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Short & Sweet: Drabbles Galore


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Hello everyone and welcome to the second

.: SPPF Drabble Thread :.
Are you looking for the old one? Not to worry, you can find it here.​

What is a drabble, you may be asking? Drabble, as defined on LiveJournal, are usually 100 words or less. But here on SPPF, we don’t expect to follow such limits. That being said, there is a size limit here however. No more than 1000 Words. Anything over 1000 Words is rather lengthy and can be its own chapter or a one shot.

Since I explained what a drabble is so why don’t I explain to you what the rules are now.


  • All SPPF & Shippers Community Rules apply.
  • Absolutely NO Bashing or Flaming another user because of their shipping preferences. That is something that none of us, myself and the other Shipping Mods will tolerate.
  • Keep them short. No more than 1000 words.
  • You are allowed to review a drabble posted here but all one shots and multi chaptered stories do belong here.
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  • Please use the form below when posting your drabble.
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It’s just that simple! Having a title for a drabble is not necessary but is recommended. Untitled works of art are like nameless children.

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You are allowed to post more than one drabble in the same post. Please be sure fill out a new form if you do.


It is true, my lovelies. If you have an idea for a drabble but do not know how to write it, you are more than welcome to request it from another author.

You are not limited as to what fandom you want to request a drabble from. Also, we prefer if you do not request a drabble from a specific author. That also means that if someone agrees to write your request, please do not send them messages, asking when it will be done. We come here to write, not to get harassed and pestered about fulfilling another’s request.

You do not have to wait to request is completed to request another one but I would prefer if you did.


If you want to request a drabble, fill out the form below.

It is important that you give some description for your request. If you are looking for a fluffy drabble, say so. If you are looking for an angsty drabble, say so. I’m not asking for extreme detail, just a general idea will be sufficient enough.

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That’s all there is to it. Have fun, everyone. Enjoy.


Title:The Bloody Hand
Author: Chloboshoka
Fandom: Pokemon
Rating: T

"Oh May, my love..."

There he stands on top of the hill - my love, Ash Ketchum. But he's not the man I know, nor is he the man I love. He's been possessed again. I remember this from before. I've heard it's happened more than once. There's something pure and tender about him, he has a heart of gold. He would never be able to impose harm on anyone. Sure there are the battles, but those are different - that's just a sport.

"You're speechless I see? Why aren't you happy to see me? Do you not find me sexy anymore."

"Of course I do." I'm struggling for the right words. I'm alone, no one can mock me but this putrid soul that's invaded Ash's body. "Ash? You don't need to lick your fingers."

"But I had the most tastiest meal."

"I'm sure you did." I don't want to know the details, but judging on the red stains on his coat and bones sticking out his pocket, I'm guessing their humans!

He's an easy target. Wears his heart on his sleeve. A perfect host for a demon to wreak havoc on us mortals. But why...why do they always have to pick on Ash. Well, I'm not having it anymore. They're coming out of Ash's body right now! Even if it means that I have to die, at least he'll be free. And he's been the only guy I've been in love with, but I'm not the only girl who has been in love with him. There will be plenty of beautiful women Ash can call his princess.

And yet he's chosen me.

The howls of the wolves clash with strikes of thunder. Ash tilts over and grins with his arms wide open. In my delicate hands rests an odd keystone. This could be the key to setting Ash free from this wretched spirit. He's smiling with a malice look in his gleeming eyes. A smile devoid of any compassion.

I can see right though this monster. Ash's soul is trapped in the blood soaked clothes. The whispers in the wind beg for me to help. Every whisper is in Ash's voice. I can't deny their pleas. Thier calls. Their invitation.

If this was a fairytale all it would take was a true love's kiss. But this isn't a fairytale...this is a bloody nightmare. Too many people have died to this curse, I can't let them take another. Without a second though I throw the odd keystone on Ash's face and dash towards him. I pull him by the collar and kiss him.

The bloody hand smears blood all over my face. I'm too focused on the kiss. A screeching roar echoes in my ear as the keystone shines and forms a spiritomb. The spiritomb runs away and Ash gasps for air.



Ash croaks and shakes on the ground. All I can do is hold him in my arms until the epiletic fit calms down. "It's okay." My tears wash the blood away. "You're safe now."

"There's blood!" Ash screams. "What happened? What did I do? How did this happen?"

"It dosen't matter anymore."

In that moment we embraced as is the world was counting on it.
Title: On a Single Day
Author: Nerdy McHeyyyyOneStepCloserToGettingHerResolution (Nerdy McNerdface)
Fandom: Amnesia: Memories (or just Amnesia for the PSvita/PSP fans out there)
Pairing: Heroine x Ukyo
Rating: PG-13 just to be safe. Direct references to blood and death.
Author’s Notes: So I’ve written a Drabble for this game before but it was, uhh, quite dysfunctional and was more just me trying something new than anything else. This time it’s not only for my favourite romance in the game, but it’s also not a Drabble - it’s non-rhyming poetry! Hahaaa I’m a nerd writing angsty poetry for a fictional couple I love, whatever. This is from the POV of Ukyo and that’s all I’ll say here, but uhh, if you want more context (since metaphors) then I’ll leave some notes after the actual piece. I recommend reading the piece first, then the notes, then maybe a second read of the piece. That’s how I do things when it comes to situations like this.

