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~Shipping Authors' Café~

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by Kiori, Nov 10, 2008.

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  1. Kiori

    Kiori ♥Tea for Two♥

    ~Shipping Authors' Café~

    It occurs to some of the shipping mods that maybe this place needs to have something like this; where authors can get to interact with each other, discussing how horrible writer’s blocks are and so forth, specifically for shipping. If you guys have any suggestions on what kind of things can be improved or you want to see changed, please do post your concerns here. We’re sure there are other authors who might share the same feelings you do.

    So to start things off, are there any suggestions on reviews? There seems to be a lot of repetitive reviews lately, so we want to know your (the authors’) input on how we, as community, can allow readers make a more constructive review.

    P.S. I/We won't care if you end up "repeating" what everyone else have said, because they will result in a different format than everybody else's. So please, do feel free. ^^

    Also, if any authors haven't claimed his/her 2007/2008 Oscar Award, please click here. Thanks~!
    Last edited: Nov 10, 2008
  2. Gazmof

    Gazmof Zephyr Trainer

    I don't think an Author's Cafe is a bad idea at all, though were you planning on keeping it all in one thread? I imagine it could go off the rails pretty quickly, with people changing topics and asking for advice on different parts of writing left, right and centre.

    As for reviews, I think a simple rule is probably the best one to keep in mind: leave a review that you yourself would like to receive. That is, try and focus on what element of the story/chapter you really enjoyed. Why did you enjoy it? Let the author know, so that they can improve and add more scenes/lines like that! The same is true for negative aspects of the story - why didn't you like it? Was a certain character OOC? Was the situation simply too unbelievable to accept? Was the dialogue way too cheesy? Was the description really lacking? Let the author know exactly why you didn't like a certain piece of the story. Quote the exact lines which irked you and, if possible, highlight in bold the pieces that really finished the deal for you. It helps an author so much more than a review either stating "This is great! Keep up the good work!" or "Your fic sucks".

    Something which should be obvious, but sadly isn't always obeyed, is that you shouldn't berate a fic purely because it doesn't cater to the 'ship you like. If you hate Pokeshipping, for example, you have two choices: either don't read the fic, or read it with an open mind. Don't leave a critical review saying things like "This would never happen! X loves Y, not Z!" just because you don't like the starring 'ship. Now if the characters are being portrayed in an unrealistic way, then by all means let the author know (specifying the exact scenes and why you don't think they're very realistic). The quote tags are your friends, here.

    Capturing a character's true personality seems to be the number one most common problem I hear from writers (especially shipping writers), so don't hesitate to mention if you think a character is being portrayed as OOC, so long as you provide evidence or explain your reasoning behind your claim.

    When providing spelling/grammar help, try and quote the main parts, giving the author a good example of how to improve. For example, you should try doing something like this:
    It really helps an author zero in on a problem by providing a clear, concise answer on how it should look.

    And... Wow, I wrote a lot. But I think those are some good suggestions and I can categorically state that authors definitely appreciate a review far more (good or bad) if there's some thought put behind it in showing exactly what they did right/wrong.
  3. ~Mist~

    ~Mist~ revolutionary~

    ^Yes, exactly, Gaz! You have no idea how saddening it is whenever I get a review less than two sentences. ;o;

    To me, reviews often depend on the authors themselves with their style of writing. Like, if I see an author is struggling with grammar and spelling, then I'll mostly focus my review based on those two. I'll try to offer suggestions like methods of revising, tactics to use when it comes to writing--basically giving out advice while being helpful. I'll also reveal what can be improved, what the author's strengths and weaknesses are and stuff like that. Sometimes, I'll make a list of what is needed for a story to progress: literary elements and whatnot. It depends by author.

    If I see an author who is already experienced, then I focus my review more about what I thought about the plotline, characters, and make predictions. I'll point out mistakes if there are any and basically comment on the author's style as a whole, letting the person know about what I think.

    But in all honesty, for me, it always depends by author and by genre and rating. Reviews I make for G rated fics and NC-17 fics differs a ton so that I think counts.

    I feel it's important that whenever you encounter a beginning author is to not discourage them from writing. Instead, offer suggestions and advice to help; everyone's got to remember we were all beginners at one point so respect is an issue. I think the length of reviewers is important, too.

    Personally, I dislike one-liners for reviews because I never really know exactly what my audience likes or dislikes, so it's tough to figure out what people want in a story. Just think if you were the author then had a bunch of people say "this is great write moar" then you just don't really know how to react. I don't know, I feel reviewers should express more than just one sentence about their thoughts on a story. I mean, most writers I see here put so much effort into their work and to receive one sentence? I think that's just unfair.

    So to make my post short & sweet, I'll put my outline of what a review should be somewhat like.

