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Shiny Trading Thread


Veteran Trainer
LF a shiny adamant/naive minior. Willing to trade shinies or UB, also have some of the johto pokeballs left, and plenty of battle points to purchase anything. Willing to trade 2 things for this, i.e. a pokemon holding whatever item you want.


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I also need ONLY cloned,legit and untouched self caugth/breed Shinies (on the best in a Beast Ball).

Most Wants:
Lapras,Wishiwashi,Rattata,Grubbin,Growlithe,Dratini,Sandshrew,Vulpix,Feebas,Beldum,Gible,Axew,Riolu (Lucario from SOS),Koalelu,Yungoos,Grimer,Rufflet,Braviary,Delibird,Magikarp,Lycanroc (Midday),Eevee (Umbreon/Epseon from SOS),Mudbray,Venipede,Tauros,Dewpide,Salandit,Cubone,Kangaskhan,Stufful,Comfrey,Oranguru,Passimian,Goomy,Castform,Wimpod,Turtonator,Drampa,Exeggutor,Scyther

I can offer [All are legit UT and cloned]:

Pokémon,OT,ID,Nature,Characteristic,Special Ball?)
- Shiny Pikipek (Gl3u5 // 247419 // Lonely // Mischievous // Beast Ball )
- Shiny Bagon ( Celestial // 557393 // Mild // Alert to sounds // Beast Ball )
- Shiny Salamance ( らんこ // 287227 // Careful // Likes to thrash about // Timer Ball )
- Shiny Porygon2 ( Cocco // 063510 // Calm // Mischievous )
- Shiny Rowlet ( Rockfello // 880906 // Naugthy // Takes plenty of siestas )
- Shiny Litten ( Rockfello // 880906 // Naugthy // Takes plenty of siestas )
- Shiny Popplio ( Madison // 849167 // Modest // Alert to sounds )
- Shiny Rockruff ( Victor // 521647 // Hardy // Mischievous )
- Shiny Bounsweet ( Madison // 849167 // Jolly // Likes to thrash about // Love Ball )
- Shiny Sandygast (Gl3u5 // 247419 // Sassy // Takes plenty of siestas // Beast Ball )
- Shiny Type: Null [FRE] ( Shinrai // 820037 // Adamant // Mischievous )
- Shiny Togedemaru ( Jerm // 755747 // Jolly // Capable of taking hits )
- Shiny Mimikyu ( Alexis // 852266 // Adamant // Somewhat vain )
- Shiny Dhelmise (Gl3u5 // 247419 // Impish // Takes plenty of siestas // Moon Ball )
- Shiny Jangmo-o ( Minlet // 174390 // Modest // Takes plenty of siestas // Moon Ball )
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I have a spare Volcanion code and I am looking for a Alola shiny in return. In particular Alolan shiny starters or Shiny Type Null. But I am open to all offers. PM me your offer!
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Shedinja Trainer
No longer available.
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Heres what i have for trade. All are shiny and some are obtained by myself. Make a specific offer

Pikipek lv 14 Lonley Keen Eye 4IV (Self Caught)
Grimer lv 8 Brave Poison Touch 3IV (Self Caught)
Meowth Lv 8 Lonely Technician 4IV (Self Caught)
Geodude lv 27 Impish Magent Pull 4IV (Self Caught)
Sandygast lv 23 Sassy Water Compaction 1IV (Self Caught)
Grubbin lv 15 Brave Swarm 4 IV (Self Caught)
Dhelmise lv 1 Impish Steelworker 5 IV (Self bred)

