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Shipping confessional 2.0; Repent, sinners.

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Sonic Boom

@JohanSSB4 Twitter
Well, I had this thread set up half-year ago. ago, but it's gone into inactivity since April. And since many new shippers have shown up throughout the summer, and some people have some new secrets, I figured I'd remake the thread again.

Basically, what are some things you have done, shipping wise, that you now regret today? Have you bashed a certain ship passionately, or have you mulled over a fanon crack-pairing like it was Christmas every day?

This was recreated partly because new shippers have arrived since then, and this could be a way for them to let it all out and know other secrets that others have been holding. That, and I'm curious to see if they are as "pure" as the veterans here. And because the veterans have most definitely sinned since the last time this was made, and it's no use to keep it in the dark.

Because I am pure can't think of anything new at the moment, I will list down everything that I posted in the previous confessional:

  • Bashing Advanceshipping for all of its worth back in the days of Advanced Generation; yes, I was one of those hard-core Pokeshippers. I used to loathe the Advanceshippers in every sense of the word, and avoided AS fics at all costs. I've mellowed out somewhat now, but the feeling I had back then remains inside me.
  • Making the terrifyingly epic (and now deleted) post in the Pearlshipping Thread; I do believe I killed the thread with what I said, and for that I apologize. Granted, I am not a Pearlshipper by any means, but I still feel bad for what I did in there.
  • I cannot, for the life of me, understand the spark of Orangeshipping. I just can't. Nothing about Misty's and Tracey's relationship just screams "ROMANCE" to me. I can honestly say that I would start supporting Novelshipping if Pokeshipping was ultimately declared "impossible." Sorry to all Orangeshippers out there, but this is what I believe.
  • Every time I listen to a new song, I automatically ask myself "Can this be shippy in anyway? What ships can this song apply to?" Seriously, it has gotten to the point where I can take songs from Thrice, Disturbed, Linkin Park, among others, and turn it into something shippy. I'm a disgrace to all heavy metal and rock lovers everywhere. Shoot, I can see every mainstream ship represented by every song in the Sonic R Soundtrack, excluding the main theme itself.
  • I wanted to take part in the debates from long ago, but at the same time, I didn't; I feared I would be too heavily bombarded by the opposing side if I did so
  • I used to avoid all episodes with May in it, unless Drew or Harley was in it, for the romance and the hilarious character interaction, respectively XD
  • I want to join JBStormburst's Advanceshipping forum under the username "SatoKasu > SatoHaru 4 EVAR!!!" and see how long it takes me to get banned, even though I now like both pairings, albeit the former more than the latter XD
  • I once read an AlmostStraightShipping (Gary X Ashley) fic all the way through, AND I ENJOYED IT. I think I may actually like genderbending fics now. I guess I'll look up Ranma 1/2.
  • I think Harley is straight. I think that's a sin here among the community. I think I'll keep him straight anyway. Festivalshipping ftw.
  • my first instance of supporting a crossover pairing came from Super Smash Bros. Melee (Irony being that it is a fighting game): Because of that event "Bombs Away!" (I think that's what the event is called), I started liking the idea of Link X Samus. And my name for it was BombShipping, imagine that XD. But then Brawl rolled along, and I just followed along with all of the zany Samus X Snake shippers. But LinMus (as I call it) will always have a special place in my heart XD

So now I leave it to you guys, old and new alike. Kneel at the alter, enter the confession box, do whatever you need to do to let your dark secrets out. You will no doubt be forgiven...maybe.

EDIT: I decided to compile everyone's posts onto the first page, in an attempt to avoid repeating posts, and for users to get a laugh or two from reflecting on old habits and the like. List will be in alphabetical order, and names starting with a lowercase letter will be capitalized for neatness; any names starting with non-alphabetical characters will be listed first.

