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Short 'n Sweet: The Drabble Thread

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Softly with grace
Title: Defying Logic
Author: Avietta_Ikarilove
Fandom: Pokémon
Pairing: SequelShipping
Rating: PG


"Your voice cracked."

"I can tell. Could you please-"

"No." The brunette shook her head, and shot off, clinging to the back of her Altaria. Her black-haired rival sighed and flew after her.

"Come on!"

"Whatever you say, it's still a no."

"Could you at least tell me where we're going?"

"Isn't that what you've been asking me this whole time, Hugh?"

Hugh gave an annoyed sigh.

"We're here." Rosa said after a few moments of silence.

"Yipee." Hugh replied sarcastically.

"Come on, you've been whining about this for like, an hour already."


Hugh climbed off and looked about. "Victory Road? Really?"

"Hey, hey, here comes the best part." Rosa said, walking over and tapping a cave entrance. "Guess what's in here?"


"N's Castle."

"Ah. Wait, what?"

"Yes. Now let's go."

"Rosa, did you know?"


"You defy logic."

Victorian Rush

Weather Manipulator
Title: Avoiding Conflict
Author: Victorian Rush
Fandom: Pokemon Adventures
Pairing: Franticshipping (Ruby x Sapphire)
Rating: PG
Note: Dare from Sp1derp1g. He just said a drabble involving Ruby and Sapphire, no specific plot.

Why must boys be so difficult? That was the question that Sapphire had been asking herself repeatedly.

She was really beginning to get fed up with Ruby lately. She loves him and she knows he feels the same way about her. He told her so. The two of them confessed their feelings to each other right right before that final battle with Archie and Maxie.

It's not like it was just one time. She had brought it up to him on several different occasions to him and each time, it was like it he never listened to her. He told her that they would talk about it eventually.

“Now's not the right time, Sapphire! Drop it!

All she wanted to do was talk to him and she was really beginning to get frustrated. She did let it slide back when they first confessed because they were eleven at the time. They were still very young. But five years since then and now, they both were both older and more mature. Yet, Ruby was trying to avoid the matter, which was really beginning to frustrate Sapphire.

He can't avoid this forever.

She had not seen Ruby in a while. She did receive a new set of cloths that he made himself. Well, she did not see him personally. He gave the outfit to her parents so they would give it to her, which made it even worse. She had no idea where Ruby was and it seemed like no one else knew, not Wallace, Emerald, or even Ruby's own parents knew where he was.

“What?!” Emerald practically shouted, which caused Sapphire to cover her ears. “What do you mean Ruby's not here?”

Sapphire rolled her eyes. “What do you think I mean? I couldn't get in touch with him.”

“Where is that idiot?”

“I wish I knew.”

“But you have to know. You did receive that outfit from him, right?”

“He gave it to my parents to give it to me. I never actually saw him.”

Emerald groaned with what Sapphire just told him. “Figures, doesn't it? We're supposed to go train with some old hag and of course he's nowhere to be found.”

Sapphire said nothing, she just shook her head. She could understand why Emerald was annoyed because she was pretty annoyed herself. All of them were supposed to be training with some old woman named Ultima from the Kanto Region. She was going to teach the three PokeDex Holders starter Pokemon a really powerful move but of course, Ruby was not around. She tried to call his PokeGear but he would not pick up.

“He's probably out somewhere particpating in a contest.”

“I'll kill him. If he bailed on this to participate in a Pokemon Contest, I will murder him myself. With my bare hands.”

“I'll gladly join you, Emerald.” Sapphire turned her attention to look up at the sky. “I have a bone to pick with him myself and I'm getting really sick and tired of him constantly avoid me.”

“Like what?”

“It's nothing you need to worry about.”

Moonlight Amaryllis

♪smoke and mirrors♪
Title: Tumbling Down
Author: Moonlight Amaryllis
Fandom: Pokemon
Pairing: Ash K./Satoshi x Leaf
Rating: G
Notes: From the Shipper's Truth Or Dare Thread, dare from Satoshi & Touko. Was to be Leaf and Ash paired up, whilst possessing a past together. Enjoy!

Viridian Forest was especially chilly in he fall. As the dying leaves offered little to no resistance against the blustering wind, one would have to bundle up tightly in warm clothing, lest they end up being chilled to the bone.

Ash was a part of the unfortunate latter group. With a shiver, he absentmindedly stroked the head fur of the yellow Mouse on his shoulder. The cold didn't bother him, too much, you see because he had his attention on more pressing matters.

The girl who stood before him, despite her lack of any warm attire, also seemed unfazed by the cold. Instead, she adjusted her hat as Ash spoke her name, more to affirm it to himself than her.


She nodded, and titled her head to side, to signal that he had her attention, and she was ready to listen.

Ash had not intended to start a conversation so suddenly, but he decided to make do. After all, he doubted he would get such a chance again.

"Remember how snowy Viridian Forest and Pallet Town would get? It would be so cold, we couldn't even talk without sneezing."

Another nod, so Ash felt encouraged enough to continue. "I remember I threw a bunch of snowballs at you. I thought you were gonna cry, but you just threw twice as many back. Remember?"

She blinked slowly, but said nothing. If she remembered such a thing, or even cared, she made no obvious signal if of either. It was an eerie kind of quiet, and because of it, Ash couldn't help but feel overwhelmed by it.

The question hung over him, the question he was dying to ask, but for some reason, he felt that no matter how many times he spoke it out loud, Leaf would never answer him.

Leaf? Leaf? Leaf, what happened? What happened to you that made you like this? What happened to you that caused you to become so quiet and lock yourself up in Mount Silver? What happened to you? You used to be--

And the questions drawled over and over in his head, but he didn't dare speak them out loud. Ash instead just shot Leaf a pleading look, but she just stared blankly at him.

Her walls would stay up, but sooner or later, his barrier that prevented the flood would come tumbling down.


Title: Row Of The Month
Rating: T
Fandom: Pokemon
Author: Chloboshoka

Over the past three days that had been great tension between Ash and May. Brock and Max were the first people to notice it and in public, other people were able to notice it overtime as well. Max was upset about it at first because he liked travelling and if Ash and May fell out it would mean that he would have to return home and meet his school-bullies again.

All four of them were staying at the local pokemon centre in Slateport. Max didn't like it when May was on her period, she would lash out it just upsets Max. Ash had been away all day and when he returned back to his room at eleven at night, May had a lot to say to him. Max knew that deep down, May didn't mean the nasty things she had said and what she was about to say, as May always found her time of the months very stressful.

"Where the hell have you been?" May bellowed. As Max witnessed May scream so loud that Unova could hear them, he was so tempted to whisper into Ash's ear and tell him not to worry. Brock understood exactly what was going on as he had to comfort his sisters when they started their periods.

Ash yawned. "Training!"

"Stuffing your face in McDonalds is training?" May asked. She had heard that Ash had breakfast at McDonalds and was secretly jealous that she wasn't invited. "I can't believe you spent all your trainer's allowance on food."

"Better than spending it on clothes."

May was offended. "Excuse me, Your Highness, I need clothes for my contests."

"And I need my food to live."

"You could have saved some for me."

"I hadn't eaten all day."

"You still could have saved me some!" May waved her fingers. "That's a gentlemen's duty!"

"What are you talking about May?"Ash was confused, but also frustrated. Their argument was just as intense as the pokemon battles he often got into. "I'm not a gentlemen."

"I know you're not," May snapped. She crossed her arms and marched around the room. "You should be."

"Hey what's gotten into you?" Ash asked. He held his back against the wall as the pair of them kept fierce eye-contact. "You've always been a nice girl but once a month for one week you become a... monster."

"Sometimes I really love you," May yellled. It was random and out of the blue.

"And... huh?"

"Sorry," May giggled. "Time of the month. But in all seriousness, I really do love you. I think you're a beautiful person and I would love to spend the rest of my life with you."

"I guess I love you too."

Max sighed with a huge smile on his face. "Thank goodness you two stopped arguing. I do love a happy ending."


Radio - On Air!
Title: Scuba Lesson
Author: MonMonCandie
Fandom: Pokemon
Pairing: RockSmashShipping (Brawly/Roxanne)
Rating: PG
Notes: A very late dare from the Truth or Dare thread. I'm so sorry, Scarlet Tactician! And I'm also sorry, Moonlight Amaryllis; I'm still working on the HeartSoulShipping you dared me to do! It'll get up eventually; I promise... This is why I've stayed away from the ToD thread. I'll join in again once I get the other overdue dare done.

This wasn’t exactly how she would spend her free time, but what could Roxanne do? Her idea of ‘fun’ mostly involved studying and reading a book or two, but maybe that’s where people would sometimes look at her funny. She was young woman with her life ahead of her…and she wanted to spend it by studying. What was wrong with that? She just wanted to be a better Trainer and studying—to her—was fun!

…Where was she going with this? Oh yes…

“Brawly,” she began, sitting up with a straight back and hands properly on her lap as the rental boat rocked about on the ocean waves. “As much as I enjoy your company today, scuba diving seems a bit much.”

“No sweat.” Brawly chuckled, zipping up his wetsuit before turning around to face the Rustboro Gym Leader with a grin. Roxanne knew all too well that at this point, nothing was going to get through Brawly’s thick skull. “I’ll teach you the ropes, but it isn’t hard. Besides, I thought a change of pace would be good since you’re always cooped up inside.”

