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Shiny Trading Thread


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26,084. Posted: Mon 3rd Mar 2014 15:32

Up for immediate trade:
(Non Kalos born)
Shiny Kyogre
Shiny Registeel
(Kalos Born)
5v Shiny Froakie
4v Shiny Eevee
6v Shiny Chansey
5v Shiny Chandelure
(For natures and spreads of above pokemon, see google doc below)
Looking for any Shiny 5-6v Pokes preferably with egg moves that are not listed on the google doc below. Or might possibly accept Lvl 10 event celebis (if not a clone. Of one I already have)
Let me know. Thanks! Oh and add me now on:
FC: 0232-7514-8711
IGN: Beau
Even if you have previously added me on a different FC (this is where all my shinys are stored). Thanks!


For Trade:

Pokemon: Froakie lvl 1
Nature: Timid
Ability: Protean
IV/EV Spread: 31/xx/31/31/31/31 l 252 SATK 252 SPEED 4 HP
Gender: Male
Moves: Pound, Growl, Toxic Spikes
Bred in Pokeball

Pokemon: Greninja lvl 36
Nature: Timid
Ability: Protean
IV/EV Spread: 31/xx/31/31/31/31 l 252 SATK 252 SPEED 4 HP
Gender: Male
Moves: Ice Beam, Dark Pulse, Grass Knot, Toxic Spikes
Bred in Pokeball

Pokemon: Noivern lvl 86
Nature: Timid
Ability: Infiltrator
IV/EV Spread: 31/xx/31/31/31/31 l 252 SATK 252 SPEED 4 HP
Gender: Male
Moves: Draco Meteor, Hurricane, Focus Blast, Flamethrower
Bred in Dusk Ball

Pokemon: Goodra lvl 50
Nature: Modest
Ability: Gooey
IV/EV Spread: 31/31/31/31/31/31 l 252 HP 252 SATK 4 DEF
Gender: Male
Moves: Focus Blast, Fire Blast, Thunderbolt, Dragon Pulse
Bred in Ultra Ball

Pokemon: Aegislash lvl 100 *Nicknameable*
Nature: Brave
Ability: Stance Change
IV/EV Spread: 31/31/31/31/31/xx l 252 HP 252 ATK
Gender: Female
Moves: Shadow Sneak, Iron Head, False Swipe, Kings Shield
Bred in Luxury Ball

Pokemon: Tyrantrum lvl 56
Nature: Adamant
Ability: Strong Jaw
IV/EV Spread: 31/31/31/31/31/xx l Random EV spread
Gender: Male
Moves: Fire Fang, Thunder Fang, Ice Fang Dragon Dance
Bred in Pokeball

Pokemon: Larvesta lvl 47 Nicknamed: Syn
Nature: Timid
Ability: Flame Body
IV/EV Spread: 31/xx/31/31/31/31 l 252 SATK 252 SPEED 4 SDEF
Gender: Male
Moves: String Shot, Leech Life, Take Down, Flame Charge
Bred in Pokeball

Pokemon: Metagross lvl 46 Nicknamed: Silver
Nature: Adamant
Ability: Clear Body
IV/EV Spread: 31/31/31/xx/31/31 l 252 HP 252 ATK 4 SDEF
Gender: N/A
Moves: Meteor Mash, Hammer Arm, Bullet Punch, Zen Headbutt
Bred in Pokeball

Pokemon: Gardevoir lvl 56 Nicknamed: Oscura
Nature: Timid
Ability: Trace
IV/EV Spread: 31/xx/31/31/31/31 l 252 SATK 252 SPEED 4 SDEF
Gender: Female
Moves: Calm Mind, Dazzling Gleam, Trick Room, Focus Blast
Bred in Great Ball

Pokemon: Whiscash
Ability: Anticipation
IV/EV Spread: Ehhhhhh
Gender: Female
Moves: Snore, Rest, Aqua Tail, Earthquake
Caught in Ultra Ball

Looking For:

Pokemon: Phantump/Trevenant
Nature: Careful
Ability: Natural Cure
IV: 31/31/31/xx/31/31
Gender: Any
Moves: Any
Bred in: Any Ball

Pokemon: Chespin, Quilladin, Chesnaught
Nature: Impish/Careful
Ability: Bullet Proof
IV: 31/31/31/xx/31/31
Gender: Male
Moves: Curse, Spikes, Synthesis
Bred in: Any Ball

Pokemon: Tyrunt/Tyrantrum
Nature: Adamant/Jolly/Impish
Ability: Strong Jaw
IV Spread: 31/31/31/xx/31/31
Gender: Male
Moves: Dragon Dance
Bred in Pokeball

Pokemon: Carbink
Nature: Bold
Ability: Sturdy
IV Spread: 31/xx/31/31/31/31
Gender: N/A
Moves: N/A
Bred in: Any Ball
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The Chad

New Member
FT: Shiny 6 IV Greninja with timid nature, protean, pokerus and Toxic Spikes

LF: 5 or 6 IV legends preferably shiny but i will listen to other offers, Pm me if interested.


