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Shiny Trading Thread

Discussion in '6th Gen Wi-Fi Center' started by Pathfinder, Oct 16, 2013.

  1. sky80x

    sky80x New Member

    shiny vanillite, its ev trained in SpA if that interest you anymore. up for any offers
  2. giratina519

    giratina519 ra ra ra IERUKANA?!

    [IMG200][/IMG200]DESPERATELY LOOKING FOR SOMEONE WITH POKéMON BANK!!! I need pokes transferred from black 2 and into my y. Will pay with shinies

    Non fish shinies UFT are: Foongus, and 2IV braixen UT from the friend safari. They DO NOT have their hidden abilities, but I value them because they're still shiny.

    ONLY FOR GOOD OFFERS: shiny HA charizard male w/x stone, shiny ralts female with stone... these will be incredibly hard to get from me!!!! Auto for any of them+one of my others above is a shiny legend that ISN'T cobalion, landorus, Lugia, Ho-Oh, dialga, Palkia, giratina, Tornadus, Shaymin, suicune, or Darkrai (already have these)

    Also remember that I'm always in the market for Shiny Eevees!! :)

    and MAYBE tyranitarite (need a good offer on this one, I may keep it and use it on my shiny t-tar waiting for me in bank if not)

  3. wbartholomy

    wbartholomy Shiny Collector

    FT: 6 IV Japanese Ditto Jolly Limber
    LF: Shiny Legends with Max IVs, PM me with offers
    Auto-trade Shiny Kyurem/ Shiny Mewtwo with 6 IVs
    Last edited: Jan 23, 2014
  4. ¬.¬

    ¬.¬ New Member

    DESPERATELY looking for an Adamant/Jolly Victini.

    Things I have:
    Shiny Growlithe
    Shiny Whismur

    5IV Calm Frillish
    4IV Slowpoke, Espurr, Daramuka, Axew, Goomy, Dratini, Evee, Tyrunt, shuppet

    Any Y megastone
    Black Sludge
    Dusk Stone
    Shiny Stone
    Choice Scarf

    Will trade a lot from above. Please PM me if you are interested!
  5. Storminq

    Storminq New Member

    Shiny 6iv Entei
    Shiny 6iv arbok

    6iv arceus
    6iv jirachi
    5iv victini
    2iv cresselia

    Fossil shinies
    multiple shinies
  6. PokePnguin

    PokePnguin I leik Pokemon

    Hey guys, I've got a Shiny 6V Quiet Latias for trade. I'm looking for a Shiny Latios in return. I would like a 5V one if it has a good nature (Timid, Modest, etc.) or a 6V one if the nature isn't great. Message me if you want this solid gold dragon :)
  7. Venus212

    Venus212 New Member

    Trading a Japanese Adamant ditto with 6IVs

    I'm looking for competitive shinys (4 IVs at least) including the following:
    -Timid Charmander w/dragon pulse
    -Timid Froakie w/Protean ability

    Any other offers are welcome, just make sure that it's a competitive shiny with at least 4ivs.
  8. FriendKung

    FriendKung New Member


    Pokemon: Shiny Mew (Genderless)
    Nature: Quiet
    Ability: Synchronize
    IVs: 31/31/31/31/31/31
    Egg Moves: Aurasphere, Ice Beam, Psychic, Transform
    OT: DarkMac
    ID: 26988

    Pokemon: Shiny Ditto (Genderless)
    Nature: Quirky
    Ability: limber
    IVs: 31/31/31/31/31/31
    Egg Moves: -
    OT: Jap name
    ID: 43765

    Pokemon: Shiny Froakie (Male)
    Nature: Timid
    Ability: Protean
    IVs: 31/x/31/31/31/31
    Egg Moves: None
    OT: Grimm
    ID: 29988

    Pokemon: Shiny Mudkip (Spain)
    Nature: Adamant
    Ability: Torrent
    IVs: 31/31/31/x/31/31
    Egg Moves: Avalanche, Ice Ball, Curse
    OT: SoDe
    ID: 41494

    Pokemon: Shiny Chikorita (F)
    Nature: Calm
    Ability: Overgrow
    IVs: 31/x/31/31/31/31
    Egg Moves: Leaf Storm, Ancient Power, Ingrain, Leech Seed
    OT: Chuni
    ID: 24415

    Pokemon: Shiny Torchic (M)
    Nature: Jolly
    Ability: Speed Boost
    IVs: 31/31/31/x/31/31
    Egg Moves: Baton Pass
    OT: Fink
    ID: 26030

    Pokemon: Shiny Chimchar (M)
    Nature: Jolly
    Ability: Iron Fist
    IVs: 31/31/31/x/31/31
    Egg Moves: Thunder/Fire Punch, Blaze Kick, Fake Out
    OT: Jia Hao
    ID: 34869