    - First Impressions: Telling about what you thought of the title and its' possible significance. Let the author know that you saw errors right away. Talk about the genre, the length, and description you saw.
    - Spelling & Grammar: Basically reveal whether you saw run-on sentences, mistakes, etc.
    - Language: Take this moment to praise the author's choice of words and how smoothly the sentences flow together if it has been shown. Or, if the author is lacking, tell how they can improve.
    - The Story: Describe what you thought of the literary elements (plot, characters, themes, foreshadowing, etc.).
    - Likes & Dislikes // Personal Thoughts: Self-explanatory, but elaborate as to why you like or dislike something.
    - Advice: Tell how the author can improve, offer suggestions about something, anything you feel would be helpful can go here. Any other commentaries may go here as well.

    So yeah. ^^; Sorry if I bored any of you. @@;
  4. Kiori

    Kiori ♥Tea for Two♥

    Given that we have an almost 0% chance of getting a sub-forum for it, the other shipper mods and I decided to have a stickied thread for it. ;-; It would be nice to have a separate forum so you guys can talk about different things, but for now, we'll try to keep up with community's concerns as best as we can and hopefully improve this place at least a bit. ^^;

    Thanks for you guys' inputs so far, especially the examples and outlines! =)

    Keep them coming everyone! ^^
  5. Midnightmoon6o2

    Midnightmoon6o2 "Tougher than you."

    Author's cafe? kool idea if you ask me.

    Anyway if a make a review i tell what part a i like, tell them if there are any mistakes and tell how to improve them, see if anything can be improved and put a comment at the end.
  6. Mel-Girl

    Mel-Girl left. right.

    Ugh, about time something like this came along. I just spent 2 hours on a broken down train in the middle of nowhere and need to rant! I'll probably say stuff that's already been said that but eh.

    First off, I really hate little reviews that are, "OMG SOOOOOO GOOOD UPDAAAAAAAATE!" If that's all that's on their mind, tell me what's good about it. Here's my philosophy: Type a review that I'd love to receive if I was the author of the fic I'm reviewing. Seriously, think about the other person when reviewing, do you think the author fawns over little fanboy/girly reviews that are like, "OMG UPDAAATE PM LIIIIIIST PLZZZZZZZZ <3333"

    I always love the reviews that give depth. They tell me what they liked, what they didn't, why they think so, what I could do to improve and more. Seriously, reviewers contribute to how much an author improves. Is it really fair to say, "OMG LUV UPDATE" to an author who clearly needs improvement or is it better to give constructive criticism? I think it's sad when I saw authors that never improve because their reviewers don't help them.

    Also I think it's sad how people turn away from fics because of a particular shipping. I mean for those uncommon ships. They often get ignored and yet that means they're missing out on good stories. Seriously, there's fics I've read where I'm like the only reviewer and it makes me sad when people are missing out just because it's not "OMGPOKESHIPPING! CONTESTSHIPPING LUUUUUUUV! HEART HEART!" I like the people who go for variety. Who wants to read the same plots and shippings over and over again?

    Plus I hate it when people write stuff that has been written time and time again, especially if they don't add their twist and style to it. Seriously, how many oneshots have you seen where there's a contest, Drew/May battles someone, OMG!confession and they kiss? Or Misty finally admits her feelings for Ash! Ash feels the same way! Kiss.

    I also hate plots that turn out really convenient. Like it flows too easily, problems solved within seconds. Honestly, how many stories have we had where it's like: Ash does something bad! Next chapter, Ash and May make up! All chapters onwards, Ash and May are still a couple and anyone who attempts to interfere end up being shot down and every other characters hates on them.

    OMG my fics are probably cliche too. So much stuff is cliche, so it's really hard to find originality these days. All I can say is that the newer authors can learn from the veterans such as Gazmof, Uzamaki Hinata, ~Mist~, Encyclopika, Water Spirit and other excellent authors and first off, get a grip on their grammar/spelling and work out a plot that is really different from the current fics.

    Also shipping fics never seem to incorporate anything other than shipping. A fic can be more than just 'two characters get together!' A shipping fic doesn't mean it has to be all about shipping. A shipping fic is just a fic that includes shipping. That's what I like about fics like 'Good Love Charm' (by Gazmof), you care for more than just the shipping. I like all the stuff going on with the characters in his fic and the Advanceshipping has turned into a side "Awww" for me.

    Not to mention, I hate it when authors post stuff when they haven't checked over it or made sure it was perfect enough for them. I hate the excuse, 'I wrote this in a rush!" Because that makes everything okay now, does it? WTF it doesn't. There's no pressure to post stuff, people can take their time.

