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Shiny Trading Thread

Discussion in '6th Gen Wi-Fi Center' started by Pathfinder, Oct 16, 2013.

  1. Clon

    Clon New Member

    Shiny Shinx Adamant 3Ivs
    Shiny Noibat Timid 4Ivs

    Shiny Squirtle (line) in Premier Ball (Preferably)

    Other Shinies
  2. UltimateBagel12

    UltimateBagel12 Darkwing Duck

    I have a shiny Relicanth. I am seeking a shiny Eevee, other shiny pokemon offers will be considered. PM me if interested
  3. dar

    dar Event Hunter

    up for trade
    shiny swallot ut DW ABILITY Gluttonymale nature calm characteristic mischievous WAS NOT CAUGHT BY ME the pokemon center in kiloude city the guy says greatest potenial lies in its hp although its sp atk stat is equally good and they simply cant be beat

    looking for a shiny noibat dw ability with at least 2iv or 3iv m me if interested open to other offers too
  4. ShinnyMew

    ShinnyMew ~Kat

    For trade (all Shiny): Seaking, Eevee (2x, both are Male/Modest/Anticipation/egg move Wish: 5IV (missing At) & 4IV (missing At, 24 in Defense), Banette (Adamant), Relicanth, Luvdisc, Tranquill (Bashful/Female), Mincinno (Naughty/Skill Link (Female)), Fraxure (2IV/Relaxed/Mold Breaker), Froakie (4IV/Timid/Torrent), Flabébé (x2, Modest/4IVs, Modest/3IVs/Symbiosis), Espurr (4IV/Female/Timid/Infiltrator), Goomy (4IV/Modest/Sap Sipper)

    Seeking (all Shiny): Modest/Timid Froakie with Protean, Adamant Bulletproof Chespin, Modest/Timid Zorua, Adamant Quick Feet Shroomish (or Tech Breloom with Spore), some low leveled Shinies (MMed or SV, either is cool :p )) for my Shiny team on X, & more :p

    (Preferably no fishing Shinies, unless for my fishing Shinies, of course XD)

    PM offers please :)
    Last edited: Dec 11, 2013
  5. PokemonInc

    PokemonInc Ampharos Warrior

    I have Jolly Shiny Bagon with Rock Head Ability
    MSG Offers
  6. HollowZard

    HollowZard Hello there! x3

    Have these up for trade!

    Shiny Timid Female Espurr 31\24\24\31\31\31
    Shiny Timid Female Litleo 31\??\21\31\??\31
    Shiny Timid Female Litleo 31\??\??\31\??\31
    Shiny Timid Female Litleo 31\??\31\19\??\31
    Shiny Calm Dunsparce with 31 IV's in HP and Attack
    Shiny Quiet Ninjask (Speed Boost)
    Shiny Rash Mawile
    Shiny Lonely Swablu
    Shiny Brave Octillery
    Shiny Quiet Corsola
    Shiny Quirky Aromatisse
    Shiny Timid Panpour 31 Ivs in Speed and HP
    Shiny Rash Krookodile

    Looking for shinies,
  7. petizh

    petizh Bored Trainer

    Special Offer: My friend wants to trade his nicknameable, Shiny, Adamant, Clear Body Metagross, 31 in ATT, DEF and Sp.DEF for a Shiny Luxray line, (M) Meowstic line or Azumarill line! Please PM if interested~

    Things I have for trade:
    -Shiny Honedge, Adamant, 31/31/31/X/31/X
    -Shiny Tyranitar, Sassy, X/X/X/X/31/31
    -Shiny Gengar, Calm, 31/X/X/X/X/X
    -Shiny Charizard, Timid, X/X/X/X/31/X
    -Shiny Dry Skin Heliolisk, Timid, 31/X/X/31/X/X
    -Shiny Snubbull, Mild
    -Shiny Dunsparce, Careful, X/X/X/31/31/X
    -Shiny Magikarp, Docile
    -Shiny Skill Link Cloyster, Hasty, X/X/31/X/X/X

    -Xerneas, Docile, 31/31/31/31/31/1
    -Articuno, Calm, 31/31/31/X/31/X
    -5 IV Dratinis (HA and non-HA, can offer breeding pairs)
    -5 IV Eevees (HA and non-HA)
    -BP Items

    *All Pokemon can have Pokerus on request*

    I am looking for:
    -Shiny Gengar line, Modest/Timid
    -Shiny Eevee
    -Shiny Tyranitar line, Jolly with Dragon Dance
    -Shiny Gale Wings Talonflame line (Preferably Adamant)
    -Shiny Protean Greninja line (Adamant or Jolly)
    -Shiny Smeargle (Jolly or Timid)
    -Shiny Crobat line (Jolly)
    -Shiny Togekiss line (Non-HA, Bold or Calm)
    -Other reasonable shinies.