~NaThziVOIR~: 1
AlterdegoX: 1
Ampris: 1 2
Araleon: 1
ArcanineOod: 1
Blackjack Gabbiani: 1 2
BlueMew7: 1 2 3
C. Gholy: 1 2 3
Caseygirl: 1
Catzeye: 1 2
Chelc: 1
DarkZerkerX: 1
Dark Dreamz: 1 2
Dragonphantom: 1
Encyclopika: 1
FlameRose: 1
Foxeaf: 1
Glory For Sleep: 1
Granbull Guy: 1
Hakajin: 1 2 3 4 5
Junpearl63: 1 2
Kanata: 1
Kitzuna: 1
Kit Kat: 1
Mel-Girl: 1 2 3
Mewluvr200: 1
Misachan: 1
Mooites: 1
Nightning: 1 2 3 4
Oriaste: 1
Phantom Bugsy: 1 2
Ryn: 1
S-Unit: 1
Sapphire Addict: 1
Shadow Ichigo: 1
Shadow shipper: 1
Shinnie-tan: 1 2
Skiyomi: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Sonic Boom: 1 2 3
Steel-rain: 1
Tadashi: 1 2 3 4
Tomato-kun: 1
Vulpixel: 1 2
Vycksta: 1 2
WGCV23: 1 2
Witchan: 1 2
Xmehx: 1
XxM!styxX: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Yeti: 1
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Only Mostly Dead
Forgive me father, for I have sinned.

-I do not in any way understand people’s fondness for Pokemon/Pokemon pairings let alone Pokemon/Human pairings. This isn’t really a sin as far as I’m concerned, but it might be to a certain slice of the fandom.
-I have Pokeshipping themed blinders on and therefore don’t even entertain the notion pairing Ash or Misty with other people.
-I have often campaigned to convert people to Snape/Sinistra knowing full well that Sinistra has no established character in the Harry Potter canon. Yet I still try.
-I pair psychotic chicks with men who don’t have that kind of torment coming to them at all.
-I rarely tread outside of canon or canon-ish pairings.
-I entertained, for about 5 seconds, the prospect of writing an angsty somewhat abusive Xellos/Filia fic called “Because It’s Funny When You’re Frightened” despite the fact that angst irks me, abuse fics make me throw up in rage, and I only write light comedies if anything at all for romance.
-I failed to fully embrace the awesomeness that is Xellos/Filia until just recently.
-I’m very set in my shipping ways, and thus avoid forums dedicated to my most favorite series lest I have to contend with defiance of the canon as I see it and probably act like a total prick in the process.


Obsessive Shipper
Oh, well, this is fun.

-The first time Misty came back for a cameo, I thought she was back to stay (I'd only read about it). I announced that she was coming back on the Nintendo forums (I stopped going there because I was so embarrassed about it later). When I found out that Misty left again, I was so shocked I got light headed.

-I cried when I found out Misty was leaving. I was mildly depressed all summer that year. Took me a long time to accept the fact that she wasn't coming back for good.

-I made up a child for Ash and Misty, then a person to ship her with, and have since become obsessed with this ship.

-I think of my favorite ships when I hear songs that fit them.

-I analyze the psychological aspects of shipping, like projection and stuff.

-I've done a good amount of shipping fic writing.

-I tend to talk and joke about my shipping tendencies with my friends who know, then feel embarrassed about it later.

-I will commit to a ship like I would to a relationship. At 21, I have only had three major ships in my life.

Blackjack Gabbiani

Clearly we're great!
About Harley, I think he could be anything, given how much he likes to shock people.


-I ship Cyrus like it's going out of style. With Hareta, with Mitsumi, with Dawn (I didn't used to, but RPing with a friend got it in my head), with Saturn, with Mars, with Jupiter, with Cynthia...Hell, there's even a fic going around that gave me the idea for shipping him with Giovanni. And yet shipping him with Hareta is the big one because I swear it's as canon as something like that can get.

-As much as I like my yaoi to have guys that aren't set in physical roles, I cannot picture Bashou as a bottom, and I think people who do that are only looking at how small he is. I mean, logically I know he could just like it and it could have nothing to do with his petite frame, but the man's got massive power issues. And yet I have no trouble picturing Giovanni as a bottom. Go figure.

-A RP made me ship Domino with Silver. That wouldn't be so strange if it wasn't Specialverse Silver, and Domino doesn't exist in that continuity.


shooting the moon ☆
Woop this is fun!! Here's some confessions!
- I have never liked any other ships as much as AshxMisty, therefore I still to this day loathe Pearlshipping as well as Advancedshipping. Back in the day, when I didn't know who to pair May or Dawn with, I loathed the girls for ever showing up. But now I've discovered these two awesome ships I can make up for (granted, i don't like them HALF as much as AAML BUT) Contestshipping and Ikarishipping :) yay.
- I seem to like ships in Pokemon between people that have sexual tension between them (Ash and Misty always arguing like a married couple, Drew always acting like he's better than May and getting all *I'm-Gonna-Kill-Drew mode* but at the same time he gives her a rose *uberromance*, and Dawn going crazy everytime Paul's around, especially when he said he didn't remember her and she goes I'm Dawn and he goes nope don't remember you. she looks like she's gonna kill him!) those couples drive me crazy.
- just as many shippers, when I hear I song, I wonder what ship I can link it with, hence Brown Eyes by Lady Gaga!! *Misty's a crazy Romantic, just listen to Misty's Song!*
- I don't like yaoi pairings, I don't know it just bothers me because I don't see it ever becoming canon. I like to ship ships that seem quite canon and likely to become canon or have canon proof.
- I have dreams about what kind of fics I can write that involve Ash and Misty.
-I check the Pokeshipping thread in every uni class on my sidekick! *crazy i know*
- I CANT see Ash or Misty with anyone else. Even if Misty DIED, I still wouldn't take Ash with anyone else. AAML for life dudes.

