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Short 'n Sweet: The Drabble Thread

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by Tadashi, Jan 7, 2009.

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  1. AdvancedGenGenesect

    AdvancedGenGenesect Well-Known Member

    Title: A Search For The Blade of Hearts
    Author: Advancedgengenesect
    Fandom: Pokemon
    Pairing: JoyeuxShipping (Ash x Shauna)

    It was a nice day with cold breezes as Shauna walks happily in the route towards snowbell city and eventually decides to take a short break so she sees a small cave and enters it with her newly caught vileplume and takes a seat on a rock and starts relaxing.

    She then pulled out a jar of cookies she had bought from a shop around snowbell city and opens the lid to find a nice pile of different shaped cookies just when her vileplume says "vileplume" "vile" in a joyful manner.

    "So it looks like you want one too" Shauna said while handing vileplume a cookie and then taking one for herself and noticing that it's heart shape causing Shauna to remember the words that were written on the tin which were "true love comes from true taste".

    She started to think about the words while munching on the cookies and she started to think about how it mentioned love but of course she wasn't the person to get too involved in romantic stuff but the more she thought about it she started to think about ash but she didn't know why she did exactly.

    Though she knew she liked him as a friend she started to notice that she did like him a bit in other ways and she had known it for quite a while but it was just a little thing that she had for him and it was not that big that she daydreamed about ash but she started thinking deeper until she realised Serena liked him already and she felt awkward because of thinking about ash in a different way as well so she just decided to concentrate on something else.

    She started to notice that she couldn't easily stop thinking about ash even though she didn't really understand why but then she took a guess and she thought that maybe she did actually love him but she just didn't think too much about it.

    At first it seemed to be kind of far fetched but it was the only thing that was on Shaunas mind now and eventually Shauna accepted that it was true and she now didn't seem to think it was awkward at all but rather it felt like Shauna had discovered something about herself she had before kept a secret.

    Her deep thinking was interrupted by her vileplume when it said "vile" In a bit of a concerned way.

    "Oh sorry vileplume" "I guess I started thinking too much So I guess we got to get a move on right now" Shauna said anticipating some new adventures along the way to snowbell city.

    Shauna and her vileplume got out f the cave and started heading towards snowbell city alongside beautiful snow flakes and beautiful breezes and even more beautiful Pokémon but one of the most beautiful things were the feelings she discovered she had for ash which was once and still in Shaunas heart.
  2. Title: Memories encased in bubbles
    Author: Nerdy McNerdface (Aka moi)
    Fandom: Pokemon
    Paring/s: Lana x Mallow
    Rating: G
    Notes: Asked by ChloboShoka in the Truth or Dare thread, criteria: a Drabble with the theme being bubbles

    "Pastries! Come and get your amazing pastries!"

    Mallow didn't know how long she had been doing this for. Probably at least an hour or two.

    But she wasn't too concerned. She'd heard about a market going on in the Castelia City Square, and she had wanted to promote her bakery, so she hadn't hesitated to head over there as fast as she could and set up a pastry stall.

    "Come and get some Paniola Pastries!" She cried out to the crowd.

    Barely anyone heard her.

    Exhausted from trying to announce her existence, she sat down in the chair she had set up. This gave her an opportunity to look around at the events happening.

    There wasn't too much that interested her, but two kids near the back alley earned her attention. They were blowing bubbles with one of those cheap bubble bottles that people gave away at fetes as rewards.

    The bubbles reminded Mallow of herself when she was younger, back in Alola.

    She remembered what it was like to attend the Pokemon school, before she eventually quit a year early to pursue her baking dream here in Unova. She remembered what it was like to sit and talk with all her classmates.

    And she remembered what it was like to be with one certain special friend of hers.

    One who had the dream of creating the perfect bubble a human could sit in.

    Mallow wished she knew if that old friend of hers ever achieved that goal.
  3. AmericanPi

    AmericanPi Write on

    Title: Passing the Time
    Author: American--Pi
    Fandom: Pokemon
    Pairing/s: Curtis x Yancy x Lisia (platonic)
    Rating: G
    Notes: Drabble Dare from the Shippers' Truth Or Dare Thread. Nerdy McNerdface dared me to write a platonic drabble focusing on Curtis x Yancy x Lisia. Sorry this is so short, but quality over quantity, right? XD

    Curtis and two of his closest friends, fellow idols Yancy and Lisia, were lounging in Lisia's private jet on their way to a concert in Sinnoh, playing Twenty Questions during the ride upon Lisia's suggestion. The three celebrities had played countless rounds of the game, and Curtis was grateful that his friends had so many interesting ways to pass the time. He was just about to give his guess on what Pokemon Yancy was thinking of when Lisia piped up.

    "Are you thinking of Tepig?" Lisia asked Yancy.

    "Yes!" Yancy exclaimed. "You win this round."

    "Dang it!" Curtis groaned. "I was so close!"

    "Hey," Yancy said playfully, elbowing Curtis gently. "It was about time Lisia won, man."

    "Yeah, you always get what Yancy's thinking, what's up with that?" Lisia chuckled from the sofa opposite to the one Curtis and Yancy were sitting on.

    "Hey, I'm just playing the game to the best of my abilities here," Curtis said, throwing his hands up and laughing. "No seriously, I really don't know. Maybe it's a Unovan thing."

    "Yeah," Yancy said. "Maybe we Unovans understand each other so well because we're so far away from the other regions."

    "You Unovans are so silly," Lisia said, smiling. "I'm so glad that I know you guys."

    "Hey Lisia," Yancy said, "you know what else is a Unovan thing?"

    "What?" Lisia asked. "Let me guess, Pokemon handegg?"

    "It's football," Curtis protested. "Sure, you use your hands and the ball looks like an egg, but we call it football."

    "Close, but nope, hee hee!" Yancy said, grinning. "What I was going for was dumping tea into harbors. That's totally a Unovan thing - right, Curtis?"

