift Swim-splash
Illumise-Female-Calm-Prankster-play nice encore baton pass confuse ray
Tropius-Male-Jolly-Solar Power-gust DD leech seed leaf blade-6IV
Bagon-Male-Naive-Rock Head-DD d.pulse d.rush hydro pump-6IV
Lotad-Male-Modest-Rain Dish-astonish giga drain synthesis-6IV
Surskit-Male-Modest-Swift Swim-bubble hydro pump signal beam mud shot-6IV
Aggron-Male-Impish-Rock Head-Lv.43-iron tail take down EQ stealth rock-6IV
Volbeat-Male-Bold-Prankster-has ITA Tag-baton pass encore silver wind trick-6IV
Seedot-Male-Modest-Chlorophyll-foul play nasty plot grassy terrain razor wind-6IV
Treecko-Male-Timid-Unburden-grass whistle leech seed dragon breath synthesis-6IV
Ralts-Male-Jolly-Trace-growl shadow sneak-6IV
Bagon-Male-Jolly-Sheer Force-twister hydro pump d.pulse DD-6IV
Glalie-Male-Jolly-Ice Body-Lv.77-ice shard spikes return explosion-6IV
Treecko-Male-Modest-Unburden-pound leer dragon breath leech seed-6IV
Spinda-Male-Modest-Tangled Feet-Has SPA tag-disable water pulse wish icy wind
Mudkip-Male-Adamant-Damp-ice ball avalanche bite mud bomb
Lunatone-Modest-Levitate-rock throw tackle harden confusion
Ralts-Male-Adamant-Telepathy-encore memento shadow sneak destiny bond
Kecleon-Male-Careful-Protean-fake out recover magic coat dizzy punch
Carvanha-Male-Adamant-Speed Boost-aqua jet brine bite destiny bond
Duskull-Male-Careful-Frisk-night shade skill swap pain split destiny bond
Nosepass-Male-Modest-Magnet Pull-thunderwave rock blast rest spark
Wailmer-Male-Brave-Water Veil-has JPN tag missing speed-curse snore body slam zen headbutt
Sableye-Male-Calm-Prankster-missing spatk-zen headbutt leer scratch recover
Electrike-Male-Timid-Lightning Rod-tackle
Volbeat-Male-Bold-Prankster-flash tackle enore baton pass
Relicanth-Male-Adamant-Swift Swim-amnesia aqua tail magnitude skull bash
Anorith-Male-Impish-Battle Armor-harden knock off aqua jet rapid spin
Seedot-Female-Modest-Chlorophyll-has spread for HP Fire-bide nasty plot defog razor wind
Zigzagoon-Male-Jolly-Quick Feet-has SPA tag-rock climb tickle sleep talk trick
Wingull-Female-Modest-Rain Dish-brine knock off roost agility
Barboach-Male-Adamant-Oblivious-mud slap spark DD
Duskull-Male-Sassy-Levitate-pain split skill swap destiny bond memento
Feebas-Male-Calm-Swift Swim-splash d.pulse mirror coat
Camerupt-Male-Quiet-Solid Rock-Lv.100-has 0 speed IV-fissure yawn iron head eruption
Plusle-Male-Timid-Lightning Rod-wish sweet kiss discharge sing-6IV
Kecleon-Male-Adamant-Protean-tail whip astonish lick scratch-6IV
Minun-Male-Timid-Minus-seet kiss discharge lucky chant wish-6IV

