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Shiny Trading Thread


Pokemon Breeder
Looking for shiny goomy/sligoo if possible with gooey also looking a shiny honedge & shiny flabébé/floette .Offering some megastones master ball pokerus shiny poliwrath shiny bellossom shiny sawbuck and shiny talonflame and any batch of 3 baby starter Pokemon
No silly natures plz (if possible if not it's kk to)
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i have shiny ditto , looking for shiny haunter / genggar or some offer


Shiny Basculin up for trade, looking for basically any other shiny :)


New Member
Looking for any ahiny pokemon, i offer pokerus, master ball, kalos and kanto starters with hidden ability, or any other non legendary pokemon


IV Breeder
Offering shiny Skrelp. Pm me your offers level 27, not particularly good but shiny none the less it's nick amiable as well, if you'd like
I am looking for a shiny Kangaskhan pls pls pm me if you have one,!!
Also I must get shiny furfrou
So, I have this shiny Lombre in pokemon X.
I'm somewhat new to this so I'm not exactly sure what its worth, so I'll just post here what I would like by preference order but I will consider all offers:

Zapdosi can give you a drought vulpix
Y exclusive megastones
female Ninetails or vulpix with drought
female bulbasaur/ivysaur/venusaur with clorophyle
I can give a vulpix


Well-Known Member
See signature. If you have a Shiny Eevee that fits the description in Black 2, I have a lot of stuff that I could trade in 5th gen


Team Dragonite
I've got two Shiny Basculin (red) for trade, considering any offer, not necessarily shinies.


New Member
shiny victreebell for trade looking for other shinies pm offers


New Member
shiny braixen for shiny eevee? anyone?


Shiny Hunter
i have a shiny dragalge for trade. the only thing i want is a shiny froakie. if you have and want to trade,
contact me :)


ra ra ra IERUKANA?!
REPOST:Y version exclusives, along with charizard mega stone UFT for shinies. Auto is a shiny Skiddo, Noibat, or Goomy (both must be male. And no goofy natures- i.e. hasty snorlax, jolly Primeape, etc)


Have a Shiny Adamant Machop (No Guard).
Considering a number of offers, although certain ones will pique my interest:

- Shiny/Timid/Noibat OR well-IVd/nature-appropriate Telepathy abilty
- Rock-Head Ability Tyrunt with appropriate IVs
That's about it. B)
I can also infect with Pokerus!

PM me.
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Currently hunting a shiny member of the Gengar family, or any shiny starter. Please PM me. I have to offer a lonely natured Horsea, female Froakie with Protean, and my Charizardite X.