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Shiny Trading Thread


New Member
Shinies For Trade:
Talonflame (M) - Relaxed, Flame Body (Max IV in HP)
Gyarados (M) - Relaxed, Intimidate
HA Minccino (F) - Quirky, Skill Link (Max IV's in Atk. & Def.) (w/ Pokerus)
Weavile (F) - Calm, Pressure (Max IV's in HP & Spd.)
Kingdra (M) - Naive, Swift Swim
Lucario (M) - Adamant, Inner Focus
Florges (Red Flower) (F) - Naive, Flower Veil (Max IV's in Atk. & Sp. Def.)
Sylveon (M) - Hardy, Cute Charm
Garchomp (F) - Bold, Sand Veil (w/ Garchompite)
Shedinja - Serious, Wonder Guard (Max IV's in Atk. & Spd.)
Aegislash (M) - Brave, Stance Change (Max IV's in Def., Sp. Def. & Spd.)
Mawile (M) - Mild, Hyper Cutter (Max IV's in Spd.)
Hawlucha (F) - Serious, Limber (Max IV's in Def. & Spd.)
Greninja (M) - Quiet, Protean (Max IV's in HP & Def.)
Staryu - Serious, Natural Cure

looking for competitive shinies for the Aegislash and Greninja.
Only trading fishing shinies for other fishing shinies.
Not looking for BP items, mega stones, legendary Pokemon or non shiny pokemon.
Not looking for anything in particular so please PM me I'll consider all offers.


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I've got a Shiny, Level 50, EV trained (252 HP, 252 Atk, 4 Def) female Pangoro for trade. She's Adamant with max Attack and Defense IVs and can have whatever nickname you want. Just looking at offers right now, so message me if you're interested.


Shiny Catcher
I have the following shinies for trade.
lvl 15 absol
lvl 42 amoonguss
lvl 51 politoed
lvl 33 simisear
lvl 83 bellossom
lvl 30 duskinor
lvl 48 Noivern
lvl 1 froakie
lvl 30 pidgey
lvl 53 gothitelle
lvl 50 salamance
lvl 71 tyranitar

5 IV pokemon
charmander with egg moves bite, outrage, dragon pulse and dragon dance
I will trade these for any shiny
PM me offers


Ampharos Warrior
Shinies up for trade:
Vaporeon - Male Bold Water Absorb w/Egg Moves (Heart Scale)
Eevee - Male Bold Adaptability w/Egg Moves (Heart Scale)
Azumarill - Male Adamant Huge Power w/Egg Moves (Heart Scale)
Tyrantrum - Male Jolly Stong Jaw w/Egg Moves (Heart Scale)
IVs Forgot (3IV)
Ninjask - Female Serious Speed Boost
IVs Forgot (1IV)
Pigeot - Female Docile Keen Eye
Greninja - Male Hasty Protean
Aegislash - Male Brave No Guard
Smeargle - Female Serious Technician
Gliscor - Male Impish Posion Heal
IVs Forgot (3IVs)
Lucario - Male Adamant Inner Focus w/Egg Moves
Blaziken - Male Jolly Speed Boost

Looking for some Shinies! ( Equal IVs please )


Active Member
Have a shiny calm goodra with gooey in a premier ball for trade


New stuff for trade in signature!
Really looking for nicknamable Pokes, but if not, we'll see if we can't work something out.
Only accepting other 6th gen shinies for my 6th gens!

Looking for these shinies:
Goodra line
Delphox line
Chesnaught line
Tyrantrum line
Gogoat line
Tyranitar line
Zoroark line
Grumpig line
Zoroark line
Gliscor line
Camerupt line

I'm more than willing to add stones, legendaries, other shinies, HAs/Egg moves, multiple pokes, whatever for Shinies that have great natures/IVs/abilities etc.


