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Short 'n Sweet: The Drabble Thread

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by Tadashi, Jan 7, 2009.

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  1. Mr. Joker

    Mr. Joker keep calm & carry on

    Mr. Joker's Old Bag of Drabbles.

    Title: Smile?
    Author: Mr. Joker
    Fandom: Pokemon
    Pairing/s: KamaciteShipping (Riley x Marley)
    Rating: G

    Two teens walked into the sunset, one was a girl, she had black hair and wore only black and white clothes, and she had a black bow in her hair. The other was an older teen, probably eighteen unlike his girlfriend, who was 16, he had spiked, navy blue hair, under his navy blue hat of curse. The teens were holding hands, and making small talk.

    “Marley, come on you have to smile sometime.”, said Riley

    “I only like to smile when something makes me happy…” she said as she sighed

    “Come on, you have a butiful smile!” said Riley in a deeper, more loving voice

    “You know, if you weren’t so cute, id dump you…” Marley said, in a joking tone

    “Love you too, babe.”

    The moment he said that, she blushed.

    “But you still won’t smi-“ Riley said as he fell into the ditch, Marley giggled and smiled. She helped him up, kissed his cheek and walked into the sunset.

    AN: I was looking through my old documents and found this, I have no idea how old it is, I can assure you, my writing skills have gotten way better.

    Title: Butts and Black dresses?
    Author: Mr. Joker
    Fandom: Pokemon
    Pairing/s: Lance x Athena (Strategistshipping)
    Rating: T for bitchslapping

    The sun was rising and the moon was setting as a man walked into the Goldenrod Underground. Well... he was running more like it. He wanted to see what his friend and secret lover had to say about his recent act.

    "Reporting for duty ma'am." He said

    "what do you have to report... my love?" she replied

    "The Slowpoke well mission was a complete success!" he said cheerfully

    She closed up on him, getting closer to his face. Her arms tied around his neck she leaned in for a kiss. "Very well." she whispered into his ear. They continued to kiss very romantically. They were on the floor rolling and kissing, Lance reached for her butt. He grabbed. The kissing stopped Athena rose to her feet. Helped Lance up and slapped him straight across the face and walked away.

    He yelled "I'm sorry." he waited on the couch for a couple of minutes and after waiting, Athena walked into the room, wearing a short black dress.

    It is going to be a great night indeed. Lance thought.

    Title: Mistletoe
    Author: Mr. Joker
    Fandom: Pokemon
    Pairing/s: PsiLuckingShipping (Sabrina x Pike Queen Lucy)
    Rating: E10+ For kissing

    As the snow fell outside the toasty one room log cabin, the Stantler head to bed along with the other pokémon of the forest. Snow coming from the sky fell very lightly. The butiful moon glared in the now frozen lake, it was a wonderful site from inside the cabin.

    Inside the cabin, two girls, maybe late teens or early twenty’s were taking Christmas decorations out of an old cardboard box. One of the girls, Sabrina, was putting 2 stockings above the warm fire. The other, Lucy, was putting the nativity onto the table that stand by the bed, the only bed. They both were talking about their childhood Christmases as they drank warm hot chocolate. It steamed from the cups.

    As Lucy was pouring more hot chocolate Sabrina quickly put up the old Mistletoe. As she turned around Sabrina was right there, looking deep into Lucy’s eyes. Lucy looked up and saw the mistletoe, without missing a beat she began kissing Sabrina. The hot chocolate kisses continued for a number of minutes until they needed time to breath.

    Title: Hooves on the Rooftop.
    Author: Mr. Joker
    Fandom: Pokemon
    Pairing/s: CheekyShipping (Mira x Max)
    Rating: E

    Somewhere in the small town of Snowpoint two young little kids were waiting by the Christmas tree. Their names were Mira and Max, each of them had a pokémon, Mira had a Abra and Max had a Ralts, they were jumping around the room, their owners were giggling together as they drank hot chocolate and ate Oreos.

    “We forgot to put out cookies for Santa, Max!” Mira yelled out of no where

    “Oh your right Mira.” He replied, not really interested.

    Mira went into the kitchen. Max quickly took out a present from under the tree that was labeled “To: Mira From: Max” and after two minutes of patently she came running back out with a plate of double-mint Oreos and a glass of warm milk.

