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should fillers be deleted?


okay i dunno why i made this thread but i think fillers shouldn't be translated; they just ain't worth watching and that's the only reason pokemon has 400 episodes. if it weren't for those motherf*cking pieces of sh*t it would be more interesting.


Old Coot
That would mean Jouto would have been reduced HEAVILY. Sometimes filler episodes are good. Namely ones involving love between Pokémon. Those tend to be funny as hell and great. >_>


I see no problem with filer episodes, they always include little surprises and funny moments.


Bring it.
Fillers are not so bad. In my opinion, and I could be but it's just me, the writers make fillers cause they don't have good ideas for the gym battles/contests yet XD.
They make fillers because they have to make an episode to show each pokemon that exists besides Porygon and Porygon2 <.<

Jesse GS the II

I was frozen today!
Not all filler episodes are as pointless as they seem. Their primary function is to help pace the show properly, so it doesn't get ahead of itself. This is most readily evident in the long string of filler episodes that occured in the first year of the show, between the Sekichiku City and Guren Island gym battles. After that sixth badge, the anime producers realized that the show was a runaway hit, and they were going to be around for a good long while. Thus, they slowed down the pacing in order to not rush to the end too quickly. Furthermore, there are many filler episodes that allow the writers to stretch out and try new characters, revive old characters, or simply focus on the development of one of the main characters. When you watch the show and view it as a continuing soap opera-esque serial, then fillers can get annoying, but if you view it as simply an anime based on a video game, the impact of fillers is altered greatly.


Yeah, ok!
A lot of fillers (especially AG fillers) are damn good. They're filled with comedy, excellent battle scenes, or great character development.

Just look at the recent Claydol episode, why would you want THAT gone? Or the Sharpedo episode from early Hoenn?

Some fillers in Hoenn are terrible like "Lights Camerupt Action", but thank goodness truly bad fillers like that are a rarity.


Old Coot
Try a few of the Battle Frontier fillers. >_> Did we REALLY need ANOTHER episode involving Pippi?

Although, as I said, some of the better fillers tend to be comedy gold when they involve Pokémon falling in love.


I think some fillers are REALLY boring, like the episode "Stairway to Devon".
But some are really intresting.But here where i live,our tv-channel which host the Pokemon-program, sometimes jumps over about over 20-30 episodes. And useally they are,for example, all the intresting gym battle/contests-episodes.And i haven`t see movies 5,6 and 7 yet.=(
Fourth movie became to Finland last year...<_<
All after all,i say fillers shouldn`t be deleted.


Frustrated Elf
If it was decided not to dub filler episodes, then who would decide what's filler and what's not? I mean, we know that Gym episodes or pokemon capture episodes aren't filler, but beyond that? Do you think everyone would agree that episodes like "The Bicker the Better" or "Sharpedo Attack!" are filler? Do you think people wouldn't get pissed off if an episode they thought was important got the axe because 4Kids thought it wasn't worth it? Since there is no clear-cut definition of "filler," we'd have a lot of arguments among fans over what's filler and what isn't.

The best thing for 4Kids to do is to just dub every episode they can. Sure, that means we'll get some crappy episodes now and then, but it also means that the truly great episodes (like "Claydol Big and Tall") won't get left behind.


Yeah, ok!
Not to mention people would be annoyed if a filler episode about their favorite Pokemon is removed. What most fillers do is debut new Pokemon not seen in the anime yet. If they take away so much filler, then there would be over 200+ Pokemon that would have never been shown in the anime.

Some people would never get to see their favorite Pokemon in the show if the fillers about said Pokemon aren't shown.

The Big Al

I just keeping Octo
Many fillers are alright. "Claydol, Big and Tall" and "Once in a Mawile" were brillant (despite 4Kids ruining the final battle in the latter). However, especially in Johto, you got the crap fillers with an easily forgettable guest character and the Team Rocket mech of the day. There's no attempt to develope characters or add humor, it's just showcase the Pokemon of the day. Those we could live without.

However, if they made more brilliant fillers like the first two I mentioned I'd be as happy as a Clampearl. But that's asking a but much from these writers.


Well-Known Member
If there were no fillers, the characters would probably have most pokemon, the show wouldn't be as popular, the games would probably have to be made quicker or new regions would be made so that something important happens in each episode and there'd be a gym battle, evo or capture each episode which would get boring. Fillers are what they say; they fill the gap between important episodes.

BTW, 'Once in a Mawile' isn't a filler.

The Big Al

I just keeping Octo
The last minute of it is not a filler you mean.


Lively up yourself
Fillers are necessary for the plot to progress, and many of them are interesting and funny. It is trough fillers that we see interesting trainers and pokemon too.

IMO, the anime without fillers would be very boring.

intergalactic platypus

Only rescues maidens
i love the fillers that arent generic. like dont try to tell me that the duplica ep was worthless for example. nothing groundbreaking happened, but it was a great episode with a fun script and a very popular filler character being introduced. other fillers have been great too. the ghost of maidens peak, holiday at acupolo, the ep with the wierd guy who dressed as a zigzagoon *is stupid and forgets name*- give those to me over the pryce gym battle and ill be happy *is shot*


So hot he's on fire.
His name is Nikolai. :D

I hate the gym battle eps, myself. Unless the gym leader is one like Morty or Brawly and I get eye candy. 83

I love fillers. Love 'em to death. The best characters come from filler eps. Benji, Shingo, Zachary, Bucky, Brad Van Darn...yes.

Maybe you should be deleted instead D:


Plain Trainer
I'll admit that fillers are pretty boring but sometimes they're funny and they also alot of times introduce new PKMN. One reason why they should not not translate fillers is because it would be like picking and choosing days of your life and deleting them each episode is a day in Ash's life so we have to see all of them just like you have to (unfortunately) live every single day of your life