    Wrong, Curtis thought, but he smiled, trying not to laugh at Yancy's ridiculous joke.

    "Right," Curtis said, fighting back laughter. "Especially dumping tea into harbors while riding on Braviary and yelling, 'FREEDOM!' Happens all the time where I come from."

    "Yep! Totally," Yancy giggled.

    Lisia rolled her eyes, but her grin betrayed how much fun she was having. "Riiight," she said. "Aaanyways, Curtis, it's your turn. Think of something."

    "Hmm, okay, I am thinking of a Pokemon type," Curtis said, picking Electric.

    "I know what it is," Yancy said, cheekiness apparent in her voice. "It's…" She broke out into a rap. "Grass, Fire, Ground, Poison, Electric, Water, Rock, Flying, Ice, Normal, Bug, Ghost, Fighting, and Dragon."

    "Don't forget Psychic, Dark, Fairy, Steel!" Curtis and Lisia chimed in, for Yancy had just rapped a phrase from a song all three of them knew by heart.

    "To be a master! Pokemon master!" the three friends sang, their game of Twenty Questions forgotten but the good times lasting. Just like that, their game had turned into a sing-along session, but Curtis didn't mind it in the slightest. He was having fun with his friends, and that was what mattered.

    "Pokemon go! Go!" Curtis yelled happily, pumping his fist into the air.

    Last edited: Aug 3, 2017
  4. xEryChan

    xEryChan Vampire Girl Staff Member Moderator

    Title: All He Needs
    Author: xEryChan
    Fandom: Pokemon
    Pairing: Transceivershipping (Nate x Yancy)
    Rating: G
    Note: Dare from WolfeyStar. Criteria: A festive drabble for the holidays I'm sure this is not what was anyone was expecting though :(


    The holidays are supposed to be the happiest time of the year. It’s that time of year where families come together to enjoy the season, exchange gifts between one another, and basically just be together.

    But this year, Nate was just not feeling it. One bit. Over the past couple of weeks, he had been dealt with a bad hand and had been dealing with a lot but the loss of his girlfriend and the love of his life just made the season go from bad to worse.

    It was not fair. Yancy was not supposed to die like this, a couple of days before Christmas. How was he supposed to go without her? He really did not know. Yancy was more than just his girlfriend, she was also his best friend. She was always there for him whenever he needed her. Always knew how to make him smile. That was probably a couple of the features about Yancy that made him fall in love with her but there was so many other things about her that he loved.

    Life is so unfair.

    How did it end up like this? It was supposed to be simple routine flight to Hoenn. Yancy had to fly there for work. But sadly, she did not make it there. The plane she was on crashed into the sea and there were no survivors.

    He remembered being at home in Aspertia City with his mother for a couple of days when he got that phone call. Being the champion of Unova meant that he rarely got time off but whenever he did, he would usually spend it in Nimbasa City when he and Yancy shared a house but whenever Yancy was away, he would always go to Aspertia City to see his mother, which is something he knew she loved.

    But then he got that one phone call that literally turned his world around. He rarely left the house, he just stayed inside his room. He would just lay on his bed as stare up at nothing. He was extremely depressed and there was nothing that could save him.

    Well, there was one person who could but she was no longer around.

    Penny, Nate’s mother, absolutely hated seeing how depressed her son ever since losing Yancy. She was heartbroken as well. Ever since Nate first brought Yancy home to meet her, she really loved the girl and she knew her son made a great decision by picking her. Then they grew closer until that tragic flight that took Yancy’s life.

    And she sympathized with Nate. She lost her husband as well. She knew how hard it is to lose your soulmate, she was not about to lose her son as well.

    “Hey baby.” She said, as she closed the door to his bedroom behind her and she approached Nate on the bed. Nate rolled over so his back was facing his mother. “I know this has been extremely hard on you, it has been on me too.”

    Nate said nothing, just kept staring at the wall. She took a seat on the bed next to him and began to rub his back in a circular motion to comfort him. It did not seem to be work though “You know Yancy. She would not want you to sit around mopping, she would want you to move on with your life. She would not want you to be sad.”

    Although Nate did want to admit it, he knew his mother was right. That was the type of person Yancy was. But he did not just did not know how was going to move on without her. She was everything to him. He loved her more than anything.

    “I’ve been where you are now, Nate. You’re not alone, I’m always here for you. You can talk to me, just remember that.”

    Assuming Nate just wanted to be alone, she patted him on the back and she stood up, making her way towards the door. But before she could open the door, she heard Nate turn around his bed. “Mom, wait!” Penny smiled before she turned around to look at her son. “How did you-”

    Nate could not finish that sentence. But Penny understood what he was asking her. “I’m not going to lie, it was extremely hard. But I had you and you were honestly such a big help in getting me through that time.”

    All Nate could do was smile. He really had no idea what he should say. Then he felt his mother’s hand on his leg. “It’s going to get easier as time goes on. Time really does make a big difference, Nate. And you know I’m always going to be here if you need me.”

    “Thanks, mom.” Nate smiled and hugged his mother.


    That was something that Nate needed. Although losing Yancy was rough, he knew he would get through it.

    He had his mother and that was all he needed.
  5. Title: Frost
    Author: Facey McFacenerd (Nerdy McNerdface)
    Fandom: Pokemon
    Pairing: Hau x Sun
    Rating: G
    Notes: Dared by Victorian Rush in the Truth or Dare thread, criteria: a Hau x Sun fic that takes place on a cold winter's day

    "Hau, are you sure you want to go get malasadas? In this weather?"

    Hau looked at his temperature-sensitive friend and sighed. "Come on, you just became the first ever Alola champion! We've got to celebrate by getting malasadas!"

    Sun groaned. "But its cold, and frosty..."