I am not! She refrained from retorting. How was it that someone so laidback like Brawly retained the title of ‘Gym Leader’? That wasn’t to say Roxanne underestimated his ability as a Trainer, but that devil-may-care attitude of his… Brawly had brawn and he was far from stupid, but he could be flighty.

“Here.” Roxanne snapped to attention when Brawly handed her a wetsuit (her size apparently) and kneeled in front of her, smiling as he removed the sunglasses on his head. Tapping the air tank beside her seat, he replied. “Put that on and then I’ll help you with the rest of the equipment. Easy, yeah? Miss Honor Student?”

Roxanne narrowed her burgundy eyes. “Are you patronizing me?”

“No.” He laughed, getting to his feet and walking to the other side of the boat for his own preparations. “Just trying to get you to relax. You’re a Rock-type Trainer after all; I figured you have some sort of aversion to water.”

Roxanne was dumbstruck for all the wrong reasons. Yes, her specialty was in Rock-type Pokémon, but that didn’t mean she, herself, shared the same weaknesses as her favorite type orientation! Heaving a sigh, she picked up the wet suit; murmuring. “Oh, Brawly…”

:: :: :: :: :: :: :: ::​

Despite her initial impressions, this little activity was educational. As the Dewford Gym Leader mentioned, the fundamentals of scuba diving were quite easy to follow. Thankfully, Roxanne was a quick-learner, though she supposed sinking like a rock was harder than it looked (…ironically enough). After a bit of practice, and Brawly’s insistence that she should stay close, Roxanne was finally exploring the watery depths inch by inch; bright-eyed and curious. Luvdisc and Chinchou swam by in schools and the ecosystem of which they lived in was beautiful. That insistent need for her to study—perhaps research her findings—was picking up again.

A light tap on her shoulder tore Roxanne’s attention away from the Corsola swimming under her palm; Brawly swimming above her with bubbles of air leaving his breathing apparatus. He pointed upwards—a sign to surface. Roxanne’s childish side felt they were leaving too soon (she was actually enjoying herself!), but she knew better than to go against Brawly’s judgment on this type of thing since he’d been eyeing their oxygen levels regularly.

Nodding, Roxanne began following Brawly’s lead, kicking her legs to move upwards for the surface. However, swimming was never one of her strong points and the Dewford Gym Leader’s intuition could be unbelievably accurate. Almost immediately, he took her hand and led Roxanne to the water’s surface, though she tried to swallow her pride for having to be babied. However, Roxanne knew when she was beat and there was no way she’d make it out of the water on her own…unfortunately.

Breaking the surface, they paddled their way back to the boat. Brawly helped Roxanne grab the rungs of the side ladder as she climbed back in, pulling off her breather and mask before hearing Brawly talk. “That was awesome!”

“Indeed.” Roxanne smiled, squeezing water out of her long hair as she sat down. She may have tied her hair before getting in the water, but now it was just a big, wet mess until she could properly fix it again.

As she ran her fingers through her hair to detangle any knots, Roxanne heard Brawly boarding the boat; his wet feet squished with everything step around the bow. From what sounds she could pick up, Brawly was fidgeting with his scuba equipment. “We’ve got to do this again some time.”

“We could,” Roxanne replied, finding stubborn knots, “though no surprises next time.”

“But where’s the fun in that?” Brawly chuckled. “I was thinking of roping you in for surfing.”

Giving up on her hair, Roxanne frowned and turned her attention on Brawly. “That’s—”

She wasn’t expecting a lot, but she definitely wasn’t expecting Brawly to peel his wetsuit down to his torso! It was strange—Roxanne had never felt uncomfortable around him before, so why did a wet and half-naked Brawly suddenly cause her to stare unabashed? Oh yes…because of that.

“…Roxanne?” The Dewford Gym Leader waved a hand in front of her face once he was close. “You still with me?”

She blinked. Her brain processed the flood of visual stimulus before she looked away; scolding. “Brawly, you are too casual around me.”

“Huh? How so?” he asked, scratching the back of his head and unintentionally flexing all the right muscles.

Oh, this small town, well-meaning goofball… Roxanne certainly had her work cut out for her. “Figure that out for yourself and I might just reward you as thanks for today.”


Staff member
Title: Waiting Out The Storm
Author: xEryChan
Fandom: Pokemon
Pairing: Amourshipping (Ash x Serena)
Rating: G
Note: Dare from Mizz Nikki. Criteria: an Amourshipping drabble involving snow. I started this a while ago but got around to finishing now since we had a blizzard here last week haha xD

All Serena could do was stare out the window of the cabin she and Ash were stranded inside of, watching as the snow came down hard. She was extremely worried about Clemont and Bonnie and she just hoped they were okay, wherever they were.

This was not supposed to happen. Today was the today she was supposed to be participating in a Tripokelon in Snowbelle City. She was not supposed to be stuck in a cabin in the middle of nowhere waiting out a blizzard, miles away from the snowy city. She knew it was supposed to come but she had hoped it would have started after the Tripokelon ended but nope, that did not happen.

Nothing ever seems to work out the way she wants it too. That is something she should be used to by now though. It's been happening her whole life.

Besides being disappointed about possibly missing the Tripokelon, she was also worried sick about Clemont and Bonnie. On the way to Snowbelle City, she and Ash got separated from their traveling companions, Clemont and his younger sister, Bonnie, and she really hoped they were okay, wherever they were.

Of course Ash was nowhere to be found. He said something about trying to find a blanket for himself and Serena to keep them warm while they waited out the storm and left her in the living room to search the cabin. She had not seen him for about twenty minutes. Hopefully he finds something.

She was so cold. The cabin she found herself in was rather old and there was no heat inside. She had thought about lighting a fire but there was no wood in the fire place so she could do nothing about it. She did have the jacket her mother sent her on but it really didn't do much to keep her warm. She had her arms wrapped her tiny frame, trying to get some warmth.

And on top of that, she was starving. She had not eaten anything since she left the Pokemon Center in Anistar City. She checked the cabin to see if there was any food but there was nothing at all.

This honestly was a nightmare. She just wanted this to end.

“You're never going to guess what I found before.” Ash Ketchum, her other traveling companion, came back into the living room but Serena did not pick up her head to look at him. “Serena?” He called out to her again but he received no answer from the young girl. “Serena!”

Serena jolted for a minute, clearly startled. “What?” She asked in an irritated voice.

“Sorry, I didn't mean to startle you.” Ash slowly approached her. “While I was searching, I found some logs outside.” He turned around and dropped the logs into the fireplace. He turned around and that's when he looked at Serena. It was not that hard to see that there was something bothering Serena. “What's wrong?”

The Pokemon performer looked up at him. “I'm just worried about Clemont and Bonnie. I know they're both out there somewhere and I just hope they're both okay.”

Ash took a seat next to Serena on the couch. “I'm sure they're both okay, Serena. I'm sure they're both okay, you know how Clemont is. I'm sure they were able to find some place to wait out the storm, like we did. First thing tomorrow morning after the storm ends, we'll go look for them. Sound good?”

Serena nodded, looking up at Ash. “Okay.”

“Anyways, like I was saying, I found some logs while I was outside. We'll light a fire to keep us warm until this storm ends.”

They used Fennekin's Flamethrower to start a fire and wait out the storm in the cabin.

“Hey Ash?” Ash said nothing but made eye contact with Serena. “Thanks. For everything. I don't know what I would do without you.”

“You don't need to thank me.”

Serena could stop the smile from appearing on her face. She doesn't know how Ash is able to stay calm after everything he's been through. That has always been one thing she loved about him. He always knows what to say to make everyone feel better, no matter how bad things look.

That was probably caused her to develop some feelings for him.
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Satoshi & Touko

Glimwood Tangle is Literal Dreamland
Title: Ventress Conference Coincidence
Author: Satoshi & Touko
Fandom: Pokemon
Pairing: Othelloshipping (Ash x Hilda)
Rating: G or PG
Notes: Again, not a dare. Getting Othelloshipping action here! I used to have this also on my fanfiction account.

The battlefield was mostly covered in smoke with the exception of at the ends where spectators could see two tough pokemon trainers, one on each end.

It was the final round of the Ventress Conference and the two finalists were Ash Ketchum and Hilda White, two energetic teenage trainers who traveled together for a long time and were also a couple. Still, their relationship status didn't stop them from giving it all they had in their quest to become League champions. They watched in determination as the smoke began to clear.

Both trainers and the audience both gasped at the sight of both pokemon laying on the ground, clearly unable to battle. They were both using emboar as their final pokemon to boot!

"Both trainer's pokemon are unable to battle. That means the final round of this year's Ventress Conference is a draw, with both Ash Ketchum and Hilda White as the winners!" the referee announced after raising both flags.

The crowd erupted in cheers and the two of them minutes later, stood on a podium. The two of them gave a smile and proud pose as they both held the trophy high in the air.

"I can't believe it Ash! We're both tournament champions this year!" Hilda said to Ash.

"I'm not sure whether or not I'm more happy or blown away," Ash said.

Later that day, a party was thrown at Hilda's house for Hilda and Ash and many of the partygoers were talking about how this was not the first, but the fourth time that Hilda and Ash had competed in some kind of tournament and ended up in a tie with one another.

"I'm telling you Mom! I'm not intentionally trying to cause these things to happen," Hilda said while laughing.

"Believe me Hilary. These things have to just be coincidences!" Ash added in.

Regardless of how many times Ash and Hilda would say that these events were flukes, not everyone believed them, and once in a while, they themselves would question whether or not they were.

