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Short/One-Shot Manga Discussion Thread


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Isn't that the 4Koma manga that came out years ago?

Blackjack Gabbiani

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So I picked up Hero of Fire and Thunder. It's pretty cool! Reminds me a bit of DPA, down to having the evil team grunt with exaggerated features (although in this case rather than K2's swollen rear, this guy has a pointy chin, nose, and hairstyle). It's also very very cut down. Team Plasma seems to consist of grunts and N. No Goddesses, no Shadow Triad, no Sages, no GHETSIS. There's no time given to gym battles. The Elite Four is seen once, but Alder has a whole chapter devoted to him.

And when the main character finds out about N's true aim, he still doesn't give up on their friendship. Very Hareta of him.

Oh yeah, main character seems to have only one pokemon, his starter. Gets Required Legendary later on but that's it.
O: I still wanna know why Rocco is training some random guys to be Phantom Thieves like Hiori. Speaking of which, where is Hiori and Lily? D:
It's weird seeing Rocco without his ridiculous get up.
;w; can't wait to see the entire manga.
Also, Loli. I love your sig.


Rocco is angry for some reason and that's for sure. And who is the guy and the girl?
I like Phantom Thieves manga, they maybe short but their drawings are not so bad and not lacking of character developement.
BTW, Rocco without hat is cool
And yes I agree with the good sig


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Is the protagonist a boy? Their uniform seems masculine.

Thief 7 had several chapters not put into volume form, right? So maybe it's related to that.


Ever wonder will Pokemon Rangers : Guardian Sign manga would be made ?


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Not sure if this is the right thread (as we don't really know how long will that manga be, but chances are that it'll be just another one-volume) but I didn't want to start a new one.

Dogasu has posted a synopsis of the newest chapter of "Pokemon BW2: New Legend".

So we're in the point when this manga got irrelevant. After the first gym already. That's a shame, I silently hoped for this manga to show PWT.

We really need a good non-Special, non-Anakubo adaptation of the game, which could compare to Golden Boys (except for its rushed ending) or DPA...


At least it's the first manga to show off Genesect, which is something. Not much of something, but something.


It like that Genesect has some time to shine and the story is interesting but I expected more to come out of this B2W2 manga but all it is shameless promotion not unlike the anime itself but even then anime has a little more shame.


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I'm curious about the 4Koma manga.

Do they tell a story, or are the just a bunch of unrelated gags?
Are they still being published?
Where were they first released in (newspapers, magazines, etc.)?
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Here's the cover of Pocket Monsters B2W2 ~ A New Legend ~

Has anyone else read the Diancie movie manga from June's Corocoro? My comprehension wasn't perfect, but I thought it was interesting. Also rather cute and humorous in places (Team Rocket). I was surprised at how many characters there were for such a short manga, too, even if it is only between a half and a third of the story. Also how many times Diancie's moved already. There were a Lot of locations for just 80 pages.

And as I'm not sure where the line between spoiler and discussion rests I will leave it at that, but I was curious to see if there was any discussion about it or if anyone was interested in discussing it.

Also as it was mentioned one post up, Electric Tale of Pikachu is awesome! It was my first manga. I hadn't the faintest idea what it was I was picking up at the store (I'd thought it was a book). I didn't actually know until I got it home that comics came as books. Fell in love with the story instantly but never managed to get my hands on the later volumes. I was always a fan of the world set up there with license limits on what pokemon you could train as well as a time limit off of school. It made more sense I thought, than the anime. Also Sabrina and Haunter. That was always my favorite set of episodes in the anime, and I found the storyline in Electric Tale to be far more awesome.

Anyway now that I've posted in a ghost thread, back to lurking and waiting until I can get part 2 of Diancie.


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Pokemon movie manga discussion is usually put on the anime section. So you're not going to get much discussion about that here.

Since, you know, it's just a manga adaptation of the upcoming moves and stuff.
Thought I had the right place since the fist page specifically listed them. Never thought to check the anime section. I'll head over there to look, then. Thanks.


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You guys won't believe what I found from my library.

It's called Pokémon HeartGold SoulSilver Bakusho 4koma Manga Zenshu by Santa Harukaze from 2010. It's the same series as the Pokémon Pocket Comics BW. Cyndaquil seems to be the most recurring character similar to Oshawott in the BW 4koma. Also, at the back of the volume there are pictures of three other previously unknown 4koma mangas named Pokémon Platinum Bakusho 4koma Manga Zenshu, Pokémon Dajare Club and Pokémon Super Dajare Club. They're all by Santa Harukaze.

So I guess the amount of Pokémon manga we know has just risen by four! I really gotta wonder why on earth would someone donate this to a Finnish library though.