Mareanie Lv 1 Bold Merciless 4 IV
Arquanid Lv 67 Hardy Water bubble 4 IV
Wimpod Lv 1 Adamant Wimp Out Flawless
Pichu Lv 1 Modest Static 5IV
Stufful Lv 1 Adamant Fluffy 3 IV
Wingull Lv 1 Calm Hydration 5 IV
Salandit Lv 1 Modest Corrosion Flawless
Rockruff Lv 1 Jolly vital Spirit 5 IV
Pyukumuku Lv 100 Sassy Innards Out Flawless
Litten Lv 1 Adamant blaze 4IV
Mimikyu Lv 1 jolly Disguise No Perfect IVs
Rowlet Lv1 Adamant Overgrow Flawless
Bounsweet Lv 1 Adamant Oblivious 5 IV
Raichu Lv 2 Modest Surge Surfer 5 IV
Cutiefly Lv 1 timid Shield Dust Flawless
Mudbray Lv 1 Adamant Stamina 3IV
Vulpix Lv 1 Timid Snow Warning 4IVs
Toxapex Lv 50 bold Regenerator 5 IVS
Togedemaru Lv 1 Jolly Iron barbs 5IV
Bagon Lv1 Mild Sheer Force in Beast ball Flawless
Jangmo-o Lv 1 Modest overcoat Flawless
Mareanie Lv 1 bold Regenerator 5 IV
Comfey Lv 100 battle ready Timid Triage Flawless


~Space Ninja Bunny~
Shiny Palossand - Lvl 100 - Female - HA Sand Veil - Bold - 6IV - Poke Ball
Shiny Mimikyu - Lvl 100 - Male - Jolly - 6IV - Luxury Ball
Shiny Vulpix - Lvl 1 - Male - Modest - 3IV - EMs: Extrasensory, Freeze Dry, Moonblast, Hypnosis - Moon Ball
Shiny Eevee - Lvl 29 - Male - Adaptability - Modest - 1IV - Poke Ball
Shiny Dhelmise - Lvl 1 - Impish - 2IV - Ultra Ball

Im looking for the new starters, preferably Lvl 1
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New Member
FT Shiny
Jolly Sivally 6iv
Feraligatr Naughthy NoIv
Adamant Scizor 5iv
Sassy Butterfree 4iv Pokerus
Adamant Espeon 6iv Named Cat
Gentle Oriocorio NoIv
Bold Sylveon 2iv Pokerus
Brave Absol NoIv
Timid Porygon Z 6iv HT(Hyper)
Bashful Primarina 6iv
Adamant Dragonite Multiscale 5iv
Male Timid HA Ninetales with 3EM Moonblast,FreezeDry,and Encore Named Viktor
Adamant Decidueye 4iv
Adamant Golisopod Pokerus 5iv
Gentle Smeargle NoIv Lv100
Adamant Shinx 5iv Lv1 with Fire Thunder Fang,Night Slash,and Take down Lv1
Jolly Mimikyu 5iv
Modest Kanghaskan 1iv Lv100 with gold bottle cap

Mostly Looking for Eevee/its Evolution with good nature
For more information PM me^^


Well-Known Member
I have a shiny Alolan Rattata FT. Only after a Lucky Egg, Pokerus or other shinies. Make me an offer. :)


Magically Delicious!
Just hatched a shiny modest Drampa with less than useless IVs. If anyone is interested, I'm open to offers, I'd really like a thick club if you've got one to spare

Trade complete
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Ghost Master
I need the Dex entries for Lunala, Pheromosa, and Celesteela.
Quick trade and trade back.

Trazing a shiny dratini for your time.


Pokemon Trainer
Looking for a Shiny Cutiefly that can be nicknamed, I will trade a Shiny Lycanroc for it.

