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Shippers' Truth or Dare Thread

Discussion in 'Shippers Community' started by xEryChan, Jul 15, 2016.

  1. A) welcome to the thread!
    B) I support Ash x Sophocles as a platonic crack ship. Honestly I just paused episode 6 at a random moment where they shook hands and Rowlet's wings made it looked like it was trying to bring them closer together, as though Rowlet shipped it.

    Pikachu Fan Number Nine, what ship feels especially cheesy to you? So to speak, a ship that feels either too forced or too stereotypical?

    Taking another Truth. I'm gonna play safe for a bit.
  2. SkittleBox

    SkittleBox Fanfiction writer

    If I were to talk about all my rarepairs, we'd be here all day. Good thing you only want one xD

    My favorite rarepair has to be FlyingShipping! It's all really based on my headcanons, but long story short, I imagine Winona as a very caring person who will always help her best friend Falkner when times get tough for him. They just work so good together in my mind, and it's really a shame there's no content on it... and they look cute together!

    Nerdy McNerdface, for your romantic ships, have you ever thought of designing children for them (regardless of parents' gender if applicable)?

    Taking another truth!
  3. xEryChan

    xEryChan King of the Pirates Staff Member Moderator

    Got it. By The Sea.

    I hope you enjoy this. Sorry if it totally sucks but I had trouble thinking of a plot for a drabble when one is not given to me. But honestly, I laughed so hard while I was reading because this is something I can definitely see Ash doing.

    SkittleBox, what is it that catches your eye about a specific pairing that makes you start to support it?

    I'll take either a graphic making dare or a drabble dare.
  4. Kyuu-Tales

    Kyuu-Tales 織田信長☆FAN

    If I had to choose one, it would be DistributionShipping (Cedric Juniper & Professor Willow). I just figure they would click as colleagues at the very least, y'know?

    Very well, xEryChan. I dare you to make a graphic for any Pokemon x Pokemon pairing of your choosing.

    I'll take another drabble dare here!
    Last edited: Jan 27, 2017
  5. I tend to feel uncomfortable doing that, but I have with one ship. I'd love to see what would happen if Victor and Yuri from Yuri!!! On Ice adopted a young boy. That'd be cute.

    Kyuu-Tales, I dare you to write a platonic Cheryl x Riley Drabble! I know I already dared you to write about Riley, but I like this ship and I know you like his character, so yeah.

    Taking YET ANOTHER Truth.
  6. Pikachu Fan Number Nine

    Pikachu Fan Number Nine Don't Mess wit Texas

    Amourshipping. It seems a lot of people support it because of Serena's actual feelings for Ash.

    Do you support any Pokemon/Pokemon ships?

    I'll do truth again.
  7. xEryChan

    xEryChan King of the Pirates Staff Member Moderator

    Got ya. I went with Lagomorphshipping. Hope you like it.


    Pikachu Fan Number Nine: I know you're a Pokeshipper so if you were unable to ship Ash with Misty, who would you ship him with and why?

    I'll take a truth this time
  8. WolfeyStar

    WolfeyStar Ganbaruby!

    (Gonna catch a lot of heat for this one)

    Honestly, AmourShipping. I just don't like how it's one sided, and Serena's crush on Ash seems to be the only thing driving her personality. Also, the extremely toxic fanbase that we sometimes see. Everyone on Serebii seems to be nice, but elsewhere... ouch.

    xEryChan, Is there a ship that you "dropped?" As in, you used to love it, but now you can't give anything towards it?

    The truth train isn't stopping for me!
  9. Avietta_Ikarilove

    Avietta_Ikarilove Softly with grace

    Uhhhhhh. I... don't actually remember. It had something to do with me watching the Pokémon anime? I don't quite remember. It's pretty hilarious, considering shippings are a very big part of my investment in a fandom.

    What is your favorite platonic shipping?

    I'll take a drabble dare, please.
  10. SkittleBox

    SkittleBox Fanfiction writer

    I'll just admit here that I'm the type of person who is drawn to ships that just look cute.

    Avietta_Ikarilove, I dare you to write a drabble of any of the new Ash x Alola Pokegirl ships, and it must be beach themed.

    Why not take a drabble dare this time?
  11. Ash's Pikachu x Sophocles's Togedemaru.