    Also the excuse of being a newbie author is old. There are people who have written fics for a long time and are still average writers - like me, I consider myself average at writing - and some new authors start off so well it's hard to believe they're new. Everyone has written stories and stuff before they try fic writing.

    Ah yes and the one thing that really bugs me is the people who write for reviews, not because they love it and they want to learn and improve their writing skills. Popularity >>>> skill half the time in the fanfiction world. Just because they write popular shippings and the readers know they're going to get shippy moments doesn't mean that what they write is great. In fact, lots of popular fics (I'm mostly talking ff.net here) aren't as great as the amount of reviews may suggest.

    In fact, I admire authors who are brilliant but barely get notice because what they write isn't "popular" material and such. I also pity the authors who don't get notice. Seriously, shipping fics are more than just omg!soandsokissed and omg!popularshipslove and stuff...

    Also people who write ships just ebcause they're popular are sorta lame. They should write ships they love, not "Im ritng drew x may because people wil review my fics! dat way! rnt i kool?" Ugh, I'm not trying to bash ships here but seriously, if you like popular ships, that's fine but at least put effort into it and make it more than just an -insert shipping here- fic.

    So I guess to summarize what I said: put effort into reviews, be more innovative with plots, work on basics, write because you love it, read and write a variety (try something new =P) of different ships to the usual, don't make excuses when people criticise your writing and yeah...

    Ugh, that probably blew off some steam or whatever. Let's see how many people take what has been said by me and others into consideration. I agree with Mist and Gaz's posts entirely, methinks. Done.

    Mel-Girl out. Ha, that sounds so lame. I better post now or I never will. XD
  7. Undead_soul

    Undead_soul What's the matter?

    Okay well shall i start?

    Well first to the reviews. i do agree with Mel girl that people don't read becoz of a shipping like they won't read it because it's contestshipping or pokeshipping and so on. and i hate reviews that say

    "OMG NICE FIC LOVE IT!" and say it after evey chapter. i just go. "Is that all they can say?"

    Anyway with the writers block i don't really have writers block but i do have writer's block on a story at a few times. like with my newest story i do get a few writer's block on what pokemon battle to write and what pokemon to put in.

    And when i read a fic i really hate it when a person writes all negitive points in mine or somebody's else fic. sometimes that makes the autor give up hope and never write again. that nearly happened to me until a review brought my hopes up again.

    Look i might be a advanceshipper but i do read poke and contestshipping fics as well. there are really good fics out there that doesn't have to be advanceshipping.

    With the reviews i nearly do the same like midnightjewelz.

    Also with the stories i like fics that have a twist or a cliffhanger.it gives that eager feeling to read more of that fic.
  8. kawaii-lurve

    kawaii-lurve kawaii!

    Firstly, I hate reviews that are basically 'Update soon!!11!!', 'Omg i looooooove it! can't wait for the next chapter!!' and that's ALL they write in that post. If review is just like that, I can simply write 'I love it, please update soon!' and copy and paste in every fic.

    IMO, a review should be about both the positive and negative sides of the story; positive comments encourage the author to write more while negative comments made the author improve on his/her writing skill. An author should be able to take in harsh comment as that's the only way they could improve in his/her work. Imagine an author getting all positive comments, he/she will never improve as nobody tell him/her where and how he/she could improve.

    Also, if there's mistake, the reviewer should point it out so that the author could fix the mistake. For me, I can easily mistype word such as typing 'then' when I want to type 'that'. (There's something wrong with my brain) When I review a story, I tried to write as much as I could but sometime the chapter is way to short and there's nothing much you could write about.

    Secondly, I don't like story that are rushed or the words are simply 'one day ash and misty blah blah blah' Seriously, is there something wrong with their keyboard? Can't they just caps the words and put the punctuation? As for rushed story, the story just move so fast within a chapter and it just don't give you the suspense and you don't really feel like reading anymore. The author should took his/her time to write the story and check if there's any mistake.

    I always have writer's block for no reason and whenever I have ideas, I just couldn't write them out so I have to write it in point form first and get back to it later when I can sort of write in full sentence. *sigh*

    I have to agree with Mel-Girl about people turning away because of a particular shipping as I, too, do that. People tend to follow the majority and thus, many like popular shippings such as poke, contest, advance, etc...

    This is like my longest post ever ._. Maybe I'm just crapping >.>
  9. o0o a *Shipping* Author's Cafe. Good idea!

    When I review fics, I try to point out the both the positive and negative aspects of the fic, but give them advice on how to improve while doing so. I also don't like to see fics where it's obvious that there are improvements to be made, but there are 100 some reviews only saying, "I LUVVV IT PLZ UPDTAE SOON!". As my english teacher says, "It makes me sad inside". This is mostly on ffn though, as that's where I spend a lot of my time and where I first started out as fic author.
    Fortunately, here on SPPf, I haven't received many reviews like this, and they've had substance. Which is good. : D
    Like others have said, leave a review that you would like to receive.

