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Shiny Trading Thread


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I have a shiny yangoos will trade for litten
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Got a lvl 7 male shiny Alola Rattata up for trade for a different shiny. Ability is Gluttony, personality is modest and his characteristic is that he likes to run. Hope to get a message from any of you soon.


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I have a Shiny Spearow Female - Gentle - Greatball Used @ Lvl 13

I'm seeking a Togedemaru, Modest, Male with Electric Terrain(Learned @ Lv37)
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I have a shiny Mareenie. I'll trade it for something else, not that fond of shiny Mareenie to be honest.


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I have a shiny Grubbin, Brave nature, swarm ability, good Special attack IV's, level 4, male.
I'm looking to trade for another shiny Grubbin, with any of these natures: Timid, Modest, Calm. Ability, IV's, gender, etc don't matter. Could it be nicknamed Grubbie please too :)
I have a

#133 Eevee [Jolly] SHINY + Nickname-able
IVs: 14 - 20 / 0 - 5 / 31 / 26 - 31 / 31 / 29, 30, 31

Not all too sure of what i want, if you have a shiny rockruff(or Lycanroc) that's nickname-able, do send me the the stats & nature.

If you'd be willing to breed non-shiny(unless you want to breed shinies) pokemon 5-6 IV ones, i'd strongly consider that as well.

Thank you very much!


Pokemon Master
Edit: Hey guys! So I have a trade shop up now with Ludachris78, we will definitely still be accepting PMd offers, however we also would love to see you guys on our page! Good shiny hunting and hope to hear from you soon!

Looking for shiny dhelmise, bouncsweet, Sandygast, rowlett, pikachu, meowth, zubat, oricorio, oranguru, dewpider, fomantis, morelull, komala, togedemaru, sandshrew and many others. I have a few shinies up for trade;

Salazzle (Lv 92, ultra Ball, modest)

Wimpod (Lv 18, quick ball, hasty)

Jangmo-o (Lv 1, ultra Ball, docile)

Crabominable (Lv 100, ultra Ball, timid)

Wimpod (Lv 18, great ball, adamant)

Mimikyu (Lv 1, love ball, jolly)

Litten (Lv 1, pokeball, adamant, 5IV)

Rockruff (Lv 1, moon ball, jolly, 5IV)

Incineroar (Lv 75, pokeball, brave, 6IV)

Salandit (Lv 18, pokeball, careful, male)

Drampa (Lv 85, quick ball, docile)

Crabominable (Lv 100, ultra Ball, timid)

Mudsdale (Lv 34, pokeball, quiet)

Silvally (Lv 53, pokeball, adamant, 3IV)

Sylveon (Lv 47, pokeball, modest)

Ditto (Lv 28, ultra Ball, docile)

Cyndaquill (Lv 1, pokeball, hardy)

Litten (Lv 6, pokeball, naughty)

Ditto (Lv 100, Beast ball, hardy, 6IV)

Pelipper (Lv 33, ultra Ball, naughty, HA)

Popplio (Lv 12, pokeball, naughty)

Popplio (Lv 1, pokeball, modest)

Magikarp (Lv 99, great ball, adamant, 5IV)

Palossand (Lv 75, ultra Ball, jolly)

Pyukumuku (Lv 100, Lure ball, sassy, 6IV)

Mudbray (Lv 26, great ball, quiet, 1IV)

Stufful (Lv 19, luxury ball, brave, 4IV)

Pikipek (Lv 4, pokeball, timid)

Comfey (Lv 20, ultra Ball, calm, 6IV)

Primarina (Lv 34, pokeball, adamant, 6IV)

Kommo-o (Lv 53, ultra Ball, quirky)

Metagross (Lv 47, heavy ball, adamant, 5IV)

Beware (Lv 61, ultra Ball, docile, 4IV)

Passimian (Lv 21, beast ball, modest)

Wishiwashi (Lv 19, ultra ball, serious, 4IV)

Crabrawler (Lv 14, pokeball, careful)

Gumshoos (Lv 21, pokeball, calm)

Yungoos (Lv 3, pokeball, rash, 1IV)