Electivire-Male-Adamant-Motor Drive-Lv.30-thunder punch ice punch fire punch cross chop-6IV
Rotom-Bold-Levitate-Lv.86-t-wave hydro pump discharge will-o-wisp-6IV
Togekiss-Male-Modest-Serene Grace-Lv.71-air slash roost nasty plot aura sphere-6IV
Starly-Male-Jolly-Reckless-Lv.26-double edge endeavor whirlwind aerial ace-6IV
Rotom-Timid-Levitate-Lv.62-hydro pump will-o-wisp volt switch confuse ray-6IV
Riolu-Male-Jolly-Prankster-HJK blaze kick crunch bullet punch-6IV
Lucario-Male-Adamant-Justified-Lv.2-crunch HJK blaze kick bullet punch
Snover-Male-Brave-Snow Warning-Has 2 iv in speed-growth seed bomb leech seed double edge
Chimchar-Male-Jolly-Iron Fist-t-punch f-punch fake out blaze kick
Shinx-Male-Adamant-Intimidate=has Korean tag-thunder fang ice fang take down fire fang
Cranidos-Male-Adamant-Mold Breaker-headbutt leer crunch earthquake
Rotom-Modest-Levitate-astonish t-wave t-shock confuse ray
Piplup-Male-Modest-Torrent-pound yawn agility
Turtwig-Male-Adamant-Shell Armor-tackle grassy terrain seed bomb superpower
Gallade-Male-Adamant-Steadfast-Lv.44-shadow sneak brick break psycho cut leaf blade
Shinx-Male-Adamant-Intimidate-thunderbolt fire fang ice fang thunder wave
Staraptor-Male-Adamant-Reckless-Lv.53-roost brave bird CC double edge
Bronzor-Relaxed-Levitate-missing it's non needed spatk and has 0 speed!-tackle confusion
Rotom-Calm-Levitate-Lv.56-hydro pump volt-switch will-o-wisp rest
Buneary-Male-Jolly-Run Away-missing speed-foresight thunder punch switcheroo fire punch
Drifloon-Male-Timid-Unburden-constrict minimize
Croagunk-Male-Jolly-Dry Skin-astonish quick guard fake out drain punch
Spiritomb-Male-Bold-Pressure-swagger confuse ray will-o-wisp shadow ball
Togekiss-Male-Bold-Serene Grace-Lv.96-thunder wave air slash roost dazzling gleam
Pachirisu-Male-Timid-Volt Absorb-growl bide
Chingling-Male-Quiet-Levitate-curse recover hypnosis future sight-6IV
Buizel-Male-Jolly-Swift Swim-switcheroo baton pass aqua ring fury cutter
Chatot-Male-Timid-Tangled Fee-peck encore boomburst nasty plot
Shinx-Male-Jolly-Intimidate-fire ice thunder fangs night sash
Cherubi-Male-Timid-Chlorophyll-grass whistle aromatherapy heal pulse weather ball
Munchlax-Male-Adamant-Thick Fat-odor sleuth tackle curse self-destruct-6IV
Buneary-Male-Jolly-Run Away-foresight switcheroo fire punch thunder punch-6IV
Phione-Timid-Hydration-bubble water sport-6IV
Riolu-Male-Jolly-Prankster-HJK blaze kick crunch bullet punch-6IV
Riolu-Male-Timid-Inner Focus-foresight quick attack endure vacuum wave-6IV
Kricketot-Male-Jolly-Shed Skin-growl bide-6IV
Bidoof-Male-Adamant-Simple-tackle quick attack
Shellos-Male-Bold-Storm Drain-mudslap counter mirror coat
Bonsly-Male-Adamant-Sturdy-copycat curse stealth rock selfdestruct
Shellos-(Blue)-Male-Bold-Sand Force-mirror coat yawn curse mist
Burmy-Female-Modest-Shed Skin-protect
Shieldon-Male-Careful-Sturdy-tackle protect stealth rock
Glameow-Male-Jolly-Own Tempo-wakeupslap fake tears last resort snatch
Stunky-Male-Adamant-Aftermath-focus energy crunch foul play play rough
Mantyke-Male-Calm-Swift Swim-tackle bubble wide guard
Mime Jr-Male-Timid-Soundproof-has SPA tag-tickle barrier confusion trick
Skorupi-Male-Jolly-Sniper-leer pursuit bug bite poison fang
Munchlax-Male-Adamant-Thick Fat-curse whirlwind zen headbutt selfdestruct
Spiritomb-Male-Bold-Pressure-swagger confuse ray willowisp shadow ball
Buneary-Male-Jolly-Klutz-fake out ice punch encore switcheroo
Mime Jr-Male-Timid-Filter-mimic nasty plot hypnosis healing wish
Gible-Male-Jolly-Rough Skin-iron head tackle outrage sand tomb
Cranidos-Male-Brave-Sheer Force-missing spatk and speed-crunch hammer arm iron head iron tail
Piplup-Male-Modest-Defiant-brine bubblebeam yawn aqua ring
Hippopotas-Male-Impish-Sand Stream-sand attack whirlwind slack off sand tomb
Rotom-Timid-Levitate-in heat form-has spread for hp grass-overheat volt switch hidden power confuse ray
Vespiquen-Female-Impish-Pressure-Lv.100-toxic roost protect attack order-6IV
Snover-Male-Quiet-Snow Warning-leech seed growth avalanche seed bomb-6IV