    Hau shook his head. "Ah, come on you spoilsport. It's just a bit of frost on the routes!"

    "It's been annoying enough that you're still standing in the doorway letting all the heat out from mine and mum's home, but you bet I'm not walking with you to Hau'oli."

    "Well," Hau said in reply, "what do you think we should do to celebrate you becoming the champion instead then, if you blatantly refuse to go out in the cold?"

    Sun paused in thought, before he looked at Hau and smiled. "I've got it."

    "What?" Hau asked in mild confusion.

    "Homemade malasadas. Come on in, Hau. Let's celebrate here."
  6. AmericanPi

    AmericanPi Write on

    Title: Adventures
    Author: American--Pi
    Fandom: Pokemon
    Pairing: DiodeShipping (Ash x Clemont)
    Rating: G
    Notes: Drabble Dare from the Shippers' Truth Or Dare Thread. Avietta_Ikarilove dared me to write a drabble of any Ash pairing with the theme of reading. I decided to challenge myself and write an Ash x male character pairing rather than an Ash x main girl ship (because who said that only the main girls get to be shipped with Ash?). I'm quite proud of the result. Enjoy.

    "So, Clemont," Ash Ketchum said to his husband, lounging lazily on the living room couch, "what do you suppose we do now?"

    Clemont looked up from the robot he was building and glanced out the window. It was still raining sheets, and the weather didn't look like it was going to clear up anytime soon.

    "Rain got you down, huh?" Clemont asked, gazing at Ash sympathetically.

    "Yeah," Ash grumbled. "That was a nice battle back there, but what else can we do indoors?" He sat up stiffly and stretched, putting his face in his hands. "I want an adventure. Or at least for something cool to happen."

    "Rai," Ash's Raichu grumbled in agreement, sitting on the floor next to the sofa.

    Clemont sighed and smiled, love for Ash and Raichu filling his chest. They had changed so much over the years, and had conquered so many obstacles brought upon by Raichu's forced evolution from Pikachu, but their love for adventure had stayed the same. Clemont had been close friends with Ash since they were young, but it was the experiences he shared with Ash after Pikachu unwillingly became Raichu that really brought the two friends to be closer than friends.

    Clemont never even once regretted marrying Ash. It was only the most natural thing to do, after everything they went through.

    "Why don't you read something?" Clemont suggested, picking himself up and walking over to the bookcase, scanning the rows of books for something Ash would enjoy.

    "You know I don't like to read," Ash chuckled.

    "I know," Clemont responded, picking out a book on robotics before shaking his head and putting it back. "But I think you should give it a try. Plenty of adventure can be found in books."

    "Really?" Ash asked doubtfully. "I mean, it's been so long since I last picked up a book. Why would you sit around reading something from a book when you can go out and experience it yourself?"

    "Come on, Ash, give it a try," Clemont said gently. His eyes glanced over a certain novel that happened to be one of his favorites as a child. "Aha." He picked out the worn purple paperback book, skimmed the back cover, and smiled.

    "I know you love science and learning and all that, Clemont," Ash said, "but I'm not sure if I'd enjoy reading myself, you know?" He sighed. "I'm more of a 'go-out-there-and-do-it' kind of person."

    "I know. And I love that about you," Clemont said, grinning. "But Ash, it's raining pretty hard out there." He held up the book he had picked out for Ash. "Trust me, reading can be a great adventure too. Even as you are sitting in one place, reading takes you to places you've never dreamed of."

    Clemont walked over to Ash and handed the book to him. Ash took it doubtfully and examined it.

    "Try it," Clemont suggested. "This one is really, really good. It's about a boy wizard who fights evil, learns about the power of friendship, and grows alongside his Pokemon." He smiled. "I think it's your kind of stuff."

    "That does sound pretty neat," Ash said, giving a slight smile. "Alright, I'll give it a shot." He chuckled. "Will you be reading your own book alongside me? I know it sounds like a silly question, but I think I'd feel better if we did this together."

    "Sure, no problem," Clemont said, nodding in understanding.


    While Ash opened and began poring over his book, Clemont grabbed his favorite science encyclopedia from the bookshelf. As he promised, he read alongside Ash and soon got lost in the wonderful world of science. He was being fascinated by chemical reactions when he remembered to look up and see how Ash was enjoying his book.

    Ash was still reading. He looked quite engrossed in the book, and Clemont smiled.

    Looks like you found adventure after all, he thought happily.

    Last edited: Aug 3, 2017
  7. Victorian Rush

    Victorian Rush #freekeepitsimple

    Title: Away From Home
    Author: Victorian Rush
    Fandom: Pokemon + Digimon
    Pairing: Ash x Kari
    Rating: G
    Note: This is a dare I had received from the Shippers Truth or Dare. American--Pi dared me to write a crossover drabble. This is a little on the short side AND it really sucks as I wrote in on my iPhone.

    "I'm really sorry." Ash kept on apologizing. He had not meant for this happen, he always gets excited whenever he sees a new species of Pokemon and tries to capture it.

    Only difference is this time, the Pokemon he tried to catch before is not a Pokemon. His PokeDex was unable to record its data and that's what it made him realize that little fact.

    Not only just that but he tried to catch a girl's partner and that really angered her, needless to say. She kept on yelling at him.

    "I really am sorry, I swear I thought she was a Pokemon."

    The girl finally softened up a bit and looked at him. "I apologize, I should not have yelled at you like that. Truth is, we have no idea where we are and I'm really stressed now. I'm sure Gatomon is as well." She looked at the cat-like creature, who nodded her head in agreement.

    "Oh don't worry about it. I completely understand."

    "So if you don't mind me asking, who are you?"

    Ash smiled in return. "I'm Ash. I'm from Pallet Town in the Kanto Region." He gestured over to the small mouse on his shoulder. "This is my partner, Pikachu."

    The yellow rodent waved and said, "Pikachu."