    SkittleBox, I dare you to write a platonic Drabble focusing on Mira x Barry! An irregular one, but because of fanfiction I've been writing I've fallen smack-bang into this one, too!

    Why not? Drabble dare.
  12. Pikachu Fan Number Nine

    Pikachu Fan Number Nine Don't Mess wit Texas

    Probably Iris. Why? They both have powerful dragon-like Pokemon (them getting along is a different matter altogether).

    How about one with Ash's Pikachu and Sophocles's Togedemaru?

    I'll do truth again.
  13. Victorian Rush

    Victorian Rush Weather Manipulator

    Here's my long overdue drabble dare from American--Pi. I went with Greyskyshipping. They're still my favorite pairing from BW2. This was a challenge for me since I've never written anything above a PG rating. But I gotta say, I really like how it came out so I can only hope you enjoy it as well.

    What Friends Are For

    I definitely do. So far, my least favorite anime girl has been Iris and I ship her with Cilan. I've been supporting that pairing since it first came out. I just think Iris and Cilan are perfect for each other and I just know something happened definitely between them after they left Ash and Alexa haha

    Pikachu Fan Number Nine, do you ship Misty with anyone else other than Ash?

    I'll take another truth. I apologize but I'm a little under the weather right now :(
  14. Mizz Nikki

    Mizz Nikki Operations Director

    Oh my, it has been so long since I posted here, hasn't it? Sorry for the delay everyone, life has been pretty crazy but I have really missed playing this game, not gonna lie. I'm here now though and I'm back to play now. Did you all miss me?

    I haven't been able to find a fic for ship that I dislike, tbh. As soon as one pops up, I will.

    Victorian: What are your favorite Sun & Moon/Gen 7 ships?

    I'll take a truth.
  15. Mizz Nikki, do you ship any poly ships that contain four or more people platonically or romantically?

    I'll take a Truth.
    Last edited: Jan 29, 2017
  16. Pikachu Fan Number Nine

    Pikachu Fan Number Nine Don't Mess wit Texas

    No I don't actually.

    Do you support any multiships?

    I'll do truth again.
    Last edited: Jan 29, 2017
  17. Avietta_Ikarilove

    Avietta_Ikarilove Softly with grace

    Here you go: Loved by the Sea.

    What same-sex ships do you ship?

    I'll take a truth, please.
  18. xEryChan

    xEryChan King of the Pirates Staff Member Moderator

    I did add a new thing into the rules but I figured I might as well say it now as well.

    Lets try not to be that person who takes truths every time they post. Not only are you killing the fun of the game which makes Ery a very sad girl :[, but you're also making it seem like you're trying to get out of challenge. There is no rush on when you have to get your dare done but mix it up and have some fun guys, that's what this game is all about.

    Probably Amourshipping. Not gonna lie, I still do like it but I'm not a hardcore supporter of it, I never really was tbh, but now, I just don't really care for it. Not only that but there are some Amourshippers that really turned me away from the ship

    Avietta_Ikarilove: are there any ships you just can't stand?

    I'll take a drabble dare or a graphic making dare.
    Last edited: Jan 29, 2017
  19. AmericanPi

    AmericanPi Write on

    Sorry I took so long to do this dare. I honestly didn't want to do it, because I couldn't figure out a way to do it without hand-drawing it. I don't usually like hand-drawing, so I didn't want to do this dare. Eventually I just did something, but it's not very good because I didn't want to put the effort into it. Next time, though, keep in mind that graphics are made with existing pictures, and there is no existing picture of Serena and Clemont in a car. I guess I COULD paste Serena and Clemont's heads onto a stock photo, but that would look really unsettling so I didn't do it. Here is the something I did:

    Looks very nice! :D

    I dare you to write a drabble on a ship that you don't support (it can be a neutral or a dislike).

    Since that last dare took forever for me to do, I'll take a truth this time.
  20. WolfeyStar

    WolfeyStar Ganbaruby!


    To be honest, I usually support platonic Ash ships. I never got the point of shipping them, so I just prefer to see Ash and any Pokegirl as friends.

    American--Pi, how did you discover your first ship?

    Y'know what? Drabble Dare. I need to start writing again tbh.

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