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Should Gym Battles And Elite four Fights Have An Option To Be Level Caped?

What Do You think?

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So you are challenging a Gym Leader or the Elite Four, but because you've leveled your party too much there's a huge gap between your team and theirs.

And because of this, regardless of how good or bad your respective teams are, you are able to steam roll the Gym Leader or Elite Four with little trouble sometimes with a single Pokémon that barely takes a scratch the entire time.

This situation has occurred to me more than once, although I never intend for it to happen. I go into a gym, psyched up for a challenging fight only to find that leveled my Pokémon too high for the Gym Leader or Elite Four to stand much of a chance against my team. It makes me actually feel bad for trolling the poor NPCs in this way.

And while I respect that it's a legitimate tactic in RPGs, I was wondering what other people felt about Gamefreak including an option (that you can turn on or off) to have level caps in certain fights.


I had this problem with every gym and elite four member in x and y


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I had this problem with every gym and elite four member in x and y

Who I would also like to hear from the people who voted against the idea. How is this option functionally different from a difficulty slider?

Lord Godwin

The Lord of Darkness
I believe that Gym leader/Elite 4 fights would be better if he would have the same levels as the player and the Player would have to use maximum as much Pokemon as the GL/E4


Fossil Fighters Fan!
If you ask me, no because if you took the time to train those pokemon, only to find out you can't use them, that feeling would suck


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If you ask me, no because if you took the time to train those pokemon, only to find out you can't use them, that feeling would suck

Capping them might mean reducing your Pokemons' levels for the battle in a way similar to how your Pokemon are capped to 50 for Battle Spot.

In a way, I would be for the idea. I always felt that the main campaign of Pokemon ought to be treated as a tutorial for the social component. Beating the gym leaders by simply steam rolling them always seemed kind of cheap. In the older generations, there was always a problem with gym leaders simply being beaten by using Pokemon with a type advantage. I feel later generations have been better in that regard, where many of the more challenging trainers employ tactics to fight back against Pokemon with type advantage. That more accurately reflect what real players might do in an online battle.


Nothing to be done
I've wanted for a long time for the games to impose Battle Spot/Battle Tower-esque restrictions on gym (and maybe Elite Four) battles. As in, flat level and no items.

I think it's the only way the single-player experience in these games will ever feel challenging or engaging for longtime players. I'd at least like to see it included as an option.


I want my pokemon games to have a new battle interface where pokemon levels are displayed on their capes too.

no because the e4 is not the challenge, the maison equivalent is and those are already capped