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Shiny Trading Thread

Discussion in '6th Gen Wi-Fi Center' started by Pathfinder, Oct 16, 2013.

  1. Psychophrenia

    Psychophrenia New Member

    Shinies For Trade:
    Talonflame (M) - Relaxed, Flame Body (Max IV in HP)
    Charmeleon (M) - Brave, Blaze (Max IV's in Atk. & Def.)
    Gyarados (M) - Relaxed, Intimidate
    HA Minccino (F) - Quirky, Skill Link (Max IV's in Atk. & Def.) (w/ Pokerus)
    Weavile (F) - Calm, Pressure (Max IV's in HP & Spd.)
    Kingdra (M) - Naive, Swift Swim
    Noivern (F) - Adamant, Inflitrator (Max IV's in Atk., Def. & Spd.)
    Florges (Red Flower) (F) - Naive, Flower Veil (Max IV's in Atk. & Sp. Def.)
    Noctowl (F) - Hasty, Tinted Lenses (Max IV's in HP & Sp. Def)
    Sylveon (M) - Hardy, Cute Charm
    Garchomp (F) - Bold, Sand Veil (w/ Garchompite)
    Shedinja - Serious, Wonder Guard (Max IV's in Atk. & Spd.)
    Aegislash (M) - Brave, Stance Change (Max IV's in Def., Sp. Def. & Spd.)
    Pidgeot (F) - Docile, Keen Eye (Max IV's in HP & Atk.)
    Greninja (M) - Quiet, Protean (Max IV's in HP & Def.)

    looking for competitive shinies for the Aegislash and Greninja.
    Only trading fishing shinies for other fishing shinies.
    Not looking for BP items, mega stones, legendary Pokemon or non shiny pokemon.
    Not looking for anything in particular so please PM me I'll consider all offers.
  2. TheGreaterLucario

    TheGreaterLucario Well-Known Member


    Shinies FT:

    LF (Shinies only)

    HA Eevee (preferrably with 31 IVs in Sp. Attack and Speed, Egg move of Wish would be great too, but not required)
    Charmander (preferrably with 31 IVs in Sp. Attack and Speed, Egg moves of Air Cutter and/or Ancientpower would be nice, but not required)
    Rock Head Aron (preferrably with 31 IVs in Attack and Defense, Egg move of Head Smash would be AWESOME)
    Aerodactyl (preferrably with 31 IVs in Attack and Speed)

    I also have other Shinies, so if you have one of these to offer but want a few more options, or if you want to make a trade, PM me.
  3. GMindz

    GMindz Poke

    Have shiny pokemons to trade here they are
    Sandile Naive with Moxie has 4ivs
    Shiny Perfect Riolu with adamant and inner focus 31/31/31/x/31/31 with egg moves
    Looking For All Shiny:
    Fletchling adament with HA and atleast 4 ivs three in hp, attack and speed
    Chespin Impish or adament with HA and 4ivs
    Fenniken FEMALE with timid and HA and 4ivs
    or any shiny good iv and nature 6th gen poke
    if you have any of these please pm me they are my most wants
    Last edited: Dec 20, 2013
  4. Im in such desperate need of shiny scrappy kangaskhan I have shinies to offer and I will even do 2or3 for one depending on the ivs and nature please please pm me if you have one for trade
    I do have a 5iv timid ha glaceon for 5iv kangaskhan
    Last edited: Dec 20, 2013
  5. diamondpearl876

    diamondpearl876 → follow your fire.

    Trading shiny CUBCHOO and shiny MIME JR (nicknameable) for almost any shiny! PM if interested.
  6. giratina519

    giratina519 ra ra ra IERUKANA?!

    Abomasnite, medichimite UFT for any shinies

    PM me. Trade 1 stone for one fishing shiny or other mega stone, 2 stones for one average shiny, 3-4 for one rare shiny, but prices can be negotiated.

    Also, shiny simipour with POKERUS for non fish shinies ONLY
    Shiny Bashful Female Helioptile, shiny simipour with pokerus, shiny gale wings fletchling (only for good offer), and shiny gothorita UFT for non fish shinies
    Main wants:
    Obtained, yay me!

  7. ShinnyMew

    ShinnyMew ~Kat

    For trade (all Shiny): Seaking (Careful/Water Veil)
    Banette (Adamant/Insomnia)
    Relicanth (Hasty/Rock Head)
    Tranquill (Bashful/Rivalry (Female))
    Basculin (Sassy/Reckless)
    Mincinno (Naughty/Skill Link (Female))
    Fraxure (2IV (Attack/Speed)/Relaxed/Mold Breaker)
    Froakie (4IV/Timid/Torrent)
    Flabébé (x2, Modest/2IVs, Modest/4IVs)

    Seeking (all Shiny): Adamant Quick Feet Shroomish (or Tech Breloom with Spore), & more :p (please don't offer what I already have though, please :) )

    (Preferably no fishing Shinies, unless for my fishing Shinies, of course XD)

