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Short 'n Sweet: The Drabble Thread

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by Tadashi, Jan 7, 2009.

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  1. Neko The Unemployed Ninja

    Neko The Unemployed Ninja T3H CR@ZY CH1CKZ0R

    Title: Insomniac
    Author: Mariko The Unemployed Ninja
    Fandom: Keroro Gunsou (Sgt. Frog)
    Pairing: Garuru/Mirara
    Rating: PG For brief talk of war and such.

    Garuru never dreamed.

    At least, he never remembered his dreams. He slept, he woke up, that was it. Nightmares on the other hand…He remembered those. All he would remember were the nightmares, images of people yelling, bleeding, dying…All the things he did for the good of the army, the world…Haunting him. It was all he knew of sleep.

    And then she came to him.

    It was the first time he’d seen anything like it. The nightmare merely dissolved away, light creeping from the dark recesses of his mind. And there she stood, a pink Keronian that looked like she’d come from some other era, smiling…At him. That was a wonderful image. He’d woken up confused, yet oddly happy. He was happy. Such an old feeling…He couldn’t remember the last time he’d felt the urge to smile or the like.

    That night, he’d fallen asleep faster than ever. And for the first time in a long time, he’d dreamed.

    Title: Chatterbox
    Author: Neko The Unemployed Ninja
    Fandom: Keroro Gunsou (Sgt. Frog)
    Pairing: Shivava/Doruru
    Rating: PG...13?

    "Doruru! Play this game with me!"



    "Doruru! Come watch this movie!"



    "Doruru! Wanna share some cake?"



    "Doruru, can't you say anything?"

    "...I top."

    Title: Taking Action
    Author: Mariko The Unemployed Ninja
    Fandom: Keroro Gunsou (Sgt. Frog)
    Pairing: Giroro/Natsumi
    Rating: PG13 (For the concept of alien froggie on human)

    "I'm going to see Saburo-sampai! Be back later!"

    He hated hearing that. He wanted her to be here, with him, instead of that little prick. He'd take her places! Anywhere she wanted! The movies, that stupid mall, the moon...Not the moon. She'd nearly died on the moon. France then. France was romantic. Saburo wouldn't offer to take her to France. But he would, if he could just get the courage to ask her.

    ...If he could just take that one step, if he could just ask her...

    "Do you need something Giroro? Make it quick, I have to-"

    "Natsumi...Would you like to go to France?"

    Title: Princess
    Author: Neko The Unemployed Ninja
    Fandom: Keroro Gunsou (Sgt. Frog)
    Pairing: Nasuka/Doruru
    Rating: G

    I never really liked royalty.

    I mean they’re just too…Arrogant. Reminds me of Shivava and heaven knows I don’t need to be reminded of that little brat.

    But I’d say Nasuka is different.

    She’s…Well not what royalty is like. Just not the type. If she were royalty, I suppose she'd be a princess.

    But what bugs me is she said she and I were ‘Partners’. Like the red boy and that chick he’s obsessed with. So if she’s the princess…

    Am I the prince?
  2. Because I did a Hetalia meme on LiveJournal and it told me to write a drabble for these two. Probably sucks, because I just wrote the first thing that came into my head. XD

    Title: Coffee Rush
    Author: Mewluvr200
    Fandom: Hetalia: Axis Powers
    Pairing: Toris "Lithuania" Lorinaitis x Antonio Fernandez "Spain" Carriedo
    Rating: G (there's itty bitty Yaoi, nothing bad.)

    "So Antonio, you really never had a cup of coffee in your life?" Toris asked, clearing the dishes from their meal.
    "Nope. Not once."
    "But you're always so happy and jumpy! There must be caffene supporting that."
    "Nope, that's just me!" Antonio said, with a grin that made Toris turn a light shade of red.

    "A-anyway, why don't you try some? Alfred likes it as well." Toris stuttered, snapping out of his daze and holding the nearby coffee cup in front of Antonio's nose.
    "Sure, why not?" Antonio chirped, taking the cup.

    *5 minutes later...*

    "Antonio, quit jumping on the couch!" Toris yelled at the man now jumping on the living room sofa.
    "WHY? I'M HAVING FUUUN!!!" Antonio squealed.
    Toris sighed. "That's the caffene talking. I knew this was a bad idea."

    "WHEEEE!!!" Antonio yelled, jumping off the couch and pressing his lips to Toris'.
    Toris mewed in suprise. The tases of the bitter coffee entered his mouth for only a moment, and left in a flash, as Antonio ran off to jump on the bed in Toris' room.

    Toris felt his lips and smiled. Maybe he should give Antonio coffee more often.
  3. Katsu Koneko

    Katsu Koneko 明日がある

    Yes... I'm still in an Umineko high~ xD;;

    Title: Stay Away
    Author: Katsu Koneko
    Fandom: Umineko no Naku Koro ni
    Pairing: Battler Ushiromiya &
    Rating: G

    The camera flashed and the outcome proved to be a failure once again. The young magical being grumbled in annoyance at the thing saddled upon her lap. "Why won't you work stupid camera." She shook it once more, but still the outcome was the same. The girl growled and held the camera up in the air to break it, but then it was taken away.

    "Eva-obaa-san, you shouldn't treat cameras that way." The girl glared at the boy standing near her, his face screaming out his amusement at her failed attempts to take a photo "You were doing it all wrong~ Now this is how you do it." The boy turned the camera around and hit the opposite button she'd been pressing. The witch grumbled in annoyance as her picture was taken without permission. "It's all about the angles, obaa-san."

    Title: Stay Away
    Author: Katsu Koneko
    Fandom: Umineko no Naku Koro ni
    Amakusa Juuza
    & Bernkastel
    Rating: G

    The witch flinched as the other stroked her cheek, who did he think he was stroking her cheek. She slapped his hand away in response and moved a bit further away from the boy. "If you know what's good for you, you'd better stay away from me." The silver haired boy just continued to grin, loving how this girl was playing hard to get. He moved even closer which irritated her more. "I said. Stay. Away."

    The youth just chuckled at her and pulled her tail to stop her from advancing even more. The female twitched at the touch on her tail and glared daggers once more at him. "Let go." His free arm just pulled her in closer as he stared deeply into her eyes. "I'm afraid I can't do that ma'am."

    Title: Cat Maid
    Author: Katsu Koneko
    Fandom: Higurashi no Naku Koro ni & Umineko no Naku Koro ni
    Pairing: Keiichi Maebara & Shannon
    Rating: PG - Perviness due to Keiichi xD;;

    "U-Um, Keiichi-sama, is this outfit supposed to fit like this?" The frantic girl turned over to the drooling teen donning a cat girl outfit. She wagged the tail and glanced down at the floor, feeling very flushed at having to wear such an outfit.

    The said person wiped off his drool and snapped up a thumbs up. "Oh yeah~ Moe Moe Moe!" He coughed realizing his true intentions were exposed. "I mean, yes Shannon-chan. That's how the outfit is supposed to be fitted."

    The maid smiled at him despite her embarrassed expression. "I-I'm very glad to have meet your expectations." The scheming boy eyed her body and cackled at how lucky he was.

    "Now, Shannon-chan~ What were you supposed to say to me?" She blinked as if forgetting his request. "U-Um..." Then it clicked. "...W-Welcome home, Keiichi-sama~ nya~!"

    Title: True Intentions
    Author: Katsu Koneko
    Fandom: Umineko no Naku Koro ni
    Pairing: Beatrice & Shannon / minor George & Shannon
    Rating: G

    Beautiful butterflies gathered around the hall, it was obvious who sent them and the maid knew it. It was her turn right? Her turn to be offered as a sacrifice to that wicked witch. The maid strolled on, trying to seem like she hadn't noticed them or the laughter that followed. She would escape this fate, she wouldn't die here without accepting George's proposal this time. The youth continued on, but was stopped in her tracks due to a sudden grab at her arm. She didn't want to look, she didn't want to see her murderer's face. "My, Shannon-chan, do you treat all your friends like this?"

    It was her, it was her alright. That witch that granted her dream to be with George. Oh how she adored her for giving her this opportunity, yet she couldn't help but hate her for this ceremony and for threatening George. "I'm not letting you attack George." The witch only cackled with an amused tone. "Who said, I was going to attack him?" Shannon felt her body turn around to face the golden witch as she cupped her face into her hands. "I only want to claim what is rightfully mine."

