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Shiny Trading Thread

Will make super awesome deal for a Shiny Female Mawile.
Beneficial Nature only! Will make better deal if it has ATK + SPD IVs

Still LF:
Shiny Ralts (or evos)
Shiny Fennekin (or Braixen)
Must be female and have beneficial natures!

Shinies FT:
Shiny Snorunt (MALE)

PM me if you have any of the shiny pokes I'm looking for, please!


looking for a shiny timid protean froakie with ivs offering shiny froakie with 4 ivs. battle maison items, and a 5iv HA dratini. 4 iv modest vulpix and a 4iv jolly horsea pm me if interested!


A Dank Weedle
Shiny Pokemon FT:
Modest Charizard w/ Blaze and Hp SpA IVs
Jolly Excadrill w/ Sand Force and Atk IV
Adamant Electabuzz w/ Static and
30, 31 / 28, 29, 30 / 26 - 29 / 14, 15, 16 / 30, 31 / 30, 31 IVs
Naughty Mawile w/ Hyper Cutter and Hp Def IVs

I'm open to any offers, but here's some specific things I'm after:

Things I'm specifically looking for:
+Spe or +SpA nature shiny gorebyss
+Spe or +SpA nature shiny venomoth
adamant shiny crawdaunt w/ Atk IV
+Spe nature shiny Smeargle (or ANY shiny smeargle)
Any shiny Fletchinder
shiny eevee with good SpA that can learn hidden power ice
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Looking to trade for a shiny Yanma, I would also trade for an Arbok if you have one

I have these shinies: will trade 2 for 1

I also have some 5 IV charmanders, a few legendaries
and access to almost everything from safari(will trade 5+ of these if this is what you want)

Mega Gobli

The Best
Hi all. I am new here. I have several shinies up for trade. I am looking for a shiny female Mawile. In return I have the following shinies available for trade for it: Gyarados, Fletchling, Clamperl, and Clawitzer; all caught today. Pm me for more details if interested, even if you don't have a Mawile, I am willing to trade for other pokemon. :)


Magus lover
I have a female shiny goldeen, and a level 100 pickup linoone. Willing to trade both for shiny litleo or other stuff in my wants. Check my list, goldeen`s details are there.


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Looking for shiny Hawlucha (number 1 priority), Helioptile, HA Fletchling, HA Goomy, Pyroar, Marowak, with a decent nature. Also looking for 6th gen shinies in general. Willing to trade most of the shinies in my team, but I would like at least a neutral nature (as my team is all neutral or beneficial nature). I will gladly send info about my Poke's ability/nature/IVs. Open to shiny offers! No fish chains please.

Note: Mawile is currently pending.


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Looking for a shiny Pichu preferably with Lightning Rod ability. I have a shiny Spinda and Zebstrika. Willing to trade some mega stones.


Electric Trainer
Trading Shiny Politoad naive
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Look in my signature!

REALLY REALLY REALLY looking for a Shiny Zangoose, Tyrunt, Sliggoo, and Grumpig. (or their evo lines)
I'm more than willing to trade lots for them!
Also especially looking for nice-natured Pokes!


New Member
LF shinies:
Froakie/Fogadier with protean
Charmander or evolutions with solar power and good nature

FT Shinies:
Octillery with pokerus
Frogadier with torrent

Items for trade:
Ability capsule


Shiny Hunter
I am willing to trade any FOUR of the below for any of my desired shiny pokemon. Pm if interested. Don't care about nature, level, or ability. As long as they are in gen 6 games.


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Looking for: Shiny Scatterbug, Spewpa, or Vivillon
Nature preferably one that does not lower Special Attack, Modest/Timid is most preferred
In a Poke Ball or a Net Ball, anythin BUT a Quick Ball

Will offer a Shiny Swablu, Horsea (can evolve into Seadra and make it hold Dragon Scale), and a Mewtwo holding Mewtwonite Y. All for something that meets the criteria above.

I will add a Shiny Politoed if it is Modest/Timid and in a nice ball.

Please PM me.


New Member
Trading shiny aipom, kecleon and horsea! PM me to sort out a deal!
No fishing shinies.
(time zone GMT +10) :)


looking for a shiny timid protean froakie with ivs offering shiny froakie with 4 ivs. battle maison items, and a 5iv HA dratini. 4 iv modest vulpix and a 4iv jolly horsea pm me if interested!


I ate ColtonL
Looking for a shiny foongus/amoongus with regenerator ability.
I have a shiny mawile with intimidate ability. 2 shiny teddiursas also.
Pm me offers :3


Ok I have these shinys below
Spiritomb (F) Gentle with Pressure
Lampent (M) Naughty with Flame Body
Clauncher (M) Brave with Mega Launcher
Gyarados (M) Sassy with Intimidate
Heliolisk (M) Gentle with Dry Skin
Froakie (M) Bashful with Torrent
Shuppet (F) Rash with Frisk
Sliggoo (M) Brave with Gooey
Those are all shiny now what im Looking for
I am looking for Shiny pokemon only with good natures and IVs

Tyrunt Male if possible
Noibat Male if possible
Froakie with Protean
Charmander male if possible
Ralts will only accept Female with nature that adds to sp atk my most wanted pokemon
eevee with nature that adds to sp atk
Espurr (F)
Amaura (F)
Goomy (F)
and those are my most wants but feel free to pm me offers thanks
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Looking for a shiny timid protean fromkie must have atlaest 31 ivs in speed and special attack. Can offer 6th gen shinies in my sig, or multiple 5th gen shinies. Pm me if interested.


Pokemon Collector
UT Shiny Timid Protean Froakie with 12-13/15/31/31/28/31 IV's in Dive Ball

PM to offer.

Going to repost this and add what I'm mostly looking for:

Shiny Timid Ghastly/Haunter/Gengar with 31/X/31/31/31/31 IV Spread in Dusk Ball

If you can't offer that, I will require ALL of the following since they are not shinies:

1. Female Modest/Timid Serene Grace Togepi with 31/X/31/31/31/31 IV's in a Luxury Ball and with Nasty Plot

2. Ability Capsule

Unless you have something that is up-to-par or like the above, I will most likely not take the trade.
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Looking for modest Rotom with at least 4 perfect IVs (non-attack). Offering either shiny Poliwhirl (gives you the freedom to evolve to either shiny Politoed or shiny Poliwrath) or shiny Gyarados.