    She placed the cookies and milk on the table, and before she knew it a gift was in her hands. She looked up at Max, blushed, and opened the gift, inside was a necklace that had the psychic symbol. She looked at it and gave Max a huge hug. “Thank you Max I love it!” she exclaimed.

    But before Max could reply, he heard something on the roof. A lot of little stomping sounds. “MIRA I THINK IT’S SANTA!!” Max yelled.

    Mira replied, “I do too! Quickly act like your sleeping”

    Max “fell” asleep on the couch, Mira put her head on Max’s lap and a grin expanded on her face.

    Title: Working on Christmas
    Author: Mr. Joker
    Fandom: Pokemon
    Pairing/s: RocketGruntShipping (Male Rocket Grunt x Female Rocket Grunt)
    Rating: T

    The snowplows drove through the streets in the town of Goldenrod. Inside the apartments and whoever was lucky to have a house, people were singing to Christmas carols, eating a great meal, or laying down for a nice winters nap. All except for those who had to work also known as, the grunts.

    Two lone figures walked through the back road alleys. “I can’t believe that Apollo made us work on Christmas. And freaking guard duty.” The male said.

    “Me neither, I wish I was clubbing really really badly right now.” The female said.

    “I do too…. I was hoping for some action tonight.” The male replied

    “Well maybe you can” the female said back, winking.

    The male one looked over at the female, she rapped her arms around his hips and kissed him. They continued to kiss for who knows how long before they fell onto the ground to have a “fun” time.

    Title: ‘Tis the season to give.
    Author: Mr. Joker
    Fandom: Pokemon
    Pairing/s: BishieShipping (Riley x Paul) x3
    Rating: E

    Christmas eve. Everybody was with their loved family and friends, feasting on great and amazing food and drink… and piggy pudding. But some people weren’t lucky enough to have these great things. So every year a handful of nice people donate their time to help those people. Two young men… well boyfriends were these people. One was exited, his name was Riley. The other one was not so much. His name was Paul. Paul would much rather be in bed with his lover.

    “Isn’t this great?” Riley asked as he poured a young girl in rag clothing a bowl of soup.

    “I guess.” Paul replied as he took some cookies out of the oven. He gave the girl a cookie.

    “Come on Paul.. cheer up it’s Christmas!” Riley said

    “Okay… fine you win” he sighed

    “If you cheer up, I’ll give you one of your presents tonight… in bed.” Riley whispered into his ear.

    Paul’s face grew a smile quicker than a Luxray could run. Merry Christmas indeed.

    Title: Tea for two.
    Author: Mr. Joker
    Fandom: Sppf Members
    Pairing/s: PerfectShipping (riolulu x Sharla idc about his sppf name)
    Rating: G

    The street lamps lights flickered in the night. Another normal winters night in New England, America. The stockings were hung my the chimney with care, well you know the rest of the old dance and song. Point is, it is Christmas Eve.

    A young man, Sharla, sits on a couch, and his best friend and girlfriend, April, lay he soft head on his lap, they are watching old Christmas movies that they have seen a number of times, but continue to watch anyways. The two are drinking tea. April picks up her Plusle mug and takes a sip, nothing poured into her mouth. She looks in, it is empty. Sharla, being the good boyfriend that he is, gets up and pours her a cup of tea. "Thanks honey." she says as she takes a giant gulp.

    He replies, "No problem sweetie." and kissed her on the cheek. The two turn back to the television and continue to watch, waiting for Saint Nick to arrive.

    Last edited: Dec 10, 2009
  2. darklord18

    darklord18 Cheekyshipper

    Title: fight
    Author: darklord with beta reading from csisps_26
    Fandom: Pokemon
    Pairing/s: Dawn x Kenny (sorry I forgot the name)
    Rating: PG

    "Stop calling me Dee-Dee!" yelled a girl with blue hair and white beanie.

    "Why Dee-Dee?" answered a boy with brown hair with a cheeky face.

    "You know I hate that name!" said the girl "and my name is Dawn" she continued.

    "But you liked it when you were little," joked the boy.

    "Kenny, how old was I then? 4, 5?" said Dawn.

    This was the 5th time that they fought over the Name Dee-Dee, though both of them like each other very much, Dawn never liked the name Dee-Dee.