Ninetales (Lv 51, timer ball, lonely, 4IV)

Cubone (Lv 18, great ball, hardy)

Dartrix (Lv 32, pokeball, naive, 1IV)

Silvally (Lv 100, pokeball, adamant, 6IV)

Exeggutor (Lv 48, great ball, bashful, 1IV)

Dugtrio (Lv 44, ultra ball, timid)

Raticate (Lv 42, dusk ball, lonely)

Grimer (Lv 53, pokeball, hasty)

Eevee (Male, Lv 11, dusk ball, bashful)

Golbat (Female, Lv 42, dusk ball, docile)

Sneasel (Male, Lv 42, dusk ball, lonely)

Oranguru (Male, Lv 92, great ball, docile)

Lycanrock /Midnight/ (Female, Lv 26, Dive ball, quirky, 4IV)

Dhelmise (Lv 100, Ultra ball, Brave, 6IV {Hyper Trained})

Vikavolt (Female, Lv 28, ultra ball, impish, 4IV, Pokerus)

Gastly (Male, Lv 10, dusk ball, gentle)

Ribombee (Male, Lv 57, great ball, Modest, 1IV)

Tsarevna (Female, Lv 57, nest ball, brave, 2IV)

Beldum (Lv 25, pokeball, hasty)

Marowak (Male, Lv 66, ultra ball, naive, 3IV)

Popplio (Male, Lv 1, pokeball, lax)

As well as many other non shiny pokemon like many 6IV dittos with almost all different Natures. PM me for info or other offers as I am open to most trades.
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I just got a shiny Incineroar from the GTS, which I'd like to trade for a shiny Decidueye. A lvl 25+ Dartrix would also do, just have to have one of them for my team. :)

Friend Code: 0576-5075-0590


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Drakoflash1 and I currently have over 40 7th gen shinies (check out the shop in my signature). Looking for the following 5-6iv competitive natured shinies:

-Female Salandit
-Alolan Vulpix

Feel free to offer us anything else we do not have. Thanks!
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Sinnoh Champ
Trading a shiny 5iv adamant litten, I've accepted an offer thanks to everyone who pm'ed me
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shiny hoarder
I don't have any gen7 shinies yet but I do have a bunch of gen6 shinies up for trade

I'm looking for a shiny sandygast and mimikyu I'm willing to trade a couple gen 6 shinies for either and also open to other gen7 shiny offers