Mikazuki Marazhu

of the Furry Fandom
FT: Shiny Garchomp Male/Jolly/Rough Skin/5IV/Lv. 100/Hyper Trained/Heavy Ball/PP Maxed
LF: Shiny Aegislash Male/Quiet/0iv Speed/Heavy Ball/Wide Guard
FT: Shiny Acanine Male/Impish/Intimidate/5IV/Lv. 100/Hyper Trained/Morning Sun/Pokeball/PP Maxed
LF: Non-Shiny Arcanine Male/Impish/Intimidate/6IV/Timer Ball/Morning Sun
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FT: Everything is legit to the best of my knowledge, but they may be cloned. I expect anything offered to be legit as well and not hacked in any way, but clones are fine!
I CAN also clone in gen 7!
Any non-flawless Shiny or Legend in Bold font I have a HT version of as well!
31/31/31/23/31/31 Modest HA Alolan Vulpix (F) - Freeze Dry, Moonblast (Dive Ball)
Nicknameable Timid Cottonee (UT)
5IV Modest Grubbin (M) (Ultra Ball)
Nicknameable 31/31/31/31/31/x Jolly Rockruff (M) - Fire Fang, Thunder Fang, Sucker Punch (Beast Ball) (definitely will HT this, and will only trade for other nicknameable shinies born in SM)
31/31/31/31/31/19 Timid Salandit (F) (Great Ball)
5IV Adamant Stufful (F) - Ice Punch, Thunder Punch, Mega Kick
31/31/31/31/31/x Wimpod (F) - Aqua Jet, Spikes (Quick Ball)
5IV Modest Sandygast (M) (Ultra Ball)
x/31/31/31/31/x Lonely Type: Null
31/31/31/x/31/31 Naive Minior (Luxury Ball)
Nicknameable 5IV Jolly Mimikyu (F) (Luxury Ball) (will only consider trading this for other flawless nicknameable shinies born in SM)
5IV Adamant Jangmo-o (M) (Luxury Ball)
*Nicknameable ones are UT, but I will be Hyper Training all of mine in the near future if you prefer.*
Nicknameable x/31/31/x/x/31 Adamant Power Construct Zygarde
Nicknameable 31/x/x/31/x/31 Timid Tapu Koko (Luxury Ball)
Nicknameable x/x/31/31/x/31 Modest Tapu Lele (Luxury Ball) (HT available)
Nicknameable 31/31/31/x/x/31 Adamant Tapu Bulu (Luxury Ball)
5IV Adamant Tapu Bulu (BR)
31/31/31/x/31/0 Brave Tapu Bulu (BR)
Nicknameable x/x/x/31/31/31 Bold Tapu Fini (Luxury Ball)
Nicknameable 31/x/31/31/31/x Timid Cosmog
Nicknameable 31/x/31/x/31/31 Jolly Solgaleo (Premier Ball)
Nicknameable x/x/31/31/x/31 Timid Nihilego (Beast Ball)
Nicknameable x/31/x/x/31/31 Adamant Buzzwole (Beast Ball)
Nicknameable x/31/x/x/31/31 Careful Buzzwole (Beast Ball)
x/31/31/x/x/31 Hasty Pheromosa (Beast Ball)
Nicknameable x/x/31/31/x/31 Modest Xurkitree (Beast Ball)
Nicknameable 31/x/x/31/31/31 Timid Xurkitree (Beast Ball)
5IV Impish Celesteela (BR)
Nicknameable 31/31/x/x/x/31 Jolly Kartana (Beast Ball)
Nicknameable 31/31/31/x/31/x Adamant Kartana (Beast Ball)
Nicknameable 31/31/x/x/31/31 Impish Kartana (Beast Ball)
Nicknameable x/31/31/x/31/x Careful Kartana (Beast Ball)
Nicknameable 31/31/31/x/31/x Brave Guzzlord (Beast Ball)
Nicknameable 31/x/31/31/x/x Modest Necrozma (Luxury Ball)
*I can breed any of these to be nicknameable*
5IV Timid Pichu - Fake Out, Encore (Fast Ball)
5IV Adamant HA Alolan Sandshrew - Icicle Crash, Icicle Spear, Amnesia (Heavy Ball)
5IV Timid HA Alolan Vulpix - Moonblast, Freeze Dry, Encore (Beast Ball)
5IV Jolly/Bold/Timid/Adamant Growlithe - Burn Up, Morning Sun, Close Combat, and Flare Blitz (Fast Ball)
5IV Bold HA Poliwag - Encore, Water Sport, Body Slam (Lure Ball)
5IV Adamant Grimer - Shadow Sneak, Curse (Beast Ball)
5IV Adamant Muk (BR)
5IV Adamant Cubone - Iron Head, Perish Song, Belly Drum, Ancient Power (Moon Ball)
5IV Adamant Magikarp (Dive Ball)
5IV Jolly Magikarp (Lure Ball)
31/0/31/31/31/0 Relaxed Porygon2 (BR)
31/31/31/x/31/0 Brave Hariyama (BR)
5IV Quiet Torkoal - Eruption (Level Ball)
31/x/31/31/31/0 Quiet Torkoal - Eruption (BR)
5IV Adamant Beldum (Beast Ball)
5IV Jolly HA Gible - Outrage, Iron Head, Sand Tomb, Twister (Beast Ball)
5IV Jolly Rockruff - Fire Fang, Thunder Fang, Sucker Punch (Beast Ball)
5IV Quiet Wishiwashi (Beast Ball)
31/31/31/x/31/0 Brave Mudsdale (BR)
5IV Adamant Dewpider - Stockpile (Net Ball)
5IV Timid Salandit (Great Ball)
5IV Adamant Stufful - Ice Punch, Thunder Punch, Wide Guard, Mega Kick (Love Ball)
5IV Adamant Wimpod - Aqua Jet, Spikes (Quick Ball)
5IV Modest Sandygast (Ultra Ball)
x/31/x/x/31/31 Nicknameable Adamant Type: Null
5IV Jolly Togedemaru - Fake Out, Encore, Wish, Reversal (Fast Ball)
5IV Jolly Mimikyu (Dusk Ball)
5IV Jolly/Adamant Mimikyu (Luxury Ball)
5IV Quiet Drampa (Beast Ball)
* - denotes they are self-obtained events, so I can 100% vouch for their legitimacy

