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ShinyCat's Drawings

Discussion in 'Fan Art' started by Shiny Cat, Dec 2, 2012.

  1. Shiny Cat

    Shiny Cat Member

    My favorite hobby is drawing pokemon, and I'm looking for a little critique on them! I'll be posting them one at a time (Need to scan them), and any comments are appreciated! Thank you! To start, here's one I made today (It's a watercolor Glameow): [​IMG]

    And a Realistic-ish Quilava: [​IMG]

    This is Shineloh the shiny Luxray (my real-life cat's name is Shiloh):[​IMG]

    Rarity the awkward male Delcatty: [​IMG]

    It's a bit hard to tell, but this is a realistic Umbreon: [​IMG]

    Now a comparison. When I was ten (I'm thirteen now), I made up a pokemon: [​IMG] then a few monthes ago, I remembered it, and made a pokedex entry for it (and its new evolution): [​IMG] Wow! Three years makes a BIG difference! Anyway, that's all I have for right now. Any critique is greatly appreciated! Thanks!
    Last edited: Dec 2, 2012
  2. monstahunta

    monstahunta Hero of Kokoto

    Well first off great job on all your drawings! You've come far in three years. You should be proud of yourself. Now for the critiquing. The only mistake I can see is that umbreon's front left leg, (his left not your left), is like a backwards hind leg. I think what you were going for is like a moving umbreon and its paw is supposed to be curled like it's walking right? Well see where it bends and starts to look like a rear leg? Try to instead only have the leg bend at its, 'wrist,' (the best way I can think of to describe it) and have a more straight line coming down from the front of the shoulder. If you have the file on your computer try opening it in paint and draw a straight line cutting off the 'ankle'-ish part and you'll see what I mean. Just remember to not save it of course.

    Other than that though, great job =]
    I really like the fur on the umbreon!
  3. Shiny Cat

    Shiny Cat Member

    Oh yeah, I see what you mean there... Thank you! I'll work on it! :)
  4. Sketchie

    Sketchie >:3c

    These are really good! I love the flitty/burngal, those are drawn really well.

    Now- the umbreon's already been mentioned, but i'm going to mention that the glameow appears to have the same problem. It looks like it's elbow's bending at a weird angle. I'm not sure how, but it looks like it's are is going straight down forwards, and then at the elbow, it's bending in a way it shouldn't. But maybe that's just me.

    But again, these are drawn really well.
  5. Dreamy

    Dreamy Well-Known Member

    Really nice work, I especially love your Delcatty.

    I think most of the flubs have been pointed out, so nice work in general, keep it up ^_^
  6. Shiny Cat

    Shiny Cat Member

    Aww, thanks you guys.. Yea, legs are the bane of my existence.. I'll try to work on it, thanks!
  7. Shiny Cat

    Shiny Cat Member

    Here, I made a quick outline of a Meowth: [​IMG] Any better?
  8. monstahunta

    monstahunta Hero of Kokoto

    Much better =] See how the front legs have kind of a lowercase Y-shape? That's exactly what you should be going for. Good job!

    Although his/her/its front right paw is turned a little too far away from you if you're trying to do a 'standing still' pose. Right now it looks like it's putting its weight on that paw getting ready to turn and walk away. However if that's what you were going for then good job with that too =]

    And also its tail is connected a little too low on it's body. It kinda looks like it's coming out of the back of its belly. But this is just a minor detail since a line connecting its back leg and tail would fix this in like 30 seconds.

    His back end sticks out just a tiny bit as well. See where the back leg connects to the body? Well the back legs on four-legged animals connect right to the very end of the animal so if you draw a slight curve from the back of the back leg up to the back it should (my theory) look more natural =]

    As for the positives Great head, and you did great on the general shape of the body.
    Plus the bow is flawless =]
    Last edited: Dec 4, 2012
  9. Shiny Cat

    Shiny Cat Member

    Ah yes, I see what you mean on the tail and back.. Thank you! Yeah, I just shoved the bow in there 'cause the neck looked much to barren...
  10. ShinyGyarados

    ShinyGyarados Member

    These are pretty good. No doubt, that you'll be blowing people out of the water in a few years. I especially like the Luxray and Quilava. As for the Umbreon, what I really think happened there, was that on the bend, the front end of it was much too pointed and the back end was too curved. Reverse the curves, and I think it'll be fine. I was going the say the paw looks like it was rotated to where the pad was starting to face the viewer, putting it at an odd angle, but I think that's actually my phone making it look funny. All in all, these are something to be proud of. Keep it up! :3
  11. Shiny Cat

    Shiny Cat Member

    Thank you! ^u^ That tip on the umbreon really helps, I'll keep working on that position!

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