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Short 'n Sweet: The Drabble Thread

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Satoshi & Touko

Glimwood Tangle is Literal Dreamland
Title: Othelloshipping Sand Sculptures
Author: Satoshi and Touko
Fandom: Pokemon
Pairing: Othelloshipping
Rating: G
Note(s) I have this on ff-dot-net and on Wattpad. I'm posting it here to make sure the good rare ships get some needed spotlight. P.S. In loving memory of the first and only thread I have started here.

The hot sun was way up high in the sky, peering over a crowded beach in the Unova region.

Why was the beach so crowded, you ask? Because today was the annual Sand Sculpture building contest. There were two particular entrants in this tournament who were well known around the region for being very energetic and competitive, and they would both partake in any kind of competition together.

These entrants were Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town in the Kanto region, and Hilda White from a small Unovan town by the name of Nuvema Town. They had clear ideas for what sculptures they wanted to build, and despite them being a couple, they were not willing to spoil their plans to each other.

The competition was just about to start and Hilda and Ash took their places, at opposite ends of the competition grounds.

This is it! I can't wait for Hilda and the judges to see what I am making! Ash thought.

This is it! I can't wait for Ash and the judges to see what I am making! Hilda thought.

The competition began. Everyone had exactly one hour to build their sculpture.

Ash has a determined expression on his face as he started his sculpture, building from the bottom up. He wasn't sure if he would be able to win, but for him, this was the perfect time to wow a certain someone with what he built, and that was all he cared about.

Hilda had the same determined facial expression that Ash did as she worked on her masterpiece. She didn't really care about winning either, as long as what she built would wow a certain someone she cared deeply about.

Ash and Hilda had both put the final touches on their respective sculptures and stood a little ways back from them to see how they did. Taking a good look at them, they both nodded in satisfaction.

The signal was then given that time was up.

It was now time for the judging. Since Hilda was the winner of the previous year's competition, her sculpture was looked at first.

The judges, Ash, and the other competitors all looked at what Hilda made. It appeared to be the sculpture of a boy with messy hair, and with a pikachu perched on his shoulder. Everyone, especially Ash, was flabbergasted at what they saw.

Hilda had built a sculpture of Ash! Her boyfriend!

A few minutes later, it was time to evaluate Ash's sculpture. The judges, Hilda, and the other competitors all looked at what Ash had made. It appeared to be the sculpture of a girl that resembled a certain competitor who had built that sculpture of Ash. Everyone, especially Hilda, were flabbergasted at what they saw.

Ash has built a sculpture of Hilda! His girlfriend!

It was now time to announce the winners. While they were waiting to hear the outcome, Ash and Hilda were locked in an almost hug-like state, absolutely refusing to let go. They were so touched that their respective partner would actually make a sand sculpture of them. If they were to remember anything about this competition, it would be this.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, I am proud to announce that the winners, yes, I said WINNERS of this year's Sand Sculpture contest, are Ash Ketchum and Hilda White!" Don George announced proudly, trying really hard not to cry.

Hearing that they were the winners, Ash and Hilda began jumping up and down excitedly with their hands together. Seconds later, they stopped jumping and gave each other a hug so great, that the others weren't sure how they could still be breathing.
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Title: Savior
Fandom: Pokemon
Pairing/s: Fourthwheeelshipping (Bonnie and Max)

Note:I tried to make it as readable as possible. I reduced the vocabulary to a primary school level.

May and Max just arrived from the airport to Kalos. She came not to preform (however though she wanted to), but it was to try out Kalos' world famous chocolate bars, and of course, get some cute new outfits! May came to the right place, because there were stores everywhere in the region. However, max was not so happy to go. He wanted to stay back to play with Pokemon. But of course, the big sister always wins...

May slaughtered Max's patience, shopping for clothes for the last 5 hours.“Come on, May! I want to see the new Pokemon!” Max complained. “The time for Pokemon is later, the time for fashion is now!” “Ugh. Fine.”

Max sat down, watching his sister shop, and have fun, all by herself. She tried on outfit after outfit! They looked nice, but she needed to choose! Desperate to amuse himself, he searched around the store, asking people if he could play with their Pokemon.

He came up to a delicate old lady and her Surskit. She walked around the store with Surskit parched on her back. He'd never seen one before! “Can I play with that Pokemon of yours miss? I'm new here, and I've never seen that one before!” Max asked. “NEVER, YOU LITTLE THIEF!” She yelled, smacking Max's leg with her cane. “Oww!” He complained, holding his knee. It was a metal cane. “You're never going to take him away from me! NEVER!” She yelled, then quickly ran out the store. Max dashed after her out the store. “I'M NOT A THIEF I JUST WANT TO PLAY!” He whined, his eyes tearing. The old lady dissipated off in the distance, and Max went back in the store. No fun.

A girl about Max's age approached him, and handed him a little Pokemon. She was really, really cute. “Hi there! Can you hold my Dedenne for me?” Max's chin dropped, as he weaseled out hands, and held the Pokemon for her. Max didn't even notice that he had never seen it before, but he certainly noticed that girl! She went through the store, quick and decisive about what she wanted to get. She got some pokeballs from the store, and came to Max again.

“Y-You're a trainer?” Max stuttered. “No, I'm not a trainer yet...my name's Bonnie, though. Who are you?” Max paused. Wow. Wow. “My name is...umm...Max!” “You want to umm...battle?” “Sure, I'll use Dedenne!”

Just as they exited the store and got ready, Team Rocket snatched Bonnie. “Help! Get off me!” She screamed.

“See you Twirp!”

“Dedenne! Shock the mess out of Team Rocket!” Max said. Team Rocket stood their ground. Dedenne refused to shock Team Rocket because they had Bonnie! “We're stealing Bonnie, and you can't do anything about it!” Jessie yelled, running away with her. “Help!!” Bonnie screamed, as she was being carried off. Alright...if they're not playing fair then I'm not going to play fair! Max thought. He picked up two rocks on the ground, took a slingshot out his pocket, and loaded the rocks at one time. “DO IT!” Bonnie yelled. Max took aim, and knocked out Jessie and James with his slingshot. They fell hard on the ground, and Bonnie sprung up, and rushed to hug Dedenne.

“Thanks Max.” She softly said. She gave him a peck on the cheek, making Max's face turn red. Max said, “Wait, what about our bat-” Bonnie put her finger on his lip. “Shhh.” She smiled. Max's face turned more pink, right before she said,

“We'll finish the battle when were married. Promise?” “Uh...ok. Promise.” Max said.

Bonnie took Max's hand, walking him down the sunset.

Moonlight Amaryllis

♪smoke and mirrors♪
Title: Wishful Thinking
Author: Moonlight Amaryllis
Fandom: Pokemon (anime)
Pairing: Oshawott/Emolga
Rating: G
Notes: Drabble dare by SilverLining554, from the Shipper's Truth or Dare Thread. Extremely late, I'm sorry. Most likely utter garbage, as I'm in a bit of a slump...

Oshawott trembled and held out the solitary apple in his paw, feeling beads of nervous sweat drip down from his neck. He couldn't help the anxiety building up in his stomach. Not when she looked at him that way.

Why did she look at him that way this morning, after their battle? Ash had called it practice for future battles, but for Oshawott, it felt like more than that.

Emolga continued to look at him, and before long Oshawott realized what her eyes were so focused on.

She wasn't looking at him like that, just the apple he was holding. It had her undivided attention, leaving poor Oshawott out of it.

With a woeful sigh, he handed it to her, shaking his head, trying to appear as if that was his slick intention all along, when really, his face was growing warm.

Just what was I thinking!? That she would actually be interested in being with a Pokemon like me!?

Haa...I guess it was just wishful thinking...


Pirate King
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Title: Inviting Invitations
Author: xEryChan
Fandom: Pokemon
Pairing: ShalourShipping (Ash x Korrina)
Rating: G
Note: Dare from Satoshi & Touko. Criteria: A ShalourShipping drabble that is a little heavy on the "shippyness" (hope this good enough, fellow Othelloshipper)


Ash had never felt such joy in his life. Okay, maybe the day he turned ten and began his journey as a Pokemon Trainer was exciting as well but this was completely different, compared to that.

He finally did it it. He defeated Diantha, the Champion of the Kalos Region, in battle today and earned the title of Pokemon League Champion himself. There were literally no words that could describe the excitement he was feeling this very moment. It even took a minute for it all to settle in that he had, in fact, won.

This had been his dream for the longest time and there was just no better feeling in the world.

That happened hours ago and now, Ash was standing outside the Kalos Pokemon League, still trying to process the difficult battle he participated in. He still could not believe it. He still could not believe he won.

"Ash?" He heard his name being called and he turned around to see the gym leader of Shalour City, Korrina, standing by the door.

"Korrina?" Ash asked, surprised to see her. "What are you doing here?"

"I saw your battle with Diantha today on the TV back at the gym and I knew I had to get out here as quickly as I could." She took a couple of steps forward towards Ash and enveloped him in a hug. "Congratulations, Ash. That was some battle."

Ash could not stop the smile from appearing on his face and he returned the hug. "Thanks, Korrina."

The two pulled apart a couple of seconds later and Ash took a seat on the balcony behind him. Korrina took a seat next to him. "So, what are you going to do now?"

That is an excellent question. He knew he needed to figure it all out but truth be told, he didn't know. "I think I'm gonna go back home to Pallet Town tomorrow morning, I talked to my mom earlier in the day and she's looking forward to me coming back home."

Korrina looked at Ash sadly for a minute there. "You're leaving Kalos?"

Ash nodded. "I might not come back either. I never told anyone this was but the gym leader of Viridian City is retiring and I was called up and offered the gym."

"Are you going to take it?"

Ash sighed and looked up at the sky. "I don't know. I haven't told Clemont, Serena, or Bonnie yet and I can't help but wonder what they'll think or what they'll say."

"I'm sure they will support you, regardless of what you choose."

The boy gave a small smile. "I think I might take it. It's been fun traveling across the world but now that I've finally became champion of one of the regions I went to, I think it's time to stop my adventure and head back home."