    Also, it disappoints me when people don't read fics just because the pairing is uncommon, or not "popular". It's hard for me as someone who writes stuff like Contestshipping, as well as cracky yaoi 'ships (EliteUnder <33). I feel as though some hardcore religious Contestshippers shy away from the CS I write solely because I've known for doing some obscure stuff, like obsessing over some yaoi 'ships and TG.
    But this might just be all in my head and I'm making silly generalizations. *shrugs*

    I think I'm done ranting for now...I should probably be paying attention to my animation teacher... ^^;;
  10. Milotic17

    Milotic17 Well-Known Member

    Oh, this is is such a cool idea! I know I usually stick to fanfiction.net for my fics and don't post here very often, but I do like to leave reviews now and then and follow some of the fanfics posted here, so I hope it's OK that I post here.

    Anyway, I agree with what everyone's said about reviews. While, if I remember correctly, the one fic I did post here got lenghty, helpful reviews (thanks, everyone!) and bad reviews don't seem to be as much of a problem on this forum, on ff.net they're rampant. I mean, seriously, ninety-five percent of the reviews I get over there are just "I luv it! Write more!" types of things, and while those make me feel pretty good, they're not at all helpful and not even accurate half the time. I know what my strengths and weaknesses are when it comes to writing--just like anyone, I'm not perfect--and I expect to get comments on both my strengths and weaknesses, and I never do. I more or less know which parts of my fics need improvement (and I'm either admittedly too lazy to fix them or don't have the skill to), but very few people ever point these things out. My fics aren't perfect; why do people treat them like they are most of the time? Reviewers need to realize that most writers aren't afraid of construcitve criticism. Honestly, I have a hard time not taking things personally and don't have very thick skin, but even I wish I could receive more con-crit!

    One of my biggest pet peeves is when people give these types of reviews to mediocre and at times even awful fics. Honestly, how many times have I read a fic and thought "this is awful" and then read reviews that say "OMG this is awesome!!11"? It's like people don't even care about the quality of a fic as long as it's about a certain couple or as long as the two characters get together in some cliched, sappy, predictable way and kiss at the end.

    Speaking of that, I'm so, so sick of fics like that! It's gotten to the point that I've become afriad of anything that looks like a confession fic because most of them are the same and, well, just darn bad. Ash and Misty (or whoever your couple of choice is) aren't going to magically get together out of no where or just because some little thing happened. Also, where's the conflct? I mean, people don't just confess and then kiss and then everything's all hunky dory just like that. It seems like authors are afraid to write anything else, though. I mean, I'm pretty sure I've gotten comments along the lines of "that was great and all, but why didn't you have Ash and Misty kiss or get together or something?" on some of my fics. No, just no!

    I totally agree with what Mel-Girl said about the popularity thing; honestly, that's one of the most frustrating things about fanfiction in my eyes. Lots of mediocre fics get lots of great reviews just because the author's known throughout the fandom, and that's really not right or fair. Also, when people obviously favor certain authors, it makes it hard for others to get a foot in the door, so to speak. People become too intimidated to post their fics when it seems like people only read fics by certain members.

    As for suggestions for reviews, it's as simple as offering both praise and criticism. If there's legitimately nothing to criticize (which is rare, but I have come across fics that have managed to pull it off, at least in my eyes), then at least say what you like about the fic and why and don't just leave those stupid "OMG I <3 it" one-liners that everyone hates. Go into detail about what was good! Like I said, though, usually there's something that can be improved upon in fics; don't be afraid to say what it is! Also, feel free to critque anyone. I know that I sometimes find myself thinking, "but it's so-and-so, and he/she is so popular and good; I can't possibly critique him/her!" Don't be like that. Writing is very subjective (unless you're talking about the mechanics of it like grammar and spelling...on that note, please use spell check and get a beta if you're bad at grammar!), and what one person thinks is good another person might think is bad, but that doesn't mean either person is right or wrong. Everyone has personal preferences, and people shouldn't be afraid to say what they think, even if it goes against what everyone else is saying. Every writer can benefit from every opinion!

    Overall, I think ~Mist's~ list of suggestions for reviews is very helpful. Everyone should read it!

    Anyway, I hope this doesn't sound too much like one big rant! Hopefully there was some constructive stuff in there. :)
    Last edited: Nov 11, 2008
  11. Uzamaki Hinata

    Uzamaki Hinata Bye bye!