New Member
Shiny Aegislash up for trade! 1 IV in HP, Careful nature, Male


New Member
Shiny adamant scyther 5ivs adamant with ha

Shiny fenniken timid for trade, pm me offers

Shiny adamant charizard 5ivs

Shiny chespin 4ivs with egg moves impish

pm me offers
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Just Monika
looking for the following shiny 4-6IV pokemon

offering the followingnon shiny 5IV pokemon
hawlucha(female) egg moves: me first
bulbasaur (HA male) egg moves:charm,curse,giga drain,leaf storm
male shellder
slowpoke(female) egg moves: zen headbutt
ferroseed(female) with egg moves: bullet seed, leech seed
mawile(male) with egg moves: fire wfang
lapras(female) with freeze dry

4IV good egg move pokemon(nonshiny)
2 egg move swinubs
1st: icicle crash freeze dry stealth rock
2nd: fissure,icicle crash,freeze dry,stealth rock
charmander(male HA) dragon dance dragon pulse,outrage
helioptile(female HA) egg moves glare
slowpoke(male HA) egg moves: belch and belly drum
gible(female) egg move outrage

perfect IVed goomy(only for shiny 4-6IVed charmander or aron)


New Member
For Trade:
6IV Flawless Shiny Eevee Careful Nature
IV Spread: 31/31/31/31/31/31
Egg Moves: Wish

Looking For:
Perfect Competitive Shinys
5-6 iv Ditto
May consider Perfect Pokemon (4-5)
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New Member
For trade:

Shiny Lucario
Level 97
3 / 31 / 31 / 29 / 31 / 31
0 EVs

Egg moves:
  • Blaze Kick
  • Crunch
  • Bullet Punch

Male, in a Premier ball.


Looking for:

Any pokemon that is:

  • Foreign (Not english)
  • 6IV
  • Male
  • In the dragon egg group

Nature and level don't matter, and they don't have to be shiny
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Active Member
Have a shiny calm goodra with gooey in a premier ball for trade
And a shiny modest 5iv zoroark in a luxury ball
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Have shiny pokemons to trade here they are
Ponyta Sassy with Flash Fire
Shedinja Quiet with Wonder Guard
Meowstic Modest with keen Eye (Female)
Tirtouga Jolly with Sturdy
Gardevoir Timid with syncronize has 4ivs
Sandile Naive with Moxie has 4ivs
Shiny Perfect Riolu with adamant and inner focus 31/31/31/x/31/31 with egg moves

Looking For All Shiny:
Fletchling adament with HA and atleast 4 ivs three in hp, attack and speed
Chespin Impish or adament with HA and 4ivs
Fenniken FEMALE with timid and HA and 4ivs
or any shiny good iv and nature 6th gen poke
if you have any of these please pm me they are my most wants
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New Member
Shiny adamant scyther 5ivs adamant with ha

Shiny fenniken timid for trade, pm me offers

Shiny adamant charizard 5ivs

Shiny chespin 4ivs with egg moves impish

Shiny noibat 3ivs timid

Shiny adamant torchic blaze 5ivs

pm me offers


New Member
I have these for trade:

Shiny Adamant Talonflame Gale Wings 31/31/31/x/31/31 in a Luxury Ball
Shiny Adamant Tyrunt 31/31/31/31/31/30 w/ Poison, Ice, Thunder Fang and DD Nicknameable
Shiny Timid Charmander x/31/x/31/x/31 Nicknameable
Shiny Adamant Arcanine Intimidate 31/31/31/x/x/31 w/ Close Combat
Shiny Adamant Eevee HA 31/x/31/31/31/31 in a Heal Ball Nicknameable
Shiny Mild Azurill Huge Power 31/31/31/x/x/31
Shiny Modest Noibat Infiltrator 31/x/31/31/31/2x Nicknameable
Shiny Brave Tyranitar 30/25/29/24/6/17
Shiny Modest Volcarona Swarm x/31/31/x/x/x in a Luxury Ball

Trophy shinies (2IVs or less):

Shiny Mild Mamoswine
Shiny Relaxed Accelgor
Shiny Docile Flygon (NN)
Shiny Modest Rhyperior
Shiny Calm Seismitoad
Shiny Naive Wigglytuff
Shiny Brave Mightyena
Shiny Lax Butterfree
Shiny Hardy Wartortle
Shiny Naughty Venusaur (JP)
Shiny Serious Sandslash
Shiny Bashful Zubat
Shiny Quiet Gigalith
Shiny Modest Swirlix