On a single day when the blossoms sprung up from nowhere,
I held my head in happiness while we talked.
A meeting by chance, yet it felt like fate.
As we said our farewells, I longed to see you again.

On a single day when the city rush was a whirr around me,
I laughed as you leapt up into the air in surprise.
Our paths crossed yet again, near-impossible yet reality.
As we made plans to meet the next day, I could feel my heart leap.

On a single day when the heat and cold blended perfectly into one,
I smiled as you served me with a wink and a twirl.
Our lives now intertwined, opposites yet soulmates.
As I showed you my new photographs, I never wanted to leave you.

On a single day when the sun burned into my neck, the path, everything,
I screamed as the news reached my ears of your condition.
The world tearing us apart, flames engulfing our future.
As I felt you pass, I lost the ability to accept disasters and move on.

On a single day when I was lost in a state of perplexion,
I nodded in agreement to a second chance.
The world that destroyed you, yet now trying to save you.
As my wish was set in motion, all I knew was determination to keep you alive.

On a single day when the summer was oddly chilly,
I stared into your blank, soulless eyes in sadness.
Something taken from you, unidentifiable but obvious.
As you walked away mumbling to yourself, I felt part of me let go.

On a single day when the sky refused to remain clear,
I felt my life seep through my fingers and leave me.
My body now useless, a second chance becoming a third.
As I felt my heartbeat suddenly start again, I realised how hard it is to fight against nature.

On a single day when the sky was a dark blanket littered with sequins,
I froze in shock as I woke up to your bloody corpse.
A portrait of my making, my soul now split in two.
As I held in my hyperventilation, something deep down grinned maliciously.

On a single day when I barely kept myself together,
I thought it was all going to be over.
An achievement thought unachievable, yet happening in that moment.
As I sighed to myself, I only felt myself falling when it was too late.

On a single day when I was losing everything,
I felt the cold release of death once more.
Many chances once taken, yet now only a last resort remains.
As I closed my eyes and felt my breath return, I knew it was all or nothing.

On a single day when the world was collapsing around us,
I cried for you to run away as I lost control of my body.
A bond once broken, now fraying as I try to tie it back together.
As I fought against the end, I saw the only way out pierced through my chest.

On a single day when I felt everything release as it all came crashing down,
I told you I loved you for one last time.
Lives once innocently sweet, now tainted by bloodshed and despair.
As the clock chimed midnight, I felt a sudden weight lift off me.

On a single day when I thought eternal rest was the only thing left for me,
You asked to give me a second chance.
My wish now fulfilled, our destiny now allowed to fall into your hands.
As I felt the surge of life run through me again, my heart leapt once more.

Ukyo’s one of those characters that I grow to love because their backstory is just so unrelentlessly tragic, yet the character themselves is just really really sweet and awkward. Ironically, it’s been stated that he himself tries to write poetry, but since he’s not really academically eloquent the poetry is really bad... who knows if that reflects on me XD

But with context of the poem, it may be hard to understand if you don’t know his story, so summarise pd very poorly: Ukyo is a photographer who fell in love with a girl who works in a maid cafe but she died and he got a chance to see her live beyond her death date because wish physics, but then said wish physics make the whole thing tough and he dies a lot but because “wish must be fulfilled” he has to go through all the different universes to find one where he can do it. Because it’s a romance game another route can’t focus too much on him so he fails to either live long enough to see her live or she dies in all but one universe. He gets a split personality that ends up with a vendetta against the girl because his life’s has to suck that much more. He gets a last resort chance in the world where she died in the first place, paradoxes happen, the climax ends up in a burning building and Ukyo only wins by stabbing himself before he stabs the MC just as midnight happens. He dies but you can bring him back if you want because wish physics now work for the girl in a way that’s a lot less Deus ex Machina than it sounds (you don’t have to if you don’t want to but it’s depressing as f*ck so uhh…) and uhh yeah that’s as brief as I can make it. Man I suck at explaining things.
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Title: Long Night
Author: xEryChan
Fandom: Pokemon
Pairing: Rangershipping (Lunick x Solana)
Rating: PG
Note: Twas a dare from Pikachu Fan Number Nine. Also, I really stink with coming up with a title for a story so I apologize for the horrible title.


This not how I planned to spend the night.

I could not help but shake my head as I watched my two friends dancing with two girls on the dance floor. I should not have come. I tried to tell my friends I had no interest in going to a club. I am not much of a club fan if I'm honest with you. I already told them too. But, they would not give it a rest so I just gave in and went with them. I’m such an idiot who cannot say no to the stupid puppy dog pout. Yes, I am such a pushover and they know that too. Figures they would get me to go, I can’t ever seem to win.

Lunick, you need to learn when to put your foot down and to say no. That voice in my head kept saying to me. If there is one thing I have learned, it is that I have no self-control. Maybe that is why I always cave in when my friends hound me constantly when they want to go out.

I shot my two friends the dirtiest looks I could manage as I took another sip of my drink. I knew they would not see it but I did not care. I do not want to be here. Not one bit. Do you blame me? I sure do hope not.

“You okay?” I heard a female voice and I looked up to see a girl, maybe around the same age as me, in front of me.

Wait, was she talking to me?