    Title: Pathetic
    Author: Katsu Koneko
    Fandom: Umineko no Naku Koro ni
    Pairing: Bernkastel & Battler Ushiromiya
    Rating: PG

    The boy laid there in a stupor as the recent events jumbled around his mind, clouding his own thoughts. Laughter haunted his naked self as he recalled submitting to the golden witch. It was painful, it was useless, it was all useless! Why didn't he listen to Maria when she confronted him about the witch? He blamed it all on his obstinate nature inherited from his father, Rudolph. The joke was on him now, he knew that already. The witches were real, everything was committed by witches, every little thing that happened on their conference was their doing not humans. "Why didn't I listen?" He questioned himself once more, chanting it repetitively before hearing footsteps coming toward him.

    "Ushiromiya Battler. How foolish was I to believe in your empty words." He gazed up at the dull eyes of that of another witch. "Simply submitting before thinking through every possible situation...that's just pathetic." Her words carved into him like a knife slicing a body. "Get up, Battler and confront her." With one last kick, she turned her back and started to walk back toward the banquet only to stop once more. "Don't misunderstand me, I'm not your ally. I just need something to entertain me."
  4. Rave The Rich

    Rave The Rich NOT the other 'Rave'

    Moving Day!

    I thought, given my work over the past three days being clouded by a trial lemon for an NC-17 fic coming next month, that I'd unload some of my old drabbles from 2007-2008. On the outside chance that some fans of mine out there haven't read them, here you go!

    Title: Getting Her Ready
    Author: Rave The Rich
    Fandom: Pokemon
    Pairing/s: HueShipping (Zoey/May)
    Rating: PG
    "Are you ready in there, May?" Zoey asks, knocking on the door of the fitting room.

    "Just a minute, Zoey," May responds, although Zoey can clearly hear some grunting inside of the dressing room.

    "Everything alright in there, girl?" Zoey asks, with some new found concern.

    May doesn't immediately respond, as she continues to grunt as if she is straining to get something finished. After five seconds, she finally asks Zoey, "Could you come in here and help me with this dress, hon?"

    Zoey is caught off guard for a moment. She knows that May and her have only been together for two weeks at best and are still feeling out the fact that they are now more than just friends. 'This'll be the first time I might...really get to see her.' Zoey can't answer May on her own time as May partially opens the dressing room. Using her right hand, May motions for Zoey to come into the dressing room. Not saying a word of reluctance or approval to her current situation, Zoey follows May inside the closet-sized fitting room closing the door behind her.

    Looking up and down at May, Zoey became completely captivated. May is wearing a bright red dress that seems to fit the unique form of the coordinator nearly perfect. The dress has short sleeves, but one thing Zoey notices is that the back of the dress has a large zipper that hasn't been zipped up completely. The reason why May wanted Zoey to come into the dressing room is now exceedingly clear.

    "Couldn't reach the zipper, huh?" Zoey inquires jokingly.

    "No," May answers, "but you can."

    May stands in front of her girlfriend, allowing Zoey to zip the zipper all the way up to her back, but not before Zoey does some light teasing and caressing of the older girl's spine. Once fully zipped, May thanks Zoey with a kiss, which causes the tomboy to blush a color brighter than her hair or May's dress.

    "So," May begins, twirling around in a circle, "How do I look, Zoey?"

    Finding it hard for the words to come out of her mouth, Zoey gives May a whistle of approval and mouths the word 'fantastic'.

    "I'm glad," May states, getting a good look at herself in the mirror, "because with your new tuxedo, together we can become handsomely fantastic."

    From behind the chestnut haired girl, Zoey wraps her arms around May, clasping her hands around her navel, explaining to her, "Yeah, but even without anything on, I'd say the same thing."

    "What was that?" May asks, turning around in confusion.

    "Oh, crap!" Zoey interjects, catching what she just said too late. "I-- I didn't mean--what I meant was..."

    May shuts Zoey up with yet another kiss on the lips. "Don't worry," she assures the redhead. "I think I know what you mean."

    As May goes to unzip the dress, Zoey looks on sweating bullets from her brow and thinks to herself, 'Girlfriend, you have no idea.'

    Title: Glomp Worthy
    Author: Rave The Rich
    Fandom: Pokemon
    Pairing/s: OysterShipping (Misty/Dawn)
    Rating: PG
    "Ambipom, use focus punch, now!" Dawn commands, and with full force of the pokemon's abilities, Ambipom uses a very swift and effective focus punch at the most opportune time to knock out the competition in Zoey's signature pokemon, Glameow. The judges do not need a second opinion to know that Glameow can't continue in her match, and all of their panels flash a red 'X' on the outside. The match and the Grand Festival are both over.

    "Ladies and gentlemen," Marion Meridian announces, "in three minutes and 57 seconds, the winner of this match and the NEW Sinnoh Grand Festival Champion, Dawn!"

    The fact that she has defeated her best friend for the title of Grand Festival champion takes a few seconds to be processed inside of her head, but once she gets it, her emotions could not be held in a moment longer.

    Raising her arms in victory, she jumps up in the air several times, screaming "Yes! Yes! I did it! I won! Oh my God, I won! I won the Grand--OH!" Dawn is not able to finish her celebration as she has just been tackled to the ground. Initially, security and the crowd thought that it was some sort of heckler, but as they get a good look at who tackled the new champion to the ground, they just smile nervously at the hyperactivity of Dawn's significant other.

    "Dawn, you did it!" Misty screams, speaking the same sentiment as her girlfriend. Grabbing the front of her dress while in the mount position, she literally screams into the younger girl's face, "You won the Grand Festival! Oh, you were fantastic out there. I loved your performance. I love you." Misty then raises the temperature of Dawn's lips by pressing her pair against Dawn's.

    Zoey, who had planned on walking towards Dawn to give her a handshake as a sign of a job well done got all the way to the middle of the battlefield before she saw the entire scene take place. Bringing her head down somewhat and trying not to laugh at the present scenario, she thinks about the great bond that her best friend and the Cerulean Gym leader share and the great accomplishment that Dawn has achieved. With all this in mind, she comes up with a very educated guess on what will happen between the two later tonight.

    With those thoughts in her head, Zoey leaves the two lovers alone to celebrate a very glomp worthy battle.

    Title: Sign Where?
    Author: Rave The Rich
    Fandom: Pokemon
    Pairing/s: AdmirationShipping (Drew/Brianna)
    Rating: PG
    From the expected 8 by 10 photos and autograph books, to the unexpected bald heads, animals, limbs and other body parts, Drew agrees to sign just about everything that comes his way during meet and greets with fans of pokemon coordinating. With his longtime girlfriend Brianna always by his side, Drew spent hours on end signing the numerous odds and ends with nary a problem, save the occasional hyper fan that forces their way into giving Drew a hug and a kiss, those girls and boys claiming that the emerald-haired charmer is a closet gay, and requests from both girls and boys for Drew's hand in marriage.

    While Drew is flattered by all of the support of his fans and the jeers of a few of his detractors, he doesn't really have much to say about those overzealous fans, because Brianna always shuts them down if they get too far out of line. Like that guy that said that Drew was gay? He was able to see out of his right eye in about three days at the most. And that girl that initially came to get an autograph but stole a kiss on the lips from Drew? She got the feeling back in the roots of her hair before too long.

    Brianna admits to being quite protective of her relationship, but she also knows that it's all for the best, knowing that if she was not there at these autograph sessions, Drew would probably flirt with most of these women himself. Like one instance a while back where a very well-endowed girl nervously walked up to Drew and whispered something in his ear.

    "What did she just say?" asked an impatient Brianna after the fan was finished.

    "Well," Drew began, "she has this interesting request for me to sign--uh."

    "Where? Sign where?" Brianna asked, begging to know the answer. Drew once again kept his mouth shut and just pointed to the girl's large chest.

    Brianna looks to this girl with a great deal of scorn and in an attempt to act rational, she pointed to the exit and told her, "There's the door." When the autograph seeker tried to protest, Brianna slapped her several times with a paper fan, demanding that she leave before the nuisance finally ran out of sight, leaving her boyfriend speechless.

    "I was gonna say no," Drew protested to the girl.

    "Really?" she asked him then. From that point on, Drew had no answer.
    Last edited: Aug 10, 2009
  5. Yeti

    Yeti Banned

    Title: ToD Drabble
    Author: Yeti
    Fandom: Pokemon
    Pairing/s: Pearlshipping (AshxDawn) [it was a dare mind you]
    Rating: PG-13 [maybe R idk sort of gory]
    The blood was everywhere, pouring from the several bullet holes dotting Dawn's body.

    Ash looked hopelessly at the situation, knowing he couldn't stop all the bleeding before she bled out. His jacket and shirt wouldn't be enough to bandage the multiple wounds and he couldn't apply the pressure required to slow the oozing fluid across her body.

    Her right leg twitched one last time and was still, a ghostly white. It appeared all the blood had been drained from it; the hole above her ankle and the two holes in her thigh had proved efficient.