    PM offers please :)
  8. amberfyre

    amberfyre Pokemon Trainer <3

    Trading: Shiny red floette
    LF: Shiny white floette
  9. Okay everyone I have a 5iv impish gliscor with poison heal and its SHINY its competitive so whoever has a shiny competitive kangaskhan lets trade thats if you want to ofcourse :)
  10. Shankpotomus

    Shankpotomus New Member

    shinys FT:
    maractus (lvl77)
    red hasty basculin--will take any other shiny for it
    american ditto - trading this one for a non american one , please pm

    HAs (not shiny) ft:

    Looking for shiny :

    also have a bunch of iceshard-phanpys ( non shiny) with decent hp IV
    a bunch of 3IV bronzors without HA (also not shiny)
    and a bunch of 4 iv squirtles that know aqua ring and mirrorcoat (non shiny)

    please pm me offers
  11. DDDchu

    DDDchu Member

    Trading my Shiny Machamp for a shiny Gigalith.

    Or for shiny Honedge
  12. Naoto Shirogane

    Naoto Shirogane The Detective Prince

    Looking for shiny imposter ditto wiht 31 ivs in hp can offer shinys and 5 iv pokes
  13. petizh

    petizh Bored Trainer

    My friend has a: Shiny, Clear Body, Metagross, Adamant, X/31/31/X/31/X. He also has a Shiny Gligar, Impish, X/31/31/X/31/31. He is looking for a good shiny Luxray, Meowstic (M), or Tyrunt. PM to offer or for more details.

    Things I have for trade:
    -Shiny Doublade, Adamant, 31/31/31/X/31/X EV trained, but can be EV-reset upon request.
    -Shiny Eevee, Calm, Female, 31/X/31/31/31/31
    -Shiny Ditto, Gentle, X/31/31/X/X/X
    -Shiny Tyranitar, Sassy, X/X/X/X/31/31
    -Shiny Charizard, Timid, X/X/X/X/31/X
    -Shiny Dry Skin Heliolisk, Timid, 31/X/X/31/X/X
    -Shiny Snubbull, Mild
    -Shiny Dunsparce, Brave, X/31/X/31/X/X
    -Shiny Dunsparce, Careful, X/X/X/31/31/X
    -Shiny Magikarp, Docile
    -Shiny Skill Link Cloyster, Hasty, X/X/31/X/X/X

    -Xerneas, Docile, 31/31/31/31/31/1
    -Articuno, Calm, 31/31/31/X/31/X
    -5 IV Dratinis (HA and non-HA, can offer breeding pairs)
    -5 IV Eevees (HA and non-HA)
    -BP Items

    *All Pokemon can have Pokerus on request*

    I am looking for:
    -Shiny Gale Wings Talonflame line (Preferably Adamant)
    -Shiny Ampharos line (Preferably Modest)
    -Shiny Justified Lucario line (Preferably Jolly with Bullet Punch)
    -Other reasonable shinies.

    Please PM me with what you're interested in and what you have for trade, and we can try to arrange something. Thanks :)
    Note: It doesn't have to be a 1 pokemon for 1 pokemon trade. It can be a package deal kind of thing.
  14. ajdude

    ajdude New Member

    FT: female shiny zebstrika

    LF: male shiny zebstrika
  15. champtastic

    champtastic New Member

    shinies for trade

    pm offers
  16. Okay everybody I am lpoking for a shiny scrappy kangaskhan
    I have these shinies to offer
    Vullaby serious overcoat
    Kecleon seriius color change
    Magmar MODEST flamebody
    Diggersby in premier ball nn hot cocoa naive huge power
    Mawile nn flunkifer careful hyper cutter
    Dusknoir nn reaper bold pressure
    Swirlix bold sweet veil

    And I have a 5iv gliscor impish with poison heal missing sp.attack
  17. Edenrose

    Edenrose New Member

    shiny female pyroar in a premier ball up for trade :)
  18. dragontamer44722

    dragontamer44722 Pokegyms Owner

    I have a 5 IV shiny static Mareep up for trade. I'd normally keep it, but I won't use it so I will trade it to someone who will. Looking for other competitive shinies with the appropriate spreads and natures, no fishing ones. My main wants are shiny Noibat with telepathy, Shiny Absol with play rough, a drought Vulpix, or a Rufflet, but I will consider others. Keep in mind I want at least a 5 IV shiny in exchange, though I may consider trading for a 6 IV depending on what it is. Feel free to pm me :)
    Last edited: Dec 20, 2013
  19. Voltic_Charge

    Voltic_Charge New Member

    FT: shiny larvesta

    LF :shiny female timid/modest ralts
  20. silverw972

    silverw972 New Member


    Shiny rufflet

    Shiny adamant beldum

    Shiny modest deino 4ivs

    Shiny timid kirlia 5ivs female

    5ivs adamant shiny charizard

    4ivs shiny adamant honedge

    Shiny gallade 3ivs

    pm me offers

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