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ShootsDownShipping (Kenny x Zoey) Discussion and Such

Discussion in 'Shippers Community' started by Liberty4Pokemon, Jul 25, 2008.

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  1. Liberty4Pokemon

    Liberty4Pokemon Vogue to the Music

    Ladies and gentlemen, we proudly present to you...the ShootsDownShipping thread. Cue the confetti and fireworks.

    In case you missed the title, this is the topic for the pairing between Kengo (also known by his lame dub name, Kenny) and Nozomi (alias Zoey).

    This 'ship already has a number of supporters, so it surprised me that there wasn't a topic for it yet (but I was gone for a few months, so for all I know, one got started and subsequently died). In any case, a discussion is needed, since A) As I've already stated, it's becoming popular B) They make an oddly cute couple and, this is the most important one, C) They've actually met! (That one's a rarity as far as the 'ships I support go)
    Oh, and I failed to mention, it has a Bulbapedia page ;)
    ShootsDownShipping Bulbapedia Page
    It might be short, but I'm still excited since nothing I've named/created has ever gotten an article dedicated (yeah, I'm the one who coined it, so if you want to blame someone for the stupid name that would be me -_-).

    That's it for now, so go forth and discuss! If you come across any good fics, amv's, fanarts, or want to be added to the fan list, please let me know, and I'll be more than happy to add it to this post. =3

    • Fanlist -
    • Liberty4Pokemon
    • Riolulu
    • Pokewiz
    • Rissychan
    • Rave the Rich
    • C.Gholy
    • MasterCharizard15

    Last edited: Jul 27, 2008
  2. riolulu

    riolulu <riolulu_sppf.exe>

    That was rude, and bashing. Sorry, but I'm gonna have to report you. If you have noting nice to say, then don't say anything.

    now for my responce tot he topic:

    this ship is interesting. I can hardly believe anyone ships Zoey straight, for one thing. And this really isn't bad at all. A good match. Im gonna add it to my Big Bad List of Ships that I keep talking about. I hope more suporters come soon!

  3. Pokewiz

    Pokewiz Good bye :)

    Um, but how is that bashing? ^^;; They just said they thought Zoey could be with someone better than Kenny, that's not bashing.

    Anyway, sign me up for this ship, I really like the idea of Kenny and Zoey together ---> it reminds me of takato and rika from digimon XD
  4. Rissychan

    Rissychan Meri Kurisumasu

    I'm in ^^ I don't like either Kenny or Zoey but I like them when shipped together XD *shot*
    Anyway I support this ship, you can count me in n_n
  5. Liberty4Pokemon

    Liberty4Pokemon Vogue to the Music

    All right! I got some responses! ^__^
    And it has some opposition this early on--usually it takes a week or so for that to happen. xD;

    I guess one of the reasons people are drawn to it is because it's a nice change of pace from the typical yuri pairs Zoey usually gets thrown into. The weird thing is, I'm a big Appealshipper, but it's fun to shake things up a bit.

    I haven't watched Digimon in ages, so I had to look them up to jog my memory (^^'), but now that I know who we're talking about, I definitely have to agree. Both pairs make sweet couples, in a really quirky way.
    Yeah, I'm not a huge fan of Kenny, but he's fun to pair off (as long as it's not with Dawn :x) and I think the softy guy x tough girl pairs are cute.

    KY-nim wrote a really lovely oneshot for ShootsDownShipping awhile back, so you can read it here. Also, the very cute screenshot from the Japanese ending has been added, and I'll start up the fanlist right now. =3
    Last edited: Jul 25, 2008
  6. Rave The Rich

    Rave The Rich NOT the other 'Rave'

    Guys, count me in as a fan too!

    Even though the majority of my favorite Zoey pairs are girl/girl, I do like the idea of Kenny and Zoey being together. Like I said to Libby a while back, the name fits, given that both of them have feelings for Dawn and if she didn't return them, they'd naturally be 'shot down'.

    From the very beginning, I've been a fan of Zoey and support a lot of her pairs. Once seeing Kenny for myself, I came around to liking him thinking he was a lovable guy who was the epitome of 'a ten year old boy'. I'd even go so far as to consider myself a Penguinshipper, but I digress.

    Zoey is without a doubt the dominant partner in this relationship, because...well I don't know if I need to explain that. I imagine them getting into debates about random things, but not arguing to the point it becomes grating on my soul like a ship which I won't name out loud.

    I also imagine Kenny trying really hard to impress Zoey at times or he would be very macho in front of her, and Zoey in her own special way would just blow it off and say that Kenny is kawaii (cute or pathetic, your choice) but eventually get caught up in the affection and give into his boyish charm. I have quite the imagination.

    So I like this pair, as you can tell. I do write, and one day, I hope to have something exclusively ShootsDownShipping. For now, I have my epic fic All Roads Lead to the Grand Festival where Kenny/Zoey is a secondary pair to...a unique hodgepodge of other pairs, to say very little. ^__^

    This looks like it'll be fun! I'll have to think of a topic soon! Take care all!
  7. ChloboShoka

    ChloboShoka Writer

    Shootsdownshipping sounds rather nice. They are both people who participate in contests and a very nice alternitive to appealshipping. They look pretty nice together as well.

    I'm sure they'll be wearing very crazy costumes with a very sophisticated sense of style. Both of these charactrs are really fun too. They're both cute and amazing in thier own way. I think they would look great together.

    I can imagine Kenny in a dress and Zoey in a suit if they had a wedding
  8. MasterCharizard15

    MasterCharizard15 Manly Eybrows!

    I can see them as a couple!
    Though not alot of hints.
    Why does everyone call Zoey a lisebeian?
  9. Pokewiz

    Pokewiz Good bye :)

    well, she does seem pretty tomboyish and masculine. Probably that. ^^

    Anyway, topic?