"Maybe they truly are coincidences. What you two can't deny though, is that you both are in so many ways, pretty much identical to one another," Cheren, one of Hilda's childhood friends said.

"Hey! No we are not. We just have a lot in common," Ash retorted.

Yes, they did have a lot in common. They both loved adventure and they cared deeply for pokemon. More deeply than virtually all trainers did. Throughout their travels, they were always battling against each other, or with each other on the same team in tag battles. Nothing ever stopped them from having fun with each other and enjoying one another's company.

Heck, they sometimes seemed as though their eating habits were identical. It was no surprise to anyone when after quite some time, once Ash learned to not be so dense, they had started dating. They had always deep down loved each other and promised that as long as they were alive, that they would continue their journeys together to become the best that they could be.

Ash and Hilda were now sitting close together in Hilda's backyard watching the sun go down.

"Hey Ash?" Hilda eventually spoke.


"Do you think that it really is odd that we tied in several major tournaments?" the brown-haired teen asked.

Ash turned to face his girlfriend and smiled. "I really couldn't tell you. Sometimes I wonder the exact same thing," he said. He turned back toward the direction of the sunset. "I do know that unless I can pass all other trainers, I won't ever become a pokemon master."

Hilda scooted closer to Ash and rested her head on his shoulder. "Weird or not, I think you've really learned by now that it's gonna really be hard to best me in pokemon battles. I'm going to continue working hard. We may be together, but we're still rivals and always will be."

A few more seconds went by before Ash spoke again. "I really care for you Hilda, and I'm glad that this tournament ended in a tie, but next year, it going to be me that wins the Ventress Conference." His voice showed that he was still as confident as ever.

Hilda smirked and chuckled. "We'll see," she said as Ash put his arm around her. "…I…yawn…am pretty confident that I can win next time." Hilda snuggled up into Ash and began to drift off into a light slumber.

Ash looked down at his beautiful girlfriend and rival before chuckling softly. "In your dreams Hilda."

Yes, they were quite the couple, but they still were rivals and were never going to quit going at it with each other. What they could agree on though was that no matter what happened, they would always be by each other's side, continuing to befriend many people and pokemon. They would lend a helping hand when needed, and they would continue to work hard with their pokemon pals, so they could perhaps someday, become the greatest trainers that had ever lived.
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Radio - On Air!
Title: Unconditionally
Author: MonMonCandie
Fandom: Pokemon
Pairing: StormFallShipping (Wallace/Lisia -- familial)
Rating: G
Notes: I've been obsessing over this duo and it's really lacking in the fanfic department! Of course, I only support this pairing in non-incestuous terms, but there is love; just a different brand of it. :)

Wallace was nine-and-a-half when he met Lisia, his older sister’s beautiful baby girl, and it would be a lie if he said being around the baby wasn’t an uncomfortable thing. Her tiny features from her hands to her feet made Lisia seem so alien to him… Wallace had seen babies before—on television, in books, and with the neighborhood mothers—but he never, directly, had to deal with one…

“Hmm? Wallace, would you like to hold Lisia?”

Teal eyes quickly went wide at the imposing question; Wallace vigorously shaking his head while taking a step back. Intuition told the boy that his sister misinterpreted his strange curiosity by peeking over her shoulder. However, the woman only chuckled with a teasing smile, rocking a restless babe close to her breast as she sat in the living room armchair. She would murmur gently and plant soft kisses on Lisia’s fuzzy crown in an attempt to soothe her, earning Lisia’s favor as she settled down within her mother’s arms, leaving Wallace to gaze in awe.

Once again, his feet carried him to the baby’s side; and once again, he was strangely captivated by the newest addition to his family. Wallace’s sister laughed, slowly adjusting her hold on Lisia. “Here.”

His mouth flew open to refuse, but by then, his sister was already handing him the baby. Wallace panicked momentarily, though thankfully, his sister patiently helped him cradle Lisia so it wouldn’t feel awkward—despite Wallace’s initial feelings. A breath he didn’t know he was holding tumbled from his lips before the boy stared down at the baby in his arms, thinking Lisia looked smaller than before. She was so light and incredibly soft… Were most babies like her?

Just as the boy was beginning to relax, Lisia started fidgeting, making panic bubble within the pit of his stomach. Lisia soon opened her eyes and all Wallace could grasp was his reflection staring back at him. Her eyes were the clearest, brightest turquoise he had ever seen and when Lisia babbled happily, reaching tiny hands up to his face, Wallace was sure his heart skipped a beat; mesmerized.

“Lisia loves you already,” his older sister praised. “You’ll be a good uncle; won’t you, Wallace?”

Uncle…? Yes, that was his relation now to this beautiful little girl. Lisia was so small—so fragile and delicate—that Wallace felt an innate need to protect her from all that could hurt her. The anxiety he had moments earlier quickly faded away; and the boy probably understood why his sister so easily accepted the role of ‘mother’.

It was love—Wallace fell in love; truly and unconditionally for someone more important than he.

And so far in his incredibly young life, that was the best feeling in the world.
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Satoshi & Touko

Glimwood Tangle is Literal Dreamland
Title: Valentine's Oopsie
Author: Satoshi & Touko
Fandom: Pokemon
Pairing: Othelloshipping (AshxHilda)
Rating: G
Notes: Valentine's drabble for a rare shipping that is also the best shipping there is! At least to me! This also used to be on my FF account.

Ash Ketchum was inside a small candy shop looking around for some chocolates for his friend Hilda. Ash and Hilda had recently helped in a clean-up in Nimbasa City. There was a celebration a few days before in which the theme was trainers showing their pokemon how much they appreciate their hard work. All attendants were required to give a gift to their pokemon.

Ash was struggling greatly in finding a good gift for his pokemon and at the last minute, and because of some advice Hilda gave him, he got his pokemon gifts that were suitable for them based on their individual personalities.

Hilda had always been there to help out Ash when he needed and never held a grudge against him, even during his more immature moments when, say, he would be in a rush to start a gym battle or something. She had done a lot for him over the course of their journey and he wanted to thank her.

He knew that if there was one way to make Hilda happy, it was an opportunity for her to go big on chocolate.

"Hilda has usually been on such a strict diet and almost never gets to enjoy her favorite treat," Ash said as he selected a large box of Mindor Truffles and brought them over to the register. "She'll love this!"

Ash came out of the store with his present in a pink plastic bag. He wasn't exactly sure why the bag was pink but he didn't question it. He went back to the pokemon center and out to its battlefield where he found Hilda training with her pokemon.

"Hey Ash!" Hilda waved to Ash and he walked over to her with his present for her behind his back. "Where have you been?"

Ash rubbed the underside of his nose with his index finger. "I, uh, actually did a little shopping," he answered. He then brought the bag into view. "I got this to thank you for your advice the other day at the celebration. If it wasn't for your help, I wouldn't have any gifts for my pokemon."

Hilda looked at the bag in shock and slowly took it from Ash. "I…" Her face began to redden. "Well, thanks…"

Ash saw the red on her face, but being as dense as he is, he didn't know what was really going on. "Hilda? Are you…crying?"

This caused Hilda to glow a deeper shade of red. "No." She then looked Ash in the eye. "Ash. Do you know…what today is?"

"Uh, Friday?" Ash said.

"Today…is actually Valentine's Day," Hilda uttered out.

"Valentine's Day? Isn't that the day that people who are together give each other gifts or cards or…something?" Ash asked. He himself now couldn't help but begin to blush a little as well.

"Yeah." Hilda then took her gift out of the bag. She wasn't sure what to be more shocked about. The fact that he got her chocolates or the fact that these particular chocolates were her absolute favorites.

Ash on the other hand, began to feel like an idiot. Here he was just trying to give Hilda something as a thank you gift for everything she had done for him, but instead he made her feel totally uncomfortable…or so he thought.


Ash looked at Hilda. "Hilda. I'm sorry. I thought…" He was completely taken aback, and blushed furiously, as he felt Hilda give him a peck on the cheek.

"Thanks for the chocolates. I know that you didn't know it was Valentine's Day and were just getting me a thank you gift, but it's the thought that counts. Not to mention these are my absolute favorites," she said.

Ash stood there with a somewhat goofy expression on his face, not really sure what to say or think. "Uh, you're welcome Hilda."
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Victorian Rush

Weather Manipulator
Title: What Trainers Do
Author: Victorian Rush
Fandom: Pokemon
Pairing: Othelloshipping (Ash x Hilda)
Rating: G
Note: Dare from Satoshi & Touko. Criteria: an Othelloshipping drabble in which the two of them are interacting before they compete against the final round of the Unova League.

Hilda could not believe this. This was not something she was expecting to happen and she was not happy about the outcome. She made it so far into the Unova League. In fact, she was one of the last two trainers left standing in the finals of the Unova League. That is quite an accomplishment. But because of that, she knew this final battle was going to be tough. Really tough. To make matters worse, she was going to battling her good friend, Ash.

Sure, maybe they did meet not too long ago and she did not exactly know him that well but he was still a friend of hers, how is she supposed to battle him? She really did not know if she would be able to face him in battle either. This is the first time she was ever going to face someone she's friends with but how exactly is she supposed to battle him anyways?

Is it always supposed to be this hard?

“Hilda?” She heard her name being called and she could not stop herself from frowning. She knew that voice, it was the one voice that was going to be haunting her. Ash.

