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Shipping Picture Thread - Share the love!

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Shuppet/Rotom by me :3

Seriously; I love this couple because not only are they cute together but they complement each other; plus Dialga being the strong Pokemon can protect Palkia;

Shuppet/Rotom by me :3

Awww, how cute! I never thought of this Pokemon ship before... They go well together~

by uso@春 西4わ17a
Uwah, one of the best triangles to come out of BW imo~ I love to think of them as childhood friends, running around Nimbasa playing and enjoying the city in their youth.

Celestia x Discord

by SpyrotheFox
Possible Love/Hate relationships are cute too. I love how adorable they are here in their younger forms. x3

Soarin' x Rainbow Dash

by Mn27
My first real MLP ship. Just adorable... :')

Big Macintosh x Cheerilee

by suirobo
OTP OTP OTP. Seriously, that leaked episode. <3 This ship is just so cuuuute~ (and, haha, Smarty Pants...what're you doing sleeping with them there? xD)

Flame Mistress

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This is such a cute little comic. And funny. I lol'd when I saw Ash sleeptalking. XD

This is... This is so sad. ='( I imagine this to be when Ash has to run away because he's been recently discovered as a Gijinka and since the Kanto government wants to kill them all, he has to run away. Yeah, I have a vivid imagination. XD


Don't you just LOVE Ash's face in there? XD

Shadow Ichigo

Left On A Journey
Wow its be a long while since I posted here.

Rated: Warning! Some Pics here are rated M
Meiko x Luka

Credit/Artist: PM me if you know please

Miku x Luka
[IMG139]http://i833.photobucket.com/albums/zz259/Yoshiyuki-kun/Vocaloid/Miku%20x%20Luka/8809135.jpg[/IMG139] [IMG139]http://i833.photobucket.com/albums/zz259/Yoshiyuki-kun/Vocaloid/Miku%20x%20Luka/417369.png[/IMG139]

Credit/Artist: PM me if you know please

Tales of Vesperia:

Yuri x Judith

Credit/Artist: Unknown - PM me if you know please

All images from" http://e-shuushuu.net/


Gangrenous Creature
On the Wishful thread we have had a couple of DenAi doujins translated. I have edited a couple of them to be in English, so I'm going to "share the love" and post them. Actually for a few reasons--I think all three of these doujins are simply adorable, and I figured for people who want to see them or read them again it would be easy access instead of trying to dig up the translations on the thread or on the net. ^^;

There is no mature content in these, however, these doujins are big/long (and because of that I split them up with Spoiler-ception. XD)





By: ecology
Translated and edited by: Raikar

I thought this doujin was really cute. (oh and saying it now, I found all of the doujins I posted cute XDDD) I loved how Dento put the flower in Iris's hair...it was just soo sweet! X3



By: mochi
Translated by: myriada
Edited by: 00poke_maniac

Hehe Dento coming over to give Iris treats in a Halloween costume is just soo....him. XDD I like that...it's short and sweet. X3






By: カエデ
Translated by: Raikar
Edited by: 00poke_maniac

I really like how this one just almost feels like it could happen in the anime. X3 It's just adorable like that. I know this user's artwork is really popular on Pixiv (as far as Pokemon ships) and I can see why. They are a little bit funny yet natural. :3 gosh that "shield" line really got my heart X33
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I liek shipz. c:




...Guys, I don't mean to be strict/mini-modding or anything, but please remember that this thread, like other threads in this community, has RULES that need to be followed. Especially when it comes to rules #2 and #6:

2. When you post a picture, please make sure you talk about the shipping as well. For example: “I really like this pic because blah blah blah...” This is okay for the most part as long as it's about the Shipping.
6. CREDIT WHENEVER YOU CAN! If you find a fanart and know who created it, please credit him/her. If you do not know who to give credit to, just state that you don't know, and that should be acceptable.

Emphasis on the bold. Just a little reminder~

Hey, I actually know who the artist for this pic is! :O

Here is their pixiv profile. S/he mainly focuses on Submas/Submas x Touko art, but there are some more Ferriswheel pics scattered in their gallery iirc.

Anyway, some more art!


Best twincest pairing ever. I love Ingo's little blush. <3

MangaQuestshipping (Gold x Kris)

No credit, sorry!
Teehee, I love how flustered Gold is here. Seeing his "super serious gal" looking so submissive and ~adorable~ has really got his heart aflutter, and he doesn't even realize it himself. XD

(Gold x Ruby) I have no idea what this shipping is called

No credit, sorry!
There's something strangely attractive about this pairing... I gotta admit, shipping these two would be downright hilarious and kinda cute.

Entourageshipping (Diamond x Platinum x Pearl)

No credit, sorry!
Best. OT3. EVER. Oh gosh how much I love these three. Easily the best triangle to come out of PokeSpe.

P.S. All PokeSpe images found on this site.


Dragon busted by Her
Pretty amateur stuff, made it myself:


Englandshipping- I like it because the two characters clash well, and allows us to see a softer side of one side of the equation(Georgia).

~Demon Maxwell~

The Clever Girl


I really love this pairing because of the dynamic! Cilan the gentleman really makes up for Iris' reckless side - though more often than not, she has good intentions - and Iris has that fun, believeing factor to make up for Cilan's lack or faith and ability to loosen up a little. Perfect match! <3

Meowth City

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Ouran High School Host Club

I love Tamaki Suoh and OHSHC. My favourite pairing from the show has to be Tamaki and Haruhi, as they are so cute together. They also remind me a little of my friend and I, at least in terms of personalities. Oh, and I agree with the text. Unfortunately, the link to the orginal art is broken and I don't know the name of the creator. This image was taken off Tumblr, as you can see on the image itself.

Aura Of Twilight

Forever Clueless
Finally figured out how to get the picture to show up...lolz

I love this shipping. Its just so sweet. Wes looks so annoyed, but he likes it. XD

Credit goes to xxxsak-hi on deviantart
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