    "Nice to meet you, Ash. My name is Kari and this," she smiled, looking behind her where the cat-like creature was standing, "is Gatomon."

    Ash just smiled in return. "So I'm guessing you're not from Alola, are you?"

    Kari shook her head. "Nope. One minute, I'm sitting in a classroom in school and the next, I'm here. I was hoping you could tell me where we are so I could phone someone. My friends have to be worried by now."

    "There's a Pokemon Center right down the road, I can show you where it is."

    Kari grew even confused by the minute. What is a Pokemon Center? Heck, what are Pokemon to begin with? That's what started this whole thing, Ash thought Gatomon was a Pokemon.

    But she gave in and nodded her head, allowing Ash to lead her to a nearby building with a red roof.

    If she had to take a guess, Kari would assume she is no longer on Earth.
  8. Title: Cheerleading... in a way
    Author: Boaty McBoatface (Nerdy McNerdface)
    Fandom: Pokemon
    Pairing: Kiawe x Mallow
    Rating: G
    Notes: dared by Victorian Rush, criteria: a Kiawe x Mallow Drabble that takes place in the Pokemon school and somehow involves Lana's Popplio. At first I thought this was gonna be a bit tough since I headcanoned Kiawe as asexual and aromantic, but as I actually thought about how this'd work, I thought about how Kiawe and Mallow would be together and realised how well they click together. I've edited my headcanon: Kiawe is asexual, but not aromantic. Welcome to my weird brain logic.

    The Sun that morning was gleaming. It shone as a bead of light in the sky, and its rays fell onto the Alolan Pokemon School and its attendants.

    "Come on, Lana!" Mallow cried out to her quiet friend, "Come on, Popplio!"

    "Give me a moment," Lana replied, not looking away from the sea lion Pokemon in front of her, "it shouldn't be that long before the Bubble will be big enough for a human to fit in."

    "Don't pressure her too much," Kiawe said from beside Mallow, "she might lose focus."

    Mallow looked at him and frowned. "But I thought that cheerleading was a way to support someone?"

    "It is," he told her, "but your way is... interesting."

    "Is it?"

    Kiawe nodded. "Yes. And you know what? I love it."

    Mallow smiled and blushed a little. "Oh, thanks!"

    What Mallow hadn't noticed was that Kiawe was blushing too, just a little.

    "Hey, you guys, be quiet over there," Lana called out to the two of them, "I'm so close and I don't want to lose this bubble. It's one of the best yet."

    Mallow sighed. "Ugh, fine."

    "And anyway, I think the bubble might be big enough for you guys to perhaps fit in it. Wanna try?"

    Mallow's small burst of disappointment was lost in her newfound excitement. "Of course! Come on, Kiawe!"

    Without giving him a chance to speak, Mallow grabbed hold of his hand and pulled him towards her as she ran to Lana.

    Kiawe nearly cried out in surprise, but began to smile. Mallow really was a sweet, sweet girl.
  9. WolfeyStar

    WolfeyStar Ganbaruby!

    *does a cool kickflip in*

    Title: Braid
    Author: WolfeyStar
    Fandom: Pokemon
    Pairing: AurelliaShipping (Ash x Lillie)
    Rating: G
    Notes: Written for the Truth or Dare thread! (albeit like a month late lol.) The dare was a non-Amour writing, and I've decided to help out one of the new Ash ships! This was supposed to be a fic, but due to life getting in the way, I was only able to push out a drabble. Sure hope that's alright. Anyways, it's a fic about Ash doing Lillie's hair. Hooray.

    "Why did you just take off my hat? Are you going to look at it?"

    The person who had removed the hat from the girl set it on the chair next to him. "Nope. I just needed to get it out of the way. It's going to be tough to do this with your big hat in the way, Lillie."

    Lillie sighed. "Ash, what are you even doing?" As soon as she finished her statement, she felt Ash grab a section of her hair and pull it away from the rest of her blonde hair.

    "You'll see!" He split the section of her hair into three smaller sections.

    Lillie giggled a bit. "C'mon, Ash! Why do you always have to tease me?"

    "It's alright, Lillie. I'm almost done anyway," Ash replied. He then pulled his hands away from the hair and let the section fall. He bent down to grab her hat again. "I know you won't be able to see it, but just feel the back of your hair!"

    She did as instructed, and one section of her hair felt... different. She turned to Ash with a slight blush. "D-did you... braid my hair?"

    "I tried."

    Lillie stood still for a while, before running up to Ash and giving him a hug. "Thank you! Don't worry if it looks bad when I do see it, anything done by you is beautiful enough for me."

    Ash returned her hug, blushing slightly as well. "You're just saying that."

    Lillie broke the hug, and looked to Ash. "Now, can I have my hat back?"
  10. AdvancedGenGenesect

    AdvancedGenGenesect Well-Known Member

    Title: The Glimmer of Night
    Author: Advancedgengenesect
    Fandom: Pokemon
    Pairing: Mewshipping (Mew x Mewtwo)
    Rating: G

    It was a beautiful night in the valleys of the unovan peninsula where mew and mewtwo were both on top of a small cliff looking at the stars.
    Mew curiously asked mewtwo "Don't you think the moon is the most beautiful light source in the galaxy" to which mewtwo replied
    "Mew the moon is not a light source it just reflects light"

    "What do you mean" the small creature asked.