New Member
Shinies for trade
Gargevior (Widow) level 100
Sylveon Level 94
Exeggutor (SHUPPET) level 100
Gyarados Level 30 (from Germany)
Infernape Level 100

Looking for Shinies
Noivern (Male)
Nature: Timid
Ability: Infiltrator
31 IV's in everything. or all but attack
Ev's dont matter i will do it all by myself (save you the trouble)
-Air slash

Trevenant (male)
Nature: Adamant
Ability: Harvest
31 IV's in everything. or all but special attack
Ev's dont matter i will do it all by myself (save you the trouble)
-Horn Leech
-phantom force
-wood hammer
-shadow claw
Diggersby (male)
Nature Adament
Ability: Huge power
31 IV's in everything. or all but special attack
Ev's dont matter i will do it all by myself (save you the trouble)
-Pay Back
-Hammer Arm

If interested PM me. and if you will like to know their IV spreads feel free to ask


LF 5-6ivs shiny amaura


shiny legends:

non-shiny legends:

will trade 3 pokes for it
Have: Shiny lvl 72 Mew with perfect HP, Sp Atk,, Defense, and Sp Defense and 27 Speed Iv's. Also has Adamant nature. Has Drain Punch, Sucker Punch, Rest and Sleep Talk. Already EV trained in Attack and Speed. Can reset EV's if you'd like.

Looking for: Shiny Froakie or Evolution with Protean, Perfect IV's in HP, Sp Attack, and Speed, and decent Def and Sp Def. With Modest or preferably Timid nature.
Looking for a shiny Eevee, preferably Sassy or Calm natured.
I have much to trade, nothing super special, unfortunately, an assortment of legendaries and pokerus infectees.


Modest Mew 31/X/31/31/31/31
Timid Moltres 31/X/31/31/31/31
Modest Zapdos 31/X/31/31/31
None Shiny Modest Celebi 31/X/31/31/31/31
Adamant Ho-oh 31/31/31X/31/31
Calm Lugia 31/X/31/31/31/31
Adamant Regirock 31/31/31/X/31/31
Adamant Deoxys 31/31/31X/31/31
Timid Latios 31/X/31/31/31/31
Timid Latias 31/X/31/31/31/31
Careful Registeel 31/31/31/X/31/31
Calm Regiice 31/X/31/31/31/31
None Shiny Jirachi 31/31/31/X/31/31
Timid Rayqueza 31/31/31/X/31/31
Modest Giritina 31/X/31/31/31/31
Timid Darkrai 31/X/31/31/31/31
Timid Manaphy 31/X/31/31/31
Calm Heatran 31/X/31/31/31/31
Modest Dialga 31/X/31/31/31/31
Timid Palkia 31/X/31/31/31/31
Careful Regigigas 31/31/31/X/31/31
Timid Azelf 31/X/31/31/31/31
Timid Mesperit 31/X/31/31/31/31
Jolly Landorous 31/31/31/X/31/31
Adamant Cabalion 31/31/31/X/31/31
Timid Kyurem 31/31/31/X/31/31
Jolly Terrackion 31/31/31/X/31/31
Jolly virizion 31/31/31/X/31/31
Naive Tornadus 31/31/31/31/31/31
Hasty Genesect 31/31/31/31/31/31
Modest Thunderous 31/X/31/31/31/31
None Shiny Hasty meloetta 31/31/31/31/31/31
None Shiny Naive victini 31/31/31/31/31/31
Looking for any Shiny 5iv 6th gen mons. Pm me if interested.
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Obsessor Collector
Offering: (All shiny)
Dragonite Lv. 62, nicknamed "Greenpea". male, Inner Focus, Quiet nature
Salamence Lv. 50, female, Intimidate, Careful nature
Houndoom Lv. 44, male, Flash Fire, Quiet nature
Kingler Lv. 100, female, Shell Armor, Brave nature
Magcargo Lv. 61, male, Magma Armor, Hardy nature
Scrafty Lv. 100, nicknamed "Scraft", Moxie, Quiet nature
Golem Lv. 25, German (unsure if Geowaz is nickname), female, Rock Head, Lonely nature

