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~Shipping Face-Off~

Discussion in 'Face-Offs' started by Shadowcat, Nov 19, 2005.

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  1. Shadowcat

    Shadowcat Guest

    Welcome to the Shipping Face-Off which is approved by Mondo. Anyway, the rules.

    NO FLAME WARS AT ALL TIMEs~ Mondo said so herself. If a Flame War is started, I'll just tell a mod to close this.

    You can vote Once a Day

    Now, the Face-Off:

    ~Best Ash Shipping~
    Advanceshipping(Ash/Satoshi X May/Haruka) VS Pokeshipping(Ash/Satoshi X Misty/Kasumi) VS Palletshipping(Ash/Satoshi X Gary/Shigeru)

    My Vote: Pokeshipping, due to the fact they have been together for five seasons, and Misty and Ash do get into the bickering couple I imagine them as.​

    Face-Offs Completed:
    ~Best Ash Shipping~
    Winner: Advanceshipping
    Second: Pokeshipping
    Last: Palletshipping

    ~Best Misty Shipping~
    Advancing to Finals: Orangeshipping, Gymshipping
    Competing for 3rd: Egoshipping, Waterflowershipping

    The results of the Best Misty Shipping shall be announced soon... Hopefully on Monday.

    ~Best May Shipping~
    1st: Minamoshipping
    2nd: Contestshipping
    3rd: Hoennshipping

    ~Best Pokespecial Shipping~
    First: Raltsshipping
    Second: MangaQuestshipping
    Third: Specialshipping
    Fourth: Oldrivalshipping
    Eliminated: Feelingshipping, Silver X Crystal, Red X Blue, Franticshipping, Sapphire/Wally

    ~Shipping Face-Off Finals~
    1st: Advanceshipping
    2nd: Minamoshipping
    3rd: Raltsshipping
    4th: Orangeshipping

    Begin Casting your Votes All!


    ~Shipping Face-Off V2.0~

    Ships Competing:
    Shipping Name l Characters Involved l Nominated by ________
    01) PinkFlowerShipping l Whitney/Akane & Erika l *Orion*
    02) Krazyshipping | Pikachu x Nyasu/Meowth | Tropical Spirit
    03) Contestshipping | Shuu/Drew & Haruka/May | Ratiasu
    04) Leagueshipping | Richie/Hiroshi & Ash/Satoshi l Sikamikanico
    05) ArtShipping | Kenji/Tracey & Tooru/Todd | Tropical Spirit
    06) Oldrivalshipping l Green (Male) & Blue (Female) l ~xXSapphireXx~
    07) LostSisterShipping l Whitney/Akane & Flannery/Asuna l *Orion*
    08) Neoeeveeevolutionsshipping | Gary & Sakura | Wolf Goddess
    09) Assistantshipping l Tracey & Joshua l Medea [Eliminated: 14 Votes]
    10) Waterflowershipping l Drew/Shuu & Misty/Kasumi l ~xXSapphireXx~ [Eliminated: 10 Votes]
    11) VineShipping l Ash's/Satoshi's Bulbasaur & May's/Haruka's Bulbasaur l Meganium XD [Eliminated: 9 Votes]
    11) Altoshipping l Ash/Satoshi & Latias/Ratiasu l Sikamikanico [Eliminated: 9 Votes]
    13) B*tchshipping | Kasumi/Misty x Musashi/Jessie | Tropical Spirit [7 Votes]
    14) MasumiShipping l Misty/Kasumi & Max/Masto l Meganium XD [Eliminated: 5 Votes]
    15) VineWhipshipping | Bulbasaur & Chikorita | Wolf Goddess [Eliminated: 4 Votes]
    16) Championshipping | Satoshi/Ash (Red) & Wataru/Lance | Evilchibi_pichu [Eliminated: 2 Votes]


    (Please read from top to bottom for this...)

    Round 1: (Number 15 & 10)
    Winner: Contestshipping (22 Votes)
    Loser: Vineshipping (9 Votes)

    Round 2: (Number 14 & 12)
    Winner: Leagueshipping (22 Votes)
    Loser: Altoshipping (9 Votes)

    Round 3: (Number 13 & 7)
    Winner: LostSisterShipping (21 Votes)
    Loser: Championshipping (2 Votes)

    Round 4: (Number 8 & 1)
    Winner: PinkFlowerShipping (25 Votes)
    Loser: Waterflowershipping (10 Votes)

    Round 5: (Number 9 & 16)
    Winner: Artshipping (20 Votes)
    Loser: Masumishipping (5 Votes)