    If you could think of a first hint for these two, what would it be?

    I have a question, I don't really follow the anime that closely anymore, but have these two met yet?
  10. riolulu

    riolulu <riolulu_sppf.exe>

    ooh, how much better they would look if kenny's face was a little les round...


    xD that's the first thing I thought when I saw 'Kenny x Zoey'.

    xDDDD why is that so easy to picture for me?? I feel like Zoey would play the part of the male and Kenny would play the part of the girl. y'know...Kenny under and Zoey on top...

    Last edited: Jul 26, 2008
  11. Liberty4Pokemon

    Liberty4Pokemon Vogue to the Music

    Shootsdownshipping is getting love! Hurray!

    I guess the weirdly attractive thing about the pairing is that it has the dominant woman/laid-back guy thing going on, which kind of appeals to one's yuri sensibilities, since Zoey can still be cast as the "prince" x3;
    And I'm starting to like the name a bit more, even though I was kind of hoping it would be forgotten for awhile after I first named it. ^^;
    I meant to link to All Roads Lead to the Grand Festival when i first posted the topic, but I just ran out of time. It's up now, though, and I highly recommend it to any open-minded shippers. :^)
    I definitely love their unusual-but-cute outfits, and if they coordinated their costumes for a double performance in a contest, they'd look nothing short of awesome.
    xD...I'd love to see that-- if only the writers for the anime were a bit more lax when it came to stuff like that. Oh well, that's what fanarts for, right?
    I'm guessing it's the sophomoric assumption that all women who wear pants most of the time and have short hair are "lezzies"...or a lot of people (including me :x) just wanted someone to yuri-ship with Dawn really badly.
    In the episode where Kenny makes his first appearance, there's a flashback where he describes Zoey kicking his butt in a contest. Other than that, they haven't really interacted onscreen, and (unfortunately) probably won't until the Grand Festival.
    I like how they made him look kind of cherubic and distinct from other male characters, but he does look a bit too chubby cheeked. Or maybe the screenshot wasn't very flattering ^^'.

    I think the topic's great...I just have to think of an answer that's halfway interesting
    I'll update the fanlist-- MasterCharizard and C.Gholy, I can count you as in, right?
    Last edited: Jul 27, 2008
  12. ChloboShoka

    ChloboShoka Writer

    You can certainly count me in. Quite nice to have a hetro YUri ship.

    As for Kenny and his chubby cheeks, they do suit him, he looks cute that way.

    What song do you think will suit ShootsDownshipping?
    'Fabulous' by Ashley Tisdale and 'Glamorous' by Fergie

    What would thier date by like and who is paying?
    I think they'll split the pay bill, as for thier date, it will probally be a grand one after a contest with plenty of dancing. Kenny seems to be the ballroom dancing type. I can imagine them having champiagne together.
  13. riolulu

    riolulu <riolulu_sppf.exe>

    What song do you think will suit ShootsDownshipping?

    Um...is there a song that says "we fit together so badly that we go together well"? Because that would work beyond well. Other than that...Maybe 'leave out all the rest' by Linkin Park?

    What would thier date by like and who is paying?

    They would definetly go to Uno's. split a trademarked flatbread pizza. The waitress would give them the bill, and Kenny would take it. Before he even had a chance to open it, Zoey snatched it out of his hands and said "That's mine." He would protest, but eventualy Zoey would pay.

    =D wonderful boy/girl placement switch!!!

  14. Liberty4Pokemon

    Liberty4Pokemon Vogue to the Music

    Lol at "Hetro yuri"...I'll have to remember that one.

    Time for the topics I've been putting off...
    If you could think of a first hint for these two, what would it be?​

    Maybe if Kenny had to go against Zoey in a contest, and he gets so flustered that he ends completely fudging his appeal or battle (in fact, maybe that's the reason he lost against her in his first contest =D)...I admit, that was kind of stolen from You're Everything, but it would just be so perfect.
    What song do you think will suit ShootsDownshipping?​

    I think Just the Girl by Click Five would be perfect..Zoey's tough, somewhat "cold and cruel", and has a take-no-crap attitude, and Kenny is a borderline spineless guy who's fallen really badly for her.
    I guess Hate That I Love You (Rihanna), Hot N Cold by Katy Perry or Love Me Dead by Ludo would work for the "we fit together so badly that we go together well" thing (Even though Love Me Dead is more about being hopelessly smitten by a psychotic woman who causes a lot of harm to the guy...so, okay, that one doesn't really work with ShootsDownshipping). Nothing Fails or Express Yourself (both by Madonna) could work for Zoey's POV.
    What would their date be like and who is paying?​

    This one's sort of stolen, too, but from an episode of The Big Bang Theory...I'd imagine Kenny repeatedly trying to get Zoey to go out with him, and after being shot down (no pun intended) every time, he lies and tells her that he's going on an outing with some friends and that she should come, and then once they're at the restaurant or whatever, he makes up excuses for the others not being there. It ends up being kind of awkward, since Zoey wasn't expecting being alone with him and when she tries to pay her part, he insists on paying on the entire bill and says something like, "If I don't pay it, I'll be a bad date!" and then Zoey would go, "But this wasn't a date!" Kenny would get really embarrassed and back down, but Zoey might say he can pay the bill to humor him, and they'd end up arguing again over who pays, except in reverse. ^^;;
  15. riolulu

    riolulu <riolulu_sppf.exe>

    *feeds thread reviving herbs and puts an eevee band-aid on it* All better!

    If you could think of a first hint for these two, what would it be?

    I can see Zoey being highly impressed by Kenny's contest performance. I can also see him blushing a little when she tells him this. Then I can see them going out to eat or something to talk about coordinating. :3 yaaaay!

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