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+ Shippers Secret Santa v. 2018 +

Discussion in 'Shippers Community' started by xEryChan, Oct 2, 2018.

  1. xEryChan

    xEryChan Vampire Girl Staff Member Moderator

    Hello and welcome to the annual

    Shippers Secret Santa
    No graphics because Ery did not have time to make them

    Currently In: Gift Creation Period


    What is the Shippers Secret Santa, you may be asking? This is an annual exchange between members of the Shippers Community. I will be hosting this event by myself this year.

    So, as I previously mentioned, this is gift exchange between members of the forums, especially those who sign up for the event. You will be given a participant to create a shipping fanwork-related present for. There will be signups for the month of October. The content of your gift will lie in your skills of writing and/or (graphic/drawing) and the assigned participants shipping preference. Gift are to be submitted to me so that they can be posted on Christmas Day.

    There is a huge detail about this event that must be known to everyone and that is that the gift must remain anonymous. That means that whatever you create must not be posted anywhere on the internet until after all of the gifts have been posted. You also cannot tell anyone who you got or bother anyone over who is your Secret Santa. You will ruin the fun of the event and you don’t want to make Ery a sad girl, do you?

    So now, I’ve spent enough time telling you what the event is so why don’t I tell you about the rules?


    1. All of the SPPF and Shippers Community Rules apply.
    2. Anyone can join! Just fill out the form below and you are automatically in.
    3. The gift you create for your assigned member has to be one of the following: fanfiction (one-shot and/or multi-chapter fic), graphics (banner, a set of three icons, and/or wallpaper), art (digital/traditional and/or comic), and/or video (AMV)
    4. Please be responsible of the dates to prevent any problems in the future.
    5. If, for any reason you are unable to participate anymore, you must let either me know ASAP.
    6. All gifts are due in on December 20. I will allow an extension of two days so if you need one, let either me know.
    7. Do not bash any shippings, character, or person. I think this is pretty much a given. If I see any of that, not only will you be banned from participating, you will also be given a warning or an infraction. Please be respectful to others shipping preferences.
    8. Do not upload your created works anywhere on the forums and outside of the forums until after all of the gifts have posted in this thread. In addition, submitted gifts cannot contain a watermark or any indication that the gift is from from you. I will try to post all of the gifts in the earliest hours on Christmas Day so that you can post your gift on your profile(s).
    9. If you have any questions, feel free to send me a PM!


    Copy the text inside the box and answer the questions. If you are confused, feel free to ask.
    The "Gift Preference" part asks whether if you would prefer a fic or art as a present.

    Tell us your name and introduce yourself a bit:
    Your top 5 Pokemon Shippings:
    Your Top 3 Non-Pokemon Shippings (Optional):
    Gift Prefence:
    Anything else you want to say:


    Sign Up Period: October 2nd 4 PM PST - November 2nd 11:59 PM PST
    Assignment Period: November 3rd 12:00 AM PST - November 3rd 12:59 PM PST

    Gift Creation Period: November 4th 12:00 AM PST - December 20th 11:59 PM PST
    Gift Posting Period: December 25th 12:00 AM PST - 11:59 PM EST


    And I think that about covers it.

    So sorry for the delay in getting this up. I've had a really busy past couple of months. Life has been crazy in general, though.

    Anyways, lets have a great holiday filled with shipping!!
    Last edited: Nov 12, 2018
  2. Kutie Pie

    Kutie Pie "It is my destiny."

    Tell us your name and introduce yourself a bit: For those one or two folks who don't know me, I'm Kutie Pie, KP for short, and it's absolutely no secret that I'm a hopeless romantic at heart.
    Your top 5 Pokemon Shippings: Mewtwo/Mew ; James/Jessie ; Ash/Misty ; Drew/May ; Darkrai/Cresselia
    Your Top 3 Non-Pokemon Shippings (Optional): Wizardmon/Gatomon (Digimon) ; Tora/Mayuko (Ushio and Tora) ; Usopp/Nami (One Piece)
    Gift Preference: Fan-art or one-shot. An AMV sounds like a lot of fun, if you're able to do it.
    Anything else you want to say: I like to read, so if you do a fic, I'd prefer it to not be a drabble. Other than that, have fun, and have a Merry Christmas when you do. :D
  3. HoundoomFan

    HoundoomFan shy shipper

    Tell us your name and introduce yourself a bit: I’m houndoomfan, & I like houndoom.
    Your top 5 Pokemon Shippings:
    1. Palletshipping (ash & Gary)
    2. Diodeshipping (ash & clemont)
    3. Preciousmetalshipping (gold & silver)
    4. Hoennremakeshipping (Wally & lisia)
    5. Sequelshipping (Rosa & hugh)