    "Look Dee-Dee, that is your nickname and it staying as your nickname," said Kenny.

    "Well then what if I start showing this photo our parents took when we were kids?" Dawn said as she took out a photo of them as kids with Kenny hugging Dawn blushing.

    "No!" yelled Kenny.

    "Then stop Calling me Dee-Dee in public!"

    "Fine Dawn," said Kenny.

    "Thanks" said Dawn as she gave Kenny a small kiss on the cheek, making both blush.

    Though they fought, in both contests and life, they care for each other, it's just that you won't get either of them saying that they do.
  3. Misachii

    Misachii Member

    1rst drabble!
    btw, I've noticed the shortage of Belleshipping and Twinleafshipping drabbles D;
    Anyways,[it's kinda a songfic]
    Title: Christmas: My Only Wish(Britney Spears)
    Author: Misachii ;)
    Fandom: Pokemon
    Pairing: Belleshipping(Drew/Shuu X Dawn/Hikari]
    Rating: G or K+

    She ruffled his green hair. Snow was falling all around the couople. They were in an embrace. An embrace that felt like forever. Their faces were red from the icy temperature. They were so cold from the snowy weather, yet so warm inside. The fire inside is warm enough to melt any snow, any ice that comes along the way. "I love you", Drew whispered. "I love you." Dawn replied to her lover. Together, their love was unbeatable. All was quiet, except somewhere in the distance, a song played," Santa can you hear me? I have been so good this year, and all I want is 1 thing, tell me my true love is here..."
    A/N: Seriously, best 1 I've written so far :O I sux @ this
  4. Yuppirox

    Yuppirox hello

    Title: Boiling Point
    Author: PAT pokefan#493
    Fandom: Pokemon
    Pairing: Tatushipping (Jessie x Cassidy)
    Rating: PG
    Notes: dared by darklord18

    "What?!" screamed a woman with long, blood-red hair.

    "What's the matter, Jessie, darling? Are you upset?" taunted the other woman, who was also a red-head. Call her a 'ginger' if you will.

    "How on Earth did you get the boss to promote you?!" Jessie seethed. She was fuming with rage as her long-time nemesis got promoted from bottom grunt, to top commander of the evil organization - also known as Team Rocket - instead of her.

    "Simple. You have to actually make a successful capture of at least a trainer's Pokemon," She stressed out certain parts of her sentence to further taunt and anger her pitiful rival, getting the reaction she intended.

    "What was that, you little witch?!" Jessie screeched, a part of her brain snapping in the process. She - without thinking - lunged forward and tackled Cassidy to the ground, trying to claw the smirking girl's face off with all her might. Cassidy merely crackled in laughter and pinched the berserk woman's face. Jessie suddenly stopped her assault and placed her hands over her cheeks.

    "Ouch! What did you think you were doing to my flawless face?!" she whined.

    "...I just wanted to see you're annoying blush."
    Last edited: Dec 7, 2009
  5. Nightlingbolt

    Nightlingbolt AKA Nightlingbolt

    This is what happens when I have a dare to do and I watch Comedy Central. But hey, it was a dare, so it's all good.

    Title: The Hangover
    Author: Darth Osiris/Osiris the Dark
    Fandom: Pokemon
    Pairing: PsiLuckShipping (Sabrina x Lucy)
    Rating: M for Alcohol references.

    Lucy woke up in a bed that wasn’t her own. There was sleep in her eyes and her head was killing her. In short, she had a hangover.

    The door opened with a slight squeak, which seemed to come through a loudspeaker to Lucy, and in walked Sabrina. Apparently, this was Sabrina’s place.

    “Good morning, Lucy,” Sabrina said cheerily, yet, eerily.

    “Urgh… why are you so cheery in the morning?” Lucy groaned.

    “Sorry,” said Sabrina. “I forgot how much you had to drink last night. Good thing you had as much as you did, though, or the sex wouldn’t have been nearly as wild.” This perked Lucy up.

  6. Skiyomi

    Skiyomi Only Mostly Dead

    Title: The One You're With
    Author: Skiyomi
    Fandom: Harry Potter
    Pairing/s: Harry/Luna
    Rating: G
    Notes: Dared by Darth Osiris

    “It’s so nice to be going to a party as friends,” Luna commented airily as she twirled through the hall on their way to Slughorn’s office. “I’ve never been to a party as friends,” she paused, looked thoughtful and added, in an absentminded way, “or as something other than friends.”

