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Shippers Truth or Dare *READ THE FIRST POST. You've been WARNED*

Discussion in 'Shippers Community' started by ChloboShoka, Dec 5, 2008.

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  1. ChloboShoka

    ChloboShoka Writer

    W e l c o m e t o t h e S h i p p e r s t r u t h o r d a r e t h r e a d .
    “Ya know you wanna....”​

    Permission granted by Chelc
    Co-Owners: Mel-girl and C.Gholy
    Little assistant: Blankaspaper


    You guys have got it, 43.75% of the guys who voted requested the truth or dare thread. XD Here's your opportunity to push those shipping secrets out of them, a new challenge and a time for some lols. Perfect, when you're feeling bored and you got nothing else to do. Me and Mel-girl are going to work together and make sure that this thread is as much fun as possible along with our volunteer Blankaspaper. :)

    You guys can do your bit by trying to be active and by reading this first post and following our humble rules and guidelines.
    ღ♥ Follow the general rules on this forum and the general forums, and no one will get hurt. You should know them by now, if you've forgotten them Rules, feel free to click, I don't mind waiting............ read them? Good now you can read these ones :)
    ღ♥Make sure the truth or dares has something to do with shippings or shippers, other than that, they are no limits.
    ღ♥Creativity is essential
    ღ♥Curiosity is acceptable
    ღ♥When responding to a truth, you have to tell the TRUTH – that's why it's called truth or dare. Also try to give as much detail in the answers a possible.
    ღ♥No avoiding truths or dares – those who do will automatically get a double-dare. Also please be patient when someone is doing a dare, we all have real lives to attend to as well.
    ღ♥Pay very close attention to the truths or dares, as they might involve you.
    ღ♥This one should be obvious, no using this thread to get away with spamming, flaming or advertising (Unless you want an infraction or a ban.)
    ღ♥When posting dares, make it within a user's capabilities. Might be a bit hard on someone who's say, completely 100% Anti-Pearlshipping to write a Pearlshipping fic, for example. But then again, as Mel-girl and I are both multishippers, we'd find it funny if they were forced to do that, it would be a great double dare. Don't forget to look at the restrictions, written by Kiori.
    ღ♥When someone says no fan art dare or no fan fic dare or any of that, please respect their wishes.
    From Mel-girl:
    Dares can be stuff like, I dare you to post at least once a day in such-and-such a thread without bashing and make it sound like you support the shipping. I dunno. Truths can include like asking weird stuff about shippings the poster supports or whatever. XD;
    ღ♥ A double dare can be as extreme or as ridiculous as you like, when someone says they want a double dare, this is the time to get super creative.
    ღ♥ Something to point out, I don't you guys getting infracted, please DO NOT dare someone to flame, spam, double post or break the shipping rules.


    • DARES -
      • Must be G-rated: That means no ecchi, hentai and as such.
      • NO posting on random people's general profile's visitor messages OR send PMs to random people. You can only do this to the people you know and/or are involved in the ToD. No other exceptions.
      • NO "MAKE A _____ THREAD" DARES. They are banned from here on out, 4/16/09. This just creates spam because x-member more than likely does not want to make a thread and/or does the person support said shipping. You'll be infracted if you do this, jsyk.
    • POSTING -
      • You must wait for 5 different people/members before you can post again.
      • You may not request a truth in more than 2 consecutive posts unless you are currently working on a dare.

    Thanks Kiori for writing the restrictions down.

    Naughty corner- List of banned/warned/suspended peoples. If you see anyone from this list posting in between the timeline and I haven't noticed it, let me know.
    Sonic TH 25/02/09 - 25/03/09

    So how is this going to work?

    So if the user above wants a truth, you must ask the user a question. If the poster above wants a dare, give then a date. Respond to the previous truth/dare too and then state if you want a truth or dare.
    Here's a little example of how it should kinda be like.

    I hope that was easy enough to understand. I know that example was a bit bland posting wise, but I know you guys can make much better posts.

    So I'll start of with me, well let's get this show on the road. Off course, I've added a new option. By leaving your post blank, you might not get either, but you may end up getting a surprise. So it's best to make sure the poster below knows that you want either a truth or dare but you can say you want a surprise or either way. ^-^

    Current Options
    Truth - A question
    Dare - Action
    Double Dare - (A more extended dare, but I'll leave that to your imagination)
    Surprise - (Either truth or dare)

    Truth or dare?
    I'm going for a dare! :)
    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 17, 2009
  2. Shadow-saur

    Shadow-saur Monkeyshipping, ftw!

    yay first post :)

    ok, i dare you to request a piece of fanart from your least favourite ship. and put it in your sig for 3 days :)

    I'll take a truth.
  3. riolulu

    riolulu <riolulu_sppf.exe>

    Awesome thread!! Congratz, Blank, on being in it!!! =DDD

    Okay, truth question:

    Did you ever [consider] ship[ping] something you never thought you would?