Why? Why did the last person she wanted to see have to follow her outside. Why did Ash have to come after her. Right now, she could not stand the though of listening his voice, much less even looking at him. “What do you want, Ash?”

“I saw you run off. I just wanted to make sure you were okay. So, are you okay?”

What do you think, Ash? Hilda could not herself from rolling her eyes at Ash's question. I just found out that I'm going to battling my friend in the finals so do you think I'm okay? But she would not say that to Ash, that would be way too mean. So she opted to lie to him. “Yes, Ash. I'm fine.”

“No, you're not.”

“And what are you? An expert? Can you automatically tell when someone is angry or upset?” Hilda replied sarcastically.

“I know you're upset and I get why.” Hilda was not expecting that and she could stop herself from looking up at Ash. When she didn't say anything, he continued. “I saw the look on your face when they revealed that we're going to be battling each other next, it was not that hard to realize that's why you must be upset.”

Gee, you're a sharp one. Hilda bitterly thought but she would never actually say that out loud.

“This is your first time battling someone who is your friend, isn't it?” Hilda's silence was all Ash needed to know that he was right. “I can't tell you how many times I have had to battle my friends before.”

“So, what did you do?”

“What do you think I did? I still went out and battled her.” Ash told her. “My opponent was a girl I used to be really good friends with. We grew up together, to be honest. Her name was Leaf and I can honestly tell you that I am proud of the outcome.”

“How did it go?”

“We both went out and gave the battle our all, I didn't hold anything back and neither did she. I don't even care that I lost because it was a battle that both of us can be proud of.”

Hilda could not stop the smile from appearing on her face and she turned around to look at Ash. Although Ash may be very dense when it comes to certain topic – which she opted not to go into at the moment because all it would do is distract her from the main issue – he can still be very intelligent. Maybe she was lucky to have met him.

Maybe. Just maybe.

“Sometimes you will have to battle your friends,” Ash began, “it happens. That is, unfortunately one thing that comes along with being a trainer. If it happens, there is no reason why both side can't go out there and have a battle they both can be proud of, Hilda.”

The brunette nodded her head. “Yeah, you're right.”

“So lets go back in there and begin our battle, what do you say?” Ash held out his hand for her to shake.

Hilda looked down at Ash's hand before looking back up at him. “You got yourself a deal, Ash.”

With that, the two went back into the arena to begin the battle. Although Hilda still was not crazy about the fact that she had to battle a friend and the boy she secretly had a crush on, she was still going to go out there and battle Ash. She knew he was going to hold anything back against her and she was going to do the same.

That is what a trainer does.
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Radio - On Air!
Title: Hair Care
Author: MonMonCandie
Fandom: Pokemon
Pairing: HeartSoulShipping (Ethan/Lyra)
Rating: G
Note: An old drabble dare from Moonlight Amaryllis where one of the characters were suspiciously flamboyant. I'm so sorry it took so long! >_< I tried to emulate part of Ruby's personality on to Ethan... Pretty sure it didn't succeed. xD

“Hey, Lyra, what do you do with your hair?” Ethan suddenly asked, tugging one of girl’s signature pigtails.

To be honest, the question and the way he so casually touched her raised obvious flags in her head. Eyebrows knit closely together when she leaned forward; inadvertently squishing Marill who sat on her lap. Looking over her shoulder, Lyra found her childhood friend (now Champion of an entire Pokémon League), staring intently at her hair. “Why do you ask?”

“Well,” Ethan began without noting her look of skepticism, “I noticed that you get your hair to look real soft; and it has a nice shine to it too.”


“But you know,” Ethan crouched down to meet the girl at eye level; bluntly speaking, “you should do something about those split-ends because they’re not very appealing.”

…Since when did Ethan become an expert on hair care? Lyra will admit that she hadn’t been keeping up with her appearance lately, but she wouldn’t admit that to Ethan of all people! Puffing her cheeks, Lyra turned back around while petting the top of Marill’s head; the little Aqua Mouse Pokémon shaking its fur seconds after. “Well, I’m sorry that helping out my grandparents at the Pokémon Day Care caused such unappealing split-ends—”

“Especially under the sun! It can be really damaging to hair,” Ethan informed…while pulling off her white hat impulsively. “But a good conditioner can help prevent them!”

Marill effectively hopped off Lyra’s lap; the girl fussing in her spot with her hands going to her pigtails. “Ethan, what are you doing!?”

“I’m going to brush your hair,” the boy answered, swatting away Lyra’s fidgety digits and successful undoing her hair. He soon pulled out Lyra’s small hair brush from her bag (they were that comfortable around each other) and started to gently run the brush down the base of her crown. As he hummed, Ethan relied. “It’s good to do this once in a while, but don’t do it too much! Just do it enough until you get your hair nice and soft.”

She was lucky he couldn’t see her face because Lyra was sure she was giving the ugliest look of disgruntlement. Lyra simply couldn’t figure out what was wrong with Ethan at the moment; he was never this concerned with her hair and he didn’t use to talk so much…about personal hygiene or anything of the sort. As she sat with her hands on her knees, Ethan gently running his fingers in search of knots, the brunette finally came to one conclusion: Ethan’s expressiveness was slightly like the Goldenrod Gym Leader.

“…Ethan, have you been hanging around Goldenrod City lately?”


“Oh.” She was disappointed. Why? It never bothered Lyra before of where Ethan spent most of his time, but if it was with the bubbly, pretty Gym Leader…

Suddenly, Ethan appeared in front of her and clipped back her bangs with a blue barrette. Lyra felt her cheeks heat up when the boy grinned. “There! You look great, Lyra!” He glanced down at Marill. “Don’t you agree?”

Marill squeaked happily and with all their praises, the brunette was beginning to turn red right to her ears! “Thanks…though you surprised me, Ethan. I didn’t know you were good with hair.”

“Haha, well, it’s probably because I’ve been hanging around Goldenrod Tunnel a lot.” Ethan laughed. “The brothers who own the hair salon taught me the basics and I used that knowledge on my Pokémon at the photo booth!”

Lyra slowly blinked. “The photo booth?”

“Yeah! Do you remember that fashion case you gave me when I first explored Goldenrod Tunnel? Well, I didn’t know what to do with it until I started wasting time at the photo booth. However, the photographer there said I was so good with dressing up my Pokémon, I couldn’t help but go back there just to take pictures!”

“You have pictures?”

“Well, since you asked…” Somehow, Lyra knew Ethan was trying to be humble, but with that boastful smile on his face, the act was failing as he dug through his bag and pulled out a collection of photos, flashing each one in Lyra’s direction. “Aren’t my Pokémon amazing? I have to admit, I really know how to coordinate a costume; guess I have an eye for color. Hey, Lyra, maybe I should dress up Marill so you guys are matching!”


“It’ll be fun! Oh, and don’t worry; I know exactly what colors would work best with Marill. It’s gotta be bright, cheerful; that kind of thing!”

Nothing she said anymore was getting through to Ethan; he was way too busy…planning. Lyra just couldn’t figure out where this change in personality came from; though it didn’t bother her that much. It was…fresh in a way and she learned something new about Ethan. Smiling, Lyra played with the ends of her now silky hair; Marill’s ears twitching in curiosity.

“I guess I’ll be wearing my hair down on occasion now….”

Title: Do It For Me
Author: MonMonCandie
Fandom: Pokemon
Pairing: GlobalAppealShipping (Aarune/Lisia)
Rating: PG
Note: I accidentally misread the dare Scarlet Tactician gave me when I wrote this. Sooo...this has pretty much become a bonus to the actual dare (which I had to write from scratch lol). Surprise! xD

“Please, please, please?” she continued to plead over his shoulder; arms wrapped around his torso as she squeezed him tightly. “I promise I won’t ask you for anything else if you just try it!”

Aarune continued writing in the guild ledger, noting the number of flags each registered team had collected so far. It was a rather slow day at the Secret Base Guild with no one around… At least until Lisia decided to visit him. “Thing is, darling: you do ask me for something else afterwards.”

“Eh? I do? Well, you know it’s never anything big. They’re more like favors that I’ve asked of you,” Lisia explained with a smile.

He stopped writing, looking over his shoulder with a raised eyebrow. “And what you’re asking me to do now is…?”

“A request!”


Thankfully, he’s known Lisia for a while now that her childish retribution didn’t phase him anymore. She pounded her hands against his back, speaking her outcry, as he continued his writing activity. “Aarune! Come on—you never know until you try! I You’d be totally awesome in a Contest Spectacular—I can just feel it! Feel it the way you can smell adventure!”

…She was quite the motivational speaker. Aarune made a quirky smile before sighing, closed the ledger on the desk, twisted his body, and threw his arm around the idol’s shoulders playfully. As swiftly and gently as he could, Aarune pulled her over to the front; Lisia yelping as she caught herself with her hands. “Thanks for the vote of confidence, but I just can’t see myself doing what you do.”

Lisia furrowed her brows; a pout donning her lips as she fixed the tiara on her head. “You always say that, but why?”

“…I dunno.” Now that she actually posed the question, Aarune was honestly drawing a blank. He crossed his arms in thought. “Hmm… Guess it’s because I’m not as young as I used to be—”

“Aarune, you’re as old as Uncle Wall,” Lisia struggled not to giggle. “And he participated in a Contest not too long ago.”

“You know what I mean.”

“No, I don’t since age has nothing to do with this. You can afford to try something new.” Clicking her tongue, the idol poked the middle of Aarune’s chest as she leaned over in a playful, chastising manner. “And give yourself a little credit, Aarune; you’re still good-looking.”