    Your Top 3 Non-Pokemon Shippings (Optional):
    1. Hector & Lynn (FE VII)
    2. Amethyst & peridot (Steven Universe)
    3. Yugi & joey (yu gi oh)

    Gift Prefence:
    Fan art, but I’d be happy with whatever
    Anything else you want to say:
  4. Tell us your name and introduce yourself a bit: so hey, I’m Nerdy. Been on the forum for a couple of years now, basically been growing up with it. I am an absolute loser for shipping (especially ship tease when it’s written well), and since last year I’ve gained a little confidence in both my writing and drawing skills, so I hope I can give as well as I get this year!
    Your top 5 Pokemon Shippings: Romantic: IronWillShipping (Riley x Dawn), FerrisWheelShipping (N x Hilda), LiveCasterShipping (Rosa x Curtis). Platonic: OriginShipping (Steven x Wallace), Curtis x Yancy x Lisia (idk if it has a name).
    Your Top 3 Non-Pokemon Shippings (Optional): Jusis Albarea x Millium Orion (The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel), Chie Satonaka x Yu Narukami (Persona 4), Yamato Hongo x Asahi Tachibana (Akiba’s Beat).
    Gift Preference: preferably a fanart or fanfic, although anything except AMVs is fair game really. Nothing too explicit or over the T rating, and I’d rather have a happy or bittersweet ending. I would rather have one of my non-Pokemon prompts done but if the person getting this prompt doesn’t want to do one, that’s perfectly fine as while I’m currently lulling slightly in my Pokemon obsession, a good ship fic will still make my heart incredibly happy.
    Anything else you want to say: good luck to everyone participating! Let’s hope this year is as good as last year - nah, even better than last year!
  5. Avietta_Ikarilove

    Avietta_Ikarilove Softly with grace

    Tell us your name and introduce yourself a bit: Hi ho, my name's Avi and I've been lurking around Serebii Forums for quite a few years. I participated in the Shippers Secret Santa last year and I had a blast with it, so I'm back!

    Your top 5 Pokemon Shippings:
    1. Ferriswheelshipping (Hilda/N)
    2. Sequelshipping (Hugh/Rosa)
    3. Soulsilvershipping (Silver/Lyra)
    4. Oldrivalshipping (Blue/Green)
    5. Rolandshipping (Grimsley/Shauntal)

    Your Top 3 Non-Pokemon Shippings (Optional):
    1. Perceval/Cecilia (Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade)
    2. Cyrus/Primrose (Octopath Traveler)
    3. Snake/Santa (Zero Escape)

    Gift Preference: I'd prefer to write fanfic for my Secret Santa, and I'm happy with anything as long as you had fun! :>

    Anything else you want to say: Happy Holidays! I hope everyone has fun with this!
  6. Satoshi & Touko

    Satoshi & Touko Glimwood Tangle is Literal Dreamland

    Tell us your name and introduce yourself a bit.

    Satoshi & Touko is the name, obviously. Been a hard core shipper in the Pokemon fandom since 2013. Switched OTPs a couple of times in my career. My “shipping mindset” is strictly based on would character A and B be a good fit, and whether a ship is canon or has hints or not is irrelevant.

    My Top 5 Pokemon Shippings

    1. Alolashipping (Ash x Moon/Selene)
    2. Othelloshipping (Ash x Hilda)
    3. Furthershipping (Ash x Leaf)
    4. Shalourshipping (Ash x Korrina)
    5. Pokesilvershipping (Ash x Lyra)

    My Top 3 Non-Pokemon shippings (optional)

    Not Applicable.

    Gift Preference

    As I will only be able to write a fanfic as my gift, I may as well make that my preference. However, I will not be picky as I have further limitations as to what I can give for a gift, as listed below.

    Anything else you want to say?