Korrina nodded her head, she completely understood where Ash was coming from. "I understand, Ash. We will definitely miss you, Lucario and I."

"Hey Korrina," Ash began and Korrina looked up at him. "Would you be willing to come back with me?"

That caught Korrina off guard and her widened. Was he being for real? Does he want her to come back with him? "What? Are you serious?"

"Yeah, would you?"

The thought does seem very inviting. Her and Ash in Viridian City together. She does like the thought of that. She would never have to worry about never seeing Ash again.

But how can she just leave? She has a duty as a gym leader to her gym. And she loved being a gym leader. Not only that but what about her family? Everyone she loves is here in Kalos, she can't just leave them.

Is it supposed to be this hard?

"Thanks, Ash, I appreciate the offer. But..." She took a deep breath. "Kalos is my home, this is where I belong."

Ash nodded his head. He did not really expect Korrina to agree to back with him but it was worth a shot, right? "I understand, Korrina."

"I'm sorry, Ash."

"No need to apologize." Ash smiled at her. "The party is going to end soon, we should really head back in before everyone starts looking for me."

"Yeah, you're right."

Ash stood up and held out a hand for her to take. "Come on, lets go."


shy shipper
Title: (tbe if/when I figure one out XP)
Author: Houndoomfan
Fandom: Pokémon (anime)
Pairing: Diodeshipping
Rating: Uhh I donno E-PG
Note: Ugh. When pokemon 'talk'... yeah when I put something like 'Luxray ... asked him whats the matter.' Luxray is talking how normal pokemon talk (but their trainers can understand them) but... well I hope you get the gist for those who read '._.

Anyways, this is a drabble dare from Moonlight Amaryllis for the truth or dare thread.
Clemont paced back and forth early in the morning. "I've seen my little sister do it plenty of times when I was younger... but that's not how its done!" he thought.
Clemont's Luxray came in and looked at him and asked him whats the matter.
"Oh. Well, I don't know if pokemon..."
Luxray gave him an unamused look.
"Well, you know... about marriage right?"
Luxray gave him a shrug and told him kinda. He's seen people talk about it here and there.
Clemont gave a small laugh. Huh, I'm in the same predicament as well... He let out a groan.
Luxray glared at him. tried to tell him to calm down and left.
Clemont sat down and thought a bit. Hmm... Yes I'll try that!

Pikachu has token down a Steelix and Ash jumped in the air with his fist up in the air!
"Alright! Great job Pikachu!" Ash shouted!
Pikachu put his hands on his side with a "pikachu."
The man sighed and returned his pokemon. "Well, didn't think you could've done it. But ether way great battle. Hope to do it again sometime."
"Yeah. Same here!"
They shook hands and went their separate ways. But Bunnelby stopped him dead in his tracks and gave him a device and ran off. Ash looked at the device.
"Huh... What do you think we do with this, Pikachu?" Ash asked.
Pikachu climbed up to his shoulder and sounded confused as Ash.
A little girl walked up behind him, seeing the shinny device in his hand.
"What does that button do?" the girl asked.
"Good question." Ash said. Then he pressed it. Then he got startled when the thing spoke to him and tossed it high in the air.
Ash looked at Pikachu.
"Did that just sound like..." Ash asked.
Pikachu flatten it's ears and nodded with a sigh.
It came back down in the little girl's hands.
"...so I uh, hope you can... meet me at the you know, place where we battled in Lumiose... Sorry I'm repeating myself. But I hope you'll meet me at six..."
"Jezz Clemont!"
"Lux ray..."
There was a nervous laugh. "Sorry uh..."
"Really, just be done with it!"
"Right, lo..."
The girl tossed the device and screamed when a beedrill flew by.
"Oh... Hope the thing can still see you at six!" the girl said. Then she ran off.
Ash looked at Pikachu. "That was Clemont, Bonnie, and Luxray!"
Pikachu looked happy and replied.
Ash looked at the time and sighed. It's only ten in the morning. "I wonder what he wants to meet me for..."

Bonnie and Serena helped Clemont set up for when Ash showed up. But before they got anything done, he showed up.
"Oh hi Ash... You know it's only five?" Clemont asked.
Ash ran up to him and picked him up in a bear hug. "I know! But I couldn't wait! I wanted to see you and know what you wanted to see me for! I am sorry I lost your... invention thing! It got in the hands of a little girl..."
Clemont turned red as a tomato. "It's, it's fine... I'm just glad you got my message."
"Yeah... well, I got that you wanted me to meet you anyways."
"What? Never mind." Clemont wrapped a arm his around Ash's shoulders and fumbled in his own pockets. "I guess I can do it n..." The object he was getting in his pocket dropped to the ground.
Dedenne ran up and picked it up and climbed up to Ash's shoulder to give it to Clemont.
"What's is it?" Ash asked. Then he took it before Clemont can grab it.
Clemont frowned, but then got an idea and opened the box containing the ring in Ash's hand and looked into Ash's eyes with a shy smile.
"That's pretty! What's it for?"
Bonnie and Serena face-palmed, while Clemont looked down and sighed.
Of course typical Ash, Clemont thought. Though he knows he should've known better with Ash. Clemont then leaned Ash's ear while placing one hand on Ash's heart and asked, "Ash... please say you'll marry me."
Ash eyes went wide, but then a smile appeared on his face as he place a hand on Clemont's head. "I'll be happy to, Clemont."
Clemont beamed as he took the ring from the small box and placed it on Ash's hand.
They then embraced and kissed.
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Moonlight Amaryllis

♪smoke and mirrors♪
Title: Goodbye Is Forever
Author: Moonlight Amaryllis
Fandom: Pokemon
Pairing: Dawn/Hikari x Paul/Shinji
Rating: PG
Note(s): Drabble dare from Victorian Rush at the Shipper's Truth or Dare Thread. Any pairing, based around the song Dear John by Taylor Swift.

Dawn had not been prepared for the sudden downpour in the slightest, so when the puffy clouds above her suddenly darkened and showered her with icy cold water, all she had to throw over her favorite dress was a light jacket. It wasn't enough to protect her; the wind was laced with rain, and it whipped against her skin and the weak cloth that tried to cover it.

With a shiver, Dawn continued to walk. She had to make it back home. There was no way she was going to crawl back to the Pokemon Center to see him because of some water.

Oh, but she was awfully cold...

No! Dawn felt a burst of rebellion alight inside her chest. She had said goodbye, and she meant it.

"Goodbye. I'm leaving you."

If she'd said it with more finality, maybe Paul would've taken it more seriously. Maybe if her voice had been shaking, and her lungs hadn't been aching, and her eyes hadn't been screaming otherwise, he would've nodded and left it at that.

But he
didn't. Instead, he blinked, those dark eyes not leaving hers, and he murmured, "Excuse me?"

And that's when her heart broke like the clouds outside, so full of hurt and rage that she had to unleash it onto the world, and she wouldn't stop until it was over.

Dawn began to run. If she didn't hurry home, her mother would be concerned.

And she might be tempted to run back.

She'd had enough of games and confusion and complete lack of social graces. She wanted sleep, and warmth, and familiarity.

Not someone who felt like a stranger everyday.

She was wrong. So, so, wrong. There was no heart there, or if there was, he was never going to let him see it. Not her. She just wasn't worthy .

The last thought felt like a slap to the face, and it hurt more than the blustery winds or the bitter cold.

I should've known...

I should've known...

The tears were back again, flushing her face and ruining the makeup she'd painstakingly out in for him. Like he cared.

I should've known...

But I


Title: The Human Method
Author: Moonlight Amaryllis
Fandom: Pokemon (games/anime)
Pairing: Clemont/Citron X Korrina/Corni
Rating: G
Notes: Dare from matthew11 at the Shipper's Truth or Dare Thread. Prompt was " Artificial Intelligence is no match for natural stupidity". I can barely remember my playthrough of X, so forgive me if Korrina seems kind of out of character.

The robot had been working just fine for Clemont previously. It had followed orders and shown no signs of malfunction whatsoever. Its robotic voice didn't sound off or broken in anyway, and from the outside, its circuitry seemed alright as well.

So why did it have to start acting up now?

The robot lurched forward, a low buzzing coming from its metal body. "Zzz...bot...commen...zzzzz...ode..."

Clemont had been too mortified to say anything after the first sudden defect in the robot's operating, and as things had grown from bad to worse, he found himself hiding behind Korrina, of all places. He'd only been trying to impress her; maybe she'd be awestruck by his abilities, he'd thought.

That plan had quickly proven a pointless endeavor, though. All Clemont could do was hide and rack his brains for some kind of solution.

I don't know...If I can access the off switch without getting too close...Or...Maybe...

Korrina suddenly turned to him, eyebrows furrowed. The height she had on him suddenly made the distance between them feel overwhelmingly far to Clemont.

"How are we supposed to stop it?"

"Um, I don't know...The off switch is at the neck, and we can't get too clo--"

Clemont didn't even get to finish his sentence, when Korrina suddenly rushed forward on her skates.

"Wh-what are you--!?"

Korrina leapt upwards, and slammed her left heel against the face of the robot.

By some miracle of her terrible aim, she slammed the off switch as well. The robot sputtered, and its lights flicker three times before they went out completely.

Korrina stood over the robot, grinning. "Human, one, robot, zero!"

Clemont opened her mouth to respond, but nothing came out. His mind was absolutely blank.

Besides the obvious, Her solution to the problem was to kick it in the face and it worked!?

Clemont sighed. Regardless of what others would say, robots were always going to be inferior to humans.

Because robots aren't programmed to predict reckless acts of sheer human stupidity.
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Satoshi & Touko

Glimwood Tangle is Literal Dreamland
Title: Ash Knows Best
Author: Satoshi & Touko
Fandom: Pokemon
Pairing: Othelloshipping (AshxHilda)
Rating: G
Notes: Ah nothing. Just read :)

Ash was walking down the dirt road that would lead him to Hilda's house. He was carrying a grocery bag that had fresh vegetables and other ingredients that were necessary for making a great homemade soup.