Snorlium Z Munchlax (Impish)
*x/31/x/31/x/31 Naive Battle Bond Greninja (UT)
*x/31/x/x/31/31 Modest Magearna (UT)
Multiple competitive breeding Ditto (6IV, TR, HP Fire, Grass, Rock, Ground, Ice), any item, every competitive nature of Synchronizer, and any Pokemon for dex completion

Anything from this list (willing to do 2 for 1 for certain things):
*Over 30 new events added!*

Competitive shinies from SM, especially any new Pokemon/forms
Competitive UBs/Legends from SM (Hyper Trained is fine)
Competitive Pokemon from SM (either bred or Hyper Trained)
Events I don't have

PM/VM me if interested!
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Hi everyone!

FT: shiny magnezone and shiny stufful

LF: shiny wimpod and shiny mimikyu

if you do not have the shinies i am looking for just send me a pm with the shinies you can offer. also pm me if you need info about nature and IVs of my shinies.


I've just hatched me a modest shiny 5IV grubbin (attack is the IV that isn't 31) and I've cloned it a few times for some trades if anybody is interested, mainly looking for other shiny pokemon but all offers welcome :) pm me


Shiny Master
Hello everyone! I've finally got things on 7th Gen to trade, so my hunt for Shinies continues!

- Any Shiny Pokemon I do not own (please see DexTracker, link in sig)
- Nickname-able Shiny Pokemon (especially competitive)
- Any Shiny Event Pokemon I do not own (please ask)

- A myriad of Shiny Pokemon (including some competitive Alolan Pokemon such as the starters, Mimukyu and Wimpod)
- Many Event Pokemon (some self-obtained, though all on 6th Gen)

Due to most of my collection still being on 6th, I am happy to send you payment on 6th to receive something from you in 7th! Please ask for details!
Also, cloning is included free in all trades if you'd like!

Please see my trade thread for my current lists (both 7th and 6th)!

Thank ye and looking forward to trading with ya! c:


Autism Love
I have a 1 IV hardy shiny alolan meowth UFT. If anyone is interested let me know! I never evolved it and it's EV trained. I have proof of its capture too. Check out my IG username is: shiningrowlet