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Shippers' Truth or Dare Thread

Discussion in 'Shippers Community' started by xEryChan, Jul 15, 2016.

  1. TikTok13

    TikTok13 Oh, I have a title?

    In response to my "Romantic drabble dare", as requested by PikachuFanNumberNine, I have written one. But, as I lack the sufficient accounts to post it, I am adding it in a spoiler tag below. I hope you enjoy it!
    The wind blew through the old paths of Aspertia City. It was a peculiar place, too large to be classed as a town, but far too small to hold the grand-title of city. That belonged to Castelia. A dusky smell of old books filled the city, and vines crawled up some of the older houses. Golden sun shone through the glass windows of ever household, the power stifling.

    A lone figure sat hunched over a desk, with his head in his hands. His thick black hair was messy, and dark circles hung beneath his deep blue eyes. It was Cheren, the Gym Leader of Aspertia City. He had been for five years. The exiting adventures against Team Plasma, alongside Hilda and Herbert, eand then later Hugh and Rosie seemed like nothing more than a dream. Now he had settled down, made a home for himself. Recently he had journeyed across the regions, and met Jasmine.

    Jasmine was more beautiful than anyone Cheren had ever set his eyes upon. From her sweet, angled face, to her pale, flawless skin. She was a dreamboat. The Gym Leader of Olvine City had left her old home, and now lived across from Cheren - supporting him, caring for him, being there for him. She was the whole package. The only problem was; she had no idea how he felt.

    Support really was what Cheren needed right now. He let out a deep sigh, making some paper beneath him flutter. Cheren was running for Mayor. It was about time he made a true, respectable living, where he could continue to provide for the people, while attaining the righteous power he had always wished for in his ideal world. But Cheren's perceptions of power had changed. It was better to be respectable, and kind, and courteous towards others, than cold, cruel, and commanding. Cheren's new ideal world could not be so without Jasmine.

    As Cheren stood up, sliding his once-forgotten glasses back up his nose, a figure entered his office. Her lithe figure was draped in a flowing white dress that was almost identical in shade to her skin. Light brown hair, held up by orange beads, fell down her back gracefully. And her eyes - oh, her eyes - they fixed Cheren with a gaze so intense that he felt a tinge of pink crawling onto his cheeks.

    "Jasmine," He said, smiling. It wasn't a question. She strolled up to him happily, with a smile playing on her own lips. But when she came closer to Cheren, and saw his loose tie and untucked shirt, it quickly turned to a frown, her brow creasing.
    "Oh, Cheren…" Sighed Jasmine, looking into the deep wells of Cheren's eyes. "You put yourself through the wringer for this job. Wouldn't you rather go on another adventure?" He nodded, mute. She was so close to him, he could just reach out and -

    No. He couldn't. Pessimism happened to be a big part of Cheren's personality, and his brain, rigged for philosophical thinking, was plunging into the dark side. But, plucking up his courage, the young man took a leap of faith.
    "Why would I need too? I've got everything I need here," Jasmine blinked, and blushed. "Stoutland, Serperior, all of my Pokémon. And you." Flushing, Cheren started busying himself, gathering up files and folders, when Jasmine grabbed his tie. She yanked on it, pulling him around to face her. A smile was on her face.
    "Really?" Whispering, she began to fix his loose tie, and a red tinge glowed from her. Cheren could almost feel the heat radiating from his own cheeks as he became scarlet. As she pulled the tie and it became straighter, and tighter, her face moved closer to his. So close, their noses were almost touching. He could feel the heat of her breath, smell the strawberry shampoo washed into her hair.

    He was suddenly aware of one thing.

    His lips against hers.

    They were entwined together. He could feel every single craze in her lips, feel the slight curves. His arms were around her shoulders, hers draped beneath his armpits. Cheren noticed he's dropped his files. Who cared? All that mattered was this moment. Here and now. He loved her. They continued to press together, their passion for each other burning brighter than Moltres itself. Cheren couldn't believe that love felt this good.

    When they (eventually) pulled away from each other, the two sighed simultaneously. They locked eyes, and with no more than a whisper, Cheren said "I love you," To which Jasmine replied: "I love you too,"

    [Author's Note - Please note that this is the first fan-fic I have actually written, and although it wasn't the best setting, I think I made it work. Also, although I do write my own book in my spare time, I'm a real Magikarp when it comes to romance. This is a shipping I really like, and I would have situated it somewhere else, and with a different plot, but you can't have everything. Also, this was supposed to be a drabble (500 words or less) so I apologize for going over the limit]

    And, as Tuxlash is still waiting on his truth, I'll ask him if he ships any Human X Pokemon ships.