    "Mew it's clear that the sun's a lamp that gives light to the moon and without it the whole world would be pitch dark"

    Mew quickly understood what mewtwo was saying and after a bit of thinking he said "well theres a special feeling in side me and without you it would not be there"

    Mewtwo tried to understand what the little psychic type was saying and when he did he said "and I understand that a special glimmer of night can only come from the glow on you".
    Last edited: Jan 25, 2017
  11. Title: We have to leave
    Author: Nerdy McNerdface
    Fandom: Pokemon
    Pairing: IronWill (Dawn x Riley)
    Rating: PG ~ PG-13 (does including the odd reference to threats, guns and possible death count as PG-13?)
    Notes: dared by Pikachu Fan Number Nine in the Truth or Dare thread, criteria: a fic of one of my OTPs set in 1985 Houston, Texas. This is honestly one of the strangest things I've been asked to do as of yet. I've never been anywhere in the USA and I wasn't alive in 1985, so I was honestly confused. Seeing as I have no idea what Houston, Texas looked like in 1985, I'm just gonna go with a setting that Texas in the past is known for - deserts and those old wooden towns with Taverns and stables (just compare it to Paniola Town). Actually, that's more like 1900s Texas, but I had a really good idea in my head that I really enjoyed writing, so just bear with me, ok? Just for reference, Pokemon exist in this universe. It's also a pretty dark Drabble, so I put PG to PG-13 just in case. Enjoy! (Note: at this point, it's highly unlikely this is 1985 Texas and more 1895-1900 Texas, but I couldn't think of anything better because of my lack of American knowledge, but I really like the Drabble so I'll just roll with it)

    He had to leave.

    Get out of town as fast as possible.

    The people in the tavern had threatened him because they had discovered his aura abilities, and they couldn't understand why he had them. And it made them scared of him.

    He had shielded himself and escaped the building as fast as possible.

    But now he knew it meant that they would be after him, and most likely Dawn as well.

    Riley ran as fast as he possibly could to his own house, and burst through the door.

    Dawn was sat on the floor, staring at Riley as he tried to get his breath back.

    "What's the matter?" She asked, genuinely concerned for why he was so rushed.

    "We need to... leave... now..." Riley replied through shaky breathing.

    "Dawn stood up slowly, a panicked look overcoming her face. "But why? What's happened?"

    "They know..." Riley told her, "they know about my aura... they're scared of me... they'll do anything to stop me... they don't understand... they refuse to understand... you're gonna have to go with me... they'll target you because... they know how much I care for you..."

    Dawn was shocked. "But where are we going to go?"

    "I don't know," he said to her, "but I know it's far away from here."

    There he grabbed her wrist, and pulled her out the door.

    There, he didn't let go of her as they both found their way to the stables.

    Riley didn't hesitate to select the Mudsdale that both of them would ride together if the weather was nice enough in the evenings, hoisting both him and Dawn onto its back.

    As Dawn was the one who knew how to ride Mudsdale best, she was the one who was holding the reins and telling it where to go.

    As the sun set on the desert horizon, the Mudsdale charged out of the stable with the force of a Hariyama's fist, and galloped towards the town gate.

    Just as they left, a small group of townspeople spotted where they were and ran to where they had just been.

    Riley checked behind him. He could swear that he saw something extremely unnerving.

    One of them took a gun from its hoister, aimed at Dawn and Riley, and fired.

    Riley made an aura shield to stop it.

    The sunset was beautiful that evening. And as he and Dawn rode into it, he couldn't help but shed a tear at how his life had turned upside down from such a simple thing.

    But he knew that there was one thing he had done right. One thing, among all the mistakes he had made.

    He had kept Dawn safe. That was what mattered.
  12. ChloboShoka

    ChloboShoka Writer

    Title: Heart For A Heart
    Author: Chlobo
    Fandom: Pokemon/Ace Attorney/Batman
    Pairing/s: Advanceshipping and Harley Quinn/Poison Ivy and anti Harley/Joker
    Rating: T

    The edge was drawing nearer. May had to make a choice, a choice that would either break her heart or shatter others. Panting as she grabbed the corner of the table she kept her eyes on the screen. The dirty harlot, Harley Quinn pierced a gun onto Ash's neck. With her heart racing she kept her eyes on the screen. Ash was shaking his head slowly. Harley laughed in an hysteric tone as she threw onto the floor. Jack Napier, or The Joker was everybody knew him simply stood in his chair and laughed.

    "May!" Ash cried out. "Don't worry about me! Don't let The Joker get away."

    "But Ash..." May cried out. "She'll kill you."

    "HAHAHA!" The Joker cried out. "That's right."

    Harley ran over to the screen and gave the audience a great big kiss that was directed for The Joker. "You don't want to make me cry!" Harley said. "I've been waiting such a long time for me and my Puddin' to be reunited and have a happy family."

    Happy family...

    "Objection!" May cried out.

    "What!" Harley cried out. She sighed as she tossed her bat to the ground. "You're no fun!"

    "Do you really think The Joker would make you happy?" May asked.

    Harley shrugged her shoulders. "He does make me happy."

    "Well I'm sorry," May said. "The Joker doesn't give a damn about you, but I know somebody who does. And I can bring her in right now."

    "Who is it?" the Judge asked.

    "Poison Ivy!"
  13. AmericanPi

    AmericanPi Write on

    Title: A Pleasant Surprise
    Author: American--Pi
    Fandom: Pokemon
    Pairing: SoledadShipping (Cheryl x Marley)
    Rating: G
    Notes: Drabble Dare from the Shippers' Truth Or Dare Thread. Nerdy McNerdface dared me to write a drabble featuring all five of the stat trainers, with a platonic or romantic ship between two of them. I went with Cheryl x Marley as the pairing because I have yet to write a female/female drabble this year. I'm actually really proud of the result. Enjoy.

    Eterna Forest was quiet as Cheryl walked towards her humble home at the edge of the woods. Too quiet, even. Normally the forest was bustling with activity as Pokemon scurried about, calling to each other as they went about their daily lives. But today even the Pokemon seemed to be holding their breaths as if they were waiting for something to happen.

    Whatever it is, I hope it's a good thing, Cheryl thought as she opened the door to her house.

    "SURPRISE! Happy birthday!"

