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Short 'n Sweet: The Drabble Thread

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by Tadashi, Jan 7, 2009.

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  1. Tadashi

    Tadashi kiss my greens

    Hooray, another drabble-dare! I'm getting 'em done! Too bad I'm running out very quickly!

    Title: Acquainted With The Night
    Author: Tadashi
    Fandom: Pokémon
    Pairing/s: ChosenShipping (aka: Silver x Blue)
    Rating: G

    The rust-haired boy sat alone on a rock. He was gazing at the horizon before him. He could hear the waves of the nearby beach lapping languidly at the shore. This noise was one of few things that soothed the young boy's heart. Meanwhile, the sky was slowly being lit up by the gradually lightening colors of the sunrise. The boy was familiar with the dark, and he closed his eyes to drink in the final dregs of the previous night.

    Nearby, there was a female brunette. She had propped herself up against a tree, her back turned to the beachy sunrise. A dense forest faced her, and she eyed it lovingly. This was the place she was used to. This was the place that kept her safe in its cool shadows. She would return to it shortly.

    The young male stood up and trod towards her carefully. The sun's first rays were his cue to seek shelter in the girl's favorite forest.

    It's okay, she was used to the darkness anyway.
  2. Rave The Rich

    Rave The Rich NOT the other 'Rave'

    Happy Birthday, Avegaille!

    All right! As the title suggests, this is a birthday present for one of my favorite forum members, Avegaille! Enjoy!

    Title: The Wonders of This Day
    Author: Rave The Rich
    Fandom: Pokémon
    Pairing/s: AppealShipping (Zoey/Dawn)
    Rating: PG-13

    What an abject disaster this day has been. From top to bottom, I cannot remember a day that even came close to this one in terms of being just…horrid. In my opinion, it would be best for me to just cower in the corner, hang my head and forget that this entire day existed. I would be free of remembering waking up at five o’clock in the morning to cook breakfast. While I’m not bragging when I say that I’m a good cook and can make a nice first meal of the day, I can only do that when I am of clear mind, which I wasn’t that evening after going out for some drinks with friends.

    To make a long story short, I burned the breakfast that I had planned for us; for her special day. ‘No problem,’ she told me, as a couple of hours later, she went to breakfast and paid for both of us as just about all of my wages for the week had been spent on food money. More on that later, but the day continued. Why, oh why did the day have to continue? I asked for one of my contacts in Floaroma Town to deliver a bouquet of their best white roses to our place. Instead, I got a note from the company that was supposed to supply the flowers that they have gone out of business. Mark it as one more company that didn’t get bailed out much to my discontent. And by the way, I did not get my money back for the flowers that never came for her. She took it well; better than me, at least.

    Then came the afternoon, which can only be valued given that the day was finally coming to a close. I thought that I could end this hellish period with a bang and impress her with a dinner of duck, bell peppers and rice. Oh, how I underestimated this day. Combine this with the fact that I actually prepared for errors by precooking everything, I got a turnoff notice when I actually did paid my utility bill on time last week. I couldn’t call into the utility company, because the call was off-hours, meaning that I had to wait for service to come first thing tomorrow morning to turn on my electricity again. The end result was me having to go next door to warm it, much to the chagrin of our neighbor, and come back home to have a makeshift candlelight dinner with Dawn on her 25th birthday.

    She’s shown such patience throughout this day. I admire her for it. Even with everything going wrong today, she’s reminded me of why she has so much meaning in my life. I tried so hard to give her a special day, but life has a way of getting in between the good thing that I have with Dawn. She assures me that today’s been a good day, primarily because she got to have it with me. I know she wants me to feel better on this terrible day, but it hasn’t worked. I know, like I hope she knows that this day hasn’t turned out the way I wanted, so I suggest that we just go to bed and forget the day happened.

    Then she tells me to send the candles upstairs to our bed so that we can have some light and cuddle under the covers until the power comes back on Saturday morning.

    Yes sir. Today has to rank among the worst ever for me…but tonight with Dawn could just about make up for all of that, somehow.

    I hope she likes her present!
    Last edited: Mar 27, 2009
  3. riolulu

    riolulu <riolulu_sppf.exe>

    Title: &Nothing?
    Author: riolulu
    Fandom: pokemon
    Pairing/s: May x Shinji, Dawn x Shinji
    Rating: PG-13 for language

    May's POV.


    “I really thought I would be able to get over you. I really thought I was over you.” The tears were already slipping out of my eyes. My voice was cracking too much, and I was on the verge of sobbing. “But now that I see you with her…and I realize that you really have left me…I noticed. I still haven’t gotten over you.”

    “So what are you saying? What’s your point?”

    I knew he wasn’t going to give in. I knew it was already hopeless.

    “Huh?” He was getting impatient with me.

    “I love you, damn it. And you are too stupid to even notice it. So all you do is hang out with that stupid Dawn girl. Did you forget about me? Did you forget about what we had?”

    Blank stare. All he could give me was a blank stare.

    “It hurts me to see you with her. It hurts me to see you hold her tightly. It hurts me to hear you talk about her, and hear her throw herself all over you in word form. It hurts me, Paul. You hurt me.”

    More of that unforgiving blank stare.

    “I really thought you would like me no matter what.” I whispered, tears pouring out of my eyes against my will. “I really thought that my past wouldn’t matter to you.”

    “You’re disgusting.”

    I looked up.

    “You think that I would really come back to you after what you told me?”

    “I...I…” what did I want? What did I want from all this?

    “Get away from me. I only date girls that are what they say they are. I don’t get involved with dykes like you.” With that, he turned around and walked away.

    And in the end, it was all for nothing.

    Last edited: Mar 30, 2009
  4. Mel-Girl

    Mel-Girl left. right.