Archen-Male-Jolly-Defeatist-Lv.27-rock throw wing attack ancient power agility-6IV
Axew-Male-Jolly-Mold Breaker-scratch slash-6IV
Joltik-Male-Timid-Compound Eyes-string shot leech life spider web bug bite-6IV
Scraggy-Male-Jolly-Moxie-ice pinch DD zen headbutt drain punch-6IV
Audino-Female-Bold-Regenerator-sweet kiss yawn encore wish-6IV
Zoroark-Male-Modest-Illusion-Lv.80(missing def IV)-grass know U-turn d.pulse night daze
Rufflet-Male-Adamant-Hustle-aerial ace sky drop hone claws roost
Vullaby-Female-Impish-Overcoat-gust leer knock off foul play
Tynamo-Female-Modest-Levitate-tackle t-wave spark charge beam
Darumaka-Male-Jolly-Hustle-tackle hammer arm
Mienfoo-Male-Jolly-Regenerator-Pound baton pass
Excadrill-Male-Adamant-Mold Breaker-Lv.67-poison jab earthquake rapid spin SD
Litwick-Male-Timid-Infiltrator-ember astonish
Serperior-Male-Timid-Overgrow-Lv.50-leaf tornado leaf blade coil giga drain
Klink-Adamant-Clear Body-vice grip
Venipede-Male-Jolly-Speed Boost-defense curl rollout
Oshawott-Male-Timid-Torrent-tackle night slash air slash assurance
Deino-Male-Timid-Hustle-t-wave dragon rage dark pulse dragon tail
Sandile-Female-Adamant-Moxie-torment sand tomb fire thunder fangs
Scolipede-Male-Jolly-Speed Boost-Lv.59-spikes baton pass rock climb toxic spikes
Timburr-Male-Adamant-Guts-foresight detect mach punch drain punch
Volcarona-Male-Timid-Flame Body-Lv.60-fiery dance bug buzz quiver dance fire blast
Tynamo-Male-Quiet-Levitate-missing speed-tackle thunder wave spark charge beam
Pawniard-Male-Adamant-Defiant-shadow claw psycho cut sucker punch thunder wave
Golett-Adamant-No Guard-shadow ball astonish ice beam EQ
Petilil-Female-Modest-Chlorophyll-Has Korean tag also has spread for HP FIRE-absorb growth sweet scent hidden power
Cryogonal-Calm-Levitate-ice shard mist haze bind
Ferrothorn-Male-Relaxed-Iron Barbs-Lv.50 has 0 speed!-gyro ball power whip stealth rock leech seed
Sewaddle-Male-Adamant-Swarm-string shot me first tackle camouflage
Gothita-Male-Timid-Shadow Tag-has Korean tag-pound
Solosis-Male-Quiet-Magic Guard-missing atk and has 0 speed-psywave
Tympole-Male-Modest-Water Absorb-mist refresh water pulse earth power
Karrablast-Male-Brave-Swarm-has missing non needed spatk and has 0 speed!-peck drill run knock off megahorn
Pidove-Male-Adamant-Super Luck-gust steel wing
Reuniclus-Male-Bold-Magic Guard-has Italian tag-recover focus blast calm mind psyshock
Yamask-Male-Bold-Mummy-has 0 speed-protect disable memento nasty plot
Roggenrola-Male-Adamant-Sturdy-Lv.10-gravity heavy slam autotomize curse
Litwick-Male-Timid-Flame Body-ember astonish shadow ball toxic
Vanillite-Male-Timid-Ice Body-Icicle Spear Autotomize
Munna-Male-Sassy-Telepathy-(Has 0 Speed)-defense curl swift helping hand baton pass
Cubchoo-Male-Adamant-Snow Cloak-play rough ice punch night slash grass knot-6IV
Deino-Male-Modest-Hustle-tackle dragon rage dark pulse-6IV
Yamask-Male-Quiet-Mummy-astonish protect nasty plot-6IV
Zorua-Female-Timid-Illusion-sucker punch counter extrasensory snatch
Audino-Female-Calm-Regenerator-draining kiss bestow heal bell healing wish
Emboar-Male-Adamant-Blaze-Lv.62-wild charge hammer arm flare blitz head smash
Scraggy-Female-Jolly-Moxie-low kick drain punch ice punch DD
Druddigon-Male-Adamant-Sheer Force-Missing HP-fire fang metal claw iron tail sucker punch