Looking for: (Does not need to be shiny.)
5IV Timid Galvantula w/ Compoundeyes
5IV Careful Mandibuzz w/ Overcoat
5IV Adamant Mawile w/ Intimidate (Needs the attack Fire Fang.)
5IV Jolly Garchomp w/ Rough Skin (Needs the attack Fire Fang.)
5IV Impish Mamoswine w/ Thick Fat (Needs the attack Stealth Rock.)

Also note I will accept any pre-evolutions as long as they meet the other conditions. Gender does not matter.. I would largely prefer them to be nicknamable.
I can also offer items such as BP Items and Lucky Eggs. I am willing to offer multiple shinies for these.
PM me with any offers.


Ninja Cat
Offering: Xerneas or Yvetal (I have a couple of these I can trade) or other Bank Legendaries
Offering: 6IV Palkia

LF: Shiny Legendaries, listed below
• Mewtwo (From KALOS)
• Raikou
• Lugia/Ho-oh
• Regice/Registeel
• Latias/Latios
• Kyogre/Groudon
• Uxie/Mesprit/Azelf
• Regigigas
• Cresselia/Heatran
• Cobalion
• Tornadus/Thundurus/Landorus
• Articuno/Zapdos/Moltres (From KALOS)
• Unown

For some of the more common legendaries, I will need multiple per Xerneas/Yvetal


New Member
Shinies for trade:
Bashful 2iv Protean Froakie in a net ball (sew cute)
Jolly 5iv Mew (with Drain Punch)
Jolly Darkrai
Brave Haxorus (Japanese, attack iv)
Calm 6iv Shaymin (clone)
Adamant Metagross (clone)
Naughty Moxie Salamence (clone)
Timid Latias (clone)

LF: Shiny Fennekin/evo, Shiny Pancham/evo, Shiny Totodile/evo, Shiny Skrelp/evo

PM me! :)
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Shiny charizard
Shiny dratini
Shiny mewtwo
Shiny metagross

6iv modest blaze fennekin with hypnosis
5iv calm overgrown chikorita with body slam/aromatherapy
5iv modest synchronize munna with baton pass/magic coat
5iv jolly static pichu with wish/volt tackle
5iv adamant clear body beldum
5iv adamant technician scyther with defog
5iv modest hustle deino with dark pulse/fire and ice fang
5iv impish adaptability eevee with wish/yawn
5iv modest magic guard abra with fire punch/barrier
5iv adamant adaptability corphish with dragon dance/superpower
5iv jolly speed boost venipede with spikes/toxic spikes
5iv jolly sheer force tauros
5iv modest magician fennekin with hypnosis
5iv bold rain dish squirtle with aura sphere/dragon pulse


Shiny Pokemon


Really? Come on now.
Shinys FT
Adament poke Sanctuary Haxorus Male Rivalry 5-6ivs
3x Adament insomnia/frisk shuppet male with 5-6 ivs
Adament female mawile intimadate 5-6 ivs
2x Adament female gible rough skin 5-6 ivs
2x Impish Male venipede speed boost 5-6 ivs
Impish gemale swarm venipede 5-6 ivs
2x Adament male overgrow turtwig 5-6 ivs
Adament male hippopotas sandstream 5-6 ivs
2x Modest male overgrow bulbasaur 5-6 ivs
Modest female synchronize ralts 5-6 ivs
Impish female immunity gligar 5-6 ivs
Adament male sturdy aron
2x modest female static mareep 5-6 ivs
timid male gastly egg move disable 5-6ivs

Event pokemons
3x Movie timid keldeo 5-6 ivs
Movie timid darkrai with special moves 5-6 ivs
6iv timid Meloetta
5-6iv adament Meloetta
2x jolly v-create rayquaza 5-6ivs
Dream radar mild telepathy giratina
Dream radar gentle multiscale lugia
Dream radar bashful regenerate Ho-oH

gen 6 shinys/5-6 ivs shinys that i don't have.
Competitive items(3 for 1)

Will do 2-3 for a Ho-oh or Lugia with its HA and a better nature and ivs
or a foreign language scatterbug line male with 5-6ivs


Know my power!!!!
Hey people I have the following 5-6iv shiny kalos bred pokemon for trade

Check my spoiler tag for list!!!!