    Please PM me with what you're interested in and what you have for trade, and we can try to arrange something. Thanks :)
    Note: It doesn't have to be a 1 pokemon for 1 pokemon trade. It can be a package deal kind of thing.
    Last edited: Dec 11, 2013
  8. iPhysik

    iPhysik New Member

    Shinys i have up for trade:
    Sylveon(has its HA)
    Braxian(Has HA)
    Rufflet(it dousnt have its HA ;__; )

    Non-Shiny pokemon:
    I have several 5iv to 6iv Timid Noibats

    What i really want:
    Im a stickler for nicknames on my pokemon i plan to use. I want nicknames on them, and not dumb ones.

    A shiny Eevee with a Nickname and its HA...
    Shiny Braviery or rufflet with its HA
    Shiny Fenikkin with is HA. I do not not want its evaluations. Just Fenikkin.
  9. trexosaurus

    trexosaurus New Member

    Looking for someone with the sv 216 to hatch an egg for me!

    **** TRADING:
    Shiny Eevee // Lv. 1, Rash (Adaptability) 31\26\21\19\31\18
    Shiny Ninetales // Lv. 45, Brave (Flash Fire)
    Shiny Medicham // Lv. 54, Adamant (Pure Power) + Medichamite
    Shiny Swablu // Lv. 26, Calm (Natural Cure)
    Shiny Lickilicky (french) // Lv. 60, Relaxed (Oblivious)
    Shiny Pidgeot // Lv. 100, Calm (Tangled Feet) *tentative

    + Pokerus, Master Ball, Charizardite X, Blastoisenite, Ampharosite, Lucarionite, Gardevoirite, Blazikenite, Abomasite, Absolite, Gyaradosite, Aerodactylite, Mawilite, Garchompite, Alakazamite, Kangaskhanite.

    Pm offers :)
    Last edited: Dec 11, 2013
  10. Basherlx

    Basherlx New Member

    Trading shiny pangoro gabite noibat tediursa and pumpkaboo
    Looking for any cool shinies
  11. Kreayshawn

    Kreayshawn Well-Known Member

  12. shinyclauncher1234

    shinyclauncher1234 the shinyclauncher12

    Free shiny
    free shiny
    free shiny

    shiny mewtwo ut
    on b2 i want furfrous furfrous
    pm me If you want
  13. TeamRocket22

    TeamRocket22 New Member

    Perfect shiny honedge UFT

    pm me offers, looking for competitive shinies only
  14. shinyclauncher1234

    shinyclauncher1234 the shinyclauncher12

    Free shiny
    free shiny

    free shiny basculin pm if u want
  15. adamd21

    adamd21 New Member

    For trade
    Shiny arcanine
    Shiny dragonite
    Shiny gyarados
    Pm offers
  16. pooskinana

    pooskinana New Member

    Shiny Modest Eevee and Hardy Alakazam
  17. treyres

    treyres New Member

    Looking for any authentic Shiny Staryu or Starmie. I have a Shiny Magikarp or a Shiny Slugma to offer in exchange. PM me!
  18. Hey everyone three fire type shinys up for trade:)
    Level 33 charmeleon caught in friend safari
    Level 62 female pyroar
    And a shiny flareon

    I am looking for othe gen 6 shinies pm me offers please
  19. Britt

    Britt Collector!

    I have a Shiny Eevee I'd be willing to trade. He's a male at level 56 with his hidden ability (Anticipation). He's got an Adamant nature.
    I'm mainly looking for any Event Pokemon that I don't already have (like ones listed in my signature), but I'll look at any and all offers. PM me, please.
  20. DolcheDollyPark

    DolcheDollyPark New Member

    Shiny florges, shiny Noctowl, shiny kecleon and any mega stones for either a shiny dedenne or shiny espurr either one will do good. Pm me for offers but only looking for either these two :$

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