His best friend Hilda had been home sick with the flu for a while now and he wanted to make some homemade soup for her to help her feel better. Thanks to his travels with Brock, as well as some lessons from him, he could finally make a great soup.

He arrived at the doorstep and rang the bell. Seconds later, a woman answered who looked somewhat like an older version of Hilda. "Oh, Ash! Hi," she said.

"Hi Hilary," Ash greeted.

"Come on in. I'll show you where the kitchen is," Hilary said.

Ash followed Hilary into the large and tidy kitchen and began to set up to make the soup. Ash offered to peel potatoes while Hilary took the job of chopping up the carrots.

"I think that Hilda is really going to appreciate what you are doing for her Ash. Out of all of her friends, none of them are quite like you," Hilary told Ash.

Ash has always been the kind of person to be there for his friends and family when they needed him. Hilda was certainly no exception, and even though he couldn't figure out what it was, he had different, but special feelings towards Hilda. Because of this, he would spend more time with her than anyone else, and whenever she was hurt or upset, it would break his heart.

Knowing that Hilda had the flu, he wanted to do this soup making for her, even though he was warned that he might catch what Hilda had. He didn't care though. He just wanted to help Hilda recover.

A little while later, the soup was finished and Ash proceeded to bring a large bowl of it to Hilda, who was resting in her bedroom.

Hilary watched as Ash was nearing Hilda's room. You really care about her, don't you Ash? I hope that someday, you'll realize what those true feelings you have toward her are.

Ash knocked on Hilda's bedroom door and received the okay from her to enter. Hilda thought it was just her mother, so she was surprised when she saw Ash standing there.

"Ash, w-what are you doing here?" Hilda asked weakly.

"I made you some fresh homemade soup to help you feel better," Ash answered as he slowly approached the brunette.

Hilda sat up. "Ash, I...well thanks," she said unsurely as she took the hot soup from him. "You do know that this is the flu I have, right? You could catch it by being in here with me."

"Ash pulled up a chair and sat in it. "I just might. But..." Ash's face began to glow red. "I really just wanted to keep you company for a little bit."

Hilda's face glowed red as well upon hearing this, although it may have been tough to make out through her already red face. She really couldn't find any words to say, so she just began to eat her soup. A minute or so later, the two of them began to chit-chat.

While they were doing so, Hilary peeked in the doorway and watched the two. Ash probably was going to catch what Hilda had, and when he did, Hilary could probably count on Hilda being there for him like he was for her.

Hilda was the luckiest girl on the planet to have a friend like Ash and Hilary's greatest wish for them was to someday finally admit to each other how they felt about one another. In Hilary's eyes, Ash and Hilda were absolutely perfect for each other.

Moonlight Amaryllis

♪smoke and mirrors♪
Title: What's With That Look?
Author: Moonlight Amaryllis
Fandom: Pokemon
Pairing: Cilan/Dent x Iris
Rating: G
Notes: From the Shipper's Truth or Dare Thread. Dared by Kiryn to write a drabble for a ship I am neutral on. Here we go, I guess; it's possible that I've gotten more long-winded than before.

"Hey, what's with that look?"

Cilan slowly looked up from his cup of tea, meeting her eyes with a sort of uncomfortable familiarity, like he knew the question was coming a very long ago, and had an answer readily in preparation for the occasion.

“What do you mean?” he asked, softly, and a little too quickly.

Iris smiled, and chuckled softly. "Like you think I'm in over my head. Don't worry about it; being Pokemon Champion isn't that hard, right? I'm sure I can pull it off."

"I'm sure you can," murmured Cilan, more to himself than to her, and as he returned to his tea, he commented, "I'm just concerned."

"About what, exactly? Do you think I'm not strong enough"

A shake of the head.

"Then, what?"

Cilan didn't answer, feigning continued interest in his now cold cup of tea, and reflected on how to answer it.

You're too young.

I'm worried you'll push yourself too hard.

What about Drayden? And your home?

I won't see you as much.

It's a big responsibility, that's all.

I'm going to miss seeing you.

I miss you.

I miss you.

He set his cup back down on the table, and stared at the herbal liquid inside, and the small leaves floating up to the top.

"I wish you the best of luck." he opted to say, instead.

Iris flashed him an awkward grin. "Well, thanks! I'm sure it's go fine."

I hope so. For both of our sakes.

"You'll do great," he said, forcing a smile, "You're a natural Dragon Trainer. It's in your blood to do this."

But is it in mine to stay in the Unova backdrop, while you stay in the spotlight?

"Aw, that's flattering of you to say..."

I'd think so, but forgive me for being resentful...just a little bit.

"C-cilan? Where are you going?"

"I just remembered that I had something to do back at the Gym. I'll be back in a minute."

It shouldn't hurt this much, you deserve this...



It hurts.

So much


Write on
Title: The Handkerchief
Author: American--Pi
Fandom: Pokemon
Pairing/s: AmourShipping (Ash/Satoshi x Serena)
Rating: G
Notes: From the Shippers' Truth or Dare Thread. Trublsmbob dared me to write an AmourShipping drabble. It was a little challenging, since I've never written a drabble before and I'm not familiar with the XY anime. I had to do a little research on Serena and the XY anime before writing this. But it was a fun little thing to do. Enjoy. :)

"Ash!" Serena exclaimed through the storm, spotting her traveling companion on his hands and knees at the edge of a cliff. She ran towards him, the wind and rain buffeting her skin. "I'm so glad I found you!" she gasped. "Where are Clemont, Pikachu, and Bonnie?"

Ash didn't respond. He was staring in horror at the violently churning waters of the swollen river, which was at least twenty feet below the cliff edge.

"Ash?" Serena asked, concerned. She kneeled down next to him. "Is something wrong?"

"It's gone…" Ash said softly, not looking up. "I took it out to wipe away the rain and the wind just carried it away from me. I ran after it, but it blew into the river and got swept away."

"Your handkerchief?" Serena guessed. When Ash nodded, she continued, "It's just a handkerchief. We can buy another one when we get to the next town."

"It's not the same," Ash said, looking at Serena with such emotion in his eyes that Serena turned away. What was making Ash so miserable? He usually wasn't like this.

"It's your handkerchief too," Ash explained, as if he could hear Serena's question. "It's the one that I used to bandage up your ankle when we first met years ago. You kept it for so long in memory of me, and set out on your journey partly because you wanted to return it to me." He sat down as a lightning bolt flashed across the sky, and a thunderclap followed it. "Don't you see? It's because of that handkerchief that I met you and started travelling with you. And now it's just gone."

Serena could feel herself blushing, and she hoped Ash couldn't see it. "Oh, Ash…" she murmured, sitting down, "You really held on to that handkerchief during all this time? That handkerchief really meant that much to you?"

"Yeah," Ash said. "Because, y'know, you held on to my handkerchief for years and never forgot about me. You kept it to remind yourself to never give up hope, and you even returned it to me. It's because of that handkerchief that we met for the second time, and you became such a big part of my life." He sighed. "So yeah, it was pretty important."

"I can see why it would be," Serena said earnestly. Privately she wondered how she would have felt if she had lost Ash's handkerchief before being able to return it to him. I would have felt pretty sad, she realized. I mean, it's just a handkerchief, but it was a symbol, too. It was a symbol of the lesson Ash taught me. She put a comforting hand on Ash's shoulder, and Ash looked up to meet her gaze.

"But Ash," she said, thinking out loud, "just because the handkerchief is gone doesn't mean that everything it stands for is gone as well. I'm travelling with you now, and you will always be a big part of my life. And the hope it stands for… honestly, Ash, without the handkerchief you can still have the same determination to never give up." Serena laughed. "If you're going to let a lost handkerchief get in the way of your dream, then I don't think we've been introduced properly."

Ash was silent for a while. Then he laughed as well. "You know what, Serena, you're right," he said, and Serena was relieved to see that Ash had regained some of his usual verve. "I honestly don't know what came over me." He stood up, and Serena followed him. "Thanks for helping me, Serena," he continued, smiling as he began to walk down the slope. "Come on! We've gotta fo find Pikachu, Bonnie, and Clemont."

"Shouldn't we find a place to shelter from the storm?" Serena yelled over a thunderclap as she caught up with Ash.

"Nah, I've gotta make sure all my friends are safe first," Ash answered.

That's the spirit, Serena thought as she nodded in understanding, her heart filling with warmth. For now I'll help Ash find the others. I'll tell him when the time is right.


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Moonlight Amaryllis

♪smoke and mirrors♪
Title: Good For
Author: Moonlight Amaryllis
Fandom: Pokemon
Pairing: Cyndaquil & Mudkip
Rating: G
Notes: Dare from HoundoomFan at the Shipper’s Truth Or Dare Thread, was to be a Pokemon/Pokemon ship featuring a wild Pokemon and a Pokemon owned by a Trainer.

Mudkip leapt forward, mouth wide open as an angry gush of water streamed out. It missed the opponent, splattering wildly into the dirt and grass. He landed on the ground, wide tail bobbing up and down, and he crouched in preparation to attack again.

“Yeah! Keep at it Cyndaquil!”

Ugh. The boy is shouting again.

The Cyndaquil looked back at the human as she skidded to a halt, and once his excited yells reached her ears, she laughed, and then turned back to Mudkip, the flame on her back bursting forth.

“Use Quick Attack!”


Like lightning, the Cyndaquil dashed forward, light flowing through her fur, and she struck Mudkip square in the nose. With a yelp of indignation, he stumbled backwards; he'd seen the attack, but he wasn't been able to respond, she was so fast.



Mudkip rolled sideways, narrowly missing the bullets of fire raining down from the Cyndaquil's mouth.

“Dang! He's a fast one!”

Shut up, shut up, shut up…

Opening his mouth again, Mudkip shot another stream of water at the Cyndaquil, this time hitting her square in the face.

She hissed and stepped back, but her body language still indicated that she was still going to keep fighting.

