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Shocks & Bonds! (405)


Poison Tail!!
I really enjoyed this episode. I love Quilava and his voice is awesome. Seeing another Charizard was great too. I just love Glalie and his voice is so awesome too. Flame Wheel looked cool as did Heat Wave. I was expecting Wing Attack from Charizard, not Steel Wing but whatever. I liked Clark too, totally unexpected name but hes a neat character. Katie was also cool, bout time we see a kick *** girl character who was beating Ash good. Venomoth's voice annoyed me more than usual. I used to like it but it seems weird now *shrugs* Poor Torkoal got blasted out so early in the match. Dugtrio was neat, yay Pikachu got knocked out early too. Was a really cool ep, i liked it a lot.

Edit: Forgot to mention Tyson's battle against Aggron :p How could i forget seeing as im full of Sceptile images. I didnt think Sceptile was pronounced they way they said. I've always said Skeptile not like Ceptile. Anyway Sceptile is a cool pokemon and its voice is cool too.
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Katie was awesome. Awesome to see Venomoth actually do anything. That hasn't happened since... Hm, Koga? And I'm glad to see Ash have as hard a time with Walrein in the league as I did. X-x that thing's a *****.

Poor Mimey's sick, though, and the way Venomoth came up from the water made it look dead. =(


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Hehe, I liked this episode. =D Katie's voice sounds awesome~

Though I still preferred her original name. =/

It was a nice battle overall, since Katie kept having tricks up her sleeve and all making Ash actually think a little more about his moves. =P


This episode was pure awesome. I loved the battle with Hyuuga, or Clark. It's weird how they are pronouncing Sceptile, but I'll live. The best part about the battle with Hyuuga was the end when Glalie created all the ice pillars, and then used the to score a critical hit Headbutt on Charizard. It's nice how they kept Kaede's name too, although, I think they pronounced it ''Katie''?

My Rating 10/10


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So...what did Sceptile sound like?
Yay or ney?
Like Grovyle, but a bit cooler sounding. Oh, and his name was pronounced Scept as in 'Scepter', not as in 'skip'.:p


Thank you, SPPf! :)
In-your-face to everybody who has been insisting to me ever since R/S's release that it's pronounced "Skeptile" instead of "Septile". It comes from "Scepter", which is pruonounced "SEP-TER". I expect/hope to see the term "Skeppy" a lot less around here.

Anyways, this episode and the one following were HAWT for one reason - KAEDE! The name Katie was predictable (it was either that or just Kate), though Clark was a surprising one. I'd swear they'd call him Hugo. The Kaede battle is easily the best in this entire League (and don't think it's because of my fanboyish obsessions, as I thought the Jasmine battle was terrible).
Yeah, I have to agree with S.S ._. Sceptile is rather obvious. Just look at other 'sc' words. Discernable. Scent. Scepter. Susceptible. Coalesce. None of those words have a hard C sound, so why should Sceptile?

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I have to admit, this one was pretty impressive. I like the fact that they had the music from the end credits of pokemon heroes(forget the actual name of the song). It was quite intense. It somewhat reminded me of the Kanto Indigo League, with the terrain and all. Although Pikachu was K-Oed way too early and that Katie always switched pokemon got on my nerves(how dare you, j/k).

The fact that Misdreavus used Destiny Bond was uncalled for(i dont think weve ever seen that attack used at all in the past).

Yep one cool battle^^



Phantom_Bugsy said:
Accent? :0 What kind of accent? o___0
He kinda sounded like Bakura from Yu-Gi-Oh (but that's just me)

Anyways, this episode...okay for the most part. I GOT TO SEE ONE SECOND OF TRACEY AGAIN!!! So I'm a happy pervert. Now then, I knew Kaede's dub name was going to be Katie, so when I heard it, I'm like Holy Crap, I was right about something.

So okay!


Thank you, SPPf! :)
Phantom_Bugsy said:
...Clark wtf? D:

*didn't get to see the ep today* D: Upset ftl.

Accent? :0 What kind of accent? o___0
Soft British accent. As if they made the Potter connection.

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A fine episode. I missed most of the Clark battle, but I did see the Kaede battle. It's nice to see someone who actually uses switching as a key tactic in their battles.

What's with all the accents lately? Robert, then Clark today (Juan too? I missed his episodes)
With the way these guys look, accents aren't out of the question. It also adds more flavor to the dub, to hear people who don't all sound like Americans. o_O

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Jumping way off topic, but did Juan have an accent? Somehow I assume they made him British when he really seems to be French..... :p

And OK, I'll cede one thing.....Kaede was kinda cute, I admit. Better than most random characters who appear for 1-2 episodes and vanish, in looks and battling skill.


~*Commander Blizzard*~ said:
but Glalie could've done the same thing with Ice Beam

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Either that or Crunch(Dumb writers).This ep. was cool, and shows the writers can do something write(v_vº) if they try. Too bad it's about to come crashing down...but then there's the Frontier, so..yeah, mixed feelings here.


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Since I have gotten back into the habit of watching episodes again ^^ (Yay Moi) I enjoyed the 2 epsodes, especially this one, as a welcome back present. I wish ash would beat him =P ...because I would like to seem him get really far. But hey, thats me. I'll have to see how it plays out.


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A good episode. I love Katie! Plus I'm finally glad to see Sceptile. I loved how Glalie took down Charizard in Ash's battle against Clark. Glalie Rules!

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Chaosmage said:
Sceptile actually sounds better with the silent "c", didn't see that one coming, though!
I thought everyone pronounced it like that. S'k'eptile sounds weird.