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Shiny Trading Thread


New Member
Shiny Pokemon FT:
Shiny Axew (adamant )
Shiny azurill
Shiny Haxorus (adamant)
Shiny sandshrew
Shiny Donphan
Shiny banette
Shiny garchomp (jolly ev trained)
Shiny aipom Ha (kalos)
Shiny Squirtle
Shiny Charizard
Shiny ninetales (kalos)
Shiny Salamence (lvl 92)
Shiny Altaria
Shiny Palkia (nicknameable)
Shiny Nosepass (kalos nicknameable)
Shiny Lugia

Pokebank pokemon ft:
Event Metagross(--v)
Event Garchomp (--v)
Event Dragonite (strgst pkm)
Event Darkrai (may2012)
Event celebi (gamestp)
Event deoxys (mesuda)
Pikachu Colored Pichu
Gamestp Shiny Entei
Most legendaries from all previous generations (specify when pming)

Will also trade mega stones from X for shinies,or include them in the trade depending on the offer

LF: Offers, especially shiny eevee line, elektrike line, shiny imposter ditto, shiny deino line, pumpkaboo (prefered xl), phantump, honedge, hoppip
Will listen to all offers, regardless if they are the above few!


Pokemon Master
hello, i have a 6IV shiny lvl 1 HA Ninetails for trade, and am looking for good offers on it, also i have the following for trade as well:
Offering: (all Shinies)
Eevee - 4IV
Gastly - 2IV
Solosis - 3IV
Torchic - 1IV
Ralts - 1IV
Piplup - 1IV
Elekid - 6IV
Seedot - 6IV
Turtwig - 1IV
Shinx - 1IV
Burmy - 1IV
Lotad - 6IV
Hoppip - 1IV
Togepi - 1IV
Silcoon - 1IV
Feebas - 1IV
Bidoof - 1IV
Magby - 1IV
Porygon 2 - 1IV
Blissey - 1IV
Eevee - 1IV
Castform - 1IV
Trapinch - 1IV
Kabuto - 1IV
Snorunt - 1IV (F)
Shedninja - 1IV
Umbreon - 1IV
Chinchou - 1IV
Wingull - 1IV
Zangoose - 1IV
Tentacool - 1IV
Crobat - 2IV
Spinda - 2IV
Entei - 6IV
Quilladin - 3IV
Braixen - 2IV
Teddiursa - 2IV
Pichu - 1IV
Pichu - 1IV
Magmar - 2IV
Sandile - 3IV
Ditto - 2IV
Litwik - 1IV
Dunsparce - 3IV
Vileplume - 2IV
Simipour - 2IV
Mantine - 1IV
Vanillish - 1IV
Sylveon - 1IV
Mawile - 2IV
Charizard - 1IV
Poliwrath - 1IV
Eevee - 1IV
Aegislash - 1IV
Darkrai - 6IV
Giratina - 1IV
Togekiss - 1IV
Hydreigon - 1IV
Tornadus - 2IV
Virizion - 1IV
Ditto - 6IV
Crobat -6IV
Gliscor - 2IV
Grumpig - 1IV
Garchomp - 1IV
Yanmega - 1IV
Jolteon - 1IV
Minun - 1IV
Kyogre - 2IV
Deoxys - 1IV
Cobalion - 1IV
Giratina - 1IV
Giratina - 1IV
Giratina - 2IV
Dialga - 1IV
Palkia - 1IV
Rayquaza - 1IV

Looking for mainly any Shinies, would prefer non fishing, but will consider all offers. Please PM me ASAP.

Also, please visit my shop, link in sig, it has a wider variety of Shinies, items, and services.


New Member
Looking for these shinys:
No nickname please
Floette (red org white yellow)

Shinys up for trade:
Tyranitar (jap)
Pangoro (nickname pandagro) got from trade
Buneary (fre) but will go to eng name when it evos

Non shinys:
Arceus (one eng and one jpn)
Virizion (jap)
Keldeo (eng and jap)

My friend code is 4124-5167-6811


Breeder n' Collector
one thing i am looking for is a shiny pancham, my gf loves pancham and i have been lookin for one for a while now, if someone can help me out with that, that would be great :)


Rare collector
FT: Shiny timid 6 IV Manaphy
Shiny timid 6 IV Shaymin
LOTS of 5-6 IV timid Cyndaquil (non-shiny)

LF: 5 or 6 IV RASH shiny Honedge- BIG WANT
5 or 6 IV shiny Electrike with Manectite- BIG WANT
5 or 6 IV shiny Eevee
Shinies bred in Johto exclusive balls (the ones from Kurt)

Please PM me with offers. Will consider all offers, but please be reasonable!
Looking for kalos bred shinies! preferably with good Iv's but I'm flexible, trading event pokemon from previous gens! most uncloned


Well-Known Member

FT: over 200 shinies (over 230 if you include pokebank shinies) - please check my list before making an offer as I may already have what you offer me.
--Click Spoiler tag for my list of FT Pokemon--

LF: IVed shinies I don't have, especially 6th gen shinies
-will consider any IVed shiny offer as long as it isn't a pokemon I already have (unless you can give me one with a different nature or some egg moves I don't have)

Specifically LF these shinies:
5-6iv adamant/jolly protean froakie
5iv iron head KALOS BRED gible
5iv Pancham
5-6iv FEMALE egg move Fennekin
5iv SS pumpkaboo
5-6IV Dry Skin Helioptile
5IV HA Squirtle with dragon P and Aura S AND Aqua ring (mine doesn't have aqua ring)
5IV Shiny Vivillon x 14 (I have Monsoon, Elegant, Icy Snow and Jungle)
5IV of any 6th gen pokemon I dont have


All shinies unless otherwise mentioned:

M - male F - female
Flawless - IV spread is ideal for the pokemon's stats and nature (most likely missing one of the attacks)

I have all shiny gen 1-6 starters!!

6IV Pokemon:
6IV Timid Trace F Ralts

6IV HA Modest M Goodra (nicknamed "Viscogon")

6IV JAP Jolly ditto in dive ball

6IV JAP Adamant Landrous therian

6IV JAP Modest mirror coat/confuse ray F Milotic

6IV HA Impish Ice fang M Gliscor

6IV HA Jolly F Salamence

6IV HA adamant F Fletchling

6IV Solar power Timid Helioptile

6IV Timid protean M froakie

6IV Timid Protean Toxic Spikes M Froakie

6IV Adamant Superpower/wild charge F Tepig

6IV HA Modest 4 egg move M Fennekin

6IV Careful HA horn leech F Trevenant

6IV Impish HA M Phantump

6IV Hardy JAP Mew

6IV Timid Kyogre

6IV Timid Darkrai

6IV Relaxed Suicune

6IV Impish Regirock

6IV Hasty JAP Event Genesect

6IV Adamant Metagross

6IV Adamant Entei

6IV Adamant 3egg move M Riolu

6IV Impish M Furfrou in net ball

6IV adamant latias

6IV modest latios

6IV Jolly Virizion

6IV Timid Shaymin in premier ball

6IV Adamant Giratina with stone in master ball

6IV Timid Dialga in master ball

6IV HA Impish spikes/ curse/ synthesis/ quick guard M Chespin

6IV Modest M Amaura

6IV Careful milk drink F Skiddo

6IV Contrary Adamant M Inkay

6IV Timid F Gengar

6IV Adamant Rayquaza

6IV Adamant HA M Bagon in luxury ball

6IV Adamant 4fangs (poison fang!) F Mawile

6IV Naive Play Rough M Absol

6IV Modest wish/yawn M Eevee

6IV Modest M Feebas

6IV Modest HA Counter/ Acid Armor/ Iron Tail M Goomy

6IV Impish Sturdy Carbink

6IV Adamant Frisk Shadow Sneak/ Destiny bond/ Disable/ Will-O-Wisp M Shuppet in dusk ball

6IV Adamant Pressure Sucker Punch/ Play Rough/ Megahorn/ Zen Headbutt M Absol in premier ball

6IV Modest JPN Articuno in master ball

6IV Timid Manaphy

6IV Calm JPN Cressslia in heal ball

6IV JPN Terrakion in luxury ball

6IV Timid JPN Thundurus in ultra ball

6IV HA Timid Lugia

6IV HA Modest Poliwag

6IV Adamant Intimidate Iron Head/ Play Rough/ Sucker Punch/ Swords Dance F Mawile

6IV HA Jolly Icicle Spear/ Ice Shard/ Rock Blast/ Shell Smash F Cloyster

6IV Adamant Groudon

6IV Brave Mewtwo

6IV HA Sassy Ice Fang/Crunch M Snorunt (lv. 99) (Not Kalos Bred)

6 IV HA Bold M Tropius (Not Kalos Bred)

6IV HA Timid F Frosslass (Not Kalos Bred)

6IV HA Adamant M Eevee (Not Kalos Bred)

6IV Dry Skin Timid F Heliolisk

6IV Prankster Bold Psybeam/ Psyshock/ Barrier/ Trick M JPN Meowstic in Heal Ball

6IV HA Calm Blue Flower F Flabebe

6IV Unburden Naughty Belly Drum/ Yawn/ After You/ Copycat F Swirlix

6IV Infiltrator Timid M Noivern

0-5IV Pokemon:

31/31/30/30/31/30 Hasty Protean M Greninja - HP Fire!

