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Shocking moments with celebs or YouTubers?


so AWH-SOME /)^ɛ^(\
You met Tara Strong? Y U NO ASK HER ABOUT PONIES


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Lately, I've been extending certain wrestling themes and uploading them onto my YouTube account. Once, I extended Paul Heyman's theme that he used when he was the General Manager of SmackDown!, and as soon as it was uploaded, Paul Heyman himself mentioned my tweet about it on Twitter, saying "WTF .. WHY???" At first I found it shocking, and then hilarious.

Oh, and Maryse Ouellet used to follow me on Twitter until I stopped being a huge fan of hers. I'm still a fan, but not as much as before.
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Not exactly a deep experience, but it did shock me at the time.

I was sitting in a cafe by the window with my friend, and they he for the loo so I gawped blankly at passers-by. Ended up being gawked back by David Mitchell, as the comedian wandered right past. It felt like I'd just hallucinated or something. My friend was disappointed and almost disbelieving.

Otherwise the only times I've met famous people have been planned events, so they weren't that surprising. Sir David Attenborough came to give a speech a couple of weeks ago, former-Director of the BBC Greg Dyke was here for dinner a month ago and the BBC correspondent John Simpson was speaking here last year. Mathematician Stephen Hawking and comedian Jimmy Carr also passed by in the street before, but I had seen them coming.


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Back when I was around an year old, my family was the neighbor of an extremely popular cricketer. (Rahul Dravid.)