    “Yeah,” Harry replied, as if from far away. He was not exactly looking forward to this party. Especially not with Ginny… well… best not to think of Ginny.

    “So what do people do as friends at parties?” Luna asked. “Do they wear hats and eat cake?”

    “There… might be cake,” Harry responded uncomfortably. “I think it’s more of a dancing and… eating tiny sandwiches type party.”

    “Well, that sounds nice. Y’know, I often dance on my way to lessons. I’m quite good at dancing.”

    I’ll bet you are, Harry thought silently as he bit back a chuckle.

    “I’m sure we’ll have a nice time as friends,” Luna said with assurance.

    “Yeah, me too,” Harry said and he was surprised to find that he meant it. Might as well forget all the things that were going on and try to have a good time. And hey, at least he was with someone who could make him laugh.
  7. Yuppirox

    Yuppirox hello

    Title: Buy One, Get One Free!
    Author: pokefan#493
    Fandom: Pokemon
    Pairing: ColdCoffeeShipping (Paul x Barry)
    Rating: PG-13
    Note: dared by Skiyomi.

    "Hmm, ho hum dee dum,"

    Clean up on Aisle Five. Clean up on Aisle Five, please.

    "Humm dee doo--oh! Cinnamon-flavored coffee beans! This is a must," Jun muttered. Taking the bottle off the shelf and tossing it in his cart. He continued browsing the items while humming a favorite tune of his.

    After completing his daily shopping, he got in line for checking out his items, looking around at all the Christmas decorations that the store had out. Taking step by step, he finally reached the cashier. As he was taking out his coin purse, he realized who it was holding out his hand to take the money.

    "...Shinji? THE Shinji?!" he exclaimed, eyes widened in shock, surprise, and great joy to see his one and only idol (next to his dad of course).

    "...Do I know you?" Shinji blatantly asked with dull, bored eyes. Without showing, he was secretly hoping Jun wouldn't have discovered his "secret". Yes, Shinji, the man who almost beat Shirona at the Pokemon League, working as a cashier in a Grocery Store. Pathetic.

    "Well.. actually... we've met before.. hahaha..." Jun said sheepishly, scratching the back of his head with a light blush across his cheeks.

    Behind Jun, an old woman was growing more impatient by the second; "Quit chit-chatting you love-birds! Either go get a room or SHUT THE HELL UP!" she barked. Both boys blushed; Jun with his mouth agape and Shinji muttering unintelligent words under his breath.

    Jun snapped out of his shocked state, and gave Shinji a sly look, one that had Shinji's heart thumping louder and his frown deepen; "Maybe we will get a room..."


    Title: Birthday Wishes DO Come True!
    Author: pokefan#493
    Fandom: Pokemon
    Pairing: PsiLuckShipping (Sabrina x Lucy)
    Rating: T
    Note: Dared by Mr. Joker

    "Happy Birthday!"

    It was a breezy afternoon and Sabrina was on one of her "training sessions". Her method of training involved multiple hours of uninterrupted, peaceful meditation. Unfortunately, her concentration was broken by a certain jet-black haired female.

    Startled by the surprise glomp attack from Lucy, Sabrina froze the frontier brain's movement with her telekinesis.

    "What do you want now, Lucy?" she spoke softly, not wanting to disrupt the quiet nature anymore. She let go of her hold on the girl and turned back around to continue her meditation.

    "Awww, you aren't even going to celebrate your Twenty-First Birthday?" Lucy whined. She pulled out a pink box and opened it, revealing a chocolate cake with light purple icing with the words, "Happy Birthday, You Sexy Beast" written on it. Lucy smirked when she saw a tinge of red on the Psychic's cheeks. "You're boring."

    Sabrina sighed in defeat; "Fine. We'll celebrate." she said, getting up. Lucy held out the cake, which Sabrina reluctantly accepted. "What did you have in mind for my 'party'?"

    Lucy smirked, reaching behind her and pulling out two bottles of heavily alcoholic wine.

    "How about letting the beverages decide for us, shall we?"