    Title: Taking Your Time
    Author: Mel-Girl
    Fandom: Pokémon
    Pairing/s: Bishieshipping (Gen/Riley x Shinji/Paul)
    Rating: G

    “I don’t know which ice-cream to get...” Gen mumbled, staring at all the ice-cream flavours. The teenage boy at the counter glared. The tall man dressed in blue had spent fifteen minutes ‘ummmm’ing and ‘aaaaaaahhhh’ing over which ice-cream flavour he was going to get. The only progress that had been made was that Gen got the worker that he wanted to serve him.

    This worker was Shinji. While Gen was happy to have Shinji serve him, Shinji was sick of standing around with an ice-cream scoop for a quarter of an hour. It certainly didn’t help that everyone was in line behind Gen switched to a different line due to Gen’s fickleness over ice-cream. Not to mention that his co-workers were racing through customers.

    Shinji smirked at a sudden thought he had. Maybe he should fine people like Jun does. Gen might hurry up and choose if he were fined a thousand billion dollars for taking forever to choose.

    “Excuse me,” Shinji cut in between Gen’s worrying over which ice-cream he should get, “but there are other customers waiting.” Gen looked around. What other customers? All the customers weren’t lining up behind Gen, that’s for sure.

    “I’m quite sorry... uh...” Gen pretended not to know Shinji’s name, gazing at Shinji’s nametag. It would be a bit awkward after all, to admit that he’d been watching Shinji ever since the boy started walking at the local ice-cream parlour and that he only came to get an ice-cream as an excuse to talk to Shinji. No, Shinji would be weirded out by that. “...Shinji-san?”

    Shinji sighed. “I recommend the cookies and cream ice-cream... It’s the most popular flavour this summer...”

    Gen went pink. “Ah, yes. I’ll get that then! Two scoops please.”

    Title: Easing Boredom
    Author: Mel-Girl
    Fandom: Pokémon
    Pairing/s: Ghenjishipping (unofficial name for Gen/Riley x Denji/Volkner x Shinji/Paul)
    Rating: PG-13

    Three guys were at an airport, each waiting to catch a flight back to Japan, after holidaying at various places. They all had connecting flights and were at the Hong Kong airport, each having different thoughts.

    Gen smiled over the great holiday he had sightseeing in New Zealand. Such beautiful scenery was there. Many stories he had to tell his family once he returned. He also made some friends there that he was sure would be lifelong friends. Gen knew he would definitely visit New Zealand again.

    Shinji didn’t really think much about his holiday in Germany. It was interesting and certainly refreshing from same old Japan that he woke up to every day. Europe was definitely different to Asia, that’s for sure. Would he visit again? Probably not, it would be bothersome to spend money just to visit some country he’d already been to.

    Denji had a wild time in Vegas. It passed the time and it was thoroughly entertaining watching as people gambled their money away not to mention, it was sure fun watching the two drunk girls try to have a Vegas wedding. It was a shame he had to leave. Especially with all those power bills he had to deal with.

    He sighed and decided to check out the guys sitting either side of him. Hm, they’re both pretty hot. Denji didn’t have any shame in thinking that at all. They could ease his current state of boredom. Maybe.

    Gen took a look at his ticket and his watch and smiled, knowing that he only had another ten minutes of waiting before boarding the flight.

    Shinji was sick of waiting; he wanted to get back home already. He looked up and noticed a blonde man checking him and this other guy out blatantly. “What do you want?” he asked, getting annoyed by this. Gen also looked up; noticing that someone broke what he thought was a calm, relaxing silence.

    “I’m bored... We got another ten minutes to kill.” Denji pointed at himself, Gen and Shinji as he spoke. “Want a quick threesome or something?”

    Shinji stared in horror. “You have issues.”

    Gen didn’t really understand what was happening, though he could see that he was being dragged into something strange. Denji shrugged. “Just a suggestion, don’t object like that.”

    “I didn’t object.”

    Title: Just Do It
    Author: Mel-Girl
    Fandom: Pokémon
    Pairing/s: Aerialshipping (Satoshi/Ash x Hajime/Kellyn)
    Rating: PG for random innuendo

    “I don’t know about this...” Hajime mumbled, scratching his head nervously.

    “I’m determined to do it!” Satoshi grinned from ear to ear, hoping that his spark of confidence would transfer over to Hajime as well.

    “But all sorts of things could happen if we do...”

    “Gen and Shinji did it the other day though!” Satoshi pointed out. He really wanted Hajime to agree, but the ranger was uncertain. Sure, rangers are all about safety, but Satoshi knew that all that would come from this is the satisfaction of one heck of a crazy yet great experience.


    “We’ve already got the gear on! It’s either now or another time!”

    “But I’m not sure if I’m ready!”

    “Just shut up and skydive you two!” Shigeru yelled, sick of watching the two fumble over whether to do it or not. And Shigeru wanted his turn already.
  5. Skiyomi

    Skiyomi Only Mostly Dead

    Title: dun dun DUN!!!
    Author: Skiyomi
    Fandom: Pokemon
    Pairing: Rocketshipping
    Rating: G
    Note: For a dare.

    “They came out of nowhere!” James insisted, shaking Jesse by the shoulders.

    “I’m sure they did,” Jesse said in what was supposed to be a reassuring voice but came out sounding more like condescension. She made up for it by patting his hand awkwardly.

    “Really!” James shouted, still shell-shocked. “They chased me into the woods and then circled around me hurling berries at me all the while going ‘Chimecho! Chimecho! Chimecho!’”

    James Chimecho impression needed some work and Jesse and Meowth weren’t impressed.

    “I told you humans aint supposed eat Poke Chow,” Meowth said out of the side of his mouth. “It messes with your heads.”

    “Well then what are we supposed to do, Meowth? We’re all out of food!”

    “You’re supposed to be criminals, genius! Steal some!”

    Jesse couldn’t argue with this kind of logic. “Well maybe we will!”


    She began to storm toward town, when she noticed James was still gibbering to himself. She sighed, turned back, put her hand around his shoulder and guided him gently toward the path.

    James got a grip on himself. They were right. It was probably just the Poke Chow. Lord knows spirals were still dancing across his line of vision from the stuff. All he needed was some real human food and then everything would be alright. Yes, of course it would. And hey! Her hand is on my shoulder!, he thought to himself. This could be a good day after all.