a shiny houndoom- timid, flash fire 6IV 31/31/31/31/31/31
a shiny lucario- hasty, justified 6IV 31/31/31/31/31/31 W/ bullet punch & blaze kick
a shiny horsea(german name seeper)- adamant, swift swim 6IV 31/31/31/31/31/31 W/ outrage
a shiny chespin- impish, bulletproof(HA) 6IV 31/31/31/31/31/31 W/ synthesis, spikes, curse & quick guard
a shiny bagon, adamant, sheer force(HA) 6iv 31/31/31/31/31/31 W/ hydro pump, fire fang & dragon dance
a shiny Greninja- hasty, protean 6IV(hp fire) 31/30/31/30/31/30 W/ toxic spikes
a shiny chansey- calm, natural cure 6IV 31/31/31/31/31/31 W/ seismic toss & aromatherapy
a shiny fennekin(Male)- modest, magician 6IV 31/31/31/31/31/31 W/ magic coat, wish, heat wave & hypnosis
a shiny zangoose- jolly, toxic boost 6IV 31/31/31/31/31/31 W/ counter, flail, night slash & curse
a shiny riolu- adamant, steadfast 6IV 31/31/31/31/31/31 W/ blaze kick, sky uppercut, crunch & endure
a shiny smeargle- jolly, technician 6IV 31/31/31/31/31/31
a shiny elekid- adamant, static 6IV 31/31/31/31/31/31 W/ thunder punch, ice punch, fire punch & cross chop
a shiny trevenant- impish, harvest 6IV 31/31/31/31/31/31
a shiny eevee(Male)- modest, run away 6IV 31/31/31/31/31/31
a shiny swirlix- naughty, unburden 6IV 31/31/31/31/31/31 W/ belly drum, yawn, after you & copycat
a shiny venusaur- modest, chlorophyll(HA) 6IV(hp fire) 31/30/31/30/31/30 W/ giga drain
a shiny salamence- jolly, moxie 6IV 31/31/31/31/31/31
a shiny klefki- bold, prankster 6IV 31/31/31/31/31/31
a shiny inkay- adamant, contrary 6IV 31/31/31/31/31/31
a shiny marill- adamant, huge power 6IV 31/31/31/31/31/31
a shiny sableye- brave, prankster 6IV 31/31/31/31/31/31 W/ taunt, embargo, foul play & will-o-wisp
a shiny absol- naive, super luck 6IV 31/31/31/31/31/31
a shiny carbink- impish, sturdy 6IV 31/31/31/31/31/31
a shiny helioptile- timid, solar power(HA) 6IV 31/31/31/31/31/31
a shiny duskull- careful, levitate 6IV 31/31/31/31/31/31 W/ pain split
a shiny poliwag- modest, swift swim 6IV 31/31/31/31/31/31 W/ mud shot
a shiny goomy- modest, gooey(HA) 6IV 31/31/31/31/31/31 W/ counter, curse, iron tail & acid armor
a shiny skiddo- careful, sap sipper 6IV 31/31/31/31/31/31 W/ milk drink
a shiny venipede- jolly, speed boost 6IV 31/31/31/31/31/31 W/ rollout, rock climb, pin missile & toxic spikes
a shiny shuppet- adamant, frisk 6IV 31/31/31/31/31/31 W/ knock off, destiny bond, disable & confuse ray
a shiny mareep- modest, static 6IV 31/31/31/31/31/31
a shiny absol- adamant, pressure 6IV 31/31/31/31/31/31 W/ sucker punch, play rough, mega horn & zen headbutt
a shiny mawile- adamant, intimidate 6IV 31/31/31/31/31/31
a shiny beldum- adamant, clear body 6IV 31/31/31/31/31/31
a shiny snover- adamant, snow warning 6IV 31/31/31/31/31/31 W/ leach seed, grass knot & avalanche
a shiny froakie- timid, protean(HA) 6IV 31/31/31/31/31/31 W/ toxic spikes
a shiny larvitar- sassy, guts 6IV 31/31/31/31/31/31 W/ stealth rock & pursuit
a shiny froakie- naive, protean(HA) 31/31/31/31/31/31
a shiny tyrantrum- jolly, strong jaw 31/31/31/31/31/31 W/ thunder fang, fire fang, ice fang & dragon dance
a shiny onix- impish, weak armor 31/31/31/31/31/31
a shiny camerupt- quiet, magma armor 6IV(HP Grass) 31/30/31/30/31/30