Also got ~500BP and a leftovers to trade

LF: Shiny HP fire Bulbasaur/offers
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Mike 123

New Member
The sineys I have for trade are
A male seadra level 32
A female slowking level 42
A female dragalge level 35
A female octillery level 30
A male renlicanth level 35
A female clauncher level 25
And a male gyarados level 23
Will also trade my mewtwo with it's megastone y and my zapdos
I also have a shiny female kingdra level 100 and a shiny trevenant level 100 but will need good offer for one of these two
Looking for Shiny espurr or noibat but will look at other offers


New Member
Everything listed below is shiny:


Careful Harvest Trevenant
Timid Protean Froakie Female
Jolly Moxie Pinsir w/ Quick Attack, Close Combat
Modest Gooey Goomy w/ Iron Tail, Acid Armor, Curse, Counter
Adamant Contrary Inkay
Adamant Bulletproof Chespin
Modest Magician Fennekin w/ Magic Coat, Wish, Hypnosis, Heat Wave
Timid Flame Body Larvesta
Modest Static Mareep
Bold Prankster Klefki - Lvl 74. EV trained 252hp/252def/6sdef

5IV: Everything has the perfect 5iv spread. ie, x is in the hindering stat.

Jolly Prankster Riolu w/ High Jump Kick, Crunch, Bullet Punch Female
(0spd, X in satk) Brave No Guard Honedge
Jolly Arena Trap Trapinch w/ Bug Bite, Superpower - Only doing 2:1
Jolly Quick Feet Shroomish w/ Bullet Seed, Worry Seed - Tentative on trading
Jolly Swift Swim Magikarp
Jolly Scrappy Kangaskhan
Adamant Huge Power Marill w/ Aqua Jet, Belly Drum
Adamant Fletchling
Adamant Scrappy Pancham w/ Storm Throw - Tentative on trading
Adamant Strong Jaw Tyrunt w/ Dragon Dance, Fire Fang, Thunder Fang
Adamant Speed Boost Torchic w/ Baton Pass
Adamant Rock Head Aron w/ Head Smash, Iron Head - Italian tag but English name
Adamant Super Luck Absol w/ Play Rough, Sucker Punch
Adamant Unburden Hawlucha w/ Quick Guard, Me First
Jolly Marvel Scale Dratini
Timid Anticipation Eevee w/ Stored Power, Wish, Charm, Yawn - Only doing 2:1
Timid Compound Eyes Monsoon Scatterbug - Tentative on trading
Timid Solar Power Charmander w/ Dragon Pulse, Dragon Dance, Outrage, Belly Drum
Modest Serene Grace Togepi w/ Nasty Plot
Modest Rain Dish Squirtle w/ Aura Sphere, Dragon Pulse
Timid Infiltrator Noibat w/ Switcheroo, Tailwind
Adamant Technician Scizor Lvl 55 252hp/252atk/6sdef
Adamant Intimidate Mawile Lvl 100 252hp/252atk/6def


31/31/30/30/31/30 Hasty Protean Froakie w/ HP Fire, Toxic Spikes
31/x/31/30/31/30 Modest Chlorophyll Bulbasaur w/ HP Fire, Giga Drain - Only doing 2:1
31/28/30/31/31/31 Timid Dry Skin Helioptile w/ HP Ice Agility, Camouflage, Electric Terrain, Glare - NFT unless for an exceptional offer
31/x/31/30/31/31/ Timid Levitate Rotom-H - NFT unless for exceptional offer

Can include an ability capsule if I feel like it xP

Only looking for Lvl 1 shinies right now. Priority is COMPETITIVE:
- 6th gen shinies
- shinies with new abilities, egg moves, egg move combinations
- shinies in luxury / premier balls
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New Member
if anyone has a shiny taillow i will trade them any 2 shinies i have plus any item they want. pm me if you have one.

i could also take my shiny HA charmander off hold and trade him instead.

let me know :D