All pokemon are kalos bred unless otherwise stated

All pokemon are in poke ball unless otherwise stated

Most of my pokemon are lv. 1 and UT. For more info on any of my pokemon don't hesitate to pm me.


Mawille (Adamant) Male
Ability: intimidate
Egg Moves: fire fang, poision fang, thunder fang, ice fang
Ivs 31/31/31/31/31/31

Chespin (impish) Male
Ability: bulletproof
Egg Moves: curse, spikes, quick guard, synthesis
Ivs 31/31/31/31/31/31

Furfrou ( impish)(In net ball) Male
Ability: Fur Coat
Egg Moves: refresh, work up
Ivs 31/31/31/31/31/31

Honedge (brave) ( In premier ball) Male
Ability: Stance Change
Egg Moves: None
Ivs: 31/31/31/xx/31/0

Klefki (Bold)(In ultra ball) Male
Egg Moves: iron defense
Ivs: 31/31/31/xx/31/31

Klefki (Careful)
Ability: Prankster
Egg Moves: None
Ivs 31/31/31/xx/31/31

Froakie (Hasty) (Hidden power fire) (in dive ball) Male
Ability: Protean
Egg Moves: None
Ivs: 30/31/31/30/31/30

Trevenant (Careful) Female
Ability: Harvest
Egg Moves: horn leech
Ivs: 31/31/31/31/31/31

Inkay (adamant) Male
Egg Moves: None
Ivs 31/31/31/31/31/31

Shellder (Jolly)( in net ball) Male
Ability:Skill Link
Egg Moves: Icicle Spear,rock blast
Ivs 31/31/31/xx/31/31

Hawlucha (adamant)( in quick ball) Male
Egg Moves: agility,ally switch,baton pass, quick guard.
Ivs: 31/31/31/xx/31/31

Eevee (timid) Male
Ability: (Anticipation)
Egg Moves: Charm, Covet, stored power and wish
Ivs: 31/xx/31/31/31/31

Gligar (impish) (in premier ball) Male
Ability: (immunity )
Egg Moves : acrobatics.
Ivs: 31/31/31/xx/31/31

Noibat (Timid) (in dusk ball) Male
Egg Moves: tailwind, switcheroo
Ivs: 31/xx/30/31/31/31

Noibat (timid) ( in dusk ball) Female
Ability: infiltrator
Moves: None
Ivs: 31/xx/31/31/31/31

Azumarill: (Adamant) Male
Ability: Huge Power
Moves: belly drum,aqua jet
Ivs 31/31/31/xx/31/31

Fletchling: (adamant) Female
Ability:Gale Wings
Egg Moves: None
Ivs 31/31/31/31/31/31

Venipede: (Jolly) Male Not Kalos bred
Ability: Speed Boost
Moves: steam roller,toxic,rock climb,double edge
Ivs 31/31/31/xx/31/31

Absol: (Naive) (In premiere ball) Male
Ability: Super Luck
Egg Moves: sucker punch,baton pass ,play rough
Ivs: 31/31/31/31/31/31

Meditite: (Jolly) (In luxury ball) Male
Ability: pure power
Egg Moves: drain punch,bullet punch, fake out, pyscho cut.
Ivs: 31/31/31/xx/31/31

Cottonee: (Calm) Female
Ability: Prankster
Moves: encore,grass whistle, switcheroo

Ghastly (Timid) Male
Egg Moves: disable, hypnosis ,shadow ball
Ivs: 31/xx/31/31/31/31

Scizor (Adamant) Female
Ability: Technician
Egg Moves: None
Ivs: 31/31/31/xx/31/31

Scizor (Adamant) Male
Ability: technician
Egg Moves: night slash
Ivs: 31/31/31/31/31/31

Skarmory (impish) Female
Ability: sturdy
Egg Moves: brave bird, whirlwind,pursuit
Ivs 31/31/31/xx/31/31

Kabuto (Adamant) Male
Ability: Swift swim
Egg Moves: None
Ivs: 31/31/31/31/31/31

Torchic (adamant) Male
Ability:speed boost
Egg Moves: baton pass
Ivs: 31/31/31/xx/31/31

Zorua (Naive) Male
Ability: Allusion
Egg Moves: Calm mind, dark pulse, extrasensory
Ivs: 31/31/31/31/31/31

Zubat (Jolly)( in luxury ball) Male
Ability: infiltrator
Egg Moves:defog ,hypnosis,pursuit,brave bird.