    The hitman stood behind the fallen girl, reloading the machine gun he had been given by one certain Pokemon Hunter. His assignment had only been to kill Dawn, but since Ash was in the room and there could be no witnesses...

    Dawn's upper body spazzed as she coughed up blood onto Ash's shirt. With her last breath, she mumbled to him, "Ash, I've always thought you were... cute," and collapsed to the floor.

    Ash didn't understand what she meant by it in the fleeting few moments he had left. He heard the hitman pull the trigger and everything went black.
  6. Sweet May

    Sweet May o.o

    Sweet May's Writing Babies

    UPDATED: 10/12

    So we have a new nursery. :D Let's get started:

    Title: Exception
    Author: Sweet May
    Fandom: Pokemon: Gold and Silver
    Pairing/s: PreciousMetalShipping (Gold x Silver)
    Rating: G

    Silver was always unapproachable. Even in school where the students believed that he was mean to everyone. Which was true because of the times where he rejected the few girls who wanted to go out with him and the ones where he always ignored people or simply told them to get away. Even the valiant students who would befriend anyone or simply just come up to you for their most random conversations said that even his stern expression was frightening enough to keep them at bay.

    As a couple of months passed by, there was a new student on the grounds. His name went by the name of Gold and although he wasn't a charmer he definitely knew how to flatter a bunch of girls. It caused him to get into trouble with the guys who were jealous enough to say he was stealing their girlfriends. At least Gold had many people to bring out a good conversation so he was very friendly.

    One day however he decided to trail into Silver's territory.

    “Yo Silver,” Gold said as he came up to Silver who was throwing books in his locker. The red headed boy turned to see Gold in front of him.

    “What do you want?” Silver snarled. Gold didn't look scared but knew that it would be hard to talk to him, with all the information he got from his friends.

    But Gold just took a deep breath. “You look interesting if you keep everyone away. Perhaps you have some secret on you.”

    “No,” Silver responded. Why was he even talking to this random kid?

    “Aw come on I heard you're probably the loneliest person around here so I thought I should be the first one to come up and be fri—”

    “I don't need friends. Everyone's useless here any way.” Definitely harder to talk to than Gold originally thought.

    “Trust me Silver,” Gold said. “I won't be useless to you no matter how many times you say it.”

    Silver shot a angry stare at him. He had a feeling that Gold would come up to him constantly. “Fine we'll be friends.”

    With that, the two have hung around. It made people feel that maybe Silver was attainable to talk but they were wrong after Silver barked at them to leave him alone. Many asked Gold how he did it but Gold said he was simply skilled at it and that he was kind of joyous that he was Silver's exception.

    Title: Gondola
    Author: Sweet May
    Fandom: Pokemon
    Pairing/s: Pokéshipping (Ash/Satoshi x Misty/Kasumi)
    Rating: G

    “So where do you want to go?” Ash asked as he and Misty went down the pretty streets of Italy. The two ended up there after Ash agreed to go with Misty to some water Pokémon festival she has been raving to go to. However he didn't expect it to be far, far away from home. At least he was with a friend, and it so happened to be Misty of all people.

    “Well the festival doesn't start until evening so we have a couple more hours to do something,” Misty answered. It took a little long to respond because the environment was beautiful. “We should go to a bunch of stores where there's many things to buy! I said I would get my sister something from the trip even though I don't really want to...”

    “What about we go on one of those boats for a good view of the city?” Ash asked and pointed to the rowing boats floating over Venice's water.

    Misty then blushed to the idea. Did he even know?! “First of all they're called Gondolas and second of all... they're only for special occasions like weddings and other romantic occasions!”

    Ash hardly listened to the red haired girl and grabbed her arm, taking her towards the gondolier. Next thing the two were far from the surface and on the waters on a gondola. Misty was actually enjoying the ride and so was Ash but each of them had their own reasons. Ash saw a couple of Water-type Pokémon and kept poking Misty to look, as if he was really a little kid who was amazed at every new thing that came to his vision. Misty on the other hand, was admiring the “romantic” idea Ash unconsciously came up with because at least it was just the two of them. Soon enough their hands drew closer until the two held hands and enjoyed the rest of the sightseeing.

    Title: Hot Air Balloon
    Author: Sweet May
    Fandom: Pokemon
    Pairing/s: Pokéshipping (Ash/Satoshi x Misty/Kasumi)
    Rating: G

    When the time came, Misty decided to visit Ash's home in Pallet Town since she heard he was home a couple of days ago and is taking a small hiatus from the adventures.

    However when she got there she noticed Ash in a hot air balloon.

    “Ash what are you doing?” Misty called out and began moving towards him. Ash was a little stunned to see one of his close friends stop by so he jumped out of the huge basket.

    “Hey Misty!” Ash responded and gave Misty a friendly hug. Misty stood there, shocked and feeling very odd about it until Ash let her free. “I haven't seen you in a while. You haven't changed at all.”

    “I see you haven't changed either,” Misty remarked with a quick glare and turned to the hot air balloon. “So what is this?”

    “It's a hot air balloon.” It wouldn't be anything else if it wasn't a huge cubical basket with a bag ten times bigger than the basket and designed almost like a Pikachu. “Professor Oak gave it to me as a present when I came here.”

    “Why would he give you a hot air balloon?” Misty asked. “No offense but you would get lost up in the air.”

    “No I won't!” Ash cried angrily. “I will be able to fly! Well... sort of but Pikachu and I are going to be miles above land. Hey do you want to come to?”

    “Eh? Of course not it's very dangerous!” Misty replied.

    “Oh I get it. You're scared.”

    “No I'm not!”

    “Are too.”

    “Are not!”

    “Then come on!” Misty sighed and the two of them hopped into the basket. Minutes later the two were on the blue skies. Everything seemed small while clouds were still above them. At least the weather was friendly so winds were calm. It didn't take long to see passing birds like a flock of Pidgey and Altaria with a few Swablu. It was definitely an astounding scene.

    “Scared yet?” Ash turned to Misty.

    “No,” Misty replied. “But everything looks pretty.”

    Title: The Cake -- NEW!!
    Author: Sweet May
    Fandom: Pokemon
    Pairing/s: 4chanshipping (Mira/Miru x Paul/Shinji)
    Rating: G

    It wasn't a peaceful day in Shinji's home because a certain random pink haired girl intruded to make a cake. When Shinji demanded the girl to leave, he was only ignored. Rather, the mysterious girl demanded him to bring her many ingredients she wanted for this pastry. He didn't know why but Shinji groaned at going to stores many times and buying things with his own money. He also didn't know why he didn't just grab her and kick her out of his own home.

    As the afternoon came there was a chocolate cake on the table.

    “Let's eat some while it's still good,” the girl spoke to her Abra as she took a large knife and began slicing the cake. Shinji only stared as she and his Pokémon devoured bits of the cake until the girl gave him a slice. As much as Shinji didn't want it, he was forced to. The cake was not enjoyable because it was made by a stranger.

    Hours afterward, the girl left. Even most of the cake was gone except a few slices. Shinji who was exhausted from his countless trips to stores, decided to take a nap in his room until his brother Reiji came home. The purple haired kid then went down the stairs into the living room where he spotted his brother coming in.

    “Hey Shinji,” Reiji said as he closed the door behind him. “How was your day?”

    “Crappy,” Shinji muttered in response and sat down on the sofa. “Some random short girl with freaky pink hair showed up a while back and forced me to bake a cake with her. Then she made me eat it with her and left.”

    “Little girl?” Reiji looked puzzled. “Oh! That was Miru. I forgot to tell you that she was going to come over. You were supposed to babysit her for a couple of hours. Sorry.”

    Shinji gave a stunned look at his brother. “What?”

    And again I remind myself of my terrible creativity and writing skills. Hope you enjoy and stay tuned for the next one!
    Last edited: Oct 12, 2009
  7. Peter Quill

    Peter Quill star-lord

    Moogles' Drabble Bistro
    hur hur

    Title: Flying Away
    Author: Moogles4ever
    Fandom: Pokemon
    Paring: Puffyshipping, Mira x Togekiss
    Rating: G
    Author's Comments: This was a dare from darklord18
    Written in Mira's view
    It was hard to hold back my tears as I watched her fly off. The memories of her subtle grace peering back into my soul, the memories of when me first met, our first fight, and now, this memory will stay with me forever.

    Ever since she hatched from the egg I found, she was always a sweet pokemon. She was always happy to help out Abra and Sandshrew, did everything with a cheery demeanor. Even when she was angry, somehow she could pull off being angry and nice at the same time. Truly, she was an amazing pokemon. Through all the times; we built a special connection, more so then the other pokemon I had.