    And the rest was history.
    Last edited: Dec 14, 2009
  8. Nightlingbolt

    Nightlingbolt AKA Nightlingbolt

    A dare from Skiyomi. It fits the no dialogue requirement, so don't complain.

    Title: Promise Me Nothing
    Author: Darth Osiris/Osiris the Dark
    Fandom: Bleach
    Pairing: GrimmHime
    Rating: T-M for how dark it is
    Comments: I made a contest out of this, but no one seemed to have any interest at all, just like everything else I write, so I just gave away the answer. You're welcome. :mad:

    At first, his words were like honey to my ears – promises of love, protection, and ultimately, salvation.

    He was the only thing I had remotely resembling an ally in this white hell, so I greedily lapped up his words, craving every syllable.

    But soon, love gave way to lust, he protected me from all except for himself, and I fell deeper and deeper into the darkness.

    Eventually, I became accustomed to the animal lust that defined our relationship, I found comfort in his sweet torture, and he became the light in my darkness.

    He had broken me.

    And like a hungry puppy, I would whine and beg for more every time.
    Last edited: Dec 19, 2009
  9. Yuppirox

    Yuppirox hello

    Title: I Love Mistletoes..
    Author: pokefan#493
    Fandom: Pokémon
    Pairing: Pearlshipping (Ash x Dawn)
    Rating: PG
    Note: Dared by darklord18

    "YAY! It's Christmas Eve!" squealed a blue-haired girl to her boyfriend. She grabbed his arm and pulled him into a warm hug.

    "Haha, yeah, it is!" the boy said, laughing. He hugged back, enjoying the feeling of his girl in his arms. He nuzzled his nose in her hair, enjoying the feeling he gets when they're together. The girl giggled, moving her face away and going back in for a peck on his cheek.

    "Hey, look, guys! Ash and Dawn are under the mistletoe! ...Again!" someone called out. Ash and Dawn looked up in their embrace, grinning at the little ornament. They looked back to each other's eyes, before leaning in and sweetly, but tenderly, kissing each other for the third time that day.

    Oh, how they loved Christmas...

    ...and especially mistletoes.
  10. Skiyomi

    Skiyomi Only Mostly Dead

    Title: Purrfection
    Author: Skiyomi
    Fandom: Pokemon
    Pairing/s: Professor Oak/Giovanni's Persian
    Rating: G
    Notes: Dared by Secret Identity.

    “Hmmm,” Professor Oak said, his hand on his chin in an expression of deep thought as he observed the Pokemon in front of him. “So you’re saying that this Persian belongs to Team Rocket?”

    The officer shrugged. “We don’t really know,” Jenny said. “It was found when we raided a Rocket warehouse. It could legitimately belong to someone who works there, but considering this is Team Rocket we’re dealing with, it’s more likely it was stolen.”

    “I see,” Professor Oak said.

    “We’d really appreciate it if you could look after it until we’ve sorted out if it was stolen,” Jenny said plaintively. “Our headquarters are a bit overcrowded at the moment and we really can’t give it the care it deserves.”

    Professor Oak looked into the lounging cat’s eyes and was greeted only with a dull look of feline malevolence. But still, a Pokemon in need is a Pokemon in need. He reached down and scratched it between the ears.

    “I’m sure I’ve got the space if it’s only for a few days,” Professor Oak allowed.

    At that the Persian extended its needle point claws and wrapped them around the Professor’s hand, nuzzling its head against it.

    “That means he likes you,” Jenny said with a rather fixed smile. She wasn’t going to lose this deal now.

    “Umm… I’m bleeding a lot,” Professor Oak said with considerable calm under the circumstances. “Umm…” he tried. “If you’d just let go… uhh… here, kitty, kitty. I’ll get you some milk if you only let go.”

    But the Persian had no intention of letting go. It was separated from its master and in a strange new place, but that was okay. It had made a new friend.
  11. Yuppirox

    Yuppirox hello

    Title: Supah Sweet
    Author: pokefan#493
    Fandom: Pokémon
    Pairing: Ikarishipping (Dawn x Paul)
    Rating: PG-13
    Note: Dared by darklord18

    "C'mon, Paul! Why don't you like eating Christmas cakes?" Dawn, a blue-haired girl, asked. She leaned forward closer to the lavender-haired boy, curiosity in her blue orbs. The boy rolled his eyes and grunted in annoyance.