    And this time, I think I'll have a truth.
  2. Avietta_Ikarilove

    Avietta_Ikarilove Softly with grace

    Wow, guess who hasn't replied in a while. Um, more real life things came up. Unfortunately, a lot of my belongings were stolen in a house robbery, so I've been busy with recovering all those. I'll have to push off that drabble dare from Kyuu-Tales, but I'll try and get to it as soon as possible.

    What caused you to start shipping your OTP?

    I'll take a truth, please.
  3. xEryChan

    xEryChan King of the Pirates Staff Member Moderator

    Wow, it's been a while since I've been here last, hasn't it? I apologize, life has been crazy over the past couple of weeks. Heck, it's been crazy since I came back from Florida in Feb. But I'm here now and I'm ready to get back into it.

    Here you go. Hope you like it.


    Truth for Avietta_Ikarilove: are there any ships that you can't stand, no two ways about it?

    I'll take a truth myself.
    Last edited: Apr 3, 2018
  4. WolfeyStar

    WolfeyStar Ganbaruby!

    Sorry for being kinda dead again, but I'd probably put in SoulSilverShipping, as it was my first ship and I still have a soft spot for it in my heart. I'd probably put in a million other ships as well but they're insanely rare so I don't think people wold care hehe.

    xEryChan, for truth, what was the first ship that you made content for? (either fanart, fic, or anything else)

    Taking truth because I seem to take too long doing dares nowadays.
  5. TikTok13

    TikTok13 Oh, I have a title?

    Well, I had a soft spot for the Black and White games, and I really liked Cheren. Also, after playing SoulSilver again, I discovered just how much I liked Jasmine's personality. So I decided to start writing a FanFic involving my OC, Cheren and Jasmine, with the intention of pairing myself with Jasmine, but I discovered that Cheren was better suited for her. So, ta-da, PocketWatchShipping was born!

    And for WolfeyStar, your truth shall be: How many obscure ships do you support?

    I'll take another truth, please.
  6. Tuxlash

    Tuxlash Ba-doom-tish.

    TikTok13 asked me if I supported any human x Pokémon ships.
    Yes, although not in a sexual way. I support Jessie x Bewear, but I am not aware of a ship name for it. (Episode 14 is all the proof I need :p)

    Drabble dare, please, I need to get my writing juices a-flowing.
    Last edited: Apr 17, 2017
  7. Pikachu Fan Number Nine

    Pikachu Fan Number Nine Don't Mess wit Texas

    Getting ready to do that

    How about a romantic drabble featuring male/female pairing of your choice, themed around the female giving birth to their first child

    Drabble dare please.
  8. Kyuu-Tales

    Kyuu-Tales 織田信長☆FAN

    Sadly, yes... though it was more a period of intense anxiety.

    Since the release of the latest games, the amount of support for DarkParadiseShipping (Guzma & Kukui) has taken a nosedive. Although the cause was indeed understandable--what with the revelation of Kukui's being in a relationship in-game--but notwithstanding it caused people to lose faith in the pairing completely. In order to do things "properly", you had to either (1) factor Burnet into the equation and go for the polyship OsteologyShipping (Guzma, Kukui & Burnet), or (2) abandon ship (pun intended) for EternalHoneymoonShipping (Kukui & Burnet) (a pairing I do support, just not as much).

    As for those who didn't comply (like myself)? An open invitation for accusations of Burnet bashing--something I personally never did and never would do. If anything, I take Kukui's flaws into account when it comes to my interpretation of DarkParadise, yet others feel like they can jump to conclusions because I'm not entirely doing right by canon.

    But yeah, all this had been wearing down on my convictions until not long ago.

    I dare you to write a ColosseumShipping (Wes & Rui) drabble on the subject of your choosing.

    I'll take a drabble dare.
  9. WolfeyStar

    WolfeyStar Ganbaruby!


    I support quite a few obscure ships, most notable being FlyingShipping. (Falkner x Winona) I feel like my love for this pairing has been slowly dying off though, so I may lose a rarepair soon. My love for the (somewhat) obscure SoulSilverShipping is coming back to me, so I guess it counts. (I call it obscure in my mind because it's been getting overshadowed by many new and other ships. Feel free to disagree with this statement.)

    Kyuu-Tales, write a drabble that involves any pairing you want, but it has to include ice cream in it.

    I'm taking truth again. How nice.
  10. xEryChan

    xEryChan King of the Pirates Staff Member Moderator

    Hello, I'm sorry for not being very active over the past couple of weeks. I'm hoping that will change this week. We'll see.

    At first, I only started writing and at the time, I hadn't gotten back into Pokemon. I started writing High School Musical fics after I had gotten inspired by an episode of Cold Case that I saw all the way back in 2006. I was like 15 at the time too and my writing has improved so much now, compared to how it used to be.

    For Pokemon, Pearlshipping is the first ship I started writing for. I first started writing fanfictions a long time ago, I don't even remember when tbh, and the main pairings I wrote for were Pearl, Comtest, Orange, and Wishful.