31/31/30/30/31/30 Hasty Protean M Froakie - HP Fire!

5IV Flawless Timid protean Toxic Spikes M Froakie

5IV Flawless Timid HA M Greninja with toxic spikes

31/31/31/x/31/0 Brave M Aegislash

31/31/31/31/31/0 Quiet Aegislash

31/31/31/x/31/0 Relaxed M & Brave F Honedge

x/x/31/31/31/31 Modest Pixilate M Sylveon

31/x/31/31/31/0 quiet magic guard F solosis

31/x/30/31/31/31 Timid HP Ice F Heatran

5IV Flawless Jolly M Garchomp

5IV Flawless Adamant M curse/ superpower/ dragon rush/ head smash Aron

5IV Flawless Impish whirlwind/ brave bird F Skarmory

5IV Flawless HA Counter F Goomy

5IV Flawless Calm volt switch/will O wisp Wash Rotom

5IV Flawless adamant/jolly Ho-oh

5IV Flawless Adamant HA M dratini

5IV Flawless Modest M Cyndaquil

5IV Flawless Jolly Quick Attack/CC Pinsir

5IV Flawless Modest HA dragon pulse/ aura sphere M squirtle

5IV Flawless Adamant M Tyranitar

4IV (-SpAtk & Speed) Adamant F Mawile

5IV (-SpDef) Adamant M Emboar

5IV (-SpAtk) Calm F Whimsicott

5IV (-SpAtk) Calm F cottonee

5IV (-SpDef) Adamant Dragon Dance M Totodile

5IV Flawless Adamant German dragon dance/ice punch Totodile

5IV (-Atk) Calm Air Slash M Samurott

5IV Flawless Timid air/night slash M Oshawott

5IV Flawless Timid wish/yawn/curse HA F Eevee in ultra ball

5IV Flawless Italian Timid M Larvesta

5IV Flawless Impish Foreign Mirror coat M Avalugg

5IV Flawless Adamant M Hitmonchan

5IV Flawless HA Adamant baton pass M Torchic

30-31IVs HA Modest M Venusaur with Giga Drain and HP Fire

5IV Modest HA giga drain M Bulbasaur

5IV Flawless Impish Registeel

5IV Flawless Adamant HA 4 egg move M Riolu

5IV flawless Jolly HA 3 egg move F Riolu

5IV flawless Timid HA Dragon pulse M Charizard

5IV Flawless Adamant Outrage/ DD F Charizard

5IV Flawless Modest DD/Dragon pulse F charmander

5IV Flawless Adamant DD/ Outrage/ Crunch/ Bite M charmander

5IV Flawless Timid Infiltrator Switcheroo F Noivern

5IV Flawless Timid infiltrator switcheroo F Noibat

5IV Flawless Adamant DD M Dragonite

5IV Flawless Adamant play rough/ aqua jet/ belly drum/ waterfall F Azumarrill in ultra ball

5IV flawless Timid nasty plot F Houndoom

5IV Flawless Timid compound eyes monsoon F scatterbug!!!

5IV Flawless Timid Italian leaf storm/ endeavor / worry seed/ synthesis M Treecko

5IV Flawless Impish SS F Gourgeist

5IV Flawless HA Adamant CC/ Aerial Ace/ Rock blast/ Pin missile M Heracross

5IV flawless Bold prankster reflect/light screen/ Thunderwave/ foul play F Klefki

5IV Flawless Timid HA M yawn pyroar

5IV Flawless Adamant Scrappy sucker punch F Kangaskan

5IV Flawless adamant curse avalanche Spanish M Mudkip

5IV Flawless calm leaf storm/ Ancient power/ Ingrain / leech seed F Chikorita

5IV Flawless timid M Snivy

5IV Flawless Adamant Unburden baton pass F Hawlucha in quick ball

5IV (-HP) Jolly F furfrou in luxury ball

5IV Flawless M Deino in dusk ball

5IV Flawless Jolly icicle crash M Sneasel in quick ball

5IV Flawless Adamant F Kabuto

5IV Flawless Adamant M Shinx in ultra ball

5IV Flawless HA jolly thunder punch/ fire punch M Chimchar

5IV Flawless Modest yawn M Piplup

5IV (-SpAtk) infiltrator F espurr

5IV (-Atk) M own tempo espurr

5IV Flawless Adamant HA bullet seed F shroomish

5IV Flawless Jolly DD/ Thunder/Fire/Ice Fang M Tyrunt

5IV Flawless Adamant 4fangs (poison fang) F Tyrunt

5IV Flawless Calm HA M Sableye

5IV Flawless Adamant Baton Pass M Scizor in luxury ball

5IV Flawless Adamant M Aerodactyl

5IV Flawless Modest dragon pulse/cotton guard F Ampharos

5IV Flawless Timid Extrasensory/ Counter M Zorua

5IV Flawless Adamant HA M Excadrill

5IV Flawless Timid Pain Split F Litwick

5IV Flawless Modest HA giga drain/ingrain F bulbasaur

5IV Flawless Calm Nasty Plot/ Baton Pass F Togepi

5IV Flawless Jolly HA M Zubat

31/31/31/x/31/0 Relaxed Stealth Rock/ Spikes F Ferroseed

5IV Flawless Jolly Winter F Deerling

5IV Flawless Timid HA Heat Wave/ Extrasensory/ Disable/ Power Swap Vulpix

5IV 31/31/31/31/31/0 Quiet M Tynamo

5IV Flawless Timid F Electrike

5IV Flawless Calm Red flower F Flabebe in nest ball

5IV Flawless Timid Roost M Hydreigon

5IV Flawless Adamant M Cranidos

5IV Flawless Impish HA Sky uppercut Gligar

5IV Flawless Italian Medicham

5IV Flawless Timid Disable M Gastly

5IV Flawless Timid HA M Alakazam

5IV Flawless HA Timid M Litleo

5IV Flawless Calm Water absorb confuse ray F Frillish

5IV adamant curse M Turtwig

5IV Flawless F Mold breaker Axew

31/x/30/31/31/31 Modest HP Ice Rotom

5IV Flawless Adamant shadow sneak Gallade

31/31/31/31/31/0 Relaxed JPN Cofagrigus

5IV Flawless Timid JPN Palkia

5IV (-Atk) Brave Manaphy

5IV Modest HA wish/curse Spanish M Eevee

5IV Flawless Impish Ice Body F Bergmite

5IV Flawless Modest Poison Touch Toxic Spikes M Skrelp

5IV Flawless Timid Compound Eyes Jungle Vivillon

31/x/31/30/31/30 Modest HA HP Fire/ Giga Drain/ Petal Dance/ Leaf Storm Bulbasaur

5IV Flawless HA Modest F Greninja

5IV a Flawless Technician Baton Pass F Scizor

5IV Flawless Jolly HA icicle spear/ rock blast Shellder in net ball

5IV Flawless JPN Adamant Speed boost Steamroller/ Toxic/ Rock Climb/ Double Edge M Venipede

5IV Flawless Bold HA Wish/Yawn F Sylveon in luxury ball

5IV Flawless Jolly Shell Smash M Binacle

5IV Flawless Modest M Clauncher

5IV Flawless Jolly Pure Power Drain Punch/ Bullet Punch/ Fake Out/ Psycho Cut M Meditite in luxury ball

5IV Flawless Adamant Flash Fire Iron Tail/ Flare Blitz/ Morning Sun/ CC M Arcanine in luxury ball

5IV Flawless Adamant Technician Feint/ Foresight/ Vacuum Wave/ HJK Hitmontop

5IV HA Bold Zen-Headbutt/ Taunt/ Will-o-wisp/ Recover M Sableye in repeat ball

5IV HA Bold Curse/Yawn/ Disable/ Zen Headbutt M Slowpoke

5IV Flawless Jolly Head Smash/ Fire Fang/ Ice Fang/ Thunder Fang (can learn DD from move retutor) M Tyrantrum

31/x/x/31/31/31 Timid Lightningrod HP Ice Korean (but named Manetric) M Manetric

5IV Flawless Adamant Guts Rock Slide/ Outrage/ Dragon Dance/ Stealth Rock F Larvitar