    OOOH, SHIPPING AUTHOR'S CAFE! :D I've always wanted one here, it's cool that we have it! ^______^

    Well, what can I say that hasn't already been said? ^^;; Everyone has really good points, but I especially like what Mel said here:

    I honestly think that the point of a story (at least to me) isn't to show "lalala, we're so happy. Lalala, we have no problems, lalala." Honestly, isn't that boring? What you want in a story is first of all a plot which is also called a storyline. The plan, scheme, or main story of a literary or dramatic work, as a play, novel, or short story. If all you have is just "lalala, we're so happy", what kind of a plot is that? It's be boring to read! We - or at least I do - want to see what it is that's going on with the character; what's their problem? Why do they have it? How can they get through that? Something like that- or in other words: a conflict. You don't have to have something as dramatic as death it can be like they can't get their crush to like them or something.

    Just, in general, a worthy conflict that can't be solved in a second.

    And please make any character who gets in their way believable- as in they don't go ahead and say "SHUT UP" and they go "okay, I'll do whatever you tell me too." You know?

    I don't think flaming fits in to stories either. It follows with what I just said. Plus, I think it's pretty lazy of you to flame characters, it's like giving yourself a get-out-of-jail-free card. Like you have no conflicts you can think of and then- oh! Here comes an unsuspecting character you hate! Okay, yeah, let's make them so very in love with your main character and then make your main character reject them so badly they go ahead and become severely depressed! And then your main shipping can hold each other together and gaze in to each others eyes and kiss passionately while the rejected person cries and cries and cries! Whoopee!

    Seriously, I find flaming something that lazy authors do, authors, who, for whatever reason want to make the shipping they support seem a million times better so they flame whoever is convenient.

    And yeah, I guess that's it lol. My post is probably a lot shorter than others :p

    As for my own problems for writing [we're allowed to talk about it and ask for help, right? ^^;;] I've gone through soooo many writer's blocks that I lost count @__@ It gets to be annoying when I know what I want to write and I just don't know how to write it. Well, finally I got over my writer's block and went on for a few chapters. But now I haven't written anything in two months.

    See, I don't want to be quick to label this as writer's block again since I know what I want to write, I'm just too lazy to write it. Any suggestions to shake this laziness out of me? :O
  12. Tiffany

    Tiffany Staff Member Super Mod

    To be honest, a lot of the reviews I see are utter crap. Sorry to break it to you guys, but it's true.

    Just a pointer: Reread a review you wrote. Ask yourself "how would this help the person and their writing?" if you can answer it in your review, I'd say it's good. People will never perfect writing, so there is always something that can be done better in my opinion.
  13. ChloboShoka

    ChloboShoka Writer

    I generally try to leave my reviews a minimum of a paragraph. If I find something wrong with it, I'll point it out and say how I feel. If I liked or loved something I will point it out. I personally do not care for the ship or the plot. Im not very good at pointing grammar mistakes either but I still still point out the one or two that become obvious to me.

    One liners are over-rated, and I always read the reviews first before I read the actual fic. I learn tend to learn that everybody sort of has a different reviewing response.

    If I am reading a really bad fic, I'll try and be polite as possible. You can say, I'm a Little Miss Nice girl when it comes to reviewing because even if the fic has bad spelling/grammar/plot or exceedingly OOC, I can always find something good to say.

    We're all going to have different tastes and everyone is going to have different standards and approaches to both writing/reviewing.

    I think this is when the term beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Whilst a random reader can check a fic up on fan fiction and think it's horrendous, another will say wow that is awesome and leave a blank review. Another will flame and a wise one will give a clear rounded off critique.

    You can say I'm far too nice when it comes to reviews, I say nice things even about bad fics.
  14. Mel-Girl

    Mel-Girl left. right.

    Yes, I have more to rant about. XD;

    Another thing I forgot to add was that a lot of fics and it's pretty damn prominent in shipping fics as well is the characters not being in character. Like oh man, all genres have a problem with this and I hate to admit it, but this happens mostly with the shippy fics. This is because shipping is like, the most popular genre and so many people write it, so there's a higher chance of the characters being OOC.

    That's another factor I find very important. I read a Naruto fic where Naruto and people were like, "Yeah, check out Hinata, isn't she hot?" And Sasuke was like, "Sakura's one hot babe!" And I was staring at the computer screen with this face, "o________________O? WTF...?!" Seriously, if you're going to incorporate such an such a character into your fics, at elast get their personality right. Or you're just using the names of canon characters and that's it.

    Felt like giving a rundown of some characters, just to get across the point. Feel free to argue any of my points, seriously.

