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Shiny Trading Thread

Looking for shinies! willing to trade megastones and/or event torchic UT.. also have random adamant foreign pokemon PM me


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Hi! :)
I have a Shiny Simisear that I am not really that attached to :/

If you have any offers please PM me, I'll consider all fair offers :)

Auto will be a Shiny Goomy/Sliggoo/Goodra
Okay, I have a shiny Minccino I caught in the friends Safari, I have no use for it. It has perfect Attack/Speed IV's. I would like a Butterfree with its hidden ability with good IV's of modest nature, that's all I ask.Or a female Evee basically along the same lines. PM me if interested.
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Looking for shiny pokemon ! mainly loooking for shinies that can mega evolve but am happy with any!
Offering shinies/events in 5TH GEN GAMES as I am way too lazy to wait 2 months to be able to transfer!
PM me with what you have!


Team Dragonite
I've got a freshly caught shiny red Basculin up for trade. :)
PM me for more details.
Have a shiny wartortle or a shiny bibarel for trade


Playing Pokemon Sun
I have a shiny untouched level 1 impish Chespin. Send me a PM with your offers if you're interested. I'd probably trade it for a Xerneas without hesitation.

EDIT: Traded
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Just hatched a Male Espurr Modest nature. Looking for a trade with a Female Espurr. Anyone interested do drop me a PM


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Shiny: Garados,Gliscor,Haxorus,Azumarill,Lilopup,Wartortle,Growlithe,Electivire.
Trade all those possibly two for a shiny noibat or shiny Goomy or any of their evolutions


friendly placebo
Reposting: Shiny Krookodile up for trade. Impish nature, Reset Bag used on it, has Intimidate. However, I can use an Ability Capsule on it if needed. Mostly looking for a shiny Eevee but will listen to other offers seeing that those are in apparent high demand anyway.
PM me to discuss!


Ran into a pumpkaboo. PM offers, not interested in fish able ones.


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Decided to keep him instead.
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Clefairy Lover ^_^
Offering shiny Swanna & Swalot (both UT.) LF shiny Pidgey of all things o.o


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I'm looking for a shiny growlith I have a shiny basculin red stripe pattern to trade ATM. Can trade other things from Pokemon Y. Message me with an offer if you want something. Won't trade mega stones sorry

Roughneck JB

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As well as the Teddiursa I'm offering, I scored a shiny Skrelp on the GTS today!
Her IVs are pretty meh, but she is Bold. And French.

Same as before, looking for other Kalos shinies in return.


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Shiny Goomy/Sliggoo/Goodra
Shiny Honedge
Shiny Noibat
Shiny Charmander/Charmeleon/Charizard

Shiny Braixen
Shiny Wartortle
Shiny Growlithe
Shiny Haxorus
Shiny Electivire
Shiny Azurill
Shiny Lillipup
Shiny Gyarados

Some of these Pokemon belong to my friend, and others belong to myself. We are trying to help each other achieve our "dream teams," and we're willing to offer multiple shinies for one shiny of equal value. Please PM me if you have one of the shinies that we're seeking, and I'm sure we can find something to offer. I also have various megastones that I can add to the trade if you're interested in those.