Why!? Why are you fighting me!?” Mudkip demanded, suddenly, the question crashing out of him like a tidal wave.

The Cyndaquil tilted her head to the side. “I’m recruiting you. It's a fight to see if you’re good for the team.

What's the point of that!? What's the point of being on a team!? What's it good for!?

She didn't answer right away. She instead stared at him, flame slowly petering out as she did so. The want to fight seemed gone from her blood, like all the adrenaline that had been pumping up to her ears had dissolved entirely.

Mudkip could have fled, then. He could've. He could be turned around, and ran away without looking back.

But, he really wanted an answer, first, because, good Mew, he wasn’t going to fight the twentieth battle this moon for his freedom without leaving with his question answered;


The Cyndaquil was suddenly smiling at him, a soft laugh trailing out with every little shake of her body.

Confused, Mudkip tensed into battle position, preparing for any kind of incoming attack.

She smiles broadly at him. “‘Cause it’s fun!”


She extended her small paw to him. “C’mon,I promise! It’s really fun to be on team, and I think it's be really good for you!”

“Good for…?”

Slowly, Mudkip raised his paw up, cautiously reaching out to lightly touch their paws together. He felt his body relax into a loose sitting position.


A Pokeball shot through the air like a cannon, and slammed into Mudkip’s forehead, washing him with a peculiar light as it popped open upon contact.


Everything grew dark, and Mudkip shook and trembled inside.

Is this what I want to do? Do I really want to do this, after so long?

In his mind’s eye, he saw the Cyndaquil, smiling at him while reaching out with her paw.

“It’s really fun to be on team, and I think it's be really good for you!”

He couldn't do anything to refuse to that.

Okay, I think it’ll be okay...It’ll be good for me, after all.

Satoshi & Touko

Glimwood Tangle is Literal Dreamland
Title: A Christmas Reveal
Author: Satoshi & Touko
Fandom: Pokémon
Pairing: Othelloshipping (AshxHilda)
Rating: G/PG
Notes: A Christmas Drabble for Othelloshipping.

Ash Ketchum had just woken up, and immediately dashed into the living room, eager to find out what the jolly man with the eight magical Stantler left under the Christmas tree this year. After about forty-five minutes total of unwrapping boxes of all sizes, combined with the opening of several gifts, all from many of his old friends, he found himself down to his last gift.

Ash peeked at the lettering on the small box that held his final gift. It revealed the name of a teenager who he traveled with during his time in the Unova region. She was actually someone who Ash shared many things in common with, most notably the goal of becoming a Pokémon Master. Her name was Hilda.

Hilda and Ash competed in the Unova League together, though Hilda had unfortunately been eliminated from the tournament in the top sixteen against Cheren. Although Ash didn't win the League either, he was still more than ready to continue pursuing his dream, though it had actually taken some reassuring from Hilda.

Hilda had become a very close friend of his during their travels together and neither of them would trade them away for anything. Though for some reason, Ash had often had the strangest feeling that there was something...different about their friendship as opposed to those he shared with his previous female companions. It was like there was...a little more to it. Whatever it was though, he had issues figuring it out.

Ash opened up the present that Hilda had sent him, and he was greeted with the sight of a small stack of gift cards for Burger Kingdra. Ash gave a wide smile as he took one of the cards in hand. How did she know!? This was his favorite restaurant. Not to mention, one of them had recently been opened in his hometown. Free eating there would be the absolute perfect way to pass the time as he contemplated which region he should travel to next, if there were any.

He removed the rest of the cards from the box, but there was something else at the bottom: a letter. Curious, Ash looked at the front of it. It said "Merry Christmas, Ash" in cursive writing. Ash opened the letter and read it carefully.

Dear Ash,

I wanted to wish you a very Merry Christmas. I hope you enjoy the gift cards I sent you. I'm really kinda wishing now that someday Burger Kingdra would open a unit here in Unova, but I doubt that would happen anytime soon, haha! Anyway, even though we had to part ways, I know you're going to continue to have amazing adventures and meet lots of great people! I'm...very glad I got to meet you and travel with you. Despite the fact that we were rivals, I had so much fun traveling with you. Our journey together have made the absolute best memories in my life so far. We spent countless hours training our Pokémon and sharing laughs. We became what people here are calling the Heroes of Unova. You were also the one to be there for me when I found out my mother had died. I might not had made it through that time if you weren't there for me. Even if that trial didn't mean very much to you, it meant absolutely everything to me. As the time passed, I finally realized how much you really mean to me. I swear I would not trade our memories away for anything. I'm really hoping that we'll meet again someday. Even though we no longer travel together as of now, you had been the best friend I could ever ask for...and I want you to know that you mean the world to me. You really do. Thank you for being my best friend a girl could ask for!

Love Hilda.

After Ash had finished reading the letter, he was...at a complete loss as to what to do now. It was true that Hilda was his closest friend from Unova, but to read something like this from her...he just went red in the cheeks.

He really had felt that there was something more to his and Hilda's relationship, but this...this...he wasn't sure where to go from here. His cheeks continued to glow red and his chest felt very tight now.

This was very uncharacteristic coming from Ash, but he had been rolling Hilda's letter over and over again in his mind for the next week. Then on New Year's day, it hit him. It really, really hit him. How could he have not seen this before?! He finally understood why his and Hilda's friendship felt different to him...and how Hilda really felt about him. He also realized something about himself that had been making him feel very warm. As a result, there was something important that he needed to do. He didn't know how this would play out, but he truly needed to do this.

He had to see Hilda again and let her know how he felt about her.


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"Three Yuletide Drabbles"

I wrote these three drabbles for Mizz Nikki for the Second Annual Serebii Yuletide.

Title: Famous
Author: American--Pi
Fandom: Pokemon
Pairing/s: AdvancedChampionShipping (Steven Stone/Tsuwabuki Daigo x Brendan/Yuki)
Rating: G

"I still can't believe I did it," Brendan breathed as he placed his last Poke Ball into his bag. He and his Pokemon had just been recorded into the Hall of Fame, and Brendan was feelings many things at once - exhilaration, anticipation, and relief, among others. He looked up and met the warm gaze of the only other person in the room - Steven Stone, son of the President of the Devon Corporation and, up until a few minutes ago, the Champion of the Hoenn League.

"Well done, Brendan," Steven said, smiling. "I knew from when I first met you that you were something special. And now you've proven it to me, in a spectacular battle that I'll never forget."

"Th-thanks, Steven," Brendan stammered, looking down, his face feeling hot. Ever since Brendan was a young boy, he had had a massive crush on the amazingly skilled, friendly, and famous Steven Stone. Meeting and getting closer to Steven during the course of his journey was a dream come true for Brendan. He had hoped to prove himself to his idol for so long. And now he'd finally done it.

"The reporters are probably dying to interview you," Steven stated, "since you're the new Hoenn Champion as well as the Trainer who saved the Hoenn region." He looked at Brendan with concern. "Are you sure you can handle it?"

This question took Brendan by surprise. "Of course I can!" he exclaimed. "I'm so happy that I'm famous now - aren't you?"

Steven sighed. "I can't be prouder of you - I really can't. But fame isn't for everyone," he warned. "Personally I find that it gets tiring after a while. To be honest, at this point I'd sacrifice my fame for a peaceful life of traveling the world and collecting rare stones."

"Oh," Brendan said softly, disappointed. "Will we still be able to call and see each other?" The words tumbled out quickly from Brendan's mouth. "S-sorry. What I meant to say was…" He trailed off, unable to find the right words.

"Brendan," Steven said gently, gazing sadly into the young Trainer's eyes, "let's wait a couple of years, okay? Enjoy being famous, and until then, let's be friends. And of course we can call each other."

"Oh," Brendan said, disappointed but not surprised. He looked down. "How did you know? You know, know that I had a huge fanboy crush on you?"

Steven beckoned with his finger. "Follow me. Let's walk while we talk."

Brendan nodded and followed Steven towards a door at the side of the room.

"Brendan," Steven said, "when I first met you, I noticed how nervous you were when you talked to me. At first I thought you were just shy, but as I got to know you better I realized how much you look up to me." He and Brendan reached the door, and Steven opened it, revealing a luxurious, snow-covered garden. They stepped outside into the weak winter sun. "I've known for quite a while now, but I decided not to bring it up to you because… you're a smart kid. I'm pretty sure you know."

"I understand," Brendan said. "Well… I'm glad I can still call you." He stretched his arms above his head. "Where are we going, by the way?"

Steven smiled at Brendan. What a handsome smile, Brendan thought dreamily.

"We're going to the front room of the Pokemon League for our press conference," Steven told Brendan. "Are you ready for your first taste of stardom?"

"Ready's my middle name," Brendan said confidently as he and Steven reached a side door to the Pokemon League building.

"That's wonderful," Steven said warmly, smiling. Then he bent down, took Brendan's face in his hands, and kissed the young Trainer lightly on the forehead.


Title: Snowed In
Author: American--Pi
Fandom: Pokemon
Pairing/s: TranscieverShipping (Nate/Kyohei x Yancy/Ruri)
Rating: G

"Oh dear," Yancy murmured as she looked out of the frosty window. "Nate, what will I do now? I can't possibly fly home in this weather. My poor Togekiss's wings will freeze!"

Nate joined his friend at the window. "Wow, that's a pretty big blizzard," he commented. "You shouldn't fly home in that. I don't want you to get sick or lost."

Yancy nodded. "Well, I'm afraid I'm stuck here for Christmas Day," she sighed. She quickly added, "N-n-not that I don't like you and your house, Nate! I was just afraid that your family would object to me staying here… should I find somewhere else to stay?"

"Yancy, please don't even think about going back out into that blizzard," Nate said earnestly, turning to her and meeting her eyes. Yancy blushed slightly and looked down, and Nate felt himself smile.

"Oh, Nate, you're too kind," Yancy said, leaving the window and sitting on one of the couches in Nate's living room. She took out her Xtransceiver. "Would you mind if I called my family and let them know where I am? I wouldn't want them to worry.

"Not at all," Nate said. "I'll let my parents know that you're staying here."