    Just be cool about it, he told himself. And don’t mention murderous Chimecho. Because it just sounds crazy, honestly.

    Ha! The idea!

    And from the trees several dozen beady eyes glowed in the gloom of the forest’s shadows and slowly blinked out.
  6. MyCurrentObsession

    MyCurrentObsession Cool Loser

    Done for a dare.

    Title: Liar, Liar
    Author: MyCurrentObsession
    Fandom: Pokemon
    Pairing(s): angsty Appealshipping and implied SapphirePearlshipping
    Rating: PG-13
    Extra: I'm sorry if anyone thinks this sucks. I'm not good with angst.
    The first time Zoey caught her lover in bed with another, she froze in the doorway and stared in shock. May quickly sprung from the bed and dressed to leave, but the damage was already done.

    After the brunette was gone, Zoey walked over and collapsed onto the couch. Using the blankets to cover herself, Dawn padded over and sat beside her, leaning against her. Zoey didn’t move. The blue haired teen nuzzled into her neck, and she started trembling just slightly.

    The redhead couldn’t deny what she’d just seen, but she could sure as hell try.

    Acting on impulse, Zoey pinned the younger girl below her and kissed her fervently, as if trying to convey her emotions to the fullest. Dawn stared in confusion at her for a moment before smiling and kissing back.

    To Zoey’s dismay, the image of Dawn and May in bed together didn’t fade from her mind.

    The second time Zoey caught them together, she drew in a sharp breath and tried to keep the tears at bay. Once again, May went to get dressed and leave, but Zoey beat her to the punch. She turned and fled the other way, ignoring her lover’s cries.

    A frantic Dawn finally found her two hours later in the park with her head between her lap. No she was making no effort to stop the stream of tears from flowing. The blue haired girl ran to her and embraced her, crying about how she was so sorry, how she’d never do it again. Zoey just stared blankly at her.


    Zoey knew Dawn was lying, but she went home with her anyway. Because she knew the truth from all angles: Dawn wasn’t with May to spite her, but rather because she had an addiction of sorts to that type of affection, and Zoey just wasn’t enough to keep her satisfied. But what her lover had yet to realize was that by that point Zoey had developed her own addiction- an addiction to her.

    The final time Zoey caught the two in bed together, she held her breath, closed her eyes, and waited for May to leave. Once the girl was gone, Zoey swallowed her tears and walked over to join her lover in bed. Dawn gaped at her for a moment before smiling widely, welcoming her with open arms.

    With every kiss, touch, moan, and sigh from there on, Zoey thought of Dawn with May, and her heart broke, little by little.
  7. Tadashi

    Tadashi kiss my greens

    This one wasn't a dare. I did it all by myself. Try to imagine this being told by a young British boy :)

    Title: Musings from the mind of Ferb
    Author: Tadashi
    Fandom: Phineas & Ferb
    Pairing/s: lightly implied Phineas x Ferb
    Rating: G

    Ferb's POV​

    You know, a lot of our days this summer have always started off in the most peculiar ways. We've built all sorts of contraptions in the backyard, such as a rollercoaster and a beach (to name a few), all under the conception of Phineas' sudden bursts of imagination.

    Although I do appreciate his assistance to help build these extravagant pieces, I find it much easier to do most of it myself. But that's just how it is with us. He thinks "what", and I think "how".

    And it all starts with a simple, innocent phrase;

    "Hey Ferb! I know what we're gonna do today!"
  8. S-Unit

    S-Unit No.1 Jun Fanboi

    Title: Getting Pushed Around
    Author: S-Unit
    Fandom: Pokemon
    Pairing: Pokeshipping
    Rating: PG
    Notes: A dare from the T/D thread.

    Misty had always dreamed that the man of her dreams would sweep her off her feet and carry her into the sunset. She just didn't expect that to happen literally, and because of a little yellow electric rodent pushing into her.

    You see, Pikachu, unlike his trainer, knew all along that Misty had it bad for Ash. Pikachu, tired of hearing Misty moan and grown about it, and tired of seeing Ash not even noticing it, decided to take matters into his own hands.

    One night, the gang was camped out near a small cliff with a spectacular view of the sun setting. Ash was standing on the edge, looking out with his usual sense of determination, and Misty was walking up close, trying to confess to him for the gazillionth time. Pikachu, decided to give her a helping hand by pushing Misty into Ash.

    She did so, and the two fell off the side of the small cliff.

    Ash managed to grab Misty just before they hit the ground, and subsequently fell on top of each other, lips touching.

    "Ash...." Misty blushed, "Thank you."

    Ash too also turned crimson. "No problem, anytime."

    "I love you Ash." She added.

    "I love you too...WHAT?" Ash exclaimed.

    "Silly boy, carry me off into the sunset like the good Prince Charming you are. And a believe a date is in order when we get to the next town."

    "Fine, but you pay and I choose the restaurant."

    The two new lovebirds walked slowly towards the setting sun as giggles came from their favourite electric mouse.

    Title: Comparing Pairings
    Author: S-Unit
    Fandom: Pokemon/Digimon
    Pairing: Hikari/Dawn x Hikari/Kari
    Rating: PG

    "So Hikari, tell me about who you've been shipped with?" Hikari Yagami, the Chosen of Light, asked her date for the evening.

    Hikari Berlitz, Pokemon Co-ordinator, began to list them off. "Well, the really popular ships I am in are Pearlshipping with Satoshi, Ikarishipping with Shinji- although heaven knows why since Shinji is such a cold-hearted loser- Penguinshipping with Kengo, Appealshipping with Nozomi, SapphirePearlshipping with May, HeatTagshipping with Kouhei, GirlPowershipping with Shirona..." Hikari went on for about another half an hour, "...Cavaliershipping with Shigeru, Belleshipping with Drew-"

    "Stop it already, Hikari!" Hikari shouted. "Good grief, you've been paired off with too many people! And what's with the shipping names?"

