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i have a question of shinys in this game.
i have a shiny ditto (obtain for the gyarados glitch) and have a shiny scyther.
If i put those two pokemons on the day care, the eggs have more posibility for been shinys?


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In the 2nd generation, the baby pokemon will only inherit the IVs of one of its parents and in the 2nd gen shinyness is determined by a Pokemon's IVs.

When Ditto breeds with anything, the IVs passed down to the baby will be based on Ditto's and not the other parent's.

You therefore will always have a 1 in 64 chance of having a shiny baby by breeding a shiny Ditto, regardless of whether the other parent is shiny or not.

Can you actually breed the two shiny Pokemon or do you get the "It's brimming with energy" message? As shiny Pokemons Special and Defense IVs will be the same I don't think you can breed two shinys anyway but I could be wrong.
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