Yancy nodded and began punching in some numbers while Nate walked to the kitchen, where his mother and father were preparing the Christmas dinner.

"Mom, Dad, there's a pretty nasty blizzard outside," he said.

"So Yancy's staying with us until it clears?" Nate's father asked, closing the oven door.

Nate nodded. Quickly he added, "She can't possibly go out in that snow."

"Dear, we wouldn't think of not letting your friend stay here!" Nate's mother exclaimed, drying her hands. "She's such a sweet girl, and we know you care for her - a lot."

"She seems to fancy you quite a bit, too," Nate's father remarked. "What's stopping you from telling her how you feel? Your shyness, right? Come on, son, you're a champion. You can do this."

"Dad!" Nate exclaimed, his face feeling warm. "Yancy's right in the living room. She can hear you."

"Don't put too much pressure on our son, dear," Nate's mother chided gently as she began to cut some vegetables. "I'm sure he'll tell her when the time is right." She paused for a while and smiled at her son. "By the way, Nate, learning that someone you love loves you back is a wonderful feeling. Just thought I'd let you know."

"I'll keep that in mind," Nate said. "Do you guys need my help?"

"No thanks - go ahead and keep our guest company while we work," Nate's father said.

Nate nodded and walked back to his living room, where Yancy was sitting on the couch and putting away her Xtransceiver.

"Hey, Yancy," Nate said, flopping down onto the couch next to her. "Thanks again for that video game."

"You're welcome," Yancy chirped. She took a deep breath, as if she was preparing for something. "And, uh, speaking of presents, I have, uh, another one for you, but I'm not sure you'll like it, tee hee!"

Nate raised his eyebrows. "No way, I have another present for you too! And… I'm also not sure you'll like it."

"You go first, Nate," Yancy giggled. "I do like surprises."

Nate blushed furiously and locked eyes with the lovely girl in front of him. "I… I love you, Yancy," he said softly, smiling. He looked down, his heart racing. "That's it. That's the gift. I know, it's lame, but-"

"Oh, Nate…" Yancy murmured. She touched Nate's face gently with her hand and smiled. "That is just what I was going to tell you. I love you too."


Title: I'll Be There
Author: American--Pi
Fandom: Pokemon
Pairing/s: CavalierShipping (Gary Oak/Shigeru Okido x Dawn/Hikari)
Rating: G

"Gary, honey, it's all right," Dawn said, trying to hide her disappointment. She was sitting in front of the video phone in her house and having a video call with her boyfriend, a Pokemon Researcher named Gary Oak. "You can stay in Kanto to finish your project. I know how much your research means to you."

"And spend Christmas away from my lovely girlfriend? No thanks," Gary said, smiling. "I just said that the project might not be finished by Christmas Day. But if I hurry, I can finish the project and make it to Sinnoh by Christmas."

"Can you really try?" Dawn asked, her heart warmed by Gary's words. "I'd come to Kanto if I could, but my mom's sick and I can't leave her alone here."

"I would never ask you to," Gary said firmly. "Dawn, I wouldn't just try to make it to Sinnoh. I'll be there, I promise."

"Oh, Gary, you're so sweet," Dawn said, smiling. "Well, good luck with your research. I love you."

"I love you too," Gary said warmly. He sighed. "I'd better get back to work. See you later."

"See ya," Dawn said, ending the call.


"A sudden and unexpected storm has hit the airspace between Kanto and Sinnoh," the weatherman on Dawn's television announced. "All flights between the two regions are to be delayed until the storm clears up."

"Oh, no. Gary," Dawn murmured to herself as the weatherman continued to talk. She half-listened to him and took out her Poketch to text her boyfriend, letting him know that she understood his situation.

An hour passed uneventfully, and Gary didn't reply.

Maybe he's on the plane already, Dawn thought as she made some hot tea for her mother. But that would mean he got caught in the storm…

Dawn found herself worrying about her boyfriend and pushed those thoughts away. In her twenty-one years of life, Dawn's personal motto, "No need to worry", always served her well. No, there was no need to worry about Gary. He was a strong Trainer, and he always had his trusty Pokemon by his side. It was a shame, though, that Gary probably wouldn't be able to make it to Sinnoh by the end of the day.

Oh well. Stuff happens, Dawn thought as she began to carry a tray of tea upstairs to her ailing mother. Even if Gary can't get here, I can still celebrate Christmas Day with my mother and friends. Dawn smiled, reminding herself to invite Zoey, Kenny, and her other friends over as soon as she could.


Dawn waved goodbye as her last friend departed. It was past eleven, and the fun, uplifting party was over. Even Dawn's mother had joined in on some of the fun, and Johanna's illness had melted away in front of the friendly, caring guests.

As Dawn and her mother were cleaning up, the doorbell rang. Dawn's heart skipped a beat, and her first thought was that Gary Oak had indeed made it to Sinnoh.

Without thinking much, Dawn flung open the door. She smiled broadly when she saw her boyfriend standing outside, tired-looking but happy.

"It's 11:45 PM on Christmas Day," Gary said, smiling. "See? I told you I'd make it to Sinnoh by Christmas. Uh… I hope I wasn't interrupting anything. It is quite late."

Dawn laughed and gave her boyfriend a big hug. "You missed the party, but other than that you're not interrupting at all," she said warmly. "Thank you, Gary. Thank you so much for managing to be here. This is the best Christmas present ever."

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Pirate King
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Title: I Won't Stand In Your Way
Author: xEryChan
Fandom: Pokemon
Pairing: Pearlshipping/Amourshipping
Rating: T
Note: This is long overdue dare from Trublsmbob. Criteria: He didn't specify a specific plot so I just went with what I came up with. This contains more Amourshipping than Pearlshipping but I hope this is sufficent enough for you.


Why does everyone think Ash is my boyfriend?

That is one question Dawn kept asking herself over and over again.

No, they most certainly are not dating and Dawn would not be surprised if they never end up dating. She is too focused of following in her mother's footsteps and becoming a top coordinator. That is something that she has dreamed about since she was a kid.

Besides, Ash is also too focused on his own dream of becoming a Pokemon Master to ever think of getting a girlfriend. It would never happen.

This is not the first time anyone has asked Dawn if Ash is her boyfriend?

The first time, it was Lyra. She just randomly asked Dawn that question when the two of them, along with Khoury, Ash, and Brock, were trapped in the Valley Windworks. Lyra thought they were not going to never going to get out alive and thought that she was going to end up getting married in that small room.

They did get out, obviously, since now Dawn is in the Kalos Region, just in case anyone is wondering.

Now, Ash's new traveling companion, Serena, asked her when she came to Kalos.

All Dawn wanted was to try on outfits at this small boutique in Lumiose City, which Serena referred to as Boutique Couture. The last thing she wants is to be asked if she has a boyfriend or not? Isn't that her business ? Whatever goes between her and Ash is between the two of them, no one else. It's no one's else's business but their own. Besides, why does Serena care if she's dating Ash or not?

Dawn immediately freezes up on the spot, letting the question sink in, before she turned around to look at Serena in shock. "Did I just hear you right, Serena?" She asks, her eyes piercing into Serena's body. "Did you ask me if Ash is my boyfriend?"

Serena shrinks a bit into her chair when Dawn finishes that last sentence. "I'm sorry if that question makes you uncomfortable, Dawn."

"No, no, it's fine, Serena." Dawn shakes her head and gives a small, reassuring smile. "But to answer your question, no. Ash and I are not dating."

Serena could not but to give a relieved sigh and that catches Dawn's attention but she chooses to ignore it. When Dawn doesn’t respond, Serena continues, "I was just wondering. You and Ash seem to be really close so I couldn't help but wonder."

Dawn finds that to be a little odd. Why would she care if Ash is my boyfriend or not? Unless she... Realization dawns upon the blue-haired girl's face and she looks at Serena. "Serena," she begins, catching the Kalosian Performer's attention. "You like Ash, don't you?"

Serena eyes widen and she starts to blush. That is what makes Dawn realize she is, in fact, right. Serena does have a crush on Ash. "Oh my gosh, I knew it. How long?"

"A while now." Serena answers calmly.

"How did you two meet?" Dawn asks, looking at her reflection in the mirror.

"I actually met Ash back when we were kids. We both attended Professor Oak's summer academy in Masara Town. It's a long story as to how though."

Dawn turns around to look at Serena. "Well, I have time."

"Okay," Serena blushes again and takes a deep breath. "I ended getting lost in the forest while at camp one day and I hurt my knee. Ash is the one who found me and he brought me back to the camp."

Dawn could not stop herself from saying, "aww" out loud while Serena tells her the story of how she met Ash when they were just children. "That is so cute."

"That day really has left a imprint on my life and if it wasn't for him, I wouldn't be here today. I have a lot to thank for him for and I don't think I will ever be able to fully thank him for everything. But yeah, that's the event that caused to develop some feelings for Ash."

"Well, you don't need to worry about me, Serena." Dawn smiles at the blonde. "I promise I won't get in the way."

That makes Serena beam with excitement in return. "Thanks Dawn."

"So lets finish up here and meet Ash, Clemont, and Bonnie for lunch. They're probably waiting around impatiently for us. What do you think?"

Serena nodded her head, imaging her traveling companions waiting for her and Dawn angrily in Lumiose City while the two of them went shopping. "Good idea."

Victorian Rush

Weather Manipulator
Title: Kalos Run In
Author: Victorian Rush
Fandom: Pokemon
Pairing(s): Contestshipping & Pearlshipping
Rating: G
Note: Dare from xEryChan. Criteria: Conteshipping that also has Ash and Dawn in as well. I couldn't resist throwing some Pearl in there, it's my OTP.

So this is the Kalos Region? May asked herself, looking around at her surroundings as she found herself walking around a big city known as Lumiose City. This city is huge, even bigger than Mauville City.

Truth be told, this was May's first time visiting the Kalos Region and she could not have been more excited about seeing the region with her own eyes. Sure, she had heard lots about it from Ash and several other people but it was another story to actually be here and to see everything she has dreamed about for so long.

