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Shiny Trading Thread


CHANSEY hunter!
I have a shiny Wingull I'm looking to trade.
Hasty Nature - Keen Eyes - Lv. 13 - UT

Looking for a Shiny Chansey (Bold), Fennekin (Modest), Honedge, or Carbink (+ Def -atk or S.Atk)
Also willing to take other Gen 6 pokemon - just offer.


New Member
Hi there - was just fortunate enough to run in to a shiny Ditto!

Jolly natured with above average IVs; 31 in Def and SpDef.

Not looking for anything in particular, will consider most sensible offers! Send me a PM


In-Game Master
Just caught a Shiny Spearow in Friend Safari, UT lvl 30 Female. I would LOVE a shiny Charmander for this pokemon...first ever TRUE shiny (not counting the Gyarados from HG SS...he is easy to get.) Willing to breed Bulbasaurs and Spiritombs. PM me offers....the offer MUST be legit. Thanks in advance!


I'm looking for any shiny, if you are wiling to tade one pm me we can work somthing out.
Desperately need a shiny magikarp or gyrados! Can get version event torchic with blazikenite attacked, Y exclusive pokemon aand megastones! Pm me if there's anything else you're looking for and I'll see what I can do!
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I have a 32 male shiny Heracross i am looking for a shiny absol i am also willing to trade the shiny heracross with the mega stone for those who cant get it


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I am after a Spanish or German Eevee female for X and Y FC is 0018-1329-0107 i have a Japanese eevee up for trade so i can make a shiny Eevee farm


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Hello, I have a shiny golett, just caught at level 21.

I was hoping for a shiny of Ralts line (Ralts, Kirlia, Gardevoir) and prefferably male if possible (if you can nickname it and wouldnt mind renaming it, even better. I'll make sure the golett has a rare candy held for the trade) Any level is alright, im not picky.


Clefairy Lover ^_^
I have a shiny Swalot clean /w pokerus.

Looking for almost any shiny o.o


New Member
I have a shiny teddiursa and a shiny loudred lv 30 captured in friend safari. want a shiny chansey in luxury ball or a shiny chansey egg in luxury ball. PM me


I shook it.
Looking for Shiny Eevee or shiny starters. I can offer Protean Froakie, Adamant-nature Japanese female Torchic WITH Pokerus, Timid or Modest Nature Joltik with Compound Eyes, or any Kanto/Kalos starters.
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I'm looking for these shinies with a preferably low level:

Eevee (female, Modest, Neutral or Adamant)
Ralts (female, Modest or Neutral)
Amaura (Modest or Neutral)
Charmander (Modest, any speed, or Neutral)
Pidgey (Any speed, Adamant, or Neutral)
Skrelp (Neutral)
Fennekin (Hasty, Modest, or neutral)
Magicarp (Hasty, Neutral)

I have Mega Stones, other items, and I'm willing to trade legendaries. I have Xerneas, Zygarde, and will be getting Zapdos. I have X version. Pm me if interested.
Hey guys.
I have a shiny sassy Skorupi, untouched.

I'm looking for gen VI shinies and a shiny Gastly, also untouched.

Pm me with offers


Salamence Trainer
Willing to trade Xerneas or Yveltal with a master ball for any shiny with a decent nature. PM me with offers.