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shinys for runescape gp, shiny and event pokemon


New Member
shiny magikarp level 5 calm nature
shiny chansey level 18 sassy nature
shiny giratina level 70 rash nature
shiny totodile level 5 bashful nature
shiny porygon level 38 bold nature
shiny larvitar level 6 naive nature
shiny latios level 50 jolly nature
shiny male ralts level 4 adamant nature
shiny cyndaquil level 16 quiet nature
shiny ponyta level 23 impish nature
shiny lucario level 54 relaxed nature
shiny deoxys level 30 sassy nature
shiny gallade level 100 bold nature
shiny trapinch level 21 gentle nature
shiny lugia level 80 rash nature japanese
shiny charizard level 65 gentle nature
shiny ho oh level 70 hardy nature japanese
shiny aggron level 44 brave nature
shiny latias level 40 docile nature
shiny jirachi level 100 relaxed nature ot: red
shiny 10 aniv celebi level 100 modest nature
shiny raquayza level 70 hardy nature
shiny steelix level 100 naughty nature
shiny stantler level 18 hasty nature hacked
shiny marill level 25 timid nature
shiny manaphy level 1 modest nature
shiny vulpix level 18 hardy nature hacked
shiny dialga level 47 quiet nature japanese
shiny mudkip level 5 modest nature
shiny rotom level 15 impish nature
shiny metagross level 100 timid nature
shiny mewtwo level 100 naughty nature
shiny tangela level 30 quirky nature
shiny dusknoir(nicknamed redusk) level 50 gentle nature
shiny rhyperior level 55 sassy nature
shiny bidoof level 6 rash nature
shiny salamence level 100 hardy nature I think its hacked
shiny dragonite level 100 brave nature EV trained 323/403/226/236/236/233
shiny salamence level 100 adamant nature EV trained 394/405/259/287/259/299
shiny tyranitar level 100 adamant nature EV trained 332/387/250/198/222/211
shiny umbreon level 100 sassy nature 346/166/271/161/353/171

Everyone in the world wants my ralts, I really like it I need a good offer. I like multiple shinys for one of mine. I will only do multiple event pokemon for a shiny. shiny EV trained pokemon are some of the highest on my list. I am sometime disconnected from this website if that happens sorry.
If I was still a member of that thing and cared about it I would do that but I don't think I can give you my stuff.
Hhhmmm that game was kind of hard though lol....XD
Not very fun.


New Member
what are you trying to say shiny heatran aint good....hmm....
but how bout for shiny rotom, totodile, or the porygon


what do you want for either the shiny mudkip or the shiny totodile? um just name somthin
No and ok.
If I could trade my members stuff to you I would.
But then I don't know if I actually plan to play that game again or not.
I never had much time on it because I had more important stuff to do.XD

Arbok Starship

Bring It!!!
what would you like of mine for your Shiny adamant Salamence EV Trained and shiny Manaphy???

check out my web page on my sig...
Umm some helmet some of those Emerald and Sapphire rings.
Ummm Dragon Sword and Dragon Axe and some other stuff but never really cared.
I'm just good at games that is why I'm have all this stuff even though I only played for an 1 hour or so.