    She had always dreamed of flying around and seeing what the world has to offer. I couldn't offer this to her, no matter what I tried. I always loved her, that's why it was so painful watching her dreams fading away, day by day. Even through that cheerful demeanor, I could tell the pain that lied deep within. A pain locked down.

    That's why I'm here now, standing on a cliff watching her fly away. I collapsed to my knees as more tears started rolling down my cheeks. As hard as it is now, I know that it will be better for her in the long run. Even though she may be halfway across the world, she will always have a dear and special place near my heart.

    The valiant fairy pokemon, flew into the sunset, without looking back at her trainer. Wherever she ends up first, nobody will know.

    Title: Possession
    Author: Moogles4ever
    Fandom: Prince of Tennis
    Pairing: Atobe x Ohtori (Shishido is included in the drabble however)
    Rating: PG
    Author's Comments: Dared by Yeti (To do a ship that interferes with my favourite PoT ship)
    “Shishido, I'm sorry. I really didn't want it to end up this way.” Ohtori was on his knees crying. His grey hair shined a little through the lighting of his friends house.

    “Just, get out of my house! ... Right now!” Shishido yelled. With this his grey haired kouhai slumped out of his living room and out the door. Shishido threw his blue cap off of his head and onto the floor in a rage. His day was going bad enough without this happening to him. He just learned he had failed his geography test, his tennis match earlier that day had been postponed due to rain, and now his boyfriend breaks up with him!

    In an effort to forget about his horrible day, he went upstairs to go to bed. It was only eight o' clock at night a lot earlier then his usual pattern. But usually when things would go bad, a good night's sleep is exactly what you need. After hours of tossing and turning, sleep finally found his way to the kid. His dreams only involved one person though, Ohtori in all of the good times.

    After being awoken abruptly from his dream he turned around to look what time it was. It was seven o'clock. Shishido was now a half hour late for morning tennis practice, not that he wanted to go anyways... he would be there, and that was enough to repel the thought.

    It was amazing, since Ohtori was one year younger Shishido had been able to avoid him all day. It was now lunch time, and the cafeteria was serving tacos that day. Tacos just happened to be the only food they could cook right, and his favourite one at that. Ohtori was sitting will all of the other kids on the tennis team. Shishido didn't have the courage to face them after missing practice. The captain Atobe came over as soon as he saw him.

    “Why weren't you at practice?” He asked.


    “Whatever! Be as emo as you like, I'll just let you know one thing. Ohtori is a great kisser, and now he's mine.” Atobe said in a cocky tone.

    “You don't own anybody!” Shishido yelled. The whole cafeteria stared at the two. The commotion was restless as people whispered at what was happening. “Will they fight? Who would win?”

    “Hmm.” Is all Atobe said as he walked away. Shishido was furious, he ran up to Atobe and gave a swift quick where it hurts. The people in the cafeteria went into a frenzy of yelling at them to fight. Shishido glanced, as the grey haired kid ran out of the cafeteria crying.

    “Like I said Atobe. You don't own anyone.” Shishido smirked as he left the room.

    Title: Circumstances
    Author: Moogles4ever
    Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia:
    Paring: France x Moogles4ever (Crack much?)
    Rating: PG
    Author's Comments: I hate you Mewluvr200 - AND YES THIS COUNTS AS CANON
    I'm trying to remember why I'm in this man's house. The thought that we are boyfriends disgusts me to my core. The fact that he treats me like a maid everyday repels me. The fact that he expects me to do whatever he wants whenever he wants. The fact that the day I almost ran away he locked me in the basement for a week. I truly despise this man, if I was able to I would've disposed of him a long time ago.

    I crash my fists on the kitchen table in frustration. Luckily for me he was gone today at the world summit. I had the whole house to myself, although I hated what this structure stood for it was very well furnished. My room had a big bed, and for some reason I felt like sleeping on it. So I went to my room, and surely I fell asleep.

    France returned home while I was sleeping. He checked on me and left. Deep within the house you can see him pull out an envelope and chuckle.

    “With this, that kid will stay with me for sure.”

    Title: Morning Tidings
    Author: Moogles4ever
    Fandom: Prince of Tennis, with Sppf cameo.
    Pairing: Burningshipping Moogles4ever x Kawamura
    Rating: G
    I'm not really a morning person. So when Kawamura asked me to get out of bed I nearly attacked the poor guy, he kept on going on about the good breakfast that he prepared me. As if I care, I hardly eat breakfast that much anyways. Usually I jsut wake up in time for lunch. He really wanted me to have breakfast, but being the gentle guy he is couldn't get me out of bed. He tried coaxing and pleading but I just shrugged it off.

    I never should have left that Tennis Racquet in my room. After his numerous plans of trying to get me out of bed, he found it. As soon as he grabbed it, a shiver when down my spine. The atmosphere in the room completely changed, now it almost felt like an oven. I quickly opened my eyes to see him with a huge smile over my face. I rolled over and tried to get back to sleep.

    “BURNING! YOU WILL GET UP AND HAVE BREAKFAST” He yelled. I decided to be non responsive, which didn't work because after a while he pushed me off my bed. He threatened to drag me downstairs too. The fight was over, so I decided to see what he had made for breakfast. A nice plate of sushi. Who would have sushi for breakfast though?

    “Um, Kawamura I think I'll have something else for breakfst.” I sweatdropped.

    “Nonsense! You will eat my sushi! Come on!” He pushed the sushi in my face. Sushi might not be the best choice for breakfast, it's better then having him down my back.

    Title:The Banana
    Author: Moogles4ever
    Fandom: Prince of Tennis
    Pairing: Silverpairshipping Ohtori x Shishido
    Rating: PG or PG-13
    “Shishido-san.I'm hungry. Can you show me where your kitchen is?” Ohtori asked.

    “Yeah. It's the first left through the hallway. You can't miss it.” Shishido replied, he was really absorbed into the television though. He didn't even see his kouhai walk off. When said person got to the kitchen he was kinda surprised at the limited amount of food there. However he found a certain yellow fruit and returned.

    “Nyah! Ohtori! What are you doing to that banana?!?” Shishido asked. Ohtori just blinked innocently and continued to eat. Shishido looked like he just swallowed a cat.
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  8. Awaibou

    Awaibou gold@homosexual.net

    Title: Masochist
    Author: Awaibou
    Fandom: Pokemon
    Pairing/s: Ikarishipping, one-sided. (Paul's a reluctant jerk. 8D)
    Rating: PG-13 (Very slight language from Paul, nothing more.)

    Note: Takes place when Paul still has Chimchar, so he can go into Amity Park. Also written as a dare of my least favorite pairing, and my first time writing these characters. This took me way longer than it should. @.@

    Why had he agreed to this again?

    Paul didn’t know if it was because he was secretly a masochist or if he was just crazy. Nothing was worth it, though now he was starting to remember why. It had something to do with Ash.


    “Aww, look at Pachirisu!” The bubbly exclamation brought Paul back to reality, followed by the grip on his arm tightening. He boredly shifted his gaze towards the electric mouse performing tricks with a leaf on its nose, noticing his own Chimchar cheering. “Yeah, real cute,” the mauve-haired remarked flatly, trudging forward and stuffing his hands in his pockets to try and budge the arms clinging to sweater.

    He failed miserably.

    But Paul did manage to get his unwanted female companion to pick up the pace, that’s a plus. The faster they were out of this stupid park, the better. Who in their right mind would want to waste time to take a walk with their Pokemon, anyway? He thought the entire concept was ridiculous, and had a sneaking suspicion that Ash wanted him to do this just to see him suffer.

    Chimchar and Pachirisu skittered behind the trainer and coordinator as they continued their walk, occasionally letting out a happy chirp. “They sound so happy! Don’t you think, Paul?” His arm was finally released in order for her to clap her bare hands together gleefully.

    No, I think it’s disgusting. “Yeah, sure...“ What was her name again? It started with a D… Danny? Diamond? Dahlia? No, that’s a Frontier Brain. “…” Oh well, it’s not like it matters, anyway, since Paul could spot the exit in all its glory. Annoying flashing lights, badly made Pokemon posters, and women who smile too much never looked better.

    The remainder of the stroll was silent and without physical contact. As nice as it was, the lavender-haired trainer found it a little uncomfortable. Especially when he spared a glance at his companion, as she was twirling a strand of dark hair on her finger and gnawing on her lip, clearly nervous about something. What the hell was there to be anxious about? Leaving? How stupid.

    When they arrived at the entrance of the exit, Paul completely ignored the female worker and casually pulled out a Pokeball from his pocket to withdraw Chimchar. His unwanted company smiled politely, giving Pachirisu a pat on the head before she withdrew it as well. Yet another trait the Veilstone trainer found annoying, she was too nice to everyone. Even stupid people, like Ash.