“Yes, I’m talking to you, handsome.” She giggled and smiled at me. “You look very unhappy. Are you okay?”

“Aside from the fact that my friends basically forced me to come with them and I really do not want to be here, I’m fine.” I rolled my eyes and glared at my friends once again.

“That’s rough, I’m sorry.”

“No, it’s alright.” I smiled and turned towards her. “I’m Lunick, by the way.”


We pretty much talked the whole night. It feels like I have known her my life. But I just met her. She is different and unique; I could not help but feel attracted to her right from the second I met her. The fact that she is stunning helps as well.

I never wanted this night to end.

But nothing ever seems to go my way. My friends decided they had enough of this club and wanted to leave. I, on the other hand, wanted to stay longer and talk to Solana more.

It’s funny how things turn out. At the beginning of the night, I wanted to go back home more than anything. The last place I wanted to be was at that club. But then I met Solana and that all changed. I honestly did not want to leave her.

But I got her number out of it so I guess I cannot complain, can I?

Pikachu Fan Number Nine

Don't Mess wit Texas
Title: Killer Purrloin
Author: Pikachu Fan Number Nine
Fandom: Pokemon
Pairing: PearlShipping (Ash/Satoshi x Dawn/Hikari)
Rating: PG
Note: A dare from xEryChan. Inspired by the Family Guy episode Killer Queen.

"Ash, what do you want to do for date night?" Dawn asked.

"Dawn, I found this album cover." Ash showed Dawn an album by the band Purrloin Steak. It featured a parody of the MGM logo with Purrloin in place of the lion.

"Purrloin Steak? You mean you want to listen to a 1970s rock band all night?" Dawn asked.

Ash said, "even better, we can scare Cilan with it. He's deathly terrified of Purrloin."

Dawn said, "cool, let's go for it!"

Ash and Dawn went to Cilan's house to deliver a package. Ash rang the doorbell and he ran away quickly.

Cilan opened the package to reveal the album, and yelped in fear, as the album cover prominently featured Purrloin on it.

Ash and Dawn snickered while hiding behind a bush.

Dawn said "best, date night, ever!"


Softly with grace
Title: Now the Struggle Has A Name
Author: Avietta_Ikarilove
Fandom: Pokémon
Pairing: HoennChampionShipping
Rating: T
Notes: Messing around and experimenting with a different style of writing.

His house is still unfamiliar, even after years upon years of examination and countless visits. Somehow, she feels she knows why it’s unfamiliar.

(It’s the way the house screams “Steven” in polished glass cases that house sparkling gems, the way she remembers the first time she had entered this house and he’d given her that HM and their fingers had brushed for the first time in a moment so electrifying she couldn’t forget it)

And again, out of everything, her eyes fall on a light blue gem.

(It’s just like the color of his hair, and it doesn’t help that his eyes are also the same color, those soul-piercing eyes that she knows she’ll love for eternity)

Yet today is different, for she walks towards it with confident steps. Staring down at it, she opens the glass case.

(He’d told her before he’d gone that she could open them - that she was the only person he’d let open those cases and look closely at the gems he’d spent so much effort in collecting)

With shaky fingers, she pulls the lid up and then reaches down. With even shakier hands, she picks the gem up off its cushion.

(He’d said one night when their hands were intertwined that she could hold the gems if she wanted; she’d swatted him for breaking their intimacy with a comment about a dumb rock - and then he'd disappeared a week later and left her to struggle)

She turns over the gem, and finds a small slip of paper with the word “beryl” printed on it.

(And now the struggle has a name)


Write on
Title: Saturday
Author: AmericanPi
Fandom: Pokemon
Pairing: AppealShipping (Dawn/Hikari x Zoey/Nozomi)
Rating: G/K
Note: Long-overdue drabble dare from the Shippers' Truth or Dare Thread. Mizz Nikki dared me to write a drabble for a pairing of my choice that has them baking a cake. I went with AppealShipping because… well, you'll see in a sec. I've actually never baked a cake before (lol) but I hope this is good.

"Dawn, honey, should we bake a vanilla cake or a strawberry one?" Zoey asked her girlfriend as she surveyed the two boxes of cake mix in the pantry.

Dawn grinned as she set down the large bowl she was carrying. "Why not both?" she suggested. "We can mix the two cake mixes and make a strawberry vanilla flavored cake."

"Are you sure that'll work?" Zoey asked, though she grabbed both boxes of cake mix anyways. "I'm not sure if we can mix cake mixes."

"I think it's worth a shot," Dawn said as she walked to the refrigerator to get more ingredients. "We can always save half of the cake mixes in the two boxes for another day."

"You know, that's a pretty good idea," Zoey said, smiling as she set the two boxes of cake mix next to the large bowl Dawn had gotten out. "You're amazing at thinking out of the box, Dawn." Zoey glanced at the boxes of cake mix and chuckled. "Haha, get it, box?"

Dawn laughed as she set down the eggs and butter. "Oh my gosh, Zoey," she said. "Alright, let's get started. Flour, sugar, eggs… we've got everything."

Thirty minutes later, the cake was sitting in the oven, and Dawn and Zoey were sitting together on the couch. Dawn sighed.

"I hope it's good," she said with a nervous chuckle, causing Zoey to look up from her magazine. "We spent so much time preparing the batter. It would be a shame if the cake tasted bad because of my idea."