The adventurer blinked once before rolling his eyes, exposing her honest amusement. Now, Aarune could take Lisia’s compliment in two ways: either she was just trying to be persuasive or she was doing ‘that’—flirting with him. Made Aarune wonder what exactly Lisia found appealing about him in the first place honestly… “You tryin’ to get on my good side?”

“I thought I was on your good side!” Lisia giggled with a pretty smile on her lips. “Hmm, but if I’m not, then I guess I am! Is it working?”

“Sure is! I feel like participating in a Contest now.”

“Really!?” She squeaked in surprise when Aarune dropped his hat over her face when she tried to look at his face. The adventurer let a special kind of smile paint his face; one reserved only for the little lady in front of him. She was right: age didn’t have anything to do with anything, but that still didn’t stop him from wishing he was born a little later in life.

…Then again, he’d never meet Lisia if he was.

Chuckling once his thoughts were collected, Aarune resumed a carefree demeanor when Lisia pulled away his hat. “Yup; only after you win a Contest for me.”

The Contest Idol flabbergasted. “Hey, that’s not how a request works…!”

“But it’s a fair trade. ‘Sides, I could use a little inspiration and you’re the muse of the hour.” He laughed; cheekily grinning. “Or are you tellin’ me Lissi herself can’t have fun too?”

She thought about it for a moment after rolling her eyes, but Aarune could tell that her spark was there—Lisia was impassioned. “Just the opposite actually! We should call this: ‘Challenge! Take Charisma to the Stage!’” Before Aarune could say any more, Lisia was already flying towards the guild entrance. She turned on her heel, slipped on Aarune’s red hat, and declared. “Just you watch! Ali and I will make a performance that’ll blow you out of the water! Then you’ll have to try out a Contest!”

“Ah!? Hey, my hat—”

“You get it back when you come to Lilycove City.” Lisia stuck out her tongue with another wink, teasing as she tipped the hat on her head. “It’s a live show after all and I need insurance that you’ll actually be there in person. Anyways, I gotta prepare! See ya later, Aarune!”

The adventurer flabbergasted as he watched the girl go on her merry way, flying off on her Altaria…with his hat! He sighed with a scratch of his head, letting a weary smile form on his lips. That girl certainly has a way with him no other probably does. Aarune honestly wasn’t thinking of not going to see her live in a Contest, but he had to give Lisia points for covering her bases…

“Well, buddy.” Aarune chuckled, pulling out Flygon’s Poké Ball. “Looks like we got some practicing to do.”

Title: Stage Presence
Author: MonMonCandie
Fandom: Pokemon
Pairing: GlobalAppealShipping (Aarune/Lisia)
Rating: PG
Note: Here's the actual dare from Scarlet Tactician! Consider it a sequel to the last drabble. lol

She can hardly contain her excitement when she sees him. Lisia hasn’t felt like this since…since…since May wore her first Contest outfit! Just the thought of that same dazzling feeling is just too much for her little heart! Lisia holds her cheeks in her hands as she shakes her head like a silly fangirl. “Sooo…cool! Aarune, you look amazing! Ah-mazing!”

Aarune, now handsomely dressed in an outfit resembling his loyal Flygon, gives her an awkward smile; one gloved hand on the dark green sash wrapped around his hip. “Then I guess it’s okay. Hmm… Never thought I’d be wearin’ one of these Contest getups though …”

“If we weren’t judging the Pokémon, I’d totally give you full marks for appeal!” Lisia winks with thumbs up before clapping childishly. “I’m so glad the seamstress understood the vision I wanted! It was the right choice to base your costume off of Flygon.”

“Ah.” Aarune hums, glancing at the ceiling. “I should’ve known you were coordinating my outfit from the get-go, considering your costume looks like that Altaria you own.”

The Contest Idol giggles, leaning towards the adventurer with hands behind her back. “And it works, right? Personally, it should be the Pokémon that shine onstage, not the other way around. The Trainer should only be there to enhance the appeal of their Pokémon participating in the Contest; which is why I normally wear something similar to Ali so I don’t draw attention away from him!”

She watches as the man thinks to himself for a moment and his pause draws a bit of suspicion on her part. Lisia knows that she had to do a lot to convince Aarune to finally take part in a Contest Spectacular, but now she wonders if the man is thinking of an excuse to not participate. Before Lisia can voice her concerns, however, Aarune does. “Then I guess I won’t have much to worry about, standing in front of all those people.”

“Hmm? What do you mean?”

“Well, let’s just say I’m not that great in front of a huge crowd despite my people skills.”

A pause lingers in the air before Aarune’s words sink in; Lisia blinking. “…Stage fright?”

“…Sure; let’s call it that,” the man vaguely replies, looking at the ceiling again when Lisia spots color painting his face. Her lips are twitching in amusement because she’s never seen Aarune so bashful before! So even this man, with his adventurous personality and outgoing demeanor, can be a little shy… How adorable!

Without warning, Lisia jumps Aarune for a hug and she can feel him tense immediately after contact. It causes her to giggle quietly, but the Contest Idol doesn’t mind as she rests her cheek against his chest, closing her eyes. “You’ll be fine, Aarune. Just be yourself and do your best out there! I know you can do it; it’s why I’ve been begging you to try out a Contest.”

He doesn’t say anything as far as Lisia knows, but she can hear his heart beat slowing down back to a normal rhythm. Hmm, perhaps he isn’t nervous anymore?

“Lisia?” Lifting her head from Aarune’s chest, the Contest Idol looks over her shoulder to see one of the stagehands standing by the entrance. The woman hugs her clipboard while her grey eyes dart momentarily. “Er, Mr. Aarune needs to be onstage in five!”

“Gotcha, we’ll be ready soon.” Lisia nods with a smile. The stagehand curtly nods back before hastily disappearing through the door without another word. It’s obvious why the stagehand departs as she did, but it doesn’t bother Lisia much… Though it’s a good thing most people think Lisia’s touchy-feely with others.

She loosens her arms around Aarune’s waist, but she’s pulled back so suddenly, teal eyes fly open when she stumbles forward. Honestly, Lisia’s beyond confused by the impulsive action until she feels the sensation of someone kissing her forehead… And since Aarune is the only other person in the dressing room, Lisia doesn’t have to think twice about who that ‘someone’ is. Unfortunately, the Contest Idol isn’t given much time to react when the Aarune pulls away, casually striding towards the door.

“Alright—time to show a Hoenn crowd how we party in Unova!”

“W-Wait; hold on!” Lisia calls out, turning on her heel while touching her burning forehead; entire face turning a bright shade of red. “What was that for?”

Aarune keeps his back to her for a moment longer—building up the suspense—before smirking over his shoulder. “I’m just borrowin’ a Master-class performer’s luck is all.”

…Lisia is pretty sure her heart just did something weird…

“Wish me luck!” Aarune laughed, waving his hand as he leaves the room.

Left with only her thoughts (and she isn’t thinking much right now), Lisia can only stare at nothing in particular, hearing only faint murmurs from outside the room. Soon enough, the entire venue booms with music and cheering—all signs that the main event is starting! Lisia lightly slaps her claps to motivate herself.

“Get it together now, Lisia! Aarune’s about to hit the stage and he needs our support!” she speaks out loud. Another smile touches her lips at the thought of Aarune sharing his charm with the crowd and it’s enough to make her think he’ll feel comfortable soon enough. Lisia knows expecting perfection on the first try isn’t realistic, but if the adventurer can gain an appreciation for something she loves from the bottom of her heart, then everything will make her world ten times as better.

Besides, he has some of her ‘luck’ now; she doesn’t need to worry.
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The Tenth Man
Okay , time to give my first drabble a shot.
This was initially just a fun scenario I posted on the Amour thread for pokévision but after tweaking it around alot , I turned this into a Drabble.
I wanna give a shout out to Sp1derp1g for being a huge help and to pokévision because if it weren't for you , I probably wouldn't have come up with the idea in the first place ;)

Title: Battle de Stare
Author: Dr.Psycho
Fandom: Pokémon (anime)
Pairing: Amourshipping
Rating: E
Note: This drabble is inspired by the blank stare we got from Ash and Serena in XY 21 and XY 62 respectively


This blank stare battle is exclusively brought to you by Pika Sports HD.

The announcer starts :
"In the left corner of the ring, stands the boy with a huge heart and a tiny brain, he's come all the way from Pallet, give it up for the Kid Oblivion, Aaasshhh!!
And his opponent, the girl with the huge crush, who doesn't hesitate to crush even her crush when it comes to winning, the French beauty, Serenaaaaa!!!"
He then shouts at the top of his voice :
"Are you ready to rumble?!"
*moderate cheers come from the huge crowd that has gathered in the KSG (Kalos Staring Ground) *
I can't hear you!
*the place bursts up in cheers*
Now that's what I'm talkin' about."

*Bell rings, battle commences*

The commentator, John Doe, takes over :
"Hey everyone, I'm John Doe and I will be covering this matchup.
This promises to be something special. Serena is the current champ but Ash has stormed Kalos with his ever-open eyes. Let's just see how this one pans out..."