Kangaskhan (Jolly) Female
Ability: Scrappy
Egg Moves : circle throw.

Slowpoke (Bold) Male
Ability : regenerator
Egg Moves: zen headbutt
Ivs: 31/xx/31/31/31/31

Poliwag (modest) Male
Ability: Swift swim
Egg Moves: None
Ivs: 31/31/31/31/31/31

Sableye (Bold)( In repeat ball)/(poke ball) Both Male
Ability: Prankster
Egg Moves: recover
Ivs: 31/xx/31/31/31/31

Binacle (Jolly) Male
Ability:tough claws
Egg Moves: shell smash
Ivs: 31/31/31/xx/31/31

Totodile (Adamant) Male
Ability: torrent
Egg moves: Aqua jet, crunch, dragon dance, ice punch
Ivs: 31/31/31/xx/31/31

Mudkip (Adamant) Male
Ability : torrent
Egg Moves: Avalanche, Ice ball, curse

Vulpix (Timid) (In luxury ball) Female
Ability: drought
Egg Moves:extrasensory ,heat wave, disable , power swap

Aerodactyl (Adamant) Male
Ability: rock head
Egg Moves: None
Ivs: 31/31/31/xx/31/31

Shuppet (adamant) ( In dusk ball) Male
Ability: frisk
Egg Moves: shadow sneak, destiny bond, disable
Ivs: 31/31/31/31/31/31

Chimchar (jolly) Male
Ability: iron fist
Egg Moves:thunder punch, fire punch, fake out , blaze kick
Ivs: 31/31/31/xx/31/31

Phanpy (Impish) (in quick ball) Male
Ability; pick up
Egg Moves: ice shard, play rough.
Ivs: 31/31/31/xx/31/31

Bunnelby (Adamant) Male
Ability: Huge Power
Egg Moves: None
Ivs: 31/31/31/xx/31/31

Tyrogue (Careful) Male
Ability: Guts
Egg Moves: Endure, Rapid Spin, High jump kick, helping hand
Ivs: 31/31/31/xx/31/31

Porygon2 (Bold)
Ability: Trace
Egg Moves: None
Ivs: 31/0/31/31/31/31

Riolu (Jolly) Male
Ability: Prankster
Moves: high jump kick,crunch,bullet punch
Ivs: 31/31/31/xx/31/31

Swinub (Adamant) Male
Ability: Thick Fat
Egg Moves: ice shard , icicle crash, stealth rock.
Ivs: 31/31/31/xx/31/31

Timburr (Adamant) Male
Ability: Guts
Egg Moves: Mach punch, drain punch
Ivs: 31/31/31/xx/31/31

Shellos (Relaxed) Female
Ability: Storm drain
Egg Moves: None
Ivs: 31/xx/31/31/31/31

Drilbur (Jolly) Female
Ability: Mold Breaker
Egg Moves: Rapid Spin,
Ivs: 31/31.31/xx/31/31

Deino: (Timid)(In Dusk Ball) Male
Ability: Levitate
Egg Moves: Thunder wave, dragon rage, dark pulse, dragon tail

Pinsir, (Jolly)( In repeat Ball) Male
Ability: Hyper cutter
Egg Moves: Quick Attack, Close Combat
Ivs; 31/31/31/xx/31/31

Helioptile (Timid) Female
Ability: Solar power
Moves: Tail Whip, Pound, thunder shock,Charge
Ivs 31/xx/31/31/31/31

Bagon (Adamant) (In luxury ball)Male
Ability: Sheer Force
Egg Moves Dragon hydro pump, fire fang, dragon dance
Ivs: 31/31/31/xx/31/31

Mienshao (Adamant) Male
Ability: Regenerator
Egg Moves: Baton Pass
Ivs: 31/31/31/xx/31/31

Larvesta (Timid) (In ultra ball) Male
Ability: Flame Body
Egg moves: None
Ivs: 31/xx/31/31/31/31

Ralts (Timid) Female
Ability: Trace
Egg Moves: None

Ivs: 31/xx/31/31/31/31

Chansey (Calm) Female
Ability: Natural Cure
Egg moves: Aromatherapy, Seismic toss
Ivs: 31/31/31/31/31/31

