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Shiny Trading Thread

Discussion in '6th Gen Wi-Fi Center' started by Pathfinder, Oct 16, 2013.

  1. AuraofDarkness

    AuraofDarkness New Member

    For Trade: 5IV Jolly Ditto and Shiny Calm 6iv Eevee
    IV SPREAD: 31/31/31/X/31/31
    IV SPREAD: 31/31/31/31/31/31 with egg move wish

    Looking For:
    Lots(6-10) Perfect Pokes (depending on the pokemon)
    1-2 Competitive Shiny Pokes
  2. HollowZard

    HollowZard Hello there! x3

    Up for trade

    Shiny Adamant Blaziken 31/31/??/31/??/31
    Shiny Impish Gligar ??/31/31/31/31/31
    Shiny Naughty Pangoro ??/31/31/??/??/??
    Shiny Timid Panpour 31/??/??/??/??/31
    Shiny Naive Swablu
    Shiny Hasty Zoroark
    Shiny Brave Japanese Piloswine
    Shiny Adamant Talonflame
    Shiny Rash Avalugg
    Shiny Rash Gyarados
    Shiny Quiet Corsola
    Shiny Rash Donphan
    Shiny Adamant Primape
    Shiny Timid Heliolisk
    Shiny Gentle Woobat
    Shiny Adamant Durant
    Shiny Quirky Aromatisse
    Shiny Gentle Lickitung

    Looking for shinies
  3. LinkZ

    LinkZ New Member

    Trading a 3 IV (non shiny) Adamant Xearnes for almost any non-fishing Shiny!
  4. ilPreteRosso

    ilPreteRosso New Member

    Trading shiny Krabby ;098;

    No fishing shinies please, PM offers.
  5. diamondpearl876

    diamondpearl876 → follow your fire.

    Trading shiny Hawlucha and shiny Malamar. PM if interested.
  6. KenoShay

    KenoShay Sinnoh Champ

    Trading shiny dedenne on offers
  7. Danisher

    Danisher Member

    Looking for a shiny Brave Honedge or Aegislash with 0 in speed.. if someone has one like that up for trade pm me, I have some good 5iv shinies to offer!
    Last edited: Dec 21, 2013
  8. Joth

    Joth Back from the Dead

    Offering shiny Charizard level 70in exchange for a shiny Phantump! Please name it Tirith. (I have my reasons.)
  9. NateCashMoney

    NateCashMoney New Member

    These shinies for trade:

    Pyroar (F)

    also have a Zygarde for trade for an Articuno if possible.
    PM me.
  10. Danisher

    Danisher Member

    Looking for a shiny Brave Honedge or Aegislash 31/31/31/xx/31/0..
    If someone has one like that up for trade pm me, I have some good 5iv shinies to offer!

    Shiny 5iv Adamant Malamar up for trade!
    Last edited: Dec 21, 2013
  11. trexosaurus

    trexosaurus New Member

    Shiny Blissey // Lv. 100 (Mild, Natural Cure) 31/31/xx/xx/xx/xx *Max EV trained, has effort ribbon*
    Shiny Heracross // Lv. 84 (Naughty, Guts) xx/xx/31/31/xx/xx *Max EV trained, has effort ribbon*
    Shiny Charmander // Lv. 1 (Modest, Blaze) 31\27\31\31\22\31 w/ Dragon Pulse
    Shiny Fennekin (FEMALE) // Lv. 1 (Hasty, Blaze) xx/xx/31/31/xx/xx

    + 4IV Xerneas, Charizardite X, other non-exclusive megastones, Master Ball, 4IV Gible w/ egg moves, 5IV Growlithe w/ egg moves, 4IV Luxray, 3IV HA Fletchinder, HA Eevee w/ Wish, Lapras w/ egg moves.

    A shiny female Eevee (must be nicknameable) and a shiny female Horsea (must be nicknameable) I'll look at other offers as well.
  12. Tadsh

    Tadsh Shiny Charm Hunter

    5IV - Adamant - Schther - Swarm & Technician - Missing Special Attack IV
    5IV - Timid - Charmander - Blaze - Missing Attack IV
    Dragon Pulse egg move
    5IV - Adamant - Torchic - Speed Boost - Missing Special Attack IV - out of stock but will breed on request
    Baton Pass egg move
    5IV - Timid - Noibat - Infiltrator - Missing Attack IV
    5IV - Jolly - Pinsir - Mold Breaker, Hyper Cutter & Moxie - Missing Special Attack IV - moxie out of stock but will breed on request
    Quick Attack & Close Combat egg move
    Shiny Clawitzer - Docile - Mega Launcher - UT
    Shiny Relicanth - Mild - Rock Head - 252Attack 252Defense 4HP EVs (Nicknameable)
    Shiny Electabuzz - Calm - Vital Spirit - 31 IVs in Attack & Special Attack - UT
    Shiny Wooper - Bold - Water Absorb - 31 IVs in Attack, Special Defeepnce & Speed
    Shiny Dedenne - Modest - Pickup - 31 IV in HP, Special Defense and Speed - Can make UT with reset bag
    4IV - Shiny Scyther - Adamant - Technicican - 31 IVs in HP, Attack, Defense & Special Defense - UT (Nicknameable)
    4IV - Shiny Honedge - Relaxed - No Guard - 31 IVs in HP, Attack, Defense & Special Defense