5IV Flawless Impish Sturdy Harden/ Recover/ Mist/ Mirror Coat M Bergmite in dive ball

5IV Flawless Timid Covet/ Tackle/ Tail Whip/ Helping Hand M Dedenne

31/x/31/31/31/0 Aroma Veil Relaxed Sweet Scent/ Fairy Wind/ Wish/ Disable M Spritzee in luxury ball

31/31/31/31/31/0 Adamant Ditto

x/31/31/31/31/29 Bold Wish/Yawn M Vaporeon

x/31/31/31/31/30 HA Jolly M Greninja

4IV (-SpAtk & SpDef) Adamant M Talonflame

4IV (-HP & -SpAtk) Timid M Manectric

31/31/x/x/31/31 Adamant Metagross

31/x/31/31/x/31 M Timid Heliolisk

31/x/31/31/x/31 Timid M Charmander

30/x/x/17/31/31 Naive M Noivern

30/31/31/x/31/21 Jolly M Treecko

Non-competitive shinies:
Shiny JAP suicune, 2IV modest Quilladin, Leafeon, shiny JAP Regigigas, clawitzer, Luxray, Chandelure, malamar,

Non shiny:
6iv Victini, 6iv Jirachi, 6iv Arceus, 4iv Keldeo/ 5IV (-Speed) Keldeo, 6iv Meloetta, 31/03/31/31/30/31 Modest HA Mewtwo with HP Steel


6IV Bold Prankster Sub/ Leech Seed/ Taunt/ Giga Drain F Whimsicott

6IV Modest F Volcarona

31/31/31/31/31/0 Modest Regenerator Trick Room Reuniclus

6IV Adamant Scrappy F Stoutland

6IV Timid Magic Guard Cosmic Power/ Roost/ Air Slash/ Psychic F Sigilyph

6IV Cosmic Power/ Roost/ Psycho Shift/ Stored Power F Sigilyph

6IV Adamant Sheer Force Tailwind/ Brave Bird/ Crush Claw/ Superpower M Rufflet

6IV Adamant Sand Rush Earthquake/ Brick Break/ Shadow Claw/ Aerial Ace F Drilbur

6IV Modest Cursed Body Scald/ Hex/ Energy ball/ Ice Beam M Jellicent

6IV Adamant Defiant F Bisharp

6IV Jolly Mold Breaker DD/ Outrage/ EQ/ Brick Break M and F Haxorus

6IV Modest Unnerve Joltik

6IV Adamant Inner Focus SD/ Extremespeed/ Ice Punch/ CC F Lucario

6IV Adamant Sturdy AJ/ EQ/ SE/ Crunch F Carracosta

6IV Adamant Reckless Head Charge/ Wild Charge/ EQ/ Revenge Bouffalant

6IV Impish F Phanpy

6IV Adamant Aqua Jet/ Razor Shell Oshawott

6IV Timid HA Vacuum Wave/ Roar/ Copycat M Riolu

6IV Jolly Sheer Force BB/ Rock Slide/ Roost/ Crush Claw M Braviary

6IV Hardy M Gyarados

6IV Adamant M Gyarados

6IV Modest Nasty Plot/ Night Daze/ Extrasensory/ Flamethrower F Zoroark

6IV Adamant M Trapinch

6IV Adamant HA Rain Dance/ Icicle Crash/ Brick Break/ Aqua Jet F Beartic

6IV Jolly Volt Tackle/ Brick Break M Pikachu in cherish ball (event pichu)

6IV modest Hydration Rain Dance/ Hurricane/ Scald/ Rest F Swanna

6IV Adamant Sturdy Stealth Rock/ SE/ EQ/ Explosion F Gigalith

6IV Adamant No Guard Dynamic punch/ SE/ Shadow Punch/ EQ Golurk

6IV Adamant Defeatist Dragon Claw/ U turn/ Stone Edge/ EQ F Archeops

6IV Modest Simple Calm Mind/ Air Slash/ Psychic/ Charge Beam Swoobat

6IV Adamant Overcoat X-Scissor/ SD/ Aerial Ace/ Reversal F Escavalier

6IV Modest Serene Grace Extrasensory/Shadow Ball F Togepi

6IV Adamant Moxie Outrage/ EQ/ Brick Break/ Rock Slide M Krookodile

6IV Adamant Moxie DD/ Ice Punch/ Drain Punch/ Crunch M Scrafty


New Member
FT: Shiny Eevee 6 ivs (Timid, Anticipation) Has egg move Wish
Shiny gligar 6 ivs (Impish,immunity)
Shiny Japanese emboar 1 iv (Hasty,Blaze)
Shiny Clefable 6 ivs (Adamant,Magic Guard)
Also have Event Flying Pikachu :)

LF: Shiny Honedge 6 ivs (Adamant)
Shiny Goomy 6 ivs ( Good nature with HA)
Shiny espurr 6 ivs ( Good nature with HA)


shiny trades?
looking for a shiny tyrantrum pm me if u have 1


Looking for Shiny Perfect 5IV Timid Natural Cure Staryu/Starmie

Offering multiple of anything in my sig, some in-game legendaries, shiny pokemon.

Please PM me if you think we can work out a deal. Thanks!

P.S. If you are interested in something in my sig but don't have what I'm looking for PM me with an offer and I'm sure we can make a deal.
Friend Code: 0018-1458-6414
Shinies for Trade
IV Shinies
4 IV
Bulbasaur | Modest | Overgrow | Male | Giga Drain/Leaf Storm
Ralts | Timid | Synchronize | Female
Treecko | Adamant | Overgrow | Male
Metagross | Adamant | Clear Body | Male
5 IV
Charizard | Timid | Blaze | Male | Dragon Dance/ Outrage
Trevenant | Careful | Harvest | Male
Greninja | Timid | Protean | Male
Scizor | Adamant | Technician | Male
Garchomp | Jolly | Rough Skin | Male
Aegislash | Brave | Stance Change | Male
Eevee | (Happy) | Timid | Anticipation | Female
Noibat | Timid | Infiltrator | Female
Dratini | Adamant | Marvel Scale | Male
Slowpoke | Bold | Refrigerator | Male
Cyndaquil | Modest | Blaze | Male
Aron | Adamant | Rock Head | Male
Blastoise | Modest | Rain Dish | Male
Talonflame | Brave | Gale Wings | Male
Skarmory | Impish | Sturdy | Female
Tyrunt | Adamant | Strong Jaws | Male | Elemental fangs/Dragon Dance
Amaura | Modest | Refrigerate | Male
Gligar | Impish | Immunity | Male
Torchic | Adamant | Speed Boost | Male
6 IV
Houndoom | Timid | Flash Fire | Female
Mareep | Modest | Static | Female
Absol | Naive | Super Luck | Male
Zorua | Naive | Illusion | Male
Feebas | (Naia) | Calm | Swift Swim | Male *
Pinsir | Jolly | Moxie | Male *
Inkay | Adamant | Contrary | Male
Mawile | Adamant | Initimidate | Female
Genesect | Naughty | Download*
Mew | Quiet | Synchronize *
Ho Oh | Adamant | Pressure*
Darkrai | Timid | Bad Dreams*
Kyogre | Timid | Drizzle*
Mewtwo | Adamant | Pressure*
Looking for Shinies
I am looking for these kalos bred competitive shinies
Gigalith, Porygon, Furfrou, Bulbasaur with Chlorophyll, Klefki, Nidoran Male,
Shiny Legendaries
Listening to all offers
* = not kalos bred


Know my power!!!!
Hey people I have the following 5-6iv shiny kalos bred pokemon for trade

Check my spoiler tag for list!!!!

All pokemon are kalos bred unless otherwise stated

All pokemon are in poke ball unless otherwise stated


Mawille (Adamant)

Ability: intimidate

Moves: fire fang, poision fang, thunder fang, ice fang

Ivs 31/31/31/31/31/31

Chespin (impish)

Ability: bulletproof

Moves:curse, spikes, quick guard, synthesis

Ivs 31/31/31/31/31/31

Furfrou ( impish)(In net ball)

Ability: Fur Coat

Moves: tackle, growl ,refresh, work up

Ivs 31/31/31/31/31/31

Honedge (brave) ( In premier ball)

Ability: Stance Change

Moves:tackle ,swords dance, shadow sneak

Ivs: 31/31/31/xx/31/0

Klefki (Bold)(In ultra ball)


Moves:fairy lock,tackle, iron defense

Ivs: 31/31/31/xx/31/31

Klefki (Careful)

Ability: Prankster

Moves: Fairy lock, tackle

Ivs 31/31/31/xx/31/31

Froakie (Hasty) (Hidden power fire) (in dive ball)

Ability: Protean

Moves: quick attack, lick, water pulse, smokescreen

Ivs: 30/31/31/30/31/30

Trevenant (Careful)

Ability: Harvest

Moves: horn leech, confuse ray , tackle

Ivs: 31/31/31/31/31/31

Inkay (adamant)


Moves: tackle ,peck, constrict

Ivs 31/31/31/31/31/31

Shellder (Jolly)( in net ball)

Ability:Skill Link

Moves:Icicle Spear,protect,clamp,rock blast

Ivs 31/31/31/xx/31/31

Hawlucha (adamant)( in quick ball)


Moves: agility,ally switch,baton pass, quick guard.