    Satoshi/Ash: Everyone knows he's a clueless guy when it comes to love. This however, doesn't mean he doesn't know what marriage is and is completely altogether, flat-out oblivious. I think he's aware of love, but he feels it doesn't particularly concerns him. Because he doesn't assosciate himself with love too often, for him to be aware of another's crush or to have one himself would be unusual. Also Satoshi has only had one moment where he's liked another girl, whcih was Seiyo (Giselle) and even then, he wasn't majorly crushing on her. It was one of those, 'Oh, she's kinda hot!' things. So I think the problem with Satoshi in shipping fics is that he's either made a bit too interested in getting together with someone or is so dense, it's insane.

    Shinji/Paul: Oh my goodness, Shinji is easily made OOC. I hate it when people describe him as 'that arrogant cold-hearted jerk' as if they're saying, that's ALL Shinji is. They make him so cold-hearted and jerk-ish to everybody when he's more indifferent and doesn't give a crap. And he isn't that arrogant, not in a Shigeru sort of way. Honestly, Shinji doesn't go on and on about his achievements and how cool he is, if anything, he more puts others down rather than raises himself up. And anyway, Shinji isn't completely cold-hearted and anti-social. Yeah, I don't see him as cold-hearted and anti-social. I see him as being indifferent and working to achieve his own goals, which he takes very seriously. Yeah, people write him as either being too interested in other people or so anti, it's hard to believe it when he suddenly makes out with Hikari or some other character.

    Eh, I'll do one more.

    Kasumi/Misty, Haruka/May and Hikari/Dawn: Yes, I'm categorizing them all altogether, mostly because the same stuff happens with all of them. All I can say is that the most OOCness I see for these three in fics is making them too guy crazy or so perfect in every way. There's a lot of fics where -insert girl here- is the top student in the school and the guy they get together with is designed to be the opposite, the bad boy rebel. Kasumi, Haruka and Hikari haven't shwon themselves to be the brainiest of all brainy, but the girls do get it the worst for Mary Sueness. Not to mention, these girls always get their guy. They're all paired up perfectly, aren't they? Which then leads to another point that I'll bring up later.

    Oh yeah and another thing. Have you ever gotten reviews that ask you to write certain ships? Like say you write mostly Pokeshipping and then a reviewer was like, "Can you write *thinks of a random ship* Cavaliershipping?" I've gotten reviews like that and while I don't find it to be majorly annoying, I think it is in a way a bit of presusre on the reviewers to the author because it's basically saying, "I want you to write such-and-such."

    Just let authors be with what shippings they write, ya know? Also the author didn't ask for opinions on what shippings to write too. Honestly, I'd love for certain ships to be in fics, but I never ask for it. Going along the same lines, saying, "So and so must get together!" is also kinda annoying. Saying, "I hope things work out between so-and-so" doesn't annoy me as much though, because things can work out between so-and-so without so-and-so getting together. XD

    Anyway, continuing on from what I said about pairing up perfectly, I notice that there are a lot of fics where practically everyone is paired up. Notice the famous 'PokeContestIkari' as a prime example? And half the time, these pairings aren't written well either... ;;^^ As much as I love those three pairings, they do get it the worst in terms of no. of bad fanfics. I want to know though, why do people choose to write these pairings? So many latch onto these three because it's popular, that's how I see it as.

    And these people who choose to write popular pairings because they're popular, not because they have a real love for it, does that mean they love writing or love getting reviewed?

    As to what Tiffany said, I think that if you have given a bad review in the past, just edit your review or if the author has updated since then, work harder to write a better review for them. Help out the authors, guys!

    I keep saying all this stuff, damn it. Ah well, people are agreeing with me, mwahaha.
  15. Chelc

    Chelc Well-Known Member

    Yes, many of you need to work on your reviewing. It saddens to me to check out the fics here and see the threads spammed with OMG NEXT CHAPTER PL0X!!!!!!1111ONE

    You all know how to read and comprehend, and should at least know the basics of a short story...as well as have at least /some/ knowledge of grammar and punctuation. The author took his/her time to write the fic, and you as the reviewer should take your time in critiquing it. Posting, "GREAT JOB!" and things like that? Those types of things do not help the author improve or fix mistakes (if there are any) at all. You should always post the good points and the bad points when reviewing a fic. The authors won't kill you or cuss you out if you point out mistakes or parts of their fic that could be improved, I promise.

    I also really dislike people who quote a HUGE paragraph/part of the fic in their reviews, and say like one or two things and then call it a review. That is not a review, guys. That is spam. D: It's fine to quote stuff and point out things about it, but don't quote like almost the entire fic. >>;

    Another thing that really gets to me is how some of you rush the authors into posting new chapter(s). Some of you may not realize it, but, "POST THE NEXT CHAPTER SOON!" IS indeed rushing the author. It is rude and completely unnecessary. Please, don't do it. e_e;

    I think that's it for now. The only other thing I can say is READ THE POSTS MADE BY THE AUTHORS IN THIS THREAD - especially if you are currently reading a fic by one of them. ;)
  16. Genkiness

    Genkiness CHEESE!!!