"Don't worry about it," Zoey said, smiling reassuringly at Dawn. "It's Saturday. We've got a ton of time to bake another one. Besides, I had fun getting the cake ready with you. The process is just as important as the end result."

"You're right," Dawn said, smiling as she nuzzled into Zoey's shoulder. "You're so wise. I wish I was as wise as you."

"Hey, you've got amazing out-of-the-box thinking skills," Zoey said. "And that's just as important as being insightful."

"Mhm," Dawn said as her Piplup bounded into the room and tugged at her leg. "What is it, Piplup?"

"Pip!" the Water-type chirped, trying to hop onto the sofa.

"I think he just wants some attention," Zoey said, smiling as Dawn picked up her Pokemon and set him on the couch next to her. Piplup chirped happily, leaning against a cushion and looking with interest at Dawn and Zoey's magazines.

"This is Alola, Piplup," Dawn explained, pointing out a picture in the magazine to her Pokemon. "You interested in taking a trip there?"

"Piplup!" Piplup exclaimed happily.

Time passed quickly as Dawn, Piplup, and Zoey relaxed on the couch and talked about various things. Pretty soon, the cake was ready.

"Awesome!" Dawn exclaimed upon hearing the oven beep, getting up and making her way quickly to the kitchen. "I hope it's good!"

Piplup and Zoey followed Dawn into the kitchen as she carefully took the cake out of the oven. Dawn set the cake down on the kitchen counter and grabbed a cake cutter.

"It smells good," Zoey remarked. "Hopefully it tastes good too."

"Yeah," Dawn said as she cut a small piece and sampled it. She frowned in disappointment. "Aw man, it's bitter."

"Really?" Zoey asked. "Let me try." She ate the remaining chunk of cake on Dawn's cake cutter and made a face. "Yeah, you're right," she said disappointedly.

"Well, that's too bad," Dawn sighed, setting the cake cutter down with a clatter. "I guess it was a bad idea to mix the cake mixes."

"Piplup," Piplup protested from the ground next to Dawn, jumping up and down.

"You want to try?" Dawn asked, amused as she put her Pokemon on the counter. "Well, it's-" she stopped short as her Piplup took a huge bite of the cake.

"Pip pip, lup!" Piplup exclaimed, clearly looking happy.

"You like it, Piplup?" Dawn asked, a smile forming on her face.

"Piplup!" the Water-type chirped, taking another big bite of the cake.

"Aw, that's great," Dawn said, her smile broadening as she watched her Pokemon enjoy the cake she and Zoey had made.

"Well what do you know," Zoey said as she whipped out her Poketch to take a picture of Piplup. "We may not like it, but Piplup absolutely loves the cake."

"I guess this wasn't such a half-baked idea after all," Dawn said, grinning.



Softly with grace
Author: Avietta_Ikarilove
Fandom: Pokémon
Pairing: SnowLilyShipping
Rating: K
Note: A dare from Stardust on the Shippers' Truth or Dare thread to write about someone's stuffed animal obsession.

"I... I didn't know you like stuffed animals so much!" Hau finally manages to stutter out.

Lillie's cheek only turn redder, her usually pale face flushed with blood. She reaches up, as if on instinct to pull her floppy hat down to cover her face, but is reminded that she doesn't have, and so resorts to covering her face with her hands.

"Wait, don't be embarrassed!" Hau cries. "I'm not making fun of you!"

"It... It sounded like you were!" Lillie responds, shaking her head in embarrassment.

"No, I - I really like stuffed animals too!"

"...Really?" she questions softly, lifting her face hesitantly. He nods enthusiastically, and she can't help but smile back, albeit nervously.
Title: Ice Hockey
Author: ✨Stardust✨
Fandom: Pokémon
Pairing: Contestshipping(May x Drew)
Rating: K
Note: A dare from Pikachu Fan Number Nine from the Shippers’ Truth or Dare thread to write a contestshipping Drabble about ice hockey. This turned out to be longer than I expected :/

The last ice hockey game of the season was coming up, and May was determined to win it. She had been training for this all year, and she wasn’t going to let her teammates down.

She skated around the rink, trying to shoot the pucks into the net. She got every single shot. “That was a great shot”. May turned around and saw a boy with green hair standing near the entrance to the rink. “Who are you?” she asks. He opens the gate and gets on the ice. He skates over to her and says, “The name’s Drew. I’m the captain of the boys ice hockey team at Petalburg high. You might have heard of me.” May narrowed her eyes slightly. She had heard of him. According to the rumors, he was the vain, stuck up captain of the boys ice hockey team. He also never gave out compliments so casually. “What do you want?” May asks him coldly. Drew raises his eyebrows as he says “Whoa chill out, I’m just here to practice!” “Hmph! Whatever.”May says as she skates off. Drew stares after her for a while before shaking his head and skating off to the other side of the rink.

May went to the rink every day that month. Some days she saw Drew, and some days she practiced alone. The two had grudgingly become friends after their first encounter, meeting up at the rink every chance they got. May’s friends endlessly teased her about Drew, but May would never admit that she really had started to grow feelings for him. It scared her, really, feeling like this yet knowing that she could never be with him. After all, he probably still thought she was a nuisance…

Drew was going crazy. After their first meeting, he found himself curious about May. Not many people would stand up to him like that. But as they became friends, Drew found that curiosity slowly turned to love. He hated that he felt like this, because he could never be with her. After all, she probably still thought he was vain and stuck up...