=[ I'm guilty.


Writer's Block
Alright here is my list.

-I can't do yuri ships really....I'm a girl and I can't look at girlXgirl ships like I can a boyXboy
- I will be a Yaoi fan for life now....hehehe it's just certain male characters (ASH) I see better off in Yaoi than in Het (but I will ship them in het as well)
- If I hear a love song I try and figure out which ship would go best with it. Sometimes though I hit a dead end.
- Bashing ships....yea not as extreme as some people go but still I'm guilty of it especially the ones with crazy rabid fans.
- I daydream about how I would write an episode to fit a certain shipping.


what up daddy in the house
-I'm writing a romance/action fan fic and in one of the chapters, the main characters meets Ash, Dawn, and Brock and there are Pearlshipping moments in it.


Well-Known Member
Personally, I don't think Harley is gay either - he just struck me as extemely flamboyant. Bisexual possibly or even asexual.

* Like I said before, I used to be a rabid pokeshipper who hated every other pairing but that one and hated May because I was a blind sheep that followed the crowd - thankfully, I got over this when I was 12 and realised how much I disliked 4kids for trying to shove the pairing down my throat and May is now one of my favourite female characters(only below Cynthia and Dawn)
* But now I absolutely abhor pokeshipping and seethe everytime I see it. One day, I shall find a balance. One day.
* I also went through a very long period of time where I set all my favourite slash pairings into stereotypical seme/uke roles. It makes me want to crawl into a hole and die of shame, thinking about what a terrible fangirl I used to be.
* I am unable to read any het shipping fics that involve Ash, despite shipping Advanceshipping.
* For that matter, nowadays everytime I see a slash fic where one of the male characters is painfully stereotypically "uke-ish" I feel like screaming 'this is pseudo het' at the author.
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what up daddy in the house
-I cry myself to sleep because I know Dawn and Ash will be together. (Tears of Joy)...

Haha Jk. Or am I? o_O
- I used to bash Ikarishipping every waking moment of my life anytime, everywhere. Its died down, but I still can't stay in the Ikari thread for more than a few seconds before felling sick.
- I cannot stand Yuri, but I love Yaoi to bits
- I had a Comadream, and Shinji was uke.
- I constantly compare Comashipping to Gravitation's Yuki and Shuichi
- I am gonna write a Comafic, and Shinji is gonna be uke.
- I pair Satoshi and Shinji with nearly every other male


Only Mostly Dead
More sins!

-I feel like I don't like nearly enough female/female ships. Most of the ships I support tend to be male/female pairings and I like some male/male pairings, but the female/female pairings I like are pretty sparse and are generally secondary to a pairing I prefer more (ex. I ship Sakura/Tomoyo but tend to prefer Syaoran/Sakura). Which makes me feel bad since lesbians rock.
-I maintain that girls hitting guys with props is shippy.
-My so called "romance" fics contain little in the way of physical contact. A kiss is almost out of the question. Maybe I have intimacy issues.
-Crossover ships make my teeth itch.

* For that matter, nowadays everytime I see a slash fic where one of the male characters is painfully stereotypically "uke-ish" I feel like screaming 'this is pseudo het' at the author.

Amen to that. Too bad the seme/uke thing isn't something made up by fanfiction writers and doujinshi artists for fandoms; It's actually a standard cultural thing in Japan, as far as I understand, and applies to male/female relationships as well (needless to say, women don't get a choice about what role they play).


Writer's Block
- I used to bash Ikarishipping every waking moment of my life anytime, everywhere. Its died down, but I still can't stay in the Ikari thread for more than a few seconds before felling sick.

