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Shiny Trading Thread


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Machop and Marowak

Trading shiny Machop and Marowak and Machop has pokerus so if your interested


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I love turtwig!!!

Shiny collector
Looking for an Untouched Shiny Joltik
Shiny Castform preferably lv.30 or lower with a nature that doesn't lower Special Attack, Modest would be great

Shinys (UT for ones that are untouched):
Shiny Steelix Female *Nicknamed GoldGolem* French lv. 70 Careful nature, Sturdy ability
Shiny Excadrill Female Japanese lv. 58
Modest nature (Attack stat is still very high), Sand Force ability
Shiny Zangoose UT Male lv.9
Relaxed nature, Immunity ability
Shiny Exploud Male lv. 48
Relaxed nature, Soundproof ability
Shiny Scraggy UT Male lv.1 *Has egg moves*
Jolly nature, Moxie ability
Shiny Audino UT Male lv. 30
Lax nature, Klutz ability
Shiny Galvantula Male Japanese lv.100
Adamant nature, Unnerve ability
Shiny Ponyta UT Male lv. 23 *Name is set to Ponyta, was probably nicknamed in an earlier generation Will Not Change*
Docile nature, Flash Fire ability
Shiny Dratini Male lv. 25
Hardy nature, Shed Skin ability
Shiny Druddigon UT Male lv.30
Rash nature, Sheer Force ability
Shiny Skiddo UT Male Spanish lv. 8
Bold nature, Sap Sipper ability
2 Shiny Glooms UT Both Males Both lv. 30
Both Naughty nature, Both Chlorophyll ability (Not clones)
Foongus UT Female lv. 18
Naive nature, Effect Spore ability

Xerneas UT lv. 50
Docile nature, Fairy Aura ability
Xerneas lv. 100
Timid nature, Fairy Aura ability
Yveltal UT lv. 50
Naive nature, Dark Aura ability
Mewtwo UT Lv. 70
Impish nature, Pressure ability
Tornadus UT Male lv. 40
Impish nature, Prankster ability
Reshiram Japanese lv. 100
Modest nature, Turboblaze ability
Zekrom Japanese lv. 100
Calm nature, Teravolt ability
Victini UT Japanese lv. 15
Modest nature, Victory Star ability
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Need a shiny male riolu between lvs 1-5.
I can trade a shiny event xerneas for this and it's fine if it's hacked or cloned or whatever.
Pm me if you're interested, or are interested in another non shiny event legendary.


Top Class Lieutenant

Shiny 6 IV Jolly Beldum
Shiny 5 IV Timid Snivy(Yig)
Shiny 6 IV Timid Cyndaquil
Shiny 5 IV Careful Skiddo
Shiny 5 IV Jolly Deerling(Cupid)
Shiny 5 IV Impish Furfrou
Shiny 5 IV Adamant Charizard(Fully trained)

Other 5/6 Shiny Pokemon.

Shyo Dead

Golden Star
im looking for shiny charmander, froakie, litten.

any evolution


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Hey guys, I have a shiny, calm, 6 iv swirlix I got from a wonder trade; I can make it hold a whipped dream easily. Who wants it? I'd really love a shiny riolu in exchange but I'll consider any shiny. Thanks!


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For Trade:
Shiny Honchkrow
Shiny Jolteon
Shiny Spinda
Shiny Ponyta (Nicknamed Rin, can be changed)
Shiny Octillery
Shiny Venusaur
Shiny Azumarill (6IVs. and adamant. Nicknamed Regret, cannot change)

Looking for:
Non-shiny Regenerator Tangela (Lv.1) with relaxed nature and HP fire.
Non-shiny Lightning Rod Electrike (Lv.1) with HP ice. Timid nature.
Non-shiny Zorua (Lv.1) with 6IVs. Hasty nature.
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I have a shiny machamp, tyrunt, & granbull for trade. Also have shiny nonvern, blastoise, eevee, & silvally that i’m more hesitant to get rid off. Send me your offers, looking for legitimate shinies and event Pokémon only. Have a nice day everyone.

Looking for shiny marowak (either gen) & shiny gardevoir but open to other offers
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FT - shiny shuppet and shiny piloswine, both level 30 and caught in friend safari.
LF - shiny litten, shiny koffing, shiny mudkip but also open to offers


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Looking for shiny noibat or noivern, offering shiny Butterfree bold nature, shiny Caterpie or perfect IV Honedge brave nature with egg moves wide guard and destiny bond.
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Began shiny hunting not long ago, looking for mostly any shinies.
Offering my extra shinies:
Gyarados, Banette, Bagon, Medicham, Phione.