a shiny pancham- adamant, scrappy(HA) 5IV 31/31/31/XX/31/31 W/ circle throw, vital throw, storm throw & comet punch
a shiny pancham- adamant, iron fist 5IV 31/31/31/XX/31/31 W/ comet punch
a shiny pinsir- jolly, moxie(HA) 5IV 31/31/31/XX/31/31
a shiny eevee(Male)- modest, anticipation 5IV 31/XX/31/31/31/31 W/ wish, covet & charm
a shiny scizor- adamant, technician 5IV 31/31/31/XX/31/31
a shiny mudkip- adamant, torrent 5IV XX/31/31/31/31/31 W/ ice beam, ancient power, mirror coat & scald
a shiny elektrike- timid, static 5IV 31/31/31/31/XX/31 W/ uproar
a shiny chikarita- calm, overgrow 5IV 31/XX/31/31/31/31 leaf storm, Ancient power, Ingrain & leech seed
a shiny froakie- timid, protean 5IV 31/XX/31/31/31/31
a shiny fennekin(Female)- modest, magician 5IV 31/XX/31/31/31/31 W/ magic coat, wish, heat wave & hypnosis
a shiny flabebe(Red)- calm, flower veil 5IV 31/XX/31/31/31/31
a shiny flabebe(Blue)- calm, symbiosis 5IV 31/XX/31/31/31/31
a shiny flabebe(White)- calm, flower veil 5IV 31/XX/31/31/31/31
a shiny flabebe(orange)- calm, flower veil 5IV 31/XX/31/31/31/31
a shiny gastly- timid, levitate 5IV 31/XX/31/31/31/31 W/ disable
a shiny zubat- jolly, infiltrator 5IV 31/31/31/XX/31/31 W/ defog, hypnosis, brave bird & pursuit
a shiny deino- timid, hustle 5IV 31/XX/31/31/31/31 W/ dragon pulse
a shiny snorlax- careful, thick fat 5IV 31/31/31/XX/31/31 W/ protect, curse, pursuit & toxic
a shiny hawlucha- adamant, unburden 5IV 31/31/31/XX/31/31 W/ baton pass, agility, quick guard & ally switch
a shiny binacle- jolly, tough claws 5IV 31/31/31/x/31/31 W/ shell smash,scratch,sand attack
a shiny treecko- timid, unburden 5IV 31/31/31/31/XX/31
a shiny chimchar- jolly, iron fist 5IV 31/31/31/XX/31/31 W/ blaze kick, thunder punch, fire punch & fake out
a shiny snivy- timid, overgrow 5IV 31/XX/31/31/31/31 W/ giga drain
a shiny lapras- modest, hydration 5IV 31/XX/31/31/31/31
a shiny amaura- modest, refridgerate 5IV 31/XX/31/31/31/31 W/ miror coat & discharge
a shiny litleo(Male)- timid, moxie(HA) 5IV 31/XX/31/31/31/31
a shiny froakie- timid, protean 5IV 31/XX/31/31/31/31 W/ toxic spikes
a shiny bergmite- impish, sturdy 5IV 31/31/31/XX/31/31 W/ recover mist & mirror coat
a shiny trapinch- jolly, hyper cutter 5IV 31/31/31/XX/31/31 W/ earthquake, rock slide & superpower
a shiny meditite- jolly, pure power 5IV 31/31/31/XX/31/31 W/ drain punch, bullet punch, psycho cut & fake out
a shiny gible- jolly, rough skin(HA) 5IV 31/31/31/XX/31/31 W/ outrage & iron head
a shiny roggenrola- adamant, sturdy 5IV 31/31/31/XX/31/31 W/ gravity, heavy slam, autotomize & curse
a shiny squirtle- modest, rain dish(HA) 5IV 31/XX/31/31/31/31 W/ aura sphere & dragon pulse
a shiny squirtle- modest, rain dish(HA) 5IV 31/XX/31/31/31/31 W/ aqua ring, aura sphere & dragon pulse
a shiny growlithe-adamant, intimidate 5IV 31/31/31/XX/31/31 W/ flare blitz, heat wave, close combat & morning sun
a shiny bulbasaur- modest, chlorophyll 5IV 31/XX/31/31/31/31 W/ giga drain & petal dance
a shiny torchic- adamant, speed boost(HA) 5IV 31/31/31/XX/31/31 W/ arial ace, baton pass, shadow claw & flame charge
a shiny ferroseed- relaxed, iron barbs 5IV 31/31/31/XX/31/00 W/ stealth rocks & spikes
a shiny carbink- bold, sturdy 5IV 31/xx/31/31/31/31
a shiny spritsee- relaxed, healer 5IV 31/XX/31/31/31/00 W/ disable & wish
a shiny clauncher- modest, mega launcher 5IV 31/XX/31/31/31/31 W/ endure & aqua jet
a shiny noibat- timid, infiltrator 5IV 31/XX/30/31/31/31 W switcheroo & tailwind
a shiny dedenne- timid, cheek pouch 5IV 31/XX/31/31/31/31 W/ covet & helping hand
a shiny scatterbug(savannah)- timid, compound eyes 5IV 31/XX/31/31/31/31 W/ stun spore & poison powder
a shiny scatterbug(river)- modest, shield dust 5IV XX/31/31/31/31/31
a shiny scatterbug(archipelago)- timid, compund eyes 5IV 31/31/XX/31/31/31 W/ stun spore
a shiny scatterbug(monsoon)- timid, compound eyes 5IV 31/XX/31/31/31/31
a shiny scatterbug(elegant)- timid, compund eyes 5IV 31/31/XX/31/31/31 W/ stun spore
a shiny scatterbug(polar)- timid, compund eyes 5IV 31/31/XX/31/31/31 W/ stun spore
a shiny scatterbug(tundra)- timid, compund eyes 5IV 31/31/XX/31/31/31 W/ stun spore
a shiny scatterbug(garden)- timid, shield dust 5IV 31/31/XX/31/31/31 W/ stun spore, poison powder & rage powder
a shiny scatterbug(jungle)- timid, compound eyes 5IV 31/XX/31/31/31/31 W/ stun spore
a shiny golett- adamant, no guard 5IV 31/31/31/XX/31/31
a shiny skrelp- modest, poison point 5IV 31/XX/31/31/31/31 W/ toxic spikes
a shiny skarmory- impish, sturdy 5IV 31/31/31/XX/31/31 W/ brave bird & pursuit
a shiny larvesta- timid, flme body 5IV 31/XX/31/31/31/31
a shiny zorua- timid, illusion 5IV 31/XX/31/31/31/31 W/counter & extrasensory
a shiny sneasel- jolly, pickpocket 5IV 31/31/31/XX/31/31 W/ icicle crash
a shiny axew- adamant, mold breaker 5IV 31/31/31/XX/31/31
a shiny sableye- bold, prankster 5IV 31/XX/31/31/31/31 W/ zen headbutt, taunt, will-o-wisp & recover