    Mewtwonite X
    Ability Capsule

    Looking for;
    Non-Fishing shinies
    Zapdos - Timid - IVs in Speed and Special Attack
    5IV - Adamant - Tympole - Swift Swim - Missing Special Attack IV
    5IV - Timid - Joltik - Unnerve - Missing Attack IV
    5IV - Shiny Froakie - Timid - Protean - Missing Attack IV

    Also looking for 5 IV bred pokemon with the right nature, ability and IVs for competitive battling.
    The list of competitively bred Pokemon i have already is;
    dratini, abra, pinsir, ghastly, torchic, noibat, charmander(physical), sneasel, hawlucha, kangashkan, magikarp, Fletchling, riolu, mareep, goomy, helioptile, Marill, charmander (special), poliwag, venipede, slowpoke, aron, absol, frogadier, bold eevee, meditite, ferroseed, gabite)
    I will take Non-English versions of most of the above

    For my 5 IV Pokemon I will happily trade in breeding pairs unless the gender is massively tilted to one side.

    Pm me with an offer. I will consider most things including items.
    Thanks, Tad
  13. dracon1

    dracon1 Just Monika

    looking for any shiny in the squirtle and aron evo line

    offering the following non shiny 5IV pokemon
    ninjask(female) (trade pending)
    male shellder
    slowpoke(female) egg moves: zen headbutt
    ferroseed(female) with egg moves: bullet seed, leech seed
    mawile(male) with egg moves: fire wfang
    adamant female technician scyther(trade pending)
    modest serene grace togepi
    male timid ralts
    adamant chespin male
    female naive litleo
    naive male horsea
    japanese impish furfrou

    4IV good egg move pokemon(non shiny)
    2 egg move swinubs
    1st: icicle crash freeze dry stealth rock
    2nd: fissure,icicle crash,freeze dry,stealth rock
    charmander(male HA) dragon dance dragon pulse,outrage
    helioptile(female HA) egg moves glare
    slowpoke(male HA) egg moves: belch and belly drum
    gible(female) egg move outrage
    snorunt with spikes
    grimer with shadow sneak
    poliwag with ice ball

    none of the pokemon i am offering are shiny in any way
    so if you message me for a trade please understand this

    im willing to trade 3-4 pokemon from my list for each one

    im also willing to trade these 5IV pokemon(they're ev trained so if you want these ones wiped of EVs let me know they are also level 90)
    adamant bulletproof chesnaught
    bold prankster klefki
    jolly early bird kangaskhan complete with mega stone
    modest clauncher
    and an adamant contrary malamar

    im also willing to trade my shiny skrelp for a shiny magikarp or gyarados

    i can also trade these mega stones by giving them to a pokemon of your choice from above

    when pokemon bank comes out i'll have these shinies to trade
    gyarados caught in platinum
  14. ShinnyMew

    ShinnyMew ~Kat

    For trade (all Shiny): Seaking (Careful/Water Veil)
    Banette (Adamant/Insomnia)
    Relicanth (Hasty/Rock Head)
    Tranquill (Bashful/Rivalry (Female))
    Mincinno (Naughty/Skill Link (Female))
    Fraxure (2IV (Attack/Speed)/Relaxed/Mold Breaker)
    Froakie (4IV/Timid/Torrent)
    Flabébé (Modest/2IVs)

    Seeking (all Shiny): Adamant Quick Feet Shroomish (or Tech Breloom with Spore), & more :p (please don't offer what I already have though, please :) )

    (Preferably no fishing Shinies, unless for my fishing Shinies, of course XD)

    PM offers please :)
    Last edited: Dec 30, 2013
  15. pooskinana

    pooskinana New Member

    Trading shiny tyrantrum amaura carbink braixen ninetales
  16. giratina519

    giratina519 ra ra ra IERUKANA?!

    Abomasnite, medichimite UFT for any shinies

    PM me. Trade 1 stone for one fishing shiny or other mega stone, 2 stones for one average shiny, 3-4 for one rare shiny, but prices can be negotiated.

    Also, shiny simipour with POKERUS for non fish shinies ONLY
    Shiny Bashful Female Helioptile, shiny simipour with pokerus, shiny gale wings fletchling (only for good offer), and shiny gothorita UFT for non fish shinies
    Main wants:
    Obtained, yay me!

  17. LadyRinsun

    LadyRinsun IcyFluffTrainer

    Looking for:

    Shiny Furfrou (male, Jolly)
    Shiny Fennekin/Braixen/Delphox (any gender, neutral or beneficial nature)

    Both still have to be nicknamable.


    Charizardite Y
    Other mega stones (just ask :3)

    5IV Adamant Larvitar with Stealth Rock & Pursuit
    5IV Adamant HA Dratini with Dragon Dance
    5IV Timid Venonat
    5IV Modest Solosis
    5IV Adamant Shuppet with Phantom Force and Destiny Bond

    Shiny Foongus (neutral nature)
    Shiny Marowak (neutral nature)
  18. dedeibm

    dedeibm Member

    shiny mightyena, tech breloom, azumarill, jolteon, clawitzer, dragalge, greninja, tyrantrum and wigglytuff for trade!
  19. champtastic

    champtastic New Member

    shinies for trade
  20. ilPreteRosso

    ilPreteRosso New Member

    Trading shiny Krabby ;098;

    No fishing shinies please, PM offers.

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