Ivs: 31/31/31/xx/31/31

Eevee (timid)

Ability: (Anticipation)

Moves:Charm, Covet, stored power and wish

Ivs: 31/xx/31/31/31/31

Gligar (impish) (in premier ball)

Ability: (immunity )

Moves : poison sting and acrobatics.

Ivs: 31/31/31/xx/31/31

Noibat (Timid) (in dusk ball)


Moves: supersonic, tackle tailwind, switcheroo

Ivs: 31/xx/30/31/31/31

Noibat (timid) ( in dusk ball)

Ability: infiltrator

Moves: screech,supersonic,tackle, hurricane.

Ivs: 31/xx/31/31/31/31

Azumarill: (Adamant)

Ability: Huge Power

Moves: protect,belly drum, aqua tail,aqua jet

Ivs 31/31/31/xx/31/31

Fletchling: (adamant)

Ability:Gale Wings

Moves:Tackle, growl

Ivs 31/31/31/31/31/31

Venipede: (Jolly) Not Kalos bred

Ability: Speed Boost

Moves: steam roller,toxic,rock climb,double edge

Ivs 31/31/31/xx/31/31

Absol: (Naive) (In premiere ball)

Ability: Super Luck

Moves: feint,sucker punch,baton pass ,play rough

Ivs: 31/31/31/31/31/31

Meditite: (Jolly) (In luxury ball)

Ability: pure power

Moves:drain punch,bullet punch, fake out and pyscho cut.

Ivs: 31/31/31/xx/31/31

Cottonee: (Calm)

Ability: Prankster

Moves:Fariy wind,encore,grass whistle, switcheroo


Ghastly (Timid)


Moves: disable, hypnosis ,shadow ball,lick

Ivs: 31/xx/31/31/31/31

Scizor (Adamant) F

Ability: Technician

Moves:quick attack, feint, endure, bullet punch

Ivs: 31/31/31/xx/31/31

Scizor (Adamant) M

Ability: technician

Moves: bullet punch, leer, razor wind, night slash

Ivs: 31/31/31/31/31/31

Skarmory (impish)


Moves: Peck, brave bird, whirlwind,pursuit

Ivs 31/31/31/xx/31/31

Kabuto (Adamant)

Ability: Swift swim

Moves: scratch ,harden

Ivs: 31/31/31/31/31/31

Torchic (adamant)

Ability:speed boost

Moves: aerial ace, shadow fang, flame charge, baton pass

Ivs: 31/31/31/xx/31/31

Ghastly (Timid)

Ability: levitate

Moves:hypnosis ,lick,shadow ball, disable.

Ivs: 31/xx/31/31/31/31

Zorua (Naive)

Ability: Allusion

Moves: Calm mind, leer, dark pulse, extrasensory

Ivs: 31/31/31/31/31/31

Zubat (Jolly)( in luxury ball)

Ability: infiltrator

Moves:defog ,hypnosis,pursuit,brave bird.


Kangaskhan (Jolly)

Ability: Scrappy

Moves : Comet punch, leer, circle throw.


Slowpoke (Bold)

Ability : regenerator

Moves:curse, yawn, disable, zen headbutt

Ivs: 31/xx/31/31/31/31

Poliwag (modest)

Ability: Swift swim

Moves:water sport,bubble beam, mudshot

Ivs: 31/31/31/31/31/31

Sableye (Bold)( In repeat ball)/(pokeball)

Ability: Prankster

Moves: taunt, willo wisp, recover, knock off/zen headbutt

Ivs: 31/xx/31/31/31/31

Binacle (Jolly)

Ability:tough claws

Moves: shell smash, scratch, sand attack

Ivs: 31/31/31/xx/31/31

Totodile (Adamant)

Ability: torrent

Moves: Aqua jet, crunch, dragon dance, ice punch

Ivs: 31/31/31/xx/31/31

Mudkip (Adamant)

Ability : torrent

Moves: Avalanche, Ice ball, growl, curse


Vulpix (Timid) (In luxury ball)

Ability: drought

Moves:extrasensory ,heat wave, disable , power swap


Aerodactyl (Adamant)

Ability: rock head

Moves: wing attack , super sonic ,bite, scary face

Ivs: 31/31/31/xx/31/31

Shuppet (adamant) ( In dusk ball)

Ability: frisk

Moves: shadow sneak, destiny bond, disable, willo wisp

Ivs: 31/31/31/31/31/31

Chimchar (jolly)

Ability: iron fist

Moves:thunder punch, fire punch, fake out , blaze kick

Ivs: 31/31/31/xx/31/31

Phanpy (Impish) (in quick ball)

Ability; pick up

Moves: Natural gift,slam,ice shard, play rough.

Ivs: 31/31/31/xx/31/31

Bunnelby (Adamant)

Ability: Huge Power

Moves: Tackle, Agility, Leer, Flail

Ivs: 31/31/31/xx/31/31

Tyrogue (Careful)

Ability: Guts

Moves: Endure, Rapid Spin, High jump kick, helping hand

Ivs: 31/31/31/xx/31/31

Porygon2 (Bold)

Ability: Trace

Moves: Conversion 2, zap cannon, conversion, magic coat

Ivs: 31/0/31/31/31/31

Riolu (Jolly)

Ability: Prankster

Moves: endure, high jump kick,crunch,bullet punch

Ivs: 31/31/31/xx/31/31

Swinub (Adamant)

Ability: Thick Fat

Moves: icy wind, ice shard , icicle crash, stealth rock.

Ivs: 31/31/31/xx/31/31

Timburr (Adamant)

Ability: Guts

Moves: foresight, detect, Mach punch, drain punch

Ivs: 31/31/31/xx/31/31

Shellos (Relaxed)

Ability: Storm drain

Moves: mud slap

Ivs: 31/xx/31/31/31/31

I really want a 5 iv Kalos bred shiny tentacool with ability rain dish and egg move rapid spin and knock off. I would trade MULTIPLE POKEMON for it. I'm also looking for a 5 iv Kalos bred tyrunt with dragon dance and poision fang. I'm open to other offers aswell so feel free to pm me. I'm in the market for 5-6iv shiny Kalos bred pokemon that I don't have.
Seeking 6th gen shines, preferably UT

Willing to give two shinies from my list for 1 6th gen shiny or 1 shiny legendary for 1 shiny 6th gen shiny

PM me if thou is interested.

