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Should Ash and Pikachu get a Spin-Off Manga after they leave?

Should Ash get a spin-off manga?

  • Yes

    Votes: 5 27.8%
  • No

    Votes: 13 72.2%

  • Total voters

World Turtle

Well-Known Member
Like after he and Pikachu are retired after the 11 episode mini-series and replaced with the new kids.

Would you like to see a manga that continues their adventures?

Or a retelling of their saga from Kanto to Galar?

Red and Blue

Well-Known Member
I feel like the miniseries is already telling us what Ash and Pikachu will continue to do off screen so I don't see the point.

They'll probably be getting cameos in PM2023 anyways.

Trey pokes

Well-Known Member
I'd love it, but I'd prefer an animated one. We're pretty much getting that right now with the ongoing miniseries.


I don't see much of a reason for it.

Not sure if it'd gauge interest if the previous manga based on the anime is anything to come by.

I think like the only kind of Ash manga I'd like to see is one set in the ICY AU. I'd love to see how different AU!Ash's journey was from his "main incarnation". The movie teased a lot of good things there


I do want a crossover event with Pokémon Adventure.

I'd say Pokémon Masters EX is our best bet.

Support Yellow with ChuChu just to make the Ash/T-Red even more broken


Shillmon Defender
Nope I think they should take the Naruto route where they have a movie of an older ash


You can call me Tanner.
I don't think we need a spin-off manga, though I admittedly wouldn't be opposed to an abridged retelling of some of the arcs of the anime.

I know Electric Tale of Pikachu was kind of that, but given the weird fanservice aspects of that series, the less said about that, the better, imo.


Silence is Purple
I don't know, maybe? But, I'm pretty sure that won't be needed since his story is definitely wrapping up by the end of these specials.