Nidoran male (timid)
Ability: Hustle
Egg moves: none
Ivs: 31/xx/31/31/31/31

Larvitar (Adamant)(In luxury ball)Male
Ability: Guts
Egg moves: Outrage, Dragon Dance, Stealth Rock
Ivs: 31/31/31/31/31/31

Togepi (Calm) Male
Ability: Serene Grace
Egg moves: Nasty Plot
Ivs: 31/xx/31/31/31/31

Scraggy (Jolly) (In luxury ball)Male
Ability: Moxie
Egg Moves: Ice punch, dragon dance, zen headbutt, drain punch
Ivs: 31/31/31/xx/31/31

Starly (Jolly) (In luxury ball) Male
Ability: Reckless
Egg moves: double edge
Ivs: 31/31/31/31/31/31

Staryu (Timid)
Ability: Natural Cure
Egg Moves: None
Ivs: 31/xx/31/31/31/31

Tentacool (Bold) Female
Ability: liquid ooze
Egg moves: Toxic Spikes, knock off, Rapid spin
Ivs: 31/31/31/31/31/31

Lotad (Calm) Male
Ability: Rain Dish
Egg moves: Leech Seed, Giga Drain
Ivs: 31/31/31/31/31/31

Pawniward (Adamant)(In Luxury ball) Male
Ability; Defiant
Egg Moves: Psycho Cut, Sucker Punch
Ivs: 31/31/31/xx/31/31

Golett (Adamant)
Ability: No guard
Egg moves : none
Ivs: 31/31/31/xx/31/31

Machop (Adamant) Male
Ability: No Guard
Egg moves: Bullet Punch, ice punch, fire punch, thunder punch
Ivs: 31/31/31/31/31/31

Sandile (Jolly) Male
Ability: Moxie
Egg Moves: fire fang, thunder fang
Ivs: 31/31/31/xx/31/31

Joltik (Timid) (In repeat ball) Male
Ability: compound eyes
Egg moves: None
Ivs: 31:31/31/31/31/31

Charmander (Timid) Male
Ability: Solar Power
Egg moves: belly drum, outrage,dragon pulse, dragon dance
Ivs: 31/31/31/31/31/31

Charmander (Jolly) Male
Ability: Blaze
Egg Moves: Flare Blitz, dragon dance, outrage.
Ivs: 31/31/31/xx/31/31

Mareep (Modest) (In premier ball) Male
Ability: Static
Egg moves: None
Ivs: 31/xx/31/31/31/31

Growlithe (Jolly) (In premier ball) Male
Ability: Intimidate
Egg moves: Close Combat, Flare Blitz, Morning Sun
Ivs; 31/31/31/xx/31/31

Snover (Brave) Male
Ability: Snow Warning
Egg moves: seed bomb, double edge, leech seed
Ivs: 31/31/31/31/31/xx

Honedge (Quiet) Male
Ability: No guard
Egg moves: None
Ivs: 31/31/31/31/31/0

Magikarp (Admant) Female
Ability: Swift Swim
Egg moves: none
Ivs: 31/31/31/31/31/31

Yamna (Modest) Male (HP Ground)
Ability: Speed boost
Egg moves: none
Ivs: 31/31/25/30/30/31

Yamask (Bold) Male
Ability: Mummy
Egg moves: disable
Ivs: 31/xx/31/31/31/31

Murkrow (Adamant) Male
Ability: Prankster
Egg moves: Brave Bird
Ivs: 31/31/31/xx/31/31

Cleffa (Calm) Male
Ability: Magic Guard
Egg moves: Aromatherapy , wish
Ivs: 31/xx/31/31/31/31

Vullaby (Impish) Female
Ability: Overcoat
Egg moves: Knock off, Foul Play
Ivs: 31/31/31/xx/31/31

Wynaut (Impish) Female
Ability: Shadow Tag
Egg moves: None
Ivs: 31/xx/31/31/31/31

Krabby (Adamant) (In Dive ball) Female
Ability: Sheer force
Egg moves: Agility, Amnesia,Knock off, endure
Ivs: 31/31/31/xx/31/31

Ralts (Adamant) Male
Ability: Trace
Egg moves: Shadow sneak, destiny bond, disable, confuse ray
Ivs: 31/31/31/xx/31/31

Roggenrola (Adamant) (In luxury ball) Male
Ability: sturdy
Egg moves: Gravity, heavy slam, automize, curse
Ivs: 31/31/31/xx/31/31