Teh Shiny list

#001 Bulbasaur (Male) Lv. 1 (UT) (Japanese) (PKRS) Nature: Bold / Somewhat vain
#002 Ivysaur (Female) Lv. 16 Nature: Modest / Mischievous
#003 Venasaur (Male) Lv. 33 (Japanese) Nature: Hasty / Alert to sounds
#004 Charmander (Male) Lv. 1 (UT) Nature: Quirky / Strong willed (Dragon dance/Dragon rush)
#005 Charmeleon (Male) Lv. 16 Nature: Modest / Often dozes off
#006 Charizard (Male) Lv. 100 (EV Trained) Nature: Adamant / Alert to sounds
#007 Squirtle (Male) Lv. 1 (UT) (Japanese) (PKRS) Nature: Bashful / Alert to sounds
#008 Wartortle (Male) Lv. 22 Nature: Calm / Often dozes off
#011 Metapod (Male) Lv. 9 Nature: Hasty / Hates to lose
#012 Butterfree (Male) Lv. 49 Nature: Brave / Mischievous
#015 Beedrill (Male) Lv. 12 Nature: Quiet / Alert to sounds
#016 Pidgey (Male) Lv. 14 (UT) Nature: Gentle / Somewhat vain
#017 Pidgeotto (Male) Lv. 37 Nature: Brave / Alert to sounds
#019 Rattata (Female) Lv. 11 (UT) Nature: Lax / Strongly defiant
#020 Raticate (Female) Lv. 28 (UT) (Japanese) Nature: Adamant / Loves to eat
#021 Spearow (Male) Lv. 38 Nature: Quirky / Very finicky
#023 Ekans (Female) Lv. 5 (UT) Nature: Hardy / Mischievous
#025 Pikachu (Female) Lv. 2 (Lightningrod ab.) (RC) Nature: Serious / Likes to fight
#026 Raichu (Male) Lv. 19 (PKRS) Nature: Impish / Sturdy body
#029 Nidoran (Female) Lv. 3 (UT) Nature: Rash / Proud of its power
#032 Nidoran (Male) Lv. 1 (UT) Nature: Rash Iv: Likes to trash about
#033 Nidorino (Male) Lv. 16 (PKRS) Nature: Modest / Mischievous
#034 Nidoking (Male) Lv. 23 (Japanese) Nature: Quirky / A little quick tempered
#035 Clefairy (Female) Lv. 54 (UT) (Korean) Nature: Sassy / Somewhat of a clown
#037 Vulpix (Male) Lv. 1 (UT) Nature: Timid / Somewhat vain
#038 Ninetales (Female) Lv. 76 Nature: Modest / Loves to eat
#042 Golbat (Male) Lv. 43 Nature: Bold / Strong willed
#043 Oddish (Male) Lv. 20 (UT) Nature: Serious / Often lost in thought
#051 Dugtrio (Male) Lv. 53 (UT) (Korean) Nature: Lax / Somewhat vain
#052 Meowth (Female) Lv. 10 (UT) Nature: Modest / Proud of its power
#054 Psyduck (Male) Lv. 23 (UT) Nature: Adamant / Capable of taking hits
#055 Golduck (Female) Lv. 47 (UT) Nature: Timid / Likes to trash about
#058 Growlithe (Male) Lv. 3 (UT) Nature: Adamant / Alert to sounds
#065 Alakazam (Male) Lv. 100 (Ev trained) Nature : Timid / Likes to trash about
#066 Machop (Female) Lv. 5 (UT) Nature: Quirky / Alert to sounds*
#068 Machamp (Male) Lv. 40 (UT) Nature: Quirky / Very finicky
#072 Tentacool (Male) Lv. 28 (UT) Nature: Lonely / Loves to eat
#073 Tentacruel (Male) Lv. 100 Nature: Serious / Mischievous*
#074 Geodude (Male) Lv. 15 (PKRS) Nature: Careful / Somewhat vain
#076 Golem (Female) Lv. 24 Nature: Docile / Alert to sounds
#077 Ponyta (Female) Lv. 23 (UT) Nature: Timid / Likes to Fight
#078 Rapidash (Male) Lv. 43 (RC) Nature: Brave / Likes to trash about
#081 Magnemite Lv. 16 (UT) Nature: Hasty / Good perseverance
#082 Magneton Lv. 30 Nature: Timid / Often dozes off
#085 Dodrio (Female) Lv. 31 (UT) Nature: Naughty / Likes to fight
#090 Shellder (Male) Lv. 39 (UT) Nature: Modest / Often dozes off
#092 Gastly (Female) Lv. 1 (UT) Nature: Quirky / Likes to run
#093 Haunter (Male) Lv. 36 Nature: Modest / Capable of taking hits
#094 Gengar (Female) Lv. 36 Nature: Adamant / Often dozes off
#095 Onix (Male) Lv. 49 (UT) Nature: Calm / Often dozes off
#096 Drowzee (Male) Lv. 22 Nature: Quiet / Proud of its power
#098 Krabby (Male) Lv. 41 (UT) Nature: Hardy / Often dozes off
#100 Voltorb Lv. 29 (UT) Nature: Timid / Scatters things often
#103 Exeggutor (Male) Lv. 32 (Japanese) Nature: Mild / A little quick tempered
#108 Lickitung (Male) Lv. 49 (UT) Nature: Lonely / Often scatters things
#109 Koffing (Male) Lv. 1 (UT) Nature: Bold / Capable of taking hits
#111 Rhyhorn (Female) Lv. 29 (UT) Nature: Rash / Mischievous
#112 Rhydon (Female) Lv. 42 (PKRS) Nature: Adamant / Somewhat of a clown
#113 Chansey (Female if course) Lv. 17 (UT) Nature: Sassy / A little quick tempered
#114 Tangela (Male) Lv. 47 (UT) Nature: Docile / Very finicky
#115 Kangaskhan (Female of course) Lv. 49 Nature: Timid / Hates to lose
#116 Horsea (Female) Lv. 1 (UT) Nature: Quiet / Loves to eat
#117 Seadra (Female) Lv. 55 (UT) (Japanese) Nature: Adamant / Capable of taking hits
#118 Goldeen (Male) Lv. 1 (UT) (Lighningrod ab.) Nature: Lonely / Mischievous
#119 Seaking (Male) Lv. 10 (UT) (PKRS) Nature: Bold / Likes to run
#123 Syther (Male) Lv. 100 Nature: Mild / Capable of taking hit
#130 Gyarados (Male) Lv. 40 (UT) Nature: Jolly / Strong willed
#132 Ditto Lv. 40 (UT) Nature: Jolly / Strong willed
#133 Eevee (Male) Lv. 50 (UT) (VGC10) Nature: Hardy / Likes to fight
#135 Jolteon (Male) Lv. 18 (UT) Nature: Modest / Likes to run
#136 Flareon (Male) Lv. 1 (UT) Nature: Docile / Alert to sounds
#137 Porygon Lv. 16 (UT) Nature: Timid / Impetuous and silly
#140 Kabuto Lv. 1 (UT) Nature: Lonely / Likes to fight
#144 Articuno Lv. 100 Nature: Gentle / Likes to trash about
#145 Zapdos Lv. 60 (UT) Nature: Calm / Somewhat vain
#146 Moltres Lv. 50 (UT) Nature: Naïve / Loves to eat
#147 Dratini (Female) Lv. 46 (UT) (Japanese) Nature: Brave / Loves to eat
#148 Draganair (Male) Lv. 54 (UT) Nature: Naïve / Somewhat vain
#149 Dragonite (Female) Lv. 61 Nature: Quircky / Likes to trash about
#150 Mewtwo Lv. 70 Nature: Bold / Sturdy body
#152 Chikorita (Male) Lv. 1 (UT) Nature: Serious / Capable of taking hits
#153 Bayleef (Male) Lv. 30 (PKRS) Nature: Adamant / Often scatters things
#154 Meganium (Male) Lv. 32 Nature: Serious / Capable of taking hits
#155 Cyndaquil (Female) Lv. 1 (UT) Nature: Careful / Likes to fight
#156 Quilava (Male) Lv. 20 Nature: Modest / Likes to trash about
#157 Typhlosion (Male) Lv. 52 Nature: Lonely / Likes to relax
#162 Furret (Male) Lv. 50 (PKRS) Nature: Careful / Often dozes off
#163 Hoothoot (Female) Lv. 4 (UT) Nature: Brave / Likes to trash about
#166 Ledian (Female) Lv. 20 Nature: Calm / Likes to run
#168 Ariados (Male) Lv. 50 (UT) (Japanese) Nature: Quirky / Strong willed
#169 Crobat (Female) Lv. 74 Nature: Docile / Somewhat vain
#172 Pichu (Male) Lv. 30 (Gamestop) (UT) Nature: Jolly / Likes to run
#179 Mareep (Male) Lv. 6 (UT) Nature: Lonely / Likes to run
#180 Flaaffy (Male) Lv. 15 Nature: Modest / Often dozes off
#181 Ampharos (Male) Lv. 34 Nature: Hardy / Hates to lose
#184 Azumarill (Male) Lv. 27 (UT) Nature: Jolly / Strong willed
#191 Sunkern (Female) Lv. 15 (UT) (Japanese) Nature: Relaxed / Very finicky
#193 Yanma (Female) Lv. 12 (UT) Nature: Serious / Highly persistent
#194 Wooper (Female) Lv. 50 (PKRS) Nature: Bold / Hates to lose
#196 Espeon (Male) Lv. 19 Nature: Naughty / Likes to relax
#198 Murkrow (Female) Lv. 1 (UT) (Japanese) Nature: Relaxed / Likes to trash about
#199 Slowking (Female) Lv. 43 (UT) Nature: Lonely / Loves to eat
#201 Unkown (q) Lv. 19 Nature: Naïve / A little quick tempered
#203 Girafarig (Male) Lv. 21 (UT) Nature: Careful / Mischievous
#204 Pineco (Female) Lv. 34 (UT) Nature: Quirky / Somewhat vain
#208 Steelix (Female) Lv. 53 Nature: Serious / Alert to sounds
#209 Snubbull (Female) Lv. 19 (UT) Nature: Lonely / Sturdy body
#212 Scizor (Male) Lv. 25 (UT) Nature: Quiet / Likes to relax