    I would like a truth. c:

  4. darklord18

    darklord18 Cheekyshipper

    Ok here your

    Did you ever support a shipping that both character haven't net in the anime or manga? (Sorry if this is hard to understand.)

    Truth please
    Last edited: Dec 6, 2008
  5. riolulu

    riolulu <riolulu_sppf.exe>

    *checks huge shiplist for unmet ships*

    Misty and Zoey haven't met, yes? That's the first one i thought of. I'm sure there are more. XD

    truth question:

    Have you ever shipped something that goes totally against everything you support?

  6. darklord18

    darklord18 Cheekyshipper

    I don't really understand what your saying. but no I don't support any shipping that goes against what I support.
    Truth pleas and try to make easy to understand. (sorry if this is breaking the rule.)
  7. Shadow-saur

    Shadow-saur Monkeyshipping, ftw!

    Did you ever [consider] ship[ping] something you never thought you would?
    well i never thought i'l like paul with anyone (i thought he was too mean and heartless), but i really like ikarishipping now.

    hmm truth... have you ever dreamed about yourself x a fictional character?
    Last edited: Dec 6, 2008
  8. darklord18

    darklord18 Cheekyshipper

    Um on, never dream myself x a fictional character ever.
  9. Shadow-saur

    Shadow-saur Monkeyshipping, ftw!

    me neither. well i can't be sure because i don't really remember my dreams but i don't think i have.

    I'll take a dare *gets nervous*
  10. ~Mist~

    ~Mist~ revolutionary~

    Okay, I dare you to write post a fanart of a pairing you dislike in the Shipping picture Thread. ^^ (Don't forget to credit the artist.)

    I'll take a truth. :O

    (I love this thread so far; it's pretty cool. 8D)
  11. Tom Nook

    Tom Nook Feel free to browse

    Interesting thread.

    Okay ~Mist~, do you have any real life relationships that resemble your favourite ship? They can be romantic or otherwise.

    And I'll have a truth.
  12. darklord18

    darklord18 Cheekyshipper

    ok have you ever multi ship with the same person.
    I take a truth.
  13. ~Mist~

    ~Mist~ revolutionary~

    ^Is there anyone you'd like to be friends with but was hesitant to talk to on this forum? =)

    Yeah, I can say that my relationship with my boyfriend is kind of like Pokeshipping. Like around the time we became friends, he was popular with the girls while I was the tomboyish romantic. The way Ash and Misty interacted kinda reminds me how my boyfriend and I were with each other.

    Whenever we were both thought of us being together, we actually thought it was the most twisted idea. Like, we couldn't see us happening. XD Our previous ship name was Twistedshipping before we got together and eventually renamed to Flirtation. But when I had my crush on him, I kept it as a complete secret. I think only once did someone ever accuse me. I flipped at the guy. XDDD Other than that, I tried to act normal whenever I was with while in my head I'll be all "Just tell him! >O" xD

    Nowadays, I think the part where we could relate to Pokeshipping is how both characters understand each other and have each other's backs. We both still have that friendship and playful factor that got us together in the first place except with more flirting. XD

    Oh, and I'll take a truth again. xD
    Last edited: Dec 6, 2008
  14. darklord18

    darklord18 Cheekyshipper

    I have to say on.
    Have you ever wish you were one of the character in a shipping you support?
    Last edited: Dec 6, 2008
  15. Shadow-saur

    Shadow-saur Monkeyshipping, ftw!

    it's been posted. one commashipping picture.

    i guess i'll take another truth.
    Last edited: Dec 6, 2008
  16. csisps_26

    csisps_26 Roark <3

    ^ Shadow-saur, have you ever disliked the ship you now like?

    I'll take a dare. :eek:
  17. darklord18

    darklord18 Cheekyshipper

    ok post a shipping fanart in the shipping picture thread with your least favorite main character in it. (i hope this isn't breaking the rules. if not let me now.)
    I take a truth again.
  18. Shadow-saur

    Shadow-saur Monkeyshipping, ftw!

    well, that's almost the same question i answered last time, so i'll give almost the same answer as before :) i used to dislike ikarishipping when i first watched dp.
  19. ashds

    ashds Law and Order: Unova

    have you ever shipped ash's Starvia with Jun's Staraptor

    I'm taking a dare
  20. csisps_26

    csisps_26 Roark <3

    ^ I dare you to say "I Love <insert least fave ship>" in your sig for at least 5 days.

    I'll take truth.

    darklord18 - my dare is almost done. In 5 mins.
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