Larvesta-Male-Timid-Flame Body-has ITA tag-ember string shot leech life take down
Gothita-Male-Modest-Shadow Tag-pound
Krookodile-Male-Adamant-Moxie-Lv.50-crunch EQ thunder fire fangs
Tirtouga-Male-Adamant-Solid Rock-bide withdraw water gun
Darumaka-Female-Adamant-Hustle-missing def-tackle
Frilish-Male-Calm-Water Absorb-has spa tag-bubble water sport recover
Maractus-Male-Modest-Storm Drain-after you peck absorb spikes
Scraggy-Male-Adamant-Intimidate-ice punch DD drain punch low kick-6IV
Deerling-Male-I have 2 that are Jolly one Adamant-I have 3 of the forms all but summer-one has JPN Tag-all 3 have Chlorophyll- all 3 have tackle and camouflage all 6IV
Shelmet-Male-Timid-Overcoat-leech life-6IV
Frillish-Male-Bold-Water Absorb-bubble water sport recover-6IV
Heatmor-Male-Modest-Flash Fire-hone claws tackle incinerate lick-6IV
Panpour-Male-Timid-Gluttony-nasty plot aqua ring disarming voice hydro pump-6IV
Emolga-Male-Timid-Motor Drive-air slash thunder shock-6IV
Larvesta-Female-Modest-Flame Body=take down ember leech life string shot-6IV
Durant-Male-Jolly-Hustle-feint attack endure thunder fang baton pass-6IV
Oshawott-Male-Adamant-Torrent-tackle night slash
Gigalith-Male-Brave-Sturdy-Lv.50-missing speed-EQ explosion stealth rock stone edge
Musharna-Male-Modest-Synchronize-psyshock psychic psybeam calm mind
Litwick-Female-Timid-Flash Fire-ember astonish willowisp
Patrat-Male-Adamant-Analytic-flail iron tail pursuit revenge
Scraggy-Male-Brave-Intimidate-missing speed-fake out ice punch quick guard drain punch
Rufflet-Male-Adamant-Sheer Force-peck leer
Trubbish-Male-Impish-Aftermath-Lv.20 missing spdef-toxic spikes acid spray double slap sludge
Sandile-Male-Jolly-Moxie-has KOR tag-leer rage fire and thunder fangs
Axew-Male-Adamant-Mold Breaker-scratch iron tail
Throh-Male-Adamant-Guts-Lv.47-stone edge EQ storm throw circle throw
Sawk-Male-Adamant-Sturdy-rock smash leer
Tirtouga-Male-Adamant-Sturdy-bide withdraw water gun surf
Tepig-Male-Adamant-Blaze-had JPN tag and name-yawn sucker punch heavy slam superpower
Karrablast-Male-Adamant-No Guard-megahorn bug bite drill run knock off
Pansear-Male-Modest-Blaze-role play disarming voice nasty plot heat wave
Chandelure-Male-Modest-Flash Fire-Lv.65-hex psychic overheat energy ball
Axew-Male-Jolly-Mold Breaker-scratch dragon claw
Ducklett-Male-Calm-Hydration-air cutter brine steel wing gust
Ferroseed-Male-Relaxed-Iron Barbs-missing spatk and has 0 speed-stealth rock spikes leech seed harden
Pawniard-Female-Adamant-Defiant-psycho cut mean look sucker punch stealth rock
Dwebble-Male-Careful-Sturdy-night slash curse counter spikes
Snivy-Male-Timid-Contrary-tackle glare
Woobat-Male-Timid-Simple-has ITA tag-confusion synchronoise psycho shift venom drench
Scraggy-Male-Jolly-Intimidate-amnesia fake out quick guard DD
Elgyem-Male-Quiet-Synchronize-missing atk-confusion shadow ball tbolt nasty plot
Pansear-Male-Timid-Gluttony-nasty plot sleep talk disarming voice heat wave-6IV
Trubbish-Male-Impish-Aftermath-curse spikes rock blast haze-6IV
Stunfisk-Male-Modest-Static-mud slap mud sport earth power yawn-6IV
Cottonee-Male-Bold-Prankster-absorb fairy wind encore-6IV
Snivy-Male-Timid-Contrary-has spread for hp fire-glare captivate mirror coat grassy terrain