    "Pokemon has always had those names for the ships. Gives them their own unique identity. Its the Digimon shipping names that are weird: Takari, Dakari, Taiora, Sorato, Taito, Daiken, Daikeru, Takouji, etc. I mean, sometimes, you can't even tell them apart."

    "True enough. Onii-chan once typed in 'Taikari' as opposed to 'Takari' once. Needless to say, he was quite shocked."

    "Why was that?"

    "Taikari is Taichi and I. Incest ship. Imagine the look on his face." Hikari Yagami sighed.

    "All these shippings...plus I's hate to see what the Digimon fandom would name our ship."

    "they'd probably burst a few brain cells trying to figure out."

    "So Hikari, how about we hit up the amusement park? I'll let you know a few tricks to dealing with Takeru and Daisuke fighting over you."

    "Sounds like a plan!" The child of light grabbed a hold of the co-ordinator's hand and they went marching off. "Do these tricks work?"

    "Sure! Just ask Nozomi and Kouhei..."

    Title: Fighting Over Sato-chan
    Author: S-Unit
    Fandom: Pokemon/Digimon
    Pairing: Satoshi x Taichi, Satoshi x Yamato, Satoshi x Jun (Daisuke's Sister)
    Rating: PG-13

    "Satoshi-kun! I want to knpw you! Marry me! Have my babies!" Jun Motomiya, senior-year high school student and obsessed fan-gril, screamed at Satoshi.

    "What the hell Jun!" Daisuke, Jun's brother and leader of the 02 Chosen, sweatdropped. He was just getting some pointers from Satoshi on how to be super-awesome to the fanbase (because we all know Daisuke needs all the help he can get). Satoshi looked terrified as the crazed fangirl ran up to him. Jun was about two feet away from Satoshi when she was unceremoniously pushed aside by two cubic feet of unruly brown hair.

    "Satoshi, I confess," Taichi swooned, "all throughout Adventure 01, I was always thinking of how I could live up to your example and your standards as a title character." Taichi got on his knee. "Please let us end this divisive feud between Digimon and Pokemon and accept my hand in marria- AHHHH!" Taichi screamed as he too was pushed aside.

    "BACK OFF TAICHI! SATOSHI IS MINE!" Yamato grabbed Satoshi and started walking off with him. "I have composed a song for you. A song full of passion and devotion-"

    "Yamato! You're dumping me!" Sora shouted at her now ex-boyfriend.

    "Sora, I still care for you. But the love I have for Satoshi is more passionate and powerful than anything you can ever imagine."

    "Noooooo! Satoshi is mine!" Jun yelled.

    "He's mine damn it! His *** is mine!" Taichi countered and he ran up to Yamato and Satoshi, pushed Yamato out of the way and groped Satoshi's ***.

    "Eww! Gross!" Jun slapped Taichi. Taichi punched Jun. Yamato threw joined in with a few slaps and punches. It basically turned into one giant melee much to the embarassment of Satoshi and the other onlookers.

    "Daisuke..." Satoshi turned to his begoggled friend.


    "Digimon is one weird show."
    Last edited: Mar 31, 2009
  9. Nightlingbolt

    Nightlingbolt AKA Nightlingbolt

    What's this?! I'm writing a drabble of my own free will?! Yes!

    Title: I Scream for Ice Cream!
    Author: Darth Osiris/Osiris the Dark
    Fandom: Pokemon
    Pairing: Berryshipping (May x Munchlax (because in the episode May caught it, it was stealing Berries)), hints at Contestshipping
    Rating: T for what this fic is about

    It was just another day for May. She and her Munchlax had put in a hard day of training, and a trip to the local ice cream parlor was just the reward they deserved in her opinion.

    With five scoops for May and a whole Nanab Berry Boat for Munchlax, they were just the perfect picture of Pokemon and Trainer bonding. Of course, the scooper didn’t put on one of the scoops the right way, and so, the entire top half of May’s ice cream tower came crashing down on her well-developed bosom.

    Now, poor Munchlax didn’t know that much about boundaries. All it saw was the delicious frozen treat dribbling down its Trainer’s chest. “Munclax!” it screamed as it leapt up and licked the ice cream off of May.

    May shrieked and pushed Munchlax away roughly. “MUNCHLAX!!!” she screamed. “NO!!! YOU DO NOT EVER TOUCH ME THERE!!!” Luckily, the parlor was practically deserted, so no one was staring at them.

    May was beyond livid. However, seeing her beloved Munchlax cowering in fear of her was enough to calm her down.

    “I’m sorry, Munchlax,” May said, bending down to Munchlax’s level, making eye contact with her Pokemon. “I know you’re just hungry, and I really shouldn’t have blown up at you like that.” Her voice turned serious. “But that really is a bad place to touch someone, especially a girl. Do you understand?”

    “Munch…” Munchlax replied meekly.

    “Again, I’m really sorry,” said May. “I shouldn’t get mad at you for just being yourself, and it’s not like you really did know better.” She then planted a kiss on Munchlax’s cheek. “That’s for being sweeter than any ice cream I’ve ever had.”

    “Lax.” Munchlax blushed furiously, partly from the kiss, but mostly from embarrassment.

    “Speaking of ice cream, how about another Nanab Berry Boat?” asked May. “And I’ll even try one! What do you say?”

    “Munchlax!” Munchlax cheered.

    And so it went that Trainer and Pokemon enjoyed another round of ice cream. However, Drew never did get lucky with May, as Munchlax attacked him every time he tried to get to second base.
  10. Tadashi

    Tadashi kiss my greens

    What? No April Fool's Drabbles? How disappointing. lol my dares can wait.

    Title: Pranks A Lot!
    Author: Tadashi
    Fandom: Pokémon
    Pairing/s: ColdCoffeeShipping (aka: Jun/Barry x Shinji/Paul)
    Rating: G

    "See? See? That's how an April Fool's Day prank is supposed to go, Shinji-kun!"


