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Shiny Trading Thread


New Member
Have got Shiny Charmander (M) - Quiet, Solar Power, X\X\X\31\X\31

Make offers looking for other 2IV or more Shiny Pokemon


Shiny 5iv Garchomp, Jolly, HA 31/31/31/xx/31/31 up for trade! :)

Looking for other 5/6iv shinies!:)


the shinyclauncher12
Shiny pangoro
Shiny braixen
Shiny dodrio

5iv female venipede/wspeed boost non-shiny w/toxic spikes In pokeball jolly

All ft and more can be sent In pm including TONS of b2 shinies all ft just pm me and sse if we can work something out ^^


New Member

Shiny 6iv modest aurorus

Shiny adamant charizard 5ivs

Shiny 5iv adamant scyther

Shiny adamant riolu 5iv with egg moves blaze kick, hi jump kick, crunch & bullet punch

pm me good offers


Shiny 5iv Garchomp, Jolly, HA 31/31/31/xx/31/31 up for trade! :)

Looking for other 5/6iv shinies!:)


Just Monika
looking for the following shiny 4-6IV pokemon
charmander(shiny needed another high priority)
squirtle(shiny needed priority)
magikarp(shiny needed priority)
aerodactyl(shiny needed high priority)
gastly(shiny needed)
abra(shiny needed)
bulbasaur(shiny needed)
heracross(shiny needed)
larvitar(shiny needed)
kangaskhan(shiny needed)
mawile(shiny needed)

offering the following 5IV pokemon
hawlucha(female) egg moves: me first
bulbasaur (HA male) egg moves:charm,curse,giga drain,leaf storm
male shellder
slowpoke(female) egg moves: zen headbutt
ferroseed(female) with egg moves: bullet seed, leech seed
mawile(male) with egg moves: fire wfang
lapras(female) with freeze dry

4IV good egg move pokemon
2 egg move swinubs
1st: icicle crash freeze dry stealth rock
2nd: fissure,icicle crash,freeze dry,stealth rock
charmander(male HA) dragon dance dragon pulse,outrage
helioptile(female HA) egg moves glare
slowpoke(male HA) egg moves: belch and belly drum
gible(female) egg move outrage

i also have a flawless calm goomy(make a good offer for this)


New Member
shiny 5IV absol up for trade. level 70, but i could use a reset bag if you would like to ev train it yourself. it also has the egg move play rough. its ivs are 31\31\31\31\31\23.

looking for these shinies:

1. looking for any shiny taillow, i dont even care about ivs with taillow as long as its shiny.

2. at least a shiny 5IV-6IV froakie with protean ability.

3. at least a shiny 5IV-6IV omanyte with shell armor ability.

pm me if you have any of these 3 and are interested. :D seems like no one has a shiny taillow :/ if you do let me know


New Member
Shinies for trade:

Forretress x2

PM me if interested in any.


Have shiny pokemons to trade here they are
Ponyta Sassy with Flash Fire
Shedinja Quiet with Wonder Guard
Meowstic Modest with keen Eye (Female)
Tirtouga Jolly with Sturdy
Combusken Adamant with Blaze has 4ivs
Gardevoir Timid with syncronize has 4ivs
Sandile Naive with Moxie has 4ivs
Shiny Perfect Riolu with adamant and inner focus 31/31/31/x/31/31 with egg moves.
Deino Modest with Hustle has 4ivs
Looking For All Shiny:
Fletchling adament with HA and atleast 4 ivs three in hp, attack and speed
Chespin Impish or adament with HA and 4ivs
Fenniken FEMALE with timid and HA and 4ivs
or any shiny good iv and nature dark type pokes
if you have any of these please pm me they are my most wants


New Member
I have these shinys for trade:

Noibat Lv 30 with Infiltrator and Careful Nature (F)

Charizard Lv 65 with Blaze and Modest Nature (M)

Braixen Lv 32 with Blaze and Calm Nature (M)

Blastoise Lv 52 with Torrent and Lonely Nature (M)

Trevenant Lv 25 (JAP) with Frisk and Gentle Nature (M)

Gyarados Lv 25 with Intimidate and Hasty Nature (F)

Camerupt Lv 30 with Solid Rock and Bashful Nature (F)

Magcargo Lv 30 (KOR) with Magma Armor and Mild Nature (M)

also have (NON SHINY) 4iv Eevee (JAP) with HA and Modest nature and the move wish.

PLEASE no fishing pokes offers, except for my fishiny shiny of course.

looking for shiny Gastly line, or shiny metagross line, but willing to consider all offers. i really nead Gastly so i will trade any of my shinys for it automatically.