There was just no better feeling in the world.

"Okay, so." May paused and looked at Blaziken, her trusty partner that she got from Professor Birch in Hoenn when it was just a Torchic, and took out a map of the city. "So, what do you want to do?"

Blaziken shook his head and put both of his arms up, signaling he had no idea what to do. "Well, there are a lot if nice stores here that we can go look at. We can drop in and say hi to Professor Sycamore. We can check the restaurants, I hear they are a big deal. Oh, and what about the Boutiques? I have to go there and look."

Blaziken couldn't help but sigh when he heard his trainer going on about the Boutique's and he shook his head.

"Arghh, there's so much to do but so little time!" May exclaimed and griped her hat with her hands. "How do I decide what to do first?"

"May?" An all too familiar voice called her name from behind her and her eyes widened? Could it really be him?

She turned around to look at who the voice belonged to and her face beamed with excitement. "Ash! Dawn!" She called out and ran towards the two to hug the both of them.

It was Ash Ketchum, one of May's former traveling companions. Ash, along with his friend, Brock, traveled through both the Hoenn Region and the Kanto Region with May and her younger brother, Max.

"Oh my gosh, it is so great to see the both of you." Both Ash and Dawn smiled and returned the hug. "How have you guys been?"

"We're both good. I don't know if you heard but the former leader of the Viridian Gym, Agatha, retired so I'm now the Gym Leader of the Viridian Gym." Ash told May.

"Oh my gosh, Ash!" May smiled and hugged him. "That's such great news, congratulations. I'm so happy for you." She pulled away and looked at Dawn. "How about you, Dawn?"

"I live in Viridian City with Ash." That was no surprise to May. Last she heard, Ash and Dawn were, in fact, dating. "I'm also a judge at the Pewter City Contest Hall."

"That's awesome. Congratuations, Dawn."

Dawn smiled in return. "Thanks, May."

"So, what brings you guys to Kalos?"

"We're here to visit my old friend, Serena. She's a Pokemon Performer and she's also known as the Kalos Queen. We came to visit her and see her compete in a Tripokelon." Ash explain.

"Ah, that's great."

"What about you, May?" Ash asked.

"I'm also a judge in the Lilycove Contest Hall." May told him. "Drew and I are dating as well. Finally."

"That's great, it sure took long enough." Ash said and laughed, causing the two girls to giggle.

"Yeah, sure did." May pulled herself together and smiled. "I'm just completely over the moon now and I've never been so happy in my life."

"That's great." Ash told May. "So, what are you up to? You can always join us, if you want to."

"I'd love to but I'm gonna have to pass. I just got here and I'd really love to see the city."

"We understand." Dawn nodded. "But we should totally catch up while we're all still here."

"Yeah, I agree. I'll give you guys my number." May exchanged numbers with Ash and Dawn and smiles at them. "It truly was great to see you guys again and we'll stay in touch."

Both Ash and Dawn nodded and the three parted ways. But one thing was for sure, May really could not wait to tell Drew who she ran into while she was in Kalos. He definitely was going to be surprised.


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Hello! American--Pi here, and welcome to the Weekly Review! Here's how it usually works: Every week I pick a one-shot or a chaptered fic (a single chapter or multiple chapters) to review. I try to alternate between the Fan Fiction and Shipping Fics forums. My reviews are Review Game-style, which means that for Shipping Fics I pick three out of the nine Review Game criteria and comment on them as much as I want to (but at least one paragraph). Every time I try to pick three different criteria, but usually I just comment on whatever in the story catches my eye.

This week, I'm doing something drastically different, which means that instead of offering my traditional Review Game-style review on a one-shot or chaptered fic, I'm taking on the challenge of reviewing every drabble that was posted in the Drabble Thread in the year of 2015. Well, that's not entirely true: While I do want to review every single drabble, I will do so in four Weekly Reviews in the months of January and February 2016. For this week's Weekly Review, I will review the first eleven drabbles out of the forty-four drabbles that were posted (not by me, of course) in the Drabble Thread in 2015. For the Weekly Review of the week after the next (because next week's Weekly Review is dedicated to a Fan Fiction), I will review the second eleven drabbles of 2015. This pattern will continue until the last week of February, where I will review the final eleven drabbles of 2015.

So, without further ado, presenting this week's rather unique Weekly Review!

Let's start by talking about these drabbles as a whole. One thing I noticed in a lot of the drabbles I read was the prevalence of spelling, grammar, and English usage mistakes. This may not bother some people, but, to be perfectly honest, it bothers me and takes just a little away from my enjoyment of the drabble. I understand that drabbles are often short, random, and imperfect. However, while drabbles don't have to be excellent, they most certainly can be. Drabbles can be like works of art - as the title of this thread states, short and sweet. So don't be afraid to really polish up your drabbles and make them awesome, because you might end up with something amazing. Besides, everyone enjoys awesome bits of writing.

Now I'm going to write one-paragraph-long reviews of each drabble. The reviews are under spoiler tags, with one spoiler per review. Each spoiler is labelled with the name of the drabble and its author, and contains the review of the drabble in the spoiler tag label.

[spoiler="Eyes On Me" by Privilege]Remember to start a new paragraph every time there is a new idea or a new person speaking. Also, check your dialogue - it should be written like "Hello," she said; not "Hello," She said. On the drabble as a whole, I thought it was pretty funny, albeit rather hard to read because it was one condensed paragraph. Ash and Misty were in character, and Ash being a Captain America fanboy was amusing.[/spoiler]

[spoiler="Pie-Eating Contest Heroes" by Satoshi & Touko]Your spelling, grammar, and English usage are all pretty good, so you don't need to worry about that. I actually quite enjoyed all of your OthelloShipping drabbles, despite not shipping the ship. Your drabbles are like fun little slice-of-life, character-exploring vignettes, which I like. In your drabbles you characterized Hilda and her relationship with Ash well, especially considering she never appeared in the anime.[/spoiler]

[spoiler="Flurry" by Moonlight Amaryllis]Aww, that was really cute. It was rather short for a drabble, but its length was actually perfect. The drabble was just long enough to convey the adorable relationship between the two well-characterized Pokemon. I also like how Leafeon and Glaceon are both female - I don't know why; I just do.[/spoiler]

[spoiler="In Search for Red" by matthew11]The plot, concept, and description of this drabble are all great - I love the way Yellow had to face danger and doubt to snap her crush out of his trance. However, your grammar and English usage could use some work. Remember also to keep tenses in mind - the verb tense you use should be consistent with when the action is happening. Don't switch between past and present when all the action is happening at one time; either stick to past tense or stick to present tense.[/spoiler]

[spoiler="Hand In Hand" by Moonlight Amaryllis]Aww, that was pretty cute - you're a really good drabble author with a really nice style. I liked the paragraph that began with "Shutting her eyes" because the sentence structure did well in conveying Lyra's racing mind and sense of panic. I'm not sure what's going on here, though - who or what exactly saved Marill, and how? Even though the moment between Ash and Lyra was cute, where did Ash come from?[/spoiler]

[spoiler="Coming Through" by xEryChan]You're a really good author, and I like your style of writing, description, and expression. I liked the way you expressed May's character and her feelings towards Brendan. This drabble was a nice study in character and emotion. However, I did notice that your verb tenses were inconsistent - don't switch between past and present when all the action is happening at one time. For example, the last line of the drabble should be "He had to come through", because every other verb that's telling the story is in the past tense.[/spoiler]

[spoiler="Untitled" by Mizz Nikki]I really liked your dialogue here and the way it characterized Brendan, May, and their relationship. I really liked their relationship as well, and you wrote their budding romance very well. However, I noticed that in the drabble the verbs sometimes switched between past and present tense, so in the future I would advise you to pay attention to verb tenses as you write. Also, May says that "they don't take more than one person", which... doesn't make sense because May is bringing another person to go scuba diving.[/spoiler]

[spoiler="Defying Logic" by Avietta_Ikarilove]This drabble was on the short side, but it was sweet and did a great job at conveying Hugh and Rosa's characters and relationship. The beginning made me laugh, because the mental picture of Hugh's voice cracking was quite amusing. The only thing I would change is to add who is saying what at the end of more of the dialogue. Currently the drabble's snappy back-and-forth conversation between Hugh and Rosa works, but I did get a little lost as to who was saying what at some points.[/spoiler]

[spoiler="Avoiding Conflict" by Victorian Rush]Aw, that was really sad. You did a great job of conveying Sapphire and Emerald's emotions, and I could feel their growing sense of frustration and desperation towards Ruby. The drabble had an unresolved sense to it, which was very effective because I felt bad for Emerald and Sapphire, and worried for Ruby. The only thing I was iffy on was Emerald's viciousness - I didn't understand why he wanted to kill Ruby, if only metaphorically.[/spoiler]

[spoiler="Tumbling Down" by Moonlight Amaryllis]This was pretty heartbreaking, not gonna lie. You did a great job in establishing Ash and Leaf's past and relationship, and Ash's inability to get through to Leaf felt like a punch to the heart. Your writing and description are pretty great, and did wonders in conveying the cold, dark, and sad mood. However, I'm iffy on the last sentence - I thought it came too quickly, lacked detail, and did little to round off the drabble.[/spoiler]

[spoiler="Row of the Month" by ChloboShoka]I had mixed feelings on this drabble. On the one hand, the grammar was good, it was amusing at times, and Ash and May's interaction felt organic and well-written. However, I couldn't help but feel a little offended about the period thing - I personally think you somewhat exaggerated the effects of a period and turned a rather frustrating part of being a female into a simple plot device. The ending was pretty hilarious, though.[/spoiler]

...Whew, that was a lot of reviews. I had fun reading the drabbles and writing the reviews though, so I have no regrets. I hope everyone finds these reviews helpful. Stay tuned for Part Two of my reviews of the drabbles of 2015, which is coming in two weeks.

- Pi

Mizz Nikki

Operations Director
Title: The Right Thing To Do
Author: Mizz Nikki
Fandom: Pokemon
Pairing: Pearlshipping (Ash x Dawn)
Rating: PG
Note: Just felt like writing this, it just randomly came to me.

