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Shiny Trading Thread


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Shiny protien greninja 3iv
Shiny gooey goodra 3iv -premier ball
German xerneas - premier ball
And a 4iv mewto in a premier ball

All of the above for a shiny adamant gale wings talon flame


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Shiny Audino up for trade!
Modest, Healer ability, 2 IV (Def, Sp. Def)
Message any offers :)


Shiny Charm Hunter
5IV - Adamant - Schther - Swarm & Technician - Missing Special Attack IV
5IV - Timid - Charmander - Blaze - Missing Attack IV
Dragon Pulse egg move
5IV - Adamant - Torchic - Speed Boost - Missing Special Attack IV
Baton Pass egg move
5IV - Timid - Noibat - Infiltrator - Missing Attack IV
5IV - Jolly - Pinsir - Mold Breaker, Hyper Cutter & Moxie - Missing Special Attack IV
Quick Attack & Close Combat egg move
Shiny Clawitzer - Docile - Mega Launcher - UT
Shiny Relicanth - Mild - Rock Head - 252Attack 252Defense 4HP EVs
2IV - Shiny Lillipup - Gentle - Run Away - 31 IVs in HP & Speed - UT
5IV - Shiny Eevee - Modest - Run Away - Missing Attack IV - UT

Mainly looking for 5 IV bred pokemon with the right nature, ability and IVs for competitive battling and non fishing shinies.
The list of competitively bred Pokemon i have so far is;
dratini, abra, pinsir, ghastly, torchic, noibat, charmander(physical), sneasel, hawlucha, kangashkan, magikarp, Fletchling, riolu, mareep, goomy, helioptile, Marill, charmander (special), poliwag, venipede, slowpoke, aron, absol, frogadier, bold eevee, meditite, ferroseed, gabite)

I am also looking for the following
Zapdos - Timid - IVs in Speed and Special Attack
Articuno - Bold - IVs in Defense and Special Defense
Mewtwo - Jolly - IVs in Attack and Speed
5IV - Adamant - Tympole - Swift Swim - Missing Special Attack IV
5IV - Timid - Joltik - Unnerve - Missing Attack IV
5IV - Shiny Froakie - Timid - Protean - Missing Attack IV
Non Fishing Shinies and shiny Modest Horsea with swift swim

For my 5 IV Pokemon I will happily trade in breeding pairs unless the gender is massively tilted to one side.

Pm me with an offer. I will consider most things including items.
Thanks, Tad


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Shiny tyrunt serious with egg moves

Shiny male pyroar

Shiny adamant blaziken

Shiny trevenant

Shiny ninetails with drought

Shiny adamant blaziken

pm me offers


Hello there! x3
Up for trade!

Shiny Timid Male Litleo 31\??\21\31\??\31
Shiny Calm Rotom 30\7\31\31\31\31
Shiny Timid Female Litleo 31\??\21\31\??\31
Shiny Timid Female Litleo 31\??\??\31\??\31
Shiny Brave Japanese Piloswine
Shiny Rash Mawile
Shiny Brave Octillery
Shiny Quiet Corsola
Shiny Quirky Aromatisse
Shiny Timid Panpour 31 Ivs in Speed and HP
Shiny Rash Krookodile

Looking for shinies


Have shiny pokemons to trade here they are
Ponyta Sassy with Flash Fire
Shedinja Quiet with Wonder Guard
Honedge Adament with No Guard (looking for a brave one)
sliggoo Naughty with Gooey
Tirtouga Jolly with Sturdy
Noibat Timid with Frisk has 3ivs
Combusken Adamant with Blaze has 4ivs
Looking For All Shiny:
Fletchling adament with HA and atleast for ivs three in hp, attack and speed
Charmander modest with 3ivs or more and egg moves
Deino modest with Hustle 3ivs or more
Eevee careful with 3ivs or more and wish egg move
Larvitar adamant or jolly with HA and 5ivs will trade any two of my pokemons that you want for it
Houndour Timid with 3ivs or more
if you have any of these please pm me thanks


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Hi! I got shiny venesaur (lvl 59, not nicknamed, male, gentle) and shiny snorunt (male, lvl 33, relaxed, not nicknamed) for trade. I may trade both if I really like the offer! I am looking for shiny spheal, seel, taillow and many more, pm me offer!

I also got shiny remoraid for trade and mewtwo megastone Y, may trade it for stone X.


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does anybody want an ability capsule? i have one that i will trade for a shiny if anyone's interested

also looking for shiny omanyte and taillow i can trade you any shiny in my sig for either of those!
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Shiny charizard for trade, adamant, perfect IVs in Attack defense, special attack, special defense and speed EV trained with maximum attack and speed and 4 in HP looking to trade it for equivalent shinies or rare pokemon/items pm me with offers
I am looking for the following:

Shiny Pumpkaboo--Frisk, Impish Nature, 25+ IVs in HP, Defense, and Speed. I would prefer if it was caught in a Luxury Ball.

