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Shiny Trading Thread

Discussion in '6th Gen Wi-Fi Center' started by Pathfinder, Oct 16, 2013.

  1. Trixieboo

    Trixieboo GTS Sniper

    I just got an extra Articuno... if anyone would like it, I'll look at any Shinies. c:

    Last edited: Dec 12, 2013
  2. dedeibm

    dedeibm Member

    shiny 4iv adamant tyrantrum
    shiny 4iv protean greninja
    shiny huge power azumarill
    shiny HA frosslass
    shiny technician breloom
    shiny umbreon
    shiny jolteon
    shiny vaporeon
    shiny gyarados
    shiny wishcash
    shiny wigglytuff

    Looking for a shiny solar power or dry skin helioptile! Pm me, depending on the ivs I'm willing to do 2:1!
    But i'm open to any offers =)
    Last edited: Dec 12, 2013
  3. LinkZ

    LinkZ New Member

    Shiny Ninetales with Drought for trade!
    Female, Calm nature, 31 IV's in Def and Sp, Def. PM me with offers!
  4. Jethron

    Jethron Member

    Shiny sligoo for trade! Please pm me any offers!
  5. gerbilfluff

    gerbilfluff New Member

    Looking for a shiny Swirlix/Slurpuff. Stats/natures don't matter to me, but I'm only interested if it's nicknamed: if male, Drizzle / if female, Charlotte

    I've got a shiny Lilipup, Charmander (both nicknameable), and Goomy (no nickname, but not nicknameable) I can offer. Also miscellaneous items like a Metal Coat, a 5IV Froakie and Tyrunt... Lemme know what you're after, yeah?
  6. ace-of-aces

    ace-of-aces Minecraft YouTuber

    shiny zorua or zoroark.

    shiny Relicanth or shiny Goodra

    Pm me with offers!
  7. Tadsh

    Tadsh Shiny Charm Hunter

    Looking for a shiny timid protean froakie with ivs 31/xx/31/31/31/31. Offering shiny modest eevee with ivs 31/xx/31/31/31/31 in a heal ball
  8. Kreayshawn

    Kreayshawn Well-Known Member

  9. Aprilisaname

    Aprilisaname New Member

    Hi! I got some shinies for trade. Only looking for other shinies. I am mostly looking for scutterbug, Vulpix, larvitar, taillow, poochyena, caterpie, squirtle. Pm me offers!
    My shinies to trade are venesaur, mightyena, skiddo, poliwag, kacleon. Remoraid, skrelp, snorunt.
  10. ajdude

    ajdude New Member

    shinies FT:

    shiny omanyte
    shiny taillow

    let me know if you have either of those and are interested in trading :D
  11. Shankpotomus

    Shankpotomus New Member

    shinys FT:
    maractus (lvl77)
    red hasty basculin--will take any other shiny for it

    HAs (not shiny) ft:

    Looking for shiny :
    pansear or pansage

    also have a bunch of iceshard-phanpys ( non shiny) with decent hp IV
    a bunch of 3IV bronzors without HA (also not shiny)
    and a bunch of 4 iv squirtles that know aqua ring and mirrorcoat (non shiny)

    please pm me offers
  12. trexosaurus

    trexosaurus New Member

    Looking for these shinies: eevee (f, nicknameable), growlithe (f, no HA) and lapras (f, water absorb), offering:

    Shiny Eevee (M) // Lv. 1, Bold (Adaptability) 31/31/xx/31/xx/31 w/ Wish and Curse
    Shiny Eevee (M) // Lv. 1, Rash (Adaptability) 31\26\21\19\31\18 w/ Wish
    Shiny Ninetales (F) // Lv. 45, Brave (Flash Fire)
    Shiny Pidgeot (F) // Lv. 100, Calm (Tangled Feet)
    Xerneas // Lv. 50, Relaxed (Fairy Aura) xx/31/31/31/31/xx

    + Pokerus, Master Ball, Charizardite X, Blastoisenite, Ampharosite, Lucarionite, Gardevoirite, Blazikenite, Abomasite, Absolite, Gyaradosite, Aerodactylite, Mawilite, Garchompite, Alakazamite, Kangaskhanite, Medichamite.

    Also looking for someone with the sv 216 to hatch my shuppet for me :)
    Last edited: Dec 12, 2013
  13. ShinnyMew

    ShinnyMew ~Kat

    For trade (all Shiny): Seaking (Careful/Water Veil)
    Eevee (x3, first 2 Modest/Anticipation: 4IVs (missing Attack, 24 in Defense)/ Female 4IVs (missing Attack, 25 in Sp Attack), Modest/Adaptability/4-5IV (30 in Sp Defense, xAttack))
    Banette (Adamant/Insomnia)
    Relicanth (Hasty/Rock Head)
    Luvdisc (Relaxed/Swift Swim)
    Tranquill (Bashful/Rivalry (Female))
    Mincinno (Naughty/Skill Link (Female))
    Fraxure (2IV (Attack/Speed)/Relaxed/Mold Breaker)
    Froakie (4IV/Timid/Torrent)
    Flabébé (x3, Modest/2IVs, Modest/4IVs, Modest/3IVs/Symbiosis)
    Espurr (4IV/Female/Timid/Infiltrator)
    Goomy (4IV/Modest/Sap Sipper)