    “Please do come again!” Paul ignored the employee once again, eagerly stepping in the flamboyant building that separated Hearthome from the accursed park and letting out a sigh. It could have been worse, but I could have avoided this whole scenario, too. At least it was over now, and he could do something that was actually useful. Like training his Pokemon to give Ash the beating of his life for setting the thing up in the first place.

    “Um, Paul?”

    I thought too soon.

    The mauve-haired trainer turned around to face the coordinator, arms crossed with a scowl decorating his features. She was fidgeting with her fingers, eyes downcast. “I hope you enjoyed yourself,” he stated wryly.

    Her blue orbs perked up and met Paul’s glare for a split second before she quickly leaned in and gently pressed her lips against his cheek, whispering a quiet, “I did,” before scampering out of the threshold and into Hearthome before he could react.

    Needless to say, Paul wasn’t expecting that to happen and froze in place.

    After the initial shock wore off, he vigorously rubbed his violated cheek with his palm. What the hell? He was a jerk to her, yet she felt the need to do that. He didn’t even know her name! What was she, a masochist or something? Paul scowled deeper and shoved his hands back into his pockets, storming off in the city.

    Note to self: totally annihilate Ash in the next battle with him.
  9. *~*Mewluvr200's Idea Dump*~*

    Title: Polar Opposites
    Author: Mewluvr200
    Fandom: Pokemon
    Pairing/s: SimmerShipping (Vaporeon x Flareon)
    Rating: G
    Author's Comments: Dare from csisps_26

    I hate her.

    We’re polar opposites.

    I’m fire, she’s water.

    Her type trumps mine.

    She’s stronger than me.

    I’m inferior.

    Why can’t her species be something weak to fire? She always rubs it in my face that she’s stronger, faster and better than me. Better in battle, better in contests, pretty much anything a Pokemon has to brag about, she doesn't hesitate to mention to me that she's better.
    The fact that she will always be superior to me will never change.

    But maybe, just maybe...

    I can train and become strong enough to win her over.

    Title: A Discovery
    Author: Mewluvr200
    Fandom: Yu-Gi-Oh!
    Pairing/s: TheifShipping (Marik x Yami no Bakura)
    Rating: G (bordering PG-ish)

    “Hey, Marik. Get over here.” Bakura shouted from the other side of the room. Glass of milk in hand, Marik came to Bakura’s side.

    “Any particular reason you interrupted my lunch?”
    “Well, I was on the computer, and all of the sudden I get sent a short story from an anonymous author.”
    Marik looked at Bakura before taking a sip of milk. “Go on…”

    “Apparently the fangirls like to pair me up with you. Especially when it comes to… sexually explicit plots”

    With a mixture of shock and embarrassment, the next thing they both knew, a large amount of milk was spewed onto the computer screen.

    Title: A Perfect Fit
    Author: Mewluvr200
    Fandom: Pokemon
    Pairing/s: BishieShipping (Riley/Gen x Paul/Shinji)
    Rating: G

    “For the last time Gen, I am not trying your hat on." Shinji said into the vanity mirror, the taller man standing behind him.
    “But Shinji-kun, you would look adorable!”
    “More of a reason not to put it on”

    “Fine then. I’ll leave it here until you change your mind and give it back.” Gen said, putting the hat on the nearby bed and walking out of the room.

    When Shinji was sure he was gone, he picked up the hat and smiled, pushing it onto his head.

    A perfect fit.

    Title: Anticipation
    Author: Mewluvr200
    Fandom: Pokemon
    Pairing/s: CableShipping (Volkner/Denji x Riley/Gen)
    Rating: PG for mentions of kinky things

    “So, what are these cables for, and why are we using them here of all places?” Gen asked.
    “Oh, I thought that we could have a little fun tonight” Denji smirked, wrapping the cables around his partner’s wrists.

    Gen bit his lip in excitement and amusement.

    “You always had your own way of doing things, Denji-san.”

    Title: Persuasion
    Author: Mewluvr200
    Fandom: Yu-Gi-Oh with SPPF cameos?
    Pairing/s: TagrapeShipping (Marik Ishtar x Mewluvr200 x Mel-Girl)
    Rating: PG-sorta
    Author's Comments: Because I was asked. XD

    “So you’re telling me there’s a way to defeat that little brat Yugi?” Marik inquired to the girls in front of him.
    “Why, of course there is!” the older one replied. “It’s quite simple, really”
    “Just follow us into the hotel room, and we’ll… discuss things” the younger one said with a smile.

    “Are you really quite- HEY!”

    Marik wasn’t able to finish his sentence – the two girls were already in the process of dragging him towards the hotel room.
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  10. catzeye

    catzeye Writer's Block

    Catzeye's Story Corner

    Title: Damn
    Author: Catzeye
    Fandom: Pokemon
    Pairing: Ikarishipping (Paul X Dawn)
    Rating: PG
    Author's Comments: Dare from Darato. Least fave shipping, so it may not be all that good.

    "Paul treat your Pokemon with love and care!" I hear Ash yell.
    "Shut up! That's the most ridiculous thing I've heard!" Paul retorts coldly.

    The venom in his voice. It send shivers up my spine. But yet, it sends my heart a flutter. I stare wistfully at the violet hair boy with his hands in his pockets. I guess the good girls really do fall for the bad boys.

    "Y-you Jerk!" I hear Ash stutter.
    "Pathetic Weakling." Paul states simply.

    There goes his voice again. It warms my heart but freezes my soul at the same time. How can he be so cruel? No one can be that negative? Maybe there's light at the end of the tunnel known as Paul. Maybe I can reach the end and bring it out of him. Opposites attract right? I know I have feelings for him. My heart lights up with a blazing flame everytime I see him or hear him. The heart is stronger than we give it credit for. We should listen to it more. I should listen to it more!

    "You've wasted my time Ash. I'm leaving" Paul says. I watch him turn away.
    I glance over to where Ash is. I see Brock lay a comforting hand on his shoulder. I turn back and Paul is already leaving. He's not walking fast at all. He seems to have a swagger. That's it, I will confess to him. Right here, right now! It's time for Dawn to travel the tunnel that is Paul.

    "Paul wait!" I call out. He turns around to look at me.
    "What" Paul says roughly. I can see the confusion in his face. I can see the confusion in Brock and Ash's face as well.
    "Paul," I start "I know there's some good in you. A part that's caring. Paul I like you and I want to help bring out that little light that shines within you."

    Ash stares wide-eyed at me. Brock's jaw hangs like it has a screw loose or two. But it doesn't concern me at the moment. The one that concerns me is Paul. I wait for Paul's answer. He smiles.

    "Well," he begins.
    "Well?" I ask in a hurried voice.
    "Well" he starts again "Well I can't believe I found someone more pathetic than Ash over here"

    My heart stops. For the first time ever, his voice doesn't feel me with any sort of warmth. Nothing but frozen contempt.

    "Light that shines within me?" Paul continues "Don't make me laugh! There is no light. You're an idiot to think there was."

    I feel no warmth in my heart. My heart is frozen. My spine is rigid. I feel like he just hit me with an Icy Wind. H-h-how, how can anyone be this heartless?, I wonder silently. I watch him smirk at me.

    "If you're wondering how I can be so heartless," He continues with a look of triumph in his eyes "It's because I have no heart. No conscious even."

    Paul turns away and disappears into the horizon. I want to cry but no tears fall. I want to scream but my voice died. It died along with my dreams of spending time with P-Pau-Pa; I can't even say his name anymore.

    "Dawn" I hear Brock call.
    "Dawn don't pay attention to that jerk" I hear Ash say

    But I don't answer. I can't answer. My optimism died today. My feelings for P-Pa-Pau--that guy crushed. My heart torn like it was nothing.

    "Damn," I utter weakly "How can you be so heartless?"

    Title: Jealousy
    Author: Catzeye
    Fandom: Prince of Tennis
    Pairing: Tezuka X Miyuki
    Rating: G
    Author's Comment: It sucks we know.

    Dear Diary,

    Today I saw Thief-bro! I'm so happy. It's been awhile since he's been in Kyuushu.
    I wore my newest tennis outfit when I went to go see him. It was a lavender polo (his favorite color)
    and a black skirt. I never usually wear skirts and this one was kind of short.

    Anyways while I was out with Thief-bro all these boys kept on staring at me. Some of them had pools
    of drool underneath them. I started to get a little nervous and held on to Thief-bro. One boy had the
    guts to come up to me and try to speak. But Thief-bro stopped him with a glare. He was jealous.
    Isn't that cute? Thief-bro wanted me all to myself.