    Cheryl broke into a wide grin as she surveyed the scene that greeted her. Four of her closest friends - Marley, Riley, Buck, and Mira - were smiling at her in her living room, which was decorated with balloons and streamers of her favorite color - green. Buck and Mira were in the center of the room, their faces bearing expressions of joy as they carried a large, beautifully frosted cake. Riley was happily releasing a shower of confetti. Even Cheryl's girlfriend Marley, who usually wore a poker face out of habit, looked like she was genuinely enjoying herself as she blew into a horn.

    "Oh my goodness, you guys!" Cheryl exclaimed happily as she jumped up and down with excitement, clapping her hands. It was rare for her to act this childish, but she was genuinely touched by the way her friends cared for her enough to throw this surprise party.

    "Thank you so much!" Cheryl gushed, grinning from ear to ear as she shut the door behind her, flicking a piece of confetti out of her hair. "Really, it means so much to me."

    "No problem, Cheryl," Riley said, chuckling as he tossed the confetti launcher into the trash. "You're a great person who totally deserves the best. Don't ever forget that."

    "I won't," Cheryl said, warmth spreading through her body.

    "Buck and I decorated this cake for you!" Mira exclaimed excitedly, letting go of the cake and pointing at it while bouncing up and down. "Do you like it?"

    "I love it," Cheryl said sincerely, chuckling slightly as Buck staggered with the large cake somewhat and placed it on the table behind him. "You two must have worked hard on it."

    "Don't worry Cheryl, it was totally worth it," Buck said, grinning as he dusted his hands. "The look on your face as you walked in here! It was priceless, man! Happy birthday."

    "Thank you, all of you," Cheryl said, a wave of happiness overtaking her. "Really, I feel super lucky that I have such great friends."

    Marley put her noisemaker down and smiled shyly as she took out her hand from behind her back, revealing a lovely bouquet of pink and yellow flowers. "For you," she said, presenting the bouquet to Cheryl.

    "Oh, Marley, they're lovely," Cheryl gushed, taking the flowers and admiring them. She turned to her girlfriend and blushed. "Just like you."

    Marley's pale face flushed bright red at Cheryl's words, and Cheryl felt something warm and fuzzy rising in her chest. She and Marley had been dating for years now, but she still felt so lovestruck whenever Marley did something kind like this. Cheryl was about to find an empty vase to put the flowers into when, to her surprise, Marley knelt to the ground, blushing even more.

    "Marley, are you alright?" Cheryl asked, confused.

    Marley looked Cheryl in the eye, smiling slightly, and said, "I know this is very sudden, but Cheryl, I love you and we've been together for a while now, so…" She pulled out a small velvet box, held it in front of her, and opened it. Inside was a lovely diamond ring.

    "Cheryl, will you marry me?"

    Cheryl gasped, excitement pounding in her chest. She could hardly hear herself think as Buck and Mira cheered.

    "Cheryl's getting married! M-A-R-R-I-E-D!" Buck yelled happily.

    "Here comes the bride!" Mira sang, dancing around.

    "Hush, hush, let Cheryl speak!" Riley exclaimed, though his voice sounded excited as well.

    Cheryl's face flushed as her heart pounded in her chest. This was the happiest day in her life. She felt giddy as she spoke.

    "Yes, Marley, I will," Cheryl said passionately, embracing Marley lovingly. Cheryl closed her eyes and grinned, reveling in the love of her fiancee and the happiness of her true friends.

    This was the best surprise ever.

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  14. Kyuu-Tales

    Kyuu-Tales 織田信長☆FAN

    Title: A Gift from the Heart
    Author: Kyuu-Tales
    Fandom: Pokemon
    Pairing: IronWillShipping (Riley & Dawn)
    Rating: G
    Notes: Basically, fellow community member Nerdy McNerdface dared me in the Shippers' Truth or Dare Thread to write an IronWill piece. Riley has a special place in my heart, so I wrote this with that positive association in mind.

    Riley gripped the rim of his hat in a show of unease. “...really?”

    Dawn, hands clasped and all smiles, nodded.

    The man's hand fell to his waist. He revealed a Pokéball in hand with flick of his wrist.

    “Go, Lucario!”

    White light gave way to the solid form of Riley's loyal canine-like partner. Dawn began in her approach.

    “Please Mister Lucario, hold still a moment....”

    The Aura Pokémon complied, blinking a few times but otherwise not once turning its gaze towards its trainer.

    In a matter of moments, Dawn leaned down and tied a vibrantly-colored ribbon around the base of the Pokémon's tail.

    The girl withdrew and gave Lucario a once-over before giggling. “There! It suits you really well, just as I thought.”

    Riley tilted his hat downward and smiled to himself. However silly he found the gesture to be, Dawn's happiness made it all worthwhile.
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  15. xEryChan

    xEryChan Vampire Girl Staff Member Moderator

    Title: By the Sea
    Author: xEryChan
    Fandom: Pokemon
    Pairing: Pearlshipping (Ash x Dawn)
    Rating: PG
    Note: This was a dare I recieved on the Shippers Truth or Dare. Basically, Pikachu Fan Number Nine dared me to write Pearlshipping since it's my top pairing. Didn't give me a plot so I just went with what came to my mind.'


    “Come on, Dawn. Come into the water with me.” Ash shouted, trying to get his girlfriend to get up and go into the water with him.

    They are on a beach, she can’t just spend the whole time relaxing on shore without going into the water at least once, right? That’s what Ash thought.

    “I said no, Ash.” Dawn rolled her and went back to looking up at the sky.

    But Dawn did not want to go into the water and Ash’s constant persistence about getting her to go into the water was really beginning to get on her nerves. Ash clearly does not get the idea of a vacation, does he? Well obviously he does not because if he did, he would given up by now. Dawn was not about to go into the water. She could not remember the last time she got some time off and she just wants to enjoy it, does Ash not get that?

    Obviously not.