    Seeking (all Shiny): Adamant Bulletproof Chespin, Adamant/Jolly Hawlucha, Modest/Timid Zorua, Adamant Quick Feet Shroomish (or Tech Breloom with Spore), some low leveled Shinies (MMed or SV, either is cool :p )) for my Shiny team on X, & more :p

    (Preferably no fishing Shinies, unless for my fishing Shinies, of course XD)

    PM offers please :)
    Last edited: Dec 12, 2013
  14. ilPreteRosso

    ilPreteRosso New Member

    For Trade:
    Shiny Phantump 3 IV's (HP/Att/Def)
    Shiny Seaking

    Looking for:
    Shiny Honedge (Male if possible)

    Without nickname please. will consider any other offers, PM me.
  15. giratina519

    giratina519 ra ra ra IERUKANA?!

    Abomasnite, medichimite UFT for any shinies

    PM me. Trade 1 stone for one fishing shiny or other mega stone, 2 stones for one average shiny, 3-4 for one rare shiny, but prices can be negotiated.

    Also, shiny simipour with POKERUS for non fish shinies ONLY
    Shiny Female Sassy Meowstic, shiny Bashful Female Helioptile, another shiny Sassy Female Helioptile (sorry for so many of these-hunt leftovers), and shiny male Emolga for non fish shinies only
    Main wants:
    Obtained, yay me! So just offer, but would auto accept a female shiny Amaura (not aurorus)

  16. Lunafreya Nox Fleuret

    Lunafreya Nox Fleuret Don't look here.

    I am now only looking for a modest/bold/calm Spritzee or Aromatisse Shiny with egg move wish (it doesnt matter if it does not have it but I would prefer it) I would prefer 3-5 iv if possible.

    Offering a lot of shinies. Pm me.
  17. iPhysik

    iPhysik New Member

    Shinys i have up for trade:
    Most are untuched, but some have been lvled and ev trained.
    Luxray(This one has been lvled and Ev trained)
    Sylveon(has its HA)
    Braxian(Has HA)
    Murkrow(Has been lvled and Ev traind but ev only maxed in speed atm)
    Braviary(This one has been lvled and Ev trained)

    Non-Shiny pokemon:
    I have several 5iv to 6iv Timid Noibats

    What i really want:
    Im a stickler for nicknames on my pokemon i plan to use. I want nicknames on them, and not dumb ones. Please note even if you offer one or all of the 3 i really want if they are not nicknamed I will not trade you.

    Shiny Braviery or Rufflet with its HA
    A shiny Eevee with its HA.
    Shiny Fenikkin with is HA. I do not not want its evaluations. Just Fenikkin.
  18. Aprilisaname

    Aprilisaname New Member

    can't send you any private message, your box is full!
  19. Aprilisaname

    Aprilisaname New Member


    can't send you any private message, your box is full!

    "Hi! I am very interested in your shiny Eevee, I can offer venesaur, skiddo, snorunt, kacleon, or 3 fish shinies (skrelp, poliwag, remoraid. All 3 for Eevee)"
  20. javian

    javian Veteran Trainer

    All Shinies are level 30, from the Friend Safari, caught by me unless otherwise stated
    Swadloon (f) / Sassy / Overcoat
    Octillery (m) / Serious / Suction Cups
    Gyrados (m) / Lax / Intimidate
    Pansage (m) / Hardy / Gluttony
    Pansage (m) / Naïve / Overgrow
    Pansage (m) / Brave / Overgrow
    Pansear (m) / Quiet/ Gluttony
    Alomomola (f) / Rash / Healer (via trade)
    Audino (f) /Mild /Healer
    Braixen (m) / lonely / Blaze
    Braixen (m) / Careful / Blaze
    Charmeleon (m) / Timid / Blaze
    Growlithe (m) / Quiet / Intimidate
    Growlithe (m) / Relaxed / Justified
    Fraxure (m) / Serious / Unnerve
    Fraxure (f) / Relaxed / Unnerve
    Sliggoo (f) / Lax / Sap sipper
    Metang / Modest / Light Metal
    Fletchinder (f) / Docile / Flame Body

    Other shinies not for trade unless really good offer:
    Minccino, Lombre, Ferroseed , Pyroar, Farfetch’d, Maractus, Excadrill ….

    Will add more later. LOOKING FOR SHINIES ONLY. Especially looking for trapinch, HA starters, Ghastly, scyther, and shinx line. Will trade Pansage for fishing shinies. Will entertain other offers. Also have all x stones for trade as well as Zygarde, Xerneas, and Mewtwo.

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