Chespin-Male-Impish-Bulletproof-spikes curse synthesis quick guard-6IV
Froakie-Male-Timid-Protean-pound growl toxic spikes-6IV
Talonflame-Female-Adamant-Gale Wings-Lv.55-bulk up roost brave bird flare blitz-6IV
Clawitzer-Female-Modest-Mega Launcher-Lv.74-d.pulse w.pulse aura sphere dark pulse-6IV
Amaura-Male-Modest-Refrigerate-growl powder snow-6IV
Noivern-Male-Timid-Infiltrator-Lv.89-flamethrower roost d.meteor boombust-6IV
Carbink-Impish-Sturdy-tackle harden-6IV
Trevenant-Male-Impish-Harvest-Lv.53-leech seed will-o-wisp horn leech phantom force-6IV
Inkay-Male-Adamant-Contrary-tackle peck constrict -6IV
Klefki-Male-Bold-Prankster-crafty shield foul play torment mirror shot-6IV
Swirlix-Female-Naughty-Unburden-belly drum yawn after you copycat-6IV
Furfrou-Male-Impish-Fur Coat-tackle growl refresh work up-6IV
Espurr-Female-Timid-Own Tempo-scratch leer psybeam fake out-6IV
Flabebe-Female-Calm-Flower Veil-white flower-tackle vine whip-6IV
Froakie-Male-Adamant-Protean-pound growl toxic spikes-6IV
Helioptile-Female-Timid-Solar Power-tbolt low sweep twave rock slide-6IV
Froakie-Male-Timid-Protean-pound growl toxic spikes
Noibat-Female-Timid-Infiltrator-screech supersonic tackle tailwind
Hawlucha-Male-Adamant-Unburden-quick guard ally switch baton pass agility
Honedge-Male-Brave-No Guard-missing def IV-SD fury cutter shadow sneak tackle
Tyrunt-Male-Jolly-Strong Jaw-fire ice thunder fang DD
Greninja-Male-Timid-Protean-Lv.59-grass knot scald d.pulse ice beam
Talonflame-Male-Adamant-Gale Wings-Lv.100-brave bird flare blitz steel wing U-turn
Talonflame-Male-Adamant-Gale Wings-Lv.49-roost flare blitz u-turn brave bird
Flabebe(blue flower)-Female-Calm-Symbiosis-tackle vine whip
Klefki-Female-Impish-Prankster-fairy lock tackle
Honedge-Male-Brave-No Guard-31/31/31/xx/31/0-tackle SD shadow sneak metal sound
Goomy-Female-Calm-Hydration-tackle bubble rain dance acid armor
Bunnelby-Male-Adamant-Huge Power-Lv.11-quick attack agility leer flail
Litleo-Male-Timid-Moxie-tackle leer yawn fire spin
Spritzee-Male-Relaxed-Aroma Veil-31/xx/31/31/31/0-wish disable fairy wind sweet scent
Skrelp-Male-Modest-Poison Touch-tackle smokescreen water gun toxic spikes
Bergmite-Male-Impish-Sturdy-harden mist recover mirror coat
Binacle-Male-Jolly-Tough Claws-shell smash scratch sand attack
Chesnaught-Male-Adamant-Bulletproof-Lv.56-leech seed seed bomb spiky shield synthesis
Espurr-Male-Timid-Own Tempo-yawn barrier trick assist
Noibat-Male-Modest-Infiltrator-Italian Tag-razor wind tailwind super fang air slash
Tyrunt-Male-Adamant-Strong Jaw-DD ice fire thunder fang
Carbink-Bold-Sturdy-Korean Tag-tackle harden
Froakie-Male-Timid-Protean-HAS SPREAD FOR HP FIRE-toxic spikes camouflage water sport mind reader
Clauncher-Male-Modest-Mega Launcher-splash water gun endure aqua jet
Flabebe-Female-Calm-Flower Veil-(red flower)-tackle vine whip
Klefki-Male-Careful-Prankster-fairy lock tackle
Gourgeist-Female-Impish-Frisk-Lv.50-seed bomb shadow sneak will-o-wisp leech seed
Aegislash-Male-Quiet-Stance Change-Lv.88-flawless except speed-king's shield shadow sneak flash cannon shadow ball
Dedenne-Male-Timid-Cheek Pouch-covet tackle tail whip helping hand
Helioptile-Male-Timid-Solar Power-Japanese but will evolve into English and has spread for hp ice-pound tail whip glare
Skiddo-Male-Careful-Sap Sipper-tackle growth rollout defense curl
Phantump-Male-Careful-Harvest-confuse ray leech seed curse will-o-wisp
Hawlucha-Male-Jolly-Unburden-detect tackle hone claws
Scatterbug-Male-Timid-Compound Eyes-Has Japan tag and name but will evolve English(Elegant Pattern)-tackle string shot stun spore
Espurr-Male-Bold-Own Tempo-scratch leer
Honedge-Male-Adamant-No Guard-tackle SD metal sound shadow sneak
Pancham-Male-Adamant-Iron Fist-tackle leer foul play
Scatterbug-Male-Timid-Shield Dust-Garden Pattern-tackle string shot stun spore
Scatterbug-Female-Timid-Compound Eyes-Polar Pattern-tackle string shot
Flabebe-Female-Calm-Flower Veil-Orange Flower and has japan name and tag but evolves English-tackle vine whip
Pancham-Male-Adamant-Scrappy-comet punch circle throw vital throw storm throw
Florges-Female-Modest-Flower Veil-Lv.35-white flower-psychic moonblast calm mind energy ball
Pumpkaboo-Male-Impish-Frisk-Super Size-trick astonish confuse ray
Tyrunt-Male-Adamant-Strong Jaw-DD poison fire ice fangs
Fletchling-Male-Adamant-Gale Wings-tackle growl
Pumpkaboo-Female-Adamant-Frisk-Trick Astonish Confuse Ray
Espurr-Male-Modest-Keen Eye-Trick Yawn Assist Barrier
Fletchling-Female-Adamant-Gale Wings-steel wing snatch tailwind quick guard-6IV
Floette-Female-Calm-Flower Veil-Lv.50 white flower-psychic calm mind moonblast wish-6IV
Florges-Female-Calm-Flower Veil-Lv.52 white flower-dazzling gleam aromatherapy grassy terrain wish-6IV
Delphox-Male-Timid-Magician-Lv.51-missing spdef-has spa tag-psyshock grass knot fire blast calm mind
Skiddo-Male-Adamant-Sap Sipper-tackle growth
Noibat-Male-Modest-Frisk-Lv.26-dark pulse roost agility shadow ball
Slurpuff-Male-Adamant-Unburden-Lv.100-copycat cotton guard play rough belly drum-6IV
Vivillon-Male-I have several forms and all are either Modest or Timid, and are 5IV OR 6IV, just ask what form you may want and I will look
Litleo-Male-Timid-Unnerve-tackle leer-6IV
Froakie-Male-Naive-Protean-pound growl-6IV
Goomy-Male-Modest-Gooey-tackle bubble acid armor
Fennekin-Male-Timid-Magician-magic coat hypnosis wish heat wave
Greninja-Male-Hasty-Protean-Lv.50 has spread for HP Fire-hidden power ice beam toxic spikes
Flabebe-Female-Calm-Flower Veil-yellow flower-vine whip tackle
Honedge-Male-Adamant-No Guard-wide guard metal sound destiny bond shadow sneak-6IV