    It was just like any other day in the Alola Region for Ash Ketchum and his girlfriend, Dawn. The sky was clear, there was not a single cloud in the sky, and it was definitely a nice temperature outside for the couple as they sat on the beach in Hau’oli City.

    Ash had finally gotten some time off. Being the champion of Alola means he rarely gets time off but when he does, he always goes to spend it with his girlfriend. The both of them live in Sinnoh but both of them did get some time off so they decided to go on vacation and they went to Alola to spend some quality time together on the beach.

    Dawn was really beginning to regret it now especially with Ash hounding her to go into the water when she really doesn’t want to. She loves Ash, she knows that much, but he really does have the mentality of a kid at times. It was no wonder why Iris called him a child.

    “Come on, Dawn.” Ash begged, giving Dawn a puppy dog pout.

    “I said no, Ash. Now drop-” Dawn did not even get the chance to finish that sentence because Ash lifted her up and threw her over his shoulders. She could not help but let out a scream as he began to carry her towards the ocean. “Put me down, you moron!”

    Ash said nothing but as soon as he reached the water, with the help of Gary Oak, his best friend, they threw Dawn into the water.

    “You jerk!" Dawn shouted as she emerged from the water and began to chase after her boyfriend, who took off running while giggling the whole time. Clearly, he accomplished his mission of getting his girlfriend to go into the water and it was so so worth it, even if Dawn is so mad at him for doing what he did. He doesn’t care.

    But for Dawn, one thing was for sure. Ash was going to be in the dog house as that.
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  16. Victorian Rush

    Victorian Rush #freekeepitsimple

    Title: What Friends Are For
    Author: Victorian Rush
    Fandom: Pokemon
    Pairing: Greyskyshipping (Hugh x Nate)
    Rating: PG-13
    Note: This was a dare I received in the Shippers Truth or Dare. American--Pi dared me to write a drabble with a rating of PG-13 or above.

    Hugh was breathing rather heavily as he clutched a gun in his hand, ready to shoot as he peaked out from behind a boulder to see if anyone was in the immediately vicinity. Luckily, no one was around so he gave a sigh of relief. But he knew he was not in the clear just yet. Neither is Nate. “No one is around, I think we’re safe for now.”

    That did nothing to bring any relief to Nate, who sat on the dirt with his hands covering his face.

    Just how did the day end up like this? How is it that before, Nate was enjoying the day and now, he was hiding in a cave in fear of his life with Hugh? “Is that supposed to make me feel better now?”

    “Don’t blame me, Nate!” Hugh complained and glared at the younger boy. “It’s not my fault this happened!”

    The younger boy rolled his eyes. “I’m not blaming you!”

    “Sure seems like it!”

    Nate could not help but feel guilty. It, most definitely, was not Hugh’s fault that they were being hunted by Team Plasma. No, it’s his and his alone. He was the one being hunted, not Hugh. They did not want Hugh, he just so happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    Hugh calmed down a bit before he put the safety back on the gun and take it into his belt before he took a seat next to Nate, looking at the younger boy.

    The day started out as any other. Nate bumped into Hugh and the latter had challenged him to a battle. They never got the chance to battle, not even close because Team Plasma showed up to take Nate. Nate refused to go with them so Zinzolin pulled out a gun and pointed it at Nate and demanded that he surrenders himself or he will shoot and kill the both of them. Nate may be a lot of things but he is most definitely not a bad friend. He could not allow Hugh to die because of him. He was willing to give himself up if it meant Zinzolin sparing Hugh.

    Before he even had the chance to react, Hugh took out a gun and pointed it back at Zinzolin, which horrified Nate. How did Hugh get a gun, of all things. The two of them exchanged a few words before Zinzolin had enough and started firing. The two of them were forced to take cover in a cave and it seems like Zinzolin had not found them.

    It seemed like they were safe for now.

    “I’m sorry, Hugh.” Nate apologized, looking at the top of the cave. He could not bring himself to make eye contact with the older boy.

    “Why are you apologizing?” Hugh asked, looking at Nate.

    “Because this is all my fault.” Nate kept looking up and he shook his head. “It it weren’t for me, we wouldn’t even be in this situation right now.”

    “Look at me!” Hugh demanded and once Nate looked at him, he continued, “this is not your fault. You did not ask for this to happen and I'm not blaming you at all whatsoever.”

    “But now, you could get hurt or even worse, you could be killed” Nate could help but shudder as he thought of Hugh laying on the dirt in the cave dead, “because of me.”

    “Don’t be ridiculous, Nate!” Hugh tried to keep his voice as low as he possibly could. “You’re my friend. We grew up together. I’m not about to let anyone do anything to hurt you, especially not while I’m around. I know you would do the same for me.”

    He also felt obligated to protect Nate, not only because he’s older, but also because he secretly had feeling for his friend. He just could never say anything to Nate about it.

    Nate could not help but smile. It sure felt nice to know that he had Hugh by his side to help protect him from Team Plasma and more importantly, Zinzolin. And the truth be told, he would not have it any other way. “Thanks, bro.”

    Now it was Hugh’s turn to smile. “That’s what friends are for.”
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  17. Title: Ouch
    Author: getting bored of writing their own name (Nerdy McNerdface)
    Fandom: Pokemon
    Pairing: Aah's Pikachu x Sophocles's Togedemaru
    Rating: G
    Notes: dared by Pikachu Fan Number Nine, criteria: a Drabble focusing on the pairing between Ash's Pikachu and Sophocles's Togedemaru.

    "Togedemaru! Stop!"

    Ash looked over at Sophocles, who was desperately trying to stop his Electric-Steel type from rolling around the floor in a hyper state.

    "Pikachu, can you try to stop her? Just use Quick Attack or something, that should be enough."

    Pikachu nodded, and rushed over to where Togedemaru was about to roll, going faster and faster and faster until-

    Pikachu and Togedemaru collided head first into each other, but Pikachu had more power and so it was the one which came out of the scuffle on top.