    Well that's all for today. See ya!

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  11. darklord18

    darklord18 Cheekyshipper

    Title: lost and found
    Author: darklord18 with pokefan#493 help
    Fandom: Pokemon
    Pairing:Cheekyshipping (Max x Mira.)
    Rating: PG
    Author's Comments: Dare in the Truth and Dare thread.

    In the Sinnoh region there is a cave called Wayward cave, a cave known for it's maze-like tunnels and passageways where wandering trainers frequently get lost.

    "Abra, are you sure this is the right way out?" asked a girl with dark-pink hair styled into two crescent-shaped ponytails.

    "Abra, abra" replied the fox-like Pokemon accompanying said girl.

    "Well, you're the one who picked this direction," the girls retorted, not noticing a boy walking towards her.

    "Abra Abra!" Abra exclaimed, trying to warn it's trainer of the boy she was about to collide with, but was too late as the boy and girl already collided.

    "Oww, didn't your mom tell you to watch where you're going?" the girl asked as she brushed the dirt off her clothing.

    "Sorry, it's just that I didn't see you," he apologized before getting a good look at the girl he bumped into.

    "Wow... She looks cute," he thought to himself.

    "Anyway, my name's Mira. What's yours?" asked Mira as Abra started playing with a baby-like Pokemon with green hair covering it's eyes and two horns on it's head.

    "My name's Max, and this is Ralts!" Max explained as Ralts teleported onto his shoulder.

    "Well Max, can you help us find the exit to this cave?" asked Mira.

    "Sure," said Max as they took eachother's hands while blushing.

    After many hours of searching, they finally found the exit to Wayward Cave.

    "Thanks for the help Max!" Mira said before she kissed him on the cheek.

    "N-no problem,"Max stammered as he blushed a deep crimson.

    Mira was about to leave when Abra started to pull on her stocking.

    "What is it Abra?" asked Mira as Abra pointed towards Max.

    "What's that? You want to travel with Max?" asked Mira as Abra nodded.

    "Um, Max? Can we travel with you?" asked Mira.

    "Sure, why not?" said Max as their Pokemon jumped up and down, happy to be traveling with each other.

    "Let's go!" Max exclaimed as he and Mira started to walk together, holding hands.
  12. Skiyomi

    Skiyomi Only Mostly Dead

    Title: A Perfectly Justified Misunderstanding
    Author: Skiyomi
    Rating: PG
    Fandom: Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle
    Pairing: Kurogane/Fai
    Note: Dared by WGCV23. Takes place during chapter 185.

    Time may be repeating itself. One more night should be enough to confirm whether this is true or false. But if that’s the case, then what happens tomorrow? Do we face Fei Wong? If that’s so, then tomorrow brings danger, perhaps even death. It’s a shame that our last night alive may be nothing more than recycled time.

    Oh well. No need to be pointlessly gloomy about it.

    “…What’s the reason behind putting the kid in a separate room, unlike yesterday?” Kurogane asked. Fai was turned away to put down his heavy coat and couldn’t see his face.

    Fai turned around with a smug look and tugged at his own hair playfully. “I thought you’d notice.”

    Kurogane looked away with a guilty expression only partially hidden by his helmet.

    “And that if noticed, you’d know why,” Fai said. “But is it correct?”

    Kurogane said nothing. Fai crossed over to him and pulled his cloak away to reveal his artificial arm bleeding at the point of connection with his own skin. “After my body became like this, I seem to be sensitive to the scent of blood,” He said, by way of explanation, as licked off the drop of blood that had fallen onto his thumb.

    “Besides,” He continued. “Whatever you say, for you to be in a room and not take off your cloak or headdress… It’s strange, isn’t it?” He asked to no answer but his own. “Would that be in order to conceal your facial expression? You’re in pain.”

    No response followed. “…So the artificial arm doesn’t fit?” Fai asked plainly.

    Kurogane was silent for another moment and then said, “Oh. So that’s what you wanted,” and turned away.

    This response didn’t really seem to match with the conversation they’d been having, so Fai asked, “What do you mean what I wanted? What else could I have… Oh.” Fai clapped his hands over his mouth in surprise.

    “‘Oh’, nothing,” Kurogane said trying to cut off this conversation before it went too far astray.

    “But even at a time like this, Kuro-sama is such a pervert!”

    “What do you mean ‘at a time like this’?!”
  13. Rave The Rich

    Rave The Rich NOT the other 'Rave'

    This is to cover a dare that I took from darklord18. I hope you enjoy it. The title of the thread describes this drabble to a 'T'.

    Title: Aura of Difference
    Author: Rave The Rich
    Fandom: Pokemon
    Pairing/s: BishieShipping (Riley/Paul)
    Rating: PG

    Yeah, this is different.

    It doesn't mean I don't like it, though. He overslept again, that's nothing new as of late, but instead of me waking him up so he can either eat breakfast or get an early start with his practice for training, I just let him sleep for now.

    He works so hard and I feel he's earned a nice rest, so I just let him sleep. It's still early, after all and Paul trains enough that he can make up the time either this morning or tonight.

    Either way, I'm gonna enjoy this moment and milk it for all it's worth. No one should bother us as we're out getting in touch with nature and the aura is around both of us while he trains for a big tournament coming up in just a few weeks time.

    Oh, this is really different. Now he's sleeping and...smiling?

    I wonder what he's thinking about so I use my special ability and take a few seconds to find out what's on his mind. Before it comes to me, though, I hear the words, "Damn it, Riley. Get the hell out of my head...now," and I decide to leave it alone for now as Paul begins to stir.

    Some things just shouldn't change.
  14. Nightning

    Nightning Hyuu~

    Title: STOP IT!
    Author: Nightning
    Fandom: Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle (Horitsuba Gakuen)
    Pairing/s: KuroFay (Kurogane x Fay)
    Rating: PG
    More tests to mark. Just great.
    Kurogane sat at his desk. Even P.E. class had written test at times, and they weren't exactly fun to mark. Kurogane picked up Sakura's test. She had drawn hearts all over the page, no doubt thinking of Syaoran.


    Kurogane looked up.

    "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!" he yelled, looking up at the slim blonde chemistry teacher who stood before him, dressed as a cheerleader. Fay beamed at him.

    "Don't you like it? It's so cute!" He said strolling over to Kurogane's desk.

    "Hey! STOP IT!" Yelled Kurogane as Fay put his arms around the P.E. teachers neck and, in one swift motion, jumped into his lap.

    "Fay-sensei and Kurogane-sensei!" Thundered Yuuko over the PA system. "I need to see you in my office right away! Oh... and sorry if I'm interrupting ..anything..."

    "AND JUST WHAT DOES THAT MEAN!" Yelled Kurogane as he pushed Fay off his lap.

    "Oh... nothing... just making sure you weren't busy" repied Yuuko.


    "Yuuko-sensei is so mysterious!" exclaimed Fay.

    "That witch..."

    "I heard that!" Yuuko remarked over the PA system.
  15. Nightlingbolt

    Nightlingbolt AKA Nightlingbolt

    Two dares for the people!

    Title: Explain This To Me Again...
    Author: Darth Osiris/Osiris the Dark
    Fandom: Justice League/Justice League Unlimited
    Pairing(s): Joker x Lex Luthor, mentioned Batman x Superman
    Rating: K+ for mentions of homophobia
    Other: WTF?

    “So, explain this to me again?” asked Lex.

    “Oh, it’s quite simple, Lexy!” replied the Joker. “Using my mad PhotoShop skills, I’ve created a picture that depicts Bats and the Man of Steel in a romantic manner and sold it to the tabloids! Then, Gotham and Metropolis will forsake them both for being gay, leaving them free for us to cause chaos!” The Joker then proceeded to laugh maniacally.

    Lex was dumbfounded. “Joker, it’s the 21st century. People are more accepting of homosexuality than they used to be.” Joker’s only response was to glomp Lex, saying he was cute when he was confused.

    Title: The Great Debate
    Author: Darth Osiris/Osiris the Dark
    Fandom: Pokemon
    Pairing; Satyrshipping (Kelly x Dawn)
    Rating: T for the end.
    Other: Dared to me by none other than Rave The Rich! Hope this is up to your standards, which it probably isn't!

    “Poffins are better than Pokeblocks because they can be cooked naturally,” said Dawn, making the opening statement in the great debate between Pokeblocks and Poffins.

    “I disagree,” said Kelly, taking the side of Pokeblocks. “Pokeblocks aren’t boiled on a stove top, meaning the Pokemon eating it gets more nutrition.”

    “But that opens them up to harmful bacteria that cooking a Poffin would kill,” Dawn contested.