    "Do you REALLY want to know?" he asks. Dawn nodded eagerly, waiting for the answer.


    Paul sighed. Why does this troublesome girl have to be so darn cute? Not that he'd admit that to anyone... He leaned closer to her ear, causing her to turn red.

    "...Because they remind me too much of your sweetness," he whispered huskily. Dawn shivered and Paul smirked. He moved away and took a piece of the overly-sweet cake and popped it in his mouth, chewing away. He took another piece and put it in Dawn's mouth, waking her up from her momentary daze. She moaned and licked her lips in satisfaction.

    "Merry Christmas, Paul~"
  12. Mr. Joker

    Mr. Joker keep calm & carry on

    ~/ Shattered. The Team Galactic Aftermath Drabbles - Updated January 10th, 2010

    Drabble One- Defeated
    Point of View - Jupiter

    What was I doing? What was I thinking when I left Team Galactic? I thought to myself, … oh yeah… that’s right. Charon was the reason, he ruined everything. Everything that I ever worked for. He stole what was rightfully mine, my plans, my everything. Wait. Scratch that, he stole Mars’ plans… that she stole from me.

    I have nothing left. I lost everything. I worked my ass off… for what? This? It can’t be. I should have quit when I had the chance. I don’t know who I am anymore. I used to be at the top of the world, nothing could put me down. But now I am left alone. By myself. I walk the boulevard of broken dreams. Although I hate to admit it… I am defeated. I am Shattered.
    Last edited: Jan 10, 2010
  13. Yuppirox

    Yuppirox hello

    Title: Suspicious, much?
    Author: pokefan#493
    Fandom: Pokémon
    Pairing: Mira x Rocket Grunt
    Rating: PG
    Note: Dared by darklord18. Sorry that it's so horrible. *was rushed* Dx

    "Pssst, hey you!" a hushed voice called out from the bushes. Mira spun around, startled. She looked everywhere around her, wondering if it was her imagination playing tricks on her...

    "...Who's there...?" she asked, cautiously taking out her Togekiss's Pokeball just in case...

    "Over here!" The woman stood up, revealing her self to be a member of the crime syndicate, Team Rocket. Surprised, Mira jumped back, taking a battle stance.

    "...What do you want?" she asked, suspicious.

    "Don't be so alarmed, kid. I'm just a retired grunt, looking for some excitement in my life..." The former-Rocket grunt sighed miserably, ashamed to be admitting this to a young child.

    Mira giggled, earning a look of confusion from the dark-suited grunt.

    "What's so funny?"

    "...If you want, I could help you regain your status in Team Rocket..." Mira smirked.

    The female grunt smiled devilishly. 'Hey, this girl is pretty hardcore...'

    "It'll be my pleasure..."
  14. rioT6296

    rioT6296 a girl who dreams (:

    my first drabble, joy.

    Title: A New Beginning
    Author: riot6296
    Fandom: Pokemon
    Pairing/s: Belleshipping
    Rating: K
    Notes: dared by Misachii

    A yellow rose.

    He held it out to me.

    It was…for me.

    Now, didn’t rose colors have different meanings?

    Oh, but that doesn’t matter now, does it?

    …But it sort of does at the same time.

    Why did he give this to me? Why would he leave this for me? Out of all the beautiful girls in the whole wide world, he decided to give it to me. Why?!

    He smirked as he watched me speculate the delicate flower in my hand. “Do you know what yellow roses signify?” he asked in a cocky voice.

    I shook my head innocently, and felt my cheeks warming up. I…was blushing. Why did I feel this way? This feeling…that I get around him…am I becoming attracted to him?!

    He chuckled, and ran his hands through his green hair, and looked into my eyes with his emerald ones. God…those emerald eyes…they shined even brighter than the sun. He was just so beautiful.

    “Well, lucky for you, I know,” he said, smirking again.

    Is that all he ever does? Smirk? Does he even know how to smile?

    “They signify friendship…and a promise of a new beginning.”

    “Oh.” Wow, I sounded so dumb.

    “Don’t you think us meeting was the start of a new beginning?” he asked questioningly, taking a seat beside me. I blushed once again, for he was sitting so close. I could feel the heat radiating from him.