    "... This is the part where you laugh."

    But Shinji would never laugh at himself. Not after Jun had jumped out from behind a door, yelling "BANZAI!", and pelted him with a water balloon. Shinji was, however, contemplating giving Jun a swirlie for revenge.

    "Aw, come on Shinji-kun, it's just for fun!"


    "... Shinji?"

    And then, quick as a flash, Shinji had gripped Jun into a headlock and administered a ferocious noogie. "That's. for. making. me. look. stupid!"

    "ACK! Come on, cut it out! OW! My hair! I spent hours on my hair! Okay, okay, I give up already!" Jun's protests were finally registered as Shinji released his grip on the blonde.

    Sulking, Jun attempted to re-style his mussed-up hair. "I oughta fine you for that..." he muttered.

    "You said it was April Fool's," a sopping wet Shinji pointed out.

    Jun stuck out his tongue in reply.
    Last edited: Apr 3, 2009
  11. Nightlingbolt

    Nightlingbolt AKA Nightlingbolt

    Another dare down!

    Title: The Break Up
    Author: Darth Osiris/Osiris the Dark
    Fandom: Pokemon
    Pairings: Belleshipping (Drew x Dawn) & Respectshipping (Drew x Ash)
    Rating: K+

    “Dawn, we need to talk,” Drew told her suddenly.

    Dawn was confused. What did they need to talk about? Weren’t things going great for them?

    “There’s no easy way to say this, but-“

    “You’ve found someone else,” Dawn supplied.

    Drew was stunned. “How did you know?”

    “I know you, Drew,” said Dawn. “I know you’re never satisfied with just one girl. When I agreed to be your girlfriend – your FIFTH girlfriend in half a YEAR – I knew where the relationship would end up, and I accepted it. But still, I was determined to make however long we were a couple meaningful in some small way. Do you think our time together was meaningful?”

    Come to think of it, Drew did come out of every relationship learning a little about himself, and ultimately growing as a person. After all, isn’t that what dating is for?

    “Yes,” Drew said finally.

    “Good,” replied Dawn. “I’d hate to be that notch on your belt that didn’t mean anything.”

    With that, she hugged Drew quickly, then broke away.

    “By the way, May’s been waiting her turn for a while now,” Dawn said. “Is she your next victim?”

    “No,” said Drew. “It’s… Ash.”

    Dawn’s mind went into overdrive thinking of Ash and Drew doing all sorts of nasty things. With her nose bleeding and a perverted giggle escaping her lips, Drew couldn’t help but sigh.

    Maybe, just maybe, one guy would be worth every girlfriend he ever had.
  12. Tadashi

    Tadashi kiss my greens

    I wrote this for the Coma thread's Drabble Wednesday ^_^

    Title: Sex on the Beach
    Author: Tadashi
    Fandom: Pokémon
    Pairing/s: ComaShipping (aka: Satoshi/Ash x Shinji/Paul)
    Rating: PG for suggestiveness

    I wanna have sex on the beach
    Come on move your body
    Sex on the beach
    I wanna have sex on the beach
    Come on there's a party tonight
    Sex on the beach
    Come on there's a party tonight

    "Why the hell am I even here, Satoshi?"

    "Come on, Shinji! It's just a night of fun on Valor Lakefront! You should loosen up. Try to have fun!"

    Shinji, eyes closed and head turned to the side, grumbled, "and what kind of fun is it to listen to these suggestive songs and watch people make fools of themselves? No thanks!"

    Satoshi rolled his eyes. He placed his hands firmly atop the picnic table and glared at Shinji. "It's just a song, for goodness sake! It doesn't mean you have to take it literally!"

    Ever so slightly, Shinji turned his head to face the dark-haired boy. "Oh, too bad," he replied coyly.

    I wanna have sex on the beach
    Come on move your body
    Sex on the beach
    I wanna have sex on the beach
    Come on there's a party tonight
    Sex on the beach
    Come on there's a party tonight
  13. Skiyomi

    Skiyomi Only Mostly Dead

    Title: Pancakes
    Author: Skiyomi
    Fandom: Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle
    Pairing: Kurogane x Fai
    Rating: G-PG?

    He’d heard a sound in the kitchen. It was probably nothing, just someone getting a glass of water or something. But someone had to check it out, and damn it, no one else was going to take the trouble.

    Kurogane winced at the brightness down the hall. He moved silently and hid in the doorway, just in case it was actually something to worry about.

    He heard the sizzle of cooking, groaned, and turned around to go back to sleep.

    On the other hand, he was already up. He walked into the kitchen.

    “Oh hi, Kurgie,” Fai trilled, turning around from the stove, frying pan in hand. “You want some pancakes?”

    “…It’s 3 a.m.,” Kurogane declared wearily.

    “And what a 3 a.m. it is!” Fai nodded cheerfully. “Would you like some pancakes?” He asked again.

    Kurogane grumbled and took a seat at the table, which in some language must certainly mean: Yes, that would be quite nice, and thank you for the kind offer.

    A few minutes later Fai stacked the pancakes onto a plate and placed it in front of Kurogane. He was about get the maple syrup, but Kurogane was already eating.

    “That kind’s too sweet,” Kurogane explained grudgingly through the pancakes.

    “But Kuro-pon, you can’t eat your pancakes plain!”

    Kurogane said nothing on this, because the fact that he was at this point, eating pancakes plain was evidence enough against that statement.

    Fai sighed, sat across from him and undid the kerchief around his hair. “Aren’t you having any?” Kurogane asked.

    “I’m not hungry,” Fai answered.


    Kurogane finished his pancakes and for a moment just stared the other one down. Finally he said, “So, you’re not going to tell me why you’re really down here, are you?”

    Fai smiled, thought for a moment, and then just said, “No.”

    “Alright,” Kurogane said, picking up his empty plate with the fork stacked on it. He brought it over to the sink, and left it there, presumably for someone else to wash.