"And Ash is going really well, but Serena won't back down, both their faces are blank as can be, both have their eyes stretched wide open. This is hardcore stuff, people, we don't get to see action this intense every day, do we? How long can these warriors keep up. How long before someone blinks their eyes. How lo....
Oh wait, there's a twitch in Serena's right eye lid. Will this be it? But do I see a red streak in Ash's eyes? Oh yes, it's there. Looks like the tables have turned. Serena clearly seems to be in the lead. I've been around in this staring business for quite a while now, and I haven't seen staring action like this since Edward Cullen and Bella Swan...

Hold the phone, Serena is having trouble keeping her eyes open. Ash may just snatch a win here, folks. Doesn't matter who wins this match, this battle has been one of the all-time-greats. This will go down in history books. Songs will be sung about this match-up!

*The crowd keeps on gazing in awe. Three shady characters can be seen in the distance, with the letter 'R' prominent on their cloaks*

And Serena just can't keep up. It's all over folks, Serena had to give in to keep her eyes intact. A great attempt from Serena, but Ash proved superior with ... "

The announcer cuts in:
"The winner of this bout, and your new light-lid champion; Aaaasshh !!"

The loss has left Serena shell-shocked and she has burst in tears. After all, her title has been taken by her one true love. How can something be worse than this? Her most treasured posession has been taken away from her by her most loved person.

Meanwhile, after the customary celebration, Ash motions towards Serena, and puts his hand on her shoulder. She is startled by this, and turns around to see Ash smiling at her. The spotlight focusses on the couple. Serena tries to hide her tears but to no avail, they sparkle in the light and Ash notices them. He worriedly asks her, "Serena! Are you crying? Is something wrong? Did I do something stupid?", his eyes bright red all the while due to the fierce battle they had been through. Serena saw the purity of his heart and forgave him in her thoughts and then replied. "It's nothing. I'm not crying, I'm just sweating through my eyes."

Ash, understanding how Serena felt then, wiped her eyes and said lovingly," Now, turn that frown upside down", and then pulled her up, all this causing her face to turn red as her eyes, making the two hard to tell apart. She stood up, congratulated him on his victory, gave him a quick peck on the cheek and left him bemused...

Pikachu rushed at its trainer and said "Pi pikachu , pikapi chupi pikapika", which everyone interpreted as a warm congratulation, everyone except a certain talking Meowth that is, the one wearing that cloak with the 'R', who translated the lines for his partners, saying,"That lug said to his trainer: You dawg! You really know how to tame a girl's heart, don't you?"

And here's my next piece...

Title : The Perfect Contrast
Author : Dr.Psycho
Fandom: Pokémon (anime)
Pairing(s) : Frogadier/Braixen, Ash/Serena
Rating : E
Note : This drabble centres around Frogadier and Braixen, mainly their strong bond, so please dont expect something too shippy ;)

After a hectic day, Ash, Serena and Bonnie finally decided to set camp by the waterside. It had been a really tiresome day for the group because of Team Rocket. As usual, they were up to no good and tried to steal their good friend Tierno's pokémon and Pikachu. And if it weren't for Ash and Serena, they might have even gotten away with it.

It went down like this. Team Rocket had the pokémon trapped in a cage, which was being pulled by their jeep. They managed to get away initially but Ash's Fletchinder pin-pointed their location.

Ash and the others soon followed, with Fletchinder's guidance ofcourse. There, then began a fierce battle with Team Rocket. Jessie and James sent out their trusty Pumpkaboo and Inkay, this time, however, they had some sort of bands attached to their heads. Meanwhile, Ash sent out his Frogadier and Serena called out her Braixen. The two stood beside each other, ready to engage...

... in battle.

There was an unusual smirk on Team Rocket's faces . Anyhow, Ash and Serena ignored it and started to battle, the hearts of the two perfectly in sync, alongwith their pokémon's. Ash commanded," Frogadier! Use Cut! ", and Serena had asked her Braixen to use Scratch at the very moment. The two rushed towards Inkay and Pumpkaboo, with such speed that to a distant eye, they would have seemed like streaks of red and blue, the perfect contrast. Just as they were about to land critical hits, Inkay and Pumpkaboo dodged the attacks effortlessly, in the blink of an eye, much to Ash and Serena's bewilderment.

The smirks on the faces of Team Rocket had grown wider. And then Jessie said , "You twerps are really stupid. The bands on Inkay and Pumpkaboo are Speed Bands. How can you possibly beat us when you cant even land an attack." and started to laugh evilly. Meanwhile, James wanted in on the conversation too and was like," What she said!"

This was no ordinary battle. Team Rocket, for once, had actually managed to put up a fight. Inkay and Pumpkaboo kept on thrashing Frogadier and Braixen with their relentless attacks and boundless speed, to the point where they were almost defeated. Bonnie and Tierno stood at a side, watching helplessly. Ash, in desperation, looked at serena and she showed complete faith in him, which boosted his morale and it hit him, "Eurika! I got it! Serena, we can only beat them with a combo move. What do you say?". Serena nodded in agreement. And this moment turned the tables, and their pokémon, with one last surge of power, motioned to attack.

First, Frogadier used Double Team to distract the enemy, followed by Hidden Power from Braixen which swirled around them along with Frogadier's Double Team. Inkay and Pumpkaboo were surrounded. And then, Frogadier appeared from the sky, nose-dived at Inkay, and used Aerial Ace, knocking it out . Meanwhile, Braixen sneaked in from behind the wall of Double Team and punched the floating balls of its Hidden Power at Pumpkaboo, following it up with Scratch, and knocking it out too.

Then, Frogadier used Water Pulse and Braixen used its Flamethrower which swirled around the sphere of water and approached Team Rocket. The combo move hit them with immense force and blasted them away, to which Bonnie rightfully shouted, "Take that!!". Finally, they had managed to rescue the pokemon. They returned Tierno's pokémon to him and then bid him farewell.

Frogadier and Braixen, standing at a distance from the others, smiled at each other, and high-fived before returning to their masters, the moment catching Pikachu's eye...

And now , after a hectic day , they were setting up camp. After making the arrangements , they lit up the few pieces of firewood Ash had just brought , and everyone got all cozy around it and began to chow down on some delicious sandwiches made by Serena . A befitting end to a tiresome day...[/Spoil]
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Softly with grace
Title: Wrong Question

Author: Avietta_Ikarilove

Fandom: Pokémon

Pairing: Contestshípping (May/Haruka x Drew/Shuu), CheekyShipping (Max/Masato x Mira/Miru)

Rating: PG-13 for mentions of sexuality

“I don’t like this dress. It’s all frilly.” Haruka complained, twisting around, a bundle of small glass of wine firmly clutched in her tan hands.

“It looks beautiful though!” Hikari exclaimed, placing her gloved hand on her friend’s shoulder.

“Well, we got through all the wedding crap.” Shuu smiled at his wife.

Haruka tucked a loose strand of auburn hair behind her ear and smiled back. “True.”

“Haruka!” Haruka turned to see Masato, her younger brother, running towards her.

“Yeah?” Haruka asked, puzzled, “What is it, Masato?”

“Can I ask you something? In private?”

Haruka tilted her head, but nodded. “Do you mind, Shuu?”

“Not at all, my love.” Shuu winked and touched his lips to her head.

“Thanks.” Haruka smiled, and returned the kiss to her husband.

Following Masato, the siblings ended up in an orchard outside the church. Haruka then turned to Masato.


“I wanted to ask… i-if I should propose to Miru. I mean, we’ve been together and all for a while now…”

“Of course!” Haruka exclaimed. Miru was a bouncy girl, who absolutely had adored Masato the moment their eyes had met. She would help drag Masato out of his comfort zone, get him to be more active. A future like that was what Haruka wanted for her younger siblings.

Masato breathed a sigh of relief. “Thank Arceus you agreed.”

“Of course.” Haruka sniffed.

“By the way, Haruka?”

“Yeah?” The older sister asked before taking a drink from her wine glass.

“What’s sex? Miru wants to do it.”

Haruka couldn’t help it. A wine-scented rainbow flew through the sky.


Title : Useless
Author : BubChan
Fandom: Pokémon
Pairing(s) : OthelloShipping (Ash & Hilda)
Rating : E
Note : Drabble dare from Satoshi & Touko, Criteria: An drabble where Ash and Hilda are in a island

[Spoil] And one more week has passed, and I'm still here, the day was so hot, I hate hot days, they make me sweat a lot, and I hate to sweat, it make me feel so sticky. But actually, my sweaty clothes are not the problem, HE is the problem. I can't look away for one secound and he's on trouble.

A shipwreck has happend on our ship, and here we are, in a island, no one ever came to rescue us, it's my third month here, I don't know how I'm surviving to this

"Hilda!" this boy again, oh my god, I can't stand him anymore

"What happend Ash?" I asked, but I knew that something bad was coming

"You know that boat that you were building?"

"Yes Ash" Yeah, I'm totally screwed

"Soooooo.... I accidentally... lost it"

"You, WHAT?!" My face turned red, I was so, so angry with that useless boy, I told him to not touch my boat! So how he lost it? HOW?! I took several weeks to build that, I needed to be strong, I was trying to not cry, I needed to be strong

"Sorry, I just wanted to help..." My tears were stronger than me
"YOU WANTED TO HELP? You just can't help anyone, you're so useless, I told you to stay away from that boat, you know why I told you that? Because I knew that you would destroy it!"

"Sorry, Really, I just wanted to help you, my friend"

"You're not my friend" I started to run, I needed to be alone for a while

Yeah, I will never leave this island, I'm going to stay here forever, I can't work alone, and he will never help me, so I think I should accept the truth, I'm going to die here, I fell in the ground and tried to not cry again

Ash runned and screamed my name with all his voice, he had a powerfull voice after all, he touched my hair and smiled, he was not mad at me?