Shiny Shuppet--Frisk, Careful Nature, 25+ IVs in HP and Special Defense. I would prefer if it was caught in a Luxury Ball.

The Ball doesn't matter as much as the shiny does

What I can Trade:

Shiny Delcatty--Normalize, Jolly Nature, 31 IV in Defense. Caught in a Luxury Ball and Nicknamed Katarina (I can't renickname it because I wasn't the one who caught it)

x/31/31/x/31/0 Brave Honedge. Caught in a Dusk Ball

31/x/31/x/31/31 Calm Klefki. Caught in a Timer Ball

5x Maranga Berry

I have some EV Trained Pokemon (Togekiss, Greninja, and Talonflame) that I don't really want to trade but I can if it is needed.

PM me if we can make a deal. Thank you


Pokemon Collector
Up for trade is :

Shiny Flygon
Shiny Sawsbuck
Shiny Drapion
Shiny Drifblim

^ ( All have 2-3 30 IV's)

Shiny Whiscash
Shiny Kingdra
Shiny Clawitzer
Shiny Corsola


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Shinys i have up for trade:
Most are untuched, but some have been lvled and ev trained.

Luxray(This one has been lvled and Ev trained)
Murkrow(Has been lvled and Ev traind but ev only maxed in speed atm)
Braviary(This one has been lvled and Ev trained)
Audino(2of them)

Non-Shiny pokemon:
I have several 5iv Timid Noibats
6iv Female Timid Noibat

What i really want:
Im a stickler for nicknames on my pokemon i plan to use.
I want nicknames on them, and not dumb ones. Please note even if you offer one or all
of the 3 i really want if they are not nicknamed I will not trade you.

A shiny Eevee with its HA.
Shiny Fenikkin with is HA. I do not not want its evaluations. Just Fenikkin.


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So I only have one for trade and even worse I have no idea what I'm looking for in return, but...

Female Shiny 6IV Adamant Goomy w/ Sap Sipper

side note...loking for inspiration on another breeding project/team if you have a request PM me


Shiny 4iv Scizor, Technician, Adamant 31/31/31/xx/31/xx up for trade! :)

Looking for a 5iv male one, will add good stuff on this one for it!:)
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Shiny male gastly
Timid nature
4 IV's 31/x/x/31/31/31

Looking for

Shiny male honedge (preferably nick nameable)
Brave, Relaxed or Sassy nature
Min 4 IV's: 31/31/31/x/31/x OR 31/x/31/31/31/x


Im Still Here!
Hi guys i have a shiny modest fraxure 2 ivs and a shiny modest slurpuff 2 ivs for trade and i have plenty of 6 iv shinys in 5th gen for 6th gen shinies if you want a list pm me thanks


New Member
shinys FT:
maractus (lvl77)
red hasty basculin--will take any other shiny for it
american ditto - trading this one for a non american one , please pm

HAs (not shiny) ft:

Looking for shiny :

also have a bunch of iceshard-phanpys ( non shiny) with decent hp IV
a bunch of 3IV bronzors without HA (also not shiny)
and a bunch of 4 iv squirtles that know aqua ring and mirrorcoat (non shiny)

please pm me offers


Just Monika
looking for the following shiny 4-6IV pokemon

offering a timid protean froakie female
along witth the following 5IV pokemon
hawlucha(female) egg moves: me first
bulbasaur (HA male) egg moves:charm,curse,giga drain,leaf storm
slowpoke(female) egg moves: zen headbutt
larvitar(female): egg moves: stealth rock, outrage,dragon dance,pursuit
goomy(male) egg moves acid armor and counter
heracross(female) with egg moves: rock blast
ferroseed(female) with egg moves: bullet seed, leech seed
4IV good egg move pokemon
absol(female) egg moves assurance,megahorn,play rough
2 egg move swinubs
1st: icicle crash freeze dry stealth rock
2nd: fissure,icicle crash,freeze dry,stealth rock
charmander(male HA) dragon dance dragon pulse,outrage
fennekin (male HA) wish,hypnosis,heat wave, magic coat
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Shiny Greninja
Shiny Florges

Shiny Litleo
Shiny Goomy
Shiny Noibat
Shiny Pancham
Shiny Pumpkaboo
Shiny Honedge


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Hi guys! :D
I am looking for a Shiny STEEL type pokemon.
It can be any steel type pokemon, and have any IVs/nature.
If you can offer a Level 1 Shiny Steel type that is even better.

I can offer:
Shiny Gyaados
Shiny Bibarel
Shiny Crustle
Shine Pelipper
Shiny Conkelldur
Shiny Pansear

I also have some 5 IV Jolly Zubat with Brave Bird and Happy Hour Smeargle

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