The night before the big game, May was at the rink practicing by herself. Drew hadn’t come that day...she let out a long sigh. She had really wanted to see Drew before tomorrow because she had finally summoned enough courage to confess, but he hadn’t shown up. May eventually packed up her stuff and left. Drew quietly watched her leave. He had been watching her for quite some time now, but she seemed so absorbed in her own thoughts that she didn’t notice him. He had finally built up the courage to confess, but she seemed so distracted that he changed his mind. “Oh well, I guess I could tell her after the game tomorrow..” Drew thought as he started his way home.

It was game day…the day May had been preparing for all month. ‘I hope Drew comes!’ May thinks to herself as she puts on her skates. “May! Come on, hurry up, coach wants to talk to us!”, May’s teammate Lyra called as she waved to May. “Coming!” May said as she finished tying her skates. She got up and started towards the rink. She was definitely gonna win this.

“Woooo! You did it May! You did it! You won you won you won!”, May’s best friend Dawn cheered as she jumped up and down. “I’m sooo proud of you!!!”. May was gave her a bright grin as she opened her mouth to say something, but she saw a familiar head of green hair heading outside. “I’ll be right back guys” she said to the team as she walked outside.

Drew was standing outside by himself, staring up at the sky. May joins him and looks up at the sky too. “You were amazing, May” Drew says. May blushes as she says “thanks Drew..”. Drew looks at her and says,“Listen, May, I have something to tell you..” “...what is it?” She asks. ‘Well, here goes nothing…’ Drew says to himself, taking a deep breath.
“I...I like you May…”. For a moment May is shocked, unable to comprehend his words. “What did you say?” She asks, her voice barely a whisper. Drew turns to face her. ‘It’s now or never!’ , he tells himself. Drew holds out his hand, offering her a beautiful red rose, “ I like you, May. Will you go out with me?” “Yes! Yes yes yes!” May says, laughing and smiling brighter than ever. Today was definitely the greatest day ever.

Just inside the building,right by the window, Dawn turns to Lyra and says, “Pay up, Lyra! I told you that they’d get together by the end of the day!” Lyra grumbles, placing a twenty dollar bill in Dawn’s open hand. She may have lost the bet, but she was happy knowing that today had gone well for May!
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Title: A Broken Reality
Author: AdvancedGenGenesect
Fandom: Pokemon
Pairing: DarkSteelShipping (Steven x Cynthia)
Rating: PG
: The story takes place in a world where Team Aqua succeeded in their plan of forming the earth into a giant sea

The room light twitched and faltered lightly. It was comforting to be in there for Steven but the view outside never failed to remind him of the situation he was in. Steven Stone, the proud champion of Hoenn was now reduced to a small hospital room with nothing other than his bed and the memories that still were barely clear in his mind.

He'd been stuck in there for two months, ever since Team Aqua had plagued the world with what seemed like eternal rain. Steven was one of those who'd tried to stop the chaos but failed, just like everyone else. Though he was one of the few survivors, his injuries led him to where he was now.

He picked up the the mirror sitting on his drawyer and examined his head, there was a bandaged fracture on his scalp. Steven sighed, he was hoping for the longest time that his condition would be cured, but no matter what it was always there. He'd been having issues talking to others and his memory was foggy, so much so that he had problems remembering peoples names.

Steven was bored out of his mind, he'd had nothing to do or anyone to talk to. He did what he usually did and picked up his old photo album, there he'd find something for him to look back to, to help him remember what once was. He opened the book and skimmed through the pages until he came to one photo, it was him as a child standing with a blond haired girl. He couldn't recognize her, until he saw the picture right next to it.

It was him and Cynthia, this time as adults standing infront of the Devon Corporation. He and cynthia had always been friends since they were young. Even when they both went seperate ways, steven would keep in touch with her almost every day. but Ever since he'd been on the look out for team Aqua he hadn't spoken to any of the people he'd known, he thought that he had more important things to do. He didn't even know if she was still alive.

Steven wanted to smile, Cynthia was one of the only friends he could remember and seeing her filled him with a pleasant joy, but his expression didn't change. Remembering her only gave him the thought that he had lost her as well.

Suddenly he heard a sound, of what seemed to be foot steps coming from the hallway leading into his room.

"Hello Steven"

a faint voice called from the room. Steven looked around the room before he saw a tall female figure standing by the

"Cynthia, is that you"?.

"You're alive"!

Stevens face burst with joy, he didn't question how she was there or what she was doing, instead he got up and went to hug her, however he paused as her expression turned from a smile to a frown.

"Steven, what happened to you, you look horrible".

Cynthia was right, steven had nearly become as thin as a twig and his skin was a sickening pale colour, almost as if he'd become a zombie.

"I haven't been well since we last spoke, I'm sorry I couldn't tell you, I just thought that you were gone" Steven sadly

"It's not your fault Steven, I thought the same, I'm just glad you're ok".

"I'd been looking for you ever since news came that you were gone, the people here told me you been sent here for care".

Steven was confused, he wouldn't have imagined anyone would be alive to tell of his location, or Cynthia making it to Hoenn in the first place.