    So yeah, I would say Pearlshipping is the first ship I ever started making stuff for.

    WolfeyStar, are you more a fan of ships where opposites attract? Or are you more into chemicals react? am I making any sense?

    I'll take a graphic-making dare or a drabble dare.
  11. Pikachu Fan Number Nine

    Pikachu Fan Number Nine Don't Mess wit Texas

    Married Cops

    Hope you enjoy it

    How about a romantic ExpertShipping (Professor Oak & Agatha) drabble set in 1969 during their younger years?

    One-shot dare please
  12. Mizz Nikki

    Mizz Nikki Operations Director

    ^ Write a one-shot for the pairing of your choice based on the I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor sorry, reliving my brother's college graduation from a couple of years ago when she actually performed it.

    I don't really have that many pet peeves when it comes to my OTP's, tbh. The only one I can think of when it comes to my OTP's is the lack of hints on a specific side. With Amourshipping, Serena clearly had a crush on Ash, anyone who denies that is a moron no offense. I was hoping that maybe we get a little more hints on Ash's side before XY ended. I never actually thought it would become canon but still, there were hardly any hints from Ash and that really saddens me.

    Nothing really annoys me with Cavaliershipping as much the amount of hints it got in the anime. I thought Dawn fangirling over Gary and his poems was just so darn cute. I wish there more hints for it but seeing as how romance is not the main focus of the anime so I can live with what we got.

    I'll take a graphic-making dare or a drabble dare.
  13. WolfeyStar

    WolfeyStar Ganbaruby!

    Don't worry, I understand what this is asking. And personally, I'm not too big on that kind of stuff usually. Sometimes I like this kind of this interaction (does SoulSilver count? I think it does.) but usually all my other ships tend to have characters with things in common.

    Mizz Nikki, write a drabble about any choice pairing spending their day off. Preferably fluffy. (because school is over tomorrow here and I'm ready to spend time off lmao.)

    Going for something new and doing an artsy dare! I really need to draw different ships and this will help me with that.
  14. Avietta_Ikarilove

    Avietta_Ikarilove Softly with grace

    *Casually revives this thread*

    Yes, a lot of them, actually. I'm real picky with my ships. The ones off the top of my head are Rosa/Curtis, Moon/Hau, Amourshipping, and Agencyshipping.

    Draw your OTP grabbing coffee together! I'm a sucker of coffee shop AUs, so I took inspiration from that :^)

    As for me, I'll take a truth again. Still a little slow on replies and everything.
  15. AmericanPi

    AmericanPi Write on

    *rises from the dead* Ay, it's me again, posting in this thread after ages. Last time I posted I didn't receive a truth or a dare, so I guess now is a good time to jump in. Still,
    I DO have a completed dare from a long time ago.

    After struggling and putting this off for more than four months, this is done! I found it ridiculously difficult to put DualRivalShipping (OTP) and MewShipping (NOTP) in the same one-shot, but I finally figured out something decent.

    A Vacation Encounter

    What's your favorite crack ship in Pokemon, "crack ship" being defined as a ship shipping characters who have never met in canon?

    Since I did a lot of truths, I'll take a drabble dare this time. It won't take as long because it's a drabble. ^^
  16. Pikachu Fan Number Nine

    Pikachu Fan Number Nine Don't Mess wit Texas

    I Will Survive

    Hope you like it

    How about a romantic BondingShipping (Gary/Lillie) drabble in which Lillie gets amnesia?

    Truth for me please.
    Last edited: Jul 22, 2017
  17. xEryChan

    xEryChan King of the Pirates Staff Member Moderator

    I am so sorry it took me so long to finish this and the sad thing is, I don't even have an excuse. I just got really lazy the past couple of months. Plus, it also took me a while to figure out a plot for this. I'm so horrible and you probably want to shoot me now but anyways, I hope you enjoy.

    Here ya go.

    PF#9: Do you ship Hau with anyone?

    I'll take a graphic-making dare now.
  18. ChloboShoka

    ChloboShoka Writer

    I dare you to make a banner with a pairing of your choice featuring lyrics of this song. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ccM4wVgZN9o

    I'll take a graphic dare too.
  19. Avietta_Ikarilove

    Avietta_Ikarilove Softly with grace

    Well, ah... I kind of ship Wallace/Elesa? Wallace/Winona holds a bigger place in my heart, but Wallace/Elesa is still there.

    I dare you to make a graphic centered around your NOTP.

    I'll take a drabble dare, please.
  20. Mizz Nikki

    Mizz Nikki Operations Director

    ^ Write a drabble for the pairing of your choice with them going on a roadtrip my boyfriend and I are going on a roadtrip soon and I can't wait

    Whew, it's been a while since I've been here and I apologize for that. I'm going to get started on this right away and hopefully I'll be done with it soon.

    I'll take a truth in the meantime.

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