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should charizard be classified as fire and dragon

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Charizard would make more sense if it were dragon but it would ruin everything!
Gyarados also looks more like a dragon then flying...


Nope. It would be an overpowered starter.


No. The reasons have been listed through this entire thread. There is a reason it's in the Dragon egg group; because it resembles a dragon. Resembling a dragon does not mean it must be a dragon type. You're also forgetting: The creators are from japan. When they think dragon, the first thing that comes to their mind is a majestic serpent that brings water forth and causes rain (Which, along with the legend of baby dragons being pathetic little non-poisonous snakes, is why the dratini line confuses so many fans). Of course, we all know that Charazard is a Western dragon/Salamander; that's because the Game Freak people do their research. The best Charazard is gonna get is a place in the dragon egg group. Be happy with that. And stop making these threads so frequently.

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Badabim badabum!
Let's say that in the next game Charizard would be Dragon/Fire type.
What happens after that is this:
No, because then Charizard would be vulnerable to ground attacks.
After that they would complain it some more and it would eventually end up into Dragon/Flying.
And that woul really make charmander a broken starter.
Why not just throw 'im out and let you choose Dratini instead?

So; No.


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Like all the other people here, I am strongly against changing Charizard's type into Fire/Dragon because:

1) It would make it overpowered, especially when compared to the other 2 Kanto starters.
2) As stated, Dragon-typed Pokémon are supposed to be rare.
3) Changing his typing all of a sudden would be very unreasonable.

Some Pokémon will just remain at the bottom in spite of being liked by many people; it's their destiny. Charizard is one of them, so accept the matter and leave it as it is.
With my charizard being my 1st level 100 and also my fire red starter I don't want Charizard being swapped to a dragon type, it may have better stats but then it could get hit by ground moves.
Personally I think that they should make Gyarados a dragon type first because it can't fly and all that it being a flying type does is make it even weaker against electricity.


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i think it would be very cool, but like everyone else said before me: overpowered


I. F.E.E.L. G.O.O.D.
not really he'd bee too good of a starter, but gyarados should have been water/flying? can he even learn flying moves, scyther also looks like a dragon would have been sick if he was.


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No way.It would be able to learn draco meteor and blast burn,and water would do normal damage to it.So no, it shouldn't.


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I believe the reasons why it shouldn't have been exhausted a few times now already, and don't see any new discussion coming from this not-very-new topic anyways. Closed.
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