"I wish I could've stayed for longer but the doctors told me not to stay for too long, I'll see you later".

She turned away and left through the door, steven though didn't want her to leave, he wanted to talk to her more, ask her many questions. She was the only friend he'd spoken to since he got in the hospital.

He ran through the doorway to call her back but when he did, no one was there. His own mind had been playing tricks on him. He dreadfully sat back on his bed and looked again at the photo album, it was now that he realized how much he really missed her.


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Title: Big vs Small
Author: matthew11
Fandom: Pokemon
Pairing: Skitty x Wailord
Rating: K
Note: Long overdue dare from Kutie Pie. No context included in the dare. Just plain Skitty x Wailord Fic.

“Skitty skitty!” A Skitty, tired from traveling from a nearby town to a beach, happily brushes its cute cheeks onto a Wailord.

The Skitty climbed up to the Wailord’s back. Then all of a sudden, Wailord quickly fluttered upwards, throwing Skitty up in the sky to make some small bullying of how small Skitty is, and then giggled a bit. The latter pouted and retaliated by using Sing. Wailord got drowsy on the sounds made by Skitty and was almost going to fall asleep.

Skitty then fell on Wailord’s head and then proceeds to use Wake-up Slap, making Wailord jerk its eyes. Skitty then laughed at how a small Pokemon can do a thing or two to a big one like Wailord. Wailord frowned on how he lost not once, but twice to Skitty on a bullying session. Skitty then giggles and brushes its cheeks onto Wailord once again to make amends. The two played together for a while until the sun has set.

Skitty waved goodbye to Wailord as the latter started swimming away to the deep ocean. Skitty traveled back to the town, hoping for another day to see Wailord again and uphold her winning streak.

Title: Midnight Move
Author: matthew11
Fandom: Pokemon
Pairing: Amourshipping (Ash/Satoshi x Serena)
Rating: PG
Note: Long overdue dare from Nerdy McNerdface. Context is describing how my OTP would make out (assuming it's a kiss).

Serena entered Satoshi’s tent to attempt something she wanted to do for the longest time. Seeing Satoshi in a deep slumber, she caresses his hair behind his right ear. Blushing crimson red, she proceeds to lean towards Satoshi’s face. One heart calm and another beating hard, Satoshi’s and Serena’s lips eventually touched. Serena immediately pulled back as this was the extent of her intentions. She happily exists the tent and quietly says, “Goodnight Satoshi, hihi”


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Title: Pointless
Author: xEryChan
Fandom: Pokemon
Pairing: LonaShipping (Gladion x Moon)
Rating: PG
Note: Dare from ✨Stardust✨. I decided to give Gladion a midnight-form Lycanroc, which he has in the anime.

The smell of bubblegum filled the alley that Gladion found himself walking down. It was a little weird for an alleyway to have a particular smell. But Gladion did not care

No, Gladion could care less about anything. He is on a mission and all those around him could tell. They took one look at the blond-haired edgy trainer and instantly moved out of his way. If anyone tried to talk to him, he would ignore them and continue to walk. He could not be bothered with weaklings, all they would do is waste his time.

Life has not been easy for him. The first couple of years were great. Gladion could not have been happier. Things went downhill after that when his father took off, which took its toll on him. After that, his mother lost her mind and made his life a living hell. Eventually, Gladion left and he did not look back at all.

“Hey, you!” Gladion heard a voice belonging to a young girl shouting but he just ignored it and kept walking. Whoever it was, did not like the brush off because she shouted at him again. “You with the Lycanroc!”

That caught Gladion’s attention and he turned around to look. A girl, who was wearing a red hat, beige floral shirt, and a pair of green pair of shorts, stood there looking directly at him with a Pokeball in her hand.

Are you talking to me?”

This girl is already rubbing him the wrong way. He has a voice in his head, telling him to go. She is not worth wasting his time over. But alas, he stayed and he does not know why. There was something about this girl keeping him in place.

“Yes, you! I’m Moon! I’ve heard a lot about you and how you’re a strong trainer so let's have a battle!”

Gladion turned around. What a waste of time this has been. “I’d rather not.”

“Are you kidding me?!” The girl, Moon, did not like his response.

Obviously not. “I’d rather not waste my time by getting into a pointless battle.” He said and kept walking. He noticed his midnight Lycanroc was not following him. “Let's go, Lycanroc.”

He could feel Moon drilling a hole into the back of his head with an intense glare but Gladion could not bring himself to care about him. He is going to become the strongest trainer and he can not waste his time by getting into a battle with a weakling.

It would do nothing for him in the long run.

Mizz Nikki

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Title: Snack Time
Author: Mizz Nikki
Fandom: Pokemon
Pairing: LagoMorphshipping (Ash’s Pikachu x Dawn’s Buneary)
Rating: G/K
Note: Dare from Pikachu Fan Number Nine.

It was a very nice in the Sinnoh Region. The weather was perfect and there was not a single cloud in the sky.

A trio of kids, two boys and a girl, stopped briefly to have lunch at a playground before they started to head towards their next destination. The oldest of the group, a boy named Brock, was cooking lunch while the other two, Ash and Dawn, were helping. The group released all of their Pokemon to play for a little while before it was time to eat.