Chinchou (Calm) Female
Ability: Volt absorb
Egg moves: Flail, Mist, Water pulse, whirlpool
Ivs: 31/xx/31/31/31/31

Squirtle (Modest) Male
Ability: Rain Dish
Egg moves: Aura Sphere, dragon pulse
Ivs: 31/xx/31/31/31/31

Froakie (Timid) Male
Ability: Protean
Egg moves: Toxic Spikes
Ivs: 31/xx/31/31/31/31

Abra (Timid) Male
Ability: Magic Guard
Egg moves: Ally switch
Ivs: 31/xx/31/31/31/31

Frostlass (Timid) (In premier ball) Female
Ability: Cursed Body
Egg moves: Spikes
Ivs: 31/xx/31/31/31/31

Pokemon Bounty List: I will give TWO of my pokemon for one of the shiny pokemon in the list. I really want these pokemon. They have to be Kalos bred/shiny and need to have desired gender, egg moves , nature , and Ivs if you want two pokemon for it.

Tentacool (Gender does not matter)
Ability: Rain Dish
Nature: Timid, Calm, or Bold
Egg moves: Knock off and rapid spin
Ivs: 31/31/31/31/31/31 or 31/xx/31/31/31/31

Houndour (Male)
Ability: Does not matter
Nature: Timid
Egg moves: None required
Ivs: 31/31/31/31/31/31 or 31/xx/31/31/31/31

Purrlion (Gender does not matter)
Ability: Prankster
Nature: Timid or jolly
Egg moves: Foul Play
Ivs: 31/31/31/31/31/31 or 31/xx/31/31/31/31

Tyrunt (Gender does not matter)
Ability: Strong Jaw
Nature: Jolly
Egg moves: Dragon Dance, Poison fang, ice fang, fire fang
Ivs: 31/31/31/31/31/31 or 31/31/31/xx/31/31

I'm open to other offers aswell so feel free to pm me. Only interested in 5-6iv Kalos bred shiny pokemon.

Feeling the urge to battle? PM me I may be able to take care of that for you. :)


Snowy Poochyena

any gender, IVs do not matter to me, preferred lower levels.


Event Mons

Charizardite Y
Mewtwonite X

Message me if interested please. c:


6IV Tyrunt
Adamant nature
Egg moves: Dragon dance, fire fang, ice fang, and thunder fang

(31/31/31/31/31/00) Honedge or Aegislash
Quiet nature


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looking for shiny Vivillon forms, any and all.
I have a shiny skiddo(Slide)
i also have these non-kalos shinies.
Landorus, Tornadus(shine), marill, spearow(GLIMMY), golbat, persian, psyduck, primape(Mank), tentacool, geodude, golem, ponyta(Blackflame), zigzagoon(OT:saphire), whiscash, aron, dratini, vaporeon, crobat(cRObaTZU), bellossom, bibarel, roselia(sunny), leafeon, numel, poochyena(SHINY), mightyena, chimchar.
and these legendaries.
articuno, zapdos, moltres, mewtwo, raikou, entei, suicune, lugia, ho-oh, latias, latios, regirock, regice, registeel, uxie, mesprit, azelf, dialga, palkia, heatran, regigigas, giratina, cresselia, cobalion, virzion, terrakion, reshiram, zekrom, kyurem.
and these legendaries.
mew, celebi, jirachi, deoxys, manaphy, darkrai, shaymin, arceus, victini, meloetta.

PM me to make a deal


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LOOKING FOR THESE SHINIES(nicknameable/nicknamed)
Bulbasaur line
4/5/6 iv Japanese ditto (doesnt have to be nicknameable)
Flabebe line
Scatterbug line

Shiny sceptile
Shiny arcanine
Shiny trevenant
Shiny kingler
Shiny delphox

ITEMS I HAVE FOR TRADE (will take almost any shiny except fishing)
Amulet coin
Quick claw
Whipped dream
Sun stone x2
Hard stone
Poke toy


Liger Zero!!!
Offering any Legendaries (Kalos or Non Kalos legit) for any if the following

5IV Protean Froakie (Timid or Modest)
5IV Harvest Phantump/Trevenant (Brave if possible but not necessary)
5IV Prankster Klefki (Bold or Careful)

Pm me if interested


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FT: 6iv shiny heatran (not hacked)
looking for meloetta and deoxys, pm me :)
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