#213 Shuckle (Female) Lv. 59 (UT) Nature: Naughty / Often dozes off
#214 Heracross (Female) Lv. 100 Nature: Female / Likes to run
#215 Sneasel (Male) Lv. 32 (UT) Nature: Hasty / Often lost in thought
#219 Magcargo (Female) Lv. 38 (Japanese) Nature: Bold / Highly curious
#221 Piloswine (Female) Lv. 47 (UT) Nature: Hasty / A little quick tempered
#227 Skarmory (Male) Lv. 51 Nature: Timid / Likes to trash about
#228 Houndour (Female) Lv. 1 (UT) Nature: Timid / Often dozes off
#231 Phanpy (Male) Lv. 5 (UT) Nature: Sassy / Mischievous
#235 Smeargle (Female) Lv. 1 (UT) Nature: Gentle / Very finicky
#236 Tyrogue (Male) Lv. 1 (UT) Nature: Adamant / Quick to flee
#239 Elekid (Male) Lv. 1 (UT) Nature: Adamant / Mischievous
#240 Magby (Male) Lv. 1 (UT) Nature: Lax / Somewhat stubborn*
#241 Miltank (Female) Lv. 38 Nature: Quirky / Thoroughly cunning
#242 Blissey (Female) Lv. 100 Nature: Quiet / Strong willed
#243 Raikou Lv. 100 (Gamestop) (EV Trained) (Max Speed) Nature: Rash / Alert to sounds
#244 Entei Lv. 100 (Gamestop) (EV Trained) (Max Speed) Nature: Adamant / Alert to sounds
#245 Suicune Lv. 100 (Gamestop) (EV Trained) Nature: Relaxed / Alert to sounds
#246 Larvitar (Female) Lv. 16 (UT) Nature: Rash / Capable of taking hits
#247 Pupitar (Female) Lv. 30 (PKRS) Nature: Hasty / Good perseverance
#248 Tyranitar (Female) Lv. 55 Nature: Brave / Somewhat vain
#249 Lugia Lv. 100 Nature: Jolly / Proud of its power
#250 Ho-Oh Lv. 100 Nature: Adamant / Hates to lose
#252 Treecko (Female) Lv. 5 Nature: Impish / Highly curious
#254 Sceptile (Male) Lv. 36 Nature: Gentle / Impetuous and silly
#255 Torchic (Male) Lv. 1 (UT) Nature: Sassy / Somewhat vain
#258 Mudkip (Female) Lv. 1 (UT) Nature: Jolly / Often dozes off
#261 Poochyena (Female) Lv. 23 (UT) Nature: Relaxed / Loves to eat
#262 Mightyena (Male) Lv. 28 (UT) Nature: Jolly / Somewhat willed
#265 Wurmple (Male) Lv. 4 Nature: Impish / Likes to run
#274 Nuzleaf (Male) Lv. 16 (UT) Nature: Timid / Somewhat Stubborn
#277 Swellow (Female) Lv. 47 (UT) Nature: Relaxed / Very finicky
#278 Wingull (Male) Lv. 22 (UT) Nature: Gentle / Good endurance
#280 Ralts (Female) Lv. 4 (UT) Nature: Brave / Mischievous
#284 Masquerain (Female) Lv. 27 Nature: Hardy / Good perseverance
#287 Slakoth (Male) Lv. 10 (UT) Nature: Adamant / Capable of taking hits
#290 Nincada (Male) Lv. 10 (UT) Nature: Modest / Capable of taking hits
#291 Ninjask (Female) Lv. 20 Nature: Rash / Often dozes off
#295 Exploud (Male) Lv. 40 Nature: Jolly / Likes to run
#302 Sableye (Male) Lv. 49 (UT) Nature: Sassy / Hates to lose
#304 Aron (Male) Lv. 31 (UT) Nature: Brave / Quick tempered
#307 Meditite (Male) Lv. 27 (UT) Nature: Careful / Mischievous
#309 Electrike (Female) Lv. 7 (UT) Nature: Modest / Scatters things often
#310 Manectric (Male) Lv. 27 (UT) Nature: Jolly / Strong willed
#313 Volbeat (Male of course) Lv. 44 (UT) Nature: Hardy / Often scatters things
#318 Carvanha (Male) Lv. 1 (UT) Nature: Bashful / Sturdy body
#321 Wailord (Female) Lv. 50 Nature: Serious / Often lost in thought
#322 Numel (Male) Lv. 15 Nature: Bold / Highly curious
#323 Camerupt (Male) Lv. 57 (UT) Nature: Relaxed / Good perseverance
#324 Torkoal (Male) Lv. 17 (UT) (Japanese) Nature: Gentle / Likes to run
#326 Grumpig (Female) Lv. 37 (UT) Nature: Rash / Scatters things often
#327 Spinda (Male) Lv. 15 (UT) (PKRS) Nature: Naïve / Likes to fight
#328 Trapinch (Female) Lv. 17 (PKRS) Nature: Jolly / Alert to sounds
#330 Flygon (Male) Lv. 47 (Japanese) Nature: Naughty / Likes to trash about
#331 Cacnea (Male) Lv. 20 (UT) Nature: Relaxed / Hates to lose
#334 Altaria (Male) Lv. 35 (UT) Nature: Jolly / Strong willed
#335 Zangoose (Female) Lv. 58 Nature: Serious / Likes to relax
#336 Seviper (Female) Lv. 48 (UT) Nature: Mild / Likes to trash about
#338 Solrock Lv. 65 (UT) Nature: Adamant / Quick to flee
#349 Feebas (Female) Lv. 1 (UT) Nature: Bashful / Mischievous
#350 Milotic (Male) Lv. 50 (UT) (WCS) Nature: Timid / Often lost in thought
#354 Banette (Male) Lv. 50 (UT) Nature: Timid / Highly persistent
#355 Duskull (Female) Lv. 17 (UT) Nature: Mild / Somewhat stubborn
#359 Absol (Female) Lv. 50 Nature: Serious / Loves to eat
#366 Clamperl (Female) Lv. 1 (UT) Nature: Docile / Likes to trash about
#371 Bagon (Female) Lv. 25 (UT) Nature: Timid / Highly persistent
#373 Salamence (Male) Lv. 56 Nature: Careful / Scatters things often
#375 Metang Lv. 22 Nature: Relaxed / Likes to run
#376 Metagross Lv. 51 (RC) Nature: Hasty / Proud of its power
#377 Regirock Lv. 40 (UT) Nature: Adamant / Good endurance
#378 Regice Lv. 40 (UT) Nature: Careful / Very finicky
#379 Registeel Lv. 100 Nature: Timid / Likes to trash about
#380 Latias (Female of course) Lv. 40 (UT) (Japanese) Nature: Calm / Likes to fight
#381 Latios (Male of course) Lv. 68 (UT) Nature: Jolly / Often dozes off
#382 Kyogre Lv. 45 (UT) Nature: Docile / Scatters things often
#383 Groudon Lv. 100 (Ev trained) Nature: Adamant / Alert to sounds
#384 Rayquaza Lv. 100 Nature: Hardy / Sturdy body
#385 Jirachi Lv. 5 (UT) (WISHMKR) Nature: Timid / Good perseverance
#386 Deoxys Lv. 100 Nature: Naïve / Mischievous
#387 Turtwig (Male) Lv. 5 Nature: Bashful / Somewhat of a clown
#389 Torterra (Male) Lv. 32 Nature: Jolly / Mischievous
#390 Chimchar (Male) Lv. 5 Nature: Relaxed / Often scatters things
#392 Infernape (Male) Lv. 100 Nature: Hardy / Mischievous
#393 Piplup (Male) Lv. 1 (UT) Nature: Hardy / Loves to eat
#396 Starly (Female) Lv. 2 (UT) Nature: Docile / Alert to sounds
#399 Bidoof (Female) Lv. 2 (UT) Nature: Docile / Capable of taking hits*
#402 Kricketune (Female) Lv. 100 Nature: Naughty / Quick tempered
#403 Shinx (Female) Lv. 4 (UT) (Japanese) Nature: Sassy / Sturdy body
#406 Budew (Female) Lv. 10 (UT) (PKRS) Nature: Naughty / Highly curious
#407 Roserade (Female) Lv. 17 (UT) Nature: Timid / Mischievous
#415 Combee (Male) Lv. 62 Nature: Bashful / Quick to flee
#417 Pachirisu (Female) Lv. 9 (UT) Nature: Calm / Somewhat vain
#418 Buizel (Male) Lv. 9 (UT) (Japanese) Nature: Hasty / Mischievous
#419 Floatzel (Male) Lv. 29 (PKRS) Nature: Quirky / Somewhat stubborn
#422 Shellos (Male) Lv. 23 (UT) Nature: Impish / Highly curious
#426 Drifblim (Male) Lv. 49 (UT) Nature: Naughty / Good endurance
#435 Skuntank (Female) Lv. 34 Nature: Mild / Somewhat vain
#442 Spiritomb (Female) Lv. 1 (UT) Nature: Relaxed / Loves to eat
#443 Gible (Male) Lv. 1 (UT) (Benga) Nature: Naïve / Capable of taking hits
#444 Gabite (Male) Lv. 26 (Benga) Nature: Careful / Often lost in thought
#445 Garchomp (Female) Lv. 48 Nature: Relaxed / Alert to sounds
#446 Munchlax (Female) Lv. 1 (UT) Nature: Adamant / Strong willed
#447 Riolu (Male) Lv. 1 (UT) Nature: Rash / Likes to trash about
#448 Lucario (Male) Lv. 100 (EV Trained) Nature: Adamant / Likes to trash about
#451 Skorpi (Male) Lv. 21 (UT) Nature: Modest / A little quick tempered
#453 Croagunk (Female) Lv. 24 (UT) Nature: Rash / Strong willed
#454 Toxicroak (Female) Lv. 41 Nature: Mild / Capable of taking hits
#457 Lumineon (Female) Lv. 38 (Japanese) Nature: Quirky / Often dozes off
#459 Snover (Female) Lv. 34 (UT) Nature: Calm / Scatters things often
#462 Magnezone Lv. 33 (Japanese) Nature: Quiet / Likes to trash about