Dawn couldn't help but give an annoyed sigh as she stood by the window in the house she shared with her boyfriend, Ash. He was, once again, training. Getting ready for an upcoming gym challenge. He never stops and there nothing that annoyed Dawn more than that.

She should have known the second she got with him, his training would have come first. Everything with Ash was always related to Pokemon somehow. But that's what you get for getting involved with a gym leader.

As the gym leader of Viridian City, Ash was swamped with challenges. That is something that comes with the job.

Dawn, for the most part, is a very patient person. She could handle Ash spending most of his time at the gym. As a Contest Coordinator, Dawn is a trainer herself. But it's upsetting that Ash always focuses on his challenges and barely makes any time for her.

Perhaps it was stupid but it was something she couldn't.

Maybe she should just accept that, Pokemon and battles will always be more important to Ash than anyone, even his own girlfriend.

Sighing, Dawn walked outside where Ash outside training. "Hey Ash." She greeted her boyfriend, the Masaran Trainer's back was facing her.

Ash didn't even turn around to look at her. "Hi Dawn."

"So, I was thinking that, maybe we could go out for lunch together. Just the two of us."

"Can't," Ash replied. "I'm so close to mastering this new combination we've been working on. We almost got it."

"Come on, Ash. You barely make any time for me now and I'm your girlfriend." She pleaded with him, even though she knew it was a moot point. He was not going to stop his training so he could go out with her. Why would he anyways? He hasn't before.

"I'm a gym leader, Dawn. I have to put my all into my training. I thought you, being a Coordinator would understand."

Unable to hide her dismay, Dawn sighed. Once again, Ash was too busy to spend time with her. Why does she even bother? If Pokemon is clearly more important to Ash than she is, then maybe it's time to-

It's time to call it quits.

Dawn sighed and closed her eyes. "I can't do this anymore, Ash."

That caught Ash's attention and he turned around to face her. "Huh? What do you mean?"

"This! I can't do this, Ash. You're always so focused on your training and it seems like you don't have the time for me." Ash couldn't even find the time to attend the Grand Festival.

There was nothing that killed Dawn more than that.

"I'm leaving, Ash." Dawn tried to remain calm as those words came out of her mouth but she was failing miserably. She turned around and continued, "but this time I won't be coming back."

"Wait, Dawn! Please don't." Ash attempted to plead with her but Dawn was not listening to anything he had to say. She instead made her way back into the house and began to pack her bags.

Although this was a very tough decision to make, Dawn was certain she made the correct one.


Write on
Hello! American--Pi here, and welcome to the Weekly Review! Here's how it usually works: Every week I pick a one-shot or a chaptered fic (a single chapter or multiple chapters) to review. I try to alternate between the Fan Fiction and Shipping Fics forums. My reviews are Review Game-style, which means that for Shipping Fics I pick three out of the nine Review Game criteria and comment on them as much as I want to (but at least one paragraph). Every time I try to pick three different criteria, but usually I just comment on whatever in the story catches my eye.

This week, I'm doing something drastically different, which means that instead of offering my traditional Review Game-style review on a one-shot or chaptered fic, I'm taking on the challenge of reviewing every drabble that was posted in the Drabble Thread in the year of 2015. Well, that's not entirely true: While I do want to review every single drabble, I will do so in four Weekly Reviews in the months of January and February 2016. For this week's Weekly Review, I will review the second eleven drabbles out of the forty-four drabbles that were posted (not by me, of course) in the Drabble Thread in 2015. For the Weekly Review of the week after the next (because next week's Weekly Review is dedicated to a Fan Fiction), I will review drabbles 22-33 of 2015. This pattern will continue until the last week of February, where I will review the final eleven drabbles of 2015.

So, without further ado, presenting this week's rather unique Weekly Review! I'm going to write one-paragraph-long reviews of each drabble. The reviews are under spoiler tags, with one spoiler per review. Each spoiler is labelled with the name of the drabble and its author, and contains the review of the drabble in the spoiler tag label.

[spoiler="Scuba Lesson" by MonMonCandie]I loved your characterization of Roxanne and Brawly. Their interaction felt organic and believable as well, and I loved the flirtatiousness and sexual tension between the two of them (despite never shipping them before, reading your drabble made me kind of start to ship them). I also liked your description and the little bits of humor you added into the drabble. Overall this was a fun and entertaining read that handled a rather obscure shipping very well, so great job![/spoiler]

[spoiler="Waiting Out The Storm" by xEryChan]Keep in mind your tenses - remember that everything in the drabble takes place in the past, so you should consistently use past tense, even for Serena's thoughts. That said, you characterized Ash and Serena excellently, and their interactions were cute and believable. I also loved how Serena was thinking about Clemont, Bonnie, and the events she missed - it shows that she's a well-rounded character with many interests, friends, and hopes. Serena's internal thoughts and feelings were, in my opinion, the strongest part of this drabble.[/spoiler]

[spoiler="Ventress Conference Coincidence" by Satoshi & Touko]If there are time skips in your drabbles, I would suggest adding a break or horizontal line of some sort to indicate that a good amount of time has passed between scenes. In your case, adding a break would make the shift between the competition and the party feel less abrupt. That said, I'm still really liking the way you're portraying the relationship between Ash and Hilda. You wrote several OthelloShipping drabbles in 2015, and, not gonna lie, they were all pretty good and believable, despite Ash and Hilda never actually interacting.[/spoiler]

[spoiler="Unconditionally" by MonMonCandie]Not gonna lie, this was probably the best drabble of this current bunch of eleven. I love how you wrote about a different kind of love that isn't romantic - most people think of shipping as exclusively romantic, but it doesn't have to be. Familial and friendly relationships can be just as beautiful as romantic relationships, and Wallace's love for Lisia in your drabble was definitely very cute and believable. I really wish there were more works on these forums focusing on non-romantic relationships.[/spoiler]

[spoiler="Valentine's Oopsie" by Satoshi & Touko]Haha, that was really funny and cute - Ash was hilariously in-character, and you did a great job in your characterization. As usual, excellent work on writing Ash and Hilda's interactions, considering that they've never met in the canon. One thing though, I think you could have made it clearer what exactly was Ash and Hilda's relationship. Before Ash got Hilda the chocolates, were they already a couple, or were they in a complicated, romantically charged friendship?[/spoiler]

[spoiler="What Trainers Do" by Victorian Rush]There were a few grammatical errors here and there in your drabble - for example, the third sentence should have been "She may have made it far into the Unova League". That said, I really liked this drabble, because it was an excellent reflection of what it means to be friends, rivals, and Pokemon trainers. I really enjoy your writing style in general, and you use nice techniques to convey mood. In addition, Ash and Hilda's relationship was well-written and believable.[/spoiler]

[spoiler="Hair Care" by MonMonCandie]This drabble was pretty cute and funny, especially thanks to Ethan's well-written and hilarious flamboyance. You're a very good drabble author in general, because in your drabbles you do a great job in conveying personalities and relationships through dialogue, actions, and thoughts. However, I did find several grammatical mistakes - for example, "Eyebrows knit closely together when she leaned forward; inadvertently squishing Marill who sat on her lap" is a run-on sentence. It should be "Eyebrows knit closely together, she leaned forward, inadvertently squishing Marill, who sat on her lap".[/spoiler]

[spoiler="Do It For Me" by MonMonCandie]Once again, excellent job on the characterization and the relationship between the characters. I loved the way Lisia's bouncy personality interacted with Aarune's more subdued one, and their interactions were very cute, believable, and flirtatious. I would have liked it if Aarune took more time to agree to Lisia's request, but their relationship was well-written nevertheless. Once again, however, your writing is peppered with little grammatical mistakes - but don't worry, these can be easily avoided with a bit of proofreading.[/spoiler]

[spoiler="Stage Presence" by MonMonCandie]I really like how this drabble ties in excellently to "Do It For Me". The two drabbles are connected excellently in terms of characterization, relationships, and writing style. I also liked how this drabble follows Lisia's point of view rather than Aarune's; it was nice to have two interconnected drabbles with different points of view of the same pairing. In addition, I couldn't find any grammatical mistakes in this drabble, so great job![/spoiler]

[spoiler="Battle de Stare" by Dr.Psycho]Honestly, this was hilarious, and I absolutely adored this drabble. It did have its flaws, but it was so darned funny that the flaws didn't really matter to me. I loved how a big deal was made out of a staring contest - it was like a wrestling match, and the announcer and commentator were really funny (especially with the Twilight reference). Two things though: One, make sure your story is consistent in its format, because currently it shifts between a conventional narration and a script. Secondly, I thought Serena was a bit melodramatic, but that was hilarious in context of the drabble.[/spoiler]

[spoiler="The Perfect Contrast" by Dr.Psycho]Haha, I love the "engage… in battle" part and the "Yeah, what she said" part - it just added a lot of humor to the already fun drabble. I really like the relationship between Frogadier and Braixen, as well as the way you conveyed it through their bonds with their trainers and their battling prowess. However, I feel that the drabble felt rushed, and would have worked better as a one-shot, with its scenes detailed out some more.[/spoiler]

Stay tuned for Part Three of my reviews of the drabbles of 2015, which is coming in two weeks.

- Pi
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Plus Ultra!
Title: Outburst
Author: NegaiFreak
Fandoms: Ben 10 Omniverse & My Little Pony: Equestria Girls
Pairing: Ben Tennyson X Rainbow Dash
Rating: PG
Note: This was something I had written a while back, and since it was so short, I figured posting it here wouldn't be too bad. If you want a better understanding of the pairing and story genre, there's a link to my fanfic page in my signature. Enjoy!

A million different thoughts raced through Rainbow’s head upon what she just heard from Spanner inside the main hall of the museum. But only one really made her expression turn somber, being she and her boyfriend would not be together in the future based what the time traveler had said. Her schoolmate took notice of her look, also shocked by the development.