    For religious reasons, I can only write for Male x Female shippings, so please take that into account when matching me. As I said before, I can only write fanfic for my gift as I do not have the means to do other kinds of fanwork.
  7. ⊱✿RedAshEntropy

    ⊱✿RedAshEntropy · MultiShipper ·

    Tell us your name and introduce yourself a bit: Hi. I'm Ash. Hmm. Been a pokemon fan ever since 10 and been here in the forums for some quite time now. I used to participate in this Secret Santa from the past year, and I'm actually excited to this. I'm back so yeah. XD

    Your top 5 Pokemon Shippings:
    Got tons so gonna pick randomly.
    1. Pokeshipping (Ash x Misty)
    2. Visorshipping/Corruptedshipping (Black2/White2)
    3. Aureliashipping (Ash x Lillie)
    4. Egoshipping (Misty x Gary)
    5. GeekChicshipping (Clemont x Serena)

    Your Top 3 Non-Pokemon Shippings (Optional):
    Randomly picked, but here it goes:
    1. Kirito x Asuna
    2. Aki x Masamune
    3. Souma x Megumi

    Gift Prefence: Fanart or graphic banner :)

    Anything else you want to say:
    Looking forward for this! I would galdly accept any kind of form. Enjoy and advance happy holidays! :3

    Thanks much!
  8. AmericanPi

    AmericanPi Write on

    Tell us your name and introduce yourself a bit: I'm AmericanPi, a twenty-one-year-old Californian female who loves writing and art! You can call me Pi.

    Your top 5 Pokemon Shippings:
    1. DualRivalShipping (Cheren x Bianca/Bel)
    2. FatherlyShipping (Falkner/Hayato x Janine/Anzu)
    3. AppealShipping (Dawn/Hikari x Zoey/Nozomi)
    4. IsshuShipping (Hilbert/Touya x N)
    5. FeudShipping (Seviper/Habuneku x Zangoose/Zangusu)

    Your Top 3 Non-Pokemon Shippings (Optional):
    1. Everlark from The Hunger Games (Peeta Mellark x Katniss Everdeen)
    2. Rosemary from Homestuck (Kanaya Maryam x Rose Lalonde)
    3. LonerShipping from Warrior Cats (Barley x Ravenpaw)

    Gift Prefence: I would love to make and receive graphics (banners, icons, etc.) because I'm taking part in other gift exchanges that involve drawing and writing. If my gifter can incorporate classical music into my gift, that would be super amazing because I love classical music.

    Anything else you want to say: Happy Holidays!
  9. Zhydra

    Zhydra Master of Chaos!

    I'm Zhydra, a pokemon fan that makes fanfics

    My top 5 Pokemon Shippings

    1. Lillie x Elio
    2. Gladion x Selene.
    3. Hilda x N or Hilbert x Iris
    4. Falkner x Janine
    5. Pikachu x Ketchup
    5. Tie between May x Drew. Dawn x Zoey and Max x Bonnie!

    Gift Preference: Art work involving the ship or links to good fanfics involving the ship.
    Last edited: Oct 14, 2018
  10. Victorian Rush

    Victorian Rush #freekeepitsimple

    Tell us your name and introduce yourself a bit: Hello, I’m Victorian Rush but most people on here call me Vic. I’m a 19 year old college student from the state of New York. I have been a Pokemon fan since I was in the second grade. I love reading, writing, and creating art.

    Your top 5 Pokemon Shippings:
    1. SnowLilyshipping (Hau x Lillie) *my current favorite pairing*
    2. Agencyshipping (Black x White)
    3. Transceivershipping (Nate x Yancy)
    4. BrightTomorrowshipping (Calem x Shauna)
    5. Pearlshipping (Ash x Dawn)

    Your Top 3 Non-Pokemon Shippings (Optional):
    1. Taiora (Tai x Sora from Digimon)
    2. Dakari (Davis x Kari from Digimon)
    3. Phoenix Wright x Miles Edgeworth (Ace Attorney)

    Gift Preference: I would prefer to recieve a graphic (ie banner, avatar) since that is, most likely, going to be what I am going to make for my recipient. Also, I wouldn’t mind a Pearlshipping gift but I would prefer another ship, namely either SnowLily or BrightTomorrow.

    Anything else you want to say: Have fun, that’s what this event is all about. Happy Holidays to all!
    Last edited: Oct 21, 2018
  11. xEryChan

    xEryChan Vampire Girl Staff Member Moderator

    Okay, I’m a little late but signups for the Shippers Secret Santa have concluded. I’m going to be sending out assignments later on today so be sure to keep your eyes on inbox.
  12. xEryChan

    xEryChan Vampire Girl Staff Member Moderator

    Happy Holidays everyone. Sorry to keep you all waiting, I've had a pretty busy Christmas morning. I hope you all had a blast with the Shippers Secret Santa, I know enjoyed hosting it. If you guys would like to know who your santa was, please feel free to ask me. I will tell you so you can thank them properly.

    Now, without further ado, here are the gifts.















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