    Togedemaru didn't care, though. In fact, it began squealing with happiness and hugging Pikachu like there was no tomorrow.

    All of the kids in the room laughed. Pikachu and Togedemaru's relationship was one which could be considered sweeter than the smell of Mallow's own Bounsweet.
  18. ChloboShoka

    ChloboShoka Writer

    Title: Sun & Moon
    Author: Chloboshoka
    Rating: PG
    Fandom: Pokemon
    Shipping: Advanceshipping
    He was her ray of sunshine and she was his dazzling moon. There was not a second that goes by where May does not think about him. She never stops thinking about him because she loves him to pieces. He was the reason she was able to be the strong woman she was today. As she walked down the red carpet with her arm wrapped in his father's arm, she saw Ash from the distance and decided that she wanted to watch the sun and moon go down with him.

    Title: Until Next Time
    Author: Chloboshoka
    Rating: PG
    Fandom: Pokemon
    Shipping: Advanceshipping

    It was the end of one journey, but the beginning of another for Ash and May. They both had an amazing adventure in Unova, but now it was time for them both to go home. They were very confident that the two would reunite again. And until the next time, Ash and May held their half of the ribbon tucked tightly into their hearts. It was a magnificent night. May felt amazing in her traditional kimono, she felt just like a princess. Not only that, she felt as if she was on the verge of womanhood. She chose to dance with Ash at the festival, and she never regretted it.

    Ten years later, her dancing partner was now her husband and father to her kids.

    Title: Royal Path
    Author: Chloboshoka
    Rating: PG
    Fandom: Pokemon
    Shipping: Advanceshipping
    King Ash of Kanto and Queen May of Hoenn were two of the most powerful monarchs to exist in the Pokemon Kingdom. Their love was like Romeo and Juliet with a happier ending. A tale greater than any love story that Disney could put together. They produced a son named Red who grew up to become the most powerful pokemon trainer in history. On a morning of spring, Ash and May escape to Sinnoh on a luxury cruise on S.S Anne to enjoy the fine food and tough trainers.

    Title: Path
    Author: Chloboshoka
    Rating: PG
    Fandom: Pokemon
    Shipping: Advanceshipping
    By the time that summer arrived, they were on dazzling dates out in Kalos. In Autumn they took strolls around the park. In winter they kept themselves warm ready for Christmas. Chaos was a great friend of May Maple. Wherever she went, chaos was certain to follow. Ash didn't mind one bit, he personally enjoyed the chaos that May could offer. If May could chose who she would spent the rest of her life with, it would be with Ash Ketchum. To her, it was a very free choice.
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  19. Avietta_Ikarilove

    Avietta_Ikarilove Softly with grace

    Title: Loved by the Sea
    Author: Avietta_Ikarilove
    Fandom: Pokémon
    Pairing: Aureliashipping (Ash x Lillie)
    Rating: T
    Notes: A dare I received on the Shippers' Truth or Dare. I was dared by Skittlebox to write a drabble of any of the Ash x Alola Pokégirls ships, and it had to be beach themed.

    Ash can't look at her, the peaceful look that is settled on her face. Her hands are crossed over her chest, and she's laid in a casket that's soon consumed in flames.

    Her ashes are collected, albeit a bit slowly because of the sand, and he stores them in a small glass bottle, popping the cork over it and stuffing it into his pocket.

    The guests filter away, some offering condolences to him, and he just nods at them, staring off at the sea with a blank look in his face, his fingers closed tightly around the glass in his pocket.

    The sun goes from above his head to setting, and he's finally left alone, still clutching the bottle he pocketed.

    Ash takes a hesitant step towards the waves, feeling the water lap at his toes, numbing them. His heart thaws, and he finds enough courage in himself to pull out the glass bottle, bringing it above his head.

    He pauses and lowers his hand, looking at the bottle in his hand. With a final, lingering feeling in his heart that he can't quite pinpoint, he flings the bottle as far as he can into the ocean. The waters swallow it whole, and he doesn't look back as he runs away from the beach.

    Lillie always did love the sea.
  20. xEryChan

    xEryChan Vampire Girl Staff Member Moderator

    Title: Reminiscing
    Author: xEryChan
    Fandom: Pokemon
    Pairing: Advanceshipping (Ash x May)
    Rating: K+
    Note: This was a dare I recieved in the Shippers Truth or Dare. American--Pi dared me to write a drabble for pairing I don't support. My least favorite shipping is Advanceshipping so I just went with this ship. And this is based off the song Nothing Else Matters by Little Mix, which happens to be one of my favorite songs. I love Little Mix, I'm definitely a big fan.

    Nothing else matters like us.

    Nothing else matters like love.

    Certain things have an interesting way of working out. When Ash and May first got together, everyone kept saying it would not last. They would never work out because Ash and May were too different and it was only a matter of time before Ash left May for someone better.

    That was something that May hated hearing. She knew Ash well enough to know that he would never just up and leave her. Those people just don’t know anything about who Ash is.

    But now, May did not care about that one bit. It did not bother her because she knew Ash was crazy about her. They had traveled together before and they were extremely close friends. Even after May left to go travel on her own, she and Ash still stayed in touch. Things did not change between them, especially since May was no longer with him.

    Then one day, she just showed up while Ash was in Alola and it was not too long after that they got together. Sure, along the way, Ash and May did have some problems but name one couple who have never argued. Arguing was an inevitable thing that comes with being in a relationship so it was only a matter of time before they argued. But they always made up in the end. Why? Because May needed Ash as much as he needed her. They were made for each other.

    When they first got together, May told Ash not to ever let her down and that was something he never did. Whatever she needed, he was always there. That was what made May realize that nothing else mattered except them and their love.

    They knew they would have each other and that was something the both of them needed.
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