“Well,” Ester began in a very sarcastic tone, catching their attentions, “this is slightly awkward…” she muttered out to her date.

“Ester, I swear…!” he tried to say, walking up to her while he gestured towards Kai, “She isn’t-! I mean, he doesn’t-!”

“Hey,” the Kraaho interjected, “at least she’s not a space princess,” she pointed out, “or a tennis pro…” she added mockingly, obviously upset.

“Or a movie star,” Rook mentioned, enticing his girlfriend to hit his left arm with her right elbow, “OW!” he yelped, glancing over to see her angered expression.

“Rook… not helping!” his partner yelled with a pause, turning back towards his masked ally, “Spanner, tell her you’re wrong!” he demanded as he jogged over to him, placing his hands upon his shoulders in a pleading manner, “Or lying!” he kept going, “Or something!” he exclaimed, shaking his head out of denial, “Because there is no way-!”

“Trust me, Tennyson,” his crush interrupted, causing him to look over, “the feeling is mutual!” she stated with a huff.

“Hey!” the Omnitrix bearer shouted, much to her surprise as she perked up, seeing him push aside the time traveler to go up to her, “In case you didn’t notice,” he started to say, gesturing towards the others with his right hand, “my girlfriend’s in the room, too!” he pointed out, catching her attention as her eyes widened in surprise, “And she’s probably freaking out about all this!” he mentioned as she had her mouth slightly gape open out of shock, astonished to hear him vouching for her sake. The Revonnahgander and the red and yellow haired girl were stunned as well, but let off grins, glad that their leader was being supportive.

“Uh, yeah…” Spanner chimed in with a cough, getting their attentions as they turned to face him, “Your… ‘girlfriend’…” he muttered, making Ben raise an eyebrow out of skepticism.

“What?” he uttered in confusion, narrowing his eyes at him.

“Oh, don’t get me wrong,” the time traveler began, holding his hands out in a placating manner, “you and Rainbow Dash might’ve been the perfect couple at some points,” he noted as the two in question were beyond shocked, “but you guys found out that it just wasn’t meant to be in the future,” he told them, causing both them and others to widen their eyes in disbelief. A few moments of awkward silence passed, more so than when he had revealed the supposed relationship of the Omni Force leader and the archaeologist.

“B-Ben?” Rainbow stammered in question as her voice was beginning to break, with tears forming in her eyes, “I-Is that… true?” she asked, sniffling a little while her eyes continued to water, “Are you really gonna… break up with me?” she guessed, much to his shock as he had never seen that look on her face ever since he was with her. His ire was increasing with each passing moment while he gritted his teeth, glaring out towards the masked hero.

“I’m sorry,” he apologized to the rainbow haired girl, not noticing the brunette teen trotting towards him, “You and Ben are gonna still be great friends,” he kept going, “but he’s gonna end up with-“ His sentence was interrupted the moment he felt said person grab from behind and hoist him up from the ground. He then threw him down, making him hit the floor as he tumbled across it, much to the surprise of the others.

“Ben!” Kai shouted, “What the heck was-?!

“You want me to believe the stuff that’s coming outta his mouth?!” he questioned back to her angrily, interjecting her remark as she glanced away shamefully, biting her bottom lip.

“You did not have to be so aggressive…” his alien partner pointed out as he and the two Canterlot High students came over with Ester, while Spanner stood back up, rubbing the side of his head.

“Not like I couldn’t, Rook,” the Omnitrix bearer, “He was making her cry…” he mentioned, looking over at his girlfriend, who had wiped her eyes free of tears.

“Ergh…” the time traveler grunted, “Okay, I didn’t mean it like that…” he claimed, catching their attentions, “But it’s the truth!” he stated, causing the brunette haired teen to growl once again.

“No, it’s not,” he said, walking up to him as he stumbled back a step, “I’m the one that decides my future; not you,” he explained seriously to him.

“B-But…” he began with a stutter, “it’s fate!” he yelled, “You and Kai are gonna be-!”

“Don’t try to tell me what my future is!” Ben demanded, making him cringe, “I don’t care if what I do ends up changing the future forever…” he told him honestly, much to his surprise, along with the others.

“Ben…” Sunset uttered, a little stunned at his anger as she had barely ever seen him so upset.

“I don’t have feelings for Kai anymore…” he suddenly stated, astonishing everyone, especially Rainbow as she looked out to see him turn and face her, “I love Rainbow Dash…” he confessed, not showing any signs of embarrassment or remorse as a moment of silence passed on. His girlfriend could feel her heart skip a few beats while her eyes widened out of disbelief.

“D-Did you just say… you… love me?” she asked, stammering a little as her cheeks turned slightly pink. A simple nod was the only response she received from her boyfriend as her eyes remained widened. Everyone else was shocked at the revelation, letting the silence continue.

“Now this just got way awkward…” the red and yellow haired girl quipped, crossing her arms over her chest while worriedly looking at her friend.
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Title: familiar (familial) pain
Author: airisuflower
Fandom: Pokemon
Pairing/s: Wingshipping (Falkner & Clair)
Rating: PG

"you care too much of what he thinks," she says. her eyes watch the way that he keeps creasing the edges of the envelope. that envelope that holds all the dearest words to him, but they did not pour from her pen. instead, these words are forged by a bloodline. she knows about bloodlines, looks down at her wrists--imagining that she can see her blood flowing through her veins--and thinks about lance briefly. her hair is messily creeping over her shoulder, so she tosses it back and allows her eyes to wander around his home. it isn't everyday that she's being invited over, so she wonders what is on his mind, but he hasn't talked much. the last thing he had vocalized was a question: do you want tea? her answer had been no, but now she craved something for her hands to toy with as his are now.

his eyes are hard when they flit over to her. there is rage on his lips and she entertains the idea that he might actually have a full array of emotions buried below the surface. "don't you dare say anything against him." it is almost a command, but there's a waver to his voice and she laughs in response. he's awfully unimpressive when emotional.

her voice gains momentum when she's upset. she is akin to nature: tornadoes and hurricanes sweep her off her feet until she can no longer feel anything except the sweet high that signals that she'll be crashing: emotional lows always hit her so hard, because emotional highs turn her into a nymph who can possess the natural happenstances of this world. she's a tsunami, a windstorm, a blizzard.

she wraps her arms around herself, steadies her gaze, then shakes her head. "you are right. he's important to you, i shouldn't tell you how to deal with issues that arise between you and him." she almost can't believe that she's saying this. it feels foolish of her, as though she's young again. his gaze softens slowly as it meets hers and slowly he crumbles in on himself. every bone in his body seems to give way as his body folds and the torrential downpour of tears flood his lap. there's a weight in his stomach that pulls him down to the floor. the envelope floats away from him.

before she can think about it, she's on the floor, her hands cupping his face as she tries to hold him together. she's not made of paste or tape, but her touches are desperate as they hold him close. his breathing is raspy and she can hear what she expects to be his heart rattling in his chest when he rocks back and forth. "it's okay. he isn't mad at you. you made the decision that you wanted to make when you closed the gym..." she whispers, but her voice sounds toneless and empty. she wonders if all of the melodious notes of her speech have turned to rests. "you'll be okay."

then she places her forehead against his, "you have to be," she lifts to press her lips against his forehead, "for me."
so i can be for you.
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~Head In The Clouds~
Title: Siberia
Author: SilverLining554
Fandom: Pokemon
Pairing/s: Agencyshipping
Rating: PG
Note: Trying to get back into the swing of writing fan fiction on Serebii. This contains spoilers for the BW manga from vol. 51 and is kinda sad so read at your own risk ^_< Let’s just pretend that after Vol. 51, White has a certain someone’s jacket.

In, out, in out…breathe…

It’s really way too cold out here for her. What kind of idiot walks out in below freezing weather with only a tattered blue jacket and shorts? Double idiot points if there’s a blizzard and snow’s piled up to your knees. Anyone with the (…poke) balls to do this is insane, completely off their rocker. White knows she’s stupid for being out here. But when one is called by the Universe, one must answer.

Left, right, left, right…keep moving…

She shudders violently, shifting her feet in a sluggish, drunken manner. Is that insane tingling feeling in her legs frostbite? White’s lips, turned from pink to a light blue, curl up at the corners almost sadistically. Her pale blue eyes squint to avoid being blinded by snow and she raises her head up to look ahead. White snow expands for miles across the snowy expanse. This part of Iccirus City is so desolate, so deserted, so dead.

It’s just like her.

White grunts as she trips over something and falls down onto her knees. She plants her hands in the snow and feels the ice creep over her fingers. She can feel the strength draining from her body as she falls onto her side in the deep snow. She doesn’t move—there is no small fidget, no sniffle or sneeze. She’s absolutely frozen. The grin on her face grows wider and she hears a strange sound coming from near her. It’s like a Chatot with a broken larynx trying to sing. She reaches up and grips her throat.

“Hee..hee…hee, hee, hee…”

White realizes it’s her own laughing and blinks repeatedly. She curls up and keeps laughing, tears streaming down her cheeks. Opening her mouth further, she coos, “Bla-ck. Bla-ck. Aren’t you going to help me up?”

The wind answers her with a sharp howl. The blizzard picks up and the snow starts falling even faster than before. But if she really concentrates, she can almost hear something like his voice; that sweet, sweet voice that she hasn’t heard in so long. Why does it sound so close?

“Prez, get up. You’re too close now.”

White closes her eyes and grins wider. Her eyelids freeze to one another. She doesn’t speak once more, but clutching the tattered blue jacket closer to her body, she thinks of how this isn’t that bad of a way for her to go. She’s surrounded by his smell, and she likes that.

“Get up!” he screams. “Get up!”

White slowly opens her eyes again, clumps of her lashes falling out. Through her hazy double vision, she can see a small white orb lying not too far away. White exhales a shaky sigh.
She reaches out, but then lets her hand fall a few mere centimeters from it.

“Prez! Prez! Pr…”

White smiles and stares out into the storm. Her vision grows blurrier and blurrier, and suddenly the howling wind doesn’t sound so loud.
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