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Shiny Transformtion

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Shiny Transform

First I Wanna Say I Noticed Alot The Same About Ditto And Mew Both Are Pink But Blue As Shiny And There The Only Pokemon That Know Transform, But Anyway If A Shiny Mew/Ditto Uses Transform Does It Turn Into A Shiny Whatever And If An Normal Mew/Ditto Uses Transform On A Shiny Pokemon Does It Become Shiny?
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I used to have a shiny Ditto and I was ****** off about it. It transforms into a Pokemon and is non shiny. I don't what happens when it transforms into a shiny Pokemon though.
When a Pokemon transform into anoter Pokemon it COPYS whatever it looks like, shiny or not... if you transform on a normal red Deoxys, your Pokemon will become a normal red Deoxys, if you transform on a yellow (shiny) Deoxys, you will become a yellow Deoxys...

So, a shiny Ditto is... kinda useless since it will only stay shiny for one turn unless your fighting on some other shinys...
This is somewhat more of a game question, and this isn't a forum to ask game questions so...

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