    I cleared my throat nervously. “Er…well…” I started, unsure of what to say. “…y-yes, I guess…”

    A smile crept up his face, a real one. “I thought so.”
  15. Skiyomi

    Skiyomi Only Mostly Dead

    Title: Glimpse
    Author: Skiyomi
    Fandom: Harry Potter
    Pairing/s: Harry/Ginny
    Rating: G
    Notes: Dared by Mr. Joker.

    It had been hours since the match had ended, but the hubbub of the fans showed no hint of quieting. The fact that bedtime had passed a very long time ago stood no chance against the relative level of adrenaline still in the room.

    “He just swooped down and caught it,” Ron said in awe of Krum for like the millionth time in a row. “It was super-human, I swear.”

    “Is that what you’re going to put in your love note to him?” George asked jeeringly.

    “Because something a bit more romantic than Quidditch stats is usually the standard,” Fred topped it off.

    Ron was about to open his mouth to shape a witty retort (probably something like, “Yeah? Says you!”) but was spared the trouble by his little sister. Ginny enjoyed Ron torture as much as the next sibling, but it had been going on all night and some retribution was surely owed. Anyway, she was much better at witty retorts.

    “Oh? Is that what Angelina Johnson told you after the last time you tried to ask her out?” she asked sharply.

    “That’s a low blow, little sister,” Fred complained in a wounded voice.
    But Ginny wasn’t paying attention to him. Harry had burst out laughing at this and was smiling at her. Her immediate smooth and thoroughly adult response was to blush, turn away, and go mute.

    To Harry, Ginny had mostly been… just a quiet girl. Just Ron’s sister. Sure he’d heard that she had more of an attitude than that from the rest of the Weasley brothers, but she’d never shown it around him. He couldn’t really see why. Just now though, he thought he’d caught a glimpse of that sharp, bold girl that she kept hidden from him.

    He just wished she wouldn’t hide it.
  16. Yuppirox

    Yuppirox hello

    Title: The Hurtful Truth
    Author: pokefan#493
    Fandom: Pokemon
    Pairing/s: Pearlshipping (Ash x Dawn)
    Rating: G
    Notes: dared by Skiyomi.

    Why would he do that? Why would the love of my life, the boy of my dreams, my knight in shining armor...lie to me?

    I looked into his sorrowful eyes, questioning his actions.

    "Why?" I asked, my voice cracking. He just looked away, pain taking all his details. I know why. Because he didn't want me hurt...because he didn't want me to know the truth...

    ...That he never loved me like that.

    "Dawn... I'm- I'm sorry..." He turned the other way and started walking. Walking away from what had once been a beautiful relationship... Well, beautiful to me, I learned.

    "Ash... Why...?" Tears welled up my eyes as I watched him leave me. I wanted to grab him and stop him from going, but I was frozen.

    Frozen by his cold shoulder.
  17. Kanata

    Kanata L u c k y.

    Title: Just what I needed.
    Author: Kanata
    Fandom: Pokemon
    Pairing/s: Egoshipping (Kasumi/Misty x Shigeru/Gary)
    Rating: G
    Notes: Dared by Skiyomi, takes place in an alternate universe bb.
    As I cycled down the path towards Pallet town, there he was. His hair long and brown, he wore a purple shirt with blue jeans, his shoes were dark and worn out. He played with his yellow necklace as he walked towards me. “Hey there,” he said calmly, his voice was masculine. He grabbed my hand and escorted me off of my bike, “Will you be my cheerleader?” he asked sweetly. I agreed Gary Oak was just what I needed in my life right then.
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  18. Nightlingbolt

    Nightlingbolt AKA Nightlingbolt

    A dare from... I dunno... I got this just before New Year's, which shows just how late it is. Lazy Osiris is lazy.

    Title: Another Year Over
    Author: Darth Osiris/Osiris the Dark
    Fandom: Pokemon
    Pairing: Dawn x Mamoswine (which is, oddly enough, unnamed)
    Rating: K

    There was just one more minute to go until the new year, and Dawn was alone in Hoenn with no one to spend it with.

    She had split up with Ash and Brock after the former had conquered the Johto Battle Frontier, and had not yet met up with any of her friends and/or rivals from Sinnoh or Johto.