New Member
Shiny Blissey // Lv. 100 (Mild, Natural Cure) 31/31/xx/xx/xx/xx *Max EV trained, has effort ribbon*
Shiny Charmander // Lv. 1 (Modest, Blaze) 31\27\31\31\22\31 - might have egg moves, cant remember I'm not by my ds right now.
Shiny Scizor // Lv. 15 (Adamant, Swarm) xx/xx/31/31/31/xx w/ Silver Wind
Shiny Sylveon // Lv. 50 (Rash, HA Pixilate) 31/xx/xx/xx/xx/xx
Shiny Ninetales // Lv. 45 (Brave, Flash Fire) xx/xx/xx/31/31/xx
Xerneas // Lv. 50 (Quirky, Fairy Aura) xx/xx/31/xx/31/31
Xerneas // Lv. 50 (Relaxed, Fairy Aura) xx/31/31/31/31/xx

+ Charizardite X, Blastoisenite, Masterball, other non-exclusive megastones, 4IV Gible w/ Outrage and Iron Head, 5IV Noibat, 4IV Luxray, 3IV HA Fletchinder, 3IV HA Eevee w/ Wish.

Looking for a shiny female Eevee (must be nicknameable), and a shiny Shuppet (w/ Phantom Force).
Also looking for shiny Bulbasaur (egg moves), shiny horsea (sniper), shiny ponyta (flash fire/flame body), maybe others.
Underlined shinies have priority, though :)
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New Member
Shinys i have up for trade:
Most are untuched, but some have been lvled and ev trained.

Murkrow (EV trained in only Speed)
Braviary (EV trained)
Audino(3 of them)
Greninja (EV trained)
Jumpluff (EV trained)

Non-Shiny pokemon:
5iv Timid Noibats
6iv Female Timid Noibat
5iv Timid Fennekins(Some have HA)

What i really want:
Im a stickler for nicknames on my pokemon i plan to use.
I want nicknames on them, and not dumb ones. Please note even if you offer one or all
of the ones i really want if they are not nicknamed I will not trade you.

A shiny Eevee(Looking for both HA and its regular ability)
Shiny Fenekkin with is HA. Do not wants its evos.


New Member
Shinies For Trade:
Talonflame (M) - Relaxed, Flame Body (Max IV in HP)
Gyarados (M) - Relaxed, Intimidate
HA Minccino (F) - Quirky, Skill Link (Max IV's in Atk. & Def.) (w/ Pokerus)
Weavile (F) - Calm, Pressure (Max IV's in HP & Spd.)
Kingdra (M) - Naive, Swift Swim
Lucario (M) - Adamant, Inner Focus
Florges (Red Flower) (F) - Naive, Flower Veil (Max IV's in Atk. & Sp. Def.)
Sylveon (M) - Hardy, Cute Charm
Garchomp (F) - Bold, Sand Veil (w/ Garchompite)
Shedinja - Serious, Wonder Guard (Max IV's in Atk. & Spd.)
Aegislash (M) - Brave, Stance Change (Max IV's in Def., Sp. Def. & Spd.)
Mawile (M) - Mild, Hyper Cutter (Max IV's in Spd.)
Hawlucha (F) - Serious, Limber (Max IV's in Def. & Spd.)
Greninja (M) - Quiet, Protean (Max IV's in HP & Def.)
Staryu - Serious, Natural Cure

looking for competitive shinies for the Aegislash and Greninja.
Only trading fishing shinies for other fishing shinies.
Not looking for BP items, mega stones, legendary Pokemon or non shiny pokemon.
Not looking for anything in particular so please PM me I'll consider all offers.


ra ra ra IERUKANA?!
Abomasnite, medichimite UFT for any shinies

PM me. Trade 1 stone for one fishing shiny or other mega stone, 2 stones for one average shiny, 3-4 for one rare shiny, but prices can be negotiated.

Also, shiny simipour with POKERUS for non fish shinies ONLY
Shiny Bashful Female Helioptile, shiny simipour with pokerus, shiny gale wings fletchling (only for good offer), and shiny gothorita UFT for non fish shinies
Main wants:
Obtained, yay me!



New Member
The Following Competitive Shinies are Up For Trade:

Gligar: (M) Impish 31/31/31/X/31/31 Sand Veil <-- Perfect

Heracross: (M) Adamant 31/31/31/X/31/27 Moxie <-- Imperfect

Charizard: (M) Timid 31/X/31/28/31/31 Blaze Eggmove Dragon pulse <--Imperfect (fully EV trained but can be reset)


Pokemon Master
All Shinies:
Raichu, Kingdra, Honedge, Litwik, quilladin, Eevee, Gogoat, braixen, remoraid, relicanth, floatzel, and corsola.
I also have all three legendary birds, I'm mainly looking for other Shinies, PM me with any offers.


Active Member
LF a Shiny Female Gothita(Must be Nicknameable) offering a Shiny Male Gothita + one of the following items

Amulet Coin, Sachet, Black Belt, Soothe Bell, Silk Scarf, Magnet, King's Rock, Spell Tag, Black Glasses, Charcoal, Dragon Fang, Deep Sea Tooth and Scale, Macho Brace, Protector, Dragon Scale, Twisted Spoon, Oval Stone, Expert Belt, Whipped Dream, Moon Stone, Sun Stone, Dusk Stone, Shiny Stone

if its a got a good nature i may trade one of these with gothita

Blastoisinite, Gengarite, Garchompite, Banettite, Medichamite, Mawilite, Scizorite, Alakazite, Gyaradosite, Gardevoirite, Absolite, Ampharosite, Abomasite