    And left.
  14. S-Unit

    S-Unit No.1 Jun Fanboi

    Title: Maid Outfits
    Author: S-Unit
    Fandom: Pokemon
    Pairing: Bouldershipping (Ash x Brock), hints of Aerialshipping (Ash x Kellyn), Palletshipping (Ash x Gary) and Comashipping (Ash x Paul).
    Rating: PG-13
    Dare by Tom Nook, who wants 10 words per sentence.

    "Brock, why do I have to wear this stupid outfit?"

    "Because Ash, french maid outfits are totally sexy and hot!"

    "Why do you want me to do this embarrassing thing?!"

    "Ash, there comes a time in a guy's life that-"


    "Ash, just bend over and dust that bookshelf pretty please!"


    "Ash I'm...sorry, please, I didn't know that they like-"

    "I'm leaving you to go to Kellyn who loves me!"

    "Ash, I didn't mean to hurt our friendship like this!"

    But it was too late, for Ash had already left.
  15. Little Miss Sunshine

    Little Miss Sunshine I like shorts!

    Title: Ten Years Later.
    Author: Lynnfox
    Fandom: Pokemon
    Pairing/s: AerialShipping (Ash/Satoshi x Kellyn/Hajime)
    Rating: T
    Dare by: S-Unit
    Hajime swore that he would never drink ever again.

    It was only him, Satoshi, and his little ball of yellow fur. It had been years, years since they had last crossed paths. And yet his pikachu was still as pikachu-esque as ever. Energetic. Hyperactive. Annoying.

    Hajime cast a sidelong glance at the pokemon trainer and his pikachu. Last night was a blur, only Satoshi could fill it in.

    Apparently, Hajime had run into Satoshi and a couple of his friends at the bar. Satoshi offered to 'buy him a drink', which soon turned into three or four or ten, and then... Hajime's eyebrow twitched. Then they eloped.

    He had woken up this morning feeling oddly off-kilter, and turned over to see the dark-haired pokemon trainer sleeping next to him, and noticed a ring on his finger. And then, glancing down, he noticed a ring on his own. And then he saw the handcuffs.

    "Pika..." he heard, and for the first time noticed a pikachu in the corner, looking as if it had been mentally scarred.

    Blushing, furious, and with one helluva hangover, Hajime tried to get out of bed and dressed, only to figure out that he couldn't move three steps before dragging the pokemon trainer out of bed with him. "Get up," Hajime had commanded, slipping on his robe.

    "I love you too," Satoshi muttered sleepily, but sat up nonetheless, striding over to Hajime and kissing him lightly on the cheek. Hajime ignored him.

    "Where's the key?" he inquired pointedly, glancing on his bedside table. "I have things to do today, and I can't have you coming along!"

    Satoshi only looked at him with a teasing glance. "You don't remember, do you then?" he teased, "you said you'd love me forever and ever... and you also said you were quite hungry..."

    Hajime paled and, not a minute later, was positioned over the toilet, readying the finger. After ten minutes of failed attempts, somewhere in the house, an alarm went off. Hajime stood up, feeling rather lightheaded, and pulled him close, gripping his shoulders. “Listen, you,” he hissed venomously, “You have to come along, but if you want to keep your head…” he put emphasis on the last four words, “Don’t. Say. A. Word.”

    And that was why Hajime sat across from a kindly old woman, stroking the baby riolu, with Satoshi handcuffed to him and sitting next to him on the sofa. With the exception of an occasional hiccup, sneeze, or chuckle, he was doing a pretty good job of being quiet.

    “Now, Mister Hajime…” she continued, stroking the riolu rhythmically, “are you sure you’re ready to take on such a huge burden? Riolus are near impossible to train if the owner isn’t right…”

    “Well, I—“

    “Hajime is the best at handling pokemon I’ve ever seen,” Satoshi interrupted, earning a pointed glare from the ranger, “He’s tamed some of the strongest, nastiest pokemon I’ve ever seen--!”

    “Satoshi, that’s quite enough,” Hajime stopped him, putting his head in his hands. Why did Satoshi have to go and rui—

    “Wait… you’re not… the Hajime? The top ranked ranger who found that manaphy egg…?”

    Hajime lowered his gaze and blushed lightly. “Y-yeah… that’s me.”

    “Well why didn’t you say so?” she exclaimed, reaching over and plopping the sleeping riolu in his lap and shaking his hand. “I would be honored to leave my riolu in your hands.

    “Um… well, thank you, miss,” Hajime thanked awkwardly, smiling up at her. Satoshi slung an arm around his shoulder and kissed him on the cheek, before laughing.

    “You guys make a great couple,” she observed, making the room go silent.

    On the trip home, the riolu suddenly awoke, and looked between the two males confusedly. Why was it that their waves were so different, but their auras were the same?
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  16. ChloboShoka

    ChloboShoka Writer


    Title: Running From The Law
    Author: C.Gholy
    Fandom: Pokemon
    Pairing/s: Advanceshipping/Rocketshipping
    Rating: T

    "Thanks a lot, Jessie!" Ash barked from the top of his voice. Him and May were with Jessie and James in their balloon shaped as a meowth, which they had owned for as long as Ash could remember. "You just killed someone!"

    "Shut up twerps!" demanded Jessie. "I gotta find a way out of this mess."

    "I don't see any police helicopters," announced James, "so I guess that we're fine for now."

    "As long we don't end up in prison," May gasped her hand locking Ash's waist, "then I'm fine."

    With the fear and risk of prison, the four of them hid in the balloon for whilst moving from the eyes of the law.

    Title: Random hug
    Author: C.Gholy
    Fandom: Pokemon
    Pairing/s: May x Maylene
    Rating: T

    The gym leader threw her arms in the air. Jumping in joy, she approached the contest winner with open arms, which locked her into a hug. She even gave the brunette a quick kiss on the cheek. May blushed a shade a dark pink whilst Maylene's pink hair rested upon her shoulder.

    "Well done!" Maylene announced. "You did a great job."