    Thirty seconds to go, and suddenly, one of her Pokemon let itself out. It was Mamoswine, her strongest – and hungriest – Pokemon. But there wasn’t any food around, and she had just run out of Poffins.

    Suddenly, Mamoswine rubbed his large snout against her side, and Dawn understood that Mamoswine didn’t want her to be alone on New Year’s.

    “Happy New Year, Mamoswine,” she said. Then she buried herself in Mamoswine’s fur and fell asleep as the fireworks started in the background.
  19. rioT6296

    rioT6296 a girl who dreams (:

    Title: Mistaken
    Author: Riot6296
    Fandom: Pokemon
    Pairing: Max/Harley
    Rating: K+ (because of Harley xD)
    Notes: Dared by darklord18

    I saw her.

    She's the one, I just know it! Even if I've just seen her right now...and haven't seen her face yet...and I'm just looking at her from behind...I know she's the one!

    Ahh...she's just so beautiful, even from behind!

    With those long, curvy legs...those mid-length purple locks...that soft, snow white skin...I couldn't take my eyes off of her! She was like a shining bright light...and I was like a mere moth, attracted to her by her beauty.

    A few moments later, I decided to go and say hi to her. Maybe...just maybe she'd want to go out with me somewhere...I hope I'm not too young for her!

    I wonder if she'll take interest in me, a mere fifteen year old.

    Ehh...I'm starting to sound like Brock, hitting on every older woman he sees.

    ..I don't want to go there.

    Anyway, I slowly walked towards her, working up the courage to go and say hi...to go and ask her out...to go up to her, and finally see how beautiful her face looks...

    "E-Excuse me," I finally breathed out, timdity in my voice. I gently tapped on the girl's shoulder.

    The girl's head jolted up, those purple locks swaying in the air as she did. Excitement built up in my body. I would finally get to see that pretty face!

    But once she turned around...the eager smile on my face fell.

    Or...maybe I shouldn't use the word "she" anymore...

    The "girl" I once thought was a girl smiled at me. "Oh! Hey Max!" Harley beamed, cheery as usual. "I didn't know you work out in this gym too, ya little funny duddy!"

    My eyebrow twitched. "Yeah...what a surprise," I muttered, sarcasm hinted in my voice. "Well, I'm leaving now. Bye." I started to walk away, disappointed BIG TIME.

    Harley watched as I left, confusion evading him. "What?" he asked, perplexed as to why I was leaving. "Are my...Are my shorts too short?!"
  20. Cyber Robert

    Cyber Robert Shockingly Lovely

    Title: Do you want Fries with that?
    Author: CyberBlastoise
    Fandom: Pokemon
    Pairing/s: Paul x Zoey
    Rating: K


    It was another day at work for Paul, resident frycook at Kentucky Fried Chicken. He was busy fixing up the thighs and legs when a ding-a-ling from the main entrance bell started to ring. He looked to take their order to see that it was a beautiful red-headed mistress. He gazed at her for a bit then realized that he left his hand on the piping hot stove. "YEEOW!" he yelled in pain. He started to grumble to himself as he went up to the front register. "Can I take your order?"

    The girl looked at the menu above Paul's head and said, "Can I have a Number 2?"

    "Thigh or leg?" asked Paul.

    "Leg please," replied Zoey.

    "All right, I'll get your order in a minute." He went back to get her chicken leg when suddenly he felt himself slip on top of some spilled grease. The girl saw this and leaped up over the counter to see if he was all right. Paul opened his eyes after the travesty and the first thing that came out of his mouth was "ASH! YOU SPILT THE GREASE AGAIN!" He then looked up to see the girl once more.

    "Hey you all right?" asked the red-haired girl as she helped him up.

    "Yeah, you probably think that I was a bit pathetic," replied Paul as he dusted himself off. He grabbed her order and handed it to her.

    The girl introduced herself, "I'm Zoey, I moved here recently. Mind having lunch with me, it gets kinda lonely by myself."

    Paul took the hint and decided to join in, "Fine, just let me tell my assistant that I'm taking a lunch break then we can talk."

    The two talked for a while up to the point to where Paul asked Zoey out on a date, even though they just met each other for thirty minutes, Paul could tell that this girl seemed just right for him.
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