Same goes for me (that includes Pokeshipping on my part) *waits to be shot*

More sins:

- I find crossover ships very strange
- Everytime I see a Coma/Pallet/Pearl/Contest fic I scream and double over.
- I don't think Harley is completely gay. At the most he's Bisexual
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Well-Known Member
Amen to that. Too bad the seme/uke thing isn't something made up by fanfiction writers and doujinshi artists for fandoms; It's actually a standard cultural thing in Japan, as far as I understand, and applies to male/female relationships as well (needless to say, women don't get a choice about what role they play).

- You mean the whole Yamato Nadeshiko thing? Yeaaah... >>"

Anyway, for more of my sins:
- Once I decided to lurk on a Pearlshipping thread and together with a friend, we took each 'shipping hint' they had and made fun of pretty much everything on the thread. Of course, this was all in private on msn.


Certified Schemer
Let's see...shipping sins...shipping sins. I got a few...

- I've written a Harley x Soledad lime, and have published it. According to some people, this is a sin of some sort.

- I try to keep an open mind when it comes to shippings; however, for some reason I don't care much for any ships involving Ash, as well as Dawn x Paul. I won't bash them, though, because I find bashing stupid.

- I don't really like it when Pokemon are left out of fics, even when it's romance between human characters. (If it's a oneshot, then I don't mind - because there's only so much you can fit into a oneshot.) Got a chaptered May x Drew fic? Great! Now, what's wrong with giving their Pokemon some screentime?

- Evidently, I don't think Harley is totally gay either. I think he's just metro.


New Shiny!!!!!!!!:33
Well, I guess I have some o.o
- I DESPISE Advanced/PearlShipping.
- I usually forget bout any other character or pokemon in a fic since I only read for a specific reason.
- I ROFLMAO at Pearlshippers' expressions when they ask me why I hate PS, when I reply "If Ash ever couples with Dawn, I would start to think he's a pedo." Because Ash is around 14 and Dawn is 10 lol
- I never bash, but if someone REALLY ticks me off about how gay or retarded Misty is, you'll never see them bash again.
- And I also think Harley isn't gay, but at most biseximal.
Forgive me father for I have no matter how much fun it was sinned.

- wrote a bunch of badfics with OCs when I was new to writing. Might not ever write an OC fic again. The reviews broke my little heart. ;;

- supported IkariShipping for about 5 minutes because I thought it looked nice, lost interest, and started supporting it purely by fics

- I absoluty adore yaoi - to the point where i'll read lemons. I like yuri as well, just not as much.

- I've had shipping dreams. No joke.

- I do enjoy nevermet ships, if only for the fact that the two look good together and/or are crack. XD

- No matter how much I want to, i'm afraid to do a kink meme. I feel like i'll mess it up. ;;

More confessions later when I think of them.
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Absolve me almighty Father, for my only sin is to believe that everything I have experienced and done regarding shippings is not a sinful element to confess, but a normal and pleasant part of a shipper's life. Amen~


<- Waifu
I got some few ...shipping sins to.......

- Back when I was supporting Advanceshipping I hated Pokeshipping so much that I always bashed it when I started a shipping discussion with my friends.
- When I was mad Pearlshipper Yes I was one of those crazy people that Go nutz for Satohika and when a hint was seen I would go a little overboard with the fact of that Hint I really hated all other Dawn ships, to the point that when I didn't saw some episodes were Kenny or Gary appeared >.> .
- I didn't like some Yaoi back then but when I started to read some fics I started to like it.
- I always shipped Drew with Harley back then because I didn't liked Drew being shipped with May.

- And I also think that Harley is just Bisexual

I still think I have more confessions but I don't remember them, I will post them If I remember them later.


left. right.
- I pair Satoshi and Shinji with nearly every other male

How does Bishieshipping sound, bb? ;DDDDD

See, that leads onto my first point.

