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Shiny Trading Thread

Crimson Impact

Active Member
Up for Trade: Shiny Clauncher. Female. Quiet Nature (Favors Sp. Atk, Weak in Speed.)

Wanted:...Just make me an offer.


Shinies in sig, PM me if interested.
Looking for other shinies.

Also have IV dittos & X mega stones (bar tyranitarite) if interested.


shiny hoarder
looking for shiny noibats, shiny froakies, and (who isnt) shiny honedges
and lower priority shiny starters and HA pokemon

ive got, shiny: haryama!, whismur!, Gyarados!(NN: lady gyrados), bannette!!, and gligar!
also, ive got an yveltal, both charizardites, medichamite, ampharosite, destiny knot, masterball, various evolution items and a couple battle items
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New Member
Looking for Shiny Goomy! I have a Shiny Scyther (Swarm ability sadly :( ) and a shiny Gourgeist. Pm me if you have one please. Maybe we could work something out.
Shiny Aromatisse Named Luna , LVL 30 female , Impish Nature , Ability is Healer

and Shiny Dugtrio lvl 30 Male , Quirky nature ability Arena Trap.

I'm Looking for a shiny Ralts Male , Shiny houndour male , shiny male skrelp.

Pm me if interested.


New Member
What I have: Shiny Xatu, NEW Shiny Slurpuff, Shiny Geodude, Shiny Ferroseed, NEW Shiny Sigilyph

What I want: Shiny Helioptile, Shiny Noibat, Shiny Togepi, Shiny Eevee, Shiny Froakie, Shiny Inkay, Shiny Modest/Quiet Clauncher. (OR EVO-LINE)

Additionally, I have a Shiny Modest Goomy, that I am unwilling to trade unless the offer is too good to be true.

PM me, also EVS, UT, LEVEL 1, BLAH BLAH BLAH, that hasn't been important since the introduction of Stat reducing berries and the ever easier to get and BETTER "RESET BAG."
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New Member
I am looking for a shiny Aron/Lairon/Aggron

I can offer a shiny Gourgeist!
I am willing to go to great lengths to get a shiny Aron, but I have hatched 1700 eggs and none yet =(
FC: 3196-3678-7285
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The Last Jedi

Stalling is Cowardly
Looking for a shiny evee and willing to trade a shiny poliwag and leftovers with pokerus for one pm if interested.


Hello there! x3
I have a shiny Adamant Japanese Ditto with Imposter ability, 31 IV's in Attack and Defense, also have Shiny Hardy Druddigon (Can be nicknamed), Shiny Bashfull Horsey (can be nicknamed), Shiny Docile Magickarp (Can be nicknamed) and Shiny Docile Pachirisu. Looking for other shinies, PM me with offers!
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Hi everybody!! Got a few shinies here I'm willing to part with if anyone's interested :D They're all UT from the Friend Safari if you're curious. Can nickname also.
1. Snover - Brave - Soundproof (White and Blue)
2. Audino - Impish - Regenerator (White and Purple)
3. Aipom - Quiet - Run Away (Pink)

I'm really open to offers except for chain-fished pokemon (I would accept Skrelp as I have X) and also open to Y megastones.
Thanks! XD


New Member
Repost/pretty big update

I have all the following shinys:
Espurr(Male New)
I am looking for the following shinys
-Houndour/Houndoom (Must be able to nickname this one)
-Ralts/ any evolution [not gallade] (prefer male but anything is fine)
-Honedge/ any evolution
-Pyroar Male only

If you want to talk about a deal for anything PM me with offers
And I don't want to hear offers for shiny Fish chains, sorry.


New Member
I have:

Shiny Gyrados, Shiny Basculin (Both), Shiny Octillery, Shiny Farfetch'd, Shiny Snubble up for trade. Pm me with offers :)


I'm a Raichu.
On my X I have for trade:

Two shiny Clauncher, one modest (Rose) one impish (no name)
Shiny Skrelp, bashful (no name)
Shiny Relicanth, docile (Pesci)

The only name I can change is Rose's, as the others were obtained via GTS.

On my Y I have for trade:

Shiny Roggenrola, bold (Ore)

I can change Ore's name.

I am looking for the fallowing, a shiny Goomy/Sliggoo with gooey! That is my top priority, I've had NO luck with eggs or in friend safari.

Shiny Goomy/Sliggoo with gooey,
Shiny Noibat,
Shiny Hawlucha,


Well-Known Member
I have a shiny clauncher (Has been chain fished)

Don't want him to go to waste so open to any and all offers, please PM me :)


New Member
I have a shiny Butterfree if anyone wants it. All I really want for it is an Aegislash with Sacred Sword/Shadow Sneak/Swords Dance/King Shield. PM me any offers. OFFER CLOSED! DON'T REQUEST ALREADY BEEN TRADED!!
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Has anyone got shiny eevee for trade, PM me and we can work out a deal


New Member
looking for female gale wing fletchinder and female thick fat piloswine, offering shiny relicanth or shiny octillery


New Member
Ft shiny Arcanine, Noibat, Charizard, Goodra Lf shiny beldum and perfect Iv shiny charmander. no fishing chains or non shiny offers please.
Just captured a Shiny Absol in Friend Safari.
Male, Hardy Nature. 31 IVs in Attack and Special Attack.
Open to offers, PM me :)