    Other shiny competitive pokemon
  9. Mr. Morshu

    Mr. Morshu Mega Smaggron

    got a shiny luvdisc, will trade for any other shiny
  10. waterpokemonrule

    waterpokemonrule New Member

    Desperately looking for a shiny Skiddo: adamant/careful, sap sipper, male, in a regular poke ball. No nickname. Doesn't need to have amazing IVs. Preferably level 1 but will accept levels 8-10 (as found in the wild) if someone's willing to use poke radar to get it for me

    Offering a shiny Diggersby with huge power and a shiny Bibarel. Willing to give even more if I get this Skiddo fast!
  11. WesleyEve

    WesleyEve ~Space Ninja Bunny~

    FT: 5IV Shiny Eevee, 5IV Shiny Froakie, 5IV Shiny Meowstic, Shiny Quilladin, Shiny Spiritomb, Shiny Aipom, 6IV Victini, JPN Meloetta

    Itmes: Assault Vest, Charzardite X, Choice Scarf, Scizorite, Leftovers, Master Ball, Power Anklet, Power Bracer, Dawn Stone, Dusk Stone, Shiny Stone, Eviolite, Life Orb, Lucky Egg, Metal Coat, Reaper Cloth, Thick Club, Whipped Dream, and Common Megastones (Will almost generally take any shinies for the items)

    LF: 5IV Shiny Impish Furfrou, and a 5IV Shiny Female Fennekin
    Will Consider other offers though
  12. ajdude

    ajdude New Member

    looking for a shiny ekans in a regular pokeball...just got the shiny charm today and i've realized it doesn't do anything but give you false hope xD i have a lot of shinies i can trade in return, here's a spreadsheet:


    also, people interested in pokebank legendaries that are not shiny, and can't be shiny, except for jirachi...i have:

    pm me if you're interested, looking for shinies in a pokeball only, mainly shiny ekans (not arbok) at the moment. if you have one i'll trade you anything i'm offering. open to other shiny offers i don't have on stuff i have for trade too, as long as they are in a regular pokeball, and aren't chain fished :D thanks!
  13. Trixieboo

    Trixieboo GTS Sniper

    Shiny Honedge - male, Brave, max Attack, Defense, and Sp. Defense
    Shiny Fletchling - female, Adamant, Gale Wings, max HP, Attack, Defense, and Sp. Defense
    Shiny Braixen - male, Timid, Blaze, max Sp. Defense and Speed
    Shiny Ivysaur - male, Modest, max Sp. Attack, Attack, Defense (nicknamed)
    Phione - Modest, 2IV, Kalos-bred
    Charmander - Jolly, 5IV (all but Sp. Def), Flare Blitz + Outrage + Dragon Dance

    Looking for:
    Nicknameable Shinies. (exceptions can be made)
    Mostly after 5/6 IV Ditto, Shiny Chespin/Quilladin/Chesnaught, Goomy/Sliggoo/Goodra, Zorua/Zoroark, Gligar/Gliscor and Spoink/Grumpig.
    All must have similar/matching IVs with what you're offering on.

  14. Xelda

    Xelda New Member


    Shiny Flawless 6IV Timid Latias, fully EV trained.


    Shiny 5IV Timid Female Eevee (With Wish and HA)

    Shiny Modest Good IV Mareep.

    PM ME
  15. sjbdcb913

    sjbdcb913 New Member

    My shinys up for trade:

    shiny Manaphy Lv 100 with Hydration and Brave Nature (English Name)

    shiny Genesect Lv 100 with Download and Hasty Nature (JAP)

    shiny Deoxys Lv 100 with Pressure and Modest Nature (JAP)

    shiny Mew Lv 44 with Synchronize and Docile Nature (JAP)

    shiny Mew Lv 100 with Synchronize and Hardy Nature (JAP)

    shiny Lugia Lv 70 with Pressure and Calm Nature (FRE)

    shiny Darkrai Lv 100 with Bad Dreams and Timid Nature (JAP)

    shiny Mewtwo Lv 70 with Pressure and Modest Nature (JAP)

    shiny Groudon Lv 85 with Drought and Jolly Nature (JAP)

    shiny Suicune Lv 41 with Pressure and Brave Nature (JAP)

    shiny Milotic Lv 100 with Marvel Scale and Calm Nature (F)

    shiny Gardevoir Lv 86 with Synchronize and Modest Nature (M)

    shiny Ninetales Lv 30 with Flash Fire and Quiet Nature (F)

    shiny Garchomp Lv 83 with Rough Skin and Jolly Nature (F)

    shiny Charizard Lv 66 with Blaze and Modest Nature (M)

    shiny Goodra Lv 62 with Sap Sipper and Calm Nature (F)

    shiny Gastly Lv 11 with Levitate and Docile Nature (F)

    shiny skorupi Lv 30 with Battle Armor and Calm Nature (SPA) (F)

    shiny Lombre Lv 58 with Swift Swim and Docile Nature (M)

    shiny Hawlucha Lv 29 with Limber and Hasty Nature (F)

    shiny Mareep Lv 13 with Plus and Jolly Nature (F)

    shiny Ponyta Lv 1 with Flash Fire and Jolly Nature (M)

    shiny Golem Lv 58 with Rock Head and Serious Nature (M)

    shiny Gyarados Lv 25 with Intimidate and Hasty Nature (F)

    also i have a non shiny Phione that i will trade for almost any shiny! only shiny Legend offers for my shiny Legends please.