    Omg. I love this thread. lol.

    Okay first of all, one of the main things that upsets me are one-liner reviews such as “BEST CHAPTER EVER!!! X28352394837” I mean, I’m glad that they like the chapter, but it’s not exactly what I was hoping for. My chapters are usually about 15 pages on Word or more, and they take a few hours to type out, and I get a one-liner review that takes like…. 10 seconds to post? >_> It’s pretty disappointing. This is one of the reasons why I post my stories on serebii and NOT FF.net where 99% of reviews are one-liners >_>. But sadly, the percentage is slowly creeping up on serebii.

    Here are some of the main things in reviews that I love to see:
    1) They tell me which part was good (The quote + comment method is usually quite helpful as long as the quote isn’t ultra long and the comment has a decent length)
    2) They tell me in what areas I should improve (i.e. be more descriptive)

    And for fanfiction work:
    1) Use spaces to separate paragraphs. Blocks of text are a pain to read.
    2) Get an editor to proofread your work (especially if English is not your first language). Grammatical and spelling errors are irksome to readers.
    3) Don’t make a story with an overused plot, such as what the authors above have said (short event + confession + kiss = the end).

    There’s actually I lot I could say about this. But yes, I agree with all of you. I’ve found myself shying away from a lot of fanfiction these days because a lot of what fanfiction authors write these days totally skew the characters into something totally different. For example, sometimes a totally innocent and naïve character in an anime will swear every time they speak in a fanfiction work; other times, you have a total punk whispering sweet nothings into the other person’s ear >_> That totally destroys the image the characters originally had.

    Brief summary:
    Reviewers – Let the author know what needs improvement and what is awesome. Remember to describe it in detail.
    New Authors – If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again! But make sure you consider the suggestions given by your reviewers, or else you probably won’t succeed >_>

    Anyways, I think that’s all I’ll say for now =P
  17. Encyclopika

    Encyclopika The Queen

    I don't think it's just being able to critique a piece of writing, because even if you put time into make corrections, you don't want to sound/look like a bland editor.
    In the past, I've had reviewers take their time nitpicking EVERY LITTLE mistake, tell me I should correct that and then click out. But what was good about it? Critiques like that are, truthfully, helpful but they make reviewers appear to be bullies, especially when every other reviewer is pointing out good things to keep up.

    Personally, I always like to stay on a strict format when I review (if I ever...I only don't because I'm too busy looking for the spammers). I always start out with what I liked, even if it's only one thing, and then go to critique, and I usually only point out the giant things or the problems that reoccur over and over again. I then end off by saying my overall thoughts, which usually consist of encouragement because I think people should always continue to make it better.

    I completely agree. If a writer is good at writing a ship, it's probably because that's the one they like the most (or one of them. If you ask a writer to write something else, they probably wouldn't be too good at it or just wouldn't put their all in it. To answer you, I have been asked to write other ships, but they weren't anything I couldn't handle because one was major crack (Jigglypuff/paper towel/Socrates by PsiUmbreon) and the other was a nice little Pokemon shipping (Milotic x Gyarados...I know, no one knows this one...I am planning on it soon :p).

    I infract those on sight. >D
    Seriously guys, if you find reviews that are like that, report them and one fo us will come and rid your thread of it.
    Last edited: Nov 10, 2008
  18. dandelionheart

    dandelionheart Active Member

    I was just looking around and seeing a new thread interested me so here I am ^.^

    Well, so far everyone has made excellent points and really, it's kind of the common courtesy you should expect to see on fanfiction sites...I am an AMV-maker and when you leave professional opinions on someone's vid, even then the format doesn't differ that much. Really, you have to understand where the author is coming from, what they have done with existing material, how they have created a new storyline and what ultimately has been lost in translation. There actually is never a "bad story idea," what just fails is the execution. And that is what reviewing is for- you can always help someone in any way considering that really none of us are professional writers and of course, there is no such thing as no room for improvement. Or someone gets the appreciation and respect from those who realize that writing a fanfic for whatever reason is earnest work and usually involves a good deal of time and planning. You must respect the author, give them credit where it's due, and then go onto give constructive criticism. There never needs to be a time where you sound harsh- kind honesty should always leave the author with a sense of coming away with a new perspective on their work. And if they react bitterly to what you have exposed, then just look away and understand that they need time to see that what you have said is true.

