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Shipping Face-Off

Discussion in 'Face-Offs' started by taitofan, May 23, 2006.

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  1. taitofan

    taitofan Stalker!

    Spiffyshipping: 8
    Comashipping: 23

    Coma again.

    Man guys, if we want this to continue (I know FOs are dying all together though, so...) I need to know what we should do next.
  2. Jagged Little Pill

    Jagged Little Pill the good life

    Coma this time.
  3. Avegaille

    Avegaille ジャッジメントですの!

    Comashipping some more... and I really have no clue on what to do now... OTL
  4. taitofan

    taitofan Stalker!

    And~ Comashipping wins the title of Best Shinji/Paul Ship! Congrats to second through fourth: Spiffy, Novel, and DarkStreak!

    Now... We're having noms for... Well, no one said anything, so my choice I guess? It's too early for anything with Isshu... Okay, how about Best Rival Ship? It can be anything as long as it's humanxhuman and has at least one rival to a PC/main character. It can be a game/anime/manga-exclusive character. Examples: Gary, Drew, Harley, Zoey, Paul, Kenny, Barry, Richie, Wally, Nando, Conway, etc. Basically, if they're your rival in the games or a league/contest rival in the anime, they work. Only ships that have won first place cannot be nominated.

    I'm not gonna nominate right now. So 16 slots open, though if we at least get eight at this point I'll be happy. XD;
  5. Vycksta

    Vycksta Well-Known Member

    Oh let's give this one a go;

    Celemnashipping (Nozomi/Zoey x Urura/Ursula)

  6. taitofan

    taitofan Stalker!

    Well, after days, SPPf finally lets me get to this thread. ;P

    Assuming we make it into the round... I'll nominate Bedazzle (Naoshi/Nando x Kouhei/Conway). Err...14 more. Maybe only 6 more. We'll see.
  7. Avegaille

    Avegaille ジャッジメントですの!

    ZoeyxPaul for some random lulz? *bricked*
  8. Medea

    Medea Excalibur

    Satoshi/Ash x Jun/Barry

    I forget the name but I would like to nominate it.
  9. AshxMay4Life

    AshxMay4Life New Member

    Satoshi/Ash x Haruka/May
  10. taitofan

    taitofan Stalker!

    Avie and Medea's are fine. Advanceshipping is not. There are no rivals in that. Please check to see what we're doing if you want to nominate.

    Four down, four to go.
  11. Ampris

    Ampris Slip slidin'

    This is random and I'm not sure if it even has a name yet, but I'd like to nominate Zoey/Nozomi x Cassidy/Yamato. :|
  12. taitofan

    taitofan Stalker!

    Well... It's time. The FO section is dying and this thread is more or less done. I'd rather end this myself than just have it fade away, so I officially declare, after over four years and 23755 posts, the Shipping FO is finished.

    I thank each and every person who helped this FO become the biggest FO here to date. I couldn't have done it without your help!

    Good bye and good night fellow shippers. Rock on. <3
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