    Round 6: (Number 6 & 3)
    Winner: Neoeeveeevolutionshipping (20 Votes)
    Loser: B*tchShipping (7 Votes)

    Round 7: (Number 5 & 4)
    Winner: Krazyshipping (20 Votes)
    Loser: VineWhipshipping (4 Votes)

    Round 8: (Number 2 & 11)
    Winner: Oldrivalshipping (20 Votes)
    Loser: Assistantshipping (14 Votes)

    Round 9: (Number 8 & 3)
    Winner: Leagueshipping (30 Votes)
    Loser: Oldrivalshipping (22 Votes)

    Round 10: (Number 4 & 2)
    Winner: Contestshipping (31 Votes)
    Loser: LostSisterShipping (17 Votes)

    Round 11: (Number 1 & 7)
    Winner: PinkFlowerShipping (32 Votes)
    Loser: Neoeeveeevolutionshipping (17 Votes)

    Round 12: (Number 6 & 5)
    Winner: KrazyShipping (32 Votes)
    Loser: ArtShipping (26 Votes)

    Round 13: (Number 1 & 4)
    PinkFlowerShipping (Whitney/Akane & Erika)
    Leagueshipping (Hiroshi/Richie & Ash/Satoshi)

    Round 14: (Number 3 & 2)
    Contestshipping (Shuu/Drew & May)
    Krazyshipping (Pikachu & Meowth/Nyasu)

    SHIPPING FACE-OFF V2.0 HAS OFFICALLY BEGUN! The Ships facing each other off are chosen by http://www.random.org

    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 27, 2006
  2. MondoTR

    MondoTR Dani

    I'm both a Poke and Pallet shipper and since Poke'll probably get a lot of votes I'll vote Pallet this time.
  3. Haine

    Haine Well-Known Member

  4. POkeshipper 4 life,Vote to Pokeshipping
  5. Medea

    Medea Excalibur

    Pokeshipper for life

    ...You know my vote!
  6. Devilrose

    Devilrose Super Coordinator

    Shouldn't there be more rules and shippings involved? >.>

    Well anyway...advanceshipping gets my vote.
  7. Dark Venusaur

    Dark Venusaur Banned

    Advanceshipping for me
  8. Infinite Master Sceptile

    Infinite Master Sceptile Bow to Groucho

    Palletshipping because I really don't like either of the other ships, and the idea is hilarious.
  9. Juputoru

    Juputoru M-m-m-m-onobear?!

    Palletshipping. 8D
  10. Shadowfaith

    Shadowfaith Shinigami...

    Pallet Shipping for me, Gary and Ash make a kawaii couple ^o^
  11. Sushi

    Sushi unspecified Staff Member Super Mod

    AdvanceShipping -_- The other ones are kinda sweet, but ...yeah. AS's just the cutest of 'em all imo XD
  12. CyberCubed

    CyberCubed Banned

    Out of those Advance. :eek:

    Should have been more Ash ships included though.

    ::wonders how many votes Ash/Drew would get::
  13. Chelc

    Chelc Well-Known Member

    ^Lol, I would've voted that.

    My vote goes to Pokeshipping, though.
  14. Infinite Master Sceptile

    Infinite Master Sceptile Bow to Groucho

    They left out AshxPikachu, which is my favorite Ash ship, merely because I'm partial to PokemonxHuman ships.
  15. Jetx

    Jetx hooray, it's Jetx!

    I'll vote pokeshipping, I've only seen one advance episode...
  16. Shadowcat

    Shadowcat Guest

    Woah! Palletshipping's Popular! Anyway, first to 25, and you can vote once a day. Anyway, I'll have to PM Mondo 'bout other shippings. I shall vote for Palletshipping this round. I just find that kawaii!

    Pokeshipping: 5/25
    Advanceshipping: 5/25
    Palletshipping: 5/25

    OMG! It's a tie, since I voted for Pallet. Now, let the voting continue.
  17. Hehe, good Face-Off. :D

    I'll vote Palletshipping. Straight shippings are boring, and even more so if they're Canon. :rolleyes: I really don't support either, but if I did, I'd support Palletshipping. :D

    I'll be following this closely, especially if it has a few Yuri Shippings on. ;)
  18. Pokeshipping, Look at my new site, I'm also This sites Owner of the pokeshipping club
  19. i vote advanceshipping!!! Ash & May 4ever!!!
  20. Anikin

    Anikin Rebel

    I vote for the moust Romantic couple ever. Ash and May. Go Advanceshipping.
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