    “That’s why you wash your Berries before you do anything else!” said Kelly loudly.

    “WHAT?!’ Dawn exclaimed. “Of course I wash my Berries! And anyway, Poffins are more filling!”

    “Only because they’re larger,” said Kelly calmly. It was time for her trump card. “Now, I think Pokeblocks are better because they’re smaller, making them that much more… sensual.” Kelly winked as she said the last word, causing Dawn to freeze.

    When Dawn could speak again, she said, “I have a sudden urge to eat Pokeblocks off your naked body,” to which Kelly could only reply by handing Dawn her Pokeblock case and taking off her clothes.

    Maybe Pokeblocks are best after all.
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  16. Skiyomi

    Skiyomi Only Mostly Dead

    Title: Toward the Sun
    Author: Skiyomi
    Fandom: Yu Yu Hakusho
    Pairing/s: Kuwabara/Yukina
    Rating: G
    Notes: Dared by WGCV23. Takes place after the Dark Tournament.

    The metal ship plodded its way toward the mainland. It was a lot nicer being aboard this vessel without hoards of demons trying to kill them. The sun was shining down on them, the waves were splashing up against the side of the boat, Genkai had somehow been miraculously brought back to life. It really was a perfect day.

    And then, of course, there was…

    “Kazuma, what are you thinking about?” Yukina asked from his right, her hands looped around the guard rail to get a better look at the sea below.

    Focus, focus. Be a man! Come on! You can do this!

    “I was just thinking that it’s all over,” Kuwabara said heavily, trying to be vague and cool.

    “Oh yes,” Yukina said cheerfully. “You must be so relieved that all the danger has passed and you can finally go home.”

    “Well, yeah,” Kuwabara allowed. “But, I mean, well, you have to go back to your world now don’t you?” …do you really? Please say no.

    “Yes,” Yukina said. “I’m afraid so. But don’t worry,” she flashed him a smile. “We’ll see each other again.”

    Kuwabara nearly crumpled at that smile. Okay, he did a little, but she probably didn’t notice.

    The boat’s whistle blew. The sun was rising in the sky, and it seemed like their craft was following it.

    “Alright. But I want letters.”
  17. Sapphiredragon929

    Sapphiredragon929 A r t i f i c e.

    A Little Slice Of Heaven: Sapphiredragon929's Stanley's Shonen-ai Drabbles

    The official bias against Het and Yuri

    Drabble Count: 15! Fifteen, this guy has no life
    Last Updated: Thurs. August 20, 2009
    Ships: 6

    Title: Emerald Sea
    Author: Sapphiredragon929
    Fandom: Pokémon
    Pairing/ships: respectshipping (Ash x Drew)/ One sided Poke (Ash x Misty)
    Rating: G
    Dedicated to: Sweet May

    Ash was finally with his best friend, Misty again. The railing on the S.S. Anne was his place where he leaned over and watched the emerald sea; it reminded him of his one true love.

    “So, Ash, do you have a boyfriend?” Misty asked, knew he was gay, so no dice for her undying love for him.

    “Yeah, thinking of him right now,” Ash said dreamily, where he looked into the sky “Drew, I love you.”

    Title: Vacation
    Author: Sapphiredragon929
    Fandom: Pokémon
    Pairing/ships: respectshipping
    Rating: PG-13, Drew being a perv. (DrewAsh)
    Dedicated to: Sweet May

    “Damn, look at that ass,” Drew commented watching Ash play volleyball. He picked a good day yesterday to space out on laundry, the only thing Ash could wear at the beach was a white swim suit, and he had previously been in the water for Drew, it was a peeping paradise.

    “I’ve seen what’s underneath that ten-thousand or more times, yet every time I see him all clueless like that it makes me in love anymore,” Drew cared for Ash deeply, but lust took over.

    Title: Helicopter
    Author: Sapphiredragon929
    Fandom: Pokémon
    Pairing: Respectshipping (DrewAsh)
    Rating: PG
    Dedicated to: Sweet May

    Ash grabbed Drew with all his might and kept hanging on, “I don’t like being so high up”.

    “Oh shut up,” Drew teased, “This Helicopter is flown by a professional”

    Ash frown and Drew continued, “come to think of it you always didn’t like Helicopters”

    A younger more innocent Drew smiled on the blacktop; he pulled out a jump rope, “are you ready?” He asked. The other boys nodded.
    Drew twirled his hips and arms and sang, “Helicopter, Helicopter, over my head, I choose the color and the color is..ASH”

    “What?” Ash was whipped on the face with the jump rope.

    “Ow, meanie that hurt!” Ash complained.

    “Oh shut up, you probably liked it,” Drew smirked.

    And now with Ash clinging onto him, Drew realized that he always had a little something for this boy, and no one else.

    Title: Inventor
    Author: Sapphiredragon929
    Fandom: Pokémon
    Pairing: Respectshipping (DrewAsh)
    Rating: PG-15
    Dedicated to: Sweet May

    “C’mon, today I want it, really bad,” Drew was throwing anything one of his tantrums for Ash’s sweet love.

    “No, I need to invent something, the assignment is due tomorrow,” Ash whined.

    “Hun, you had all month to do it, and you wait until tonight,” Drew was going to scold him.

    “Yes,” Ash’s logic only applied to Ash.

    “Then here let me give you some inspiration,” he cleared Ash’s desk and sat on it.

    For Ash it was the best and longest night he ever experienced.

    Title: Civil War of Love and Hate
    Author: Sapphiredragon929
    Fandom: Pokémon
    Pairing: Respectshipping (AshDrew)
    Rating: PG
    Dedicated to: Sweet May

    So Ash forgot Drew’s birthday. Oops. It wasn’t like his birthday was so special. So Drew was ignoring him that was the problem. He cut him off, another problem. What on earth could he do? Ash approached him, worried.


    That hot, emotional boy looked at him with apathetic eyes, if Ash could have his way right now, he would glomp and tackle him, “what a sexy look”, he thought.

    He continued, “The only reason why I forgot it was your birthday is because every day it’s always the same for me, pure heaven.”

    Drew smiled and said, “And every day I remind myself that it’s not a dream, I really do have you.”

    Title: Blown Away
    Author: Sapphiredragon929
    Fandom: Hetalia/ Real Life
    Pairing: America x Hurricane Bill
    Rating: PG
    Dedicated to: All Hetalia fans!

    Hurricane Bill always blew America away. It could never stay in one place, and it always left him then came back, sure it was unhealthy, but hell all those cheesburgers he ate were unhealthy.

    America has got to be the unhealthiest thing he ever knew about, his blood stream was practically grease.

    But he wouldn’t have it any other way.

    Title: Working.
    Author: Sapphiredragon929
    Fandom: Hetalia/ Real Life
    Pairing: CauseNataliaIsSpitefulShipping (Moogles4ever x France)
    Rating: PG-14
    Dedicated to: MewLuvr200

    Moogles sweated in the warm sun, “Damn it, why did I agree to date him, he uses me!”

    France came out, “Listen up, I’ll let you stop working if you if you give me a little love in return”

    Moogles “you mean,” he was cut off, “yes”

    “Okay, it’s because I love you, though you should treat me better,” Moogles sighed.
    “No, I like how you squirm everywhere for everything,” France laughed.

    Title: Politics
    Author: Sapphiredragon939
    Fandom: Hetalia/Real Life
    Pairing: CauseNataliaIsSpitefulShipping (Moogles4ever x France)
    Rating: G
    Dedicated to: MewLuvr200

    “Ugh, I hate these country conventions,” France pouted.

    “It’s okay,” Moogles stated, “there has to be some perk.”

    “Yeah, you can bring your first lady, or man,” France smiled looking at a gleeful Moogles.

    “Want to come with me,” France smiled, “I can brag about you to the other countries”

    “Why make them hate you even more,” Moogles said pointing out the flaw, “you won’t be able to accomplish taking over the world”

    “With you by my side, I can accomplish anything,” France said with alarming confidence, but hey, in most aspects, it was true. He had the best life ever, in his opinion.

    “You just made me eager for this stupid thing,” France smiled.

    Title: Class
    Author: Sapphiredragon929
    Fandom: Hetalia/Real Life
    Pairing: CauseNataliaIsSpitefulShipping (Moogles4ever x France)
    Raiding: PG-15
    Dedicated to: MewLuvr200

    “Class, I assumed you did you homework,” France was not the best teacher, but whatever, Moogles always liked his class, and he liked him. But the class was about to end, he had to make it longer…

    “No, I didn’t and this class is bullshit,” Moogles smirked.

    “Moogles, detention, see me right now, the rest of you, get ready for Nihon.” France was bitter.