    New authors also should note that just as you are taking the time to write a story, some people are reading it through and leaving you comments. No matter how detailed, though it shouldn't just be spam XP, you should always thank them...I don't know if it's a problem here but if you aren't going to acknowledge receiving the advice, who's going to want to keep helping you out? >:l

    But my real question to the Shipping Fics thread is "why aren't there more reviews?" Maybe this is just me; I have a 19 chapter story that has so far received ONE review...just one. I ask politely for reviews in the notes at the end of the chapter and update frequently but I am getting the impression that people usually skip stories with no shipping explicitly stated in the title or are so new and original, they don't fulfill "the shippyfluff need" so many of us crave. XD;; I know I don't leave reviews, but it is more like I can't, due to time management...that still doesn't mean that fics should be passed over for any reason close to "ehh, looks ok but I want more of the same old..." XD

    I was wondering if, like we do on the org for AMVs, there could be an opinion exchange thread- basically you announce your story and in exchange for someone reading and leaving a good review, you give his/her story a looksie...it works really well on that site and I have no idea if it is acceptable or not, just throwing it out here because I sincerely empathize with anyone waiting for a review and not getting one D: Feedback is the only way to improve!

    Anyways, that's my take! ^o^ I hope a mod might even approve of the op swap idea x)
    Last edited: Dec 1, 2012
  19. Yay, I finally learned how to multi-quote! /is pathetic/
    And good thing, because there's a lot to reply to...

    You hit on one of my major pet peeves as well, and this unfortunately happens so much on ffn... And I feel like even if you do give the writer some concrit, they'll ignore it because 100 other reviews say their story is amazing. It's unfortunate when people ignore constructive criticism or get mad at the person who said it when they were only trying to help...

    Yeah, I end up having this same problem. I know exactly what I want to write, and just can't get it down on paper. Or I will start writing something, and then just stop for longgg periods of time and work on other things and I know I shouldn't but...
    So yes, does anyone have a cure for this laziness? =P

    And OOC Paul is exactly what makes me shy away from Ikarishipping. It isn't that I see Paul as Mel-Girl described here, but as overly sappy and loving and blahh. I just want to know in what dimension would Paul be all lovey-dovey over Dawn. But I like dark, kinda angsty Ikarishipping, but that's just my personal preference.

    Yeah, and if that's the only reason, it's sort of sad... Sometimes I wonder how Ikari got thrown into the mix; I guess it's because then there would be tension and conflict between all of them, and you don't see that much between Dawn and Kenny. Childish teasing is all. ...Though the same could be said about Contestshipping.

    I'm actually trying my hand at one of these "Golden Trio" fics, as I've seen it referred to on ffn (it makes me cringe, and reminds me of Harry Potter =P), or PokeContestIkari. But I'm trying to make it different than all the other ones out there where the couples just argue, confess, kiss and then be done with it.
    After all, the main focus of what I'm writing isn't the pairings, but overcoming the hardships of life and finding "light in the darkness" if you wanna be cliche about it. Haha.

    That's pretty much how I review as well. I tend to just give overall points rather than nitpick, but if it's clear the author really needs it I will.

    *is on the hunt* Haha, joking.

    But it's good to see so many people sharing their opinions about all sorts of things aspects of fic writing, reviewing, etc. Yup, I really like this place. : D
  20. Encyclopika

    Encyclopika The Queen

    Sometimes, when I'm being lazy in that way...or having that kind of writer's block, I read manga (since I'm very visual in other art places) or read just a section of a favorite book. I don't know if this happens to a lot of people, but I'm like a Ditto with writing - if I read a book before writing my own, I take on the other author's voice and sense for vocabulary. (I know this, because my voice so obviously changes in Contest Tie with the books I was reading during its lifetime). That's why I look at some of Nathaniel Hawthorne (sp?). His stories aren't my cup of tea, but I like his sense for vocabulary and metaphors. :p And thus, I use them in my own writing after looking at his stuff.
    Sometimes I just start writing it if I know what it's going to be and then read it over some other day and change it to sound more professional...and I love using thesaurus here too. XD
    Those are my strategies; hopefully it'll help. Does anyone else look at particular author of inspiration? XD

    Truthfully, I think Paul is one of the hardest characters to put in shipping fic because he is so nonchalant about people or is rude. I tried my hand at Ikarishipping twice - once as part of callaboration of works for the winter holidays, and then as its own fic which I had to discontinue because it was just so hard to make Paul IC, I had to stop.
    Paul isn't the only "rude" rival that gets that treatment - Drew fell into the same OOCness. D: It was either he was too snobby, made into a complete villan for anti-Contestshipping ships, or, like Paul, was lovey dovey. I write his character in almost everything I write and for a fact I know that Drew is not that way - he is an encouraging rival with the tendency to tease MAY, but the nuance of shippyness in him is obvious.
    Last edited: Nov 10, 2008
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