    May felt weird, but at the same time, amazingly delightful.
  17. S-Unit

    S-Unit No.1 Jun Fanboi

    Title: Which One to Choose?
    Author: S-Unit
    Fandom: Pokemon
    Pairings: Aerialshipping (Ash x Kellyn), Respectshipping (Ash x Drew), hints of HyperBishieshiping (S-Unit x Jun) and Samenameshipping (S-Unit x Drew)
    Rating: PG-13 to be safe

    "It's my turn today to be with Ash!"

    "No! It's MY turn!"

    This was not a good day for S-Unit. He is an avid multishipper and loves his ships (of which the substantial majority are yaoi/slash ships). There was only one problem with his top two ships- Aerialshipping (his OTP) and Respectshipping.

    Those two ships share a character: Ash.

    Hence the bickering between Kellyn and Drew. They both want their time with Ash.

    Kellyn was adamant that Ash spend time him today. "Listen S-Unit, I've been very busy on missions lately. Being a Top Ranger is hard work, I haven't spent time with Ash for ages now. Besides, Aerialshipping is your OTP..."

    Drew was equally adamant. "Listen, I've been busy with contests lately. Plus I've been keeping the Contestshippers happy by being with May. But I need my hopelessly cute and dense boy toy or I'll go insane!"

    S-Unit sighed. This was an unpleasant situation for him. "Let's ask the obvious question: Who does Ash want to be with today?" S-Unit turned to the Pokemon trainer, who was preoccupied with training Pikachu. "Ash, which one of your boyfriends do you want to be with today?"

    "Pikachu, use Volt Tackle!" Ash replied, totally oblivious to what was happening.

    "And clearly Ash is otherwise preoccupied..." S-Unit sighed again. This was a tough decision, but the obvious one had to be made. "Kellyn, you and Ash go have some fun."

    "WHAT?" Drew screamed.

    "Thank you, S-Unit!" Kellyn ran off to his raven-haired lover. "Hey Ash, I've finally got some time off-"

    "S-Unit, please, I'm begging you!" Drew screamed. "I need some lovin'!" Drew got on his knees in front of S-Unit and pleaded.

    "Oh, alright, I suppose I could spare some time for you." S-Unit ruffled Drew's hair and was about to kiss his forehead when...

    "NEVER! S-UNIT IS MAH BOY TOY!" A blonde streak pushed Drew aside and promptly gave S-Unit a bear hug. "You're mine and mine only!" Jun, the hyper trainer from Twinleaf Town squealed. He turned to Drew, "I'm fining you $10 million for trying to take S-Unit away. You have 10 seconds to pay. 9, 8, 7, 6, 5...

    "WHAT! NOO!" Drew yelled.

    "AGH! You made me lose count! C'mon S-Unit, let us go romp around!" Jun picked S-Unit up in his arms and ran off in the direction he came from. All that was left was a bewildered and sad coordinator.

  18. Tadashi

    Tadashi kiss my greens

    This is a rather late dare that I kinda put off...

    Title: Swing
    Author: Tadashi
    Fandom: Pokémon
    Pairing/s: BishieInMyCoffeeShipping (aka Gen/Riley x Shinji/Paul x Jun/Barry)
    Rating: G

    There were three of them at the playground. It wasn't much of a playground; just a tire swing and a small slide confined to a sandy pit. Near the sand's edge sat a short, purple-haired boy, glaring at the other two boys he seemed to be with. One, an exuberant blonde, called to him to come join. The other, a tall dark-haired teen, patted the tire swing invitingly. Both of them wore their own personally pleasant smile.

    But young Shinji refused to get up off the park bench. He hated playgrounds, he hated swings, and he hated the sound of Jun's increasingly obnoxious calls. Finally, Jun gave the tall Gen a knowing look. They knew what had to be done.

    Quick as a flash, they appeared on either side of Shinji, easily lifting him off the park bench. Being the shortest of the group, Shinji was all but powerless against his two tall friends. Gen wrestled him into the tire swing and, with a mighty forward push, Jun sent the tire swing as far into the air as it could go. The world around him blurred as he wooshed back and forth on the swing. He clutched the tire ropes as tight as he could. He was beginning to feel dizzy.

    Somewhere behind him, the two boys laughed at the fun that they were having. As for Shinji, he had trouble deciding what kind of humiliating payback he would want to give them.
  19. S-Unit

    S-Unit No.1 Jun Fanboi

    Title: Starlit Coffee
    Author: S-Unit
    Fandom: Pokemon
    Pairing: ColdCoffeeshipping (Shinji x Jun)
    Rating: PG


    "Come on Shinji-kun-"


    "It's a beautiful starry night-"


    "There's a nice little cafe-"


    "With the best coffee you can possibly-"


    Jun couldn't bear it any longer. He clung on to Shinji as he was busy walking through the Pokemon Centre. "Please Shinji-kun! PLEASE!"

    Shinji sighed. "Okay, if you shut up and not say a word, I'll go to this cafe with you-" Shinji barely had time to finish when Jun picked him up and rushed as fast as he could to the quaint outdoor cafe. It was a five-minute dash to the cafe and Shinji was flabbergasted that Jun could carry him that fast for that far, and not even break a sweat.

    At the cafe, Jun led Shinji to a cozy and intimate table and gestured to the garcon for two coffees. Shinji was amazed and startled. Jun turned to face Shinji and stared at him dreamily.

    "Okay Jun, that's kinda of...weird..." Shinji said.

    The garcon returned with their coffees and placed them on the table. Jun took a quick sip of his and then promptly cuddled up against Shinji under the starlit sky.

    "Umm, that...I'd appreciate it if you got off of me, Jun."

    Jun got out a pad and pen and scribbled a note for Shinji and handed it to him.

    " 'Why not, you're comfy!' I am NOT comfy!"

    Jun wrote another note and took a sip of his coffee.

    " 'I love you, Shinji!' JUN! I-" Shinji looked started then he regained his composure. "I love you too."