"We shouldn't fight" I never noticed that, but his eyes are so relaxed, it's great to look at them "You are right, I'm useless, but, if we join each other's power, we will leave this island, I promise"

"Are you sure?" I tried to trust him now

"Yes, c'mon, let's leave this island, together" He pulled me from the ground, he smiled again

Actually, I don't think that he's totally useless, he made me smile[/Spoil]


Softly with grace
Title: Her Name
Author: Avietta_Ikarilove
Fandom: Pokémon
Pairing(s): Ikarishipping (Paul/Dawn)
Rating: PG-13 for dark things.

"Augh!" Paul's anguished scream echoed through the empty route. It wasn't his first scream either. The boy violently stomped the ground before grabbing his violet hair in his hands.

"She can't be gone, SHE CAN'T BE GONE!" He screamed. But he knew she was.

Her smile, the bright sun in a summer day. Her eyes, sapphires that cut between dark moods. Her hair, a cloak of silk. Her lips, soft feathers that brushed his every time.

Paul clutched the golden ring in his rough palm. He remembered slipping the diamond ring on her finger as she laid in her coffin.

The boy slipped the cool band on his finger, ignoring the coldness biting at his skin.

He fingered for the plastic case in his bag and flicked it open. As he brought the razor to his chest, he kept on thinking.

Her face, as pale as marble, as soft as moss.

And her name. Of course, her name. He smiled. Her name was Dawn.

Moonlight Amaryllis

♪smoke and mirrors♪
Title: This Mess We've Made
Author Moonlight Amaryllis
Pairing: Hugh/Nate
Rating: G
Notes: Dare by xEryChan at the Shipper's Truth or Dare Thread. Needed Hugh/Nate and wax paper.

Hugh sighed and flattened the wax paper for the umpteenth time. ″Please stop trying to make this into a game, Nate,″he grumbled, ″This is for my little sister's birthday, and I don't want you ruining everything.″

Nate just laughed again, and lifted the bowl full of cookie batter back on the table. ″Sure thing!″

″If that's the case, why are you still grinning like it's funny?″

Nate reached out and ruffled Hugh's unbrushed hair. ″It's just cute that you care about her so much.″

Hugh removed the unwanted limb, and turned around to begin forming the batter into what he desired in an attempt to hide the flush on his face.

″Just go wash your hands again before helping...″ he grumbled, trying his very best to ignore the loving chuckling going on behind him.
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Title: Flower in the Night
Author: AquaRegisteel
Fandom: Pokémon
Pairing: Contestshipping (May x Drew)
Rating: PG
Notes: "May" as well try this xp Also, it is from Drew's POV.


I had seen May earlier outside; her friends training whilst she sat alone. But yeah...actually, I expected her to be training too. She wanted to beat me right? Tch, I didnt want to let that happen again. Still, I meant to give May a rose; they spurred her on even when she wasn't doing well. So I found myself in front of the Pokémon Center that night, a rose and a piece of card in hand. The sky above was wide and covered in stars, as there was not much light to take the sight away. It was a little chilly, to be honest. I sighed, flicking my green hair to make it look better, and headed in through the door; greeted by Nurse Joy. She reminded me of May, except her beaming smiles were effectively a job requirement.

"How are you, Drew?" She spoke.

"Oh, no worries here." I replied, before heading up the stairs.

"Hold on, Absol is healed up." Nurse Joy called, which scared me a little. Okay, I mean surprised, not scared.

"I'll come back for Absol in a moment." I said, and that was that. I was a little unsure where May was, but she left the door to her room open just a little - enough to hear her slight snoring. Tch, not what I expected. The door creaked as I squeezed past it as quietly as possible. Max was on the other bed in the room, not snoring like May. A table with May's bandana sat near her bed, so I tiptoed to put the rose and card down. However, her snore interrupted itself and she moved a bit, as if she was waking up.

"Drew?" She muttered quietly, clearly still three-quarters asleep. Her hair certainly looked out of place; sticking up in places where it wouldn't.

"No..." I whispered, going over to her. "Get some rest."

"Oh..." She breathed, before lying down and sleeping again.

I suppressed a wide smile. She could still be real cute even when sleep-intoxicated.After putting the rose and card on the table, I got out of there as fast as I came in.

That rose was definitely worth the risk.
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Title: Casteliacone Cravings
Author: xEryChan
Fandom: Pokemon
Pairing: Pearlshipping (Ash x Dawn)
Rating: G
Note: Long overdue drabble dare from JSLatios.

"Ash!" Dawn called out to her boyfriend, who was currently pulling her by the hand some place and she had no idea where they were even going. He was running way too fast for her liking and she was sure if he didn't have such a firm grip on her hand, she would have lost him in the crowd. "Slow down!"

The two were in Castelia City at the moment but they were getting ready to head back to Sinnoh and then they would embark on another journey, this time through the Kalos Region.

Their plane to Sinnoh would be leaving in a couple of hours so in the meantime, Dawn suggested they they do something to pass the time. Before she even had a chance to react, Ash grabbed her by the hand and started pulling her through the streets of Castelia City looking for some place, not mentioning a single word to his girlfriend about where they were going.

All he said was that she was going to love where they were going.

"Ash, let go!" Dawn yelled and managed to pull her hand out of Ash's grip, which caused him to stop. "Tell me where we're going."

"I wanted to get a Casteliacone before we left."

"You should have just told me that straight from the beginning."

"Sorry, Dawn. The lines are usually very long and they seem to be sold out a lot so that's why I was rushing to get one."
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I somehow overdid these drabbles, but meh.

Title: A Tasty Treat
Author: matthew11
Fandom: Pokemon
Pairing: Amourshipping (Ash/Satoshi x Serena)
Rating: G
Notes: Dare by xEryChan on the Shippers' Truth or Dare thread. Criteria: Amourshipping making oreo balls.

“How To Make Oreo Balls”


“1. Mix cream cheese with cookie crumbs using a blender until well blend.”

Ok… *mixes the said ingredients together using the said utility.*

Done. What’s next?
“2. Shape into 1-inch oreo balls. Freeze for 10 minutes.”

Ok… *gets a chunk of the mixture and shaping it into delicious spheres of oreo.*

*Shapes almost 20 pieces of oreo balls and puts them in the freezer.*

*Checks the recipe while waiting for the said time.*

“…Melt ¾ package of white almond bark”

*Melts the both chocolate bark.*

“Stack a toothpick in an oreo ball and dip it in melted white almond bark.”

*Gets the oreo balls from the freezer*

*Sticks the said toothpick in an oreo ball and dips it.*

Ok. What’s next? *looks onto the recipe*

“Place in single layer in shallow waxed paper-lined pan to harden. Takes 15 minutes.”

*places them in the said waxed paper pan.*

*looks onto the recipe*

“While waiting, melt the remaining package of white almond bark”
Again? *melts the remaining said ingredient and looks onto the recipe one more time*

“When oreo balls are no longer sticky to the touch, decorate with drizzles of chocolate and white almond bark.”

Oh, I see. *Decorates them into balls similar to that of a Premiere Ball*

Whew, that’s that! *places the oreo balls in the refrigerator*

I’m very certain that she will like these. It’s been years since I last baked for someone. Last time I did this was for my mom, although that went badly. Ah well, time for bed!

Sun rises from the east of Laverre City. In a Pokemon Center, a young lady with a bad hair gets up from her bed and freshens up. She walks into the main hallway and saw her traveling companions; 2 blonde siblings, and a raven-haired boy.

“Goodmorning, guys… *yawns*” Serena said, stretching her arms.

“Morning.” The 3 said.

Serena sits besides the raven haired boy named Ash, and proceeds to eat breakfast sitting on the table.

The 4 traveling companions then discussed about things they could do within Laverre City before setting out. Ash got his 6th badge, and Serena got her first Princess Key. Two surprising turn of events from the two deserve a fine reward, although one of them had other plans. It’s not far from the word “reward”.

“Oh yeah! I need to get something!” Ash said, getting up from his sit and proceeds secretly to the Pokemon Center’s kitchen.

He pulls out the oreo balls he made last night from the refrigerator and places them in his own blue dessert box. He then rushes back to the gang.

“What’s got into him this early in the morning, rushing off like that?” Serena asked.

“I don’t know. His bag is here, so what did he forget?” Clemont responded.

Waiting for the boy to return, they heard loud footsteps coming, and saw Ash holding a dessert box. He then placed the box on the table and turns it to face Serena.

“Serena, you know how you got your Princess Key, right? I think you deserve a treat.” Ash said, opening the box.

Serena, Clemont, and Bonnie had their mouths open from surprise. In the box sits Oreo Balls, decorated into looking like Premiere Balls.

“A-Ash? Did you make all of this?” Serena asked, wide-eyed.

“Yup! I had to stay up late to make them. It was hard to bake since I have little to no experience.” Ash said, scratching the back of his neck.

“No, Ash. You did great making these! Can I try one?” Serena said.

“Of course! Those are for you, after all!” Ash responded.

Serena then gets one oreo ball, and gets a bite. She then squealed from delight, and had her hands on her cheeks blushing from the sweet taste.

“This is delicious! Thank you so much, Ash!” Serena said.

“It’s nothing, really hehe.” Ash said, scratching the back of his neck.