#464 Rhyperior (Male) Lv. 50 (Japanese) Nature: Modest / Loves to eat
#477 Dusknoir (Female) Lv. 48 (UT) (Japanese) Nature: Naughty / A little quick tempered
#480 Uxie Lv. 50 (UT) Nature: Calm / Quick tempered
#481 Mesprit Lv. 50 (UT) Nature: Lax / Capable of taking hits
#482 Azelf Lv. 50 (UT) Nature: Rash / Impetuous and silly
#483 Dialga Lv. 100 Nature: Bold / Strongly defiant
#484 Palkia Lv. 47 (UT) Nature: Careful / Mischievous
#485 Heatran (Female) Lv. 70 (UT) Nature: Modest / Proud of its power
#486 Regigigas Lv. 1 (UT) Nature: Adamant / Capable of taking hits
#487 Giratina Lv. 100 Nature: Bold / Often dozes off
#488 Cresselia (Female of course) Lv. 100 Nature: Calm / Quick to flee
#489 Phione Lv. 1 (UT) Nature: Quirky / Scatters things often
#490 Manaphy Lv. 1 (UT) Nature: Lax / Sturdy body
#492 Shaymin Lv. 30 (UT) Nature: Timid / Often dosez off
#495 Snivy (Male) Lv. 5 (UT) Nature: Timid / Often dozes off
#497 Serperior (Male) Lv. 100 (Japanese) Nature: Quiet / Likes to fight
#498 Tepig (Male) Lv. 5 (UT) Nature: Jolly / Somewhat vain
#500 Emboar (Female) Lv. 41 Nature: Docile / Somewhat vain
#501 Oshawott (Male) Lv. 5 (UT) Nature: Modest / Somewhat vain
#504 Patrat (Female) Lv. 5 (UT) Nature: Gentle / Scatters things often
#505 Watchog (Male) Lv. 100 Nature: Bold / Somewhat vain
#506 Lillipup (Male) Lv. 6 (UT) Nature: Naïve / Somewhat of a clown
#507 Herdier (Female) Lv. 58 (Japanese) Nature: Adamant / Somewhat vain
#508 Stountland (Male) Lv. 33 Nature: Quiet / Quick tempered
#510 Liepard (Female) Lv. 22 (UT) Nature: Lax / A little quick tempered
#516 Simipour (Male) Lv. 15 (UT) (Japanese) Nature: Timid / Capable of taking hits
#517 Munna (Female) Lv. 48 (UT) Nature: Jolly / Loves to eat
#518 Musharna (Female) Lv. 29 Nature: Gentle / Likes to run
#519 Pidove (Female) Lv. 15 (UT) Nature: Rash / Somewhat vain
#520 Tranquill (Male) Lv. 26 (UT) Nature: Mild / Hates to lose
#521 Unfezant (Male) Lv. 55 Nature: Lax / Good perseverance
#522 Blitzle (Female) Lv. 8 (UT) Nature: Hardy / Likes to trash about
#523 Zebstrika (Female) Lv. 40 Nature: Quiet / Quick to flee
#525 Boldore (Female) Lv. 24 Nature: Relaxed / Highly curious
#526 Gigalith (Male) Lv. 30 (UT) Nature: Brave / Likes to run
#527 Woobat (Male) Lv. 10 (UT) Nature: Quiet / Mischievous
#528 Swoobat (Male) Lv. 62 Nature: Quirky / Somewhat stubborn
#530 Excadrill (Female) Lv. 50 Nature: Quiet / Loves to eat
#531 Audino (Male) Lv. 17 (UT) Nature: Sassy / Thoroughly cunning
#534 Conkeldurr (Male) Lv. 48 (UT) (Japanese) Nature: Hasty / Somewhat vain
#535 Tympole (Female) (Lv. 1 (UT) Nature: Bold / Likes to trash about
#536 Palipitoad (Male) Lv. 45 (UT) Nature: Relaxed / Highly persistant
#537 Seismitoad (Female) Lv. 56 Nature: Hasty / Often dozes off
#540 Sewaddle (Female) Lv. 16 (UT) Nature: Careful / Highly persistent
#541 Swadloon (Male) Lv. 23 (UT) Nature: Rash / Likes to relax
#543 Venipede (Female) Lv. 1 (UT) Nature: Jolly / Often dozes off
#545 Scolipede (Female) Lv. 35 Nature: Docile / Highly curious
#546 Cottonee (Male) Lv. 20 (UT) Nature: Docile / Likes to relax
#551 Sandile (Female) Lv. 22 (UT) (Japanese) Nature: Timid / Quick tempered
#552 Krokorok (Female) Lv. 36 (UT) Nature: Lax / Somewhat of a clown
#553 Krookodile (Female) Lv. 45 Nature: Naughty / Mischievous
#554 Darumaka (Male) Lv. 17 (UT) Nature: Lonely / Strong willed
#555 Darmanitan (Female) Lv. 35 Nature: Hasty / Loves to eat
#556 Maractus (Female) Lv. 20 (UT) Nature: Naughty / Somewhat of a clown
#559 Scraggy (Female) Lv. 16 (UT) Nature: Impish / Scatters things often
#561 Sigilyph (Male) Lv. 20 (UT) Nature: Gentle / Strongly defiant
#563 Confagrigus (Female) Lv. 35 (UT) Nature: Hardy / Very finicky
#564 Tirtouga (Female) Lv. 1 (UT) Nature: Docile / Likes to trash about
#568 Trubbish (Male) Lv. 21 (UT) Nature: Hardy / Somewhat vain
#569 Garbodor (Male) Lv. 36 Nature: Jolly / Somewhat vain
#570 Zorua (Male) Lv. 1 (UT) Nature: Quirky / Very finicky
#571 Zorark (Female) Lv. 100 (Ev trained) Nature: Calm / Likes to trash about
#572 Miniccino (Female) Lv. 19 (UT) Nature: Mild / Likes to run
#573 Cinccino (Female) Lv. 20 (UT) Nature: Hasty / Sturdy body
#577 Solosis (Female) Lv. 1 (UT) Nature: Bold / Likes to trash about
#579 Reuniculus (Female) Lv. 100 (Japanese) Nature: Lax / Somewhat vain
#580 Ducklett (Female) Lv. 25 (UT) Nature: Naughty / Somewhat stubborn
#582 Vanillite (Male) Lv. 25 (UT) (Japanese) Nature: Hardy / Highly persistent
#583 Vanillish (Female) Lv. 35 Nature: Lonely / Highly curious
#584 Vanilluxe (Female) Lv. 47 Nature: Rash / A little quick tempered
#585 Deerling (Male) Lv. 23 (UT) Nature: Calm / Strongly Defiant
#587 Emolga (Male) Lv. 48 (UT) (PKRS) Nature: Bashful / Somewhat stubborn
#588 Karrablast (Female) Lv. 22 (UT) Nature: Naughty / Good perseverance
#590 Foongus (Male) Lv. 23 (UT) Nature: Gentle / Often dozes off
#591 Amoonguss (Male) Lv. 40 (UT) Nature: Hasty / Good perseverance
#592 Frillish (Female) Lv. 18 (UT) Nature: Modest / Quick tempered
#597 Ferroseed (Female) Lv. 25 (UT) (Japanese) Nature: Careful / Often dozes off
#598 Ferrothorn (Female) Lv. 42 Nature: Quirky / Impetuous and silly
#599 Klink Lv. 27 (UT) (PKRS) Nature: Calm / Strong willed
#600 Klang Lv. 44 Nature: Calm / Somewhat stubborn
#601 Klinklang Lv. 58 (Japanese) Nature: Hardy / Often dozes off
#607 Litwick (Female) Lv. 1 (UT) Nature: Timid / Likes to trash about
#608 Lampent (Male) Lv. 41 Nature: Hardy / Somewhat vain
#609 Chandelure (Female) Lv. 100 Nature: Bashful / Capable of taking hits
#610 Axew (Male) Lv. 1 (UT) Nature: Sassy / Loves to eat
#611 Fraxure (Female) Lv. 40 (UT) Nature: Timid / Alert to sounds
#612 Haxorus (Male) Lv. 48 Nature: Calm / A little quick tempered
#613 Cubchoo (Male) Lv. 30 (UT) Nature: Mild / Somewhat of a clown
#616 Shelmet (Female) Lv. 30 (UT) Nature: Modest / Often dozes off
#617 Accelgor (Female) Lv. 30 (UT) Nature: Lonely / Alert to sounds
#618 Stunfisk (Female) Lv. 1 (UT) Nature: Careful / Often dozes off
#619 Mienfoo (Female) Lv. 33 (UT) (Nicknamed ONE) Nature: Naïve / Often lost in thought
#620 Mienshao (Female) Lv. 50 (RC) Nature: Calm / Impetuous and silly
#621 Druddigon (Male) Lv. 31 (UT) Nature: Rash / Often Dozes off
#622 Golett Lv. 30 (UT) Nature: Adamant / Capable of taking hits
#623 Golurk Lv. 43 Nature: Lax / Very finicky
#624 Pawniard (Female) Lv. 50 (UT) Nature: Mild / Sturdy body
#626 Bouffalant (Female) Lv. 35 (UT) Nature: Adamant / Somewhat vain
#627 Rufflet (Male of course) Lv. 38 (UT) Nature: Mild / Somewhat stubborn
#628 Braviary (Male of course) Lv. 54 Nature: Calm / Quick tempered
#629 Vullaby (Female of course) Lv. 34 (UT) Nature: Impish / Hates to lose
#631 Heatmor (Female) Lv. 40 (UT) (Japanese) Nature: Naïve / Loves to eat
#632 Durant (Female) Lv. 37 (UT) Nature: Relaxed / Sturdy body
#633 Deino (Male) Lv. 38 (UT) Nature: Quirky / Often dozes off
#637 Volcarona (Female) Lv. 70 Nature: Quirky / Mischievous
#641 Tornadus (Male of course) Lv. 40 (UT) (Japanese) Nature: Sassy / Likes to relax
#642 Thundurus (Male of course) Lv. 100 Nature: Calm / Hates to lose
#645 Landorus (Male of course) Lv. 70 (UT) Nature: Impish / Loves to eat
#646 Kyurem Lv. 75 (UT) Nature: Calm / Likes to relax