Shiny Hunter
-Cynthia's Garchomp -Pokémon ORAS - Sinnoh Classic Entry Distribution Gift
-Ash's Pikachu (ID 08103) -Pokémon Center - Best Wishes Tie-in-
-Oak's Rotom
-Jasmine's Steelix
-Cilan's Pansage

-Haxorus Pokémon Game Show Iris' Haxorus OT: アイリス ID: 6232 JPN
-Pidgeot Pokémon Game Show Blue's Pidgeot OT: グリーン ID: 2276 JPN
-Spiritomb Pokémon Game Show
-Milotic Pokémon Game Show
-Shiny Magicarp Pokémon Centre Nagoya - Reopening Gift
-Shiny Machamp Pokémon National Championships Distribution
-Shiny Eevee Pokescrap
-Shiny Beldum Steven's Pokémon ORAS - Early Purchaser Distribution
-Diancie OT えいがかん
-Shiny Darkrai membercard
-Shiny Shaymin Oak's letter
-Ash's Pikachu 01301
-Janta's Shiny Golurk BT
-VGC09 Milotic
-Shiny Jirachi Tanabata Event lv 10
- Shiny Suicune GAMESTOP / Relaxed
- Shiny Raikou GAMESTOP / Rash
- Shiny Entei GAMESTOP / Adamant
- Shiny Dialga SUM2013 / Adamant
- Shiny Giratina SUM2013/ Relaxed
- Shiny Palkia SUM2013 / Rash
-Shiny Arceus
- Shiny Rayquaza JAP OT: ノブナガ / Pokémon Nobunaga's ambition Tie in
- shiny ho-oh PC JAP
-Alder's Volcarona
-HA Aldora Articuno
-shiny groudon Kyushu event
-shiny kyogre Kyushu event
-XYZ Shiny Yveltal
-XYZ Shiny Xerneas
-Pokescrap Shiny Mewtwo
- shiny deoxys
-Lance's Dragonite Pokémon ORAS - Kanto Classic Entry Distribution Gift