a shiny yamask- bold, mummy 5IV 31/31/31/31/31/XX
a shiny dratini- adamant, marvel scale(HA) 5IV 31/31/31/XX/31/31 W/ dragon rush, iron tail & dragon dance
a shiny staryu- timid, naturall cure 5IV 31/XX/31/31/31/31
a shiny porygon- modest, download 5IV 31/XX/31/31/31/31
a shiny aron- adamant, rock head 5IV 31/31/31/XX/31/31 W/ curse, dragon rush, superpower & head smash
a shiny larvitar- adamant, guts 5IV 31/31/31/XX/31/31 W/ outrage, iron head, focus energy & stealth rock
a shiny ralts- timid, trace 5IV 31/XX/31/31/31/31
a shiny froslass- timid, cursed body 5IV 31/XX/31/31/31/31 W/ destiny bond, spikes, astonish & powder snow
a shiny turtwig- adamant, shell armor(HA) 5IV 31/31/31/XX/31/31 W/ grassy terrain, seed bomb & superpower
a shiny espurr(female)- modest, infiltrator 5IV 31/31/31/XX/31/31
a shiny espurr(Male)- timid, own tempo 5IV 31/XX/31/31/31/31/
a shiny espurr(Male)- modest, keen eye, 5IV 31/XX/31/31/31/31
a shiny nidoran(Male)- adamant, rivalry 5IV 31/31/31/XX/31/31 W/ iron tail, head smash, sucker punch & endure
a shiny nidoran(Female)- timid, Hustle 5IV 31/XX/31/31/31/31
a shiny tyrunt- adamant, strong jaw 5IV 31/31/31/XX/31/31 W/ ice fang, fire fang, thunder fang & dragon dance
a shiny furfrou- impish, fur coat 5IV 31/31/31/XX/31/31
a shiny bunnelby- adamant, huge power 5IV 31/31/31/XX/31/31
a shiny tyranitar- adamant, sand stream 5IV 31/31/31/XX/31/31
a shiny aegislash- brave, stance change 5IV 31/31/31/31/31/XX
a shiny totodile- adamant, torrent 5IV 31/31/31/XX/31/31 W/ aqua jet, crunch, ice punch & dragon dance
a shiny fletchling(Male)- adamant, gale wings 5IV 31/31/31/XX/31/31
a shiny pawniard- adamant, defiant 5IV 31/31/31/31/31/31 W/ sucker punch, pursuit & revenge
a shiny charmander- timid, solar power(HA) 5IV 31/XX/31/31/31/31 W/ dragon dance, dragon pulse, outrage & belly drum
a shiny charmander- jolly, blaze 5IV XX/31/31/31/31/31 W/ dragon pulse, crunch, dragon dance & outrage
a shiny sylveon- modest, pixilate(HA) 5IV 31/XX/31/31/31/31/31
a shiny honedge- adamant, no guard 5IV 31/31/31/XX/31/31
a shiny cyndaquil- modest, blaze 5IV 31/XX/31/31/31/31 W/ extrasensory & double edge
a shiny gourgiest(super size)- impish, frisk 5IV 31/31/31/XX/31/31
a shiny piplup- modest, torrent 5IV 31/XX/31/31/31/31 W/ yawn, aerial ace, brick break & scald
a shiny piplup- modest, defiant(HA) 5IV 31/XX/31/31/31/31 W/ yawn
a shiny kabuto- adamant, swift swim 5IV 31/31/31/XX/31/31
a shiny honedge- sassy, no guard 5IV XX/31/31/31/31/31
a shiny scraggy- adamant, shed skin 5IV XX/31/31/31/31/31 W/ dragon dance, drain punch, zen headbutt & ice punch
a shiny cleffa- calm, magic guard 5IV 31/XX/31/31/31/31 W/ aroma therapy, wish, stored power & metronome
a shiny chansey- careful, serene grace 5IV 31/31/31/31/XX/31 (bred in love ball)
a shiny growlithe- adamant, intimidate 5IV 31/31/31/31/XX/31 W/ morning sun, covet, flare blits & double edge
a shiny abra- timid, magic guard(HA) 5IV 31/XX/31/31/31/13 W/ ally switch
a shiny infernape- hasty, iron fist 5IV 31/31/XX/31/31/31 W/ thunder punch
a shiny scizor- adamant, technician 5IV 31/31/31/XX/31/31
a shiny scraggy- jolly, moxie 5IV 31/31/31/XX/31/31 W/ low kick, drain punch, stone edge & ice punch
a shiny omanyte- timid, shell armor 5IV 31/XX/31/31/31/31 W/ rock slide & withdraw
a shiny cubone- brave, rock head 5IV 31/31/31/XX/31/00 W/ iron head
a shiny mankey- jolly, vital spirit 5IV 31/31/31/XX/31/31
a shiny kangaskhan- adamant, scrappy 5IV 31/31/31/XX/31/31
a shiny heracross- adamant, moxie 5IV 31/31/31/XX/31/31
a shiny shroomish- adamant, quick feet 5IV 31/31/31/XX/31/31 W/ bullet punch, focus punch & wakeup slap
a shiny aerodactyle- adamant, rock head 5IV 31/31/31/XX/31/31
a shiny zangoose- jolly, toxic boost 5IV 31/31/31/XX/31/31 W/ night slash
a shiny baltoy- relaxed, levitate 5IV 31/31/31/31/31/XX
a shiny rotom(Wash)- calm, levitate 5IV 31/XX/31/31/31/31
a shiny porygon- timid, trace 5IV 31/XX/31/31/31/31
a shiny oshawott- jolly, torrent 5IV 31/31/31/XX/31/31 W/ trump card, brine, assurance & air slash
a shiny cottonee- sassy, prankster 5IV 31/31/31/XX/31/31 W/ fairy wind, switcheroo, memento & encore
a shiny whimsicott- modest, prankster 5IV 31/31/31/XX/31/31 W/ fairy wind & memento
a shiny drilbur- adamant, mold breaker 5IV 31/31/31/XX/31/31
a shiny skiddo- adamant, sap sipper 5IV 31/31/31/XX/31/31
a shiny hawlucha- adamant, unburden 5IV 31/31/31/XX/31/31
a shiny swinub- adamant, thick fat 5IV 31/31/31/XX/31/31 W/ powder snow, take down, icicle crash & stealth rock
a shiny binacle- jolly, tough claws 5IV 31/31/31/31/XX/31 W/ switcheroo
a shiny bunnelby- adamant, pickup 5IV 31/31/31/31/31/XX
a shiny fletchling(Female)- adamant, gale wings 5IV 31/31/31/XX/31/31
a shiny starly- jolly, reckless 5IV 31/31/31/XX/31/31 W/ endeavor & double edge
a shiny sharpedo- adamant, speed boost 5IV 31/31/31/XX/31/31
a shiny weedle- adamant, shield dust 5IV 31/31/31/XX/31/31
a shiny slowpoke- bold- regenerator 5IV 31/XX/31/31/31/31