    Jun kissed Shinji on the lips and snuggled against him some more. Shinji played with Jun's hair slightly and had a sip of his coffee- which he promptly spat out for one reason:

    It was cold.


    Title: I Need a Maid
    Author: S-Unit
    Fandom: Pokemon
    Pairing: ColdCoffeeshipping (Jun x Shinji) with a bit of Kengo and Reiji thrown in for fun; hints of Evadeshipping (Kengo x Satoshi)
    Rating: PG-16 just in case

    Shinji was not happy. Not happy at all. His room was a complete mess from him and Jun's fun and sensual activity the night before. But his room was stained all around plus sticky garbage all over the place. They needed a maid, big time to clean up.

    Shinji scooted over to his sleeping lover, Jun and lighty shook him. "Wake up."

    Jun moaned, "Five more minutes please, Shinji-kun."

    "Jun, we have to clean up now. Mother will kill me if she saw the room like this."

    "Get Reiji-nii-san to do it then." Jun said with his face in the pillow.

    At that point Reiji entered the room. "Someone called my name- Oooh, looks like you two had quite the party last night!" Reiji said wittily. He walked up to Shinji and ruffled his hair. "Shinji finally has someone to luve and pway with. And hey Jun!" Reiji playfully rubbed Jun's bottom.

    "Hey!" Jun squealed and jumped out of bed and gave Reiji a bear hug.

    "Jun! Please have some decency!" Shinji shouted with his face turning purple. His blonde boyfriend had nothing on. Jun stuck his tongue out at him.

    "So, Shinji, I take it you want me to help clean your room?" Reiji said, the bear hug from Jun not affecting him at all in the speech department, but before Shinji could answer, Reiji had bad news, "I can't, I have a prior engagement, but I can find a maid for you if you like."

    "I know just the one you can find!" Jun said and whispered in Reiji's ear the person he had in mind, and the outfit said person would wear.

    An hour later, Kengo was standing in Shinji's room. He was very embarassed with his face a beet red. He was wearing his boyfriend's maid outfit from the Maid Cafe, with a very short skirt.

    "Jun, why do you want me to do this?" Kengo pleaded.

    "'Cause I need to get even with you and your boyfriend's last prank on me- Empoleon was not happy when Pikachu ate his Rare Candies."

    "That was Satoshi's idea!" Kengo shouted, nearly crying.

    "Look, just shut up and clean up. And don't tell that loser boyfriend of yours anything." Shinji motioned for Kengo to start cleaning. Kengo started to sniff and sob, but he relented and finally bent over to clean up. The short skirt of the maid outfit revealing his lacy black panties.

    "So, Shinji, hot or hot?" Shinji asked, staring at Kengo.

    "Hot, but not as hot as you." Jun jumped on Shinji right then and there and started making out with him. Kengo watched, although his face was still red in embarassment, he was secretly enjoying this. Was he becoming a masochist?

    His reverie was interupted with more moaning and groaning in the direction of Shinji's bed.
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  20. Tadashi

    Tadashi kiss my greens

    Gettin some drabbles done tonight. We're slowing down on this thread D:

    First up, a very uninspired dare for S-Unit.

    Title: Peaceful
    Author: Tadashi
    Fandom: Pokémon
    Pairing/s: Dawn/Hikari (Pokémon) x Kari/Hikari (Digimon)
    Rating: G

    "Oh, I love your cat! She's so cute!" chirped Dawn.

    "Thanks! Her name is Gatomon. That penguin is pretty cute, too!" replied Kari.

    "Yeah, Piplup and I are really close!"

    The two girls pored over the pictures of their friends together. It was hard to keep up a friendship now that Dawn was always on the road, but they always managed to cross paths somehow. They really cherished each other's company.

    Outside they sat, the warm summer's eve breeze blowing on occasion. Their stories and laughter rang through the night, as the Kricketune sang their songs. All was peaceful for yet another day.

    Next, a very obscure threesome from Sonic TH.

    Title: Missed Catch
    Author: Tadashi
    Fandom: Pokémon
    Pairing/s: BarricadeShipping (Rafe/Ryou x Blaziken/Bashamo x Lucario/Rukario)

    "Go, Blaziken! Use Blaze Kick!"

    "Blaziken!" the tall Pokémon lept elegently into the air, and descended with a flame-covered foot, prepared to strike. The bipedal dog it was facing shot off a pulsing Aura Sphere attack to counter. Rafe was extremely curious about this dog. He had never seen one before in all of Hoenn. Where had it come from? All he knew was that he wanted to capture it. He was captivated by it.

    "Blaziken, Sky Uppercut!"

    The sudden punch was much too swift for the dog-like Pokémon to dodge. It barreled right into Rafe, knocking them both to the floor. Just as quickly, the dog got up and sprinted off into the park. Stunned after his head had hit the concrete, Blaziken hung back due to the lack of an order. Maybe that Lucario would come back someday.

    And finally, this lovely new dare from Sonic TH again.

    Title: Mixed Messages
    Author: Tadashi
    Fandom: Pokémon
    Pairing/s: AlfShipping (Ash/Satoshi x Max/Masato)
    Rating: G

    "Soooooo, why are you teaching me to cook, again?" came the umpteenth inquiry.

    "What's wrong with my cooking?" the dark-haired trainer demanded.

    "Nothing," lied the young boy. "I just thought that Brock was gonna help..."

    "For the last time, Max, it's Brock's birthday. He can't make his own cake! That's just stupid! Now, are you gonna help me or not?"

    "Fine... what do you need?" sighed Max.

    "Two eggs, please." replied a satisfied Ash. Obediently, Max brought him a couple of eggs. The egg beater whizzed, and Max ducked as batter splattered into the air occasionally. Thank goodness he was wearing a chef's hat.

    "Alright! I think that this is ready for the oven!" Ash presented his triumphant pastry in a pan. As he grabbed a pair of oven mitts, Max spoke up. "Um, Ash? I think you made a pie, not a cake."

    There was a moment of silence, followed by a loud groan from Ash. "Screw it! Let's just go to the store."
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