and the ones listed below are not ready yet, I have to ask someone to help me clone it first. Or if you can clone and will give back mine to me after you clone it, I can trade them
-Jessie's Wobuffet
-Ash's Pikachu (ID 00711) - 7-11 Seven Spot Movie Tie-in: Ash's Pikachu
-Diancie OT えいがかん (7/6/2014)
-Movie 18 shiny arceus (serious) 3/17/2015- VGC09 Shiny Milotic
-Celebi WIN2011 / Timid
-Heracross SUM2014 / Adamant
- Chrismast promo Shiny Jirachi
- shiny deoxys
- pokeranger shiny manaphy
- GAMESTP Shiny Pichu
- XYZ Zygarde
- Present HA Samurott
- Present HA Emboar
- Present HA Serperior
- GF Celebi
- GF Manaphy
- GF Jirachi
- GF Darkrai
- GF Shaymin
- TRU Shaymin
- TRU Arceus
- Movie 14 Victini
- SMR 2012 Keldeo (lv 31, not UT)
-JAP Moloetta (Lv 51, not UT)
-Plasma Genesect
- Hope Diancie
-JAP Hoopa
-JAP Volcanion
-Harry Hoopa
-pokeball vivillon
-fancy vivillon
-GF mew
-VGC09 Shiny Milotic
-Spooky2014 Pumpkaboo
-HA Regice
-HA Regirock
-HA Regice
-Team Rocket's Meowth
-UT JP Navel Rock Shiny Lugia lv.70
-Ash's Scraggy

-Pyroar F
-Quiladdin with HA


VM/PM me to negotiate! :)
im a bit busy IRL so I might reply late, sorry for that in advance! but I'm free every weekend
I'm looking for a legitimate, shiny Latias that is nickname-able and has a Timid nature. IVs don't matter.

Offering the following 2 shiny pokémon (both are nickname-able):

Feraligatr: Lv. 100, Jolly, Male, Sheer Force (HA)

IVs: 28/31/31/31/31/31

EVs: 6/252/XX/XX/XX/252

Lucario: Lv. 100, Naive, Male, Inner Focus

IVs: 31/31/31/31/31/13

EVs: XX/252/XX/6/XX/252


I have a shiny Audino and Teddiursa captured in Pokemon X friend safari that I would like to trade with another shiny Pokemon. I already have these Pokemon and I do not need another. Please advise what you are willing to trade with. 16 - 2.jpg ;216;
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Hey guys! I'm trying to get back into shiny collecting a bit, so I thought I'd post what I've got up for trade so far!

Nosepass, Quiet, Sturdy, Lv 10
Gible, Quirky, Sand Veil, Lv 1
Gigalith, Lonely, Sturdy, Lv 44
Relicanth, Hardy, Swift Swim, Lv 35
Horsea, Relaxed, Swift Swim, Lv 25
Chinchou, Calm, Illuminate, Lv 25
Goldeen, Brave, Swift Swim, Lv 25

IVs and any other info can be given out upon request :) Not looking for anything specifically right now, but always looking for some new shinys! PM me if you're interested :D


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[H] a shiny arceus from the event completely ut. Timid natured. Looking for a Kalos bred shiny charmander. Must be adamant natured ,5 Iv, and have dragon dance. Pm me if interested