    And NO FISHING SHINYS please. auto trade for shiny mew is shiny shaymin.

    need to see meloetta for the pokedex can give shiny mew as collateral for it. we would of course trade right back. also need to see 647-638 in the national pokedex.
  16. NateCashMoney

    NateCashMoney New Member

    Have these shinies for trade:

    Chikorita 6IV
    Ditto JAPANESE (6IV)
    Camerupt JPN (M) Jolly/Solid Rock 6IV
    Deino 4IV
    Helioptile (F) Timid/Dry Skin 4 EGG Moves 31/xx/xx/31/31/31
    Kingdra (F) Relaxed/Swift Swim xx/xx/xx/xx/xx/31
    Greninja (FULLY EV TRAINED)
    Larvesta (F) Quirky/Swarm xx/31/xx/31/xx/xx
    Kingdra (F) xx/xx/xx/xx/xx/31
    Skrelp xx/xx/xx/xx/31/xx
    Basculin (F) Bold/Reckless xx/31/xx/xx/xx/xx
    Poliwrath (F) Serious/Water Absorb xx/xx/xx/31/xx/xx
    Goodra (M) Brave/Gooey xx/31/xx/xx/31/xx
    Trevanent (M) Rash/Harvest xx/xx/31/xx/xx/31
    Volbeat (M) Relaxed/Swarm xx/xx/xx/xx/31/31
    Alakazam (M) Calm/Magic Guard xx/31/xx/xx/xx/31
    Swanna (F) Rash/Keen Eye xx/31/xx/31/xx/xx
    Tentacool (F) Rash/Clear Body xx/xx/31/xx/31/xx
    Gengar (F) Hasty/Levitate xx/xx/xx/xx/xx/31
    Charizard (M) Lax/Blaze xx/xx/31/xx/xx/31
    Beedrill (M) Lax/Swarm xx/xx/31/xx/31/xx
    Rapidash (F) Naughty/Runaway 31/xx/xx/31/xx/xx
    Metagross Quiet/Clear Body xx/xx/xx/xx/31/31
    Dusclops (M) Modest/Pressure xx/xx/xx/xx/31/31
    Fletchinder (M) Hardy/Flame Body 31/xx/xx/xx/xx/31
    Delphox (M) Quiet/Magician xx/xx/xx/31/31/xx

    Mew (Korean) Rash/Synchronize

    4-5IV Chikoritas with 4 Egg moves
    4-6IV Ralts'
    5-6IV Oshawotts
    5-6IV Treeckos
    Master Ball

    PM me.
  17. KenoShay

    KenoShay Sinnoh Champ

    Trading shiny eevee chandelure azumarill furfrou and mareep pm offers
    Looking for shiny piplup male with decent nature will look at other offers
  18. Babypoke

    Babypoke New Member

    have the following shinie for trade
    shiny relicanth
    shiny sigilyth
    shiny remoraid
    shiny lantern
    shiny heliolisk
    shiny grumping
    shiny noviern
    shiny slugma
    shiny braixen
    shiny gyrados
    Looking for shiny fletching,fletchfind,talonflame if not just offer
  19. Mike 123

    Mike 123 New Member

    The shinies I have to offer are
    Gothitelle female
    Meowstic female
    Noibat female
    Espeon male
    Woobat male
    Ponyta female
    Aipom female
    Basculin female
    Relicanth male
    Seadra male
    Remoraid female
    Dragalge female
    Clawitzer female
    Corsola female
    Quilfish male
    Gyarados male
    And aegislash female
    I'm just looking for other shinies pm me offers
  20. akumaoniujuo

    akumaoniujuo Need a Ditto Plz

    I have
    Meloetta with ice moves.
    Shiny female Eevee (good IVs ) and curse,wish,helping hands,yawn as well.
    Shiny Genesect (with Pokerus) event one.
    Blaziken (with Mega stone)

    I WANT

    Pokemon: Shiny female Froakie
    Nature: Timid
    Ability: Protean
    IVs: 31/x/31/31/31/31
    Egg Moves (if any cool)

    Shiny Ninetails (male) a good one LOL. (LOOKING FOR THIS MAINLY)

    Shiny Pumpkaboo (Must be Super size aka largest one) Female good IVs 4-6 mainly and a ok nature. Lower leveled to be good.

    Charmander ( IV4-IV6) good stats and nature. egg moves

    Pokebank Celebi (ONLY the POKEBANK ONE)


    Shiny charmander (lvl 1-10) must have some egg moves,female and have good IVs and stats. Nature adamant.

    Shiny Gastly (same requirements as charmander)

    Oh yeah post me your friend code and Ill add you to my friend safari. My code is below. Just message me yours.

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