- I have this crazy obsession with a never-met ship. I will spam it whenever I can and I will look for any opportunity/victim to spam the ship at. It's kinda like, I have to share the squee that's inside otherwise I'm like, "eh... I'm the only one who cares. Hn. :/" so like, when I first came up with the concept of Bishieshipping - that's Shinji/Paul x Gen/Riley, btw - I was like, "OMG IT'S FREAKING HOT I'LL SPAM IT." And so I did. Like hell. I even kept asking some friends of mine, "hey, whatcha think fo the ship?" quite often and stuff, I probably annoyed them a lot with that. XDD but yeah, I was an insane fangirl. I've calmed down but I still have megalove for the ship cuz OTP, ya know? It's just that I used to be crazyyyyyy with the ship.
- I never thought I'd read lemons but ever since I gotten into Thiefshipping, it became a regular thing. Heck, I even look at the smutty doujinshi for the hell of it! XDD And yet I still can't look at lemons and smut for other ships. It's weird as hell.
- On the note of Thiefshipping, I can no longer get myself to ship Marik het nor Yami Bakura het.
- On that note, I can't ship much in terms of Itsuki (Koizumi) slash. Huh. It's kinda weird because like, KyonItsu has all those ship kinks and whatnot but my mind has convinced me to prefer Itsuki x Haruhi and Itsuki x Mikuru for the Itsuki ships. XD
- Ever since December 2008, I have started developing into one of them perverted fangirls and I'm kinda thinking, "...oh le damn it" about that. And I have weird phases of hating characters for a while because of shipping. For example, I dislike Ignitionshipping, so I went through a phase of, "WTF GTFO OBA/FLINT" and nowadays, I'm neutral to him and wondered why I bothered with the hate phase.
- Went through a longer Hinata hate phase though when I first began to dislike KibaHina. At first, it was like, "noooo wtf get away from ze hotness that is Kiba, you don't have the coolness to keep up with this damn fine mofo!" but idk, my mind went insane. Now I'm neutral to Hinata and decided to avoid disliking characters along with disliking ships because well, it's taking an extreme, isn't it?
- So yeah, I used to bash characters because of shippings, I guess. But I've toned that down a lot and made sure not to have all these bashing posts on SPPF. I feel bad if I bash too much and well, it's no a very good attitude to have, makes you seem less open-minded. Luckily I wasn't heavy on the bashing when I initially joined SPPF or when I came back to it to make my account active again. XD
- Oh yeah, I bashed a Pokeshipper once and I really want to apologise even now but I've forgotten his username and don't believe he's active anymore but well, if I ever recall who he is, I'll PM him an apology even though it wasn't even major bashing or anything. Idk, it could be better to just to leave things as is and all, but well, I don't like to be mean, I'm sick of that. :/
- I keep having temptations to write a membership fic for the lulz and make some Sonic Boom yaoi ship canon. Or maybe I'll pick on WGCV23 instead. It's too easy to make yaoi with S-Unit though. Or maybe I'll just make Orion and Buster canon and leave it at that. I must be the boredest person ever. ...boredest, lol.

Eh, I know I'll be back with more! XDDD


Active Member
*shrugs* Might as well... and my Cranidos will be a pain and offer her two cents on everything in navy text, while I'll be using the default text. Hey! I'm not a pain! Not outside of battle... Says you.

~ You see how lots of people say how they (pretty much) absolutely hate ships because one of the characters in it is also in a ship they support like... heck? Yeah. Well, I used to be like that with PikaShipping. No surprise there. You be quiet. Anyway... I still haven't warmed up to PokeShipping, AdvanceShipping, or PearlShipping yet, but I'm OK with KrazyShipping, Pikachu X James, and RecentInvitationShipping. Two Rocket X twerp ships and never-met ship... I think you might be crazy. Shut up! Lets move on before Pika haters can use me losing my temper at Cranidos while discussing PikaShipping as something. Too late...

~I only decided that I thought Steven Stone and Wallace were both cute after I started to support OriginShipping. And so you decided to support SteelShipping as a very odd tribute to that. I know everything. Then why aren't you doing the confessions for me? It's more fun if you do them and I get on your nerves.o_0

~Speaking of SteelShipping, it is the only ship I support with a clear personal definition of who is the "dominant" one, and that's only because Hun was the one giving the orders in The Legend of Thunder!. I really don't have anything to say for this one...

~Last SteelShipping one. Promise? Promise. Pinkie swear promise? You don't have hands. Uh... Anyway, I'm fairly comfortable with SteelShipping fics with Hun as a girl or a guy.

~I am a big fan of never-met ships. RecentInvitationShipping, Yuffie X Axel, Dawn X Harley, Hun X Meowth... Me X Paul's Torterra. Wrong universe.

~I also love crack ships. Mainly Demyx X Marluxia. No evidence anywhere, but I love it. You really are crazy...

~I also adore ships of female player character X cute guy. IronWillShipping and Solana X Garret are my main two. [COLOR="Navy]Solana and Garret? You belong in the mental hospital.[/COLOR] Deny the cuteness of Garret and bad things will happen to you, Cranidos.

I hope you enjoyed my odd confessions. [COLOR="Navy"]Please bring a different Pokemon next time...[/COLOR] If I post more confessions.
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