The various Pokemon were all spread out, having a good time. Two in particular were sitting on the edge of the playground, eating some snacks that their trainers had given them.

A mouse-like Pokémon, Pikachu, was eating some cheddar cheese while a rabbit-like Pokemon, Buneary, was eating some carrots. Both of said Pokemon were very hungry so their trainers, Ash and Dawn, had given them snacks to hold them over until it was time to eat and from the looks of it, neither of them seemed to be paying attention to their world around them, they were focused on their snacks.

“Hey Pikachu!” Buneary called out to her crush. Once Pikachu looked over at her, she put a carrot in her mouth and looked at him. “What’s up, Doc?”

Pikachu closed his eyes and shook his head. “Are you Bugs Bunny now all of a sudden?”

All Buneary could do was laugh as she continued to eat her carrots. Pikachu just sighed, this is the last time she ever watches the WB network whIle I’m around. He thought before going back to snack on the cheese he had received.

Victorian Rush

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Title: The Importance of Family
Author: Victorian Rush
Fandom: Pokemon
Pairing: Pearlshipping (Ash x Dawn)
Rating: G
Note: Dare from ✨Stardust✨ in the Shippers Truth or Dare. In this, Ash and Dawn are married and Ash is the champion of Alola.

Dawn's heart swelled with pride and she could not help it either. Her daughter, Kayce, is doing so well in the Pokemon School's Annual Spelling Bee. She was one of the four kids left standing. Dawn could not be more proud of her little girl. She is so much like her father.

As soon as the thought of Kayce's father came into her mind, she could not help but feel anger surging throughout her body. Her husband, Ash Ketchum, did not make it. He was a former student of the Pokemon School, who graduated as soon as he challenged the Alola League and won. He was also the current champion of the Alola Region and ended having to move there. He has lived there ever since. Dawn moved to Alola to live with her then boyfriend and eventually, the two of them married and had Kayce.

What angered Dawn the most is the fact that Ash isn’t there to support his daughter. Dawn, as a former contest coordinator, understood that as the champion of the Alola Region, he has a job to do but does that mean that he could not take a day off so he could be there for his child? It was ridiculous to her, but it is not the first thing he has been forced to miss because of his job.

But her anger with her husband is not stopping her from cheering her daughter on in the spelling bee. She does not know what she did to deserve to be graced by such an outstanding child. She is so lucky to be her mother.

“Hey, Dawn.” Now unless Dawn is going crazy, that sounds like the voice of her husband. Sure enough, when she looked over, her husband was sitting right next to her with his partner and his very first Pokemon, Pikachu, sitting on his lap. “Sorry, I'm late.”

Dawn was surprised to see him. She thought for sure he was not coming. “You came.”

Ash looked over at her as if she was crazy. “Of course I came. Do you think I was going to miss my daughter's spelling bee?”

“I'm so glad you made it.” She said and laid her head on her husband's shoulder. “I thought for sure you were going to skip it like you used to do back when we were kids.”

“Dawn, I was never going to miss this. The league can go for one day without me. Kayce is more important to me than a stupid battle.”

Before Dawn would have thought that her husband would brush off anything and everything for his dream. Training was more important to him. Heck, anything was more important to him than his own family.

She has never been so glad to be wrong.
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Title: Choice of Lipstick
Author: Pikachu Fan Number Nine
Fandom: Pokemon
Pairing: PearlShipping (Ash/Satoshi x Dawn/Hikari)
Rating: K
Note: Dare from Victorian Rush

"Which lipstick do I want to wear?" Dawn asked herself as she prepared for her date with Ash. She had a number of colors of lipstick.

"I think I'll go with Piplup blue" Dawn said. Dawn put the lipstick on her lips and left the bathroom where she was preparing for her date.

Soon, Ash arrived at the front door. Dawn answered the door. Ash was looking rather fancy. "Hello Ash", Dawn said, "nice tux."

"Thanks Dawn, you look good in that dress yourself, and that Piplup blue lipstick isn't half bad either" Ash said in response.

"Thanks, I picked it out myself. I have a feeling this is going to be a wonderful date," Dawn said.


Title: Forgotten But Not Gone
Author: Pikachu Fan Number Nine
Fandom: Pokemon
Pairing: BondingShipping (Gary/Shigeru x Lillie)
Rating: K

It had been two days since Lillie had barely escaped the exploding Pokemon Center. In the process she was thrown to the ground, and forgotten who she was.

When she came to at the hospital two days earlier, Gary was at her bedside. "Where am I, who am I, and who are you?" Lillie asked.

Gary said, "oh dear, it's worse than I thought. I'm Gary Oak, your boyfriend. You're Lillie, and we are at a hospital. A few hours earlier there was a terrorist attack at the Pokemon Center. You barely got out in time, but you were thrown to the ground."

Lillie said, "none of this rings a bell to me."

Gary said, "the hospital is filled with all kinds of people who were hurt or killed in the attack. You got off relatively easy."

Lillie still had no clue what was happening. "I'm sorry, who are you again?"

2 days later, Lillie having been released from the hospital, Gary was taking care of her. He was doing all he could for her.

"Even though you may not remember me, I still remember you Lillie. This will take a lot of time to get past. I have faith that we will get through this together" Gary said.

"Whatever you say" Lillie said.