Rare collector
FT: Shiny timid 6 IV Manaphy
Shiny timid 6 IV Shaymin
Shiny timid 6 IV Azelf
Shiny SMR2013 Dialga
LOTS of 5-6 IV timid Cyndaquil (non-shiny)

LF: 5 or 6 IV RASH shiny Honedge- BIG WANT
5 or 6 IV shiny Electrike with Manectite- BIG WANT
5 or 6 IV shiny Eevee
Shinies bred in Johto exclusive balls (the ones from Kurt)

Please PM me with offers. Will consider all offers, but please be reasonable!


Looking for kalos bred or caught shiny Mareep and Wooper/Quagsire (preferably with the Water Absorb ability). Don't really care much about IVs.
Also very much in search of a shiny Tyrunt! Need him for my shiny Dragon team.
PM me if you have them and let me know what you're looking for in return.


Shiny Tyrantrum (can be nicknamed) lvl. 54
male, Jolly, 3IV (max Attack, Defense, and Speed)
Thunder, Ice, Fire Fang + Dragon Dance
fully EV trained

Shiny Honedge lvl. 1
male, Brave, 3IV (max Attack, Defense, and Sp. Defense)

Shiny Fletchling lvl. 1
female, Adamant, Gale Wings, 4IV (max HP, Attack, Defense, and Sp. Defense)

Shiny Braixen lvl. 30
male, Timid, Blaze, 2IV (max Sp. Defense and Speed)

Shiny Noivern (can be nicknamed) lvl. 62
male, Modest, Frisk, 2IV (max Attack and Sp. Attack)
fully EV trained

Shiny Florges (nicknamed) lvl. 54
yellow, Hasty, 1IV

Shiny Pumpkaboo (can be nicknamed) lvl. 30
female, average, Lax, 2IV

Shiny Zoroark (nicknamed) lvl. 100
female, Lonely, 6IV
fully EV trained

Shiny Gliscor (nicknamed) lvl. 56
male, Impish, Perfect 5IV, HA
Ice Fang + Aerial Ace

Shiny Feraligatr lvl. 100
male, Adamant
Ice Punch + Aqua Jet + Dragon Dance

Shiny Tyranitar lvl. 100
female, Adamant, HA, max Attack, Speed

Shiny Ninetales lvl. 100
female, Timid, Drought, 1IV

Shiny Ivysaur (nicknamed) lvl. 31
male, Modest, 3IV (max Sp. Attack, Attack, Defense)

I also have an event Shiny Suicune, Shiny Giratina and Shiny Shaymin (nicknamed) to trade. None have good IVs, but Shaymin is Modest.
Almost any shiny will do!

Read please. These are NOT shiny.
Ditto - Calm, 6IV, Japanese
Phione - Modest, 2IV, Kalos-bred
Charmander - Jolly, 5IV (all but Sp. Def), Flare Blitz + Outrage + Dragon Dance
Froakie - Timid, Protean, 5IV (all but Sp. Def)
Mawile - Adamant, 5IV Perfect, Sucker Punch + Fire Fang + Metal Burst
Cleffa - Bold, Friend Guard, 5IV Perfect, Stored Power
Dratini - Adamant, 6IV, Extremespeed + Dragon Dance
** I will 2:1, 3:1, etc. for shinies with these Pokemon **

Looking for:
Shiny Chespin/Quilladin/Chesnaught
Shiny Fennekin/Braixen/Delphox
Shiny Eevee/Sylveon
Shiny Mareep/Flaafy/Ampharos
Shiny Electrike/Manectric
Shiny Trapinch/Vibrava/Flygon
Shiny Shinx/Luxio/Luxray
Shiny Gligar/Gliscor (please name trade me ;;)
Shiny Cranidos/Rampardos
Shiny Cottonee/Whimsicott
Shiny Virizion

Please note: If you are offering ANYTHING on this list, it HAS GOT TO BE NAMEABLE OR NICKNAMED ALREADY.

If you are offering anything else, then it doesn't need a name.

Please PM me with all questions or offers!
I don't bite, and I do accept offers that are not on my Looking For list.


New Member
FT: Shiny 6IV Jolly Foreign(Jpn) Ditto

LF: Event shiny pokemon - Mew/Deoxys/Darkrai/Arceus/Shaymin/Jirachi/Victini

Will take offers of flawless IV bred pokemon as well as long as they are OU tier +

If pokemon cannot be shiny the non shiny version will do


New Member
For trade:
5IV shiny Greninja (holding Life Orb and has competitive moveset)
5IV shiny modest Eevee (non-nicknamed and has Wish)
5IV shiny Charmander timid w/hidden ability
5IV shiny Snover (0IV in speed for Trick Room)
4IV shiny Shellos (BLUE shell)
6IV shiny Cresselia w/competitive moveset
6IV shiny Mew
6IV Victini w/Fusion Bolt
6IV shiny Landorous
5IV shiny Cobalion
6IV shiny Thundurus (has Hidden Power Ice)

Event Pokemon For Trade (ONLY for RARE events. Nothing from Gamestop or movie events. Pokemon Center ONLY)
2012 Mewtwo
6IV 2010 Mew (non-shiny)
5IV Celebi (from Bank)
1IV shiny level 99 modest Magikarp (Moves: Hydro Pump and Bounce/event from Pokemon Center)
1IV FLYING Pikachu
6IV shiny Rayquaza w/Dragon Dance (Nobunga's Rayquaza)
1IV Meloetta
6IV Arceus
6IV shiny Darkrai
6IV shiny Deoxys
6IV shiny Shaymin

Pokemon Center events
Latios with Defog (6IV/Timid)
Gamestop Raikou (just need an extra/not for trade for event Pokemon above)
Shiny offers: Competitive-based Pokemon. Nothing junk or common. Nothing under 5IVs in all needed categories.


Pokemon Collector
Shinies I'm seeking:


Shinies I'm offering:

Gogoat (offer made, might not be avaliable soon)
Emboar (I have two, one japanese one english)

PM me for further details on specific pokemon