a shiny mudkip- adamant, damp(HA) 4IV 03/31/31/31/21/31 W/ avalanche, curse, yawn & ice ball (nicknameable)
a shiny charizard- timid, solar power(HA) 4IV 31/XX/31/31/XX/31 W/ dragon pulse
a shiny torchic- adamant, speed boost(HA) 4IV 31/31/31/XX/XX/31
a shiny vulpix- timid, drought(HA) 4IV 31/XX/XX/31/31/31 W/ extrasensory, disable, poower swap & heat wave
a shiny tyrantrum- adamant, strong jaw 4IV 31/31/31/XX/31/XX W/ ice fang, thunder fang, fire fang & dragon dance
a shiny ralts(Male)- timid, trace 4IV XX/XX/31/31/31/31
a shiny honedge- brave, no guard 4IV 31/XX/31/XX/31/00
a shiny gastly- timid, levitate 4IV 31/XX/31/31/31/XX
a shiny venipede- jolly, speed boost(HA) 4IV 31/XX/XX/31/31/31
a shiny absol- adamant, super luck 4IV 31/31/31/XX/XX/31
a shiny bunnelby- adamant, huge power 4IV 31/XX/31/XX/31/31
a shiny scraggy- jolly, intimidate 4IV XX/XX/31/31/31/31 W/ dragon dance, drain punch & ice punch
a shiny scatterbug(high plains)- timid, compound eyes 4IV XX/XX/31/31/31/31 W/ stun spore
a shiny togekiss- modest, hustle 3IV 31/15/02/27/31/31
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Hello,I'm looking for:
Shiny Pokémon from Sun/Moon [all which can be cauth in S/M (they must be untrained,legit and on the best in a Pokéball,but they can be cloned)]