Gary was the best boyfriend an amnesiac could have. It took a year, as when Lillie saw a news report of the terrorist attack on TV on the first anniversary of the attack, she remembered everything.

"I remember now", Lillie said.

"Good to have you back" Gary said.
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Title: Letting Go
Author: xEryChan
Fandom: Pokemon
Pairing: LongTianShipping (Lance x Skyla)
Rating: G
Note: Dare from Pikachu Fan Number Nine. He wanted a drabble based on the song ‘Against All Odds’ by Phil Collins. Never heard of this song before, tbh,


Lance is the type of person not to show how he is genuinely feeling. If he is, he usually puts on a facade and pretends that he is okay when he isn’t. That is just how he is.

What happened with Skyla is no different. The two had been dating for a while; Lance did care about her a lot. It came as to quite a shock to him when Skyla told him she was leaving to go back to Unova. It was not a surprise to him, Skyla is from Unova after all. What caught him off guard was the fact that Skyla was leaving him. She did not want him to go with her.

He honestly did not understand what went wrong. He had thought that everything was fine between him and Skyla. He thought Skyla cared about him as well. So why? Why had she left him? Why did what they had meant so little to Skyla?

What kills him, even more, is that he never told anyone about Skyla. No one, not one single person, knew about what Lance was though. He did not want to make anyone worry. So when his loved ones asked him about Skyla, he would say that she was busy and could not come. He never said anything about her going back to Unova. He never said anything about her dumping him when she left him. He just pretended as though everything was fine when it is clear it is not.

If he could change things, he definitely would have. Instead of just letting Skyla go, he would have fought for her, tried to stop her from going. But he did not even know why she left in the first place.

But now, he has no one to blame but himself for being alone.

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Title: Dance of the Noivern
Author: Pikachu Fan Number Nine
Fandom: Pokemon
Pairing: Two Noivern/Onvern, Male and Female (No Shipping Name Exists)
Rating: T (to be a little on the safe side)

It was Noivern mating season in Kalos. One male Noivern, who we will call Clint, had his eyes set on a particular female. While it generally practice for males to mate with multiple females, Clint only wanted to mate one female, who we will call Betsy.

Clint approached Betsy, and said, in his native tongue, "you're the only one I have eyes for. Will you be my mate?"

Betsy said, "yes, I shall."

The two engaged in the mating process, which I shall not describe in detail. Once that was done, the two went their separate ways.

"I hope you take good care of my baby", Clint said.

"I will," Betsy said.

A little over six months later, Betsy gave birth to a little Noibat pup.
Title: Settling the Score
Author: Stardust
Fandom: Pokémon
Pairing: Hoennshipping (May x Brendan)
Rating: K
Note: A Dare from Pikachu Fan Number Nine. A Drabble themed around baseball.

The sky was clear, not a cloud in sight. It was the perfect day to settle the score between the two competitive teens. May and Brendan had been competing in just about every sport, game and contest they could think of ever since May had moved to Littleroot town.

A sunny day in July, the perfect day to play a game of baseball. May and Brendan had been preparing for this game for weeks, and neither of them were ready to back down. With their teams prepared and strategies in place, it was time to play ball.

May stepped up to the plate, a determined look on her face. She looked ahead at Brendan, who matched her determined smile with his own.
“Hey Bread boy”, she said, as she started to smile,“You better not go easy on me.”

Brendan readily returned her smile saying, “Wouldn’t dream of it, Mayflower.”

Pikachu Fan Number Nine

Don't Mess wit Texas
Title: A Night at the Roadhouse
Author: Pikachu Fan Number Nine
Fandom: Pokemon (with setting in Twin Peaks)
Pairing: WishfulShipping (Cilan/Dento x Iris)
Rating: PG
Note: Cilan and Iris are married here. They think Twin Peaks is a quaint little town, boy are they naive.

Cilan and Iris were eating at the Roadhouse in Twin Peaks, while a babysitter was looking after their baby.

They came to see a band known as Purrloin Steak.

"You sure it doesn't bother you that they have Purrloin in their name? You are afraid of Purrloin after all", Iris said.

"Just the name doesn't scare me. It's only when I see an actual Purrloin" Cilan said.

"This really is a nice quiet town that we decided to spend our married life in, Cilan. Away from the big cities where mass confusion awaits all who live in them", Iris said.

"I really do enjoy small town life too, Iris. And no one better to spend it with than you," Cilan said.


Softly with grace
Title: Of Romance and Reality
Author: Avietta_Ikarilove
Fandom: Pokémon
Pairing: Oldrivalshipping
Rating: K
Notes: A dare from PF#9 on the Shippers' Truth or Dare to write a male/female pairing based around the Loud House. I based this drabble on Episode Six because that's the only explicitly romantic one.

"Oh, please, Green. That's a lie, and you know it. I was the one who kissed you."

"You're the one who's lying! I—"

A yawn escaped Korrina. "Green's lying. Blue made the first move. I saw it." Green flushed a deep red, throwing a glare at her sister.

"See?" Blue's voice couldn't possibly be anymore smug.

"Moving on," Green said loudly, but Korrina cut her off.

"Also, I told Blue I'd beat him up if he didn't treat you well."

"You did," Blue agreed.

"I said I'd kill him," Iris piped up.

"You're a real jokester, Iris," Blue laughed nervously.

"I try."