    Moogles walked up to him, and placed a gentle soft kiss on his lips.

    “I’ve been waiting all Semester for us, and that’s it?” France snidely remarked.

    Title: Iron
    Author: Sapphiredragon929
    Fandom: Hetalia/Real Life
    Pairing: CauseNataliaIsSpitefulShipping (Moogles4ever x France)
    Rating: PG-14
    Dedicated to: MewLuvr200

    France was on the treadmill, his eye candy, Moogles was lifting weights. Why not, he’ll make an *** out of himself to the rest of the countries.

    “Hello,” France greeted him.

    “What do you want?” Moogles continued to raise his arm. Higher and Higher and Higher. He looked Chiseled, but not ripped, just how he likes him.

    “You,” France came out and said it.

    “Okay then, eight o’clock?” Moogles smiled.

    “Yes,” France skipped off, but he stopped to hear what Moogles said.

    “Bring a change of clothes, ‘cause you’re going to need them when you’re done.”

    Title: Marathon
    Author: Sapphiredragon929
    Fandom: Hetalia/Real Life
    Pairing: CauseNataliaIsSpitefulShipping (Moogles4ever x France)
    Rating: PG-14
    Dedicated to: MewLuvr200

    France was about half way through in a marathon. Of course many people had their doubts that he would even make it a quarter ways. But Moogles supported him for the whole thing. He drove beside him cheering him on, the look of thanks he got from France was all the reward he needed for the humiliation of driving a golf cart.

    Yes they did laugh at him but it didn’t matter.

    “Besides,” he commented, “With what we do in bed, he has the endurance.”

    Title: Sleepover
    Author: Sapphiredragon929
    Fandom: Pokémon
    Pairing: Tensionshipping (HarleyDrew)
    Rating: PG
    Drew was lackadaisically changing channels, when Harley came from behind him and creamed him with a pillow. Drew quickly retorted and soon they were bashing each other with fluffy bliss. Both of them giggled like crazy.

    Harley began to retreat but Drew was a quick pursuer. He ran down and slipped on the rug, knocking Harley over like a bowling pin.

    Harley laughed and turned around; Drew’s head was on his lap and he spoke, “don’t you wish moments like these would last forever?”

    Harley chuckled and said, “Yes. But my parents will be here in less than five minutes.”

    Title: War
    Author: Sapphiredragon929
    Fandom: Pokémon
    Pairing: Aerialshipping (Ash and Kelly)
    Rating: PG-15
    Dedicated to: S-unit

    Even though they were separated by what seemed like worlds. They both still loved each other. Kellyn and Ash have declared war on Hunter J, and bonded by that proclamation, the two lovers shall forever be intertwined.

    The finally met up again though and in a grassy plain Ash glomped Kellyn, knocking him over and said, “I’m joining you on your adventures.”

    It was then and there Kellyn decided he liked outdoor sex the best.

    Title: Ice Cream!
    Author: Sapphiredragon929
    Fandom: Pokémon
    Pairing: Aerialshipping (Ash and Kellyn)
    Rating: PG
    Dedicated to: S-unit

    It was Ash’s turn to take me out, Kelly thought. After all, the last ten dates were Kellyn’s idea…and his wallet. Kellyn was rushed into the ice cream shop by Ash.

    “Let’s share a cone,” Kellyn suggested, as a loving gesture. Ash agreed, because his wallet had very little in it.

    “Uh, you’re going to have to pay…” Ash shrunk down, embarrassed.

    Kelly giggled, “Oh, then you’re going to have to pay me back later”

    Ash smiled, he always knew how to pay him back.

    Title: Practice Makes Perfect.
    Author: Sapphiredragon929
    Fandom: Real life
    Pairing: Pgshipping (S-unit x Moogles4ever)
    Raiting: PG-13
    Dedicated to: No one, Imma torture Moofles.
    Again he tripped, crashed, and fell on the sandy floor. “Damn it” Moogles4ever spat, “I’ll never be able to spike.”

    “Well, all you need is practice,” S-unit laughed, “here let me help you.”

    S-unit lifted Moogles into the air, but only enough so he could slam it down gently.

    “Your aerial dynamic was all wrong,” S-unit condescended.

    Moogles laughed but thought, “Maybe it’s because you’re my good luck charm. Whenever you’re near me, I accomplish what I need to”

    I'm sorta running some sort of a shop from this angle. Well there you go, freqeunt shonen-ai related updates. And more Moofles torture. ;D
  18. MapleRoses

    MapleRoses Jaejoong is HERO

    A dare 8)

    Title: Old Friend
    Author: ~NaThziVOIR~
    Fandom: Detective Conan/Case Closed
    Pairings: ShinichixRan
    Rating: PG

    Ran ambled at a small park near her home. Her eyes darted around to a few peoples taking a walk with their dog, a group of kids playing hide-and-seek, or to a few teens jogging. That Sunday was boring. No one to talk with, no one to play with. If only he was here...
    She looked up to the sky, screaming, "God! I really wish Shinichi is here! I miss him lots!"
    She ignored the park visitors' stares. All she cared was just him. He was always busy with his cases. He only called her once in a month. Even if he recently told her his phone number, everytime she called him, it'd be voice mail. Why she had to love an all-curious detective?
    All of a sudden, her vision went blank. She yelled in fright, her hand trying to let off two other hands that covered her eyes, but the other person's hands were stronger.
    "Sonoko! Quit that!" she screamed. The pair of hands didn't let go of her eyes.
    "SONOKO!" She yelled again, but soon realized something. "Don't tell me... You're Shinichi?"
    "Bingo." the pair of hands uncovered her eyes. She spun around as she regained her vision.
    "Shinichi! Where have you been? Is this really you? Why didn't you call me?"
    "Told you I'm busy handling a very difficult case." he replied.
    "So that case is solved and you won't go again, right?"
    "No, the case hasn't been solved yet, so I'll have togo again."
    "What?" Ran pouted, "why did you come? Why didn't you just leave me if you're so in love with your case?"
    "Hey! I came to see you and that's the response I get? If I had known, I wouldn't come here!"
    Ran blushed. "You purposely came for me?D-did you miss me?"
    Shinichi blushed redder than Ran,"I just wanna see an old friend, can't I?"
    She sighed sadly, "Old friend, huh?"
    Feeling guilty, he pulled her into a hug, "Yes, a special old friend."
  19. Pikachu_luver

    Pikachu_luver ♪ Blue Bird ♪

    A dare by Darklord18. :) I failed horribly but w.e

    Title: An Unusual Day.
    Author: Pikachu_luver
    Fandom: Pokemon
    Parings: Bishieshipping (RileyxPaul)
    Rating: G
    Note this drabble is in Riley's POV

    I was just walking on Iron Island like every other day. Watching all the steel and ground type Pokemon run around freely. Wondering why I always seem to be here every hour of the day. I accidentally bumped into a mysterious boy with Purple hair.

    ''Hey watch were your going.'' He responded in a slightly cold tone. Taken back a little I responded ''Sorry I got distracted.'' while trying to stand straight from the small collision. ''Whatever just get out of my way'' The boy said in a colder tone while walking away. (Hmm he looks a tad cute) I thought. As the mysterious boy started to walk away I suddenly asked.

    ''Wait what's your name?'' He just turned halfway and said ''My name? Its Paul. Why did you ask?'' Dumbfounded I blurted out ''Oh nothing. I was just wondering.'' While staring at him walk away I smiled to myself and thought. ''Paul is tad bit cute''.​
  20. Rave The Rich

    Rave The Rich NOT the other 'Rave'

    For Darth Osiris, this is the long awaited answer to your dare...

    Title: Toes Were the Days
    Author: Rave The Rich
    Fandom: Pokemon
    Pairing/s: FightSongShipping (Casey/Maylene)
    Rating: PG
    She can remember it like it was yesterday. There was Maylene on the couch during a late evening while watching the Electabuzz with Casey during a Friday. The boys were doing pretty well in the bottom of the sixth, but weren't out of the woods as of yet holding just a two-run lead.

    Maylene, while a fan of sports and the competition, was only half paying attention to the game. Instead, her focus was on making Casey as comfortable as she can and it started with her ten toes. While Casey has been living and training with Maylene, she made it a point for everyone to get back in touch with nature and walk barefooted.

    Part of that was the case, but another part of it had to do with the fact that Casey had a pair of the cutest feet Maylene had ever seen. Being on her feet all day training and battling, she knew the great feeling that a footrub gave her at the end of the day. Paying close attention to the toes is also a plus, especially if she can get Casey to laugh or smile while she religiously follows her team.

    Wait a minute! That was yesterday!

    How quickly we can lose ourselves from our heads to our toes.
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