“Hey, no fair!” Bonnie said, pouting.

“You can have one too, Bonnie!” Serena said, pushing the box towards Clemont’s younger sister.

“Really?” Bonnie said, getting one oreo ball, and looks onto it with big glassy eyes, waiting for that sweet taste to invade her mouth. The others laugh at her expression.

Having a good time, they all tried the oreo balls Ash made. It was a tasty treat from the young Pokemon Master.

The young lad looks onto Serena’s beautiful smile.

“It’s all thanks to that Brocko.” He thought.

Title: Goodbye
Author: matthew11
Fandom: Pokemon
Pairing: Burningleafshipping (Red x Leaf)
Rating: G
Notes: Dare by Scarlet Tactician. Criteria: Other half of the shipping visiting Red in Mt. Silver.

Everyone congratulated Red the time he went home from the Indigo Plateau. Professor Oak, Daisy, and Leaf were there to celebrate his victory over Blue, the former Kanto Champion. Blue couldn’t come, having other plans to do.

Leaf, Red’s best friend, was the happiest. She knew that Red will become Champion someday, a promise Red himself made when they were still young. Leaf’s admiration towards Red slowly became strong romantic affection as time passed by. Because of his self-esteem, bravery, honesty, and kindness sparked her heart, she couldn’t help but fall for him. The only bad side was that he was too oblivious to notice.

Her mouth dropped as she heard from him that he was going away again; away from his family, his neighbors, his rival, and her. She couldn’t bear the thought of him leaving her side again. He was the only one to light her path, and now, that light faded away, and darkness was there to shroud her. His mother, though hurt, granted him permission, a decision she greatly regrets.

It was lonely indeed. It’s been two years after his departure, and during this time, not a single news or word from him has reached the town of Pallet. His mother was lying down on the bed in her small house, thoughts of her son crossing her mind and wanting to see him once again.

Outside, Leaf looks onto the blue sky, wondering where Red has gone to. She couldn’t wait anymore, and rushes to find her friend without the knowledge of the townspeople.

Luck was on her side as she meets the foot of Mt. Silver. Coincidently, this is where Red currently resides. She is one step ahead on meeting him once more. She quickly regrets not coming with winter clothes though.

After hours of finding him, the peak was the last place to find him. And so she trekked the furious winds and rocky hills to meet the top. And there he was, sitting on the edge of a cliff with his trustworthy Pikachu on his shoulders. Red turns his head to face his long-time friend, only to find her crying in happiness.

“… Hey.” Red said casually.

“Hey? Is that all you have to say to your friend who’s been looking for you?” Leaf said, wiping her frozen tears away. Her efforts were in vain as tears forced their way out. She cried, cried that she had found her friend, but cried that her friend didn’t seem to mind her presence.

Red then gets up to his feet and turns to face his friend. Giving no emotions, he said “I’m sorry you had to come find me. It’s my fault for not telling you the reason why I went away.”

“Isn’t this the perfect time to tell me that?” Leaf said.

“But you very well know of that reason.” Red responded, shocking Leaf. Did she already know that? When? How?

“Do you remember when I wrote something on that tree with you back in that forest?” Red said.

“Yeah. What abo-“ Leaf said, and a memory had cut her off. The pain when she thinks of that memory binds her with sadness. She held a hand on her heart, thinking unbelievably about his true reason.

“I… I never thought you’d actually do it…” She whispered loud enough for Red to hear

“Yes. Becoming stronger, becoming more than who I am now, that is my goal.” Red declared.

“But abandoning your family, you friends, and the professor just to achieve that, why…?” Leaf said as tears started forming once again.

“I have come to a realization. To achieve such a goal, I must severe those that restrain me from my goal, and those are… bonds.” Red said emotionlessly.

A wide-eyed Leaf stares in the eyes of Red. No, it wasn’t the Red standing in front of Leaf. It was someone else, invading his body. An entity, trying to take over, yet he accepts it.

“Our bond… How could you…” Leaf said, trying to stop tears from flowing, to no avail.

“No… You aren’t the Red I once knew. You’re someone else.” Leaf said, still crying. Red couldn’t respond to that.

“You were kind, confident, and thoughtful. I could tell you everything about you right now. But now, all I can see in you is none of those.”

“I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t sleep. Every time, I think of you, worried about your well-being. And you, who ran off to get what you want, forgot his whole family and friends.”

“I can’t bear to see you like this, let alone hear what you have to say right now…” Leaf whispered, taking her eyes off of him.

The air was heavy between them. All this time, she was worried sick about his friend. She always comes to the forest, trying to remember the happy times when she and Red were still young. She always remembered their favorite tree to hang around. It was there that the promise Red had told her was created, carved onto the body of the tree. She has been deceived all this time. Behind that promise was the face of loneliness, and she can’t look it in the eyes.

“I’m sorry… Leaf.” Red said.

“No. I’m sorry I barged in to your so called training.” Leaf said. She turns her back against her friend. But before she walks away, she turns her head back to see her friend one last time.

“Goodbye, Red.” Leaf said, and began running away with tears running down her cheeks once more.

“I… love you…” Leaf whispered.

A tear went flying towards Red, sparkling as if it was a tiny fairy. It passed by Red, with his red cap covering his eyes with its shadow. A tear can be seen flowing down his cheek.

“I… loved you… I’m sorry…” Red whispered.

Title: A Wasted Chance
Author: matthew11
Fandom: Pokemon
Pairing: Pearlshipping (Ash/Satoshi x Dawn/Hikari)
Rating: G
Notes: Dare by Trublsmbob. No criteria suggested. I based this on the final episode of the DP series.

He was leaving. She couldn’t bear the thought of him leaving. It’s been expected that he is going home to his home region. But to see him leaving so soon was too much. There were so much more that they can do in her region, but his ambitions speaks to him in louder volumes.

She was standing on the ferry port, seconds before the ferry sails to Kanto. As she looks into the raven-haired boy’s eyes, she felt all her sadness fade away knowing it was just to stall it. She couldn’t bear the thought of herself embarrassed by her outburst of emotions in front of her traveling companions. But she knew it. She knew that this will be the last chance she may ever get in her life time. Yes. It is her chance to finally tell Ash how much she loves him. On the side note, Piplup is beside her, explicitly expressing his utter sadness on the thought of them leaving.

The girl masked her sad face with a cheerful one, not wanting to worry Ash and Brock. “Thanks for everything, guys. I couldn’t thank you enough for helping me through her journey.” Dawn said with a masked tone.

“No. We should thank you, Dawn. It’s been a fun ride.” Ash said, grinning.

“And good luck to you and Buneary on the Poke Chic Magazine modeling!” Brock said.

“Thanks! Good luck to both of you!” Dawn said, still keeping her true emotions in.

Pikachu and Piplup then shared their last goodbyes.

The ferry signaled for the passengers to board. Ash and Brock are getting ready to board the ferry. This is it. It’s now or never!

Dawn, with her sheer willpower, raised her hand as if gesturing one last high-five. Ash read the atmosphere, and proceeds to return the gesture.

But no, this was not the kind of scene she was hoping for. It was not enough for her to wholly express her feelings. No, she doesn’t have enough confidence.

Dawn summoned all of her power, and turned their high-five into a warm hug. This caught Ash off guard.

“D-Dawn? Hey, what are you-” Ash said, but his instincts cut him off as he subconsciously hugged her back. Pikachu and Piplup did the same. And Brock? He’s just standing there, dumbfounded.

Dawn tightly hugs Ash affectionately. “I’ll miss you…” she whispered.

“Hey, like you always said; no need to worry. We’ll meet again.” Ash said, with his usual stupid grin on his face.

“Really? You mean it?” Dawn whispered.

“No doubt.” Ash said.

The two then broke the hug, and to their astonishment, saw Pikachu and Piplup crying their hearts out while hugging. The three trainers laugh at their expenses.

With that, Ash and Brock boarded the ferry. Dawn and Piplup took one more glimpse of their traveling companions, and turn her back against them. She couldn’t help it anymore as tears started forming and running down her cheeks, the reality of them leaving hitting her hard.

“Dawn!” Ash yelled from the deck of the ferry. Dawn turned her head towards the ferry, and saw Ash waving his hand.

“No need to worry!” Ash yelled once more.

Dawn runs down the dock, waving to her friends. “Ash! Brock! Thank you for everything!” Dawn shouted with her loudest. Piplup shouts out his goodbyes. As the sun sets, Piplup jumped into Dawn's arms and she happily hugs her partner, knowing that while their adventures with Ash and Brock are over, they still have many more adventures of their own to come. And of course, she is certain to meet Ash again in the near future. She may have wasted her chance, but there will always be more.
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Long overdue drabble dare by Kiryn. Sorry it took so long. Oh, and I don't know how to do spoiler tags, so sorry about that too.
Title: Irresolution
Author: Trublsmbob
Fandom: Pokémon
Pairing: SpecialShipping (Red x Yellow)
Rating: G
Notes: Warning: First Drabble. Dare from Kiryn

Irresolution. Hesitancy; uncertainty. A pretty good description of how Yellow tended to feel these days. Having a fairly large crush on a boy named Red for around 2 years does that to a person. It wasn't so bad when she was younger, but the crush had grown over the years to the point where she honestly was sick of it. She wanted to tell him, but what if rejected her? Or friend-zoned her? Maybe she should wait until tommorow. Or next week. Or just one more month. Or another- Oh, what the heck, she thought, and walked over to her friend.
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