I havent Shiny Pokémon in Sun/Moon,but I can offer many cloned 6 Gen. Event/Shiny Pokémon (X/Y/OR/AS).
I dont have at the moment a list of my full collection,but you can ask me which Pokémon you need and I will look whether I have it !


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I have 8 so far, Slowpoke, Machop, Bagon, Beldum, Litten, Pelliper, Spearow, and Fearow.

Just message me if you're interested in trading one of your shinies for one of those.
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Hello! First post hype!!!
Anyway, I caught a wild shiny Haunter the other day and I'd like to trade it for an Ash-Greninja. I'd like the Greninja to be under level 40, lower the better. I'd also like it to have a Hasty or Naive nature but I'm open to some other nature if the other 2 are not possible. Thank you.

FC: 3282-2561-6407

Edit: Haunter has been traded. Huzzah!!
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Just taking a shot in the dark here. Forgive me if this post is out of place... but I was seeing if anyone had a shiny rowlet that they could give me a clone of? If anyone could help me out with this it would be greatly appreciated. I have a son with autism who requires 33 hours a week of Therapy on top of that I have a 10 month old who's quite demanding lol. I have no time to SR for my starter but I'm still currently trying as often as I can. I just want to play the freakin game already but I'm determined to start with a shiny. I'm still SRing for about 3-4 hours at the end of the day when the kids sleep. If anyone can help Thad be amazing... youd be helping a tired dad catch a break haha
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I have a shiny Yangoos (Nicknameable) caught with a pokeball level 9. I have a shiny Cutiefly, hatched from an egg, level 1. Not looking for anything specific but a shiny fire type is up my alley.


Hey guys! Just wondering if anyone has run into a shiny zubat or golbat (Or Crobat.)

I don't have much up for trade as I am -just- about to reach Lunala (I think.) but I do have some legendaries and stuff tradeable on the older gen.